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(generated from captions) to get through to Stephanie. I will find a way I will make this happen. She owes me. we've been through together, And after everything have to depend on her for anything, I mean, I really don't wanna but I have no choice. I am not letting you go to jail. and I am going to collect. It's payback time come through for us. Stephanie is going to She has to. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - Iemma's school rule - or go to jail. send your kids to class another burden for Sydney motorists. Slugged again - rising toll costs That's pretty steep, hey. And why groceries cost so much -

at the check-out. the inquiry seeking a fair deal Why has it gone up more in Australia?

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. a reprieve for homeowners - Also tonight, interest rates unchanged. the Reserve Bank leaves And the show goes on for Celine Dion, from a throat infection. the diva back But heading Ten News - to parents - the State Government's threat or you'll go to jail. make sure your children go to school joins us from Macquarie Street. State political reporter Kevin Wilde

But though he could give us But though he could give us no

information it in terms of pfennigs

Biogen in truancy levels. The

premier said that several cases may

merit that parents should go to

merit that parents should go to jail. If you look at

jail. If you look at the Lords, the

current fines are quite low. The

new laws introduced but to use jail

or a fine. new laws introduced but to use jail or a fine.

Those neglectful parents, by their kids, could face that. that continue to do the wrong thing here - And there's whole range of measures

that either won't get the message that's the last resort for those

or simply refuse assistance. Attendance across NSW schools is very, very good.

It's just in those few cases in getting the children to school where there are continuing problems to engage in the schooling process. a big difference. I think this will make a positive one. I'm hoping it will make It opens a whole can of worms. that a parent gets sent to jail In this State it's not the case

a serious offence, if their child commits something like rape or murder. for truancy? Why should they be sent to jail

Interestingly no extra money has

been put aside to pay for this

survey will be savings in the Department survey will be savings in the

Department of Education. Parents

who say they have their kids at to

stick to go to school will have to

prove that. But will we see any

parents behind bars for truancy in the two years' time? Many people

confident. doubt that. The government remains

for Sydney's cash-strapped drivers - Another blow have today put up their tolls, three of the city's motorways some by more than 10%. Now there are calls

to tear up the motorway contracts. for State Parliament was no prank. The April Fools' Day price hike Charges for the Cross City Tunnel, and the Lane Cove Tunnel the Eastern Distributor all went up from today. That's pretty steep, hey. I didn't think this one went up.

to cut back on luxuries. It's forcing more families the first thing off the list - Groceries - it's always and things like that. no more ice-cream or sweets How much toll did you just pay then? How much? No idea, mate. but that's about it. I heard it's gone up 50 cents, on the Eastern Distributor, The toll rose by 50 cents on the Cross City Tunnel. up by 46 cents on the Lane Cove Tunnel, There was a more modest rise lifting it to $2.62. April Fools' Day will have gone At the end of today, will still be here. but this fool of a government to increase the tolls, It's never a good time on family budgets, as you say, with those pressures but it's a commercial matter. for petrol, With motorists already paying more operators of the Cross City Tunnel the Roads Minister actually urged the

not to increase the toll, it would be commercially wise. saying he didn't think The Greens are calling to freeze all toll increases, for the Government toll road operators could be torn up. arguing the contracts with private They negotiated those contracts. They've got the power in this Parliament to change things.

has ruled that out. But the Government Evan Batten, Ten News. for struggling homeowners, There's some breathing space with the Reserve Bank calling a halt of interest rate hikes. to its recent run in just five months, But after three rises already gone too far. there are concerns the banks may have Opposition Leader bopping in Brisbane A new theme song had the this morning. and the can-do team # (Jingle): # You and Brendan Nelson homeowners also had reason to smile A few hours later put official interest rates on hold. as the Reserve Bank

