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This program is captioned live. a blow for cash-strapped households - Tonight, to pay for the desalination plant. water bills soar are gone. The days of dams and cheap water

running down six people in Terrigal. Bail granted for the man accused of controversial Muslim school And the backers of Camden's admit they've run out of cash. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. to strut the world stage. Also tonight, Kevin Rudd flies out the most of the Royal Easter Show. And celebrity visitors making But heading Ten News, another cash blow for families,

pay for Sydney's desalination plant. with water bills to skyrocket to the days of cheap water are over. Consumers are being warned that Sydney water bills are set to soar. Desalination is the main reason why to pay for the plant. Almost half the rise will go directly will rise by $95 From July the average bill

it will top $203. and in four years time Tribunal will be even higher The final figure by the Pricing once inflation is factored in. Well, I think it's good value, of the household budget I don't think this is the element the household budget. that will break even more, by an extra 5%. Sydney Water wanted the bills to rise We're in a sort of new phase with our water demand,

are gone, the days of dams and cheap water partly thanks to climate change to population growth. and partly thanks There are no short cuts for this. that sets us up If we want infrastructure for the future, and sets our economy up we have to pay for it. unpalatable, we'd rather we didn't, That's a fact of life, it but we do. scoffed at that suggestion. The Opposition Almost $180 is due to either Labor's mismanagement of Sydney Water

over 13 years with a costly desalination plant. or its obsession as a water insurance policy. The Government prefers to describe it not urgently needed today, Interestingly, 66%, down just 0.1% since last week. the latest dam figures at a healthy dramatically, While everyone's bill will go up will be scrapped from July next year. assistance for low-income customers There's also the promise of more struggling to pay on time. will be confirmed in June The price jump Tribunal don't expect any changes. but Sydney Water and the Pricing Kevin Wilde, Ten News. and families are struggling Evictions are up

soaring mortgage rates, but, when it comes to the boss of the Reserve Bank says that's life.

His comments have sparked claims with how much households are hurting. the bank board is out of touch at a global finance conference, He was preaching to the converted

in every home in this country. but his comments will resonate Glenn Stevens pretty much justified banks raising rates on their own

has gone up. because the cost of credit

seen bank lending rates We have indeed moving independent of the cash rate. in this environment. I think that's just life in the past year Banks have added an extra 0.25% hiked by the RBA itself. on top of the 1% and they feel betrayed, Talk to those in the mortgage belt to sell the family home. given how many are now forced out of touch. Oh, I think they're well

I think I'd like him to come out and a few of my owners and sit in front of my landlords

and see how fast he can run. and tell them that that's just life

the extra slug by the banks Financial planners say is escalating the crisis. do that in excess of the RBA Unfortunately, when the banks

the Reserve Bank puts in place, and in addition to what the exit strategy goes are actually going down very fast and suddenly people and getting into financial distress. does consider these independent moves Glenn Stevens says the bank board when it sits to consider the official rate.

big banks hadn't moved on their own, The implication is that if the much further with interest rates the reserve would have gone than it has. that things are slowing. Economists believe the RBA is aware the objective of the exercise. But bear in mind that that's Australia's economy We can't keep running even more inflation lies. on hold when it meets on Tuesday. The board is expected to keep rates Eddy Meyer, Ten News. a group of people with his car A man accused of mowing down will soon be back on the streets on the Central Coast. after being granted bail crowd later bashing the driver. Six people were injured, an angry Diners had no warning before the hire car smashed through a fence and onto the footpath.

was allegedly behind the wheel An Adelaide man outside a 24-hour bakery in Terrigal as it ploughed into six people seated around 2:00am. but knocked down his friend, It narrowly missed one man

Spiky to be alive because he had

willing very serious injuries. He was

willing truly pinned under the car.

