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Good morning and welcome to 9am.

Good morning, everyone. Good morning, everyone. Good

morning. A recent spate of

emergencies and drownings along the Australian coasts have baffled

experts and beachgoers. Is it a

coincidence or some more logical

reason? Australian Surf Life Saving

Members are often the first ones

called when there are dramas at the

beach. They'll remind us of the

dangers. Dean Geyer melted in to

the hearts of young women when he

first appeared on 'Australian Idol'

and he's about to make his mark on

'Neighbours'. A disturbing number

of downhearted doggies, melancholy

moggies and budgeies with the blues moggies and budgeies with

have given rise to an increasing

number of Prozac pets. number of Prozac pets. Animal

anti-depressants are all the rage

but are they necessary? Bruce but are they necessary? Bruce Syme

will argue the case for other

options. And David Kirkpatrick is

in our kitchen garden today and

Adam D'Sylva from Pearl restaurant

will whip up a superb beef dish and

revee how he intends to run

restaurant and take part in this weekend's Earth Hour.

We had our cat once on pussy Prozac.

True story. Why? Because she

started spraying. Oh. So glad I asked the

unpleasant, especially when it was

all over the Christmas prepbtsz one

year. Pop a couple -- presents one

year. Pop a couple of pills in to

her and she's fine. We took it to

our vet and cats sometimes start

doing that when they're depressed,

they start spraying. We put her on

pussy Prozac. She was on it for six

months and then she was fine. Why

was it sad? Probably because

was chasing her and another dog

chasing her and then twins

another baby. And Simon did put the

sprinkler system in sprinkler system in the backyard,

at which point she moved next door.

Maybe the sprinkler

inspired the spraying? That went in

long after the spraying. Long after.

We'll discover today, won't we? We

will. Whether we're overprescribing anti-depressants for the hounds and

cats? I want to know what

environmental enrichment is? It

sounds better. Do you buy them a

friend? Do you build a cat play

area? All will be revealed. In 1889,

Gustave Eiffel designed one of the

most stunning and majestic

architectural masterpieces ever.

The Eiffel Tower defines Paris and

delights all who are fortunate to

gaze at it. Now they plan to alter

it. They're going to add a bit.

Look what they're going to do. They

plan to turn this magnificent

monument in to a candlestick. As

the French would say, merde. What's

on the front page this morning? Why

would they mess with it? They

going to add an observatory

platform or something? A

restaurants or something? Can you

believe that? I think that's silly. It's internationally recognised

icon. To celebrate its icon. To celebrate its 120-year

anniversary, they're going to mess

with it. Look at that. Can you with it. Look at that. Can

imagine if they did that to the

Harbour Bridge, it would look silly.

Don't give them ideas. Don't give them ideas. Let's push

on. Kevin Rudd heads off on his

first major overseas tour today

since becoming PM, after yesterday's historic agreement

the Murray-Darling River the Murray-Darling River system.

The first stop on his 17-day tour

is Washington where he'll be hosted

George W. Bush. that White House by US President that White House by

After a year of State stalling, the flow of money Kevin Rudd has opened into the Murray-Darling basin, where John Howard failed last year. the PM succeeding of the Murray-Darling river system. to the $10 billion takeover long in the coming. This has been an agreement to reach. It's been a difficult agreement Victoria was the hold-out. a billion-dollar commitment Turning the tide - 100 billion litres of water. to projects estimated to save The deal brokered over breakfast. as a great step forward History will judge this day for Australia. in terms of water management will have control of the system, A single national body is secured for Adelaide. but also making sure drinking water There was also money for health - reporting system on standards. with the agreement of a national Today is the first step a decade-long reduction in addressing in funding out hospitals. on the part of the Commonwealth Brad Hodson, Ten News.

Meantime, the PM has been accused

of leaving thousands of sick

in the lurch. News Limited report

said kabdemt hasn't yet confirmed

subsidies -- reported that the

Government hasn't yet confirmed

subsidies for renal disease, chrome chrome and multiple

There are no plans for this to be

resolved. The threebally bombers on

death row are preparing to launch

another appeal. It's thought Amrozi,

Ali Ghufron and Samudra were

thought to face the firing squad.

But the trio now claims the Bali

court did not allow them to present

their case effectively. A parachute

could hold the clue to a hijacking mystery taking back almost four

decades. The FBI's investigating if

the chute was the one used by DB

Cooper who commandeered a jet,

extorted $200,000 from the crew and

passengers and then jumped in to

the unknown. It was found in a

paddock by children in the US. 36

years on. Isn't that amazing?

Hopefully we'll fiend out more news

about that one and more on those

stories throughout the day. He's a

Johannesburgian, a guitar-slinging,

Idol competing heart-throbbing

Neighbour. That's the tip of the

iceberg when it comes to Dean's

talents. Good morning. How are you

going? I love the Veronica-loving.

Let's start there. Nice story that

one. Many people know you're going

out with a twin. That must have its

moments? Yeah. I haven't yet made

any mistakes kissing the other twin

or anything, but I have called Lisa

Jes is, a couple of times and it

didn't go down well. You're still

struggling to tell them apart?

They're very different but it's

just, yeah, something abouts just, yeah, something abouts them

being twins. This is being twins. This is a fabulous

story. We should explain. One of

the girls, - Everyone knows. Tell

me the story about how you two got

together, it's a good one? Well, we

met at a couple of events. First at

the ARIAs and then the Idol after

party as well. And she told me that

she actually came just to meet me.

That was after we were going out.