Well, certainly it's a good sign took the decision it did today that the Reserve for the independent Reserve Bank. but these are matters Governor Glenn Stevens says In his statement, Reserve Bank the economy is slowing. there is tentative evidence are helping to moderate demand He says recent substantial rate hikes off inflation. and that's taking pressure of the Reserve Bank's last meetings 3 out of 4 have ended with a rate rise. economists are warning homeowners And while today's didn't, may not be over yet. the financial hardship concerned The Opposition Leader and business may already have gone too far. the bank I'm actually quite concerned is being quite bullish, that the Reserve Bank they're being quite strong to tighten monetary policy in the way they're moving

with rising interest rates. a major negative turnaround There's been

in business confidence levels. recent interest rate increases. That's not surprising given the Reserve's announcement, Even before the Government was fast-tracking 20,000 new training places to help ease the national skills shortage. The Reserve Bank of Australia warned many times that skills shortages, indeed the current skills crisis, was part of what is putting upwards pressure on inflation and interest rates. Inflation figures due out later this month and the May Budget will be crucial in determining whether rate hikes are finally over for homeowners.

Natasha Exelby, Ten News. Shoppers have long suspected that they're paying too much at the checkout. Now the ACCC is going to find out. It's launched an inquiry into grocery prices

which could break the stranglehold of the big supermarket chains. It's a welcome spotlight on grocery prices, putting into practice a government promise to act. We understand that the competitiveness of retail grocery prices is of significant concern to all Australians. But consumer group Choice suspects its members know the answer already, 83% telling a survey they're now spending more on groceries than three years ago. Choice says food prices have risen more in Australia than in any other developed country, and here, Woolworths and Coles dominate the market

with an 80% share. We're hoping that consumers will get a better deal from the major supermarkets. We're hoping that they'll get a much better explanation of what's driving these increases in food prices. Among the reforms it wants - a special inflation index just for food. Choice is also pushing for something called unit pricing to be introduced - supermarkets would be forced to display a price per kilo or price per litre, regardless of the product or size. It says this is the best weapon prices and get the cheapest deal. in ensuring consumers can compare the supermarket industry is so cutthroat, it's almost impossible for new players to break in. The consumer ultimately wins when there's more competition, not less competition. But fighting the big chains is tough - Franklins lost 13% of its sales when Woolworths and Coles introduced petrol discount dockets. In terms of how they use their buying power and their muscle, hopefully is what will come out in this inquiry. The ACCC can compel companies to attend its 14 hearings across the country. Coles and Woolworths will appear next month. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Battered swim champ Simon Cowley says he remembers nothing of the bar attack that has erupted into a pre-Olympics scandal. While he prepares for surgery, has flown to Perth his alleged attacker, Nick D'Arcy, for a surf lifesaving carnival.

As battered swimmer Simon Cowley rested at home,

fellow champion Craig Stevens raced to his side. He's my best mate. He was best man at my wedding and I never want to see anything happen to someone like him. On Friday, the Commonwealth Games gold medallist on his shattered face. He says he doesn't recall being allegedly king-hit by Olympic hopeful Nick D'Arcy. He can't remember what happened. He just woke up on a stretcher and obviously was in a fair bit of pain. D'Arcy now faces serious assault charges. And while an optimistic sign hangs outside his Sunshine Coast home, swimming great Kieren Perkins says the 20-year-old should lose his Olympic berth. It's been like your worse nightmare. We haven't been able to celebrate, everybody else has been able to celebrate making the Olympic team, but we can't. His, though, is not the only life in turmoil. Although he was due to start a new job on Monday, Simon Cowley will now be forced to spend at least a month here at his parents' house recuperating. He's taking advice from Stevens, who weathered his own media storm last Olympics, giving up his place for a disqualified Ian Thorpe who went on to win gold. We had a bit of a laugh. I said, "Four years ago it was me "and my parents getting chased around," it's Simon and his parents getting chased. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both offered to work with Kevin Rudd if they win November's presidential election. The two Democrat candidates today held extensive talks with the Prime Minister, as he winds up his US visit. Hillary Clinton took time out from her campaigning for the Democrat presidential nomination to catch up with an old friend. During their 30-minute discussion she told him how moved she was by his apology to the stolen generation but Mr Rudd declined to repeat his November endorsement of Ms Clinton.

