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(generated from captions) And there's Donna. wet things. You'll catch your death. You better change out of those So could you. (CAMCORDER BEEPS) Oh, my God, what was that? Mmm. Oh, my God. Go back, go back. That's a gunshot. (GUNSHOT) The ha... The hand. Oh, my God. The gun... Can't you freeze it right there? Can you blow that up or something? play this from my laptop. Yeah, I'm sure I can I'm sure I can. We might have the answer right here.

who shot Stephanie Forrester. We're about to find out Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. faces off with his wife in court. Tonight, Jake Kovco's secret lover High on the job - over a rise in drugged-up drivers. RailCorp under fire And breast cancer breakthrough - scientists discover the super-gene the disease spreading. responsible for in our understanding of the disease. This is another extraordinary step and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. are jacking up international fares Also tonight, claims airlines to and from World Youth Day. And belting out the ballads -

American singing stardom. the Aussie striving for from the Jake Kovco inquiry. But first tonight, startling evidence

the young soldier told her His mystery lover has revealed as a teenager he'd thought about killing himself in his mouth. and once stuck a shotgun and shielded by a policewoman, With a coat covering her head Amy Johns went into the witness box

with Private Jake Kovco to tell of her affair just before he left for Iraq. night at Brisbane's Victory Hotel. She met the soldier on a Saturday They talked and drank for hours. Then when Ms Johns asked Jake Kovco no-one else knew, to tell her something Kovco told her he had been depressed with a shotgun. and had once tried to shoot himself But Ms Johns said,

suicidal over the incident. that night, Jake Kovco was not asked the witness Counsel assisting, John Agius, that night. whether she and Kovco were intimate shuffled uncomfortably in her seat She looked down and before answering, 'Yes.' of the soldier on her bed. The next morning she took this photo They had sex again two days later. Amy John's noticed Kovco had a tan mark on his ring finger. Amy Johns noticed Kovco he said he was separated. When she asked if he was married, That was a lie. with their children in Victoria. His wife, Shelley, was at home every day of the inquest Shelley Kovco hasn't attended of being in court today, but she made a point relationship she had with Jake Kovco. as Ms Johns spoke of the sexual as she arrived, Ms Johns left the court her face hidden by a coat. running the media gauntlet, walked out through the front door Jake Kovco's widow but had nothing to say. John Hill, Ten News. After a day of deliberating, Orkopoulos child-sex and drugs trial. the jury is still out in the Milton and Aboriginal Affairs minister The former Labor MP teenage boys and giving them drugs. is accused of having sex with yesterday, After one charge was dropped spanning 10 years. he now faces 30 allegations of abuse to consider each charge individually. The judge has instructed the jury tonight Rail bosses are on the defensive of staff caught out drunk following another rise in the number

or high on drugs. The Opposition is demanding must be sacked immediately. any driver who tests positive rail staff for drugs and alcohol, Five years after first testing the problem isn't going away. last year - More than 100 were caught 29 for alcohol, 67 for illicit drugs like ice and cocaine.

It's a rise on the year before. it's only a handful of workers. The Transport Minister says 0.13% - is too many Even that very small number - and that's why drug and alcohol testing regime we will continue this vigorous to try and get it down to zero. last year This video posted on YouTube preparing drugs to smoke showed uniformed maintenance workers soon after knocking off. bingeing on drugs and alcohol The workers are apparently during weekend track maintenance. a zero-tolerance approach The Opposition says there should be of people in your hands You've got the lives of thousands every day "No, sorry, you're out." I think the public would say, of tests won't solve the problem. Dramatically increasing the number the wider issue RailCorp still needs to tackle acceptable to be under the influence. where any driver believes it's On average,

the tests each year are sacked. 15% of those workers who are failing Kevin Wilde, Ten News. breast cancer breakthrough. There's been an extraordinary a so-called super-gene Researchers have found and say it will mean big changes is treated. to the way the killer disease SATB1, the 'mafia boss' gene. It seems to control over 1,000 genes and seems to be a determinant to turn aggressive and spread. of whether a breast cancer is likely

Doctors have described the discovery in understanding the disease. as a major breakthrough It was made in a US study of mice with breast cancer.