I just ripped the door open and

turned the mower or friend put it turned the mower or friend put it

in reverse so we could push it

backwards and get the fellow out. Hospital with minor injuries - Six people were taken to Gosford

another a broken ankle. one a broken wrist, Witnesses say if it wasn't for but not as a result of the crash - The driver was also injured, own hands, belting him several times. bystanders took matters into their

Be immediately after the incident

there were some angry reactions. Simon Hunter from Adelaide, The alleged driver, 35-year-old

Gosford Local Court this afternoon. was granted bail in of malicious inflicting bodily harm Next month he'll answer two charges and dangerous driving with aggravation.

a maximum of up to 25 years jail. If convicted, he faces Evan Batten, Ten News. to build a Muslim school in Camden The controversial proposal is in danger of collapsing. admit they have no money Those behind the plan and questions are being raised about their leader's links to an extremist organisation. There's been furious opposition in Camden to the $20 million project. The proponents planned to cater for 1,200 students at the school on a parcel of land just outside the town. For the first time we can reveal some of the people behind the project. is on the executive of the secretive Quranic Society. But I'm not in charge to talk. Please, why don't you understand? with the school, is there? The leader is Imam Fouad Chami. Well, if the council approves, we'll go ahead. If they don't, we can do nothing. The imam said his group had no money of its own to build the school and would rely on government grants. Like a grant from the government, free of interest - they help you to build and, as you build, they will help you, and then you will pay it back. The Quranic Society plans to get around the shortage of funds to begin with by building just two classrooms as enrolments grow. and adding another room each year Imam Chami has also admitted being a member of the secretive Muslim group Tablighi Jamaat but denies the group was linked to al-Qaeda.

We were never close to them because we don't deal in these type of things. We don't deal in army business, in guerilla business. This is all nonsense. We were never close to them, never. We're concerned about who these people are. We haven't seen them before and they haven't come to Camden to meet the community. Imam Chami said if the project folded the land would be sold. John Hill, Ten News. A grieving father is vowing to make Sydney Harbour a safer place, as he prepares to mark the anniversary of his daughter's death. Morgan Innes was killed when a ferry slammed into a motor cruiser. Tomorrow marks a year since Robert Innes lost his daughter Morgan, a champion ice-skater. He says her death won't be in vain. I've sat fairly quietly for 12 months. My daughter was killed - I can't change that. But, at the end of the day, I will do whatever I have to do

to make the changes to make sure your children, on the harbour. An investigation found the cruiser 'Merinda' didn't have its navigation lights on when it was cut in two by the ferry 'Pam Burridge'. Today maritime authorities conceded the HarbourCat was speeding and on the wrong side of the harbour. The issue of culpability or further action is not closed. of the four people who died

will again mourn their loved ones tomorrow. little has changed. Revelations in the report suggest out of 19 ferry courses recorded on one day after the accident,

17 were found to be on the wrong side of the harbour. The Opposition says Government inaction has made the harbour unsafe. Among those changes, Mr Innes is urging passengers to dob in ferry masters who flout the rules.

Frank Coletta, Ten News. on his first major overseas trip as Prime Minister. The global economy is set to dominate talks with world leaders for putting off important local decisions until his return. 17 days, three continents - Kevin Rudd farewells Australia to rub shoulders with the world's most powerful. His objective simple. To argue Australia's economic case in a number of the principal economic capitals of the world and to prepare Australia for the global uncertainties. The first stop is Washington, where he'll meet US President George W. Bush and see a nation in financial freefall. The most important thing, I think, is for the two leaders to establish a good personal relationship. He'll also meet United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon, attend a NATO summit in Bucharest and visit the Queen and PM Gordon Brown in London before travelling to China. But his itinerary has drawn criticism.

For Mr Rudd to be away for 17 days whilst the Budget is being prepared is something that is a little concerning. Cabinet meetings have also been abandoned until Kevin Rudd's return,

reinforcing the perception of a government reluctant to operate without its leader

and a leader reluctant to hand over control. When he last travelled overseas, his government was hamstrung would have their bonuses cut. over reports carers and pensioners It took four days for Mr Rudd to return and quell concerns. His deputy Julia Gillard denies there's a problem. If was need to have a Cabinet meeting outside the scheduled meeting times, then, of course, as acting Prime Minister I could convene a Cabinet meeting. She visited the Governor-General this morning... Australian Workplace Agreements. From midnight there will be no new ..putting the official nail in the coffin of WorkChoices. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look at sport,

and swim star Libby Trickett was in tears at the Olympic trials last night. Yes, but her husband has denied claims his wife cried because he'd missed out on a spot at the Olympics. He says Libby was overjoyed because he'd swum faster than ever before. It was the moment their personal and professional lives collided. COMMENTATOR: It is a tough time - one of the most harrowing meets you can go through. Luke Trickett had just missed a spot on the team for Beijing.

