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(generated from captions) and start to heal. we can finally come together more than anything. And that is what I want

prison for something he didn't do. But we can't do that if our dad's in You gave me your word. You said you wanted to help. means so much to you, Now, if my forgiveness

if it's what you really want, what you have the power to do then you need to do and set my dad free.

Stephanie, please... (Sighs) For me, set my father free. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. Tonight - the investment disaster - costing ratepayers dearly. with a bitter blow for his family. The Jake Kovco inquest ends And against the odds -

makes a remarkable recovery. a Sydney bashing victim and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Also tonight -

makes patients sicker. a public inquiry told hospital food

designer delivers a budget range. And right on target - another top

But heading Ten News - have chalked up breathtaking losses councils across New South Wales collapse in the United States. because of the subprime mortgage has gone, $400 million in ratepayers' money or services cut back. meaning rates have to go up is at State Parliament. Reporter Kevin Wilde for some local government areas? Kevin, this is a disaster

Absolutely and that final figure

could be even higher, depending on

if the credit crunch worsens. The

point here is that councils have a

degree of freedom on how they

invest ratepayers fund. Councils

have made some bad misdeed

decisions. The worst performer is Gosford Council.

Gosford Council. Also it Newcastle council.

A councils have lost 85 % of its original investment. It will affect ratepayers. both in terms of services provided It will affect ratepayers, the need to recoup those funds. and long-term, and mood and tone of this report The very nature and tenure

they have done the wrong thing. is that, "It's the councils' fault, "are trying to crack down." it is their responsibility. Well, the reality is

original investment. The families

will be heard by this? Yes and that

will be heard by this? Yes and that

those tough decisions - today that is councils will have to make

increase rates or cut back on

services. Garbage services or a new

bridge or footpath been putting?

The decisions over the next 12

months will be critical. Right

across the State, there will be

families that will be affected. Some councils

Some councils say they were poorly

advised by their financial advisers

and will be suing them. The State

down Government now says they will crack

down and try to minimise the losses. Hospital food is now so bad and malnourished. it's leaving patients starving

A public inquiry has heard the problem has doubled Visit any public hospital and this is the food you're expected to eat.

Royal North Shore Hospital patients A survey of found nothing nice about the diet. or 'atrocious' were used. Often words like 'appalling' into the State's hospitals Dieticians warned the inquiry

patients are starving. leave hospital malnourished. More than half when you are malnourished What happens

much easier, is you pick up infections your immune system isn't working, your wounds don't heal well.

to stay twice as long as expected, It's forced many patients on our hospitals. adding to the costs and strain It's just not good use of resources. delivered at Royal North Shore - And this is where it all gets that no-one wants to eat. prepackaged food It's now become so inedible

that visits here that almost every patient brought in by family or friends. will have some of their food more accounts of doctor despair The inquiry also heard at Royal North Shore. died Warren Anderson's daughter Vanessa by a golf ball. after being hit in the head from a former neurosurgeon, He produced an email

who'd warned the Health Minister plummeting standards about the hospital's two months before Vanessa's death. Very upsetting,

the change didn't make the change, and the people that could have made

and I haven't got my daughter. patients had to accept The surgeon told Mr Anderson a centre for excellence - Royal North Shore was no longer it was now a second-grade hospital. James Boyce, Ten News. Private Jake Kovco was killed A jury has ruled when he shot himself in Iraq. in an irresponsible and reckless act

to take his own life, While it also found he didn't mean little comfort to his family. the verdict has brought for Shelley Kovco - It's been a 2-year ordeal to a gunshot wound in Iraq, firstly losing her husband endless search for a reason. then enduring a seemingly Does this help you in any way? it doesn't bring Jake home. At the end of the day, so that's all I got to say. He's still gone,

could barely conceal her displeasure. But Private Jake Kovco's mother Judy and had wanted an open finding. She didn't get it. Do you think they got it wrong? Most definitely.