I'm a good friend of Senator Clinton's. Then he was more forthcoming. Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? Hillary. The two discussed health care and the alliance

but top of mind was her scramble for votes. As one candidate myself who knows what it's like being on the campaign trail, I have every, every sympathy for what Hillary has ahead of her. Thanks, and I appreciate that. I need all the sympathy I can get. It's an exhausting business. It is. Barack Obama spoke on the phone for almost half an hour to the Prime Minister.

Climate change and China were on his mind. In a statement later he said Mr Rudd and Australia are well placed to play a partnership role with the United States in the region and he would look forward to that if he wins. Hillary told well-wishers she was hanging in there.

The Republican presidential wannabe, John McCain, will meet the Prime Minister tomorrow.

In a major foreign policy speech, Mr Rudd went out of his way to reassure Japan she's very important to Australia, he named her number one among our friends and allies in Asia. Within the region, Australia has a long-standing and close friend and partner in Japan. business dinner, But to a high-powered the Prime Minister stressed that China is good for the world economy. Its rapid growth has provided lucrative investment opportunities and growing demand for exports from Australia and America. In Washington, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A look ahead to sport with Tim Webster, and it's a tough day to be a footy coach.

Yes, the Waratahs have punted Ewen McKenzie for next season, the Raiders name a new coach, while the Dragons have confirmed Wayne Bennett will be in charge next year - not that Wayne was saying much on camera in Brisbane. But we'll hear from Nathan Brown about how he's taking his axing from the club that's been his life. Also, a twist on a grand slam - the player who took out a temper tantrum on himself. As we'll show you, the blood bin was needed. Also, Simon Katich finally wins that recall to the Australian cricket squad. Plus, there's a Test bolter. Next, the fire brigade cops criticism to yesterday's factory inferno. over its response

Also tonight, a court told dangerous navigation caused a fatal harbour ferry crash. And a group of unlikely adrenaline junkies goes to great heights to set a new record. As a young boy, do you know what I want for most? That's right, for you to save money on your car insurance with AAMI. Oops! SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # This program is captioned live. The captain of a Sydney RiverCat has been accused of killing a fisherman

through dangerous navigation. watching the ferry crush the fisherman's dinghy was like a terrible movie. Tragic accident or dangerous navigation? Peter Karatasas was killed when the 58-tonne 'Dawn Fraser' ploughed into the small tinny he and his son were fishing in near the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Today Ezra Hilkiah, the captain of the RiverCat, stood accused of negligent navigation causing death. It's alleged Mr Hilkiah sped through the passage, failing to look out for hazards or use blinds on the RiverCat, or use blinds on the RiverCat to reduce glare from the water. But his defence told the court the crash was nothing more than "a tragic accident". Alan Furlong was riding his bike along the bridge

when he witnessed the collision. He told the court: Last year, in the wake of two fatal accidents near the Harbour Bridge, the State Government moved to introduce a 15-knot speed limit for boats in the area. Previously, there had been no speed restrictions. The trial is expected to run for three weeks. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. A verbal brawl has broken out over the handling of yesterday's hardware store inferno at Alexandria. With small pockets of fire forcing clean-up crews to wait, the fire brigade union is claiming their members lost precious time in the early stages of the blaze because an aerial ladder truck had been moved from Alexandria to Hornsby two years ago. But the Commissioner insists it made little difference, arriving on the scene with an aerial appliance within three minutes of the first fire crews. Meantime, the section of Botany Road outside the burnt-out building has reopened to traffic. Families of the six teenagers killed by a hit-and-run driver are fuming at news he'll appeal his sentence. They fear they'll be forced to relive the horror of the Mildura crash in another round of court proceedings. Having dealt with the loss of two children and a lengthy court case, Terry Hirst is dreading the prospect of an appeal. We're going to have to go through it all again, Vince Calvi also lost a child in the 2006 crash.