And then the MTV Awards after party,

we hung out. You thought she was

hot and she thought you were hot. I

found out she was interested in an

interview she had where she said

she has a crush on me and she has a crush on me and she's

waiting for me to ask her oufplt I

had her number and said, "Let's go

out on that date." that's how it

all started. How is it going 10

months down the track? It's good.

We find it hard to see each other

because of our busy schedules,

obviously. They're over in the

States at the moment doing their

promotion for their current album.

So it's just all part of the

industry but going really well. Do

you collaborate at all when you

write song snz We haven't,

There's obviously , there have been

a few ideas in my head going a few ideas in my head going around.

I might think of having I might think of having them

feature on my next album, who

knows? I imagine it must be very

handy having someone who really

kind of gets what you do? Yeah.

Having her as a partner is great

because at the moment they're one

of Australia's of Australia's kind of premiere

acts, I suppose. And they've both

been through it all and travelled

internationally. Any advice need and need and encouragement definitely

comes from her. That's lovely. As

we said in the intro you were born

and raised in Johannesburg. How

different was life there? Um, you

know what? The culture is know what? The culture is very

similar. We actually, when my

family was deciding to make the

move, we had a choice between - I

don't know for some reason San

Diego or Australia, Melbourne.

There's a big South African

population in San Diego. Maybe

that's why. Melbourne seemed like -

we had a couple of friends here. we had a couple of friends here. It

was quite similar, I was only sort

of 14 when I moved over, so I was

still fairly, just up in the still fairly, just up in the air

about everything. To me it was about everything. To me it was very

similar. Was it triggered by an

incident? I was in Africa in 1994,

before the elections, and right

before the elections and it was before the elections and it was an uncomfortable place to be,

particularly in Johannesburg. As a

kid, I guess your parents kind of

shelter you from that. Of course, there were definitely stories that

we'd hear on the news, quite, every

day you'd hear these terrible

stories. I guess you become, stories. I guess you become, you

know, a bit desensitised to them

and as a kid, you kind of think

it's all just part of it. Part of

life, I guess. Were you aware of a

local music scene there? There's

not very big music scene back in

South Africa? Where did the musical

influences come from? I have no

idea. Only my grandfather who plays

the trumpet but other than that, the trumpet but other than that, I

don't know. You didn't take singing

lessons? I was always sports

orientated because a lot of schools

are big on rugby and rowing and

athletics. Music came in to play

when I moved over. We could say

that the move kind of triggered a

different side of interest that I

had. You arrive in Melbourne, and

suddenly you start getting

interested in music? Yeah, yeah.

Because you're in Melbourne? Even

going to school, even though the school that I went to was Melbourne

High School and it's mainly

classical music but you find so

many musos around. All my friends,

even though they weren't doing it

seriously, they were playing guitar

and drums and some of my friends,

I'd go and watch them play at pubs

and their gigs, it and their gigs, it really

interested me. I read an

interesting thing because I didn't

realise you were quite the karate,

devotee that you are, and I was

reading something, the discipline

that comes with karate, has helped

you both in Idol and since then to

forge your own career. How so? I

mean, I think it just helps you to

stay kind of focused on what you

want and what you really want and

what you desire in your life. I

guess, I've been doing karate since

I was four years old. So it also

teaches you to kind of respect

everyone in your life at that point,

whether it's the cleaner of the

studio or whatever. Just to kind studio or whatever. Just to kind of

live your life in a good kind of

respectful way, I guess. And you

still, do you train? Is it a still, do you train? Is it a big

part of your life, still? I do. My

dad is quite disappointed because I

can't train as much adI'd like to

but I used to train kind of three

times a week. Now, because I have

the weekends off, I train on

Saturday mornings and every now Saturday mornings and every now and

again on a Monday and a Wednesday.

I still train as much as I can, but

not as much adlike to. I'd like to

compete as well. I used to but I

don't anymore. That's actually not

so bright if you've got a job on

the telly or entertaining? Yeah.

I've had a few incidents where,

even on a normal class I've been

hit in the face and my lip has

swollen up. And I'm like going swollen up. And I'm like going to

the studio the next day and

straight to hair and

eluded to the fact you've joined

the cast of 'Neighbours' now? Let's

take a look at you, you're about take a look at you, you're about to

appear tonight. Let's look at the

scene. It's flattering and

everything and I'm sure you're used

to girls throwing themselves at you.

I'm not like that, OK. Rochelle,

wasn't it? Rachelle. You seem like

a good friend, but a school friend

of my little cousin's, I don'ts

think so. Sorry if I gave you the

wrong idea. So, Oochelle. --

Rochelle. It's great. I love that

guy. There's no hint of the South

African accent? Do you think? Is

there a determined effort on your

part to drop the South African

accent in 'Neighbours'? You know

what, I find even when I'm talking

now my accents is now my accents is quite watered

down. -- accent is quite

down. Even when I'm on the phone to

one of my parents, it's really

strong. I had a couple of strong. I had a couple of vocal

lessons a few weeks before the show

to kind of be taught the different

tongue positions and the vowels and

all that stuff. To Aussie you up a

bit? Yeah. And I've been here for

eight years. When I'm on set, I try

and get in to character and try and get in to character and try not

to speak in my own accent. What

weren't you prepared for when you

took on the job? Did anything kind

of hit you? No. The hours? No, the

hours, a lot of people, I hear in

interviews complaining about the

hours, but maybe not for me it's

not that bad, the first

weeks was really easy, like twice a

week. And then there was a week. And then there was a period

where I was doing two or three

weeks every day from like 7 till

about 7. That was long hours, about 7. That was long hours, but

it's enjoyable. I'd rather be doing

that than anything else. Why the

leap in to acting because leap in to acting because you're

actually very good? Thank you.

