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(generated from captions) and he belittled you. And then Dad came home anything that you did. He didn't appreciate with his daughters, with his girls. He wanted things to be the same way We're your girls. But we're not his girls. to you, how that would make you feel. And I could see what that would do And maybe you would just snap. Look, it's okay. listening to yourself here? Hey, hey, hey, are you No. Please, Storm, tell me. Enough. Please. I will understand. and set our dad up? Did you shoot Stephanie Answer me. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. death, his wife critically wounded - Tonight, a Sydney man stabbed to in school uniform. their son arrested leaving the scene Kicked out of home - as their landlords go broke. Sydney tenants evicted lock it up and leave. We had to empty out the premises, And local security under review target the Olympic torch. after Tibetan protesters and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight, Sydney petrol stations premium fuel. they've been withholding And our new Olympian - celebrates her stunning form. Emily Seebohm But first this evening, the Sydney teenager of his father after the stabbing murder of his mother. and the critical wounding

as he tried to flee the family home. The boy was carrying his school bag a family ripped apart - In a normally quiet cul-de-sac, his wife fighting for life. a father dead, by their 16-year-old son. Police will allege they were stabbed for such a beautiful family. Just such a shock

you've been to their dinner table You've shared beers, and I think everyone's shocked. through the door faced a grim scene. The first police officers

amount of blood in the premises, A male person deceased, a fair

in the premises, and the lady needing immediate care so a pretty horrific crime scene. was attacked first. It appears the 57-year-old father pleading for help. His 50-year-old wife called 000, and neck, unable to speak. she too was bleeding from the stomach

a long and terrifying scream One neighbour says she heard the first attack occurred. around the time with a large kitchen knife. Both victims were stabbed repeatedly in his front yard. Police arrested the teenager and was carrying his backpack. He was dressed in his school uniform towards police He was being aggressive police and conveyed to the station. and was physically restrained by Nothing ever happens like that. It's absolutely shocking. surgery and is listed as critical. The woman has undergone emergency the teenager's computer and diary, Police are looking through for the attack. as they try to establish a motive Daniel Sutton, Ten News.

The we have just heard from police

the teenager has been charged with

murder and attempted murder and has

been remanded without bail before

court appearance tomorrow.

has hit a new low. Sydney's housing crisis

Evictions are skyrocketing and sheriffs say their homes repossessed has tripled. the number of people having The sign of tough times. it's taken possession, The bank's message is blunt - the locks changed. the occupants evicted,

in this complex All except one of the townhouses were owned by the same person until the bank foreclosed. were renting, Peter Trad and wife Diana just after Christmas. but received an eviction letter to comply with the letter We had seven days the premises, lock it up and leave. and we had to empty out with the help of their agent. They only managed to get an extension

to find anywhere to live It was virtually impossible and, if we didn't have family, we would have been out on the street.

the heartbreaking story well. Alan Daizli knows As a Bankstown sheriff, have the toughest of jobs. he and his colleagues a week. They used to evict five people Now it's three a day. have arrived at people's premises We've had circumstances where we

and they're still there. no money to go anywhere, They've got nowhere to go,

not even any means of transport. recorded across Sydney last year, Almost 4,000 repossessions were affecting virtually every suburb. Worst-hit, the west and south-west - by a significant margin, Blacktown topping the list Merrylands, Auburn and Bankstown. followed by Guildford, Fairfield, This year is guaranteed to be worse. for home-owners and tenants, As difficult as this issue is

much further. the crisis actually goes are now also being evicted, An increasing number of businesses losing their livelihoods, is in financial trouble. and all because the building owner

for their children. because they guaranteed loans on the street and forget about them. We don't just put people out

We've got feelings. We don't work that way. by helping them out, We do provide another service in the right direction. steering them