Libby is known for her amplified emotions, I guess. She wasn't upset, she was overwhelmingly happy. They were tears of joy, apparently because Luke had just swum a personal best time, his fastest swim since they met six years ago. He'd been trying to improve on that ever since. Last night he finally did. Just because she wins Olympic golds and breaks world records

and I just stand up in the Olympic trials final, it doesn't make it any less significant for her. But the catch is Libby was just about to swim herself in the semifinals of the 100m freestyle. Minutes later the world champion was beaten by a 15-year-old schoolgirl. Now, following last night's outburst,

some have even suggested Libby would be better off not watching her husband swim when their races are so close together but, as Luke says, good luck stopping her. She said the only way she wouldn't watch my race is if she was dead. a pretty easy person to impress, isn't it? LAUGHTER Luke is now likely to retire from the sport. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. And we'll pose the question - has rugby league's image taken a battering, along with a few players, from shoulder charges?

It comes as Braith Anasta gets ready to back up

after surgery to his smashed nose following a shoulder charge gone wrong last weekend. Also a dramatic escape for the Socceroos in China, how Schwarzer saved the day again. And we'll see who's ringing the bell at Bells Beach. Ahead, a court win for broadcaster Alan Jones. Plus, the last locally made Mitsubishis roll off the line. And the boys go in to battle - just who are the biggest tough guys at the Royal Easter Show?

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This program is captioned live. The end of an era for Australia's car industry. The last locally made Mitsubishi has rolled off the assembly line - loyal workers now walking out the factory gates for the last time. It was an emotional day for staff at Mitsubishi.

The last 12 380s to be made - and the last Australian-built Mitsubishi ever - have come off the assembly line. The final 380 will be auctioned among dealers, the money going to charity. The price could be six figures. The workers who built it say that's a bargain. I mean, this being the best car that we've ever made, I reckon. The final moment

brought mixed feeling for workers who've remained loyal. Oh, it was excellent just to get that final car off the line and for everyone to see what good-quality vehicles that we actually do build here. Most of the final batch go to dealers but cars were donated to the Flying Doctors, Vision Australia and the National Motor Museum. It will be very important to us to be able to tell the story of not only the Tonsley Park right through the Chrysler era 930 workers will lose their jobs. Many employers across Australia have expressed interest in hiring, but few have yet accepted. The workers are saying they don't want to go to Queensland, Western Australia. They've established themselves here, they got houses, they've got kids going to school.

Even though the last 380 is already off the line, Mitsubishi workers still have to clock on for one more day.

At least it'll be a short shift, with most expected to knock off before midday. A win for broadcaster Alan Jones - he's been spared a criminal conviction, despite naming a juvenile murder witness on air. A judge ruled the 2GB talk host had not acted dishonestly when he paraphrased details of the case from the 'Daily Telegraph'. He found the comments did not add to the damage

already caused by the publication. The judge ruled a conviction would have far-reaching ramifications for Jones, significantly restricting his travel.

He confirmed a finding of guilt, but upheld the appeal. Nursing scholarships will be doubled under a scheme aimed at retaining experienced hospital staff. The university scholarships are worth $8,000 each and can be used by any nurse at any facility across New South Wales. 200 places were promised last election, but the scheme's popularity has forced the Government to double the number to 400. I think that the retention will be good. We will retain more nurses if we can encourage programs like this. The scholarships allow nurses to study and improve their skills without having to leave the profession. at Sydney's Royal Easter. The tough guys are sweating it out Men from around the country are putting their strength and skills to the test. Don't come between this couple and their sport. Woodchoppers Dale and Amanda Beams sure know how to wield an axe. If you've got any fear out there it's a waste of time. Back home in Tassie I have to compete against the men as pretty much my only competition.