You've only seen one scene. You're obviously very comfortable in front

of a campruand it really shows

through? I think, I don't know, the

opportunities to be on 'Neighbours'

is huge. Every knows that. It opens

up so many doors. I poke to so many

people getting advice. When they

offered the contract to me, so many

things were running through my things were running through my mind

and I wasn't sure if it was the

right thing for me at first. But I

spoke to the Australian Idol judges

after the show and they said I'm

mad if I don't do the show. It's

the opportunity. What were your

reservations? I just thought reservations? I just thought that

people might think that I'm selling

out my music to try another avenue.

But I'm not at all, because I'm

actually doing, as we speak,

actually doing, as we speak, I'm

wrietding another album. It's just

-- writing another album. It's

opportunity of a lifetime. In the

entertainment industry you have

entertainment industry you have to

be versatile. You can't only do one

thing. You have to do lots of different things.

to try acting. It is interesting,

because the two have never sat

comfortably together for some

reason. I've never understood

But they don't seem to. You get to

a point where you go in one

direction? Or you end up in musical

theatre. Do you know which way you

would tend to go if you had to make

that option? Yeah, I hate to say it,

but, look, I'm enjoying the acting

but ultimately music is my but ultimately music is my passion. And, yeah, that's what I'm And, yeah, that's what I'm going to

be doing in the end. Music would

far surpass that. Are we likely to

see a little guest see a little guest performance

perhaps from the Veronicas perhaps from the Veronicas while

you're on the show? You've got a

3-year contract. There's three

years to talk them in to it? Maybe,

yeah. There you go. Nice scoop on

our show. Lovely to meet you. our show. Lovely to meet you. And

remind people that you're on your

first appearance on the

'Neighbours' program is on 'Neighbours' program is on tonight.

Yeah, thank you. Look out. Cheers.

We'll be back right after this.

Despite repeated warnings from surf

lifesavers about the dangers of lifesavers about the dangers of our unpredictsable coastline, unpredictsable coastline, seven

people drowned in the surf people drowned in the surf over the

Easter break, bringing the national

drowning toll to 65. They're either international visitors international visitors or young men

under the influence of drugs or

alcohol, in a number of instances.

Peter Agnew joins us to discuss the

taifpgers yet again of the --

dangers yet again of this. Good

morning. Has this become unfortunately a common occurrence

or are you stunned by this? We're

always staggered when we do always staggered when we do see

drowning numbers and it's a real

shame in a country like Australia

we still have people drowning we still have people drowning on

our beaches. And particularly over

the Easter period, we've had a real

spike. A number of our black spots

that we've identified have had

particularly tragic drownings over

the Easter period. And, as you say,

international tourists and students

rate highly in those drowning

numbers. You mentioned black spots,

where are they? We've got a number

of black spots around the country.

The Gold Coast is a particular The Gold Coast is a particular one.

Particularly early mornings Particularly early mornings when

people come out of clubs. Swimming

in the nights time and early

morning when there are no patrols

on is a ridiculous prospect. That's

a problem for us and I know the

lifesavers have been doing a great

job to start patrols at 5am but

people are still drowning. We have

northern part of NSW. We've had an overrepresentation of drownings.

Down in Victoria, the Surf Coast,

all -l the way over to all -l the way over to Western

Australia, where Margaret River

causes a problem for us with

drowning numbers. To what extent

does alcohol play a part?

Anecdoteally, alcohol is a

represented in the drowning numbers.

It's always hard to get very clear

figures on the amount of alcohol

drownings that we have around the country. But our country. But our lifesavorers and

lifeguards on the beach tell lifeguards on the beach tell us,

particularly -- savers and

lifeguards on the beach tell us

that alcohol is involved in a lot

of situations. Males also form a large part in

incident rate as well. We have 84%

of our drowning deaths around the

country being males. And alcohol

usually has particular role to play

in those early mornings on the Gold

Coast. The number of males -

Surely bravado comes in to this Surely bravado comes in to this as

well. They overrate their swimming

skill? Yeah, very much so,

And it's the risk-taking behaviour.

Alcohol is a real concern when

you're actually around the water.

You lose, you have impaired

judgment and become disorientated

whether you dive in the cold water.

Your balance is affected. Alcohol

is a real concern around the water.

The advice is certainly if you're

drinking, don'ts go

because it's a real issue. What

about foreign tourists? I know they're overrepresented as well in

the figures? 14% of our drownings nationally each year are

international tourists and we saw

over the Easter period, two

international tourists and international tourists and two

foreign students drown over the

Easter period, which again is Easter period, which again is a

real travesty. We have people

coming from other countries where

the sea and water conditions are

fairly benign and when they get to

Australia they're enticed to the

beach, the great atmosphere we

offer through our tourist resorts

and often they end in tragedy. We

were talking about 'Bondi Rescue'

