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>> QUITE THE SCANDAL AND IT BUT THAT IS the wreck of HMAS 'Sydney', Answers at last, searchers discover to the families left behind. bringing some comfort of my father, I'd love to have them. If they found some personal effects Shops and homes evacuated near Bondi Beach. as police deal with a dangerous siege of a million-dollar scam. A RailCorp manager accused

students to stay at school And the Government considers forcing until they turn 18. Good evening. of World War II One of the biggest mysteries

has finally been put to rest, of the wreck of HMAS 'Sydney'. with the discovery about 200km south-west of Carnarvon, The Australian warship was found hours after the discovery nearby confirmation coming less than 24 which sank HMAS 'Sydney' in 1941. of the German raider the 'Kormoran' stirred powerful emotions... Lost for so long, 'Sydney' still What's the water depth?

the 'Geosounder' ..for crew aboard search vessel cruiser 2.5km under the Indian Ocean. as they first sighted the missing Our search successfully located the wreck of HMAS 'Sydney'. denied the chance to bury their sons Emotional, too, for 645 families in 1941. an eerie coincidence, For Yvonne Longhurst, for the lost sailors yesterday arriving at Geraldton's memorial to scatter her mother's ashes here... and to be close to my dad. To bring closure for her 100 nautical miles off the coast ..not knowing that

image of her dad's resting place. they were about to capture the first it all happened yesterday. We just can't believe that 66 years ago, and German raider the 'Kormoran' the 'Sydney' sinking one another. fought a brief, ferocious battle, With yesterday's announcement and the battle site had been found, that the 'Kormoran' the wrecks next week. the search crew plans to photograph

as being largely intact. The hull is reported exactly where they are Both wrecks should stay and they should be made war graves. just before the 'Sydney' sailed Lee O'Neill was conceived thinking of the dad he never knew. but he still becomes emotional of my father, I'd love to have them. If they found some personal effects

we honour the memory Today in this Parliament

with courage and with pride. of those who served their country to protect the sites The Rudd Government has now moved under the Shipwrecks Act to pay tribute to the lost sailors. and is now looking at new ways with complete respect. These war dead will be treated

Tim Lester, National Nine News. several streets Heavily armed police have sealed off in the heart of Bondi

inside an apartment where a man has barricaded himself to the police station. right next door Just after 2pm, residents and tourists officers quickly began moving away from Gould Street suburb's main shopping strip. which is just behind the beachside

Reporter Jessica Rich is there. what's led to this stand-off? Jessica, have police explained

Police have just told us that the

siege has ended without incident.

We're not sure what led to the

stand-off. Police have been

reluctant to tell us. They play

their cards very close to their

chest. We understand because they

were concerned this man was

watching media this afternoon, as

he was barricaded in his unit. Just

10 minutes ago, this matter was

resolved. He was detained at resolved. He was detained at will

be taken away for questioning.

Earlier today, police were taking

no chances. Heavily armed officers

move through the streets, evacuated

shoppers and even told some

shopkeepers to stay inside.

It must have been quite a shock for

the locals and shopkeepers when

police moved in this afternoon?

Absolutely. Called Street as one of

Bondi's busier streets. There are

lots of shops here. Is popular with

the locals. Three blocks were

cordoned off this afternoon. A lot

of locals and tourists to refuse in

nearby cafes. We spoke to some

short time ago. I saw a couple of

police on the street. Since I had

been here, and noticed the street

being blocked off and a helicopter

overhead. A bit of excitement, I

think. Some of the people here are

telling different stories. The

police are not very polite about it.

They are behaving like they own the

place. It is a bit of an

inconvenience for the business. The

siege is finally over. Very good

news for the people of Bondi

they will forget. tonight. I'm sure it is not a day

into alleged rorts at RailCorp, The ICAC has resumed its inquiry accused of a contracting scam. with another senior manager more than $1 million It's alleged he channelled to an engineering company,

landscaping work at his home. in return for kickbacks and secret of allocating rail maintenance work 34-year-old Guy Hetman was in charge until his suspension in September. He is accused of receiving bribes company from the Sage Civil Engineering