But then there's nine-time tree-felling world champion

69-year-old Bill Youd. While most 2-year-olds have Tonka trucks for toys, he had a tomahawk. Not to be outdone, our best shearers handle 200 sheep weighing around 70 kilograms a day. That's almost 1.5 tonnes a day. A shearer working flat out in one 2-hour run will expel as much energy as a marathon runner. Then there's the fearless precision drivers. Doing these tricks takes precision and timing. Competing for the daredevil crown is the freestyle motocross team while self-titled couple Dangerman and Dangerwoman show no fear of heights. But driver Dave Shannon plays down his expertise in such an adrenaline-driven sport.

It's just practice really. We're very tame. But there's nothing tame about balancing a ute on two wheels. Now, that was fun,

but it takes years for drivers to develop their skills to take such calculated risks because, one wrong move, and who knows what could've happened? But perhaps those with the toughest gig at the show are the mums and dads who've lasted the day with the kids. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Also at the show today, celebrity couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. at the food pavilion They were enjoying the treats and soaking up the atmosphere - obviously a rehearshal before they bring their little one to the show. Nicole is now five months pregnant.

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Mrs it was trying to stay warm. It

was cold enough to hop into bed at

with the wrong. It was a very

chilly night with a low average

temperatures. It was the coldest

night in about five months.

Tomorrow is Friday and it will be

fine and sunny right across the

weekend. I'll do should up exactly

like a did today. Have a look at

that one. A bit of cloud early and

then a very shiny blue skies. Good-

looking day tomorrow - Saturday and Sunday. Up next, the hidden masterpiece -

art gallery staff stumble on a work potentially worth millions. And France's first lady gets pulses racing in Britain.

Art gallery staff have struck gold, stumbling on a new treasure in an old masterpiece. Owned by the National Gallery of Victoria for half a century, 'The Finding of Moses' was thought to be the work of 18th century Italian artist Sebastiano Ricci.

But after cleaning a small section, a hidden treasure may have been unearthed. Exciting, yeah, it's good fun. Removing decades of dirt in areas, conservators saw similarities with the work of the Venetian master Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and now believe it could be his. When we bring pictures into the studio and we start doing the cleaning and restoration of them, it's always an unearthing process and they're more often treasures than not. If it is a Tiepolo, its value will increase by many, many millions, but that's secondary for the restorers. We're excited by what we see just in terms of the painting itself, but what we will learn eventually about who painted the picture will always be exciting, no matter if it's by Tiepolo or someone else. For the next 12 months, conservators will continue to restore and examine the artwork. International experts will then be invited to comment. But it could take several years before the true identity of the artist is confirmed. Either way, 'The Finding of Moses' will eventually return to its original hanging place, coincidentally, beside Tiepolo's masterpiece

'The Banquet of Cleopatra'. Mignon Stewart, Ten News. The French President's first visit to Britain has been rocked by controversy. The UK tabloids have been plastered with photos of his wife in the nude. President Nicolas Sarkozy touched down with a new first lady and a new fondness for the United Kingdom.

France's 'King of Bling' greeted by the Queen of England. But elegantly dressed in an understated grey coatdress, it was his new wife, supermodel turned singer Carla Bruni, who stole the show. They made the journey to Windsor Castle many French spectators crossing their fingers the man who once checked his Blackberry in the company of the Pope wouldn't make any royal slip-ups. Some poise would be nice, yes, considering that Sarkozy is very well renowned for a lot of faux pas. (Sings) # Nobody knows you... # The celebrity first lady's past caught up with her too with a soon-to-be-auctioned nude photograph from her modelling days pasted all over today's tabloids. As glamourous as his visit's itinerary is, while in Britain President Sarkozy is all about business. He's hoping to shake off his rock star reputation and appear as a statesman fostering a new relationship between France and the UK. TRANSLATOR: We must never - we do not have the right to forget what young British men and women did to free France. To Parliament, he was passionate about the past . But later, at a royal banquet at the Queen's castle, he spoke of future cooperation and a new era of strengthened cross-Channel relations. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. The space shuttle 'Endeavour' has landed safely back on earth - the crew of seven making a rare night-time touchdown at Cape Canaveral, in Florida.