He thinks Thomas Towle should accept his sentence and spare those left behind more hurt and time in court. He should be feeling the pain that we're going through.

And they should let it go at that because they're lucky, we're not. Towle was sentenced to 10 years jail for the deaths of six teenagers at Cardross in north-west Victoria. He was ordered to serve a non-parole period of seven. But with two years already behind bars awaiting trial, he could be out in five. His family laying low. (WOMAN): No, not interested, thank you. Many of the victims' family and friends flew to Melbourne to hear the judge deliver his verdict. Arriving home, they're now trying to move on. Were you happy with the sentence? Oh, for what we could have got it was at the top end of what we were hoping for. The legal process has taken its toll - one of the parents rushed to hospital after collapsing in court. The Mildura community had been hoping this tragic story would come to an end yesterday

although some locals still aren't happy they want to see Towle serve a longer sentence. Who knows, maybe life, or maybe at least, say, 20 years. If he appeals, I hope for my kid's sake and for the other kids, that he gets more. Ben Lewis, Ten News. Eight senior citizens have taken a leap of faith to launch Seniors Week. The skydivers have set a record for the nation's biggest free-falling, midair formation involving adrenaline junkies over 60 years of age. Mission accomplished, the group then came back to earth with a beachside landing and celebration. But if free-fall skydiving formations aren't for you, there are ground-based events celebrating Seniors Week across the State from this Sunday.

Catherine Kennedy with the weather.

What a beautiful day. Sunny end

blue skies throughout it all a

Sydney. If he struggled to get out

of bed it did so because it weighs

14 degrees overnight. Tomorrow will

reach a positively balmy 29 degrees.

Currently it is 26 degrees. Next, two men facing torture charges over the brutal bashing of an Australian tourist. And Kylie sets the record straight on those persistent marriage rumours. MID-TEMPO ELECTRO-ROCK MUSIC (Both scream) SONG: # I gotta run away # I gotta go today # I gotta fly away # This ain't good... # VOICEOVER: New mints from Extra Professional help scrub your mouth clean. CAR HORNS HONK SONG: # Just for # Just for love. #

It's the way it moves or wagon. All-new Mazda6. Stunning from the start.

This program is captioned live.

Led us check the traffic. Some

difficulties North West? There was

a problem on Epping road.

You can see right into the tunnel

there, big problems. Everyone

racing on TV in two years causing

gridlock in North ride. We will hang around this area. Two men who threw an Australian into a fire pit in California have been captured. Just days after 'America's Most Wanted' featured

Robert Schneider's story, the suspects are behind bars following their arrests in Idaho and Oregon. The 26-year-old Adelaide man was left for dead after being hit with a skateboard and thrown into a fire pit last month. Locals, who have rallied around the family and organised a fundraiser, welcomed news of the arrests.

We're ecstatic, we're spinning right now, and helps the community. The men are facing charges of torture and assault with a deadly weapon. The royal family has been cleared of any involvement in Princess Diana's death. The coroner at the multimillion-dollar inquest in London conspiracy theories. He swore his son, Dodi, and Princess Diana were killed by the royals and spent 10 years and millions of dollars trying to prove it. conspiracy theories were rubbished, officially dismissed by London's highest court. Lord Justice Scott Baker told the jurors into Dodi and Diana's deaths at the inquest they cannot find the pair were assassinated. He said there's no evidence Prince Philip was involved, Mohamed Al Fayed's claims are without foundation, and he branded some witnesses,

including Diana'a former butler, Paul Burrell, liars. over his evidence to the inquest, as well as Mohamed Al Fayed's right-hand man, John McNamara. After six months, more than $15 million in inquest and investigation costs and 250 witnesses, the coroner's summing-up will take at least another day, before the jury retires. The jury can now deliver one of five verdicts - that Diana and Dodi's deaths were due

to the negligent driving of the paparazzi or that of Henri Paul, or a combination of the two. Otherwise they can rule the deaths accidental or return an open verdict. I think that they're going to come back and say that this was an accidental death, and, as a consequence of that, all the conspiracy rumours should evaporate at that point. The coroner accepts there will be those who will always believe the Princess of Wales was murdered, no matter what the verdict is. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. The people of Zimbabwe are still anxiously waiting for the results of last weekend's elections.

There's no official word on the presidential result, but opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is claiming victory. In the parliamentary vote, the Movement for Democratic Change is slightly ahead of the ruling party. There's growing concern President Robert Mugabe is stalling to try to fix the results. Kylie Minogue has dismissed reports she's about to marry former boyfriend Olivier Martinez. She says the only engagement she's enjoying at the moment is her tour of America. Just weeks away from her 40th birthday, but definitely no wedding bells for the princess of pop - Kylie Minogue putting to rest persistent rumours

she's planning to tie the knot with one-time love, French actor Olivier Martinez, during a concert tour in the Czech Republic. The singing star insists the romance is very much in the past. Olivier Martinez the French actor? Whom I dated? No, no. 'Dated', past tense? 'Dated', yes. So there's no rekindling and no engagement in the future that I need to know about? No, no. Despite two decades of hits in Australia, Europe and Asia, the same kind of success in the US has eluded Kylie. She's hoping to change that with her new album, 'X', which will hit music stores in the US tomorrow. Firstly, you've got so many different denominations and to know where I fit within that market is sometimes difficult. Kylie also revealed that while she may have beaten breast cancer, the life-threatening illness is never far from her thoughts. It's something that's always with me, it's always on my mind, but you get up and you carry on. Her success and contribution to the music industry recognised even by royalty - she'll be honoured with the Officer of the Order of the British Empire

in a ceremony in London later this year.

I thought I already had enough vowels in my name. Kylie's publicity blitz continues on US TV tomorrow with a performance on 'Dancing with the Stars'. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Next, the blood pressure tablets that actually protect against heart attacks. Also, the show goes on - Celine Dion bounces back from a throat infection. And why this dazzling diamond has created such a buzz. and you'll be captivated by its fuel efficiency. Its common-rail turbo diesel uses just 8.6 litres per 100 k's. That's over 20% more fuel-efficient than a Ford Territory. of five or seven seats.

Go to new heights. This program is captioned live. the price of groceries is under the spotlight, the ACCC today launching an inquiry into whether we pay too much for food. Consumer group Choice claims more in Australia groceries have risen than in any other developed country. Motorists have been hit by significant toll rises, three of the city's motorways putting their prices up today by as much as 10%. The Government is under pressure to intervene and freeze all toll increases. And the Premier is talking tough on truancy - he's launched a plan to penalise parents if their children don't turn up for school, threatening them with a jail term and big fines if they fail to heed the warnings. Eight people have been arrested in a series of drug raids today in Nimbin in the State's north. Police raided a cafe and a museum where they suspected drug deals were taking place.

4kg of cannabis was seized,

along with hundreds of cannabis cookies and a quantity of cash. Police also seized illegal drug-smoking implements. were given official police cautions, Some of those arrested today while others will face drug charges in the courts. A man repeatedly bashed with a baseball bat has been saved from a serious head injury because of his turban. Protected by the virtual helmet,

the service station attendant was able to overpower his attacker. Security footage shows petrol station attendant Amandeep Singh helping a customer at the rear of the store just moments before the man turned on him. He was looking like he was going to kill me. A baseball bat was used to hit the 25-year-old victim several times across the head and face before the attendant overpowered the bandit. again and again. Somehow I just grab the bat and get the bat from his hand and I hit him. That's why he stopped. The physical altercation left Amandeep with a possible broken nose and cuts to his face. But he says if it wasn't for his turban, the injuries could be a lot worse. 8m-long cloth, it's really hard to hurt my head. It's just like a helmet.