But there's not much more we can do. that's it - it's the last straw. Once we've got that court order, the last door he'll knock on. But not, sadly, Eddy Meyer, Ten News. to find a rental property now, And if you think it's hard going to get worse - much worse. the experts say it's only Tomorrow night, you want to live in. the tips to help you secure the place premium unleaded bowsers over Easter Petrol stations which shut down have been cleared of collusion. their tanks had in fact run out. As Ten reporter Josh Murphy explains, Well, all those drivers sceptical in recent weeks who are growing increasingly held back on discounted petrol days that premium unleaded was being by this latest information. may be surprised has done random checks The Department of Fair Trading on 400 Sydney service stations a quarter of those stations and found that switched off. had their premium unleaded tanks But, interestingly, it also found the minimum level that those tanks were at or below required to operate them. for the oil companies and retailers. So, in other words, vindication national advertisements Now, Shell and BP both took out in weekend papers apologising to customers for the supply shortages. Interestingly, the ACCC has also said today that it believes that premium unleaded isn't being held back. Ron and Deb, whether drivers believe this latest information or whether they still remain sceptical remains to be seen. But at this stage and the Department of Fair Trading has found that no collusion is taking place, at least in their survey. Back to you.

Doctors are now fighting a key plan to improve medical standards. might end up exposing more patients to poor care. One was dubbed the Butcher of Bega, the other Dr Death. Both doctors giving the medical profession a bad name for their appalling treatment of patients. The cases prompting the Government to develop a national scheme expected to be signed off on at tomorrow's COAG meeting with State and Territory leaders. We don't want a person who might be deregistered in one State able to sneak through the system in another State. But already the plan is under attack from the powerful doctors' lobby group. We do need to do things better than we have been but the COAG model of national registration

actually may reduce quality and safety for patients. The AMA wants doctors to have the ability to practise interstate but is totally opposed to giving the Federal Government control over who should be allowed to practise. If you have a national registration system, in actual fact there won't be double-checking when doctors cross borders. But just two weeks ago,

the AMA joined nine other health organisations in signing a letter supporting such a scheme. The Nurses' Federation and General Practice Network say the national move is essential to improving patient safety. If you have one system nationally, it's got to be better than having eight separate systems

for each of the nine professions. Kevin Rudd will provide another much-needed health injection at tomorrow's summit - $158 million over five years to clear hospitals of elderly patients taking up acute care beds. The move designed to shift 2,000 elderly patients into more suitable nursing home care. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Pressure is mounting on the State Government to admit legal liability over the 'Butcher of Bega' case. The move would spare victims years of litigation, while acknowledging the Government was negligent in hiring the obstetrician when he was banned. The victims have begun coming forward to document their cases ahead of legal action against the State Government. They were all treated by Dr Graeme Reeves who allegedly mutilated some women during surgery. Other victims claim they were treated inappropriately during examinations. But now lawyers say it's time for the Government to clear legal obstacles and admit liability. The admission of liability is to do with allowing the opportunity to arise

so that Dr Reeves could actually practise in the Bega Valley.

They argue the State Government was clearly at fault by employing Reeves between April 2002 and July 2003 when he had been barred from obstetrics by the Medical Board. Lawyers for the victims want to settle these compensation claims without going through the courts. They believe mediation would reduce the legal costs and the trauma for Dr Reeves's former patients. The Opposition is backing the call for an admission of liability. These women have been through enough. They shouldn't have to suffer further delays from a heartless State Government. The Government says Health Minister Reba Meagher and its lawyers The end of this has got to be a therapeutic outcome and, on the way, all the legal obstacles that would normally be there need to be removed. Lawyers say mediation could see the cases concluded in 18 months, instead of up to five years if the victims are forced to fight the Government in the courts. John Hill, Ten News. There are growing concerns about the Olympic torch's relay run in Canberra. Federal police will meet with Tibet supporters tomorrow to make sure planned protests don't get out of control, like they did in Greece last night. Seen worldwide as a symbol of peace, the sacred Olympic flame has now turned into a moving target. Covered in blood-red paint, pro-Tibet demonstrators threw themselves on the streets of ancient Olympia into the path of the Beijing-bound torch. Earlier, protesters breached a police cordon to run behind the Chinese envoy with a banner showing the five Olympic rings as handcuffs. The footage never made it onto Chinese television - cutting away to calmer, more choreographed parts of the ceremony. The IOC says the protests won't provide momentum for a boycott. The torch is the link between all athletes and citizens of this world.