and approving fraudulent invoices. for illegally awarding it contracts Sage allegedly pocketed $1.1 million. to hide his kickbacks. Hetman created a consultancy company through payments to GRT Consulting. Sage had paid him over $106,000 extent that Hetman asked the company The relationship blossomed to the to landscape his front yard. his driveway It ripped up and resurfaced and laid new turf and top soil. for the work. Hetman claims he paid $2,200 RailCorp ended up with the bill. The ICAC says the corruption claims, Hetman initially denied

of evidence, but by the afternoon session he'd changed his tune, in 2005. admitting to receiving bribes are also accused Hetman and Sage Engineering of tonnes of construction waste of illegally disposing thousands

at unauthorised sites. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. The State Government has denied in school zones that new speed cameras installed are a money-making scheme, to $70 million in the past year. despite the amount of fines doubling all the money Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal says around schools safer. goes straight back into making roads by a speed camera, If you get fined in a school zone roll-out of more flashing lights your fine goes to pay for the at school zones. speed cameras in school zones There are plans to install more fixed this year. Students may have to stay at school until they reach the age of 18 under a plan the State Government is considering. Parents and teachers say it won't work unless there are more resources to make sure students actually want to stay. It's been more than 50 years since NSW last increased the school leaving age. From next year, it goes up from 15 to 16.

But the Government believes even that may be too young. The world has changed enormously. We know that 16 is an appropriate minimum age, what we need to consult about is whether that age should in fact be 17 or 18. In most other states the minimum is 17, so today the Government held the first of a series of forums to debate the optimum leaving age. The aim - to one day have 90% of students completing their HSC.

Raising the leaving age to 16

will mean an extra 5,500 students staying on in high school. Teachers and parents say

that has to be backed up by more resources and a curriculum that will make them want to stay.

The educational jargon, I suppose, is that you've got to engage kids. If they're not engaged in learning, then they're not going to stay there. We don't want students to be feeling they're forced to go to school. Rather, we want them to want to go to school. Creating a happy and safe school environment, unlike the picture painted by the latest figures on the number of assaults on teachers. More than 250 reports of violence were filed in the 12 months to August last year, though the Government insists our classrooms are now safer than ever. Examples of violent behaviour, examples of misbehaviour in schools are trending down, not going up. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News The inquiry into the problems at the State's hospitals moved to Bathurst today, where it heard more harrowing allegations of medical bungling. Workers have told of a culture of secrecy and silence.

The inquiry commissioner Peter Garling said he wanted the truth about Bathurst Hospital, and he got it. Face to face, confronting and often graphic. Lewis Furner broke down as he spoke about the day last June when his daughter Rebecca died after giving birth to her third child. People are actually dying from under-funding and mistakes being made. Rebecca Murray haemorrhaged badly, but nurses were so inexperienced they didn't call an emergency medical team. I'd like to see the Government put their hands in their pockets and really start funding the hospital system better. David Hempell says his intellectually disabled daughter should have been given a sedative before she was dragged, screaming, into an operating theatre for a routine procedure. Serious distress. She was coming out traumatised. Absolutely traumatised, with injuries. The new $98 million Bathurst Hospital opened in January, but appalling design and construction meant surgery had to be suspended. Community liaison officer Julie Ann Maher was one of those who tried to speak out before it was built. She told the inquiry it was surrounded in secrecy. Some people were silenced and castigated. Later this week the inquiry visits hospitals in Orange, Dubbo and Mudgee. But it hasn't had to travel far to get a picture of a health bureaucracy that's unwilling to listen to those on the front line or even worse, silences those who dare to speak out.

Mark Burrows, National Nine News.

Two fishermen rescued after 27 hours at sea have been discharged from hospital following treatment for dehydration and severe sunburn.

They had to cling to their overturned boat which capsized off the South Coast on Saturday morning. They weren't found till yesterday afternoon. Troy Veljanovski and Josif Necovski know they're fortunate to be alive, now back home with their families and with an amazing tale of more than a day lost at sea.

They held onto the boat and tied themselves with a rope.

They said they were singing to each other.

This is the moment the men made it back to land, plucked from the ocean by the crew of a fishing trawler which found them by pure chance.

They were very excited, I can tell you. They couldn't thank us enough. The two mates had left on a fishing trip from Kiama at 4am on Saturday. Within hours, a freak wave capsized their 4.5m boat.