You think they got it wrong? Most definitely? I just told you the answer.

his Baghdad barracks in April 2006. Private Kovco was shot in the head in A military tribunal already found while skylarking. he'd accidentally shot himself

Disputing that outcome, the Kovco family pushed for and today that jury found: But on the balance of probabilities, he unintentionally took his own life. the jury found But even with the verdict,

this jury simply couldn't answer. there were questions They were unable to say Private Kovco knew his gun was loaded whether they believed of firing a live round. or even capable Shelley Kovco told reporters Privately, had been especially hard this hearing and hurtful evidence and believed much of the lurid had been unnecessary. I just want to go home to my kids. by offering the family hope The coroner ended the inquiry would now get better. that their lives has stunned doctors, A Sydney bashing victim making a remarkable recovery after he was punched, kicked and left for dead.

Medical staff wanted Brian Gilsenan to be allowed to die but his daughter insisted they not give up hope. He's suffering extensive brain injuries so severe doctors thought it best he be allowed to die peacefully, his treatment stopped.

My sister and I both believed that we should give him a chance and it looks like he's taking that chance. Brian Gilsenan got that chance after two months in intensive care at St Vincent's Hospital. He'd been bashed and left for dead in a random attack in the city on his way home from work last February. His family agreed with advice to switch off his life support but his 17-year-old daughter insisted they not put him in palliative care, rather continue treatment.

Just before Easter, he spoke his first words, saying his daughter's name. It was really great - it was amazing to hear him speak again, because obviously we hadn't heard him for over a month. Chilling footage shows the attack. Police believe the man in the white singlet walking away from Brian's lifeless body is one of two responsible. Earlier he can be seen kicking Brian but it's too graphic to show.

Detectives have spent hours scanning CCTV caught on cameras right across Sydney - singling out this clearer segment of video of two of people they believe carried out the assault. Detectives believe the woman lives in the Surry Hills area. Unfortunately the CCTV doesn't talk and it doesn't identify who these people are, hence we need that information from the community.

While police can see who was involved they can't say why they did it. Robbery wasn't a motive - there was nothing stolen. They fear it may be just yet another case of senseless violence in the city fuelled by alcohol.

It's not clear how well Brian will recover. His family is just happy he's made it this far. Evan Batten, Ten News. Olympic hopeful Nick D'Arcy has expressed his regret and embarrassment

over the bar-room brawl that left a fellow swimmer with a smashed face. His apology of sorts comes as swimming authorities start their investigation into the fight that could see him tossed off the team for Beijing. Nick D'Arcy was today laying low in Perth at the Lifesaving Masters. He arrived last night, hoping to leave behind the bar room brawl that has brought his career to a standstill. Today he released a statement saying:

Our family has been under enormous amount of pressure throughout this period of time, much more than any family needs to be under.

Back in Sydney, swimming and Olympic bodies began the official inquiry to decide the fate They want this matter cleared up as quickly as they can and, as I said, it's not an easy thing to go forward on with the legal, ah, the court case hanging over Nick's head. Swimming Australia's also reacted quickly to clean up another blot on its image involving saucy photos of swimmers such as Stephanie Rice, ordering their private parties on Facebook to no longer be made public.

Jesse Grayson, Ten News. the showdown that's shaping as a blockbuster. Yes, can't wait for the kick-off to the Bulldogs and Roosters . The man most of the rivalry is revolving around but plenty is being said about Willie Mason. And league's most talked-about beard - is it set to grow longer or go? Manly winger Michael Roberston gives his response to that hairy question.

Also, the 60-year-old boxer who's still fighting, and he looks anything but 60. Our top spy agency called in to curb laser attacks on passenger planes -

details next. Also tonight, thousands of videos seized as police crack a suburban piracy ring. And wild winds blamed for a deadly building site collapse.

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This program is captioned live. Experts warn a plane crash is only a matter of time because of the worsening number of laser light attacks in Sydney.

They want the pointers banned, saying that flashing lasers into the eyes of pilots is attempted mass murder. There's at least one laser attack on a plane each day, the latest directed at a Virgin Blue flight from Cairns to Sydney

last night. This could be mass murder. I'm not exaggerating here - this has the potential for mass murder. Bringing a plane down in a residential area is catastrophic.

There were 300 reported last year and the number is climbing. On Friday six passenger planes were targeted, forcing pilots to alter flight paths and delay their landing. It seems that the know-how to upgrade lower-grade laser pointers is becoming more readily available. ASIO officials led a top-level meeting in Canberra today

where they heard calls for the imports to be banned. The analogy is quite obviously close to that of, say, firearms. there are many that are not.

