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(generated from captions) of dollars in cash Drug raids uncover millions hidden in the walls of Sydney homes. sledgehammer my door - Come here, sledgehammer the walls, with a gun to my head. they woke me up the teenage shark victim Friends mourn surf denies it was an act of bravery. but the mate who pulled him from the

I don't feel like a hero. on whether Sydney's house prices Conflicting claims are heading up or down. in China to a diplomatic storm And the Prime Minister arrives over his comments on Tibet. Good evening. worth about $5 million Big bundles of cash cavities of a number of Sydney homes. have been found hidden in the wall

at Mt Pritchard, St Johns Park, Police launched raids on properties Bringelly and Fairfield. proceeds of drug and gun trafficking. The money is thought to be the

100 police stormed the houses, In simultaneous raids, more than to smash their way in. using sledgehammers fence, in the backyard, front yard. They had a SWAT team jumping the drug-trafficking arrests last year, Following up a series of

in the walls of the homes, detectives hammered dozens of holes looking for cash.

sledgehammer my door. Come here, sledgehammer the walls, with a gun to my head. They woke me up by how much they found - Police were stunned up to $5 million. within the wall cavity The money had been placed

re-gyprocked. and then the wall had been in all of the raids. One extended family was the target They told Nine News because they don't trust banks. the money was hidden who the cash belonged to. They wouldn't say out of the walls you know, Here they've got some money in your house. there is no crime in having money to top $50,000 in this house alone. The family expects the damage bill who is going to pay to fix it. It now wants to know It's very difficult for the family that has absolutely been demolished that's now in this house and destroyed by the police. came up empty, A raid on an adjoining house but at other properties including a silenced pistol, officers seized guns, and a small amount of drugs. ammunition, mace up to $5 million. forensically testing the money. Police are still counting and They say charges are pending. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. on a car at Belfield Police say they were forced to fire in Sydney's west this afternoon to run them down. when the driver threatened

a vehicle Officers say they were approaching which was stopped at an intersection heading straight towards them. when the female driver started before the car drove away. They fired two shots No one was injured. shark attack victim Peter Edmonds Friends and family of North Coast over his tragic death. have been consoling each other today at Ballina's Lighthouse Beach Wreaths have been laid

was pulled off his bodyboard where the 16-year-old yesterday morning. and mauled by a suspected bull shark from the water Today, the friend who dragged him said he wasn't a hero. and tried to resuscitate him, I just did what I could. That's it. I don't feel like a hero.

Peter's schoolmates and teachers. Counselling is being given to property market The state of Sydney's as 'confused' tonight, can best be described from different experts with conflicting claims are about to go up or down. on whether prices our homes are overpriced Some of them say if the economy goes bad. and we're due for a correction Others say there's no need to panic. prices are falling. In Sydney's south-west, we brought it to $475,000 We started at $494,000, finally negotiated for $435,000. and, as you can see, that was

$60,000 knocked off the price. to be more realistic. Agents are now telling sellers or more? So that's discounting by 10% Oh, more. 15%? In some cases up to 20%. Investment bank Morgan Stanley from America's housing slump has written off billions and warns Sydney property has peaked, Suburbs and lower North Shore. especially in the wealthy Eastern Look, I think we could see in Sydney. a 25%-30% fall across the board particularly in the finance sector, The trigger - job losses, by the Reserve Bank start to bite. as high interest rates set to a more sustainable pace It needs to slow growth to unemployment going up. that will almost inevitably lead

prices barely moved Over the past century, got used to returns but home owners quickly

in 1996. when the property bubble started Not all forecasts are negative. The industry itself believes will support prices a housing shortage in Sydney the next 20 years to meet demand. with 700,000 new homes needed over