These are extraordinary findings. the powerful gene is overactivated, Researchers found that when breast cancer cells flourish, but when neutralised, from spreading around the body. the gene stops the disease The discovery is expected to radically change the way the disease is viewed and treated, offering the most hope to women diagnosed in the very near future. Until then, these women with breast cancer are learning how to help others diagnosed with the disease. Each year there's another 13,000 people. Talk to them - your story is really powerful. Your story is unique. Linda Nadort has secondary stage cancer but is encouraged by the ongoing research.

I think we'll need to have hope

that eventually there will be a

cure. I think it's quite a while

for the moment but each little

puzzle piece of the puzzle that's

solved it's a step further. The next stage of the study in humans. will involve applying that discovery Amber Muir, Ten News. of price-gouging worshippers Airlines are being accused for World Youth Day. trying to get to Sydney But organisers deny turned off because of the expense. visitors from America will be visitors were expected in Sydney More than 125,000 international come July, for World Youth Day. when Pope Benedict visits But there's growing concern who want to come will be here. that only half of the young Americans

to sign up and wanted to come There've been people who wanted but the costs really are very high.

Minister Horace is organising a small group from Portland, Oregon, and says many students can't afford exorbitant plane tickets. We're just finding real challenges with the airfare prices right now. And that's evident. On the Qantas website today a June fare from Los Angeles to Sydney is around $1,600. In July, as high as $3,600. And New York to Sydney - $2,100 in June, but during the World Youth Day period, $3,400. United Airlines also have higher fares. It is supply and demand. If there's not sufficient demand, maybe it's a question of the price dropping. Despite some Americans choosing to stay away, World Youth Day organisers insist their visitor forecasts haven't changed and that the distance and cost was always going to deter some from taking the journey.

Even if those overseas visitors are down, it's still the biggest event that's going to happen in Sydney this year. And one of biggest in the world for 2008, according to the Deputy Premier - second to the Olympics. Whether that's true, time will tell. Josh Murphy, Ten News.

Unemployment has hit a 34-year low, despite growing evidence consumer and business confidence has been shattered by interest rate rises. Economists are now warning we might be on the verge of a recession. Professor Bob Gregory witnessed first-hand the recession of the late '80s. He was on the Reserve Bank board that kept ratcheting up interest rates. Turning points are always confusing and I think we are getting near a turning point. And today The jobless rate hit 4%, a 34-year low, with 36,700 new jobs, most of them full-time, created last month. That gave the Treasurer something to crow about. We are the party of jobs. We are the party of jobs. But just yesterday, a new survey showed consumer and business confidence plunging to a 15-year low. Professor Gregory says that's a sure sign interest rates are beginning to bite hard. Coming out of these interest rate increases there will be a recession. In a way, that's the purpose. Like many other economists, Professor Gregory believes interest rates may now have peaked.

He says the Reserve Bank will sit on its hands to see how the months ahead play out. The fact is we are also at the mercy of rising oil prices, the American share market and China.

Malcolm Turnbull is trying desperately to blame Wayne Swan for talking up inflation. He is a significant domestic threat to our economy

because of the way in which he conducts himself. Will you put your hand up for the highest inflation in 16 years? Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Ahead in sport with Tim Webster, the sledging won't end with the cricket. Yes, Deb. If you thought nothing has been left unsaid in the Souths-Roosters feud, think again. Ahead, why they're ready to unload. Meanwhile, heat is set to be a concern for the opening round - players feeling the effects of the warm spell at training today. Wests tigers star Benji Marshall needed two water bottles to quench his thirst at the Sydney Football Stadium. Ahead, a fiery aftermath in Melbourne

as the Sydney Kings force the NBL grand final series to a fifth and deciding game - highlights of the Kings' great escape shortly. Also we'll hear from the Formula 1 world champion as he prepares to defend his crown. Parking hypocrisy - next, a council frees up prized spaces for staff. Also tonight, sand, surf and soirees - the lavish beach bashes infuriating residents. And every dog has its day, only this one's was down the drain.