Incidents like this are always a risk when working the lonely nightshift. But despite the attack, Amandeep says he still has the courage to return to his part-time job. I am not scared. No. Police hope the footage will help identify the attacker, who's about 177cm tall and of thin to medium build. He was wearing a light grey Puma-hooded windcheater and dark-coloured Adidas tracksuit pants. Cameron Smith, Ten News. There's a new treatment claiming to protect against heart attack and stroke. Those behind the 6-year study say it will revolutionise

the way doctors treat healthy but high-risk Australians. Peter Dorrell has stared death in the face.

I had a pretty major heart attack. He's now what doctors call high risk - at risk of being struck down again.

That's why the 67-year-old jumped at the chance to join a trial aimed at blocking a chemical that can cause continual damage to the heart. The drug Micardis is commonly used to lower blood pressure but doctors found it also likes to do battle - to block bad but naturally-produced hormones released into the cardiovascular system, therefore preventing an attack. So will improve quality of life, will improve their life span. It's exciting news for the 700,000 Australians deemed healthy but high risk.

They have not had a previous heart attack but they have high blood pressure, may have smoked, may have high cholesterol, family history. Patients in the trial complained of few side-effects

including swelling which is common in other blood pressure medications. Peter Dorrell believes it's given him a second chance. I'd most definitely be talking to my GP about the change of drugs if I am on a different drug than the one that is most successful. In another trial doctors found lowering blood pressure in the elderly can cut the death rate from stroke by a staggering amount. Particularly, there was nearly a 40% reduction in the rates of death from stroke which is an outstanding result. GPs who have been hesitant to aggressively treat blood pressure in over 80s now urged to think again. And as result you can save lives. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report now, and the share market has closed marginally higher after the Reserve Bank held interest rates steady. The Australian dollar has dropped on the back of the interest rate announcement. It's now just under 91 cents, a drop of 0.75% since this time yesterday. The average price of a litre of unleaded is now $1.35. We've seen it as high as $1.49 and as low as $1.31 in Liverpool. You can't keep a good diva down.

Days after she was forced to cancel the first of her Australian concerts because of a throat infection, Celine Dion was back on stage last night, and she didn't disappoint. Five days ago she was sick with a throat infection but last night in Brisbane Celine Dion didn't disappoint thousands of fans. Some had travelled hundreds of kilometres to see their idol.

All the way... ..All the way from New Zealand. Her throat infection forced the Canadian diva to postpone her Brisbane concert, as well as two performances in Sydney. But she says she saw the upside of being sick in Australia. I mean, if you have to be stuck behind a window, you better be stuck here, right? Because it's really beautiful. Some didn't make it, leaving a few empty seats but no hard feelings - the songstress sincerely apologising. but it is definitely much harder to cancel one and to postpone one. Later, the crowd burst into song a happy birthday for yesterday. wishing the 40-year-old (All) # Happy birthday to you # Happy birthday to you! # Thank you so much. Now that I've heard you sing, you should come on tour with us. in Melbourne tomorrow night. Her Australian tour continues Scott Forbes, Ten News. One of the world's biggest diamonds is about to go under the hammer and could fetch up to $11 million. It's the largest pear-shaped, flawless white diamond ever to be auctioned in Asia, and it's attracting plenty of attention from jewellery lovers with a very healthy bank account. A range of other expensive gems will also be up for grabs a the auction next week.

Another look at the weather. You

have found an lush background to have found an lush background to

frame this perfect weather. We are

at Gen the Roos Park. The crew when

I decided to road test some of be

righted. They thus have a look at

what the rest of righted. They thus have a look at what the rest of the state is doing.

Now when I come back I will be

talking to someone from youth of

the its streets ended great work

that they do with Hymas tipple. Homeless people. Sport now, and Tim, a case of musical chairs in the footy coaching ranks? Yes, and the music has stopped without chairs for a couple of big-name coaches - their reaction shortly. Also, pictures of the tennis player who went crazy with a racquet. Plus, the Sea Eagles finally take off, as Brett Stewart dashes past another milestone. Also, the man with the biggest smile in Aussie cricket - Simon Katich talks about his long-awaited recall to the Test squad.