the 20-year average, NSW housing supply is running below

in Australia. unlike all the other States National Nine News. Karen Tso, in Australia in two weeks time, The Olympic torch is due but there's growing debate through Canberra about whether its one-day relay should be called off. it'll travel through San Francisco, Tonight, to avoid what happened where authorities are hoping in London and Paris. jumped the gun, Pro-Tibetan protesters before the relay had even begun. hitting the streets of San Francisco from city to city, This rolling protest to its core. shaking the Olympic movement Jacques Rogge suggested Last night the IOC president including Australia, the remainder of the relay, before a sudden change of mind. should be called off The IOC definitely wants and wishes to be respected. for the Olympic flame Suzie O'Neill believes But former swimming golden girl the build-up to the Beijing Games the relay protests are ruining and should be abandoned. when people use the Olympics I get a little bit angry as their protesting platform. Another Olympic great disagrees could be the last. but concedes this torch tour to put on the torch relay It costs millions of dollars and sponsors have put a lot of money into this so I think it has been irreparably damaged. The relay has given pro-Tibetan demonstrators a voice like never before. We don't want it scrapped. I mean, I think it's important to demonstrate to China the torch relay comes with a double side. The San Francisco protest is expected to be the biggest yet and safety concerns have led to one torch runner pulling out. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. Prime Minister Rudd will talk about China's human rights abuses in Tibet

when he meets the country's leaders in Beijing tomorrow.

Mr Rudd arrived there today, knowing the Chinese have already complained about comments he made in Washington last week. Prime Minister Rudd flew into a diplomatic storm as he landed in Beijing. His first stop - speaking to Peking University as the only Western leader fluent in China's official language of Mandarin. (Speaks Mandarin) APPLAUSE He joked with the 700 students about missing class. (Speaks Mandarin) Prime Minister Rudd told students he opposed an Olympic boycott, but Tibet is of concern to Australians, he said. We need to avoid violence and find a solution through dialogue. His comments made in spite of an official Chinese Government complaint over Mr Rudd's reference while in the US to human rights abuses in Tibet. China formally complained to both the Australian embassy in Beijing and the Department of Foreign Affairs in Canberra. I've made those comments in Washington. I stand by them.

I think that this relationship is broad enough to tolerate disagreement and on these questions I'll be putting my views forthrightly.

And Beijing is ratcheting up the pressure on its Aussie guest. The Chinese Government's most senior Tibetan official has called Mr Rudd's comments totally unfounded and claimed Tibetans enjoy wonderful human rights protections. And a second sensitive issue here, with claims China is preparing to buy a big stake in mining giant BHP Billiton. Mr Rudd has again warned the Chinese Government it will have to accept higher resource prices. In Beijing, Tim Lester, National Nine News. Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson has praised the Government's decision to give sanctuary to Iraqis who've helped our troops and diplomats.

Mr Nelson says the 100 interpreters and their families risk torture or death in their own country and are welcome in Australia.

It was diggers serving in Iraq who put the strongest pressure on the Government to allow the Iraqis working with them to resettle in Australia. The troops raised the issue when PM Kevin Rudd and Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon visited the Aussie base at Tallil in Southern Iraq before Christmas. They were very keen to impress upon us the importance of not leaving those people behind to face persecution in their own country.

Now Cabinet has decided to offer the 100 Iraqi translators and interpreters plus an estimated 500 family members permanent residence in Australia, and the Opposition is full of praise. These Iraqis have shown enormous courage to actually work with Aussie troops and we owe it to them to look after them. And their families. The threat is very real. We remember only too well the fate of those who were left behind immediately after the Vietnam War. But while Australia's battle group prepares to pull out of Iraq in June, the general commanding US forces there has told a Congressional committee in Washington he wants further withdrawals of American troops frozen for a period of consolidation and evaluation. The progress, while real, is fragile and is reversible. Republican presidential candidate John McCain backed the general

at the hearing. The promise of withdrawal of our forces regardless of consequences would constitute a failure of political and moral leadership. Senator Hillary Clinton, and her rival for the Democratic nomination Barack Obama, took a different view.

I think it's time to begin an orderly process of withdrawing our troops. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. Tennis legend Chris Evert has finally shown off her engagement ring four months after announcing her plans to marry Greg Norman. Evert was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show and the 5-carat sparkler won instant approval. A knockout in red, Chris Evert appeared on 'Oprah' with fellow tennis star Martina Navratilova, there to discuss their rivalry on the court and friendship off it. It didn't take long for talk to shift to her left hand. Let's see the rock. Come on, the rock! It's pretty, it's not gaudy, it's beautiful. It's not gaudy. It's big, but not too big for your finger. The 54-year-old kept touching the 5-carat princess-cut ring, said to be worth $220,000. Explaining to Oprah that despite she and Greg Norman both splitting from their long-term partners just last year, she has no doubts about rushing into what will be her third marriage. Both of us have lived long enough to know that when you're ready, you're ready. When you find it, that connection emotionally, mentally and physically at the same time. Refreshing candour from such a famously private person, although she did keep a few secrets, including the wedding date.