The landing had been delayed earlier due to low clouds over the Kennedy Space Center. 'Endeavour' spent a record 12 days at the International Space Station - its crew conducting five spacewalks. There's new evidence humans might have been in Europe long before previously thought. Western Europe's oldest human remains have been unearthed in northern Spain.

The jawbone and teeth are believed to be 1.2 million years old, almost 500,000 years older than the previous oldest known remains.

Their small size suggests they belonged to a female. Scientists have also found stone tools and animal bones with cut marks believed to have been made by humans.

Fairness time to live above the

city. Unfortunately there's a city. Unfortunately there's a bad

accident. It's an awful ride. It

right near Delhi Road near the

cemetery entrance. One lane is

close to and removing the stretcher

now. The row has been closed to

traffic on a daily road. Ed tufty

and a helicopter in but usually the

traffic is bad but now it's all the way back. Next, a verdict over the stabbing murder of a Central Coast schoolgirl. Also, the death of one of film's most sadistic characters. And Delta Goodrem's man relaunches his solo career.

(Sings) # She changed my life, she cleaned me up # She found my heart like only a woman can. #

Top stories this news hour - the man accused of running down six people outside a Terrigal restaurant this morning has been granted bail. 35-year-old Simon Hunter from Adelaide faces up to 25 years jail if convicted. None of the victims suffered serious injuries. A backlash against comments made today by the Reserve Bank Governor. it's unrealistic to expect lenders Glenn Stevens says

to only lift interest rates in line with official increases, Financial planners say the higher repayments announced without warning make it impossible for families to plan ahead. for cash-strapped Sydney families. And yet another slug from July Water bills will increase by 13% to help pay for the desalination plant. The decision will add hundreds of dollars to annual household budgets. A teenage boy has been found guilty of murdering a young girl on the Central Coast. 48 times on her way home from school. The attacker stabbed Tania Burgess Brokenhearted and forever scarred but, for the Burgess family, justice at last. and the prosecutors. It has been a really good outcome. 15-year-old Tania Burgess was savagely stabbed 48 times by a then 16-year-old schoolboy after hopping off the bus on her way home from school in July 2005. The suggested motivation, a high school crush. Tania identified her killer by name, school and grade. The case against the teenage boy was always strong. His DNA was at the crime scene. His clothing was covered in Tania's blood. and his watch was found at the scene. There were witnesses to the attack As the guilty verdict was handed down

And the killer showed no emotion,

instead raising his head and

glancing across the court room to

his parents who were in the public gallery. He'll be sentenced in June. Network Ten has announced some seriously positive profit results, boosted by higher ratings and an income tax benefit. The company has reported for the six months to February.

It's also posted an industry-best operating margin of nearly 37%. Ten has had its strongest start after expanding its international content through agreements with 20th Century Fox and CBS. To the BankWest finance report, and falls on Wall Street have meant a slight fall on the Australian market.

One of the best-known villains from the film noir era has died. Richard Widmark appeared in more than 60 films. in the 1947 movie 'Kiss of Death' His debut performance earned him an Oscar nomination. It was also his most memorable role. He played a giggling, sadistic killer who pushed a wheelchair-bound woman down a flight of stairs. Widmark died at home after a long illness. He was 93. Delta Goodrem's partner Brian McFadden is having another shot at going solo. He's released a new single about his bride-to-be and Sydney audiences will be the first to see it. He's from a band that's sold more than 30 million albums around the world, but to most Australians as Delta Goodrem's other half. Brian McFadden is better known So as the former Westlife star gets set to relaunch his solo career in Australia, it might as well be with a song about his fiance. (Sings) # She changed my life, she cleaned me up

A trio had a hairdresser on call

for $200,000 a year? Then there's travel with Delta who's launching her latest album in the States, which begs the question -

just when will these two get time to get married?

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doubt for this year.

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him lucky. Mr by that much.

Tomorrow will be fine and sunny and

warm over the weekend. Blue-sky

shining at you. Map of New South Wales.

Name was Brian and I call him lucky. the NRL's image hasn't been battered by shoulder charges. No, he's come out strongly, but one of his players has the opposite view.

We'll hear from both. Plus, the big-name surfer ringing the bell at Bells Beach. Plus, Schwarzer saves the Socceroos.

COMMENTATOR: He's the hero from the penalty spot. And the world record missed by a fingernail. Such a small margin.

This program is captioned live. The controversial swimsuit worn for 13 world records this year will be banned from the Canadian Olympic trials. Not because it's fast, but because not everyone can get them. Meanwhile at the Aussie trials, Eamon Sullivan came within millimetres of the world mark in the 100m freestyle. The fastest Australian final ever with all the attention and expectation on lane four. Eamon Sullivan finishing a fingernail short of his goal. COMMENTATOR: But Sullivan! The rocket from Western Australia, he wins it in a time of 47.52, 0.02sec outside the world record! I thought shaving my face would have helped a bit more, but no, I won't grow my fingernails, I'll probably put a hole in my suit if I do that. (Laughs) But with the swimming world improving in leaps and bounds, Sullivan knows this was a chance gone begging. There are just so many guys out there capable of swimming that fast and it only takes one or two swimmers to start doing that for everyone to sit back and realise it's not impossible and, yeah, it's just going to be a landslide from now on. In the 200m butterfly Jessicah Schipper reignited record hopes for the night. COMMENTATOR: And she's 1.34 in front of it. She's extended... But fatigue hit. Her suit filled with water. Schipper only just held off teenager Samantha Hamill for the win. Her suit supplier saying she'll be fitted with a smaller size. And a rare emotional outburst for Libby Trickett. Husband Luke today explained they were tears of joy after he posted his best time in six years, in the 200m breaststroke. Libby upstaged by teen Cate Campbell in the 100m freestyle semi, their clash a feature of tonight's finals. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. The Socceroos are bracing themselves for the prospect of losing stars Harry Kewell and Tim Cahill to injury for more of the World Cup qualifiers. But, an encore performance of goal-keeping brilliance from Mark Schwarzer has earned the Socceroos COMMENTATOR: He's saved it! Schwarzer's saved it again. He's the hero from the penalty spot.

Shades of Uruguay in '05, Mark Schwarzer was the headliner in a courageous performance by the Socceroos who created scoring chances at high altitude expected to favour the hosts. Adding further to the merit of the effort - withstanding a barrage of dangerous tackles from the Chinese which saw Archie Thompson off in the opening minutes and Luke Wilkshire in danger of serious injury. tackle. That's a red card. David Carney missing a golden chance in the dying seconds. In towards Carney and a chance to win it for Australia. On another day we could have nicked it, if not for Schwarzy's heroics we could have lost it.

Qatar now second behind Australia in the group after upsetting Iraq 2-0. And after picking up a worrying groin injury in the match against Singapore, Harry Kewell is in Sydney to assess the extent of the problem. The timing unfortunate finishing in a little over a month. with his Liverpool contract And Tim Cahill could miss the remainder of the season with a recurrence of the foot injury that sidelined him for most of Everton's campaign. Meanwhile France have sent England and David Beckham's celebration plans cartwheeling. A Franck Ribery penalty taking the fizz out of Becks's 100th appearance for his country where he played 60 minutes. Neil Cordy, Ten News. The Roosters are on alert tonight in case Greg Inglis makes an early return against them on Saturday night playing, despite a smashed nose. but Braith Anasta is definitely The Broncos' Karmichael Hunt was cleared over that hit and Wests Tigers coach Tim Sheens has scoffed at suggestions the game's image is being damaged by shoulder charges gone wrong. Wests Tigers captain Brett Hodgson and coach Tim Sheens But not when it comes to banning the shoulder charge. far outweighs the benefits of putting one on.

I wouldn't agree there. No, I don't. I don't think the shoulder charge as such is a particular problem in the game. Hodgson, still to be cleared for Sunday's clash with the Bulldogs, insists the controversial tackle should be made a thing of the past.

I hope people don't think I'm saying it just because I'm the one who got tackled either. Look what happened to Anasta on the weekend. His nose is spread across his face. Braith Anasta's redecorator, Karmichael Hunt, exonerated by the judiciary last night for a shoulder charge gone wrong. The Rooster resuming training today with a remodelled beak.

Yeah, he's good, mate. His nose has come down, thank God. He's looking normal. The game's image taking a battering at the judiciary last night. for elbowing Cooper Cronk Ben Ross getting a 7-match ban and Brett White four for his wild retaliation. Some say mums won't let their kids play league unless it's cleaned up. It's a physical game - it's as simple as that. If you don't want to play the game, then don't play the game. Simple. And there were simple rules to follow at Dragons training today, don't ask embattled coach Nathan Brown about whether he's going to lose his job to Wayne Bennett. The only thing I'm interested in talking about is Canberra, which is going to be a very tough game.

It must be tough day-to-day doing your job Canberra's going to be a very hard game. Have you spoken to Wayne Bennett at all about any discussions that might have gone on with the club? this week Been working very hard on Canberra because they're going to be a very hard game. Parramatta Eels coach Michael Hagan says the final decision on whether Nathan Hindmarsh plays against Newcastle tomorrow night will be left entirely with the back-rower. Hindmarsh missed the Eels final training session with his family following the death of his dad. He's very keen to play tomorrow night but it would be a difficult period for him to go through. Takes a fair bit out of you and I'm sure the boys will rally around him tomorrow night if he does decide to play. Hindmarsh says his father's wishes were for him to play. Ewen McKenzie is confident his Waratahs can silence the critics and relieve a little pressure tomorrow night with a win over the Cheetahs at the SFS. McKenzie's job has been under increasing scrutiny as the Tahs struggle to ignite any excitement,

currently sitting seventh on the Super 14 ladder. Next two weeks can change circumstances, you know. Obviously there are people talked about to take this job. We'll see what happens down the track, you know. People's circumstances change very quickly. McKenzie has been warned he'll go if the side can't turn around its hit-and-miss start to the season. Kelly Slater, who has declared a record ninth world title is back on his radar, after claiming a third Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach. The American produced some freakish moves to come from behind and defeat Australian Bede Durbidge, after paddling into no man's land in search of a wave. I thought, "I'll just sneak up there and see what I can find." I got that one. I wasn't even thinking about it. I was totally relaxed. I wasn't worried. I was swimming well. Bed's probably got this thing. I wasn't worrying about it too much. I won't stress out. The win keeps the 36-year-old's unbeaten 2008 intact. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, paying tribute to an Invincible, as cricket greats gather at the Gabba to remember Bill Brown, who died last week.

All the traffic heading done to the

Easter Show. There is the junction

where everyone is trying to head

towards of the Showground. The

traffic is piling up and heading to

the exit. We showed you that the exit. We showed you that

accident before Delhi Road and. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's back with the weather next. SONG: # She's got a crush You can see it in her eyes # She's got a crush You can tell the way she lies # Oh, she's got a crush # And her man is getting wise... # New Arnott's Tim Tam Crush Toffee Nut. Layers of biscuit, cream, crushed nuts and toffee

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Or Tim and reckons we all going

davit toothy grin on our faces after the weather forecast. You know

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weekend forecast because I know you

love them as much as I do. Fine and

sunny tomorrow and Round About 22

degrees. 23 on Saturday and maybe

25 and the greater West on Sunday

and hardly a cloud in the sky till

about Tuesday. It will be 28

degrees by midweek next week. No

wonder we all grinning. Let's get

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Jetstream cloud across the North is

causing rain in Western Australia

and patchy rain and storms

elsewhere. Rain clouds across the

eastern states degenerating

possibly Severe storms. A high will bring a cold morning and a mostly

sunny day to the south-east in land

and clear showers from Victoria and

Tasmania. A front will maintain and

gusty winds in south-west Western

Australia and a trough will cause

further storms over Western Queensland and the Northern tropics.

Predicted precipitation - showers

in New South Wales will be in the

north-east and the far southern

Rangers. Find everyone else. Showers and storms in Queensland

and across the tropics. Late showers in Tasmania and Victoria.

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