It has the force to unite humanity and to stand for harmony. But, protesters believe, not at this Olympics. Instead of the world changing China, China is changing the world, dragging it in the direction of oppression. Hundreds are being killed in Tibet right now by the Chinese Government. More protests are likely, with activists all over the world expected to continue targeting the torch route, the longest and most ambitious relay ever planned, and now guarded by the tightest security. Free Tibet! Free Tibet! Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

Sport with Tim Webster, the Olympic dream of swim sensation Emily Seebohm has come true. Yes, and her mother can take a large chunk of the credit. Mum Karen was sent on a mercy dash just half an hour before Emily's race, after the 15-year-old sensation she'd torn a hole in her swimsuit with her fingernails. Team Seebohm celebrates. Emily is off to the Olympics.

You guys must be the proudest parents in Australia tonight. Yeah. Oh, we're feeling pretty good. We'd be pretty close if we weren't. Absolutely. Her ticket to Beijing booked in Commonwealth record time. COMMENTATOR: The 15-year-old has done it. It almost didn't happen. bit of a hole in it. Yeah, I don't think I could race in that. Karen started running back to the team hotel to grab another one. On the way, she tracked down a spare suit, on the pool deck. We got it on in 15 minutes so I was like, "Yeah, record, record in itself!" The nerves calmed, Emily chased her Olympic dream. And coming up first was Seebohm. Her time - less than half a second off the world record. how you live up to that. Like, I don't know anything else that feels the same. It's probably like a little kid going to Dreamworld, but better. Yeah, it's like Dreamworld, plus plus plus. It's another reminder that Emily's still just a kid herself - the baby of the Aussie swim team, churning out adult performances. Kids my age go, "Wow, you're fast!" "Yeah, I am, aren't I?" And I'm like, She's very competitive. I mean, she comes from a family with three brothers so she had to keep up or miss out. This time, that wasn't an option. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Ahead, a blanket finish in the men's 200m freestyle. The Sharks' Ben Ross The Aussie who beat Tiger Woods. And a tearful retirement for boxer Danny Green. The suspect in one of Sydney's most notorious crimes goes to trial - details after the break.

Plus, quick-thinking security guards foil a daring Sydney robbery. And police set up their own YouTube-style site, but uploading your crime pictures could come at a price. These days, it seems you can claim almost anything. But there's one thing that's independently tested. It can't just be bought - it must be earned. The Heart Foundation Tick. Arnott's Tim Tam Crush Toffee Nut. Layers of biscuit, cream, crushed nuts and toffee covered in Tim Tam chocolate. It's one crush that's sure to end in love.

# She's got a crush... # This program is captioned live. Bystanders dived for cover as shots were fired during a daring robbery attempt at the Sydney fish markets this morning. was shot at after collecting shop takings. He was driving off when a 4-wheel drive swerved into his path. Three men left the 4-wheel drive and began to open fire on the retreating security vehicle. The security guard quickly reversed back through the boom gates, foiling the robbery. Police later recovered the torched getaway car in nearby Lilyfield. Explosive claims tonight

against the suspect in one of Sydney's most sickening crimes. He's gone on trial, accused of tying up teenager Lauren Huxley, attacking her with fibro cutters, then dousing her with petrol. The Huxley family arrive at court, looking for justice. In November 2005, daughter Lauren was bashed, bound, doused in fuel