Those who need lasers for work, like astronomers and surveyors, would be exempt from any ban.

The penalties awaiting anyone caught using a laser are quite significant - a $30,000 fine or two years in jail. Not tough enough, according to some.

You might as well be firing a gun at the aircraft. I think it's tantamount to terrorism - it can bring an aircraft down. Recommendations from today's meeting are expected on Friday. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Police have seized more than 8,000 pirated DVDs during raids on two homes in Sydney's south-west. The haul includes movies that are still at the cinemas and crime shows like 'Underbelly' and 'Prison Break'. Police have also seized burners and printers used to copy DVD artwork.

Two men from Guildford and Ingleburn are helping police with inquiries. Copyright crimes can mean up to five years in jail. And police have raided more homes across Sydney's south-west, this time arresting four teenagers over a spate of violent street robberies. Detectives claim the suspects, aged 14 to 17,

are part of a gang which seriously wounded victims. Dozens of officers have taken part at Bankstown, Guildford and Yagoona. Kevin Rudd has denied bowing to pressure after agreeing to meet his Japanese counterpart sooner than expected. The Prime Minister has brushed aside criticism he was snubbing our second most important trading partner in favour of China.

7:00am in Washington and the Prime Minister fronts a bleary-eyed media pack. You are looking chipper. He was happy to confirm he will now be seeing Prime Minister Fukuda in June. He claims it was planned all along and had nothing to do with Tokyo's hurt feelings

for being jilted in favour of China. These things are normally transacted, can I say, in multiple iterations with multiple officials,

as everyone gets basically a Rubik's Cube together to work out who is where, when. One of his last meetings in Washington was with Republican presidential hopeful John McCain. My father was a subbing commander in World War II and based in Perth for a long period of time. Climate change, China and Afghanistan were discussed as was the strength of the alliance, no matter who wins elections. The 71-year-old senator is showing strongly in the opinion polls

despite his backing for US troops to stay in Iraq. ever to be in the business of taking sides in US domestic politics. That was a slap at John Howard would be praying often who said al-Qaeda terrorists for Barack Obama and the Democrats to win. But didn't Mr Rudd himself pick Hillary Clinton as a winner?

That, apparently, was a joke. When you are doing a - I think it was a John Denton interview? JOURNALIST: It was 'Rove' on Channel Ten.

'Rove', 'Rove'. It was all a blur. The Prime Minister's focus will turn to Europe when he meets EU leaders in Brussels tomorrow. The big agenda item is the NATO summit on Afghanistan where Mr Rudd will address the issue of Taliban-backed drugs

flooding the world's black markets. In Brussels, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A woman has died in a wall collapse in Melbourne as wild winds wreak havoc across the city. The 57 year-old crushed by rubble as she walked through a laneway. Winds of more than 100km/h caused traffic chaos and downed trees, motorists narrowly escaping serious injury.

A crack over the head and then the branch was on the roof. South of the city, huge waves lashed the coast, tearing yachts from their moorings. Also among the victims, a man killed as wild weather tore apart a building site.

Scaffolding and framework crashed to earth, crushing the 47-year-old victim. 15 other people on the site Weather now with Tim Bailey.

New they are talking about strange

weather? You have missed the

one. At dawn, that Bob was the

story, reducing visibility at a


story, reducing visibility at a Campbelltown. story, reducing visibility at a Campbelltown. Then we story, reducing visibility at a Campbelltown. Then we had dust

storms. There

storms. There were winds across

Thredbo. Sydney - we are about five

degrees above average. Tomorrow,

the weather gets more interesting.

We will get a touch up from a big

South West blow. It would drop temperatures

temperatures to 21 to 22 degrees temperatures to 21 to 22 degrees but many find.

Next, digging deep for the environment - the Australian-first - burying carbon emissions underground. And how's this for an unusual traffic snarl.

