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This program is captioned live. Tonight - service station spies - to rule out rorts. what the Government's doing for far too long. We've been ripped off as motorists

our most violent pubs - Naming and shaming for late hours? could it mean last drinks the secret political loans loophole. And the Premier vows to close Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Good evening. alive and well in Alice Springs? Also tonight, is apartheid because of the colour of their skin. at her naughty best. And Catherine Zeta-Jones Hi! Nice to meet you. But first tonight, 'cheap Tuesday' rips-offs. the petrol blitz to expose with Fair Trading inspectors Ten News has gone out on the road not giving drivers a fair deal. to catch service stations costing motorists more. It's the latest rort 15 cents a litre cheaper On Tuesdays, petrol can be than the weekly high, are deliberately withholding supply. but now the claim is some stations is less available on Tuesday It would appear premium petrol and Tuesday is the cheap fuel day. for far too long We've been ripped off as motorists selling the petrol. by these big corporations got to be done. Something's definitely Fair Trading agrees -

out on the streets the Minister ordering inspectors

rogue service stations. to try to catch

why consumers were so mad. And they soon found on cheap days and maybe have to wait Haven't got any. What about tomorrow? Don't know. Might be in tomorrow? Have no idea. conflicting information. There is so much it's a supply problem. The Service Station Association says

and Caltex says no supply problem. Shell says it's a supply problem Sydney petrol stations last month When they first surveyed almost 200 25% had their premium offline. Those findings will be presented in Canberra. to the new Petrol Commission US$108 a barrel. as oil hit a record high overnight -

just $1.15 a litre a year ago, While we were paying today it's $1.46, the bowsers by the Easter weekend. Many now fear a 7-cent jump at Ali Donaldson, Ten News. to build a second Iron Cove Bridge The controversial plan has hit another brick wall. Opponents claim to have found serious technical flaws

in the Government's planning. bus passengers were inconvenienced Only a day after motorists and by changes to Epping Road, on the Government pressure is building Sydney's next big road project. to cancel at Drummoyne would cost $150 million. A second Iron Cove Bridge has options including: But a new report by critics is that things can be done now. The most important point

We don't have to wait for two or three years

till this bridge is finished. titled 'Wrong Way Go Back', The report, flaws in the Government's plan, also highlighted potential technical including a lack of traffic modelling of $105 million. and a budget blow-out

the traffic modelling So we have done community consultation - and we've done very extensive than for most projects. a 3-month period, which is longer to speed the traffic up Frankly, the best way

on Lyons Road on Darling Street. or under the ridge

The Greens have joined with the Coalition

the controversial new bridge. in opposing to the Government This report sends a clear message to the drawing board. that Mr Roozendaal needs to go back just doesn't work. His secrecy and his arrogance written feedback from the public, The Government is now considering a detailed environmental assessment. ahead of The RTA is still hoping by the end of 2010. to have the new bridge finished should be revealed later this year. The preferred model Kevin Wilde, Ten News. could be under threat, Late-night last drinks

to be cut back. with calls for hotel trading hours

are named and shamed. It comes as our most violent pubs for publicans. Violence is a touchy issue the Mean Fiddler Hotel at Rouse Hill Little wonder managers at

were ducking for cover as the State's most violent pub. after it was revealed were reported to police 51 assaults at the Mean Fiddler over the past nine months, 41 at the Coogee Bay Hotel, the Steyne at Manly followed by the Commercial at Dubbo, with 28. and the Campbelltown Catholic Club, My fiance and three of his friends on Friday night were at the Mean Fiddler glassed him in the head and one of the other patrons

for a couple of hours. pelted with bottles and glasses. Police say security guards are often They recently ended a brawl to savage patrons. by allowing a guard dog on the weekends. The hotel closes at 3am a public debate on pub opening hours. The Police Commissioner wants extended trading hours particularly, Trading hours, that's consumed the volume of alcohol in locations and, in fact, density of licences

violence in the street. significantly contributes and drives of a licensed premises, If a licensee, the manager can't manage the premises of antisocial behaviour without persistent problems consideration then you do need to give to restricting the trading hours. they'll resist any attempt The pubs say to further restrict trading hours well aware of their responsibility and that most hoteliers are to provide a safe venue.

The violent pubs list comes a blitz on binge drinking, as the Federal Government launches promising an advertising campaign about the dangers of brain damage. to warn young drinkers John Hill, Ten News.

An Alice Springs hostel has caused uproar by ejecting a group of Aborigines. Those involved say they can't believe it and they're taking legal action.

A 300km journey to train in the art of lifesaving in their tracks - only to be stopped dead 16 young women from the Northern Territory's remote outback

turned away from an Alice Springs backpacker hostel. An Aboriginal woman comes into town

and they try bairn role and they try bairn role model to their community. The group, from the Yuendumu community, were there to train in water safety. A new pool is being built in their town this sort of thing could happen in Australia today. It must not happen again. Haven Hostel insists it asked the group to leave because they only cater for international tourists.

However, their website makes no mention of that requirement, only promising the most friendly welcome possible. The Yuendumu community will now take their case to the Northern Territory's Anti-Discrimination Commission. They say they're proud of who they are and want to tell the nation this can't happen again.

is absolutely unacceptable. Discrimination in the NT Everyone has the right to be treated equally and equitably

and, if that story is correct, then the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner has extensive powers to deal with it. The Chief Minister is now considering opening an anti-discrimination office in Alice Springs. Tim Potter, Ten News. Kevin Rudd has been denounced as the quiet deceiver

over Government moves to scrap bonus payments to carers. The Prime Minister forced to fight off a bitter attack in Parliament,

despite promising carers will be no worse off. has promised carers and pensioners Kevin Rudd will not be one dollar worse off under any Budget changes but that's not good enough for the Opposition. Does the Prime Minister really understand

the uncertainty and the anxiety he is causing to older Australians? They have been bombarding MPs' phones over reports their bonus payments will be axed. are examining ways in which we can place payments to carers and pensioners on to a more secure, long-term footing. John Howard was the quiet achiever. Kevin Rudd has turned out to be the quiet deceiver. In his most spirited attack yet,

Dr Nelson highlighted heart-wrenching stories of carers who have come to rely on the annual $1,600. And without her, as he said to me, "Brendan, I would be dead - D.E.A.D!" All making for a fiery Question Time as the Opposition Shame on you Prime Minister! Shame on you Minister for Families! Shame on you Deputy Prime Minister for abandoning and dumping the most vulnerable people

in our society! Mr Speaker, in response to the honourable member's question

from the new party of compassion opposite. The problem for the Government is it took four days to guarantee carers and seniors would not be worse off and it still won't say exactly how they will be paid. They'll have to wait until the May Budget to find out. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. and breaking news about Australia's cricket tour to Pakistan. Yes, the tour is off following the latest deadly bombing in Lahore. We'll have all the details shortly. Just confirming - the tour has been cancelled due to security fears. Also, what Willie Mason said Also, the Eels unveil their new model 'T.T.' - as Timana Tahu - a player with the same initials as Parramatta lays claim to ANZ Stadium as part of their home turf.

And they won't do this come game time, but it's a real basketball hot shot from the Sydney Kings' grand final rivals - nothing but net all the way. And the Beijing smog forces a world champion out of the marathon - all that coming up. Two Australian sailors await sentence after a drunken brawl over football in the US - that's next. Also, the plan to put a touch of Paris into Penrith.

of getting rugby league and art in bed together, under the doona, and seeing what bobs up in 18 months time. And double the trouble - the seven deadly sins get a modern makeover.

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This program is captioned live. A man shot during a gunfight with police remains in a critical condition tonight. The gunman, in his early 20s, is believed to have shot himself in the head after trading gunfire with two police officers at Eastwood yesterday afternoon. A number of bullet holes were found in cars and buildings. Police say they chased the man into an alley behind the busy shopping strip, alleging he was acting suspiciously. It's claimed he then opened fire on them.

Two Australian sailors charged over a drunken brawl about football and politics will be spared a lengthy jail term in the United States. The naval engineers could be home in a few months after pleading guilty to assault.

After more than three months stranded in San Diego Philip Ferres and Kolis Barba moved a step closer to returning to home, pleading guilty to assaulting a Californian law student in a vicious fight last November.

Sorry? MAN: Has anyone forced you to plead guilty? No. Other charges, including a cocaine possession charge against 26-year-old Ferres, were dropped, paving the way for a plea deal and minimising time behind bars.

They're feeling relieved to a certain extent that there is an end in sight. The naval engineers were arrested and charged last year after a drunken brawl with a 28-year-old student they'd just met.

The men arguing over football and also Australia's involvement in the Iraq war.

The victim had some very strong and pointed words about the Australian Government being in the Middle East. with his fingers This man made some gestures like there was going to be gun pointed at them, "You're dead and you're dead," and they reacted. The sailors were bailed but on the condition they remain in San Diego, their ship, the HMAS 'Sydney', leaving without them. If the Australians had been convicted at trial they faced up to seven years jail. I think they do have some regrets. Obviously, they were one day away from getting back and they made some mistakes. Under the tentative sentencing deal, the sailors would have to spend up to 90 days in a low-security facility but would be allowed to leave to go to work, possibly at the US naval base here in San Diego. The Australian Navy is still considering disciplinary action against the sailors. The court is expected to approve the sentence on April 8.

In San Diego, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Penrith's Panthers Club is set to get a Paris makeover. Two French artists have been hired

to help transform the complex into a cultural centrepiece.

In its current form, Panthers club could never be described as beautiful. But French artists Sylvie Blocher and Francois Daune believe they have the flair to create a cultural masterpiece for Penrith. It's a big challenge to think what they can do with that and perhaps just have a new vision about another idea, another way of life. The pair will join other Australian artists looking at ways to transform Panthers into a community village which promotes the local soul. Probably, for most people, an unusual partnership, but the thing about unusual partnerships is they can produce unusual results.

The artists will also liven up the Penrith rugby league stadium using sculptures and photography. One secret we can reveal is a mythical local big cat

will soon be making regular visits here at Penrith Stadium. The black panther will be spotted during NRL night games, created through a lights spectacular. Entertainer HG Nelson believes should be taken up by other clubs. the evolution of art and football A very different place. People will be going to Penrith and saying, "Wow, the Rabbits haven't got much, have they? "Saint George, the Taj Mahal - what a joke." It will be at least one year before the artists' plans are revealed. James Boyce, Ten News. The seven deadly sins have been given a modern makeover - the Vatican doubling the threats to our mortal souls, claiming globalisation has created a whole new set of challenges. It's a sign of the times

when a pillar of tradition decides to update - in this case, the Catholic Church, with its list of sins. Lord have mercy on us and forgive us our sins. For 2,000 years there have been seven deadly sins - lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. But the Vatican thinks they've lost their meaning in the 21st century. Do you think seven sins is enough? Yes, for me it's enough. It's not for the second-most senior Vatican official, a new list of social sins - who has reportedly suggested behaviours that impact on other people, ranging from gene technology to drug-taking, child abuse and even pollution.

Simply making the point that since

aren't just private matters between

us and God. They've a ripple effect. The idea has left traditional Catholics perplexed. I'm not too sure about a couple of them, but child abuse, yes, that's fine. Pollution? I'm not too sure. Where's the Church going with that? that's really necessary. They should take those forums up in other ways. Philosophers say it's actually a clever marketing strategy. It's just a repackaging of things they've been saying for a long time, especially the ones about social justice - the Church has a long history of social justice. So is this political correctness gone mad the masses to mass? or just a way of bringing back that's divided Catholics, It's an issue both lapsed and practising, for this religion. but division is nothing new being back on the front page But it's a good start and the world stage. Amber Muir, Ten News. Next, why scientists believe the symptoms of Alzheimer's. marijuana could ease by gale-force winds and flooding. And Britain battered

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Let's check the trafficking. You're up in the north-west. At the Windsor Road is causing trouble

truck because there was a broken-down

truck on the entry ramp to the M2.

There's Church Street and all I see

is a major traffic jam heading to

the north-west this evening. Peak-

hour traffic isn't coping well

because of the broken-down truck.

Would have a look at Old Windsor

Road and that's flowing quite Road and that's flowing quite well.

airport. There have been delays towards the

for another storm front Britain is bracing heavy rain and flooding. after being battered by fierce winds, Many major roads are closed have cancelled hundreds of services. and railways and airports

Britain's miserable Monday began on the Cornish coast. with battering waves lashed England and Wales, 140km/h winds and heavy rain cutting power to thousands of homes, and ripping off roofs. pulling down trees despite plenty of close calls. No-one's been killed, from being crushed by a falling tree. This man was seconds away (Woman shrieks) Oh, my God!

the busiest night of the year While emergency crews worked through cleaning up storm debris, 41 flood warnings were issued, some residents in their homes. with rising waters trapping by the floodwater? Are you used to getting cut off a couple of times a year. Yes, that happens dragging its anchor A Swedish tanker was towed to shore off the Isle of Wight of the Channel, while, on the other side in western France. a Dutch cargo ship ran aground

Bridges and highways were closed, stuck in the storm. frustrating motorists

for those on foot - But it was far worse for the driving wind. their umbrellas were no match across the country. Commuters were caught out

major disruptions to train services, In London there were and the city's main airports hundred of flights cancelled or diverted as the weather worsened.

Others braved touchdown coming in to land. but couldn't escape the wild winds isn't over yet, And winter's worst storm with violent weather expected to continue for at least two days. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A sex scandal is threatening to end the career of a US governor accused of paying for high-class prostitutes. New York Governor Eliot Spitzer built a career fighting corruption on Wall Street and was known as 'Mr Clean' on a federal phone tap until he was caught arranging to meet a callgirl at a Washington hotel. His wife is standing by him. I have acted in a way that violates my obligations to my family and that violates my or any sense of right and wrong. The 48-year-old father of three girls has not resigned.

against the Beijing Olympics. It's 49 years since the Dalai Lama was forced into exile following Tibet's failed uprising against Chinese rule. He's called for greater international pressure on China to clean up its human rights record. Indian police then blocked exiles attempting to march to Tibet in protest against China holding the Games. Demonstrations against the Beijing Olympics

were also held in New Delhi and New York. British army doctors have saved the life of an Afghan boy with a knife stuck in his head.

An X-ray shows the 7.5cm blade piercing the 10-year-old's brain behind his eye. The boy was stabbed trying to protect his father from an angry customer in his Kandahar shop. The operation was in a field hospital in July last year but the army has only just released the X-ray. short-term memory loss Cannabis is known to cause but researchers believe it could have the opposite effect on people with Alzheimer's. remarkable results. Tests so far have had Memory loss - one of the most devastating features of Alzheimer's disease, with the knowledge it will only get worse - a life lived becoming a life forgotten. But now cannabis plants like these may offer hope. 1 of the 400 compounds in cannabis is about to be tested in human trials to see if it can delay the onset of memory loss. A plant so controversial for its mind-altering qualities is exciting experts about its possible clinical benefits. Cannabis as it is normally smoked has mind-blowing properties, and there are compounds in there which have these hallucinogenic properties.

are for Alzheimer's, However, some of the indications in a mouse model. There's just a single compound that's used from cannabis plant material, which is extracted, and it can stop the memory loss. Now, if we take that single compound and apply it to humans in clinical trials, we could prove, for those 400,000 Alzheimer's patients, whether it could be used for those. Studies in mice have shown that the cannabis derivative, called cannabidiol -

which is not hallucinogenic - can prevent the progression to memory loss in Alzheimer's disease. For patients with this devastating degenerative condition, the chance to take part in the clinical trial may offer their best hope. I'm sure there would be people who would want to enter the trial. The treatment opportunities are so few for Alzheimer's disease - it is incurable.

From cannabis, a plant known to be damaging to the mind, might yet come a medicine that will protect nerve cells in the brain. The Premier vows to close the political loans loophole - that exclusive with Ten's Paul Mullins is next. Also, the rock stars inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - Kevin Rudd dubbed the 'quiet deceiver'

as the Opposition goes on the attack over moves to scrap bonus payments to carers. But Mr Rudd has hit back, promising carers will not be worse off. Sydney pubs have been named and shamed over the number of violent attacks. It could mean late-night last drinks are under threat at the city's worst offending venues,

with police calling for hotel trading hours to be cut back. And petrol blitz - Government spies are now catching out rogue service stations. Ten News went on the road today with Department of Fair Trading inspectors who have found some stations are deliberately withholding supply of premium fuel

on 'cheap Tuesdays'. Madonna has joined the ranks of music legends in America's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Pop singer Justin Timberlake inducted the 49-year-old star at a ceremony in New York. I would also like to thank all my fans who have stuck by me through thick and thin. heartland rocker John Mellencamp, Piano man Billy Joel inducted and Lou Reed gave the honour

to 73-year-old singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen. Actor Tom Hanks inducted the Beatles' rivals the Dave Clark Five less than two weeks after their singer, Mike Smith, died. To the BankWest finance report, and oil has hit a new high as the share market fell to an 18-month low,

and another bank jacks up interest rates.

The average price of a litre of unleaded in Sydney tonight is $1.35. We've seen it as high as $1.48 and as low as $1.29 around the northern beaches and Liverpool. Secret loans to MPs and political parties will be outlawed under strengthened political donation laws. The Premier has agreed to close the loans loophole as the ALP moves to expel at least five people

in the wake of the Wollongong Council sacking. In the Premier's own words, it's been an ugly and tough last few months. Much of that anguish surrounds the sacking of Wollongong Council and the corruption watchdog inquiry into alleged developer kick-backs.

Now Morris Iemma is closing a political donations loophole, banning all secret loans to MPs and political parties. People can get around the disclosure laws by not making a donation, but by making a loan. Such loans are banned under federal law, but not in NSW. Making a $100,000 loan can be just as crucial to a campaign

Making a $100,000 loan can be just as crucial to a campaign as a $100,000 donation. or $100,000 proceeds from a fund-raiser. Closing the loans loophole is in addition to measures announced two weeks ago in Parliament. The legislation is currently being drafted. The plan is to have it in place in time for the September local government elections. By then, the fate of former ALP official and Wollongong councillor Joe Scimone

and four other counsellors will be known. They're all facing expulsion from the ALP. I think it's quite clear from what's transpired over the past few weeks that they've brought the party into disrepute and, for that, they ought to pay a price. The Premier has also underlined his intention to fight union objections to the partial privatisation of the electricity industry. I can either get on and implement what I'm doing and secure the State's future, and let someone else do it. Well, I've got no intention of getting out of the way. at the ALP's annual conference The scene is now set for a showdown in early May. Paul Mullins, Ten News. She's the red-hot mama who's captivated Sydney since her arrival at the weekend. Catherine Zeta-Jones performing some death-defying acts in city traffic at her glitzy premiere. Many have said Catherine Zeta-Jones's looks could stop traffic - last night she proved it. Dressed in an off-the-shoulder mini-dress and killer heels, the 38-year-old actress sauntered across the street to greet fans at the premiere of her aptly named new movie 'Death Defying Acts'.

That ever so well behaved. I've

been in the riots with pens poking you in the eye. Also on the red carpet, fellow star Guy Pearce, who only took on the role of the great magician Harry Houdini after director Gillian Armstrong twisted his arm.

I was wary at first because I

didn't feel I was the right person

to do the job. So you had to fall

in love with Catherine. That's the

other thing I said - how we going other thing I said - how we going

to make that work? CGI. There's

always a slight embarrassment to a

meeting someone and then having to do love scenes. While Catherine's plans for the near future are sure to get some male pulses racing.

You tantalised us by saying it the

week we'll see more of you in your

next film. Yes it'll come off. You think I'm not sexy - you wait!

Well if we're live from Well if we're live from the

Australian a reptile Park. Will tell

tell you the plight of the Tasmanian

Tasmanian Devil weighed Ron but

were a bit excited about this. It's

the Environment Awards. were a bit excited about this. It's the Environment Awards. We were a bit excited about this. It's the Environment Awards. We figured

the land needs a hand and you're the sack people to

the land needs a hand and you're the sack people to get in and make

a difference. If you were helping

the environment - it could be

recycling or conservation or

helping the what our wildlife. It's helping the what our wildlife. It's

not just big picture staff but

Small Things Can Make a difference. There's

There's a monthly prize and an annual prize.

annual prize. Come on, give the

land hand. Here is that the e-mail

address to enter. This story will

tell later address to enter. This story will tell later on you've heard address to enter. This story will tell later on you've heard about

the facial tumour disease. While

the facial tumour disease. While

they've a breeding programme here.

I've a vocabulary of just throwing

words - fine and sunny. 27 to 30

degrees and a heatwave conditions

in the north. Ivanhoe - it's above 35 degrees. Sport now with Tim Webster, and our cricketers aren't going to Pakistan? Yes, that story has just broken in the last half-hour. We'll cross to Cricket Australia headquarters for the latest. Also, red, white and blue - what Willie Mason said that's fired up the rivalry with the Rabbitohs. And the ultimate "no look" shot from the Sydney Kings' grand final rivals. Mum, we know you like to save money. BOTH: But we're individuals.

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Or visit: This program is captioned live. Parramatta coach Michael Hagan has warned the three players involved in the Kings Cross shooting incident they are no certainties to return to first grade straightaway. Ahead of the premiership kick-off against the Bulldogs, the Eels have unveiled a player determined to hold on to one of the vacated spots.

Flanked by Jarryd Hayne's replacement, Taulima Tautai, coach Michael Hagan staked a claim

to the Eels using ANZ Stadium for some home games. The immediate playing future of the three players dropped for Saturday's clash with the Bulldogs is not so clear. Jarryd, Junior and Weller would all have been in the 17 this week for certain, so I guess that's the beauty of this game - if you give someone an opportunity and they make the most of it

and we play well enough on Saturday, we reassess in week two and week three. The season opener is a big stage for the 20-year-old to make his debut, but after the departure of Timana Tahu in the off-season, the name Taulima Tautai has a nice ring to it. They're big shoes to fill but I'll try my best. After a preseason of more off-field dramas, Steve Folkes can't wait for the competition to get under way. Yeah, I think everyone just wants the football to start. Players just want to get out there and play, so bring it on. With NSW in the Pura Cup final, West Tigers take on the Dragons at the SFS instead of the SCG, and are hoping to restrict rather than stop the scoring exploits of Mark Gasnier, who has a habit of racking up big numbers against the Tigers. Like all special players, at some stage. What we try to do is limit the amount of hurt that is. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Roosters recruit Willie Mason five minutes may have only been at the club but he's bought into the 100-year feud with the Rabbitohs. The Bondi Junction-based team have launched their season ahead of Friday's opener against the Bunnies, and Mason declared he doesn't like the red and green. Yeah, that's no problem - I hate Souths anyway. AUDIENCE LAUGHS AND CHEERS I'll jump on the bandwagon there. Cheers will no doubt turn to jeers from the Rabbitohs fans at ANZ Stadium. Meanwhile, the Sydney Swans launched their 2008 campaign amid speculation from down south

that the once mighty red-and-whites are a fading power. Oh, look, everyone's got their opinions, but I suppose the people that matter is the players, and we still believe in our list and still believe we can be competitive. of the season is against St Kilda The Swans' opening match on Saturday week. And more on the breaking news we brought you earlier - Australia's cricket tour to Pakistan has been called off for now due to security fears. Reporter Rob Waters joins us from Cricket Australia headquarters. Rob, what influenced the final decision?

The political instability in

Pakistan was the major reason of of

that the the cricket body said they

had to take their safety concerns

into consideration and the risk was

too great. Just last night last

night there was a bomb blast at night there was a bomb blast at a

government building in Pakistan's

and at least 12 people were and at least 12 people were killed.

The that's the 6th bomb blast since

the elections on 18th February.

They're spoken to their advisers

and the federal government and have

assessed the situation Pakistan and

today announced the tour won't be

taking place this month. We very

disappointed that this tour won't

be going ahead. We've left no stone

unturned in trying to ensure that

the tour could proceed as planned

but at the end of the day for us

the safety and security of our

employees must come first. There

were to leave tomorrow but there

was delayed until the 29th and now

they won't be going. They say it's postpone rather than cancelled. The

closest window to reschedule his

next year or the year after and

that leaves the way for the pliers

to head into the IW well. Mark Webber is confident that can go the distance he at last has a race car at the Australian Formula One Grand Prix. of luck and a new Red Bull machine. He's pinning his hopes on a change Sun, surf and Formula 1 - the life of a GP driver is tough for some, it's a whole lot tougher. but for another, With a nation riding upon his shoulders, Mark Webber comes home confident his car can at last last the distance. We'll be a lot more consistent than we were last year undoubtedly. in terms of race finishes, Our Achilles' heel last year was the gear box and that seems to be a good step forward from last year so we will be more consistent as a team, I'm really sure of that. The down-to-earth Aussie is philosophical about his F1 record - 103 races for just two podiums and a garage full of blown-up cars. Still he refuses to lose hope. He maintains his qualifying is blistering,

his luck appalling. And he remains defiant a win will come.

I hope so. I was challenging for a good result at Fuji. I know I can challenge at the front if we have a consistent and quick car. But it's not about being a broken record saying that. When the car stops it's not my job to worry about that, I've just got to focus and dust myself down get on with the next race. Any other driver might have found himself on the F1 scrap heap,

but not Webber, whose stocks remain high. I think he's got a lot of integrity in the sport as a driver who's got the potential, not only to win races, but go beyond that. I would love Mark to be in a competitive car.

Winter testing times have shown Ferrari will again be the clear pacesetter ahead of McLaren. But the battle to be the best of the rest looks the best race of all. very close, especially with Red Bull, Renault, so we'll really have to just try and make the best out of each single track and let us wait and see.

Opening F1 practice begins on Friday. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Marathon world record holder Haile Gebrselassie won't contest the event at the Olympics, because of fears surrounding Beijing's air pollution. Days like this in Beijing, when it's hard to see the main stadium,

have the Ethopian star sceptical China can clear the air in time. An asthmatic, he withdrew from last year's London Marathon. When I come to Beijing, you never know - maybe it will be worse. Gebrselassie will opt for the shorter 10,000m in Beijing. The British team are thinking of using masks like this to protect their athletes, though not in competition.

Thomas has shown off what he can do ahead of game four in the NBLl grand final series gainst the Sydney Kings tomorrow night. At training, owner Seamus McPeake offered $1,000 or the first player to find the net from mid-court. Thomas not only took up the challenge, but decided to do it backwards. The Tigers can wrap up the championship tomorrow night and no doubt they'll be hoping some of Thomas's magic touch rubs off against the kings. Later in Sports Tonight the Kings in enemy territory. from Sydney coach Brian Goorjian The latest ahead of the must-win game in the NBL grand final series in Melbourne. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's weather is next.

Only breakthrough thinking can combine petrol and electric power. Lexus Hybrid Drive. The GS450h sedan and the RX400h SUV. The world's first luxury hybrids,

from Lexus. Guilt-free performance. PENSIVE MUSIC ROCK MUSIC

There are those who are inspired to do better than their best. It's why Uncle Tobys has raised the muesli bar to even greater heights. Uncle Tobys Chewy Muesli Bars - goodness for greatness.

Here is a question - what his work

for one little Tasmanian on

whether? Piazza is too little Tasmanians.

Tasmanians. It's a good day. We're

launching some Environment Awards

and we couldn't be in a better spot

- the Australian or reptile Park.

What do we've over here? What do we've over here? The

Tasmanian devils. Have a look at

that, Fiat's. As you know the that, Fiat's. As you know the devil facial

facial tumour disease is claiming

big numbers of devils in Tasmania

and its decimating the population.

Why are we here today is to try and

do something about it. We want them

on the planet as long as these guys

are on the planet. The Brit are on the planet. The Brit in

program has been a real success - a

late showings last year.

late showings last year. Tomorrow

is our first pouched a cheque for

this year. She's training for 21

days but tomorrow could be it. This

one is one year-old. The numbers your

your building here mean it it's an insurance policy.

insurance policy. For females only

leave for about seven years and

they breed for four of those it so

once we get hundreds of phase we'll

try to save the species for a I've

a vocabulary of only three words - fine and sunny.

fine and sunny. It's been shining

for about five days and the

forecast in this fine and sunny for

the next week. It the Australian a

reptile Parker - a ring them on the

final whistle came visiting. When will they be that because it? Midwinter.

Midwinter. They're Patel struck - network 10 Environment Awards.

At she cloud across the south of

the continent is causing rain in

Victoria and a southern New South

Wales at Rangers. A trough in the

east will trigger afternoon storms

in northern Victoria and south-east

New South Wales. Afternoon

thunderstorms on the southern

ranges of New South Wales and

showers on the showers on the Queensland coast of

mainly in the north. The

Environment Awards - here is the website with.

That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10:30, with our Early News from 6:00 tomorrow morning. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight.

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