and left for dead in the garage of her family's Northmead home. She was attacked after getting off a bus on her way home from TAFE. Today, Sydney carpenter Robert Black Farmer stood accused of the crime. In the prosecution's opening address, it was alleged he savagely assaulted Lauren with large metal fibro cutters. Lauren was left fighting for her life, with fractures, lacerations, chemical burns, bruising and brain damage so severe she will not be called to give evidence. Lauren's plight touched the hearts of many - friends, family and the community banding together to provide support for her ongoing rehabilitation. The trial is expected to last 12 weeks. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Criminals could soon be caught with a police version of YouTube. then send mobile phone pictures Witnesses are being urged to take, to a special police website. But the system comes with a warning. The long arm of the law is reaching out for your mobile phone and its built-in camera. Police want anyone who witnesses a crime to video it and upload it onto a police website. This is about the future, in taking technology and making it easier for people to come forward with that information of what they observe. But they warn, you get involved at your own risk, and there are no special financial rewards. And it doesn't come cheap. The YouTube-style police website will cost $8 million to set up. Mobile phone footage has already been used as evidence in criminal cases, sometimes shot by bystanders. Other times, perpetrators video their own criminal activity. Police hope footage will help them prosecute everything from minor offences and assaults to terrorism. But legal experts say that if the video evidence is to be useful in a prosecution people will have to be prepared to leave their personal details and even give evidence in court. A picture is worth a thousand words but without a voice it cannot be used in court or, indeed, anywhere else. Civil libertarians warn anonymous footage would be difficult to authenticate, and may even be doctored to frame innocent people. But clearly photographs and films will assist the court in determining exactly what happened without having to rely on memory so much, and that's a good thing. It's not yet known

Evan Batten, Ten News.

We'd also like to see your mobile phone pictures.

Will not waving an umbrella to

prevent sunburn. A little bit of

showery activity move from the West

to the east this afternoon - some

thunderstorms in that too. They

have moved out to sea. Last night -

all that ran came in the catchment

area. The rain story was good old

Dundee dire - 75 mm. You only got

it 53 mm. Tomorrow - feel low

showers are - it will be a

beautiful blue day. Next, facing extinction - the creatures set to become the first casualties of global warming. And a tricky balancing act - the world's tallest man gets on his bike. Just like Barina in 3-door, 5-door hatch and sedan

Hey, boys. Check this out. Ah! Do it again, Dad! MOBILE PHONE RINGS Oh, hang on. Hello? See ya, mate.

Barry doesn't always make the best choices, but one of his better ones was to connect his home to natural gas. Have you got gas? Visit us at:

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Let's check the trafficker. A

you're struggling tonight. It's

great news because everyone's going

to get home on time. The M4 is

reasonably cord. This is the worst

of it at just past Rose Hill

racecourse. It's a nice run through

doesn't Nares. You can see this

some rain falling. This ability is reduced. Many of Australia's rarest native animals could soon disappear. They're in danger of extinction as global warming destroys habitats, while increasing the number of feral invaders. have a big new enemy. These cute little carnivores

The quoll is among 10 native species scientists fear global warming will kill off within decades. Could Australian species go the way of the dinosaurs? Absolutely - they're on that pathway right now.

Australia already has the highest rate of mammal extinction in the world. But just a half-degree increase in temperatures by mid-century will tip threatened species,

including the rock wallaby and rat kangaroo, We're looking at things like habitat loss becoming worse, invasive species becoming worse and fires becoming worse, so it's really just compounding the threats that are already there. Climate change is just going to be the final nail in the coffin. Marine turtles may be the first to go. The temperature around the eggs determines their sex, and small increases have already created an imbalance of females. Hot nests also weaken hatchlings. are expected to plummet Bilby and quoll populations as more frequent bushfires destroy their habitat. And creatures like the cane toad will become bigger problems, thriving and spreading as temperatures rise. Scientists say the plight of Australia's endangered species, like these wallabies here at Sydney's Wildlife World, has been lost with the increased focus on whaling, water and waste. But saving these little creatures won't take much, just a little bit of political will. WWF wants governments to increase reserve areas and fund more feral animal control programs. Emily Rice, Ten News. An American man has stunned relatives who'd gathered to pay their last respects. Doctors were preparing to remove his organs for transplants when he suddenly showed signs of life. Now he's back from the dead. Zack Dunlap remembers nothing of the motorbike accident that almost cost him his life four months ago. I remember a little bit that was about an hour before the accident happened. The 21-year-old, however, does remember hearing doctors declare him dead after scans showed there was no blood reaching his brain. I'm glad I couldn't get up and do what I wanted to do. With no obvious signs of life, Zack's family consented for his organs to be harvested for donation and they gathered to say goodbye. Hoping for a last-minute miracle, his cousin ran a pocketknife across Zack's foot, and there was a response. Makes me thankful that they didn't give up. PRESENTER: Thank goodness, right? Don't let the good die young. 48 days later he left hospital and returned to his home town in Oklahoma. Zack still struggles with memory loss and it may take more than 12 months for his brain to fully recover. His parents are helping him by talking to him about his childhood. is claiming her own miracle. Brooke Zepp had a tumour growing so deep in her abdomen it was considered inoperable. But, in the first operation of its type, surgeons removed six of her organs, including her liver and stomach, keeping them chilled while the tumour was cut out.

I thought it would be better to take a chance on living The mother of three is now cancer-free.

In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. The world's tallest man is looking for love. One of Leonid Stadnyk's fans has sent him a super-sized bike to help him on the road to romance. At 257 centimetres tall, or 8 foot five inches in the old scale, he doesn't need to do a lot of body building but his 200-kilogram frame causes a lot of leg pain. An engineer has designed a giant exercise machine, and the 37-year-old has been working out in the backyard of the home he shares with his mother in a Ukrainian village. He says he's also working on his dream to find a soul mate.

A bitter dispute rocks the New South Wales Liberal Party - details next. Also, can TV stars really make the switch to radio? The ratings they've been waiting for, after the break. And it's a long road to Beijing - a local BMX hot shot builds an Olympic track in his own backyard. This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - following a high-profile protest. Tibetan activists targeted the lighting of the torch overnight at Olympia, in Greece. Local protest groups will meet with Federal Police tomorrow to discuss their plans. Sydney petrol stations which shut down premium unleaded bowsers over Easter have been cleared of collusion. The Department of Fair Trading has conducted spot checks and found tanks which had been shut were in fact empty. And a Sydney schoolboy to face court tomorrow morning, charged with the stabbing murder of his father and the wounding of his mother. Police arrested the 16-year-old suspect outside the family home at Baulkham Hills. The boy was wearing his uniform and carrying his schoolbag at the time. The State Liberal Party is embroiled in a bitter factional war. A high-profile Federal MP has been banned from joining his own branch, embarrassing Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson. Scott Morrison is the new federal member for the southern Sydney seat of Cook, but some of his most passionate enemies are fellow Liberals. Supporters like former MP Bruce Baird have branded the move to ban Mr Morrison from his local branch a joke. This is a disaster and it's certainly damaging for the party overall, and they've got to address this issue if they are going to win government next time. Baird, a moderate in the party, blames local right-wingers. The party's State president is also amazed at the petty move. Well, it's certainly highly embarrassing for the Liberal Party, and, equally, it's disappointing for the federal member of parliament himself to have been rejected from membership. But Mr Selig insists a branch will be found for the up-and-coming MP. Federal Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson says the mess highlights the case for reform of party rules. Scott Morrison wasn't available for interview today,

only releasing this statement. But it fails to address the key issue - why so many people in his own electorate, within his own party, don't like him. It's a free kick for Labor. To call the Liberal Party a laughing-stock is generous. The Liberal Party have been taken over by right-wing extremists and this is just another example. The ALP, though, has its own embarrassment today - the sacking of Joe Scimone from a high-paying government job. He is being investigated by the corruption watchdog

over alleged bribes related to the Wollongong Council corruption scandal. Kevin Wilde, Ten News.

More pain for mortgage holders - the National Australia Bank has just increased its variable home loan rate by another nine basis points to 9.36%.

And to the BankWest finance report - banking shares were up, on a day which saw bargain hunters snap up stocks in droves following signs of improved business confidence in the United States. Petrol prices are also down. As mentioned earlier, stations which shut down premium unleaded bowsers over Easter Sydney's cheapest price - $133.9 at Guildford. Hiring TV stars doesn't seem to be paying off for Sydney radio stations. The latest radio ratings show the MIX breakfast team of Sonia Kruger and Todd McKenny

near the bottom of the pile,

while Merrick and Rosso's Nova show has also taken a hit with the addition of Kate Ritchie. A slide also for talkback station 2GB, but it retains its number one position din the second survey of the year. 2DAY FM jumped into second place, dfollowed by ABC 702, Nova and Triple M.