This program is captioned live. North Sydney Council is being accused of double standards, with staff getting discount parking spaces in prime locations so they don't have to walk too far to work. Locals are furious. Cheaper parking in reserved spaces would have to be a huge relief for frustrated residents and workers fed up with fighting to find a parking spot. But North Sydney Council plans to offer its staff prime parking right in the heart of North Sydney and it will put 30 spaces out of reach of the general public. Residents and workers can't believe the double standards.

Why would they be offered anything extra than normal ratepayers and taxpayers? One rule for all, I would have thought - one car park, one rule. The spaces would be reserved at a council-run parking station right next to the chambers. The general manager argues that staff: I bet you now they're all overweight like me, so we all need to walk. It's all healthy stuff. Council debated the plan this week and was split on the idea. Those in favour argue the parking problem is making it hard to keep staff. But it certainly would not be a good look for council for the community to think they were being treated favourably. Even if the plan does go ahead, council staff will still have to pay, just not nearly as much as everyone else. The standard annual rate is almost $4,000. But council staff could get it for less than $2,800. That's a saving of around 30%. The council will make its decision next week.

Evan Batten, Ten News. Some Northern Beaches residents were bleary-eyed and a little grumpy today, after being kept awake by an exclusive beachside party. The event had to be shut down, with organisors accusing residents of dirty tricks. It isn't the glow of plankton at Freshwater. This is sophisticated beachside entertainment for British VIPS. An anonymous international company hosted the event - the second on the beach in two weeks. After a series of complaints, police and rangers shut down the party just before 11:00pm.

But Warringah Council isn't so upset - they made $9,000 for approving the event. It was a great chance to showcase Freshwater Beach and the Northern Beaches to an international audience and, apart from that, it did generate some revenue for council. Tired residents unimpressed with all the activity on their beach. Very loud.

Young children that had gone to bed were woken up and were upset. I could hear it right through to the front of the house -

so much so that I simply was not able to sleep. Party organisers accuse some locals of throwing eggs at their marquee,

and even turning off generators. Of course, the two events didn't disrupt what Freshwater Beach is really all about, and that's coming down and playing in the surf, and that's why the council is happy to consider more parties on the beach. Once or twice a year is fine but a regular basis might upset a few people. The council might find local hospitality will only stretch so far.

James Boyce, Ten News.

An electrical fault is being blamed for a fire which has rained flaming plastic from a city skyscraper. Sussex and Bathurst streets were shut, along with an access lane to the Harbour Bridge, when a sign on the 40th floor of accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers caught fire. There were fears debris could fall onto the road. 26 people were evacuated from the high-rise

and the footpath under the building remains blocked off because of safety concerns. The adventurous days of an inquisitive pooch are over. A decision to investigate the far reaches of the local drain system almost proved fatal She became stuck in one of the pipes, prompting a concerned resident to call the fire brigade. With worried mates looking on, rescuers used pieces of meat to try to coax her out. It wasn't easy, but the scared and relieved dog finally emerged. She's now in the care of the local council, waiting to be reunited with her owners. Adelaide has sweltered its way into the record books. of temperatures above 35 degrees, It's endured 11 consecutive days of any capital city. the longest heatwave Firefighters remain on high alert for bushfires, with the mercury clicking over 40 degrees today. And there's no relief in the short term, with hot weather predicted until Tuesday.

You're down in the southern part of

the State - we're getting the hate

wave in the north-western Western

Areas of the State. It was 40

degrees. Ivanhoe have had 10 days

in excess of 35 degrees and that

hasn't happened for about 65 years. Warm weather expected to continue

until Wednesday. The if I'm here to

see 12 of my closest girlfriends.

Yes, the ladies of the sea WRAF,

the Country Women's Association. I love her.