Allison Langdon, National Nine News. In the news ahead - renewed warnings about cough medicines for children. Two Aussie drunken sailors spared time behind bars. And when being a wind bag can actually be entertaining.

GENTLE ACOUSTIC MUSIC WIND GUSTS, THUNDER RUMBLES Be moved by the artists who changed the world. From Turner to Monet,

at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. despite the seriousness of the charges, gave them a break by a government committee. The move comes after reports of children under two suffering severe reactions to the medicines and little proof that major brands such as Dimetapp, Demazin and Actifed actually work. Doctors are also calling for greater warnings on cough medicines for older children which will still be available over the counter.

Experts in the treatment of prostate cancer say Australian men are being put at risk

because of inadequate government funding. An international conference in Wollongong was told today that sufferers are being denied the latest technology.

Canadian oncologist Jim Morris says Australia is lagging behind when it comes to accessing advanced treatments. They need to invest money - not just in the private system, although that's working, they need to invest money in the public system. Brachytherapy - involving the use of radioactive seeds at a cost of $20,000 - is not subsidised by the Federal Government, and only St George Hospital offers the service for public patients in NSW. It says it can afford only 10 cases a year. Meanwhile, an advanced form of radiation treatment called proton beam therapy isn't available in Australia, despite being used overseas for more than a decade.

But it'll cost $100 million so we need to get those funds, which we can't get. We're working towards convincing both the medical community and the Government

of the worth of that. But the Cancer Institute says money is being spent on rolling out state-of-the-art external beam radiotherapy machines. I think the important thing now is to see how these new treatments stack up together. As the population ages, more men are being diagnosed with prostate cancer. In NSW alone, the number of new cases has increased by 8% since 2005.

What's good about it is a lot of the cancers detected

are a good prognosis Gabriella Rogers, National Nine News. The two Australian sailors

who bashed an American man in an argument about football have avoided jail. Instead, Philip Ferres and Kolis Barba, both from Queensland, will spend up to three months on a day-release program in San Diego. So, what are you gentlemen going to be doing?

Working with a hose-fitting thing, fabrication thing. That means they will also be detained of a night but with good behaviour they could be back home in less than two months. That's not all though, they have to pay at least $50,000 to cover their victim's medical bills. The strongest believer in the Princess Diana murder conspiracy, Mohamed Al Fayed,

has given up his 10-year campaign to prove his theory. I think time for me now I accept the verdict, but with lot of, really, things which I am not approving 100%. Yesterday's British High Court verdict blamed the deaths of Diana and Dodi Al Fayed on their drunken driver and the pursuing paparazzi. Mohammed Al Fayed says he's giving up for the sake of Diana's sons, who have already welcomed the official end to the inquiry process. In New York City, one man's trash is another's artistic treasure. Piles of plastic are being turned into sculpture - helped by the air pushed from underground rail tunnels as trains pass below. Joshua Harris started simply with his wind bag art but now he's moving on to exotic creatures including giraffes and polar bears. Harris says it brightens everyone's day when they see rubbish transform into something magical. Ken with sport next and the Bulldogs draw up a player wish list for their new coach. Whoever that might be. But it's not all serious business at the playful Dogs. And Tiger in Georgia, with another Masters on his mind. Hey, we don't choose the dreams, but with Lotto's massive $19 million Superdraw we could make plenty come true. That's right - $19 million. So get your entry in before Saturday, April 12

and you could:

The Bulldogs have drawn up a hit list of players they hope can re-build the club over the next two years and it's headed by West Tigers teenage sensation Chris Lawrence. They are hoping a fat pay cheque and the attraction of playing with Sonny Bill Williams, will attract him to the club. It was supposed to be doom and gloom at the Dogs

but at the team photo Willie Tonga and Sonny Bill took the chance to bond. And as Steve Folkes was urging the team to support Sonny Bill on the field,

his star player was busy making off with the coach's bike. If you're a player playing alongside Sonny, you'd be mad not to follow him, so we impress that upon the guys every week. Folkes wouldn't talk about his decision to quit. But next year's coach, Kevin Moore was taking a bigger role today. Club boss Todd Greenburg was admiring the talent.