Pure towering over some of the best

nippers in town. It's nice to be

out and about even when this guy

has its brave face on. On Sunday

it's the freshwater affair. All their

their earnings from the fair will

don't have that little building up

there which is the site flayed

life-saving Club - where other

fabulous neighbours. This grey wet

stuff goes away after tonight and

tomorrow will be good looking day.

Trust me - I'm weather man.

More about the freshwater fair and some

some good news about the weather. One of Australia's leading BMX riders has gone to extraordinary lengths to qualify for the Olympic Games. Luke Madill has taken a little bit of Beijing back home to Penrith. Luke Madill's backyard has an Olympic BMX racing track. It's a replica of the Beijing track. Its centrepiece - an 8m starting ramp, the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and one of just four in the world, a boy's own adventure come true. When I was younger, growing up, I just had a few different jumps and things like that, but to have a full-scale track, it's pretty impressive, even now. It's around 350m long and took six months to build on the Madill family's 6.5-acre property. These ramps are no place for the faint-hearted. We're three storeys up, and during the Olympics

eight riders will charge down one of these at the same time. And you could forgive Luke if he found it a little daunting. Two years ago his riding career very nearly ended when a training jump went horribly wrong. I ended up landing on my head and breaking my back in three places

and had a blood clot in my spinal column in my neck, so they weren't sure how I was gonna recover from that.

But after seven months of rehab, 27-year-old Luke was back on his bike.

He's now ranked number five in the world, that ramp a constant reminder and, even better, he only has to step out the back door to ride it. It just feels smaller every time I walk up it and, you know, that kind of fear's gone away and I can just concentrate on the race ahead and the job I have to do. Leanne West, Ten News. Sport now with Tim, and things are getting nasty between the Sharks and Melbourne Storm. Yes, a real falling-out - he's a thug. Ben Ross hits back at claims Plus, the Bulldogs axe Reni Maitua and the Eels recall Tim Smith. Also, where's the padding? Matt Cooper somehow escapes serious injury. And the 15-year-old who survived a ripped cossie to power her way to Beijing. SAW GRINDS (Whistles) Hey! Like the flame-grilled flavour of a Bacon Deluxe It's more than a real handful. The burger's are better at Hungry Jack's. HEAVY ROCK MUSIC SONG: # Well, it's been a long time coming # Looking for the neon glow # Been up and down the mountain # Wondering where the hell to go

# Don't stop the car # Don't stop... # The Mitsubishi Triton - better at getting the hard jobs done. Love that car. This program is captioned live. Not surprisingly, Melbourne halfback to help Cronulla's Ben Ross at the judiciary tomorrow night. Ross became emotional today when he insisted his elbow to Cronk's head was an accident. Looking more ballerina than brute Ben Ross is hurt at being labelled a thug. People come out and saying I'm a thug and it was a cheap shot, how can you call it a cheap shot when it was an accident? Ross faces a 6-match ban, but will argue he didn't hit Cooper Cronk with full force. It was an accident - it totally went wrong. I just hope they see it wasn't intent. I mean, why would I want to break...? If I wanted to break his jaw it would have been broken. It's just a clear example of someone getting hit late and getting hit high. It's now up to the judiciary to try and set an example and try and stamp someone out. But the Sharks are blaming Brett White's barrage of blows for magnifying the incident. White is seeking a reduction in his grade four striking charge.

I think if Brett White hadn't have got up and king-hit him there wouldn't have been this much uproar about it. Gallen furious at White's attack, the pair set to be NSW Origin team-mates in two months time. If you're going to fight someone, give him a push, then fight toe to toe. Don't just come and king-hit from the side and then king-hit him when some bloke's got both his arms. I think what he did was no better than what Rossy did at all. Also at the judiciary will be Brisbane fullback Karmichael Hunt. It's about justice, I suppose. We believe he's not guilty and therefore he shouldn't have that on his record. Last night the WIN Stadium fence was lucky to escape a judiciary appearance after this hit on Matt Cooper. COMMENTATOR: Oh, hit a brick wall! But he won't mind, because he gets his second try of the night. Cooper was uninjured. The Dragons beat the Gold Coast 30-12. Adam Hawse, Ten News. In other league news, Parramatta halfback Tim Smith has been recalled to the side following an off-season embroiled in controversy. But the Bulldogs have stood down lock Reni Maitua for having an attitude problem. Reni Maitua dropped again, and again because of an off-field misdemeanour involving alcohol.

This time Maitua was out partying on Easter Sunday morning, reportedly drunk at 9:30am. The fact that he was out at that time of the morning

suggests to me that he's not 100% committed to doing his best for this club. Being out at that time is not conducive to your best performance, physically or mentally.

Maitua's a serial offender, but the Bulldogs refuse to say this is his last chance. Instead they were defending eyewitness reports that he was involved in a physical fight. He had a disagreement, a verbal disagreement, How it became a punch-up, I've got no idea. Another with multiple crosses next to his name, Tim Smith - the Parramatta half-back returning to first grade

for this Friday night's match against Newcastle following an off-season revolving around alcohol, rehab Obviously there's a few dramas there but I'll just keep

You know, the club's been great. Rob Canning, Ten News. As you may have seen earlier, with a torn cossie. after turning up at the pool The drama averted, she set about booking a ticket to Beijing. The pre-race smile hiding a whirlpool of emotions - a replacement racing suit found for Commonwealth record holder Emily Seebohm with only half an hour to spare, almost as much time it takes to put one on. The 15-year-old somehow composed herself, broke her own Commonwealth mark and stormed her way onto the Olympic team. It was, yeah, it pumped me up a lot, more than I needed, actually. It really reminds you she has maturity beyond her years when she competes. But every now and then she does let you know she's still 15. Elation too for veteran Sophie Edington - she'd missed the Games by 1/100th of a second four years ago. A changing of the guard in the men's backstroke - Ashley Delaney and Hayden Stoeckel relegated Matt Welsh to third. This meet will be his last. It probably hasn't really hit me hard yet, but it's also a long time coming. Leisel Jones and former training partner Tarnee White both qualified for the women's 100 breaststroke, while a very familiar face stood poolside to watch the closest 200m freestyle finish in years - Grant Hackett and home-town favourite Kenrick Monk first and second, delighting a legion of Monk fans. Even my principal from my old school came out. I even got a message from him. I knew it was him because it was and I thought, "There can only be one person who's writing this," and it had to be my principal. Hackett won't swim in the race instead concentrating on his distance events. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Australian golfer Geoff Ogilvy has tamed the Tiger. In his first victory since the 2006 US Open, Ogilvy stopped Woods from claiming his seventh consecutive title. The Aussie won the C.A. Championship by a stroke from Vijay Singh, Retief Goosen and Jim Furyk.

Tiger was two shots back. With a one-shot lead, nine holes to play and the cream of world golf breathing down his neck, Geoff Ogilvy could have been excused for having some nerves, especially when Tiger Woods is within striking distance. COMMENTATOR: And there's a start. This birdie at 12 of the Australian, his lead looking very shaky when he fluffed his chip at the 13th, but showed Tiger-like poise to pull of a brilliant recovery. Now Ogilvy's third at 13. APPLAUSE No problem.