It lures the fish in. VOICEOVER: To make the most of life, with fixed repayments so you stay in control. I think it's a wobbegong. To apply, call 13 10 24. This program is captioned live. Two clubs have secured new coaches on another crazy day in the NRL coaching ranks. St George Illawarra have signed 6-times premiership winner Wayne Bennett to a 3-year deal, for next season. while Canberra has named David Furner when his coaching days at the Dragons were over. When I knew that Wayne was interested in the job that was probably... I sort of got my head around there was a good chance that it would be hard for the club to turn Wayne back. When a person like Wayne Bennett comes past your club you'd have to consider his credentials and his interests in the club seriously, which is what we've done. Brown was told his fate last night. It ends a 6-year reign that started dubiously, with a face-slapping of captain Trent Barrett. He hasn't ruled out continuing as an assistant to the new coach. I haven't spoken to Wayne and they're probably questions for Wayne. But, not for the first time, Wayne wasn't taking questions. Like everybody else, mate, you'll just have to wait until we get ourselves sorted out. Bennett now with the chance to mend broken Dragons' hearts, stemming from Brisbane's back-to-back premierships in 1992-93. At the Raiders, different versions on how the players took news of coach Neil Henry being allowed to leave so he can join North Queensland. Ah, they're surprised and disappointed, just as we are. The players, um, are pretty accepting. Henry holding peace talks with recently re-signed halfback Todd Carney, who accused him of going back on his word. He wasn't misled, I mean, because at that stage there was no chance that I was going to be breaching a contract in 2009. So I refute that anyway. Henry has ruled out starting at the Cowboys this year as pressure mounts on their outgoing coach, Graham Murray. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Manly coach Des Hasler is pushing Matt Orford's State of Origin claims after beating the Warriors 52-6. after the Sea Eagles beat the Warriors 52-6. The halfback orchestrated the Sea Eagles' first win of the season. Hasler insists West Tigers hooker Robbie Farah shouldn't be turned into a makeshift Origin half. sitting next to me here I think this fella put his hand up well and truly, and it's probably an insult to this bloke and probably a few of the other sevens running around. Yet another milestone for Brett Stewart, who crossed three times, as the club's greatest try-scoring fullback. Winger Michael Robertson is out to prove his bushranger beard is in fact a lucky charm, bagging a hat-trick himself. Meanwhile, Sharks skipper Paul Gallen won't be fighting his contrary conduct charge. He'll accept a 3-week ban rather than risk an extra week off. But the Dragons' Jarrod Saffy will contest a biting charge tomorrow night. when he fronts the judiciary The Waratahs will appoint a panel of experts to decide on the head coaching position for next year after current mentor Ewen McKenzie was let go. The Tahs' longest-serving coach will see out the season and may then head overseas. Ewen McKenzie - no longer wanted at New South Wales. To be honest, it's been a bit like a shark attack. You know, with all the pressure that you guys have cranked up in the last couple of weeks, something was gonna give and something needed to give. The Waratahs players, like McKenzie, are relieved that the issue won't continue to plague the team. It's good for it to finally be out, a decision being made.

Whilst it was a surprise, it's good to finally have closure and all the guys can move forward and look forward to the rest of the season. The Waratahs will now look to a panel of experts to help choose McKenzie's successor for 2009. Management says speculation that assistant coach Todd Louden will be appointed is premature,

but there's a host of coaches overseas looking for a ticket home, including Blues coach David Nucifora. If there was an opportunity to meet David that would be fantastic. I have not met him before. But that would be fine. Nucifora and McKenzie are facing off for the ARU high-performance role. They're also set to meet on Saturday night as the Waratahs look to build on their four wins from six games record. And McKenzie wants nothing more first Super rugby title. than to go out with the Waratahs' first Super Rugby title. I've been trying to win the title for five years,

so it'd be bloody fantastic to win the title. But I'm not gonna sit there and go, "There you go, NSW, shove that up you." Rob Canning, Ten News. The Swans are sweating on the result of Adam Goodes's tribunal hearing which is just under way in Melbourne. Because the charge is the lowest grade, Goodes will still be eligible to win this year's Brownlow Medal even if he is found guilty of striking Port Adelaide's Matt Thomas. We're obviously hoping he'll play this weekend.