But admitted the club needs to rebuild in a big way. The Bulldogs have got a significant amount of money to spend in the 2009 cap, so rest asssured, supporters and fans, we've got some money to spend so we want good value for it. This is the Dogs wishlist:

But getting Lawrence could be difficult. He's on contract until the end of next year with the Tigers wanting to extend that deal now. And on the Bulldogs coaching front the incoming Kevin Moore is already assembling his coaching team for 2009. It's my information that the Sharks' Jim Dymock will be his assisstant coach next year. He has already been chased by directors and a deal is close to being done. In Canberra, Michael Wayman is struggling to come to grips with 6-game suspension, saying his reputation has been damaged. I'm not a king-hitter. That's far from me as a person. That's not the way I've been brought up or the way my family's been brought up 'cos I'm not a king-hitter. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. It's no surprise that Tiger Woods is the overwhelming favourite to win his fifth US Masters which begins at Augusta National tomorrow night. Australia's Geoff Ogilvy, now ranked fifth in the world, is at odds of 25 to 1 but Tiger is virtually unbackable as he chases a grand slam. Stalking the fairways of Augusta, a champion in impeccable form. And Tiger is hungry for a fifth Masters victory. This major is so important to all of us. What's worrying for rivals - Tiger doesn't just want this major, he wants all four this year and become the first to win a Grand Slam in the modern era. Already this year, he's won four PGA titles and seven of the last nine. The majority of my career - I think this is my 12th or 13th season out here - and nine of those years I've won five or more tournaments,

so just got to win the right four. If Tiger's watching anyone, it's Australia's Geoff Ogilvy. Last month the new world number five ended Woods's run of seven straight victories. Stuart Appleby, last year's 54-hole leader, has been grouped with Woods. I like my form, the way I'm playing right now. I like all parts of my game.

No Australian has ever won a US Masters but some players believe this could be the breakthrough year, even with a rampaging Tiger Woods,

because there are nine Australians playing,

making up 10% of the total field, all competing for that coveted green jacket. Adam Scott comes to the tournament sick, a virus forcing the 27-year-old out of a recent event. I need to make sure I've got plenty of energy come Sunday. In Augusta, Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. Ken, talks about Simon Katich getting his ACB contract back?

After the break - the CommSec finance report, Jaynie with the weather details, then the Sydney serenade for the father of the Opera House. CARNIVAL MUSIC Now if you bundle three or more services from ActewAGL and TransACT, you'll get some great rewards. There are eight services to choose from and the bigger your bundle, the higher the savings -

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To finance now - BHP Billiton shares shot ahead almost 4% with China considering a multibillion-dollar investiment Mark, the showers are slowly easing up and we are still on track for at least Saturday to be fine and sunny. Showers have certainly been lighter and less frequent today. The blue mountains catchments received just under 16mm. Warragamba only 3.5mm. It was overnight where the heaviest rain fell and most of it landed closer to the coast. Inland suburbs under 10mm. Fog over Katoomba this morning, visibilty down to 200m. Most of us had a low of 15 and a high of 22. A weak front is moving into western NSW and Victoria. A lot of cloud, but unfortunately we won't see anything more than a couple of mm's at the most. It has been in the north-east of NSW where the severe weather is occuring due to flooding from the heavy rain. 153mm for Evans Head - their wettest 24 hours in three years. And over 260mm for Ballina since Saturday -

their heaviest 5-day April spell in 16 years. We expect more heavy rain and storms in the north-east tomorrow. And that change in the south-east should bring overnight showers to Melbourne, clearing by tomorrow. No rain expected for Canberra with a cold morning of 6 degrees. Sydney, we still can't rule out a few showers tomorrow. Generally lighter than today. Surfers, tomorrow morning is when you should catch your best waves, protected beaches preferred, but check for more beach closures. Today there were about six, mainly in the north. Fog again for the west, and with increasing sunshine - a warmer day of 23 - 24 degrees. A slim chance of a shower on Friday. Beautiful on Saturday - mid 20's. With the rain returning on Sunday, Mark. Finally - his gift is one of our most famous landmarks and today, Opera House staff and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

gave architect Jorn Utzon an extra-special birthday present in return. Mr Utzon turned 90 today.

He designed the iconic building before it was finished but was hounded out of town and he has never returned. # Happy birthday dear Jorn... # The event was recorded and will be sent to Mr Utzon who is celebrating his birthday at home in Denmark. That's the news for this Wednesday.

We'll leave you with pictures from our visit to Concord West Public School this morning. To see more you can go to: And we'll add to the gallery when we visit other schools in coming weeks. I'm Mark Ferguson - goodnight.