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that's happened to us all day. this is the best thing I want to see what's in 3.

Take the boys' birthdays. So you want me to open 3? and what do you get? Subtract one from the other, You get... ..$20,000! There was the $20 there. of shoals that we were sailing in, I'm sure you'll agree, with the kind a terribly tough decision to sail on. it would have been Nice meeting you. Nicely done, skipper. Let's see the money. methinks I see a mermaid. Ahoy, skipper, It IS a mermaid! Nicely done. Good stuff, Paul Panna. the catch of the day, it ain't bad. Look, not exactly Moby Dick, but as No. Exactly right. Exactly right. We didn't sink in the end. Thanks a lot, Nicole. You lived to tell the tale. It's been great fun. Thanks for being with us. for your company as well, crew. And thank you very much aboard the good ship 'Deal'. See you next time This program is captioned live. Tonight - who left a young woman disabled. Four years jail for the rock thrower A terrifying ordeal for Australians in China. held hostage on a tourist bus

is deepening Evidence Sydney's rent crisis of desperate tenants. with a weekday queue And actor Patrick Swayze the deadliest forms of cancer. diagnosed with one of with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. A man has been jailed for four years hitting a young woman in the head for throwing a rock at a car, on the South Coast.

he could be freed in two years. With good behaviour, of victim Nicole Miller says But the family

her suffering will last much longer. to recover from the attack Nicole is still struggling that almost killed her but she's staying positive. Mentally and physically scarred faces years of rehabilitation. the former beautician

seven months ago I'm a lot better than I was when it first happened. appeared relaxed Rock thrower Peter Hodgkins before heading to court. for a while - It was his last taste of freedom a 4-year jail sentence a judge gave him with two years non-parole. to Nicole or her family? REPORTER: Anything you'd like to say Nicole's mother says changed their lives forever. the attack

that aren't going to go away. She has disabilities and they'll be gone. She won't serve a 2-year sentence

It was from this overpass at Kiama that nearly killed Nicole that Hodgkins threw the rock last July. She was on her way home with friends smashed through the car window when a 1kg missile and into her head.

Today, the judge said rock throwers harshly. the courts had to treat

his son's behaviour Hodgkins father today apologised for and said would be longer. he thought the sentence I said to him, for this." "You can expect five years at all. 10 Australian travel agents from Shanghai tonight are flying home

by a would-be bomber. after being held hostage after a 3-hour stand-off They are badly shaken, but unhurt with their attacker being shot dead. that ended

Their ordeal over recovering in Shanghai. the travel agents have spent the day The strain clear in these images after a crime that's rare in China. taken just hours that a man, armed with explosives We understand and hold them hostage. managed to take control of their bus in the ancient city of Xi'an. It happened yesterday morning were visiting Bell Tower Square The Australians strapped to his body when a man with explosives stormed their bus. 9 of the 10 managed to escape to change buses before police allowed him and head to the airport where he was trapped by police. it did end pretty tragically. Unfortunately, the Australians hostage The man who was holding was shot dead. his remaining hostage Killed in front of a 48-year-old woman. The woman, from New South Wales with the hostage-taker who was left alone

was obviously very distressed. almost unreported. It wasn't big news in China, But it was massive in Corowa of the group where one of the youngest members Riannon Dunkley, only 22 comes from. She was really upset. because she was crying. Couldn't really understand her

they've feared most - this is just what For China

uncomfortable questions an incident that raises over security for tourists before the Olympic Games. just five months behind the trip insists But the travel company China is safe. the foreigner is very rare - The local Chinese attack very rare. So China is still safe. to put interest rates up The NAB has become the first bank than the official increase - and it has gone further lifting its variable rate by 0.29%. to household budgets In a further blow are also going up. private health premiums, It's been a tough week for families. Interest rate rises, the health insurance rises, the petrol. other things People might just have to give up that aren't as necessary. And they might have to give up more a 4.99% rise with the Government approving in private health insurance premiums.