and there was a classic situation

where three girls nearly drowned, where three girls nearly drowned, a

young Korean family. I saw a young Korean family. I saw a small

family at Bondi swimming at the

other end of the beach in front of

a no swimming sign and the girl

must have been 4 or 5 years of

The parents weren't watching and

you could watch the pathway as this

little girl was grabbed from the

sand bank by a rip and taken out to

sea. To watch those sort of

incidents is heart-breaking,

particularly when you see particularly when you see the

parents leting young children go in

to a no swimming area. They're

quite some distance from the flags

and so forth. We have great surf

clubs down there on Bondi Beach,

200 years of patrolling but nothing

can account for that sort of

stupidity. In terms of conditions

at the sea and beach, are rips at the sea and beach, are rips the

major concern? Yeah, David, rips

are a major concern. And for

swimming and wading drownings,

which is the majority of drownings,

rips are the predominant cause of

those. Rips are sneaky little

things. They can be benign to the

naked eye if you're untrained to

spot them. They're usually spot them. They're usually between

two sand banks. The water is a two sand banks. The water is a bit

calmer. People are unsuspecting and

think it's a nice place to swim

between the waves on the sand banks

and they can take you out and end

in dire consequences. Of course, we

recommend if you are stuck in a rip,

not to panic, that's usually the

leading cause of when someone gets

in to trouble. Panic sets in and

that can be a cause of drowning.

And to stick up your hand and wait

for assistance. Let the rip take

you pout and if possible swim 45

cangrys to the rip across to the

sand bank. Surf Life Saving Australia must be Australia must be utterly frustrated when you see these

figures. What can you do? How can

you alert people to the dangers of

the beach if they're still not

getting it after the great work you

do? There's a lot of great work

that doesn't happen around the

country. We have fantastic

education programs that go in to

our schools and through our

community. We have a number of supportive tourism supportive tourism organisations

that help Surf Life Saving

Australia but we have people who

disregard the danger and like to

take a bit of risk. Our message to

them is when you're going to the

beach, make sure you find a patrol

beach, swim between the

if you need advice,

assistance from a lifesavour. assistance from a lifesavour. There

are signs in -- lifesavour. are signs in -- lifesavour. There

are signs -- saver. There are so

many signs to tell people newt do

this. What more can you do? There's

a number of areas and it comes back

to tourist operators and resorts as

well. There's a chain of five

stages a tourist goes through when

they arrive in the country. We

entice them with the fantastic

beaches and the great atmosphere.

When they're on the flight When they're on the flight in to

Australia, we hope they get some

safety messages there. That's a

good idea. An opportunity at

hotel. When they get there, we need

tourism operators to take some

responsibility and, as you

mentioned, when they get to the

beach, we hope there's signs there

in a language they can understand

and they don'ts just actually walk

past them and are ignorant of the

danger. We rely so heavily on

volunteers, don't we? We do. We

have about 34,000 volunteers around

the country in Surf Life the country in Surf Life Saving

Australia. They do a fantastic job

every weekends and on public

holidays. We've got about 600

lifeguards that patrol during the

week around the country. They're on

the beaches and around different

resort locations. But also we've

got our support services, our jetd

skis, helicopters and a whole skis, helicopters and a whole fleet of arsenal. When something does

happen, we want to make sure

whatever it takes for us to get

there, we'll boo there. If we can't

actually see you, we kaepbtsdz

actually save you. It's important

people do remember out of 11,000

beaches, we have around 400 of

those patrolicide and they look out

for the patrolled beaches and go to

the flags. It's extraordinary to

highlight the work that the

volunteers do further, you

mentioned the dawn patrol. I had no

idea there was a dawn patrol. The

fact you've got one and thatacy

necessary is extraordinary?

necessary is extraordinary? Very

much so, David. We're get agbit

smarter with our patrolling methods.

We realise Australia has a big

coastline. We're trying to

coastline. We're trying to get camera surveillance technology in

areas we don't have lifesavers and

lifeguards. We're trying to get

smarter with our jet skis and

off-shore rescue boats and right

through to using technology to through to using technology to help

us predict where the trouble spots

will be. While we have non-infint resources to be able to control the

coastline, we still need to use

smarter technologies to get in to

those black spots and areas that

cause us concern. If I've been down

to the beach with my buddy and he

jumps in the water and is jumps in the water and is in

trouble, should Jump in to try to

save him, we see that happen a

We had four people drown last year

while affecting a rescue of someone else. That's the situation you've

mentioned, where they've gone in

and tried to rescue someone who's

in trouble themselves. Probably the

best thing to do is assess your own

safety before you actually go in

and try to help someone. If think it's reasonable think it's reasonable and you're

able to help, remembering as able to help, remembering as soon

as you get to someone who is

drowning, they're going to grab

hold of you pretty quick and pull

you under as well. If you think you

can help, take a precaution to try

to do that. If in

thing to do is call for assistance.

Let's talk about the fact that

we're on our way through autumn

we're on our way through autumn now

in to winter. The patrols wind down

during that stage too, but often we

see winter surf and winter beach

conditions deteriorate further?

Yeah, very much so. The temperature

drops as well and we get less

frequency of people visiting the

beach. But, of course, it is an

area where we have lifeguards that

go right throughout the winter

season as well. So, again, it's

probably a bit more tricky to probably a bit more tricky to try

and find a patrol beach during

winter but there are a winter but there are a number of

lifeguard services that are out. If

in doubt and think you can't find in doubt and think you can't find a patrolled beach, you're looking for

an area that's benign in the way of

surf conditions, try and go to

those areas that are more sheltered,

maybe have a few people that are

able to watch ayou while you're in

the water. When in doubt, try and

find one of those patrolled

Have a look at the website and that

will give you information on where

to swim. Some of the safety tips

around swimming and some of the

beaches that are open. We beaches that are open. We haven't

even talked about the stingers up

north, another threat for tourists?

Yeah, very much so. While we have

limited deaths in the way limited deaths in the way of stingers, we have ferocious creatures in Australia, particularly in the tropical particularly in the tropical north of Australia. We've got box

jellyfish and marine stingers that

leave a nasty sting on you and can

be fatal in some instances. We've

had two incidents of deaths,

largely in remote communities largely in remote communities in

northern Queensland. We're very lucky, we have great

measures in North Queensland,

Darwin and the top of Darwin and the top of Western

Australia in the way of stinger

nets, drags and the great work the

lifesavers do in that area as well

for prevention of stingers. Great

work you guys do. Fantastic. Thank

you so much for your time this

morning and good luck to you.

Thanks, David. Take a slice of

wagyu, a dollop of ponzu , if that

doesn't confuse you, turn off the

lights. Adam D'Sylva will inspire us to cook while saving the plan


EVOCATIVE MUSIC One of the great things about country NSW is the huge diversity it offers, from down south in the Murray to up north on the Queensland border. When I jump in the car and I'm heading out of town, out of the city, it's just like the weight on my shoulders...

I just start to relax. The colours start to change from the grey of the city to the colours of the countryside. Even when I see the browns and the dry ground, then there comes the lush spots where it's really nice and green and they've had a drop of rain, and the colours just amaze me. I have trouble keeping my eyes on the road 'cause I'm always looking elsewhere to see, "Wow, look at... There's Singleton, or up at Tenterfield "or out Mudgee." So I'm always trying to catch as much as I can of what's around me.

Yeah, get off the beaten track, take one of those dirt roads and you'll just find one of those little hidden places,

those towns, those sleepy towns that are just amazing.

Then you might hit one of the bigger towns

like Tamworth, Mudgee or Wagga, and they've just got absolutely everything there. I love it when I'm hitting a town and it's just on sundown. I'm just really getting that whole relaxed, lazy vibe and settling back for the night, a nice quiet one, and so then the lights just start to sparkle and I feel like I'm coming alive. There's so much to see, discovering new places, meeting the locals - it's just an amazing time. Look, there's a real authenticity about going out into the country. The people are real, and that's what's so special. People that come out and visit just end up having the best time. West of the Great Divide from the Murray River north to the border, the heart of country NSW. There's no place like it. For your free holiday planner, call: Or go to: So from the quarterly figures we see that... SONG: # The more I see you... # VOICEOVER: If you've only got one thing on your mind after breakfast, you should try delicious new Special K Advantage. A diet high in fibre or protein helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. New Special K Advantage is specifically developed to be high in both.

SONG: # ..I become more mad about you... # New Special K Advantage - try it and see if you feel fuller for longer.

If you find cooking a challenge at

times, imagine doing it in the

dark? Good morning, Adam.

Hour this Saturday, 8PM until 9PM.

Switch everything off. Lights and

DVDs. Cycle to work. What about

your computers? Could that be your computers? Could that be a

problem if you switch them off at

the power point? You shut down

first. Save everything first. I've

been talking to a lot of people,

everyone I can get interested

this, I'm telling them to do this

on Saturday night but to a man they

all say to me, "What am I going to

do then? You can come to Pearl and

have a candle-lit dinner. How are

you going to cope? We're going to

have the dining room and kitchen

lit with candles and keep

operating as normal and try and use

what we have as - Efficiently as

possible. When someone says possible. When someone says I'd

like the wagyu well done? The dish

I'm doing today is going to be

I'm doing today is going to be on

the menu on Saturday night and

requires very little energy at all.

I'm just going to sear it. Can I'm just going to sear it. Can we

get pure bred wagyu in Australia?

You can. I thought it had to be

some kind of century's old

bloodline from Japan? They bring

the seed over. This is a breed of

wagyu which is grown here in

Australia. I'm going to seal Australia. I'm going to seal this

first because this is the only real

energy. Even soft like that. It's

beautiful. Basically, you're going

to heat this up. You can see the

marbling throughout. Yeah. That's

of course what is - That's the

special thing about wagyu. This is

graded 9. You have 1 to 12. This is

9. This is a top one? What's the

difference? More marbling, more fat,

omega 3 fats. All the good stuff.

Just going to quickly seal Just going to quickly seal this.

What I'm making with this today What I'm making with this today is

a beautiful shis shis red radish salad. -- shiso

red radish salad.

Shear shoots. You said it's Shear shoots. You said it's organic.

Why does organic help the planet?

There's there's no chemicals going

in to the soil. You're not

producing or making chemicals. Why

is local important to the planet?

It reduces food miles. It reduces food miles. Having

trucks to transport it all. Reducing all the Reducing all the emissions.

Basically I'm going to seal this.

Get a bit of caramelisation on it.

You're just rolling it. You

wouldn't want to cook this much.

You go to restaurants and they have

chargrilled on 200 grams. That's

what I had in Sydney. It was very

nice. $4 it was. We're not going to

charge that much. I wanted to talk to you about the restaurant. You

said there would be canles

everywhere. I didn't realise the

difference in candles? You're going

to have to use beeswax candles,

because they're healthier for the environment. These are beautiful

ones here, which are made by a

lovely guy, Roy, who is passionate

about his bees wax. He had me there

for an hour. When he goes to buy

the bees wax, the guy got

interviewed for 45 minutes about

what he's going to do with it. I

love that. There's a place called

Wax Bar. There's a variety of

candles. Once you sear this beef -

That's it. Within the restaurant,

you're cooking, you're serving. To

me that obviously means that you're

expending a fair amount

and use agfair amount of

electricity. How can you cut electricity. How can you cut down

on the amount of energy you use?

When you leave a toilet or the

storeroom, you turn the lights off

and your appliances. A huge amounts

of energy from the dishwasher going

18 hours a day. There's always

lightss on. The amount of waste we

are producing. It's about being

more conscious of it and more diligent about what you're

Not just in the restaurants but at

home. The old age thing where they

leave the light on to keep the

burglars away. Or have it on a

sensor. More for presentationwise.

In restaurants we always cook for

presentation. People come to eat

with their eyes. You're shaping

that? Yes, and we'll slice it later.

There's a ponzu dressing we need to

make. Jewsing, David is alright

with. -- juicing, David is alright

with. A bit of a rub. Loosens them

up a bit and makes them more juicy.

I nuke them. That's wasting I nuke them. That's wasting energy,

isn't it? You keep them at rooch

temperature, so you're not using

the refrigerator to cool them or

anything. You're going to get anything. You're going to get more

juice at room temperature. That's

very good. If you're going to juice

your orange juice in the morning,

put some ice in there. Good idea.

I'm detoxing at the moment, so I

have to have a lemon drink in the

morning. That's beautiful. It's

really refreshing. Put a bit of

ginger in there.. It's enough to do

that at 6 o'clock in the morning

and down it. I'm going to get you

to start making the salad. You have

to trim these beautiful shoots.

Will they regrow again? They will.

Just water them. Water them again.

What's the purple one? That's a red

radish. A bit of dirt in that one.

Juicing is not easy. That's why you

get one of those electric things.

Just don'ts tell the neighbours.

Again, energy. I remember, not even

that long ago, that the great boast

at a big function, that beef was

flown in from wherever. That was

seen as the big bonus but people

look down on it. It's ridiculous

and unnecessary. If you're and unnecessary. If you're eating

local, you're eating seasonal.

Exactly. In your own backyard a bit

more. And also support our local

producers as well. Keeping producers as well. Keeping the

money inside Australia, rather than

taking it outside. Stkpwhrt am I

separating these -- Am I separating

these too? Yes. Can you grow those

at home? You can get nice little

trays of top soil and put them trays of top soil and put them in.

She grows them in a hot house. If you have somewhere that's quite

warm and gets a bit of sun and not

too much. They're delicious. You

can make good salads as well. What

I'm doing is making this ginger

juice. Not more juicing. If you

wants to make your ginger juice

with your lemon in the morning. Wow,

they've got a nice bit of heat in

them, haven't they? Squeeze the

ginger like that and you have this

beautiful ginger juice. And you can

make nice dressings out of this.

Use the vegetable oil. A

non-flavoursome one. Put on a bit

of soy sauce. You wouldn't want to

put too much pepper on your beef.

Really clean. Some people when they

do their beef, they marinate the

beef. But I like keeping beef. But I like keeping it really

clean and cleansing. So you can

taste the beef and the different

components of it. So it all works

really well. My kids are mad for

the beef. They're mad for it.

Tastes have changed. They're

exposed to more things now. We

wouldn't have been eating dim sims

at that age. I remember a big night

out was the sweet and sour pork.

That was a big night out in my

family. That's where I got my

tastes. We never went out. tastes. We never went out. Never.

We didn't go out as well. Mum's

itailian and my father is Indian.

There was always a bowl of curry

and rice and pasta. It was really

good. My mum made really good. My mum made really good

curries. With your knowledge of

curries and your love of Italian

food, how did you end up with food, how did you end up with an

Asian interest? I fell in love with

the Japanese cuisine. I was always

cooking Italian and came across it

and thought it's such a and thought it's such a beautiful

clean combination. Yeah. There are

your juices. Beautiful. What is

this again? This is a dicon. It's a

white radish. A radish. Can I taste

that? That's going to give also

some body to it as well. I'm going

to put that in some water. Yum.

Much milder taste. Theal ones are

quite hot. We have this beautiful

Japanese soy. Organic. This is

great for the celiacs at home. It's

nighter than your normal soy. Not

as thick or glugy. Less salty as

well. You have all these celiacs,

these days. This is really good.

It's good you know about it. Many

restaurant don't even cater for it.

We just measure some of the soy out.

Some white vinegar. Can I just

taste that? It's good. Soy sauce.

bit of lemon juice. This is the

citrus component of the dressing citrus component of the dressing.

So simple, isn't it? All about

ratios with Japanese cuisine. They

use all the same ingreed ypbtsz but

it's getting those proportions --

ingredients but it's getting those

proportions right. You usually see

chefs tip but this is quite

specific. If you wanted a bit more

acidic and you do it that way.

Brown sugar? Yeah. Whisk that until

it dissolves. We should plate this

up because we're running out of

time. And we have red onion which

I've sliced here. The reason I

soaked that in water is to get rid

of the pungent taste, and the smell

of the onion. I wanted it there for

contrast as well. Beautiful. Got

this, something I prepared earlier.

Slice it in the plastic? Keeps it

nice and round. Keep it very thin?

Exactly. Such a beautiful piece.

There's no issue with it being raw?

Not at all. Being a primary cut

like this. What's the difference between beefs?

This is a Japanese version. There

is an itailian version as well.

