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of being heartless Carers accuse the Federal Government to a special allowance. over planned cuts at least more than a pittance. We deserve to have expansion of Bankstown Airport. Residents angry at plans for a major I think it would be terrible. Charlotte Lindstrom Swedish-born Sydney socialite jailed for plotting a murder. in the Archibald Prize. And the mother of all victories more than anything else what I'm trying to communicate for my children. is the incredibly deep love I have This program is captioned live. Good evening. After a 4-month honeymoon its first public backlash tonight the Rudd Government is facing to slash a bonus to carers. over reports it plans a part of the razor-gang budget cuts, It is believed to be but carers say and shouldn't be the ones to suffer. they are already doing it tough

Ben Baker is 30 years old. and mental disabilities He has severe physical and is autistic. at his side since day one. His mother Leslie has been about the whole thing I just get emotional they're human beings. because these kids are delightful, and carers like her, For the past four years Leslie, of $1,600 a year. have been receiving a bonus payment is looking to scrap it Now the Rudd Government just $500. in favour of a utilities allowance of more than a pittance. We deserve to at least have out a notice While the Government has already sent on the new allowance, is yet to be made. it says a decision on the bonus I know people want an answer today, I know it's very frustrating, to go through. but there is a budget process and are extremely disappointed. Carers find it insulting have been running hot. Our phones here at Carers NSW

as having the lowest wellbeing Last year, carers were identified of any social group. For God's sake, Mr Rudd, on Australia's carers. please rule out an attack in Australian society. These are the saints her first holiday in 26 years. The bonus gave Leslie Baker Carers groups say why the bonus should stay. there is another reason the cost of replacing carers A recent report found is more than $30 billion a year. Denham Hitchcock, National Nine News. the site of Sydney's second airport A new push to make Bankstown even before it got off the ground. has stalled, of many worried locals, Much to the relief Anthony Albanese Federal Transport Minister any expansion, this afternoon ruled out nearby. saying there are too many homes and cargo planes The constant buzz of flight school airports. makes it one of the country's busiest even busier, and louder, Some say Bankstown would be if its private owners had their way. from any airlines We'd be very open to any approaches out at Bankstown airport. that wanted to start operations regular passenger flights a day The airport wants to operate 12 a number of airlines, and says it's spoken to Tiger Airways. including new budget carrier new destinations Tiger is looking for for its expanding fleet of aircraft, at least two Airbus 3-19s. which will soon include I think it's a great idea, to this area. best thing that could happen passenger service appeals to some, But while the convenience of a daily many residents are bitterly opposed. I think it would be terrible. I think the jets, Bankstown Council fought off plans Seven years ago residents and to fly 737s into Bankstown. to fight again. They say they're ready it'll be a nightmare. I'll be more than unacceptable, like teddy bears' picnics The protests in the past will look

compared to what'll happen here. require a massive expansion. Catering for big passenger jets would would need to be built, Terminal facilities

more than 200 metres. the runway extended approval of the Federal Government. But for that the owners need the an emphatic 'no', And today the Government said for a second Sydney airport. once again grounding plans it simply won't fly as a proposal. It simply won't fly, Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. There will be a bad joke long-suffering toll-road users at the expense of Sydney's on April Fools' Day. on the Eastern Distributor That's when the cost of driving and the Cross City Tunnel both go up. will rise by 50 cents to $5 A trip on the Eastern Distributor by 46 cents, to $3.96. while the Cross City Tunnel rises and model, Charlotte Lindstrom, Swedish-born Sydney socialite has been sentenced a bungled murder plot. to 3 years and 10 months in jail over in special custody at a men's prison But she sill be kept the subject of threats because she was aimed at stopping her helping police.

Once known among Sydney's social set now a convicted criminal. Charlotte Lindstrom is before her arrest last year. This footage was taken Back then, her future looked bright. But that never happened. in a plot by her lover And instead, she was caught up in a drug case against him. to murder two crown witnesses officer to kill the men She met and paid an undercover police before she was arrested on the spot. Today a Supreme Court judge said: state of mind at the time Justice Rothman said Lindstrom's the relationship with her boyfriend, caused her to romanticise she wasn't fully aware and because of that of the consequences of her actions. against her former lover, The 23-year-old plans to testify in special custody. serving out her time She is now in strict isolation.

is not her first language. She is a person, English She is on her own. eligible for release Charlotte Lindstrom will be

in May next year.

Jessica Rich, National Nine News. Immigration officers have smashed Federal Police and biggest sex-slave syndicate. what could be Australia's in inner Sydney, They raided a brothel arresting 5 people and rescuing 10 South Korean prostitutes. The three women and two men are accused of keeping the Asian prostitutes as sex slaves in a Surry Hills brothel. Now they're the ones behind bars, facing charges over a business that allegedly turned over $3 million a year.

This is probably the largest such syndicate that we've smashed. The South Korean women were allegedly working off debts up to 50 times the cost of their trips to Australia. Basically, they were pretty much held against their own will. Police allege the 10 victims involved all agreed to travel to Australia as sex workers, but not sex slaves. Once they got here it's alleged their passports and airline tickets were confiscated and they were forced to work up to 20 hours a day in the brothel. Experts believe there are scores of foreign sex slaves in Australia. Until recently, most were from Thailand. Now there's a shift towards South Koreans trying to pay off gambling debts. Former federal detective Chris Payne has seen it all. Federal Police, mate, we've got a warrant to search this place. His most shocking find - a 14-year-old girl named Nikki working in another Surry Hills bordello. They're forced to work for nothing until they've paid off huge debts. They're kept in places where there's bars on the windows. The accused will face court again next week. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. The Australian women taken hostage in China are tonight safely home with their families. All escaped without serious injury, but have been offered counselling for the trauma suffered during the ordeal. Back home and in no mood to talk, Rhiannon Dunkley - one of 10 travel agents held hostage. She saw the bomber, pacing up and down on the tour bus, ranting and raving. Minutes later the women all saw the man open his jacket, revealing bombs strapped to his waist.

During the ordeal hostages were able to send text messages to family members back in Australia. One of the women convinced the man to let most of the hostages on the bus go. He was later shot by police snipers. It's a traumatic experience for them. There was decisive action taken by the Ministry of Public Security in China, and we will help in whatever way we can with the victims, as well as the investigation. Three of the women disembarked in Melbourne. The other seven slipped into Sydney airport, avoiding the media. A Chinese Foreign Ministry official denied

the incident was an embarrassment ahead of the Olympics. He said the drama could have happened anywhere. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. Former deputy prime minister Mark Vaile has responded to criticism about that overseas trip he took which was paid for by an Australian company. This is not unusual. During the course of the last parliament there were a number of now-senior Labor ministers who had also taken overseas trips, paid for by the private sector. Mr Vaile says he still intends to see out his full term. After just one sitting, the new Friday session of Federal Parliament has been scrapped.

The Government claims it was forced to ditch its reform continued disruptions, because the Opposition had pledged cardboard cut-out of Kevin Rudd. such as when they brought in this than he bargained for today PM Kevin Rudd got a little more by more than 20,000 well-wishers when was mobbed in the Papua New Guinea Highlands. with a $25 million increase in aid. He returned the favour entire highlands population It was as if Papua New Guinea's had turned out to welcome Kevin Rudd. CHEERING on an RAAF Hercules The Prime Minister flew into Goroka to a ceremonial welcome. and stepped off the plane Escorted across the tarmac and a warrior in traditional costume by a young girl of mud men and archers. Mr Rudd ran the gauntlet Thousands lined the road into town, all smiling and waving flags. Ad then when the PM finally emerged from the car he was engulfed. For half an hour PM Rudd turned tourist - shopping in street stalls, bartering for local arts and crafts. Advice for selection for my wife. What do you think? Earlier, Mr Rudd backed the thawing relations with Port Moresby announcing by a $25 million increase in aid.

and an extra $13 million to fight HIV AIDS in Papua New Guinea will affect where forecasts suggest the virus half a million people by 2025. It's a common challenge for us all. We must act on this. regional relationship to massage Kevin Rudd has one other bruised before flying home. His half-day in Honiara will include new Prime Minister. talks with the Solomon Islands' National Nine News. In Port Moresby, Tim Lester In the news ahead - the Archibald winner. at an Israeli religious school. A massacre after an explosion in Times Square. And terror fears by its fuel efficiency. and you'll be captivated uses just 8.6 litres per 100 k's. Its common-rail turbo diesel

than a Ford Territory. That's over 20% more fuel-efficient of five or seven seats. Holden Captiva Diesel. Misty sink mixer - $46.93. Outdoor bistro blind - $88. CSR R3.5 gold batts - $48. Galvanised shelving - $19.48. Portable floodlight - just $9.57. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning. The State Government is trying to stop a convicted triple killer using a legal technicality to get out of jail. The family of his victims is furious he is still able to make a bid for freedom 30 years after the crimes were committed. ready to face the man Garry Connell turned up at court and sister. who murdered his mother, brother It's been soul-destroying. 1978 in the last couple of months. We've had to go back and relive to three life terms John Ernest Cribb was sentenced and Damien Connell. for the murders of Valda, Sally in a recent TV interview, Cribb, seen here re-determined applied to have his sentence in sentencing laws were introduced. because he was jailed before truth

he withdrew his bid. But in a last-minute twist,

Lloyd Babb, from the DPP, from applying for a release date asked that Cribb be banned for five years.

he was powerless to make that ruling But Justice Michael Adams said

without a full hearing. The judge went on to say governing cases such as this, he was bound by legislation "I am not the Parliament of NSW." saying,

the Connell family's distress. He added he understood

I feel that we've been cheated. The outcomes that we wanted today a determined sentence, were that he never get apply again. but also that he could never to close the loophole Late today the Government moved manipulate the legal system. that lets lifers, such as Cribb, at the moment. We are exploring all options

application is brought to a point We can't have a situation where an then withdrawn at the last minute. The law needs to be changed. Simon Bouda, National Nine News. a religious school in Jerusalem A Palestinian gunman has attacked and wounding nine more. killing eight students The shooting went on for 10 minutes, the first ambulances on the scene so long that one of was hit as well. heard the gunman, An Israeli Army officer

and shot him dead. hunted down the attacker

news of the killings Here in Gaza, some people celebrated an Israeli offensive which come after more than 120 Palestinians dead. which has left in New York's Times Square, A small bomb has been set off by security cameras. the explosion recorded in the early-morning attack No one was injured outside a military recruiting office, but it has outraged officials so much from terrorist attacks. in a city which has already suffered to find the bomber They have pledged every effort on the security footage, who was recorded just before the device went off. the joys of motherhood A Sydney artist celebrating has won this year's Archibald Prize. $50,000 Del Kathryn Barton takes home and her two children. for her painting of herself Just another face in the crowd - a portrait of Claudia Karvan, the wall-to wall gathering, hovering over of the 87th Archibald Prize. waiting for the winner Del Kathryn Barton - about me' - 'For you are what is most beautiful with Kell and Arella. a self-portrait promptly caught up Mother and son and daughter in the media frenzy of the Archibald's that has become as much a part as controversy over the winner. about me' - 'You are what is most beautiful it's very personal. more than anything else What I'm trying to communicate is the incredibly deep love that I have for my children. This year's choice was a very close-run thing. Vincent Fantauzzo's triple portrait of the late Heath Ledger, beaten only at the very last moment of judging. One was sort of dark and slightly sonorous, and the other one was bright and breezy, colourful and decorative, so it shows you the art of portrait painting has got plenty of opportunity. to keep her painting. Del Kathryn Barton intends either. The Heath Ledger is not for sale, to his mum. I think I'll give the painting

for giving me something. I just feel I owe it back to him, isn't over yet, not by a long shot. The Archibald competition is yet to come. The People's Choice award get their say Tens-of-thousands of Australians should have won. as to which painting they believe Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Stephanie Brantz with sport now - the premiers have theirs? and after league's big launch, Yes, Mike - they can make it back-to-back wins. and the Melbourne Storm say Also - what a home coming! cheer home their heroes. Cricket mad Indians And Sydney harbours some speed demons for the weekend. Wow! Thank you! Right now at Target, get 25% off quilt cover sets Excludes licensed bed linen and nursery. (Laughs) Stop laughing! CHEERY MUSIC OK, sweetheart, the party's that way. Whereis maps are now free to browse through the BigPond 'home' tab on your Next G mobile, so now you can take your maps where you take your phone. Are you sure you don't want me to carry that? No, thank you. or Dealer. Visit your nearest Telstra shop approaches kick-off, As the NRL season at each others' throats. the Roosters and Manly are already

their season Today, the Sea-Eagles launched and the Roosters said on the Northern beaches to do it. they should have stayed Manly crossed the Harbour Bridge for their launch. and headed to the Opera House

as their territory Normally the Roosters claim that and they weren't happy the Sea Eagles didn't stay on the Peninsula.

It's a great place to be. You've got to share it. Are you saying the Roosters done own it? They probably do. From Max Whitehead, Manly's very first captain in 1947, to today's current stars the Sea Eagles did it in style. As for the season ahead Hasler believes it will be closest we've ever seen. Sides have had another off season. Time to work on things to bring them up and I think the gap is getting closer and closer. Despite that, Hasler says Melbourne deserve early favouritism and today they paraded the trophy every team wants. Last year's Premiers launched their season with Deputy PM Julia Gillard inducted as the inaugural number one female ticket holder. Doing the honours - Molly Meldrum - her male counterpart. And I must say the way I'm doing this... ..I do feel as if I'm the Queen about to knight you. It was a quick turn around for Captain Cameron Smith. last night in Sydney he launched the centenary year of celebrations for the NRL. Less than 12 hours later Smith was back in Melbourne's colours. Apart from the loss in the world club challenge I think our preparation for the season has been quite outstanding. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. Having whitewashed Australia in the one-day series, India's cricketers have arrived home $2.5 million richer, Their next mission - to replace Australia as the world's top Test team.

Parting a sea of supporters, the team bus pulled up. First off - the Little Master attracted the biggest cheers. Having replaced Ricky Ponting on top of the one-day rankings, Sachin Tendulkar and the rest of the team were pelted with flower petals. Almost 40,000 packed Delhi's cricket stadium right to the rafters. In addition to this adulation, the team received a $2.5 million bonus. Australia won the Test series, but the one-day triumph was India's first over the world champs in Australia. A freshly shaven Tendulkar now predicts an Indian dynasty to continue through the likes of long-haired teenage paceman Ishant Sharma. I think that it's remarkable

and we all can expect bigger things from him in time to come. Stuart MacGill has made a strong bid to reclaim his status as Australia's number-one spinner. In his first Pura Cup match since wrist surgery MacGill did more than his bit to bundle SA out for 128, taking 5/49, firming as a certainty for the doubtful trip to Pakistan followed by Australia's tour of the West Indies. Win this match, and the Blues will host the Pura Cup final. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. A taste of some of the high-speed action that will take place on Sydney Harbour this weekend as two entrants in the Sydney Superboat Grand Prix tested the waters. The powerboats can reach speeds of 220km/hour. They'll be racing from Fort Denison to Shark Island and back. There'll be special exclusion zones in place as they shoot for pole from 2 o'clock on Saturday. The race itself starts at 3:30 on Sunday.

After the break - the CommSec finance report and Mike Bailey with the weekend weather.

And then - a familiar face working hard to help some needy children. Camping out, the queue to buy a piece of land in Forde, Local carers call for their special bonus to stay, And the Wildcats weigh up their options for the future. Wow! Thank you. Right now at Target, get 30% off plain dyed towels and bed linen. Excludes nursery. Did you hear that? 30%! Stop laughing! We're serious! WOMAN ON RADIO: Steve, utter chaos this morning. Conditions are quite treacherous. This rain is making the roads extremely slippery, and we've already had a few bingles.

All the freeways are heavy inbound, forcing a lot of traffic onto the back roads. It's a real challenge for drivers getting to work this morning. Maybe for some. ENGINE ROARS VOICEOVER: The rally-winning Suzuki Swift. ENGINE ROARS In finance - Westpac has followed NAB's lead, increasing its variable home loan rate by 0.3% which is more than the Reserve Bank's rise of 0.25%. And now with the weather, here's Mike Bailey. And a bit of rain on the way? Not too much, Mike - and it should clear through tomorrow. Cloud has been building today following a milder change. That kept Sydney's temperatures around average, with the west peaking in the high 20s while the coast reached 25 degrees. Canberra had thunderstorms this afternoon and some lighter falls have been moving across the ranges to the west of Sydney over the past few hours. Behind the trough,

persistent northerly winds will continue the heatwave through South Australia at the weekend. Adelaide has already had its warmest run of March temperatures for 19 years and there's more to come - with higher figures also ahead for Victoria and western NSW. No rain there, but the trough will bring further showers and storms as it moves to the north of the State tomorrow.

There will also be heavier rain about the top end of the NT and Queensland. But, tropical cyclone Ophelia has weakened into a low pressure system off Western Australia, Mostly fine around the nation's main centres tomorrow with Adelaide expecting a top of 39, and Melbourne also set to see temperatures push higher into the 30s across the weekend. There is an early shower or two ahead for Sydney, with cloudy periods to persist a little further into the day with winds south-southeast at first. The low sea swells also from the south-east. Seas are 1-2 metres with those winds expected to tend south-east to north-east from 8-13 knots later tomorrow. Winds and seas will be similar on Sunday. Temperatures tomorrow will again peak around 27 in Sydney's west, while the coast should go from 19 to 25 degrees.

And the change today has lifted humidity levels. Expect a mostly sunny Sunday with temperatures just a little higher, and they will be even warmer again into next week. But not as high as the scorchers ahead for Adelaide and Melbourne, Mike. Finally tonight, the whereabouts of the man normally in this chair - Mark Ferguson. We are proud to report he's riding his bike for a great cause, The Day of Difference Foundation. He's pedalling 400km, from Sydney to the Hunter Valley and back, hoping to raise $300,000 for Westmead Children's Hospital. And we'd love everyone to just get on the website if they possibly can. and donate a few dollars And that website address is: And Fergo will be back on Monday, to his news cycle. when he'll have switch back

at National Nine News this Friday. And that's it from our team here Goodnight. See you same time tomorrow. Tonight ... block at Forde, Locals join the queue to snap up a continues between the Airport and The battle over flight paths Tralee's developer, to derail Qeanbeyan's And council in-fighting threatens Good evening, raised concerns about the fairness Potential first-home buyers have Forde. of the latest land release at apprentices to camp outside the They say builders are paying sales office, so they're first in line to snap up the limited blocks