on the average family cover. That's an extra $120 a year the insurers wanted more. The minister says intervened in a way But we have, we believe, which makes sure are the minimum possible. that these increases What a joke in private health insurance fees when they're approving a 5% increase about an inflation rate and they're complaining of around 3.5% nationally. And there's more pain - the National Australia Bank

official interest rate rise is the first to answer Tuesday's lifting its mortgage rates by 0.29% - that's above the Reserve Bank's 0.25% increase. And while the Coalition may have accepted that WorkChoices was a political disaster in his first major speech since being voted out of office John Howard makes clear he hasn't. The new government in Australia is pledged to reverse those labour market reforms. That will be a mistake. Music to the ears of his friends at an American right-wing think tank. (Sings) God Bless America. The State's health watchdog is facing two inquiries tonight

for failing to act on complaints against the doctor known as the Butcher of Bega. But the Opposition claims one investigation will be a white-wash with the Health Care Complaints Commission reviewing itself. is supposed to help patients The HCCC

failed by the medical system. Now the job has fallen to these women. They represent thousands of victims who say their pleas for help have been ignored. They just dismiss everything and they fight families to the bitter end. It's incredibly difficult to get a complaint looked at. The health watchdog is suffering a crisis of confidence reviewing its own actions over Doctor Graeme Reeves known as The Butcher of Bega. Many of his alleged victims complained to the Commission. who are almost as bad There are other doctors out there

and the authorities are not doing anything about it. Jim Murray's wife died at Bathurst Hospital after a series of mistakes. He hasn't heard from the HCCC since a January meeting. Nearly 8,000 people got in touch with the HCCC last year. Of all the complaints, less than half were dealt with. The Medical Error Action Group is demanding answers meeting Health Minister Reba Meagher. And people in the street are reasonably saying, "That's not good enough". After a round table discussion of his own the Premier decided his special health inquiry should also investigate the Health Commission's actions. I certainly believe for this to be examined by Peter Garland. Former State minister Milton Orkopolous has been found not guilty of three child sex charges. Today, he testified at his child sex and drugs trial for the first time after the judge directed the jury to dismiss the charges. Mr Orkopolous admitted having a sexual relationship with one alleged victim but insisted the young man was over 18. about the fact you lied under oath? REPORTER: What do you have to say

He still faces 31 charges. Construction of Sydney's new South West Rail Link is on track to start next year. The Premier has re-announced plans for a 13km line from Glenfield to Leppington promising it will be finished in four years. The south-west is going to be home to thousands of new families and what this project is about is delivering the infrastructure as the new suburbs are built. But Green groups say the line isn't being built fast enough so new residents will become too reliant on their cars. Sydney's growing rental crisis has been dramatically illustrated by a weekday bidding war at Newtown. Dozens of would-be tenants fought over a modest 3-bedroom house forcing the rent through the roof. Even midweek Sydney's high-pressure rental market is a crush - open houses in need of crowd control. Just because it's crazy - it's just a real rat race out there. Last Friday, this property was advertised for $390 a week. By yesterday, the price had soared to $450. It didn't stop them coming. I had 150 applications and now I have 14. We were even considering offering more, yeah, to be blunt because it's getting to that stage. A 3-bedder - neat, but small. Big enough when you've been looking for months.

It's a bit hard. I don't know what to do. I'm just sleeping on my sister's floor at the moment. We are now getting completely kicked out of our house so we are really desperate and we have, like, two weeks left. The advertised price usually does nothing more than start the auction. I've had places go up $150 overnight. There've been two or three or six months in advance so they are going to desperate measures to get the place.

Rents for new tenancies are rising 10% a year. People are battering down the hatches and staying put - they are not moving. When the bidding war finally ended for this property late today the winning offer - and three months in advance. $475 per week

A jump of nearly a quarter in less than week. But for many, the hunt continues. I'm willing to live anywhere at the moment. I'm pretty desperate. Doctors for actor Patrick Swayze say he's responding well to treatment for pancreatic cancer. The 'Dirty Dancing' star's diagnosis was made public this morning with fears he had just weeks to live. But Swayze's manager insists he's much more optimistic. 'ET' FOOTAGE: We have heartbreaking news from Hollywood tonight... THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS SING: # Lonely rivers sigh...# He's the much-loved actor who has appeared in some of Hollywood's most memorable scenes. # I've had the time of my life... # FILE FOOTAGE: I came out of the womb dancing. My mother's a choreographer so I had no choice whether I liked it or not. Swayze's management has confirmed he has pancreatic cancer. His doctor says the 55-year-old "has a very limited amount of the disease "and is responding well to treatment." 75% of patients will die within the first 12 months of diagnosis. And it is the deadliest of all of the leading cancers. Most cases are found by accident. Unfortunately, the signs are very benign signs - things like lower back pain, digestive problems. Despite the diagnosis Patrick Swayze is soldiering on at work. He's reportedly turned up for every day of shooting scheduled on his new movie 'Powder Blue', a comedy co-starring Jessica Biel. Swayze survived a serious on-set car crash and a horse riding accident that broke both his legs. He and his pilot wife were last seen in public in November. We've been married 32 years. Friends say if anyone can beat this disease it's the cool-headed cynic, Patrick Swayze. It's about what you have inside that's worth loving. Still to come - How a great grandmother's garden sparked a Sydney neighbourhood war.

Also, where Australia's millions are being spent rebuilding Afghanistan. And why these triplets are among the rarest ever born. That's next. MAN: a long list of safety... MAN: ..comfort... WOMAN: ..and performance features. MAN: What's more,

WOMAN: ..your choice of colours... MAN: ..body types... WOMAN: ..and engines. MAN: Like a turbo diesel engine... up to 900 kilometres... WOMAN: ..on a single tank. WOMAN: Ford Focus Turbo Diesel... MAN: ..from just $27,990... MAN: on-road costs. WOMAN: Because everyone's journey... WOMAN: different. The inner-suburb of Waterloo became waterlogged this morning when a main burst on Botany Road. The torrent turned the road into a river that ran into the Glenroy Hotel transforming its cellar into a swimming pool. Oh, man. (Laughs) It's bad luck for the pub which had new carpets laid which had new carpets laid just last night. Australia's top General in the Middle East has fiercely denied the war in Afghanistan is a lost cause. Major-General Mark Evans told Seven News his troops weren't losing the war but he refused to say if they were winning. There aren't many places in the world you can go to offer to fix the schools and hospitals, and then get shot at in return. But Oruzgan province in Afghanistan is such a place and despite the recent wave of Taliban attacks

the man in charge of Australia's 1,000-strong contingent is optimistic. It might be slow. It is positive and moving in the right direction. For 18 tireless months they've restored key infrastructure in this dirt-poor place... Can we have a look at the footings? ..the hospital, local schools, a hand-built causeway. Australia has spent millions and it's appreciated. The people are very happy with the Australians, he says. They did a great job, they bring security and construction. It is though, just a drop in the ocean. There is certainly a lot of work to be done, but baby steps. I think we'll get there.

The question is when. Australia's coalition partners aren't so optimistic. How close do you think you are to getting on top of everything? You will have to ask me in 40 years then I can tell you how close we've been. The tragedy of it all is that while the Australians are having success in this one place

many experts agree

that the rest of the country is falling to pieces and in danger of collapse. Even the retiring general won't answer the simple question - is it safer now than when he arrived? It remains a dangerous place. Three members of the Bali Nine have won their appeal against the death sentence. Tach Duc Thanh Nyguyen, Si Yi Chen and Matthew Norman

have had their heroin-smuggling sentences downgraded to life in prison by Indonesia's Supreme Court. We compare from the death penalty. It's OK, but this is not like what we want. 8 years or 10 years. Lawyers for Scott Rush hope the decision will help his appeal against execution. A man-made flood is under way in America's Grand Canyon An American woman has given birth to identical triplets. The pregnancy has the odds of 1-in-200 million and happened from just one IVF embryo. that they came home with us. They were born so healthy

for a little more time to prepare We were hoping

but, here they are. Logan, Eli and Thomas were born at 35 weeks each weighing 2.1kg. Mum and dad are using nail polish to tell them apart. has upset her neighbours A Blacktown woman

by creating a secret backyard garden for her great grand-children. Croaking frogs live there meaning, it's not so secret. There are all sorts of things at Margaret Pratt's house -

kangaroos, cockies, gnomes and real frogs. I love them, I really do love them. She started years ago with a few tadpoles. REPORTER: So, who lives in here? This is all tadpoles. She made a place for frogs to live and her grand children to play and called it her secret garden. But a neighbour didn't like the noise. He poisoned all the plants and killed everything

Margaret has pictures of a white powder scattered over her garden. She put up a security camera. Next door put up bright lights. She painted them black. The police came and the council and lawyers - all for a croaking frog. That noise, is that him? That's a frog, yeah, that. Does that keep you awake at night? Well, he reckons it does. Margaret took a picture of her neighbour, But Margaret is not going to give up her frogs. What would I have to live for? Her neighbour wasn't home today - might have been too noisy. What does your neighbour think of all the garden gnomes? They're not too noisy. Well, I don't know - they might come to life at night. Who knows, in a secret garden? Time for sport with Matthew White and the Eels take action against Jarryd Hayne. He won't be there for the first round. More shortly. Also tonight - The new campaign that takes the NRL back to the future. And the pain of gravity - what goes up, must come down. The Eels have suspended star winger Jarryd Hayne for their Round 1 NRL match against the Bulldogs following his drunken night out with team-mates in Kings Cross.

Seven's Patrick Molihan is at the launch of the NRL's centenary season and Pat, not the best news to kick off 2008? Matt, Eels bosses said they had to get tough with off-field behaviour getting out of control. He's a superstar but Jarryd Hayne's club and team-mates told him today they've had enough. Hayne, Weller Hauraki and Junior Paulo all stood down from Saturday week's season opener and fined $2,000 each for being drunk at Kings Cross when a shot was fired on Monday. We thought this will have the greatest impact on them and indeed, for our other players

as far as setting the example for the whole season. You just cannot be going around being intoxicated late at night when you're an elite athlete. The magic of television has helped bring elite athletes from rugby league's early days side-by-side with current stars

in the ad campaign for the game's centenary season.

One of the stars craning joins us now. But with

now. But with your beloved Rabbitohs, up

Rabbitohs, up against the Roosters.

He could not ask for a He could not ask for a better start?

It will be a big game we It will be a big game we are hoping

will be big crowd out there and I've I'm

I'm sure it will be very physical.

At a fireworks? I think will be a

very physical game and I'm sure that every team

every team wants to start off on the right for and every team wants to start off on the

right for and there is no better way

to do that then it's the neighbours.

Mate, no friends that there when you

go back, thanks for joining us and all

all the best for a great season. Should be

Should be a great one, Mat. Let's

hope from now on, all the dramas are

only on the field. to their back line The Waratahs have made a late change against the Brumbies for tomorrow night's match injured. with Timana Tahu pulling out and will undergo rehab Tahu has a hamstring strain in two weeks' time. to be ready for the Crusaders Replacement Alfi Mafi has speed to copy Tahu's defence. but isn't so sure he'll be able

shoulder charge like, mate? REPORTER: What's your Oh, I can't tackle. Nah, I'm kidding. at the SFS tomorrow The 'Tahs will field a baby backline with an average age of 23. from coach Brian Goorjian A call to get nasty of the NBL finals series inspired the Kings to win game one against Melbourne. in the second quarter Sydney were down 13 points led a fightback before Mark Worthington with a game-high 35 points. provides for Worthington! COMMENTATOR: Jason Smith Up there for the play of the game! in the best-of-five series The second game

is in Melbourne tomorrow night. Finally tonight - over-confidence can sometimes be a curse in sport as world-record motorbike jumper Robbie Maddison found out in Melbourne this morning. MAN: Darn it, damn it, God darn it! Maddison ended up in hospital checked. to have cuts on his hip and stomach a few repairs His bike will also need at the end of the month. but he will fly again

Those cuts that he was having checked that he

checked that he actually did

checked that he actually did

earlier. He says so many injuries,

they do not know where to start. He earlier. He says so many injuries,

was very restrained the with his

Checking finance now - language. He loves it.

have pushed the share market higher. and record oil prices Resource stocks made good gains. 59 points. They helped the ASX 200 rise is in a trading halt Consolidated Media Holdings

can raise the cash needed with doubts Lachlan Murdoch

with James Packer. for a privatisation deal Sara's next with the weather for thinking summer's come late. and Sara, we could be forgiven

making up for lost time. Our warm sunny skies are certainly Yes, Ian.

they're going to last I'll tell you how long Autumn continued its best impersonation of summer today or at least what summer should have been - warm and sunny in the city. with a range of 20 to 26 degrees It's still sunny and 23 to be out and about. so, a great afternoon across western parts Temperatures soared

late this afternoon reaching 31 degrees and Campbelltown. in Parramatta, Richmond, Penrith,

30 in Liverpool. 26 in Terrey Hills and Manly. Katoomba, 27. From the satellite - we have this high-pressure system to thank for the warmer weather.

across NSW, northern Victoria and South Australia. Tasmania and southern Victoria A few cold fronts will push across over the next few days as they slide up the NSW coast. but they'll weaken a fine night and sunny morning Tomorrow's weather today shows

from around lunchtime but some cloud will move in

with that southerly change to a evening shower. and that could lead Expect a slightly warmer night of 25 to 26 for the city and coast. followed by daytime temperatures 27, in Parramatta.

and Campbelltown. 28 in Liverpool, Richmond, Penrith,

And apart from the chance of a light shower tomorrow night, the 7-day outlook is looking good. Mostly fine over the weekend with tops in the mid 20s climbing into the high 20s next week.

And that's Seven News to now sunny skies. Spinner while since we have seen

during the evening. but we'll have updates Sydney's fine dining disaster! Next on Today Tonight,

thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross, Goodnight. Free food for our pensioners. The food factories in every city.

I give them beat $260 worth of food for

for a $30 fee. and get what you want. How to find them Good evening. We begin with a question. If you or a loved one was dying the transplant queue and you could jump by buying an organ, would you? with an Australian couple We've been on a remarkable journey who've done just that. and knew where to buy one. She needed a kidney bloody hell - It is the most agonising, three years of my life.

they have the parts. The ultimate in body part surgery - Can we see? It's big. All you need is the money. to accept her fate. At 40, Vicki Pascual isn't the type to change it - She and husband Brent are trying

the $100,000 for the organ, stretching their home loan to afford and hospital stay. operation, flights

dialysis for life or life. I have two options - I'm choosing life. with severe renal disease - Three years ago, Vicki was diagnosed

to the size of golf balls. her damaged kidneys shrinking

She needs dialysis every second day. Australians needing a transplant, In a queue with 8,000 other Vicki acted. in the Philippines getting a kidney. I'll be judged because I'm here you can't judge me. But you have to understand,

If you're in my situation, what I am about to do now. you will do

I don't have time to wait. At my age in the Philippines. The live organ trade is legal

And as our waiting lists grow taking place in this hospital. so does the interest in what's a quarter of a century ago It was set up by the Marcos regime black market. to block a growing and often deadly organ-buying more attractive Government regulation makes to foreigners. Claiming a 90% success rate, Institute in Manila is the hub. the National Kidney Transplant is a slick money-making exercise. Beyond that security guard The demand for kidneys is strong and constant.

On the third floor with relatively wealthy foreigners, the rooms are filled