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This program is captioned live. Tonight - feeling the heat - the Premier cracks dealings are scrutinised. as another Government minister's

A month's rain in half an hour -

that's cost businesses dearly. the deluge And a defamation case backfires photographer. on a Sydney's most controversial and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Indonesian police arrest a second man Also tonight, over the murder of a Sydney woman.

hot under the collar? And what's got these protesters The Premier has angrily defended of Planning Minister Frank Sartor, the honesty be sued if they called him corrupt. with the media told they could over a development near Canberra. It follows controversy

to hide or be embarrassed about Frank Sartor says he has nothing housing development called Tralee in approving plans for a $200 million near Canberra airport. his decision was affected He's laughed off suggestions Company, donating $160,000 by the developer, Village Building to the Labor Party. Absolutely no impact. at all because they're irrelevant. I can't afford to consider them who questioned Mr Sartor's conduct. The Premier attacked journalists

he's acted corruptly If you're alleging in a matter that is before him,

lay it and face the consequences. the Wollongong Council scandal, In the wake of dealings with any property developer the Government's reputation. has the potential to hurt

Morris Iemma was so forceful That's why Leader during question time. in responding to the Opposition Barry the bagman, here we go. What a sanctimonious hypocrite,

donations from the developer. The Liberal Party has also accepted

might scoff at the suggestion His opponents political donations but Frank Sartor believes Minister that much harder to do. actually makes the job as Planning irritation to any Planning Minister. Developers' donations are an They are just noise of the real truth of these matters, that get in the way on their merits. which is you have to consider them ejects the criticism, telling Ten News with any suggestion of wrongdoing. he's surprised and disappointed Kevin Wilde, Ten News. And noisy scenes in Parliament land deal dominated question time. as clashes over the Queanbeyan Paul Mullins Our State political editor joins us from Macquarie Street. Paul, tempers frayed on both sides?

After a very much so.

After a very much so. Premier and

the planning minister traded

insults with the opposition leader.

So the government accused the

the opposition of a smear campaign and

the opposition in turn accusing the government of refusing to government of refusing to accept recommendations on donations. A

the parliament. National Party MP was escorted from

was removed from the Parliament. Here's how Adrian Picoli

is on three calls. The member for Murumbidgee And if the Wollongong scandal's action against another local council? the Government's been forced to take the parliament. Not a chance that

the government has sacked and the

Port Macquarie Hastings council. It

follows a pariah in the budget of for a convention centre. Minister had to say. Here's what the Local Government just incompetence. The report suggests the Department of Local Government The director-general of and the commissioner have indicated to me they want to refer to the ICAC. that there are some matters

The minister has refused to comment

on those matters that may be

commission. referred to a the corruption

A lover's betrayal sex-and-property scandal, at the ICAC inquiry into Wollongong's a developer told a convicted con man where it was revealed

on his ex-girlfriend. to go "heavy duty" Beth Morgan admits she had sex with. Frank Vellar is one of the developers

in the witness box Previously he'd cried used by criminal Ray Younan. about standover tactics Today tapes were played the same con man to sort her out. which revealed Vellar asked he wanted to hurt his ex-lover Vellar denies his claims to the contrary, and, despite which suggests their affair continued the Commission was shown an email his Quattro development was lodged. through the time Vellar says: with confidential council documents preferential treatment. and giving his applications of Wollongong real estate about a prime piece which was about to be rezoned, did not come from Beth Morgan. and this time the details He denied

Zanotto gave him the inside running. current Wollongong Councillor Val entered into a joint business venture However, he did admit he and Zanotto

to tip $2 million in and that he asked the councillor for the Fairy Meadow site. Frank Coletta, Ten News. A police strike force has been set up known as the 'butcher of Bega', to investigate the struck-off doctor and mutilating hundreds of women. who's accused of sexually assaulting coming forward to tell their stories. And more victims are now as an obstetrician Graeme Reeves's activities

and traumatised - have left his victims scarred surgically removed without consent. this woman had her external genitals to anybody else. I don't want it to happen during gynaecological checks. Others complained they felt violated reserved for a partner, like an intimate touch that would be

and unexpected. and he touched my breast uninvited of dealing inappropriately Reeves is accused with hundreds of patients. I'm horrified to think a public hospital setting that this man was able to use and mutilation. to perpetrate acts of abuse Details of Reeves's horrific mutilations and inappropriate examinations were given to police today. They've taken it very seriously and I was very pleased. I have faith in them and I think they'll leave it up to the police how they investigate it. Police have now formed a strike force to investigate the allegations. to interview victims They're preparing

and gather evidence for a possible prosecution. And another doctor banned today - Roman Hasil struck off the NSW medical register after New Zealand authorities found him guilty of botching sterilisation operations and drinking on the job. John Hill, Ten News. Sydney is bracing for more storms tonight and there's a warning for large hailstones in the Illawarra. It follows last night's freak downpour, which caused widespread flash flooding and building damage. It wasn't just how much rain, but how quickly it came. Some parts of Sydney had a month's worth in half an hour. There was hail in the Blue Mountains, in Burwood and Pyrmont lightning damage to buildings and flash flooding, the worst in Haberfield. This business was close to being wiped out after its underground car park was filled deep enough to swim in, if it wasn't for the oil and petrol from dozens of engines. We had it in about 10, 15 minutes.

It was all gone. for the water that was coming in and out of here. The damage bill here has passed $100,000 - the second time the motorcycle repairers have been flooded in eight months. They are still waiting for the insurance payout from that one. between 5:00 and 8:00 last night. The cells rolled in In half an hour the city had 15mm. Canterbury had 20mm in 20 minutes. For once, Blacktown escaped, taking just 8.5mm. And Oakdale, in the south-west, took 35mm in 30 minutes. It was thanks to multiple storm cells that battered the east coast. One delivered the heaviest rainfall in 20 years to the Illawarra, closing roads. After sustained rainfall, with more on the way, the Government will now consider easing water restrictions. It may allow the hand-held watering of lawns and gardens on Fridays before 10:00 and after 4:00, as well as on Wednesdays and Sundays. But we will not be easing all restrictions, I can say that now categorically. But we may be easing some. They'll decide on that within a fortnight. Evan Batten, Ten News.

The storms where being warned about

now, are spanners last night? As Soviet thunderstorm or warning

issued a few minutes ago. He's

quite intense and moving across quite intense and moving across the

Blue mountain's and expected to get

to the southern and south-western

suburbs in half an hour or an hour.

Another storm sell looks like

getting the northern suburbs in an

hour or so. The intense thunderstorm down south this

afternoon has moved out to sea. The

concern at the moment is

thunderstorms moving across a blue

mountains into the south-west of Sydney. Brad McEwan and more sledging between Australia and India. Yes, Deb, and the latest episode won't do much for relations. Matthew Hayden has labelled Harbhajan Singh an "obnoxious weed". Reaction to that shortly. And great news for Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting, revealing he and wife Rianna are expecting their first child. And the contrasting fortunes from two of the most infamous incidents from the A-League season. named player of the year. One of the offenders has now been Also, embattled Dragons coach Nathan Brown puts his players on notice. Next, the glue bungle that's brought a major Sydney rail project unstuck. Also tonight, a defamation case backfires on a Sydney paparazzo. And the naked truth - why these protesters won't take any bull.

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It's already doubled in cost and suffered big delays.

Now the Chatswood to Epping rail line is coming unstuck. A glue used in construction

has lost its stick, meaning kilometres of track has to be relaid. Business parks proudly advertise the transport convenience of the Epping to Chatswood rail link. But in reality it's anything but that. As the finishing touches are put on the Macquarie Park railway stations, the train tracks beneath are coming unstuck.

Rubber mats used to reduce train noise are peeling off the lines

and a high-tech glue is to blame. At least half the 14-kilometre track must be relaid. This work which is going on now will have no impact on the opening of the line. It's the latest embarrassment in a long list that's plagued the project. Originally to link Chatswood to Parramatta,

a doubling in costs made Epping the finish line, while one tunnel under Lane Cove River is too steep for Tangara trains to operate. The Minister is promising this latest blunder will be paid for by the builder. How can relaying half the track not lead to delays? John Watkins has a lot of explaining to do. The grand opening had already been put back to late this year. Businesspeople are simply fed up with the ongoing delays.

People have been waiting for it for a long, long time around here so it really is yet another delay. It doesn't encourage people to catch public transport either. So it's desperately needed? Oh, yeah, because there's nowhere to park. When these railway stations open at the end of the year, it won't be a full train service. Smaller shuttles runs will go from Epping to Chatswood, giving the train drivers time to become familiar with the track. Full train services may not begin until late 2009. James Boyce, Ten News. Tough new penalties are being planned for people caught drink-spiking. Offenders could face two years jail and a fine of up to $11,000. At the moment, offenders can only be prosecuted if they commit a crime, like assault or rape, after spiking a drink.

These new laws are all about stamping out this insidious, disgusting and cowardly practice. If you spike drinks, the law is going to get you. The new bill will make it possible to be charged for spiking a drink with a legal substance like alcohol. A judge has found a listening device planted outside Nicole Kidman's home was put there by celebrity photographer Jamie Fawcett. The paparazzo today lost his bid for damages against a Sydney newspaper which branded him a 'cowboy'. For a change, the cameras were on Jamie Fawcett today as he left court empty-handed after losing his defamation battle against the 'Sun-Herald'. It's very disappointing. It's not the outcome that I wanted. A January 2005 article about Nicole Kidman's battles with Fawcett claimed he was "Sydney's most disliked freelance photographer",

a 'cowboy' with a "determination to wreak havoc on Kidman's private life". The Hollywood star sparked a media frenzy outside the Supreme Court as she gave evidence in the case. A jury decided the article was defamatory,

but today Justice Caroline Simpson refused to award damages, ruling the story was truthful. Does this mean you are Sydney's most disliked photographer? Um, I don't think so, no. For several years there's been speculation about who placed a listening device here outside Nicole Kidman's Sydney home. Today the judge said she was satisfied Jamie Fawcett was responsible. I'm disappointed she's come to that decision.

I don't believe it's supported by the evidence. Bugging charges against Fawcett were dropped last year. But he'll now have to pay the 'Sun-Herald's legal bill, believed to be a 6-figure sum. He does plan to appeal. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Protesters have gone to extreme measures to expose the bare facts about bullfighting. Wearing just their underpants and strategically placed signs, eight protesters strutted their stuff around the Opera House. Police were called in to cover up the crew, which was escorted to a public toilet to put their clothes back on. The protesters are members of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and want tourists to boycott Spain's Running of the Bulls, claiming the event is cruel and barbaric. Next, sky-high ambition - we go inside the biggest building in the world.

And a family's despair

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Let's check the traffic this

Wednesday evening. The M2 is

causing a problem this evening. We

had a nasty accident right inside

the tunnel and it's had a spin-off

effect for the Alena Cove Road.

There's a nice view of the city.

Let me show you some of the delays.

This is around Macquarie Park. But

as you can see the traffic is

hardly moving. It's a very

frustrating journey home tonight unfortunately. will forge a new alliance to combat global warming. Visiting Kiwi Prime Minister Helen Clark says the trans-Tasman relationship is like being cousins, and both leaders are happy to report the family is as one on climate change. We are absolutely delighted that Australia has ratified Kyoto. It puts us on the same page and the work we must now do. And we've have resolved today to work in a new partnership for the future on climate change and you'll see that reflected in the combined positions we take.

Top of the list - joining negotiations for

a new international carbon market. Indonesian police have arrested a second man over the murder of Australian Heidi Murphy in Bali. If convicted, he'll be jailed for only 15 years, less than drug trafficker Schapelle Corby or any of the Bali Nine. Handcuffed and trying to hide his face,

Ahmad Fahrul Rozi is led to the waiting media. After more than two weeks on the run, police found Rozi in East Java. Police charging him with the murder of Australian Heidi Murphy. The 34-year-old clothes designer was found dead on February 10. She'd been stabbed 37 times.

Police believe Rozi's motive for the killing is robbery, claiming he needed money to get married. The breakthrough came on Friday, when they arrested his alleged accomplice, Nuryanto Din Sudar. Police found him after tracing calls made from Heidi Murphy's mobile phone. Last week, family and friends attended a colourful traditional ceremony as they said goodbye to Heidi Murphy. If convicted of murder, Rozi faces a mandatory 15 years in jail, significantly less than drug traffickers. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Australian troops have fought off an attack by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. The attack was aimed at disrupting construction of a patrol base near the Australian camp at Tarin Kowt. No Australians were harmed. These local civilians reckon two members of the Taliban approached this position on motorbikes and fired RPGs from the corner of this building here. A sweep of the area uncovered Taliban weapons used in the attacks. A Muslim extremist who called himself 'Osama bin London' has been found guilty of running terror training camps in Britain.

Mohammed Hamid taught combat skills in a forest south of the capital. Five of his former pupils have been convicted over the failed London Tube bombings.

This isn't just aspirations, this isn't just ideology.

into real terrorist attacks. in the war on terror since 9/11. as one of the most important It's shaped like a dragon and covers an area larger than 230 football fields. The world's biggest airport has been unveiled in Beijing ahead of the Olympics. In this Olympic year, symbols of China's sky-high ambition don't come any shinier or bigger than this. snakes along the horizon The world's largest airport and stretches the imagination. If you like superlatives, there really is nowhere better than Beijing's new airport. It's built on an absolutely breathtaking scale. The distance between you and me, for example, is about the span of a football pitch, but overall this place is the size of 230 Wembley Stadiums. And that's a lot of floor space to sweep. But the big surprise is not the size, but the speed at which it was built - from drawing board to finishing touches in four years. That truly staggers the airport's British architect. Extraordinary - I mean, four years,

and you're talking the biggest building in the world. To put that into perspective, if you take every terminal - one, two, three, four and five - at Heathrow, you add them up, plus 17%, you have Beijing. This is a Chinese triumph made possible by the 10,000 locals who lost their homes and an army of 50,000 workers toiling day and night -

the end result they call a modern marvel to rival even the Forbidden City. On Friday it will open its doors to the first of 90 million passengers a year. In Beijing, John Ray, Ten News. A Cathay Pacific pilot has been sacked for a 'Top Gun'-style stunt in a new passenger jet. The fly-by, just metres off the ground, took place during the plane's maiden flight in the United States.

The pilot was fired after videos and photographs of the swoop appeared on the Internet. Icy relations between the United States and North Korea

have been set aside for just a few hours at an unprecedented concert in Pyongyang. The performance by the New York Philharmonic received a standing ovation. The historic performance by the New York Philharmonic began with music to honour the host nation -

North Korea's national anthem... (All play North Korean anthem) ..followed by America's. (All play 'The Star-Spangled Banner') And then a repertoire featuring some of the great composers - Wagner, Bernstein and Gershwin. The concert the first performance by American artists on North Korean soil. In the audience, hand-picked representatives of the North Korean regime, but leader Kim Jong-il stayed away. Someday a composer may write a work entitled 'Americans in Pyongyang'. It's hoped the performance will pave the way for better relations between the US and North Korea, as cultural exchanges have done in the past. In 1971, America's ping-pong team visited China, a sign of friendship visit to build diplomatic relations that led to President Richard Nixon's the following year. The concert was broadcast live in the communist nation, watched by residents fortunate enough to own a television. By the end orchestra members were close to tears, their performance rewarded with a standing ovation. We may have been instrumental in opening a little door and we certainly hope that if that's true

that in the long run it will be seen as a watershed. But until then, the US continues to battle North Korea over the progress of its nuclear disarmament program. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. A family is mourning the loss of their pet dog swallowed by a monster snake. devoured the Chihuahua The 5m bush python and the family say they're now scared to leave their two young children alone. It was there for a couple of days and it sat on the dog's bed. And that's a pretty telltale sign, you know. The python has been placed in the temporary care of a zoo before it's released into a Queensland national park. Uncertainty over the future of Australia's biggest childcare provider - that's next.

Also, a rise in exotic pets sparks a worrying trend. And a super sign-off from a supermodel - Megan Gale about to take to the catwalk for the last time.

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This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a sudden deluge dumped a month's rain on some Sydney suburbs in just 30 minutes overnight. The flash storm caused chaos for businesses and left a mounting damage bill. A police strike force has been set up to investigate the rogue doctor known as the 'butcher of Bega'.

More victims have come forward, by the struck-off practitioner. claiming they were mutilated And State Parliament's been rocked by another scandal - donations made by a developer later given permission to develop land near Canberra. But the Premier has angrily defended Planning Minister Frank Sartor. Mental health groups are urging Australians

to keep taking their antidepressants,

even though an overseas study claims they're no better than sugar pills. Experts warn patients could suffer badly if they suddenly stop their medication. Bipolar patient Glen Smith has been on antidepressants for more than 20 years. He'd prefer not to be but knows only too well what happens when he stops. I was hospitalised. I stayed awake for four days in a row.

I was delusional. Breakdowns are not uncommon That's why mental health experts are so concerned about the influence of the latest British research. This is a really worrying message because it risks people who are benefiting from antidepressants just stop taking them. The University of Hull study reanalysed clinical trials

carried out 10 years ago. It found new generation antidepressants were no better than a dummy pill for mild depression. when they took antidepressants People got better when they took placebos. But Australian experts say the science is flawed because the trials excluded anyone with a significant depressive condition and they're the ones the medications help the most. The study is not the only source of confusion for patients.

Psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors can each vary dramatically in their own personal preference of treatment. And that's led mental health organisations to call for a more streamlined approach. Some people are helped by the antidepressants you prescribe and other people aren't. But it's only part of the treatment picture, psychological treatments as well as lifestyle changes. Experts agree there may be over-prescription in some mild cases

before changes are made. but advice should be sought

Amber Muir, Ten News. Shares in Australia's largest childcare centre operator are in a trading halt following a massive plunge in their value. It's raised the prospect ABC Learning Centres may need to sell assets to cover huge debts. It may provide a popular childcare service in Australia but ABC's global business is dragging it down.

Founder Eddy Groves's rapid expansion in the United States has left the company with nearly $2 billion of debt. The assets, as Eddy said, may be good assets, but if you've paid too much for those centres, then the reality is your debt burden is going to be much higher than those assets can actually fund. ABC's share price plunged 70% yesterday, closing at $2.14, wiping $750 million from the company's value.

Doing nothing is not really an option for ABC Learning centres.

The reality of its $1.8 billion debt conservatively needs $125 million a year just to meet the interest payments

and that's before it pays for any other expenses. It's hinted to the stock exchange it may sell centres and that's most likely in the US. Our Government is watching closely, given the importance of child care to families. We do know that without the availability and affordability of child care

they're not going to be able to go to work. Eddy Groves has ruled out lifting fees or closing centres. The future of early childhood learning and development in Australia is strong and so hopefully on that basis these centres have got some level of long-term stability. Analysts agree there's no need for parents or staff to panic - child care remains a lucrative business in Australia.

The only thing that I can envisage happening in Australia would be the sale of a centre to another operator rather than the closing down of a centre. until Friday, ABC remains in a trading halt pending any further announcements. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

Now to the BankWest finance report, and strong commodities have boosted the Australian stock market. Westfield shares have slumped after the shopping centre giant

a 38% dive in its net profit.

$1.38 is the average price of a litre of unleaded petrol around Sydney,

but it's going for $1.28 in Brookvale. Vets are worried over the growing trend of 'pocket pets'.

Thousands of exotic creatures are now being abandoned - or mistreated - by owners unable to give proper care. There was nowhere to hide for Leelah the chameleon. As she emerged for an ultrasound, the egg-bound lizard was feeling a little off colour. See these vague outlines of the eggs here, at the moment it looks like the eggs are infertile. Found dumped on a doorstep,

she's the victim of a burgeoning illegal industry in exotic pet smuggling. But Leelah's luckier than most. As their popularity increases more and more are abandoned and mistreated by owners unable or unwilling to provide proper care. You often see animals with wounds, diseases, all sorts of things that can be treated easily if people knew what to do. The worrying trend

prompting Melbourne University's veterinary clinic to open its doors once a week just for unconventional animals.

The procedure may be unusual but, importantly, vets say it's not impossible. Thanks to advances in technology, little creatures like Leelah here can now receive the best of care. We have the same equipment that we have in human medicine and we can do things like ultrasounds, blood tests, CT-scans,

even here at the university with any of these unusual, exotic pets. Vets urging owners of even illegally obtained animals not to let their pocket pets suffer unnecessarily. Look after them and know that there are people you can speak to.

Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. State

State another look at the weather.

Another afternoon, another storm.

This is an almost immediate and

real time update of the

thunderstorm or warning. The cell

is a movie across quite quickly,

much faster than the ones yesterday.

There expected in the southern and

south-western suburbs in the next

half-hour. The cell that was

half-hour. The cell that was north

of Springwood has anticipated a

little bit too. Tomorrow as we come

back live here it'll be a southerly,

rain and more like a winter's day.

Storm is moving

Storm is moving east at about Storm is moving east at about 90 kilometres an hour. Sport now with Brad McEwan, and the Dragons players are on notice? Yes, it's a make-or-break season and the coach is ready to make changes. Plus, the sledging that's further inflamed relations between the Australian and Indian cricketers. Also, the Aussie captain has good news - the Pontings are to become parents.

And it was one of the most infamous moments of the season.

Now Newcastle's Joel Griffiths is player of the year, but he says his case is different the Mariners keeper.

But before you start, always remember to wear gloves and protective gear, and never pick up dangerous-looking objects.

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You could:

This program is captioned live. have hit a new low Relations between Australia and India after inflammatory comments from Matthew Hayden. The opening batsman has labelled spinner Harbhajan Singh

an obnoxious weed. Any hope the tense relations between Australia and India improving for the one-day finals appears gone after Matthew Hayden decided the softly-softly approach wasn't working. battle Harj, It's been a little bit of a long the first time I ever met him he was the same little abnoxious weed that he is now.

That put Brett Lee, a day after winning the Allan Border Medal, in the hot seat. It's up to Matthew, think.

He's obviously made the call, so you might have to ask him. Lee did his best to try to calm things down. It's always been good playing against him, as has the rest of the players. They are the most upmost respect from all the Australian players. They are a great side to play against and, as I said, looking forward to playing against them on Sunday. But Hayden's radio spray will only inflame relations between cricket's most powerful countries.

His record speaks for itself in cricket. There's a certain mind you can go to

and then you know where you can push it and he just pushes it all the time. That's why he's been charged more than anyone that's played in the history of cricket. The Indians arrived in Sydney today to prepare for Sunday's final, saying little. But last night their captain put an interesting spin on sledging. I think it's an art. It's not just aggressive cricket, but you have to be good at it.

Cricket Australia was still locked in talks deciding whether Hayden should be penalised. The latest spat overshadowed the surprise retirement of Brad Hogg, which will further expose Australia's lack of spinning depth. If someone could have ripped Shane Warne's right arm off Hogg was a late bloomer who made his mark in the one-day arena in his 30s.

He played in two winning World Cup teams. Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting may have missed out on the top gong at last night's Allan Border Awards, but there was no wiping the smile off his face - wife Rianna announcing the Pontings are expecting their first child. She keeps saying 'we' all the time. She's pregnant, not me. Well, you've got to be involved at some point.

The wives and girlfriends stole the show on the way in, as always, donned in designer frocks and plenty of bling, making our cricketers look even better than they do on the field. After his own run-in with a match official

earlier this season, Newcastle Jets striker Joel Griffiths says he has sympathy for suspended Mariners goalkeeper Danny Vukovic. But Griffiths says the two incidents are different. Things could hardly get any better for Joel Griffiths -

just three days after winning the A-League grand final, the Jets star was confirmed as the competition's best player, taking out the Johnny Warren Medal. Those prizes coming on top of the Golden Boot for the league's leading scorer. This is like the icing on the cake and I'm just going to cherish it

and it's one year that I'll never forget. it's also been an eventful season for Griffiths -

his Round 7 lashing-out against a referee's assistant

has been compared to Danny Vukovic's clash with Mark Shield

in the grand final.

Vukovic was banned for 15 months. Griffiths received just a yellow card. But the 28-year-old says the incidents are not the same. Mine was dealt with at the FFA, it got dealt with on the field, circumstances. and it's a totally different I'm sure Danny will bounce back from whatever he cops.

The appeal against Vukovic's ban is expected to be heard early next week. The keeper wasn't st today's presentation, but his Olyroos team-mates were as they arrived with gear packed for Sunday's match in the US against Mexico. Another notable absentee from today's awards ceremony Stuart Musialik. is Newcastle Jets player He hasn't been to the Olyroos training session

since the grand final on Sunday and has been dropped from the team to play Mexico. Musialik's failure to attend training with Olympic selection approaching. Neil Cordy, Ten News. With his own position under scrutiny, St George Illawarra coach Nathan Brown has put the heat on his players to perform in this weekend's Despite naming his top side, he's threatened to make changes for Round 1.

Blessed with a full-strength roster for the first time in 12 months, Nathan Brown has put his players on notice mediocrity won't do in 2008. There's a fair few positions up for grabs, so a lot of those guys probably haven't had the pressure on them for a while now. Dean Young returns from a long-term injury to face the Rabbitohs. He's likely to get more slack than the others should the Dragons struggle this weekend.

They know if they don't perform against JT's mob on Saturday night they won't get to play in the opening game against the Tigers. At today's launch of the new Toyota Cup under-20s competition there was someone just happy to play a game of any description. When I was 12 I actually dislocated my knee and snapped my main artery waterskiing and broke both my fibula and tibula.

I was actually lucky to keep the leg. The doctor said to my mother that another five minutes and I would have lost the leg. He kept the leg, but four operations and a skin graft later, Theoharous was told not only would he not play footy again, he wouldn't walk again either. Yeah, it actually scared me a lot. As I said, that was actually the reason why I got up and did something about it and proved the doctors wrong, I suppose. Adam Hawse, Ten News.

That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, we'll hear from Troy Bayliss ahead of this weekend's World Superbikes races at Phillip Island.

At the traffic again and your eye

over North Sydney. We just looking at this

at this little bridge here. For

those heading home of five this

beautiful little bridge no problems of all. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's weather wrap is next.

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The axe time for the weather

details. After the pounding we got

last night we should be worried

about the ones this evening.

There's a severe thunderstorm a

warning for the metropolitan area.

It's moved through the

It's moved through the West and

coming into the southern areas and

perhaps to the airport in the next

half an hour. There's another storm

cell behind that crossing the Blue

mountain's now and will reach the

West of Sydney by 630. More bad

news - cold wet and windy at your

place tomorrow as well. It's a southerly that wouldn't

southerly that wouldn't be out of

place in winter. It'll be up all of

22 or 23 degrees. The weekend isn't

looking to heart visa. There will

be showers on Saturday and possible showers on Sunday.

Cloud masses across the tropics in

a monsoon trough that the clause in

the rain and storms. Klaus cloud building

building overseas in New South Wales generating showers and

thunderstorms. Showers over

Tasmania and Victoria. Strong cold

southerly winds will drive showers

across Tasmania, Victoria and

eastern New South Wales. A trough

will generate rain and storms over

East in New South Wales and

southern Queensland. Trypsin

southern Queensland. Trypsin drops southern Queensland. Trypsin drops

across a rooftops and crops up across a rooftops and crops up -

storms becoming widespread through

south-east Queensland and northern south-east Queensland and northern

New South Wales showers in the

south-east New South Wales and

Victoria. One and storms cell

Victoria. One and storms cell is

moving towards the airport and one

is just crossing the mountains now. The tomorrow

The tomorrow at - a southerly and

maybe an afternoon storm, 22 degrees.

strutting her stuff on the catwalk Supermodel Megan Gale is tonight for the last time. The 32-year-old is retiring from the runway after 15 years. Her final parade - the launch of the David Jones winter collection in Melbourne. It's inevitable, you know? I can't do it forever and it has to be something that you do walk away from, and I think it's much better, and I'm lucky that I have the luxury,

to make the choice. Gale will now turn her attention to Hollywood, where she's won the role of Wonder Woman in a soon-to-be-filmed movie. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

I'll have updates throughout the evening and be back for the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight.

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