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(generated from captions) Students hurt during a brutal gang attack at Merrylands High School. I need to take my son out. Massive traffic disruption predicted for Sydney during the Pope's visit. If you work in the CBD and you can take leave during that week, please do so. Startling new details emerge about the father and daughter who've admitted to committing incest. And is this a sign of the chaos to come when the Olympic torch arrives in Australia? This program is captioned live. Good evening. 18 students and a teacher have been injured during a vicious gang attack this morning at Merrylands High School in western Sydney.

The five young men, armed with machetes and baseball bats, ran riot, smashing windows, as teachers ordered the school into emergency lock-down. They heard it on the news and from phone calls from their children and they arrived almost as one. Worried parents - desperate for information from a school in lock-down. I need to take my son out. I'll go get him. But they were stopped at the gates and told to be patient. The police can handle the students in there. There is police in the school, you need to calm down. I need to take my son out. All the students are fine, OK? The students were outside at morning assembly when five males aged between 14 and 16 years old arrived, armed with weapons. They just walked around waving machetes and baseball bats Teachers ordered everyone inside, but the teenagers started breaking windows and trying to force their way into classrooms. They just said they were looking for someone and that was it. They just made a bit of a ruckus. I find it difficult to believe brazenness

of how they entered the school. It beggars belief. One teacher tried to stop them. He was taken to hospital with head injuries, along with two students. That's a pretty brave move from the teacher? Exemplary. Fantastic. When police arrived the gang dropped their weapons and surrendered. It was four hours before parents were finally allowed

to collect their children. The school blames protocol but many parents were fuming. They keep telling us they're OK, but I want to see him. One of the five attackers is believed to have faced court last week

on charges of armed robbery and was granted bail. Denham Hitchcock, National Nine News.

We were given a clearer indication today of just how much disruption will be caused by the Pope's visit to Sydney in July. Road closures and special event clearways will affect one-third of all streets in the city for a week - authorities now admit it will be like APEC and the Olympics combined. The Government says it'd be disastrous for Sydney to underestimate the size of World Youth Day. Don't be fooled by the name World Youth Day. In fact, World Youth Day is six days of events. With 99 days to go, the advice is think Olympic Games, think APEC and think about getting out of town. If you work in the CBD and you can take leave during that week, please do so. It is school holidays. Detailed on the RTA's website, there'll be a total of 300 road closures at various stages

and more than 500 special event clearways. Until now, all the attention has focused on the closure of the Harbour Bridge on Saturday, July 19 but it's the heart of the city which will be most affected. George Street will be closed for six days from Tuesday, July 15. After a lot of planning by the police and RTA, George Street has been designated as the best pedestrian walkway. The Government is confident that any financial impact on the city will be more than compensated by the $230 million expected to be generated by the event and there will be a longer-term windfall - the benefit of global publicity for Sydney. The event organiser has indicated they still expect numbers in the estimate of 225,000 pilgrims. Adam Walters, National Nine News. Guests of the Hilton Hotel in the city were forced out onto the street in their bathrobes this morning because of fire in an office block next door.

More than 50 firefighters battled the blaze which also caused serious disruption to traffic. The fire broke out just before 6:00 this morning. Flames consumed a menswear store on the ground floor and offices above, sending a large cloud of smoke above busy Pitt Street.

We had the fireys go in with breathing apparatus to check the premises for us at the time. We don't believe anyone is inside the premises. 820 staff and guests were evacuated from a gym and the Hilton Hotel next door - some of them draped in bathrobes and towels.

There was an order to evacuate so we just went to the nearest fire exit and went down 23 floors. Just grabbed our passports and everything that was important to us and just ran. Fire engines responded amid fears the blaze would spread to nearby buildings including the historic State Theatre. Access was a bit of an issue, it's behind a lot of buildings. That's why we were worried about those close by. One of the firefighters' main missions

was to prevent the flames spreading to the neighbouring office block. The building wasn't designed to withstand fire and, had the blaze taken hold, emergency teams say all hell would have broken loose. The emergency lasted two hours with major disruptions to morning traffic. Investigators are trying to find out how the blaze started. Homeless men are known to sleep in the building at night. Boards put up to keep them out have been ripped off. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. The wreck of HMAS 'Sydney' continues to give up its secrets. Five wooden lifeboats have now been found on the ocean floor next to the World War II cruiser. A naval observer says the boats show signs of damage by gunfire,

supporting the theory that few boats were launched following the battle with the German raider 'Kormoran'. Four other boats remain unaccounted for. Among other discoveries, the separated upturned bow section of 'Sydney' showing massive damage from a torpedo strike.