ALARM CLOCK BEEPS Try McDonald's Deluxe Brekkie Roll - sausage, tasty cheese and spicy tomato sauce on a toasted French roll. McDonald's Deluxe Brekkie Roll.

SONG: # Get rhythm... # GIRL: These days, everybody's talking about saving water but there's one Australian company already helping us to save water in lots of ways - from launching a program to put water tanks in our schools to making roofs and gutters from COLORBOND steel and tanks so we can collect the rain at home. Yep, when it comes to saving Australia's water, we've got plenty of scope. # Get rhythm... # BlueScope. # When you get the blues. #

Let check on the traffic now Let check on the traffic now and

has a serious problem. You're at

Warwick Farm and the fire brigade

is there. Three cars and a is there. Three cars and a truck involved in this terrible accident

on the Hume Highway right near the

racecourse. It at the junction just

after Governor Macquarie driver.

You can see fire crews, ambulance

and police cars on the same. The

traffic goes all way back past the racecourse. A federal inquiry

into the bungled terrorism case against Mohamed Haneef has been denounced as a political stunt by the Opposition. The Gold Coast doctor was detained for a month last year in connection with the London and Glasgow terrorism attacks before the case against him collapsed. It is essential that we maintain public confidence counter-terrorism measures. in Australia's It is a shocking thing for an Attorney-General in executing a political stunt to raise the question, and so cast doubt upon, public confidence in Australia's counter-terrorism laws. Former Supreme Court judge John Clarke QC will head the inquiry. Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has weighed into the fight to save Canberra's kangaroos. The nation's capital is facing an international backlash to cull hundreds of the animals. over plans Once a safe haven, this Canberra military base is now set to become a kangaroo killing ground.

It's been decided hundreds of roos must be culled, but it's caused an uproar. Managing wildlife by killing it is not on anymore. This is the sort of thing we did 100 years ago. Even former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has joined the fight to save the roos.

Animal rights activists are mobilising to disrupt the cull. The roos can't be shot because they're too close to homes. The recommended method is something quite different.

The plan is to herd the roos into pens, knock them out with tranquillisers

and then give them a lethal injection. There are concerns about a backlash against the Bush Capital. It's getting the nickname as the slaughter capital. It's not doing our reputation any good at all. And that the impacts on tourism could be significant if this gathers pace,

so I am seeking to intervene now out of it. to say leave our tourism industry But some visitors to Canberra don't appear put off. Well, I don't think that will have a big impact in Europe. The fate of the Belconnen bounders is now a national issue, won't intervene. but the Federal Government I think that we've got a fantastic record in this country of caring both for our wildlife and for our environment. I ask the minister why the Minister for the Environment has washed his hands of this issue. Conservationists want the suburban Skippies moved to NSW.

If they have to dart them to kill them, why can't they dart them to move them? It's just a no-brainer. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. The disgraced New York Governor once known as 'Mr Clean' has quit over a prostitution scandal. Eliot Spitzer's wife of 20 years was by his side as the father of three announced his resignation. I am deeply sorry that I did not live up to what was expected of me.

The $1,000-an-hour callgirl at the centre of the scandal has been named as 22-year-old Ashley Dupre. Spitzer's campaign ads focused on his ethics and he specialised in breaking up prostitution rings when he served as New York's attorney-general. A woman was stuck on a toilet seat for two years before her boyfriend called for help.

Police found the 35-year-old trapped Her skin had grown around the plastic seat, and her legs had atrophied. Doctors had to remove the seat in hospital. I don't know how long she was in the bathroom. She has a fear of coming out. Most of her fear of coming out is her relatives - she don't want to see them. She's afraid if she comes out she will see them.