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The next general of traffic. All

their news on the M two tonight? It sure

sure years. There was an accident

near the Carling board exit.

near the Carling board exit. Anyone

heading out to the end to, these

are the delays. It is all the way are the delays. It is all the way

back to the Lane Cove tunnel. There is

is hardly a gap from Lane Cove to

seven hills. There is a bad

accident at Bella Vista. We will bring you

bring you a live update up the sport. An ambitious push to bury Australia's pollution problem is a step closer. A plant which can store power station gases underground is finally up and running but environmentalists aren't impressed. Storing carbon waste underground was a scientific pipe dream. Now Australia's a step closer to pumping its CO2 problems away. has opened in Victoria, The first carbon storage pilot plant

showing how the technology will work. It demonstrates to the Australian public at large that it can be done under Australian conditions. Located on the Otway Basin in Victoria, the plant will pipe 100,000 tonnes of CO2 from a nearby natural well, simulating emissions released by power stations. The CO2 is then converted to liquid and injected into rock 2km underground.

We've got a nice, thick, impermeable rock which we call a seal rock. In here it's the Belfast mudstone, which is around 500m thick, so it's very, very difficult for CO2 for move vertically through that. The consortium behind the project, known as CO2CRC, is confident the technology is safe and will constantly monitor the site. The energy industry is excited by the technology

because it has the potential to reduce the millions of tonnes of emissions being pumped into the atmosphere. Green groups say research money should be invested elsewhere. Carbon capture and storage is an unproven technology which is still a long way off from becoming commercial, that are available to us now,

The Federal Government has promised $500 million for carbon storage research. Emily Rice, Ten News. Australia's Foreign Minister has accused the President of Zimbabwe of trying to rig his country's elections. It comes as speculation mounts that Robert Mugabe may be about to end 28 years of brutal rule. Reports that President Robert Mugabe has brokered a deal with the opposition

began filtering out this morning. Sources have suggested the 84-year-old leader has been holding talks with the Movement for Democratic Change party, and will soon hand over power to its leader to avoid embarrassing himself by losing in a run-off vote. The MDC has rejected those rumours. Let me inform you, ladies and gentlemen here, the MDC will enter into any deal that there is no way before ZEC has actually announced the result.

Any speculation about deals, about negotiations, about reaching out, is not there. The government is also on the defensive, saying there's no need for a handover yet

because the results from last weekend's election haven't been released. The world now waits to see whether Mugabe's 28-year rule is finally coming to an end. If Mr Mugabe tries to steal the election,

then certainly there should be a very, very strong view expressed by the international community that it doesn't respect any such stolen election. For the thousands of Zimbabweans who have fled the regime of Robert Mugabe a change in government would mean they can finally go home. There's no need for me to stay here, because my home is in Zimbabwe, and if the government is changed no-one will do any harm to me.

But many believe even if Mugabe goes, the legacy of his dictatorship will still punish those returning. Kathryn Morgan, Ten News.

Princess Diana's former butler has been branded a liar at her London inquest. On the second day of summing up, the coroner has told the jury it is "blindingly obvious" Paul Burrell had lied. He also said Diana's self-styled 'rock' must be quite porous

because of the number of her secrets he'd leaked. Mr Burrell has refused to return to the inquest after admitting in a secretly recorded interview he was not truthful. US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton hasn't had a lot to laugh about lately. Nevertheless, she's maintaining her sense of humour. As she battles against Barack Obama to stay in the race for the White House,

the former first lady took time out for a little joke with the media for April Fools' Day.

Today I am challenging Senator Obama to a bowl-off, a bowling night, right here in Pennsylvania - winner take all. I'll even spot him two frames. It's time for his campaign to get out of the gutter.

No laughing matter, however, the next primary contest in Pennsylvania in three weeks. An alligator has stopped traffic taking a leisurely stroll on a major highway. The 3m-long gator startled drivers as it sauntered across the busy road. Police blocked off the area while wildlife officers moved in to catch the wayward reptile. The curtain is about to close

on one of the country's most entertaining shows. After 17 years, the cast and crew of Movie World's 'Police Academy Stunt Show' are preparing for their final performance. It was the popular film series of the early '90s which inspired one of the longest-running stunt shows in the world.

After 17 years the curtain is set to fall on Movie World's 'Police Academy Stunt Show'. For the cast of stuntmen and actors it's more than just a job. I pretty much started the show just after school, so this is pretty much all I know as far as work goes. So it'll be a bit sad to see it go.

It's not everyday you can go out and drive someone else's car and wreck it and give it to someone to fix it.

Robyn Menzies has been with the show since day one. It's been a real privilege to do this. People go, "Oh, you do the same show everyday?" But they don't realise is it's never the same. It's full of action, noise and laughs. I liked it when the explosion on the helicopter went. Over the years,

millions of people have sat in these stands and watched more than 18,000 performances.

While it certainly is the end of an era,

which is tipped to be just as big a crowd-pleaser. 'Hollywood Stunt Driver' will showcase more thrilling car stunts. It will actually be able to give the audience the opportunity to see basically how it happens in real Hollywood. Police Academy wraps up at the end of April. I'm in denial - I'm going, "Oh, I'll be fine." I just about cried a few minutes ago.

On the Gold Coast, Amelia Charlton, Ten News. The Government defends its axing of a billion-dollar broadband contract. That's next. Also, rugby league in damage control over the violent start to the season. And luxury lingerie on a budget - another top designer rolls out a range for the cash-conscious.

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This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a bashing victim has made a remarkable recovery after doctors believed he should be left to die. Brian Gilsenan's family fought for him to be given a chance and just before Easter he spoke his first words.

He suffered extensive brain damage when he was bashed in a random attack. The Jake Kovco inquest has closed but hasn't provided his family with the result they were looking for. His mother, Judy, had wanted an open finding, but the jury concluded Kovco accidentally killed himself. And the public inquiry into the state of our hospitals has heard the food given to patients is so bad it's making them sicker and doubling recovery times.

More than half of patients leave hospital malnourished. The Rudd Government has scrapped a billion-dollar high-speed broadband network for rural and regional Australia.

The wireless broadband network contract was awarded to Optus and Elders in the dying days of the Howard Government applauded by rival Telstra. and its cancellation has been duplicated existing infrastructure, This particular solution

and, when you think about it, it was a billion dollars, the largest ever federal grant to a commercial entity.

The Government says it cancelled the contract because it failed to meet a key condition of providing high-speed broadband to 90% of the population. To the BankWest finance report now,

and the Australian share market has surged after a big day on Wall street. Qantas was up 19 despite predictions of big losses when Virgin launches its new international airline.

And petrol around Sydney is selling for an average of $1.37 a litre

but we found it as low as $1.30 at North Ryde. Rugby league has come under attack for the spate of violent big hits that have left some of its star players injured.

While NRL officials vow to crack down on foul play, others worry the ugly onfield incidents are damaging the game at a time when it's under siege from rival codes. There have been just three rounds of rugby league and already the centenary year has been marred by crushing tackles...

COMMENTATOR: Grant comes in with the shoulder. ..elbows to the head... Ross comes in, bang! Elbow right on the chin.

..biting allegations... REFEREE: OK, you want to show us the mark? ..and facial gouging. It's a physical game, it's as simple as that. And if you don't want to play the game, well, you don't play the game. It's a contact sport, it's a tough game, end of story, full stop. There have been 12 violent incidents on the field, two less than this time last year, but with big names like Craig Wing and Braith Anasta

among the casualties, league violence has hit the headlines. this season is more intense, Former players say and foul play is under greater scrutiny because of the increased number of television cameras.

There'd be nothing like winning a grand final in such a year as 100 years of rugby league. You'd go down in history, so this stakes are high. There's plenty of intensity, plenty of passion. The overall intensity and hype around the game

is something that I can't recall ever having experienced Some are concerned about the impact this level of onfield violence will have on the future of the game, especially when it comes to attracting juniors. You don't want mothers watching rugby league on television thinking, "Well, I don't want my son to play that game." State of Origin star and captain of the Cronulla Sharks Paul Gallen was one of the players expected to attend

a series of kids coaching clinics but he was a late withdrawal after pleading guilty to attacking the face of an opponent. You'd wish that people that he looks up to don't do that sort of behaviour on the field. It is a big worry. Tonight, another player, Jarrod Saffy, fronts the judiciary, this time on a biting charge. John Hill, Ten News.