Clinging to the twin hulls of the vessel, they drifted south all day and overnight until they were found off Ulladulla 150km away yesterday afternoon. They were really hanging on. It was not high and dry, the boat, it was actually under water. So they were in the water all the time. The men's boat was towed to Ulladulla. Today it made a forlorn sight. Badly sunburnt and exhausted, Troy and Josif were airlifted here to Wollongong Hospital. Doctors administered a drip and checked to make sure there were no other serious problems. He's just recovering. He's really red and sunburnt and dehydrated. He's better now, but he just needs some rest. In Wollongong, Wendy Kingston, National Nine News. In the news ahead - the death toll rises from those massive explosions in Albania. And a bravery award for the teenage boy who fought off a crocodile to save his sister.

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The stock market has closed at its lowest level in 18 months after the problems in the US

led the US Federal Reserve to cut interest rates by another 0.25%. The worries hit our stock market hard. The big banks and our largest investment banks were all well down.

The market has lost $100 billion since the beginning of March. With the Beijing Olympics just five months away, China's military has moved quickly to crush an independence revolt in Tibet. Spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has accused the Chinese

of cultural genocide and Australia has called on China to show restraint. Helped by its military might - China is now clearly back in charge in Tibet. In the capital, Lhasa, hundreds of troops patrol the streets, but there are now reports the demonstrations and unrest have spread to neighbouring parts of China. The rioters have been given a deadline tonight to turn themselves in or, Chinese officials have warned, they'll be hunted down to face severe punishment.

Speaking from his refuge in northern India, Tibet's spiritual ruler, the Dalai Lama, has demanded an inquiry into what he says is China's rule of terror.

Eyewitnesses say as many 80 people were killed in the crackdown, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who last year met the Dalai Lama and is next month due to visit China. I would call on the Chinese authorities to exercise restraint. Chinese rule in Tibet has long been a sore point internationally, and for it to blow up now is acutely embarrassing for China. The Olympics are 144 days away and in less than the two weeks the torch relay will begin,

with Tibet on the list of places it will visit. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. The death toll from yesterday's terrifying explosion in Albania

has risen to nine - as authorities check hundreds of buildings

which were wrecked or damaged by the blast at a munitions storage base. The stockpile of Communist-era bombs and missiles was being disarmed as part of Albania's NATO application. The new problem - hundreds of unexploded bombs, which now litter the countryside. A British High Court judge will rule tonight in Sir Paul McCartney's divorce payout to his ex-wife Heather Mills. Her settlement could be as high as $130 million. McCartney and Mills were married for four years. They have a 4-year-old daughter, Beatrice. The Governor-General today honoured dozens of people for acts of bravery. Three were given the highest award, the Star of Courage medal, for heroism beyond what most of us can imagine. It was a shocking tragedy. April 2005, a navy Sea King helicopter with nine Defence Force personnel on board crashed and burned as it flew to the aid of earthquake victims on the Indonesian island of Nias.

Naval air crewman Shane Warburton was badly hurt in the crash, unconscious and trapped in the crushed rear compartment. After I came to, I felt there was a possibility I could die here, so I think that definitely kicked me into gear. There's no way I wanted to die in a helicopter, 8,000km from my home. Through the flames, he dragged one seriously injured mate to safety and tried to save more, but the helicopter exploded. For his heroism, Mr Warburton receives the Star of Courage - and so do two others, both posthumously. In June 2005,

Newcastle woman Kerri-Anne O'Meley was stabbed to death as she fought off her estranged husband, who was attacking her daughter and parents. Her father also died. In July 2006, American skydive instructor Robert Cook used his body as a shield to save the life of an Australian student as their plane crashed in Missouri. Much closer to home, two Sydney police officers were honoured for rescuing a young boy trapped in a burning house at Bossley Park. I think about him sometimes and wonder how he's going. He was in a pretty bad way that night. In fact, the boy is doing well - thanks to his rescuers. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Ken with sport next

with the fallout on Benji Marshall and Craig Wing's injuries. Strangely enough, Craig Wing is not dirty about the tackle, but Braith Anasta's reaction to it has left him bitterly disappointed. And Tiger makes it a staggering seven tournament wins in a row.