If he doesn't, well, we'll have to deal with it. Roos confirmed

defender Craig Bolton will get the job of trying to curb Lions star forward Jonathan Brown in Brisbane on Saturday night. Three new faces and two recalls highlight the Australian Test squad named for the tour of the West Indies in May. Blues bowler Beau Casson a surprise pick, Stuart MacGill makes his return, while the selectors couldn't ignore Simon Katich's record 1,506 Pura Cup runs. Domestic form finally paying off, the record-breaking summer from NSW skipper Simon Katich rewarded. The bottom line is that when you get a chance to represent Australia, or to even be in a touring party, it's a special moment. More than half the squad selected from the Pura Cup-winning State, including former West Australia spinner Beau Casson. A little bit hazy, still on cloud nine. Not sure if it's actually real. Newly named vice captain Michael Clarke defending the Blues' dominance. Probably in my career to date, NSW has always been one of the top two teams in every form of the game. The heir to Ricky Ponting's throne

appointed one day before his 27th birthday. You know, still so young in my career

to have this opportunity and I want to make the most of it so the people that do have their doubts and do have their questions, can see that I'm the right man for the job. Tasmanian paceman Ben Hilfenhaus

and Queensland all-rounder Ashley Noffke also with a chance for a debut in the baggy green. I've had a baggy green in my closet with no number on it so it's been a bit frustrating to tell you the truth. It's been a fair while since I was handed that. David Hussey a one-day side call-up the lucrative Indian Premier League, meaning he can play though he'd give it up in a heartbeat for a Test spot. That's what I want to do. That's my ultimate goal. Money's not the be-all and end-all for me. And one-day rookie from WA Shaun Marsh following in father Geoff's footsteps. Very happy last night. We had the family around. It was great, yeah. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Now, some racquet abuse at the tennis, where the player came off second-best. An unforced error by Russian Mikail Youzhny at the Sony Ericsson Open led to an overhead smash or two or three, and he didn't miss. The racquet abuse worked. Once he wiped off the blood, Youzhny went on to beat Spain's Nicolas Almagro in three sets.

That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, all the news from the AFL tribunal - we're hoping its good news for Adam Goodes.

Let us look at the traffic. Let us look at the traffic. There

is an event at Rose Hill

racecourse? There are big queues of

Victoria Road from one omits to Victoria Road from one omits to Parramatta. Good news from

motorists using the M two - it has settled down. Stay with us - Catherine Kennedy has all the weather details next. This is a lure. It lures the fish in. with fixed repayments so you stay in control. I think it's a wobbegong. To apply, call 13 10 24. HEAVY ROCK MUSIC SONG: # Well, it's been a long time coming # Looking for the neon glow # Been up and down the mountain # Wondering where the hell to go

# Don't stop the car # Don't stop... #

The Mitsubishi Triton -

better at getting the hard jobs done. Love that car.

I have a suspicion Catherine

Kennedy may have attacked Dean

Bailey is so she could do the job.

It was perfect weather to test some

of the right here. I have some

guests, kids from kids off the street.

They are a bit excited.

Youth of the streets to such great

work. It was set up by let Father

Chris Riley to help homeless people.

But tell me about some of these

services it provides. We have three

schools, one of them is in Surry

Hills. There are also out out out

for its services. We love

volunteers. We have at 850 at the

moment. Baking get involved in

teaching. Also a special skills.

Donations are welcome. Goethe or

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On the satellite map. Patchy cloud

is triggering boundary showers.

Thundery. Hides no clout will

develop behind the front.

There will be laid out linesmen. There will be laid out linesmen. Lady Alpine snows.

Tickets are enjoying the slide. See you.

Around the state. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening, before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.