It's a slightly different sauce,

isn't it? They put a mayonnaise or

something on it. Sorry something on it. Sorry about

dirtying your plate before. That's

OK. I'll work with it. You make a

little salad. Put this on top to

garnish. This really, this is

really peaked my -- pique ed really peaked my -- pique ed my

interest. Give it a shake. That

looks fantastic. It looks fantastic. It does. Nice

onion rings on top. Just to make it

look really pretty? It's all about

making things pretty. Do you ever

want it to be thrown on to a plate,

can't be bothered? No. You can't do

that. We come to work sometimes

with a less than with a less than enthusiastic attitude? No. What's the

overwhelming negative overwhelming negative response

there. And beautiful baby shiso

leaves. What's that? A Japanese

herb. The sesame on top? Look at

that. Sauce as well. I put this on

the last minute because it's so

acidic, it will cook the meat a bit.

Sure. Makes sense. I think that's

marvellous. If you'd like Adam's

wesomy for wagyu beef, you can down

-- recipe for wagyu beef, you can

download everything. We're going to

try and make it the whole night.

Not just the hour. It's more Not just the hour. It's more a

symbolic movement to reducing your

energy and making yourself more

aware about what you can do and

help save the planet. You might

come distracted doing something

else. If you can't think of things

to do, wander down to to do, wander down to Pearl

restaurant. We'll be back after

this. A life long love of art is

one of the greatest gifts an one of the greatest gifts an adult

can bestow on a child and being

creative is good for the soul at

any age. I'm talking to Kate about

how we can use our home computer to

develop the creative process in our

children and nurture it in

ourselves. The My Creative computer

series gives your family to -- the

opportunity to bringout our

creative side. It can do everything.

It sounds like I'd have just as

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can create an endless range of

projects and there's so many things

you can do. Like mouse mats. DVD

covers, even T shirt designs. There

are lots of card projects to choose

from. These photo cubes are my

favourite way to display the family

photos. I even made my own wrapping

paper which was much cheaper and

more fun. I think all of these

projects make great gifts for your

family and friends and better than

something you'd buy in the shops.

That's so true, I hadn't That's so true, I hadn't thought

about using my PC to be caetdive? I

don't think you're the only one.

Most of us have a PC at home and

you probably use it for checking

emails or surfing the Internet.

Save a bit of money and get

creative. Can you give us an

example? Let me show you how to

design a personalised card. I use

this when the kids are off to

parties, or late at night, if I

need a card, this is perfect.

Choose your project. You can simply

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your project. You might insert a

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colour, type in the greeting,

create the layout and finally, you

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minutes you've created a really

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T-shirt designs as well? People get

so impressed when I show them this

project and it's so easy. You can

pick your own fashion designer. You

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print your design on to special

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age pbtd and iron it on to your

T-shirt. You just need the card,

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only took me 20 minutes to design

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series delivered direct to your

door today. Thank you. We'll bring

you the latest news headlines

shortly. Having jumped the fence

and fallen for a patch of sugar

snaps, David Kirkpatrick will

inspire a lust for legumes after this.

The pea and the sugar snap, items

when fed to you as a child, usually

meant you did something wrong. When

daintily arranged in a garden row,

they seem more appealing. You

missed the most feared -

sprouts. David Kirkpatrick is able

to give the grubbiest plant a

reason for being. Good morning.

Good morning. You're probably

wondering if there's anything

unusual on my head. No. You're

correct. Can you guys hear the

sound of the rain? Isn't that

magnificent? Like the tom tom of

love on the roof. I hope it love on the roof. I hope it goes

for a month. I'd be very happy if

it did. We should explain to the

rest of the country, it seems like

years since we've had rain in

Melbourne? I've been living in

Melbourne for nearly 2.5 years Melbourne for nearly 2.5 years and

I think it's rained about five

times. If this keeps on going we'll

be very happy. And will help grow

things like legumes, which is what

we're here to talk about. I thought

you needed brilliant sunlight for

legumes? They're a warm season

plant. And they're grown all over

the world. The vikings stomped

through Europe on this. A little

vitamin pill. It's filled with

protein, folic acid, vitamin Bs,

minerals. It's a slow release

vitamin pill, all packed in to that.

No wonder they stomped all over

Europe. Does it send you sort of

mad, why else would you wear the

hat? The only thing is in some of

the Mediterranean countries, the Mediterranean countries, very

occasionally you can get anaemia

from it and there's a type of

anaemia that you can get. But it's

pretty unusual. Generally speaking,

legumes, which is like here,

Adriana was talking about these,

when we're talking about Middle

Eastern countries. Who was Eastern countries. Who was talking

about it? Arianne. Adriana. We

should introduce the two of you

some time. These are legumes.

You've got these. You've got peas.

The wasabis which are delicious

from Japan. And then you have the

big question about peas. Do you eat

peas like this or do you eat peas

like this? Or avoid them

altogether? Make sure you have

mashed potatoes so you can squash

them on. The English had peas and

mashed them up and had them with

their fish and chips which is very

attractive looking. Why are we here,

David? What are we doing today?

We're talking about legumes. These

peas were grown in my garden 12

months ago and I've had them in the

fridge for a year and they're as

fresh as the day they were picked.

Fridge or freezer? My freezer's at

home. Your freezer or your fridge?

My frezer. They won't last for --

freezer. They last indefinitely.

There are beans there. I've had

those for a year. So the great

thing about any of the legumeicise

that you can dry them, you can

freeze them. They're absolutely

prolific growers. You'll gate

harvest, from putting the seed in

to when you can pick them, about to when you can pick them, about 12

weeks and they'll just grow and

grow and grow. So you can grow them

pretty well anywhere in the

They'd like a fairly warm-type

climate. So the end of summer is

really good. Right in the middle of

sumser not so good. This time sumser not so good. This time of

year you can grow them right from

Queensland. Tasmania is starting a

get a little bit cold but certainly

in Victoria. Full sun? Full sun is

the ideal position. Absolutely.

Don't they climb? They do climb.

That's the great thing about any of

these sorts of legumes here srbs

that what happens with peas and

beans, climbing means they can be

space savers in the garden. You

talk about activities for children

in the garden and we talked about

sweet peas, we have a bit of Easter

holiday left so it's a good

opportunity to grow peas and beans

in the garden. If we're growing

peas and beans, you can grow them

as seedlings like this which you

can collect from the nursery and

you can see the tendrils starting

to form there. What will happen is

they'll be the gripping mechanisms

on to the trellis. If you're

growing them like this, what we'd

want to do is soak these in water

for about 24 hours. What happens,

that allows the casing to swell. It

really allows the little shoot to

sneak out of there. That's really

hard. And if it's softened up by

being in water for about 12 hours,

that makes it easier. Nature has that makes it easier. Nature has a

way of weaning out the runts in the

litter. If I was to buy a packet of

seedlings, this little fellow here,

there's no time to be sent wantal

about it. You just pull it out. You

have to be brutal. Ones like this

and say, "Off you go." and then

you're left with these ones here.

It's about as being as brutal as

nature. Now, remember, what you're

going to be doing here, remember

jaet Jack and the Beanstalk'? He

didn't soak them for 12 hours. What

happened was he was, this little

thing here actually contains the

soul of the dead, unbelievable as

it may sound, the soul of the dead

is stored in this little bean. Did

you have a late night? What makes

you think that? He's been drinking.

What happens is with the bean,

historically they're reaching up

towards heaven to marry with heaven

and release the soul of the dead.

You do look kind of devilish there,

standing in that thing. We're

getting carried away here. No. I am

a little bit. So I plant them about

two centimetres apart. That's all.

I just push them around. That's not

two centimetres. 10 centimetres.

This is my make-believe trellis.

When I say make-believe, peas or

beans, - I know this is a planting

box here, if I was to shove that in

the ground like that, what would

happen is the peas would climb all

up the branch. So you don't

necessarily need to have a fancy

trelish mechanism, you can

shove a -- trellis mechanism, you

can just shove a branch in there.

They'll find their way through it.

There's only a couple of things

you've got to watch out for, peas

and beans. Once you've weaned the

runts out of the litter and planted

them all there, all I need to do is

water them and try and avoid too

much fertiliser, because, here I've

got here, this is pea straw, this

is like green compost or green

fertiliser. Peas and beans legumes

tend to create nitrogen in the soil.

They're self-feeding in a way. They're self-feeding in a way. All

you do is water them. What you're

saying is you don't need a

fertiliser that contains nitrogen?

Too much fertiliser, too much water

is one of the killers of beans.

Talking about water, before we go,

I'm doing lectures in Melbourne I'm doing lectures in Melbourne at

the moment and one of the questions

I'm getting is about grey water.

And one of the things I really

wanted to get in this week for

anybody, listen up here, anybody

who's buying a new home and putting

down a concrete slab, it should be

illegal not to have all the illegal not to have all the grey

water come out of the slab first

because most of the time the

water goes through the slab in to

the sewer which means you can never

collect all that grey water. If

you're build Agnew home, don't ask

the builder, order the builder to

have the grey water system come out

of the slab before it goes in the

sewer, so you can access the water,

because a normal family home will

go through about 1,000 litres of

grey water a week. And if you're

putting in one of those putting in one of those ridiculous

tanks that are illegal too, 2,000

letesers enough, but if you have

access to that grey water, 1,000

litres a week which you can put on

to your garden which you wouldn't

be able to do if the water is

trapped underneath the concrete slab. It's particularly clear

coming from a viking. I can't

actually hear, we're get aglot actually hear, we're get aglot of

lightning. Can you hear me, David?

I've got you back again. Earths

Hour, Saturday night, from 8 till

9pm. what are you going to do? Are

you concerned that all of your

century's old beans that are in

your freezer are going to go bad

because you'll turn the fridge off?

I'm thinking about getting I'm thinking about getting a

treadle gen rairtd and getting one

of my children to treadle --

generator and getting one of my

children to treadle. We were

talking about this that you should

be able to hook up your running

machine to power your house? Have

an exercise generator. There's all

sorts of ways of doing it. Or a

treadmill. One of those running

machines where you run and watch

the TV. Hi to all of you whether

are running and watching us. Can

you grow them in pots successfully?

Yes. Beans and peas love good

drainage. Overwater and overfertiliser is one of the

killers. If you're on a vereneda or

a balcony - on a verandah would be

great. It would be like the hanging gardens of Babylon


Can you combo them? Yes. Even

though it's a legume, you don't eat

the beans as such, you just eat the

whole lot like that, so there are

combinations. There's nothing to

stop you having a vine growing

across a balcony with all of those

hanging on it. It will look

beautiful. You'd get about four

months of value looking at it and

you'd eat it. Harvest it and

harvest it and they keep on growing.

Fantastic. Thank you so much for

that, viking. My pleasure. Goodbye.

Thank you. We'll be back after this. Car insurance doesn't have to be highway robbery so Faye joins us to drive a hard bargain. Hi. Hey. Being such a competitive market, the insurance business, I would think it's good idea to examine your car insurance now and again to determine whether you're getting the best deal. Absolutely - car insurance is one of those things. but paying the annual premium can be a bit of a struggle. You'll be glad you had it if you needed it to make a claim, but it's just another expense, That's why Budget Direct offers quality and competitive car insurance which can actually save you money.

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