An Australian soldier has been wounded in a rocket attack in Baghdad which has killed two American servicemen. The Australian is being treated in hospital for shrapnel wounds but his injuries are not life-threatening. Full details have emerged about the shocking injuries suffered by former Australian swimmer Simon Cowley who was allegedly bashed by would be Olympian Nick D'Arcy. Cowley is facing a long period of recuperation, following major surgery to rebuild his face. Simon Cowley spent four hours in surgery on Friday. The former Commonwealth Games swimming champion

has virtually had his face reconstructed. Today his family told Nine News

they were deeply shocked at the extent of injuries. Cowley was punched during fight at a King Street Wharf bar last week. The Olympic hopeful Nick D'Arcy has since been charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm. Surgeons have inserted a total of five plates into Cowley's face - one under his fractured eye socket, two on either side of his broken nose and another two in his jaw. The surgeons had to pull his upper jaw forward

and he is now wearing metal arches on his teeth and can eat only through a straw. Cowley's mother Elaine said the surgeons were happy with the operation but her son was still in a lot of pain.

Meantime, there is still no word on whether Nick D'Arcy will be dumped from the Olympic team, for his coach says he is likely to be back in the water later this week, continuing his preparation for the Games. Simon Bouda, National Nine News. There's new information tonight that the South Australian father and daughter who admit to committing incest gave birth to a baby who died from a genetic defect.

The couple now has a seemingly healthy child but psychologists are concerned about her future.

Details of John and Jennifer Deaves' illicit affair were broadcast on '60 Minutes' last night. We don't see each other as father and daughter. The couple said the sexual relationship began when they were reunited after three decades apart. There are times during your life where emotions do rule the heart. The head knew it was illegal but so what? The Deaves were charged with incest and released on a bond

but court documents revealed another secret. The pair had an earlier child in 2001 who died a few days after birth from a congenital heart disease. Undeterred, the couple tried again and now have 9-month-old Celeste. It had no mental difficulties. Quite a normal, healthy child. But experts fear any genetic weakness could be a time bomb. You always have the problems of ADHD and even schizophrenia and mental illnesses that don't exhibit until much later on.

And their daughter could grow up with serious behavioural problems. In the most serious case - could be self-injuring behaviour, suicide attempts. But the Deaves have no qualms about explaining to Celeste her father is also her grandfather. To us we're just a normal, happy family. Karen Tso, National Nine News. There are renewed security concerns tonight for the Australian leg of the Olympic torch relay

following its dramatic journey through London. 37 protesters were arrested when some tried to steal the beacon or put out the flame in a wild demonstration against China's crackdown in Tibet. London's 50km relay was just minutes old when the first trouble came. Despite the ring of Chinese official escorts backed by London police, one demonstrator came close to extinguishing the flame. Tried to put the flame out with a fire extinguisher because China has no right to do what it's doing. An hour later, another protester went one better,

sauntering through the police cordon and fighting the startled runner for the torch. I wasn't expecting to be wrestled but I guess people feel very, very strongly about China. There were more arrests in a packed Trafalgar Square, with activists vastly outnumbering Chinese supporters and other onlookers. The protesters are particularly angry the flame is being brought here to Downing Street, but the British Government is walking a fine line - as host of the 2012 Games, they're critical of China's human rights abuses but must be seen to be supporting the Olympics. The final destination, London's Millennium Dome, was reached without further hassles but, despite the fireworks and colourful banners, the day will be better remembered for the earlier chaos than for its peaceful ending. In London, James Talia, National Nine News. Coach Steve Folkes to part company with the Bulldogs - that's coming up in sport. In the news ahead - why this woman is being forced to wait so long for a wheelchair. And the Sydney grandparents who are working miracles. When you love your hair, you'll do anything to stop this. VOICEOVER: Dry, damaged hair? Elvive Anti-Breakage from L'Oreal Paris with Omega+Ceramide. Our first double-action conditioner. On the outside, the formula repairs and smoothes, on the inside, it replenishes for more resilient hair. Up to 95% less breakage from brushing from the first application. This is no movie. This is science. Elvive Anti-Breakage. Discover tailor-made technologies for every hair need. Elvive from L'Oreal Paris. Officials are refusing to reveal whether a review has been ordered into security at Admiralty House after a man swam ashore from a ferry yesterday, and entered the grounds. The 45-year-old Queenslander took a dip in the pool at the Governor-General's Sydney residence, before he was arrested by police. He has been charged with trespassing, and will face North Sydney Local Court at the end of the month. A Campbelltown woman who is suffering from spina bifida says she is the victim of bureaucratic delays by the Health Department. All she wants is a wheelchair that she asked for a year ago, but the Department says her case hasn't yet been thoroughly assessed. Twelve months ago Emma Chapman could move herself out of bed - now she needs help. She blames her lack of mobility on the long wait for a manual wheelchair. The longer she waits, the more her muscles waste away. It's making it really depressing for me because I can't do anything I used to be able to do. As well as spina bifida, in the last year Emma developed a pressure sore. This is inconceivable, it's just gone for ever

and it's making it harder for all of us Emma can borrow this electric wheelchair for short periods But that doesn't give her the exercise she needs. Emma applied for a manual wheelchair back in May 2007. She was told her request wouldn't even be considered until June this year A manual chair costs $3,500 and all those who apply are carefully vetted. It's a matter of entitlement, not assessment. If they did that, it should have been available in three weeks.

Late today Health Minister Reba Meagher

said Emma would get a permanent electric wheelchair in eight weeks. No word on when she'll get a manual one. Please hurry up and get it done, we need it. Mark Burrows, National Nine News Zimbabwe has entered a tense new phase of its political crisis with the country's High Court about to rule on opposition demands for the release of the results of the Presidential election. President Mugabe's party has blocked the results, and in a desperate strategy, it has requested a re-count. It is ridiculous and absurd to talk of a re-count before you know what the result is. The opposition believes it won the Presidential vote, meaning the end of the Mugabe regime, and says he should accept defeat and exit with honour. Olivia Newton John taken part in an epic trek along the Great Wall of China. We are trying to raise money to build this cancer centre in Melbourne, Australia. It will take Olivia, who has survived breast cancer, 21 days to complete the 228km walk and she'll be joined by host of celebrities along the way. They're being called the unsung heroes of the community - grandparents who are the primary carers of their grandchildren. And today, to coincide with the start of Seniors Week,

there was a special forum to decide what needs to be done to make their job easier. Josie King takes care of her four grandchildren all under the age of six. It's an uphill battle. I've been sickly and I am still sickly,

but while I got two legs and a heartbeat I'll always be my grandchildren's carer. And she's not alone. We know that 31,000 children in Australia live with their grandparents full-time. That is why the the State Council on the Aging

organised today's grandparenting forum -

the first since the mid-1990s. The 2-day event is looking at a range of issues affecting grandparents. They do need the financial support and the emotional support. The forum is one of 700 events organised for Seniors Week which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary. More than 250,000 people are expected to get involved. This afternoon an audience of 14,000 clapped along to the classics at the Premier's senior concert. # Here's to you, Mrs Robinson. # The host proving just as popular as the show itself. Wendy Kingston, National Nine News. Ken with sport is next. Can the league season get any more confusing?

The Dogs' Steve Folkes the latest coach to throw in the towel.

Also the NRL Judiciary has a Raider in its sights. Plus getting it wrong in Formula 1 and Superbikes mishaps. TRAFFIC LIGHT INDICATOR BEEPS QUIRKY COUNTRY MUSIC SILENCE The Mitsubishi Outlander has: Because you never know what's coming. Love that car. G'day, Bob. Oh, hi, Dave. Uh, h-hate to ask. No, no, you can't use the car, mate. Uh, there's been a bit of an emergency. Um, Jan's twisted her ankle. I have to go and get her. There you are, babe, Hi, Jan. Hey, Dave. This isn't Jan. This is not Jan. This is Jan's twin sister, Simba. What? S-Sim... Yes. VOICEOVER: Want a better excuse not to lend your car? How's 20% off our comprehensive car insurance when you name only two drivers? After 31 years at the Bulldogs as a player and a coach, Steve Folkes will leave the club at the end of this season. But the job will stay in the family. National Nine News understands brother-in-law Kevin Moore will take over as Bulldogs coach. In the end, Steve Folkes will go out on his own terms rather than leaving it to his mates on the board to make the call. He told his players before training today but he left it to others to speak publicly for him. Steve Folkes has been involved in this club for 30 years so I can't imagine us as a playing group

not wanting to send him out the right way. We need to move quickly and find the best solution for the Bulldogs for 2009. Steve Folkes issued a statement saying:

When Willie Mason took a parting shot, saying Folkes didn't have the respect of the players, his days were numbered. This moment last Friday probably made it impossible for Folkes to continue. In May last year, National Nine News revealed there was a move to oust both Malcolm Noad and Steve Folkes. At the same time, I tipped that Steve Folkes's brother-in-law Kevin Moore would get the top job and now he is poised to be appointed Bulldogs coach. Moore is the son of former Bulldogs boss Peter Moore and as his time as assistant to Folkes, he's earned the respect of the players. Meanwhile, Canberra prop Michael Weyman has been charged with striking twice in the match against the Titans. He's facing up to eight weeks on the sidelines. The man he struck - Daniel Conn - was still struggling today. And the Storm's Adam Blair's chicken-wing tackle will go unpunished if he takes the early plea. At Souths, skipper Roy Asotasi has warned rival clubs against writing the Rabbits off, despite losing four in a row. Any club that thinks we're not going to get out of this, they do it at their own peril. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. In Formula 1 motor racing, Brazilian Felipe Massa has taken out a rough house Bahrain Grand Prix. It was a good event for the Ferraris, with a one-two finish. In the middle of a desert and on a perfect day for racing, the Ferrari teams tore up the track. COMMENTATOR: How many places has Hamilton dropped? It was one of those days for Lewis Hamilton. The McLaren ace also crashed into Fernando Alonso, he finished out of the points and surrendered the championship lead. A lot of oil there. In an eventful Grand Prix, Jenson Button tried to hitch a ride with David Coulthard and a rare finish for Mark Webber in seventh. But the big celebrations were up front. Felipe Massa delivered the goods. Team-mate and current world champ Kimi Raikkonen was close behind.

The first one we've seen this season. In the Superbikes, there were so many problems. Oh no! The front-end crashes didn't stop. A lot tasted the gravel and on the last lap of the first race the two leaders blew it. He's taken himself out. Bayliss will win. Not quite -

Bayliss finished second in both races to extend his series lead. And how's this for grabbing your chance? A win at the Houston Open also carried entry into this week's US Masters. American Johnson Wagner held his nerve to take the title. He'll now step up to the Georgia tournament ranked 313 in the world. Aussie Geoff Ogilvy finished second. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. After the break - the Commsec Finance Report, Jaynie with the weather details. Then Lisa McCune in the running for her fifth Gold Logie. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $20 million. CRASH! So you could win a truckload of cash! HORN BLARES Don't miss Oz Lotto's $20 million jackpot. In business news, Lachlan Murdoch has pulled out of a proposal to take over Consolidated Media Holdings with James Packer. On the markets, the ANZ warned that its provision for bad debts has increased to almost a billion dollars this half year -

that sent its shares down 6%. Mark, the rain and storms are still about and will continue tomorrow. Today bursts of heavy rain,from a combination of the onshore winds and the cold pool and a few troughs, which basically means an area of unstable weather. Plenty of people driving to work this morning would have experienced the 10mm falling in about 30 minutes over the city. Fog with visibility down to 500m for Richmond. Fog is generally formed when winds are light

and there is moisture about. Mostly fine for the inland under this large and slow moving high. It has been along the east coast and ranges where most of the activity has been. The north-east of the State has received close to 70mm near Lismore. But for Sydney,

the heavier falls have been in the northern and western suburbs. For the south, Cronulla picked up 9mm. Sydney - more heavy rain and storms about. Southerly winds freshening during the day. And for surfers - a gradual increase in swell over the next few days. Temperatures in the low 20s once again with cloudy skies. Basically a repeat performance of today. The outlook - a slim chance of storms Wednesday but really starting to settle down. At this stage a mostly fine weekend. Cadet time and we head to Sydney's south tonight. And it's a big hello to Waterfall High, one of the smallest schools in Sydney - backing right onto the Royal National Park. And thanks to the parents who helped out with the weather data. So more storms about, hopefully over the catchments, Mark. Four-time Gold Logie winner Lisa McCune has the opportunity to turn it into five, after picking up a nomination today in the Most Popular TV Personality category for her role in the Channel Nine drama 'Sea Patrol'. Lower your weapons! Some of TV's most famous faces attended a special nominees' breakfast at Luna Park this morning, including the cast of 'McLeod's Daughters' which is nominated for Most Popular Australian Drama. The winners will be announced on May 4. And Nine News is there as well. We're a finalist for our coverage of the 'Pasha Bulker' grounding

at Newcastle last year.

That's the news for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.