The shot revived memories of Ogilvy's chip shot that won him the US Open at the 71st hole at Winged Foot. Adam Scott, though, went in the other direction Nick O'Hern's closing round of 63 earn him sixth spot. Tiger showing signs of frustration as he tried to challenge Ogilvy but came up short. Did you have a number in mind when you teed it up this morning? Yeah, seven in a row would have been good. It wasn't to be - Ogilvy's resolve ending a drought which had lasted almost two years. The last couple of years have been pretty good off the golf course. We've got that sorted out now, we've got the golf sorted out. It's all pretty good. The win sees him become just the third player alongside Tiger Woods and Darren Clarke to win multiple World Championship events. As well as earning him $1.5 million, Ogilvy has moved up seven places in the world rankings to number 10. Neil Cordy, Ten News. The Socceroos have suffered another health scare ahead of tomorrow night's World Cup qualifier against China - this time it's coach Pim Verbeek. His illness is the latest in a long list of obstacles the Australians have had to overcome on this trip to the high altitude of Kunming. The coach was forced to cut short his pre-match press conference. I need a small break. I don't feel very well. Assistant coaches Graham Arnold and Henk Dutt are on stand-by if Verbeek is too unwell. The team's European stars had their first training session with a depleted squad. They've already lost Tim Cahill, Scott Macdonald and Josh Kennedy to injury. Now Bruce Djite has succumbed to a hamstring tear.

World champion Danny Green has shocked the boxing world

by announcing his retirement, effective immediately. An emotional Green says he's at the peak of his health and fitness, but chose to go out on his own terms. It's been amazing. But I'm happy to move on. It's the right time. I'm getting out on top. It's something that not many people can do. It means fans will never get the chance to see the much talked about rematch with Anthony Mundine, who beat him in 2006, one of only three defeats in Danny's career. here's a fine example Now, Deb and Ron, of professionalism in rugby league today. Somewhere in the darkness there that's Willie Mason...I think. The Roosters were called out to a 6:30 session this morning. They were up before their namesakes were even crowing. And in Sports Tonight, surfing's big guns blast through to the final 16 at the Rip Curl Pro. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's weather wrap is next. (Russian accent) The BIG TASTE RANGE is now cooking at Domino's. Eight new pizzas, including the Russian. like freshly sliced tomatoes. Mmm, Domino's BIG TASTE RANGE.

I think those commuters almost have

felt when the man under the gun. felt when the man under the gun.

Umbrella as a rapper but so are

spirits. We have had 15 millimetres

across the catchment area. across the catchment area. These

are the fresh water and neighbours.

The unfortunate thing for me is

that most of them are most at the

much taller than May. But they've

come out in the rain for wonder

then a wonderful cause. It's the

freshwater fair on Sunday. The

whole of freshwater will get

involved. There will be fine wine

and dining and amusement and and dining and amusement and

celebrities - you name it - with

all the money going to the

freshwater surf life-saving Club.

Its 100 years old. All the

neighbours will be getting the

money. This is a weather forecast

so right now of the where various

looks like it's raining. I can't do

much about that. The rain came down

from the West. There was some good

rain it out West. Up to 12 rain it out West. Up to 12 the

record. Young Mark also cashed in

on the wet stuff with a four year

if high. The good news is tomorrow

will be fine and sunny and a good looking

looking day. It's getting chilly

with a southerly change on Thursday

and Friday. But on Sunday he will

be sunny for the freshwater fair.

Spin cloud in the east in a trough

is generating rain in the New South is generating rain in the New South

Wales and Victoria thunderstorms Wales and Victoria and thunderstorms and western

Queensland. A trough will generate

showers and storms across inland Queensland in northern New South Wales. A front will bring showers took the south-east. Predicted

precipitation - showers and storms

over New South Wales and light

showers on the western slopes and

Rangers. Showers for Victoria,

Tasmania and South Strover. These

other freshwater nippers. They have

600 Bupa's here. Happy one

hundredth birthday. If you're not

doing anything Sunday come down

doing anything Sunday come down here. Feathers were flying at the Royal Easter Show today, as caged birds vied to be number one in the pecking order. at the Royal Easter Show today,

Feathers were flying as caged birds vied to be number one in the pecking order. The grand champion of each species was chosen from 400 entries from around the country. Parrots, finches, canaries, lovebirds and budgies among the colourful display. It's sort of like a beauty contest without the bikinis. You're looking at the best colour, the best feathering, the best posture. Running free at the show are the supermodels of the duck world. They put on a quirky performance, mingling with show-goers. At all times, a faithful kelpie kept a close eye on the quackers. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.