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Barry doesn't always make the best choices, but one of his better ones was to connect his home to natural gas. Have you got gas? Visit us at: Craig Wing will have surgery tomorrow and is out for up to 16 weeks after that crunching back tackle in the season opener at the weekend.

Today he revealed that Braith Anasta's reaction to the tackle hurt him almost as much as the injury. But Anasta says he didn't mean anything by his conduct. A visit to the specialist today confirmed Wing's worst fears which had reduced him to tears last night. Had a little bit of a cry. I called my dad and he tried to be as positive as he could but the more he tried to pump me up, the worse it was. But this is really what has Wing's emotions going. Braith Anasta's reactions have left him deeply hurt. I was clearly in pain and agony on the ground and the fact he was jumping around and cheering, it got me a little bit. Anasta's history with Souths runs deep. There is bad blood after this incident last year. But he says his actions on Friday weren't personal and he has apologised to Wing. There was nothing intended in the clapping at all.

I was just making sure our team was fired up and stayed on the front foot. It's obviously the feelings they have and they probably won't get over that. At the Tigers, Benji Marshall is hoping to be back in eight weeks. The mental battle is as hard as the physical one.

every time you keep coming back.

This is probably the lowest I have

ever felt. There is no sugar

coating this time. I pretend it

doesn't hurt as much but this time

it really does. If the bulldogs, he has been advised have has been advised have a scan on his

injured knee on Wednesday. He will

still be named in the team to play

against South this week but his

knees giving him problems. It is

Wallen and he is in pain.

just staring at the ceiling every ngiht. New South Wales is closing in on the Pura Cup title thanks largely to a century from teenager Phillip Hughes. At stumps on day three, the Blues are 5/352, a lead of 417. Hughes top scored with 116, stamping himself as Test star of the future.

The Blues began day three with the intention of batting the Vics out of the match. Test opener Phil Jaques taking a back seat to 19-year-old prodigy Hughes. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that's a great shot! In just his seventh Pura Cup match, Hughes used this lofty stage to announce his arrival on the Australian cricket scene. That'll be his 50 - well played young man.

Jaques fell for 23.

History for Simon Katich, passing Michael Bevan's record of 1,464 runs in a domestic season. But even that failed to upstage Hughes, who posted his maiden first-class century. Phillip Hughes, you little beauty! There it is. It finally came to an end on 116, but by then he'd help guide NSW into an almost unbeatable position.

Clarke and Katich adding to the imposing total.

Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News. If it was anyone else, we might have been surprised. But Tiger Woods has snatched victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational with a sensational final hole birdie.

The one-shot victory over Bart Bryant leaves Tiger undefeated this year.

It was his seventh straight tournament win.

Everybody should see him at least

once in their lifetime. Unbelievable.

It would be great to have him here.

They are going to, aren't they?


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Now here's Jaynie. The working week is looking good. Mark, a run of warm days before cooling off for Easter. There was some morning cloud about, even very light showers and north-easterly winds freshened during the day. We are starting to see an end to this incredible heatwave in the south.

Our most significant cool change is moving through SA and will head over to Victoria and Tasmania tomorrow. And should arrive at the NSW border by tomorrow night. But ahead of it, we expect very hot weather over the state. Some cloud moving in over the inland. And even though we have had a dry spell of late, the latest drought figures are in and just over 40% of NSW is in drought, which is down more than 5% on last month. Relief at last for Adelaide, 29, and Melbourne, 33, with showers in the afternoon. Sydney - clearer skies should bump up the mercury a couple of degrees. Surfers - lucky to catch a few small waves with a one-metre swell. Tomorrow could be our warmest day of the month in the city. 27 degrees - 30 in the west. A cool change should arrive either Thursday night or Friday morning, bringing only light showers but most certainly cool weather with temperatures in the low- to mid-20s for inland and coastal suburbs this long weekend. It's weather cadet time and this week we have seven students who spent the day gathering weather data. It's a big hello to the guys from the Giant Steps school which is at Gladesville. And happy birthday to Rory - hope you had fun. So, cooling down for the Easter break but some hot weather before that, Mark. That's the news for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia