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(generated from captions) HEY, LIZ, WHAT'S IN YOUR THAT IS "ALL IN THE FAMILY'S" ON THE CBS MIRROR EVERY in the open sea - Rescued after 30 hours after a fishing trawler sinks. the miracle survival out there mate, no way. I was not going to die the 'Butcher of Bega' Victims of the doctor dubbed lay bare their trauma. you can never forget. It's something you cannot forget, as two robbers come off second best The amazing video against 50 bikers at a Sydney club. so they tried to escape. The baddies went, "Oh, uh," And Neil Finn stands out of Archibald Prize contenders. in a crowded house

This program is captioned live. Good evening. an extraordinary story of survival. First tonight, the North Coast early yesterday When their trawler sank off next to no chance of escaping alive. three fishermen had to raise the alarm But one man swam 14km and a second has now been rescued.

for the third. A massive search is still under way

an amazing fight against the odds. A desperate search, like no other person. I've got a determination John Jarrett spent 30 hours his skipper, Charlie Picton, alive. struggling to keep himself and mate, no way. I was not going to die out there, The alarm was raised late yesterday swam ashore when John's mate, Michael Williams, near Byron Bay. at new Brighton Beach, he'd been shipwrecked Definitely looked like for a while. and floating in the ocean through shark-infested waters, The 39-year-old swam for 12 hours about 14km offshore. after his prawn trawler sank Is he a good swimmer? Well, he's very strong. Very strong? He is very strong. were still out there somewhere. John Jarrett and Charlie Picton at night-time Anybody person that is in the water

is in a hostile environment. became snagged on a reef It appears the trawler's nets and the vessel capsized. I just want the boys back. I don't care about the boat, began sinking early yesterday. The 18m, 100-ton 'Sea Rogue' Michael Williams swam for help. With his mates clinging to an esky, to hang on any longer. By 9pm, Charlie Picton was unable Just after 8:00 this morning, and winched to safety. John Jarrett was spotted

We've just found a person alive. in the ocean. It'd been a long scary night to be in the aircraft. He was just grateful was airlifted to Ballina Hospital, The 41-year-old father-of-three

where his anxious family was waiting. I just can't wait to see him. that's all I can say. He's never going out to sea again, tried to save his skipper. He told mates he desperately and try to keep him alive. John chose to stay with the skipper to wave at the rescue helicopter. Exhausted, Mr Jarrett managed and dehydration, While he was suffering hypothermia he was in a remarkable condition. he doctors say It's astounding that he has managed in as good a shape as he was. to stay

continued throughout the day, The search for Mr Picton holding on to hope. his family in Yamba Simon Bouda, National Nine News. told of their horrifying experiences A group of South Coast women have at the hands of a doctor the 'Butcher of Bega'. who is nicknamed The exploits of Dr Graeme Reeves the Nine Network's 'Sunday' program. were first exposed by from Health Minister Reba Meagher. His victims are now demanding action of hundreds of women They're just five

of Graeme Reeves, who claim to be victims

have suffered in silence. victims who until now

You can never forget. It's something you cannot forget. were patients of Reeves in 2002. All the women or sexually abused All say they were mutilated the 'Butcher of Bega'. by a doctor since dubbed was rape. I knew what he had done to me Gail Small says she nearly died a routine procedure. after undergoing what she thought was rushed to Liverpool Hospital 12 months later, I had to be

six months to live. as I was only given been done to a huge number of women It is a monumental damage that has who until now have had no voice. was demanding answers. A voice that today from practising obstetrics, Graeme Reeves had been banned never checked his background. but South Coast health authorities I'm angry. I'm really angry. six months ago. This was raised in the parliament Reba Meagher's response today a toll-free counselling service. was to offer victims She's also asked for an urgent audit 'Graeme Reeves' practising in NSW. to ensure there are no other we know who they are, I want to ensure that That we know where they're working. The women also want damages to face criminal charges. and Graeme Reeves Too bloody right! Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. in a Wollongong court There have been emotional scenes he seriously injured as a man apologised to a young woman car in which she was a passenger. when he threw a rock at the Peter Hodgkins told Nicole Miller At his sentenceing hearing,

putting her through such a nightmare. he deeply regretted continuing to recover, With Nicole Miller refusing to talk to media. her attacker left court today,

to Nicole and her family? Do you want to say anything made his first public apology Earlier, Peter Hodgkins to his 22-year-old victim to hurl a rock from an overpass. and detailed what provoked him at the time He said he was drinking heavily because of a relationship breakdown. and told her he was sorry. Then he made eye contact with Nicole

Hodgkins went on to say had so much ahead of her that he understood Nicole must be a 'nightmare'. and that dealing with the attack It was at that point members began to sob. that Nicole and some of her family to undergo rehabilitation, Nicole continues but the brain injuries she suffered for the rest of her life. will affect her where before I couldn't. I can move my arm right up now, Like, I can move my hand a bit. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. the shock of their lives last night Two armed thieves got a sporting club at Regents Park. when they tried to rob 50 bikers were in the club at the time and they quickly turned the tables, crash-tackling one bandit and chasing the other into the arms of police. Armed with a machete and a samurai sword, the two would-be thieves burst into the club, interrupting a trivia night. They slashed a chair, punched one patron and ordered the others to the floor. One jumped the bar as the other terrorised families, the elderly, and a man in a wheelchair.

A customer bolted for help and within seconds, the masked intruders were in a panic, as dozens of angry, burly bikers raced in from an adjoining room. Imagine, 50 bikers came running out at you, all wearing leather and black. The members of the Southern Cross Cruisers club were attending their monthly meeting. They chased one of the would-be bandits across the dance floor. The baddies went, "Oh, uh," so they tried to escape.

He crashed headfirst through a plate-glass door and leapt over a balcony, only to be caught by police nearby. The other intruder tried to escape outside but was pounced on by bikers and hogtied with electrical wire. The heart, the adrenaline was pumping 1,000 miles an hour. Like I said, I didn't stop to think. All we could think of was, "They're not getting away." A third man waiting in a getaway car fled the scene. It's the ninth time in two years the club has been hit. Finally, some justice has been done for us. The social bikers made the community club their home base just three months ago. Now, with their new found guardian angel status, it's a match made in heaven. For the next few days at least, for Jester, Bear and their biker mates, the drinks are on the house. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. Morris Iemma has been forced to act on the growing controversy

over political donations from developers. As the Premier himself faced accusations that cheques had been made out in his name

he ordered tougher rules on the disclosure of contributions. With his back to the wall over the Labor Party's relationship with developers,

Morris Iemma has finally accepted demands to overhaul the system of political donations. Donations laws need to change and, Mr Speaker, they need to change for the better.

Under the reforms, the public disclosure of donations There is reform, not just change.

All this on a day when it was revealed Morris Iemma and Planning Minister Frank Sartor

personally received donations from a developer who lobbied the Government successfully to over-ride Burwood Council's objections to the size of a new apartment building. Whether Morris Iemma or the Labor Party banked the cheque, Morris Iemma's a dope. The Opposition rubbished the Premier's plans for changes to donations laws, saying the Government has failed to act on similar recommendations made six months ago by the ICAC. The Opposition Leader then demanded Mr Iemma's resignation. Accept you're the real problem and admit it's time to go.

Think of the public, Morris. Resign. Adam Walters, National Nine News. As the ICAC hearing into Wollongong Council continued today, one councillor admitted to paying $120,000 to two men posing as corrupt ICAC officials. ALP councillor Val Zanotto said he was warned by Ray Younan and Gerard Carroll that if anything about the deal came out, "a fatality will occur". Zanotto also told the inquiry he became friends with local developer Frank Vellar, sending him confidential council documents about future re-zoning. as a councillor. Zanotto is refusing to stand down is proposing tough new laws The State Government from cigarettes. to further protect children cigarette packets under the counter, It wants retailers to keep out of the sight of youngsters. The Government also wants to ban with children inside. drivers smoking in cars said that they agreed In fact, 90% of people surveyed should be banned. smoking in cars with children on the measures The Government is seeking feedback which follow research that found started their habit in their teens. that 80% of smokers There is a strong Kiwi challenge this year for Australia's most prestigious art competition, the Archibald Prize. A portrait of Crowded House frontman Neil Finn painted by Auckland artist Martin Ball has caught the eye of the packers at the NSW Art Gallery. For the 87th year, the chickens have come home to roost. This, not surprisingly, is called 'Chook Chook' and it's one of the finalists in the nation's most prestigious art competition. 40 portraits, this year culled from 650 entries. And although we won't know the winner until next week, have already made their choice - the Art Gallery's packing room staff Neil Finn, of Crowded House fame. a giant portrait of New Zealander Head packer Steve Peters says is an art form in itself. picking a winner It's got to be recognisable. I'd have no idea who they are. You know, some of them, who almost missed the whole thing. The winning artist is also a Kiwi being a New Zealander I didn't realise you could enter it said Australasian. but when I read the fine print, Which clearly doesn't embarrass him. It's a $1,000 prize after all. Among the other finalists - painted just before his death, three faces of Heath Ledger,

Skyhooks guitarist Red Simons, a double image of former this of Wendy Whitely, lots of other familiar faces, and, of course, the Chooks.

Usually Archibald entries come as very big canvasses indeed but this year, there's an exception - so small, it's amazing the judges could see it at all. It's called 'Blue Days and Black Nights'. I don't know why either. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. In the news ahead - a fresh hunt for HMAS Sydney. A junior soccer coach's offensive anti-Jewish taunt And the Spice Girls call it a day and give Sydney a miss.

A new effort has begun from World War II. to solve our greatest mystery the WA port of Geraldton tonight An expedition is leaving in the Indian Ocean. to search for HMAS 'Sydney' when she went down with all hands 645 lives were lost 'Kormoran' in 1941. after a battle with the German raider that the search vessel, 'Geosounder', What makes this search different is

for the wreck of the 'Kormoran' will first look to point to the 'Sydney'. and use that A junior soccer coach from Maroubra Sydney's Jewish community has angered against an opposing team. with an ugly anti-Semitic rant Peter Quigley said that all Jews should have died in the holocaust. Today he apologised, and said the outburst was triggered by a physical attack on his son. Maroubra United's coach Peter Quigley and his son Matt love the game, but after a fiery match against Maccabi their words were full of hate. I did say that racial remark saying that, "you all should have been wiped out many years ago". To suggest that all Jews should have died in the Holocaust is an outrageous piece of racial vilification. Sideline taunts caused the Father's Day game on this field to be abandoned before half-time. at the rival coach. Matt took a racial swipe I just said, "Look at the size of your nose, "it's like half your head." he was physically assaulted. The 16-year-old claims Next thing I know around the neck, pulling me to him. some guys holding me Peter says he abused the Jewish team. In the heat of the moment, things were happening to my son. I was very angry at the time, The local football association says

outrageously offensive. the remarks were I totally apologise for that.

Are you a racist?

No, I'm not a racist at all, no. for six weeks Peter has been suspended and told to visit Sydney's Jewish Holocaust Museum with his son. The tours are confronting and are conducted by survivors of the Holocaust. But Peter and his son are uncertain whether they will visit the museum. Um, it's pending, I'll think about it. Nobody leaves that museum unchanged. Dale Paget, National Nine News. Protestors have made it onto the roof of the British Houses of Parliament in a continuing campaign against the plan to expand Heathrow Airport. They threw paper planes as part of their demonstration.

The Greenpeace members have been aided to beat security. by an uncanny ability on top of a jet at Heathrow, Two days ago they clambered

the so-called 'terror proofing' raising grave questions about of the airport - and the parliament. Palestinian rockets A barrage of home-made the Middle East's cycle of violence. has signalled a very bad day in killed one Israeli The Palestinian attack and cars. and damaged several buildings firepower to exact revenge, The Israelis used their superior leaving at least six people dead. rocketing targets inside Gaza,

is over - The brief revival of the Spice Girls at a concert in Canada. with the girl-power gang signing off This is the last time you're gonna see The Spice Girls perform. # Do you wanna be my lover... # Australia and other dates were cut when the girls decided to shorten the tour but they claim it's 'mission accomplished'. That's certain financially - each one has earned at least $20 million.

# Hi, see ya, goodnight! # Ken with sport is next,

and - Matthew Hayden's forced apology? It's all becoming a little bit silly and it's certainly not cricket. While Gilchrist is forced to defend his team-mate. on a huge fight night. Also - Mundine and the Cousin

because in six months time, I look to Landmark I need to fill these, that and that. because we want to get We look to Landmark as we put into it. as much out of this place Or more. the best way to grow the wool, I look to Landmark because I know to sell it. but they know the best way because they've got all I need And I look to Landmark

and the right advice. I'd advise you to give me a hand here, Steve. That's good advice, mate. It's the right advice. Landmark - look to us.

HAPPY, UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS VOICEOVER: New women's range in store now. Adam Gilchrist has dismissed claims by India's Harbhajan Singh that Matthew Hayden is unpopular and not respected in international cricket. The latest verbal barb comes in response to Hayden being reprimanded for calling Harbhajan a "little obnoxious weed".

Good mate Adam Gilchrist defended Hayden, who Harbhajan claims has lost respect among international opponents.

Not ever cared to think what other teams think of Matthew Hayden. He's one of the most well-respected people in our team, so that's all that interests me. Hayden was charged and reprimanded Last night, a "little obnoxious weed". for calling Harbhajan I maintain my innocence.

to denigrate cricket, or anyone. My intentions were never has made his decision. That said, the umpire There was no apology, in this whole sledging saga, 'sorry' one word not said summed up best by Gilchrist in a single sentence.

I think everyone's over it a little bit now, so let's just try and get on with the finals and play some cricket. Those finals will be the keeper-batsman's last games for his country.

If not for wife Mel convincing him to play on, Gilchrist would have quit last year.

Now there's no regrets. There's not a decision I've made in my life - and this is with all due respect to my wife about marriage - because I'm pretty certain that was the right decision. But I've never been surer every single day I wake up that this is the right thing to do. Out west, coaching our next crop of spinners, Shane Warne will play against Gilchrist

in the upcoming Twenty20 Indian Premier League

as captain-coach of Jaipur. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. against a high-ranked opponent An overseas fight for Anthony Mundine looks like the next step middleweight title last night. after retaining his WBA

In a 12-round thriller, points decision over Nader Hamdan. Mundine scored a unanimous couldn't hide the fact Mundine's cheek and chatter the fight was hard and it hurt. Here's one of the reasons why. I ripped the nail off my thumb - about after round four. it was bugging me through the fight after the fight of his career Nader Hamdan was also worse for wear and Mundine knew it. 12 weeks for this fight. He worked hard, he worked like to face me He sparred over 200 rounds torture and that pain barrier, man. and a guy who goes through that

Prior to the main event, for alcohol and drug rehabilitation, Ben Cousins handed over a cheque then followed 12 brutal rounds between a ferocious, uncompromising challenger and a champion with all the gifts, including the gift of the gab. I knew I was superior on the inside, on the outside. Like I said, I gave him one round. I could have done it easy, but I opted to show him

he can't hurt me and I can beat him at his game as well. That might have been the case, but there was no way Hamdan was going to give Mundine an early mark. or what? COMMENTATOR: Is this a fight There was no doubt Mundine won. and so did his supporters. Hamdan knew it mum checked out her boy In the dressing room, and Sonny Bill Williams, while Team Mundine, including Cousins there was just one more thing say. reviewed the night until What's next? I'm ready for anybody. I don't care who's next. But not right now. Ken Sutcliffe, National Nine News. are still firing on all cylinders The Newcastle Jets

the CommSec finance report. After the break - Then Jaynie with the weather details, from last night's storms. including some amazing pictures action from our courts, A bullying victim demands tougher a Stirling club, Staff tied up during a robbery at And Stirling Mortlock a Brumbie for two more years. Details next.

Did you know some sharks grow new teeth as they need them? (Sings off-key) # Are your Macleans showing? # (Laughs) I tried to do it in tune!

In finance news - ABC Learning shares remained suspended today. Suncorp Metway lost more than 7% - their results were disappointing after paying out so many storm insurance claims.

has now left us Mark, it appears the heaviest rain but it will remain cold and cloudy. last nights storms across Bondi. Here are some great shots of of up to 16mm over the city. but the heaviest rain was today including here in Newcastle, Flash flooding, where cars were stranded in the carpark. Right now, though, just a few scattered showers

we just scored 6mm in an hour at the airport. Winds will stay strong and gusty, especially for coast. And under all the cloud, temperatures struggled to reach 19 in the west. We hit 20 in the city, and it looks like we are having our second coolest February in 50 years. Dam levels are down a fraction from last week. And, not including today, so far this summer Warragamba Dam has received 254mm.

we have had every kind of weather today - heatwave conditions in Western Australia, a possible cyclone for the low in the north-west, and snow on the higher peaks in Tasmania from the fierce southerly moving up our State. Severe storms along this trough line, which is what affected us today. It is moving towards north-east NSW and inland Queensland with potential for damaging winds, flash flooding and hail.

But it's calming down in the south and should be fine for the cricket in Melbourne tomorrow, just a morning splash. Sydney - cloudy with a few showers,

strong southerlies along the coast with 3 metre swells. The showers should clear from the west in the afternoon, but hang around in the city for most of the day. A cool start to Autumn - next to no showers for the Mardi Gras parade on Saturday, and perhaps a splash or two on Sunday for Clean Up Australia Day. That's National Nine News for this Thursday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

Tonight ... A young bullying victim calls for tougher sentencing after her attacker walks free Calls for more transparency about donations to political parties, And increased traffic congestion and a car parking shortage infuriates commuters.

Good evening, A young victim of bullying has spoken publicly about her ordeal, saying the court-system is letting down victims of crime. Katie Lankuts was brutally bashed by a gang of youths last year, with the main perpetrator escaping with no conviction and a good