The woman's boyfriend brought her food and water and told police he asked her every day if she was going to come out. He says she always answered, "Maybe tomorrow." Police say the woman is mentally ill. Her boyfriend may be charged. Princess Mary has completed basic training with the Danish home guard. The Australian-born princess assist police in search and rescue operations, perform first aid and sleep outdoors in an improvised shelter. The Danish royal family traditionally has close ties with the defence forces. Mary's mother-in-law, Queen Margrethe, is a major with the air force home guard. The stockmarket drops on the back of rate and credit concerns -

that's next. Also, singing his way to the top - And why Australia is leading the race to turn back the clock on ageing.

This program is captioned live. Top stories on this news hour - scientists have discovered a super-gene which controls the spread of breast cancer cells. The breakthrough could change the way the killer disease is treated. RailCorp is under fire over a rise in the number of drugged-up train drivers. More than 100 staff were caught out drunk or high on drugs while on the job last year. The Opposition has called for them to be sacked immediately. And Jake Kovco's secret lover has faced off with his wife at the inquest into his death. She says the soldier had thought about killing himself as a teenager but maintains he wasn't depressed at the time he was deployed to Iraq. Tonight we farewell an important member of our team here at Ten News. Paul Mullins is the longest-serving State political reporter in the country but, after 32 years at Ten, and sackings at Parliament, and 35 covering the scandals he's retiring. So, tonight, a look back on his influential and remarkable career. With a style all his own, Paul Mullins made a mark from the beginning. Paul Mullins from Eyewitness News. Yes, sir, we've been expecting you. This 1977 documentary on Katingal maximum-security prison - a Logie Award winner - even after all these years. remains his favourite work, There are few more dangerous men in any jail

than Archie, a convicted thrill-killer. All of his victims were strangers, and he says he'll kill again. You still intend to carry it out? Yeah, I can't help it - I have to do this thing. He's covered 10 elections, the jailing of prisons minister Rex Jackson, and was awarded for his coverage of the Woodward Royal Commission. He also was the only reporter allowed into Supermax. There's no more telling measure of Paul Mullins's career than the people who gathered to farewell him - the current Premier and four of his predecessors among them - but not the only ones he's reported on. Askin, Lewis, Willis, Wran, Unsworth, Greiner, Fahey, Carr, Iemma. Who is your psychiatrist, Paul? Despite never having won a vote himself, 'Mullos', as he's affectionately known, has played an integral part in the democracy of this State. He's gotten the vote of everybody who's ever dealt with him because he's always been honest, he's always been a man of the utmost integrity, with a great deal of respect. In three decades, Paul Mullins has broken more stories than we can count. We'll let him explain why he's decided to give it all away. I really don't like staying in the one job too long. (Guests laugh) Maybe, but it was certainly a job well done. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

A job well done in dead. It'll miss

our life crosses to Macquarie

Street and they're big shoes to

fill. We'll miss To the Bankwest finance report now,

and the Australian share market lost almost all of yesterday's gains thanks to the global credit crunch and fears of another rate rise. The average price of a litre of unleaded in Sydney tonight is $1.45, up 6 cents on last night, but we've seen it as low as $1.34 at Sefton. A young Australian is blazing a trail to superstardom in the United States. After millions of votes, Michael Johns is now a hot favourite to win 'American Idol'. He's the Perth boy heating up the world's biggest talent quest. (Sings) # The time to hesitate is through. # 29-year-old Michael Johns

has even stunned 'American Idol's harshest critic. (Sings 'Bohemian Rhapsody') Michael. Yes, sir. Best audition of the day. Thank you. voted for the top 11.. And now, after 29 million people

Michael, I need you to take a seat. You are safe! Michael was just 16 when WA talent scout Marina Del Basso signed him up as a lead performer. Just a natural entertainer, and a lot of character. A very funny boy, just makes people laugh. Boomer the roo, I've been Kip the koala, Rocky the rock lobster for the world swimming championships in '94. Putting his life as mascot behind him, he moved to the States 10 years ago on a tennis scholarship. and dress code. But there's still that accent, Growing up in Australia, music has always been so important to me. # Nothing's gonna change my world. # Hopefully, people can just judge me on my voice and my passion, and not about whether I can say g'day. Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

More Australians are turning to non-surgical cosmetic procedures in an attempt to wind back the clock. Demand for botox is higher than ever, with doctors treating patients as young as 20. It's a quick fix and it's addictive. It seems Australians are hooked on botox and other non-surgical cosmetic procedures, spending more than $300 million on treatments last year. To smooth wrinkles, to prevent frown lines. Just to make women and men feel good about themselves. Dr Michael Molton has come up with an even easier way to administer the magic boost - a personalised mask for patients. we're going to deliver the doses in precise amounts to exactly the same place, exactly the same place everytime to get exactly the same result. Some of his patients are just out of their teens. 20- to 25-year-olds that are seeing lines that are occurring on their face, they're looking a bit like Mum, and don't necessarily want to go in that direction. Dr Molton is among over 600 physicians from around the world

attending a cosmetic surgery love-in on the Gold Coast. I had my botox done again about four to five days ago so you can see I'm having more difficulty to frown. But I don't think I look over-botoxed. The global cosmetic surgery industry is booming and Australia is up there with the main players. In fact, doctors here say in many areas we're leading the way. A new implant that's available here in Australia that is not yet available in the US. It's been approved by the Government here within the past few months. You have access to a lot of things we don't have. They all say it's not about vanity, just self-esteem. On the Gold Coast, Amelia Charlton, Ten News.

The like Mr Taylor will look at the

weather with a bevy of ladies there

you've found. We're trying to save

the country women Association Hall.

The population is about 230 but

outnumbered by trout about 2000-1.

He get out on the lake will try to

find one. This is the gateway to

the finest trout fishing grounds in

the whole country. This is it like

you can danger. You've been lucky

enough to call his home for some

years. We write here at the D'Amore

and it's one hell of a dam wall it

in her field wall. But 1.5

kilometres wide. kilometres wide. Normally this

holds 11 times the volume of Sydney

Harbour but it down to about 20 %.

There are plenty of fish in you to

be had. Trout fishing in this area

is worth about $70 million to the snowy

snowy Mountains and the fly-fishing championships

championships around here in

November. Thank you for a

November. Thank you for a beautiful ride.

ride. A beautiful and environment.

Are you excited about the

environment awards? My word we're.

This is a winner and a greener. We know you care about this This is a winner and a greener. We

know you care about this planet and

you wanna make a difference. If

you're recycling, planting picking

up litter we want to know about it. you're recycling, planting picking up litter we want to know about it.

If the little things that make a big difference.

Oh we going to save This little

hall.? Sport now with Tim Webster, and the Rabbitohs claim they'll be the silent types tomorrow night? Yes, they claim they'll leave the sledging to the Roosters - more shortly. Also, duelling water bottles for Benji Marshall as the NRL stars brace themselves for a hot start to the NRL season. And a fiery send-off from Melbourne fans

as the Sydney Kings somehow force the NBL grand finals series to a fifth and deciding game.

There's no place like the NSW Snowy Mountains

for an invigorating autumn break.

Unwind and breathe in the crisp mountain air, enjoy alpine walks, fill your days with adventure or try a spot of fishing. Stay three nights for the price of two at the four-and-a-half-star Lake Crackenback Resort for just: To book your Snowy Mountains escape, visit the website or call: This program is captioned live. Souths are bracing for a sledging war with the Sydney Roosters when rugby league's centenary season kicks off tomorrow night. After a week of niggle, the Rabbitohs are being told to block their ears at ANZ Stadium. Rabbitoh rookies Isaac Luke and Eddie Paea But Souths are expecting less favourable noises from former Dogs enforcers Willie Mason and Mark O'Meley tomorrow night. I'll enjoy the talk between the big boys up front. I don't think I'm going to scare Willie Mason or Mark O'Meley or any of them if I start saying anything, so I just keep pretty quiet. The skipper endorsing the silent approach. because that's the best you can do, because Ogre and Willie love to talk. Mason and O'Meley on the same page with their feelings about Souths. Ah, yeah, I think there's a lot of hatred.

Former Rooster Craig Wing set for a rough ride. Oh, they can call me anything. It doesn't really bother me. It's been happening for my whole career. The match deserves at least a 40,000 crowd but looks like falling short, and that has the Bunnies boss blaming Nick Politis. his Roosters counterpart, to stand up and say, "Every Roosters fan, you owe it to yourself "to go out there and see us play the game." Why haven't they done that? Why won't they do that?

No feuds at the Wests Tigers - just plenty of sweat and concern about Sunday's 3:00 kick-off with the Dragons. I'm going to make all the marketing people stand in their suits on the sideline and the promotions people and the media people

so they can get a bit of an idea of what it's like out there to pick a game at that particular period of time. A couple of major announcements from the Bulldogs, who say they too have been priced out of the market for Melbourne Storm star Israel Folau. The Dogs also appointed Todd Greenberg as the new CEO. Meanwhile, Cowboys star Johnathan Thurston is set to make a shock appearance in Round 1. Thurston travelled with the Cowboys to the Gold Coast today, He wasn't due back from a double shoulder reconstruction until Round 5. To be fair, I reckon we've got a very tough individual there, because anything we've thrown at him so far, he's handled easily. So we haven't ruled him out, but we still haven't made a decision on whether he plays or not. The first sign he could return earlier came in the form of a $75,000 betting plunge on the Cowboys yesterday. And Newcastle skipper Danny Buderus will finish his playing career in England after signing a 2-year deal with the Leeds Rhinos in Super League. at the Knights, This will be his last season the 30-year-old delighted to have his future settled. I told the boys this morning

and already I felt a huge, a bit of a bear off my back there. Now telling you guys now and all the speculation is over

and I just really want to focus on this year now. Buderus was given permission to pursue his future elsewhere

after the Knights signed Kurt Gidley for a further three years. The Sydney Kings have extended their NBL grand final series against Melbourne

to a fifth and deciding game following a phenomenal comeback last night. Sydney trailed by 18 points at one stage but won the match 90-87. All the Kings men one win away from the greatest of comebacks and re-embraced by the city of Sydney. I think that's going to take place tomorrow night. I think the city's going to come out and support the team, and we're going to need them tomorrow night in order to beat the Tigers. Last night's thrilling game four victory tied the series at two wins apiece. It had almost everything - coach Goorjian on the floor, Mrs Gaze on her feet

and, of course, some post-match controversy. I've had a look at the footage this morning and it's inconclusive, so I don't think there will be anything more coming out of that. The Kings were rescued by injured import Dontaye Draper, who, with just one good leg, wasn't meant to play in the match.

He begged Brian Goorjian to put him in. I couldn't sit there on the bench. I wasn't raised like that - I had to contribute something. their off-court dramas, The team defying with the future of the club in great doubt. Ah, I don't know what's going to happen, as I've said all the way through this. The cruel irony of the Kings' dire financial state is that they're currently locked in this phenomenal grand final series. Game five, the decider, is here at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

They're expecting 10,000 people here for the match. Book your tickets, and if you are going to be part of the walk-up crowd, make sure you are there early because the crowd outside of the box office is going to be quite large. He couldn't break back into the Test team but an outstanding summer from Simon Katich has earned him the Pura Cup Player of the Year award. Katich won by six votes from Queensland all-rounder Ashley Noffke, with NSW team-mate Doug Bollinger taking third. The prize sure to be a boost for the NSW skipper ahead of the Pura Cup final, which gets under way at the SCG on Saturday against Victoria. World champion Kimi Raikkonen will keep a nervous eye on the scorching temperatures in Melbourne. The 28-year-old is wary of an overheating Ferrari. The Iceman borders on the boring. So publicity-shy,

you sense Kimi Raikkonen would rather be at the dentist than facing the press. One word answers his speciality. No. Through the mumbling, the world champion says the title fight will again be a race between the red team and their fiercest rival. There's two teams, four drivers, so it's very difficult to say who's going to be fastest of them. We go for every race and after a few races we can see really if we're faster than McLaren. But a scorching weekend forecast is concerning the defending Melbourne champion. Having suffered a spate of over-heating issues in winter testing, confidence in the scarlet camp isn't complete. For sure, we hope we don't have a problem. But like I said racing is racing and things can go wrong sometimes. Rubens Barrichello has been around long enough And his old team will again be the pacesetter. It's a lot of numbers, it's a lot of lap times and it's really difficult. Although, I must admit, that I think Ferrari's on the top. Regardless of the front fight, the battle for Formula 1's middle ground in season '08 will be unprecedented. They're sort of a step in front of everyone and then you've got this whole gaggle of cars, like 14, 16 cars, which are all very, very close. I don't think I've ever seen that before in F1. The battle begins with three hours of F1 practice tomorrow. Tim Hodges, Ten News. The V8s hit the track today

and Holden's Mark Skaife has taken pole position

for the opening Supercar race. The return of Steven Richards was most noteworthy. His team just completed a new car last night on Sunday. after his massive write-off in Sydney backed up his maiden-round win last weekend with the fourth-best time. But it's Skaife who is in the box seat for tomorrow's opening race of three across the weekend. And our Grand Prix coverage starts tomorrow afternoon. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, the Mariners announce they will appeal Danny Vukovic's 12-month ban for striking the grand final referee.

The another look at the traffic and

you're still over the big problem

on the Hume Highway. There's an

awful accident for traffic heading

west to Liverpool. The rescue an

investigation is still ongoing but

you can see looking back to the

racecourse at a real jam heading into the south-west.

into the south-west. Motorists into the south-west. Motorists are

better off on the Cumberland

highway or the M5. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's lending a helping hand in Adaminaby.

Your capital - renowned for a huge lake and a giant flagpole, and those massive roundabouts, spinning you off to discover a piece of the Australian story. Feel the courage of our Anzacs. DIDGERIDOO PLAYS Behold our nation's journey. ENGINE REVS

Or get up close and personal with a legend in training. In fact, you'll be flat chat doing half of what's on offer here.

So, come on, see for yourself. with eight new pizzas, including the Super Lot. Loaded with every ingredient you can think of, Domino's BIG TASTE RANGE. Mmm.

And a body who grew up in the

country knows about the country

Women's Association. If you don't come

come back with a betray us Kong's

you'll be in trouble. I crocheted

that myself. Welcome to the country

women Association Hall. We need women Association Hall. We need yet

one thing straight. That it's more than

than just tea and Sconser. Now you've

you've been told because they're

all about - can you tell us what

when the bush fires ravage the

mountain's. We did lunches and things for people and cared for

them and just general things are we

normally do. And you do that for

drought relief and for diabetes and

cancer at the local hospital.

Middle of a community worker. This

is Maureen. Quite frankly the

problem is the joint is falling

down. They've got hold of it in

1956 and was brought out from all

wake. The roof is falling down and

the electrics and made good and it

needs a new kitchen. You're living your eyes and held the helping

people in the community when you

your cells and a lot of help. Yet

few can help with paint or kitchen

equipment or you'd love to help us

rebuild this call then send

whatever you cant who will Post

Office box and 37 - 2629. I'll get

them a job on a neighbour's. Post

Office Box 37 - 2629. It came more

away from Norway and is now falling

down around them. There hate wave conditions in western New South

Wales until Wednesday. Sydney

tomorrow - 27 to 30 degrees - a

fine and sunny day and asked fine

and sunny weekend.

A clear skies across central and

southern Australia where hot

Windsor generating extreme fire

danger. Cherie winds on the

Queensland coast. Isolated showers

on the New South Wales North Coast

and the chance of storms in the far

south-east. A peacock fair here on

Easter Saturday. If you can't find

something like this in the city.

It's beautiful to be on the road.

Three words they don't wander here

- the tea and sconced. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10:30, with our Early News from 6:00 tomorrow morning. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.