The it has been a mixed bag. Will

tell you more about the dust storms

and weans and foggy. Sydney was barred above-average today.

Tomorrow face suddenly changed Tomorrow face suddenly changed

around dawn, a craggy morning and a

fine and sunny afternoon. Fashionista Collette Dinnigan doesn't expect the grim economic climate to dent sales of a new lingerie range she's created for Target. She says luxurious underwear is "recession-proof" and expects her designs will walk off the shelves.

Collette Dinnigan and Target - two names not often uttered in the same sentence. But later this month that will change, when Collette's Wild Hearts range of lingerie hits the racks. The most expensive, I think, of our retails is a silk bra for $45.

So prices start from $18

and I think the average price for a bra is about $30. The designer, whose fashion creations are the toast of international runways, able to still use silk and French lace in the range because of economies of scale -

the more you make, the less it costs to produce. The discount department store is making a name for itself by getting big names to produce ranges especially for them. These memorable scenes when Stella McCartney's range hit stores

providing the bean-counters with more than enough reason to continue the trend. Tomorrow it's American designer Zac Posen's turn, but will he cause the same fuss? Never heard of him. Zac's famous for a few big frocks, worn by the likes of Naomi Campbell, Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman. If there's clothing that can really look good on all different body types and on mothers to daughters, normally the fusion collections are really youth-based.

Dinnigan also keeping the market in mind - her range going up to a 20DD. I think it's a good idea. I would buy things that are in Target now. And it seems even in these tough economic times beautiful undies can be a winner. In times of recession has shown that lingerie and chocolate and things the sales actually go up as people put more focus into smaller things.

And you won't need to maim others to get your hands on them - Collette's range will be stocked all year round. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Sport now with Tim, and the Dragons players quizzed on whether they could have saved Nathan Brown's job? The Dragons were trying to get on with 2008 today - their response shortly.

And muzzling Mason - the Roosters trying to keep a low profile on Willie before the Bulldogs showdown. And don't be fooled by his looks - this boxer's still going strong and he started in 1969.

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This program is captioned live. Willie Mason may have been muzzled so far but he'll have his say tomorrow on the showdown with the Bulldogs. The grudge match with his former Dogs team-mates

expected to draw a massive crowd. His departure from Belmore at the end last season was far from amicable. Since then his former team-mates have spoken out about his disloyalty, the "walking headline"

will get the chance to let his playing do the talking. I'm sure the crowd are gonna give it to him and bag him on the sideline. Willie Mason uncharacteristically tight-lipped today as he prepares for his first test

against the old blue and white jersey. Another of the Dogs turned Rooster, Mark O'Meley, finding it hard to hide his enthusiasm. I looked at the roster earlier in the year and seen Round 4,

so it's more excitement - a couple more sleeps and it's like Santa's coming.

The match review committee will no doubt be keeping a close eye on the match. The game has been labelled a showdown by the NRL but the Dogs are refusing to bite. Obviously it's gonna be physical and aggressive and things like that but I don't think there'll be too many fireworks, I wouldn't imagine. You come up against ex-players every week in just about every game in the league the way players change clubs these days. Folkes denying the past would make a win taste even better.

I don't see it as some way as getting retribution - I think that's a load of crap. None of that language across the road at the Easter Show as Cronulla players mixed with their young fans. following a week of controversy - his team-mates confident he will rise above claims

he's tarnished his reputation forever. Oh, yeah, Gal's alright. He's a tough guy.

He can deal with it, so he'll be fine. Victoria Murphy, Ten News. The Dragons are likely to rely on insufficient video evidence as their defence tonight when Jarrod Saffy contests a biting charge. to concentrate on 2008 rather than what will happen under Wayne Bennett next season.

With outgoing coach Nathan Brown

focusing on kick-starting the Dragons' season again, senior players were quizzed on whether they felt responsible for his demise.

Personally, I don't think it's been thought about. I know that everyone tries their guts out week in, week out. Although you make errors, if you make errors trying, so be it. The Dragons take on the Sharks on Saturday in their big local derby. And fresh from his hat-trick against the Warriors, Manly winger Michael Roberston says his whiskers are here to stay until Sunday at least,

when they take on Souths. COMMENTATOR: Michael Robertson, three tries! Keep the beard, Michael, don't shave it off now. A lot of them don't like it. A few are trying to get me to keep it until the end of the year, but not a chance. I'm happy either way. Souths co-captain Roy Asotasi is in doubt for the match with concussion. Rugby, and Auckland Blues coach David Nucifora has hosed down suggestions

at the end of the season. Nucifora's contract has an option to stay with the Blues until 2009, and the former Brumbies mentor says he's happy where he is. I haven't had any contact with them, I haven't thought about the job. Obviously there's speculation. Every time there seems to be a job come up in Australia, my name seems to get attached to it. Ironically, the Blues take on the Waratahs this Saturday in Sydney.

The Sydney Swans take on Brisbane this Saturday at the Gabba,

boosted by the news star play-maker Adam Goodes has been cleared by the AFL Tribunal and will take his place in the team. Goodes is set to play his 194th consecutive match for the club, equalling the mark set by former team-mate Jared Crouch in 2006. The 2-time Brownlow medallist has played every game since 1999. Well, that's when I started my career, in 1999, so to think he hasn't missed a game in that entire time,

yeah, it's pretty amazing. The game can be seen live and exclusive right here on Network Ten. Boxing fans were left gobsmacked when Jeff Fenech announced he would make a comeback at age 44. But he's young compared to a 60-year-old former world champion who's returned to the ring. At 60 years of age most people are gearing up for retirement, lightweight champion Saoul Mamby. unless you're former super

I don't have any injuries, I don't have any damage to myself. I never be so bad the referee had to stop the fight or... You know, I'm fine. Mamby, who was first crowned WBC light welterweight champion 29 years ago, became the oldest boxer ever in a sanctioned bout when he lost a 10-round decision in the Cayman Islands in early March.

Despite the setback, he did enough to convince the experts there is fight left in the grandfather of 11 yet. He can win fights the way he is now, it's just a matter of finding the right opposition. That's not up to him, that's up to his team, his management, promoters and match-makers.

he first entered in 1969 not enough, the 60-year-old aspiring for higher honours. I'm looking to win a title. With all of them they got out there, one of them belong to me, so if I get one I can say I did what I wanted to do. Adam Thompson, Ten News.

That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight - the result and reaction to Jarrod Saffy's trip to the NRL judiciary.


The Baird accident is causing

problems in Bella Vista? It

occurred on the Old Windsor Road

and it is Abed accent.

and it is Abed accent. For cars are involved.

We have police bat have blocked two lanes.

It isn't an extensive weight for

traffic heading out to Bella Vista. Stay with us, Tim Bailey's back with the weather next. her American assault And Kylie continues with a sexy television performance.


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A strange day across New South Wales.

Wales. It was about his ability

across many areas of new staff

Wales or a lack of it. At Richmond

and Campbelltown there was fog, visibility down

visibility down around 100 metres.

Strong northerly beans whipped up

dust storms from Broken Hill dust storms from Broken Hill to

Wagga Wagga. Across the snowy

mountains, gale-force winds its 130

kilometres an hour at Thredbo. CB

said hand me a deck chair and I'll

get some of the

get some of the summer that we got

it off on. We got up to 28.7

degrees. Tomorrow, around about

dawn, the subtly changed. A cloudy

morning tomorrow and the tops of 21

and 22 degrees and a sunny afternoon.

The big crowd streams over Tasmania, and not

and not believe means producing

patchy rain. A call of change

across southern Queensland and New

South Wales. Showers on the west of the the New South Wales Southern

Rangers, clearing during the

morning. Alpine snow, also Clearing.

Possible late storms in

Possible late storms in north-east

is that Wales. Rain and storms in Derby away and Northern territory.

28 degrees today and to 21 degrees tomorrow.

See you tomorrow for the Telstra Environment Awards. Finally, Kylie Minogue has continued her assault on America,

performing on one of its most popular television shows. In her first US TV performance in five years,

Kylie sang two songs on the hit show 'Dancing With The Stars' -

her mega hit 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' (Sings) # All I see is you. # Kylie's album 'X' went on sale in the US today. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening with the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions