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I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND AND IT DAMN >> DELTA WAS >>> AND NOW CARPET TOGETHER, STEVE >>> WE'LL HAVE OUR FULL >>> WE'LL HAVE OUR FULL OSCAR Good evening. as nine men go on trial in Sydney Intense security an act of terrorism. accused of plotting A moment in our harbour's history

pass in the night. as two queens of the sea FOGHORNS HONK on the Oscars red carpet A big splash of red

and baby bumps galore. And the bitter feud at the Bulldogs of chief executive Malcolm Noad. claims the scalp to read about football, I think the club deserves a CEO is going or staying. rather than whether This program is captioned live. Good evening. biggest-ever terrorism trial The State's may have to be moved multimillion-dollar court complex, from Parramatta's new to handle such a major case. because it is too small on day one of the trial, The embarrassing claims were made of plotting an attack. in which nine suspects are accused were escorted into the new court The nine terror suspects by a police convoy. since their arrest It's been more than two years an extraordinary security operation but that didn't stop in and around the building. riot squad officers stood guard On every corner of the complex

also checked cars. and police sniffer dogs conspiring to perform acts The nine men are accused with attack in preparation for a terrorist

number of months but evidence won't be heard for a because of legal argument.

waved to family and friends Inside, the accused men from a glassed-in bullet-proof dock.

it was standing room only. For dozens of their lawyers, to seats, The judge forced into directing them

normally reserved for a jury. to take it easy I think we've just got I'd hate to stand up for 15 months. and see how things pan out but for the overcrowding, Justice Whealey apologised with the new building. referring to teething problems by the premier It was opened just last week who proudly inspected the complex, claiming it was state of the art. quality, justice system. An efficient, first class high for the trial of the nine men Legal argument is actually empanelled. could take many months before a jury a range of issues, In that time lawyers will discuss including moving to a bigger court. National Nine News. Jessica Rich, At the ICAC hearing sex and bribery scandal, into the Wollongong Council from the former boss of Beth Morgan, there was evidence today of the investigation. the woman at the centre with one of the developers, He told of having numerous lunches was in a relationship with him. but claims he didn't know Ms Morgan at Wollongong Council, As manager of development compliance of the building boom John Gilbert was in the thick that has transformed the city. into how the council did business. He gave the ICAC insight formally lodged his application Even before developer Frank Vellar to build a $100 million project, no less than eight times. Gilbert had lunch with him After approval was given, which he failed to declare. Gilbert accepted gifts of wine at his property at Oberon. He even stayed with Vellar of former town planner Beth Morgan John Gilbert was the boss Vellar's application who was also assessing as well as sleeping with him. Mr Gilbert said were having an affair at the time he didn't know the pair they were close but he said he did know was nothing to worry about. and that, he said, Gilbert's boss at the time told him from assessing Vellar's project. to remove Morgan But Gilbert did nothing. leaking information to Vellar He was also told Morgan was

and still he did nothing. when Labor official, Joe Scimone, Gilbert was there was promoted to Head of Planning. a degree of bullying. He said Scimone had shown Gilbert said there was aggro. And if anyone stood up to him National Nine News. Mark Burrows, have been released Alarming new figures among Australian teenagers. on binge drinking and drug use A study has found binge drink every week, 1 in 10 high school students has used cannabis in the past year. while one in seven in Bob and Pam Lorschy's shoes. Nobody would want to walk after you go through that stage, There's some denial, then you try to come to terms with it. there's a period of chaos when lost their teenage son to drugs. Loving parents who almost this point, but we loved our son. It's taken us years to get to and is now drug free, Their son survived but his case is far from unusual. our kids more than ever. Drugs and alcohol are gripping and we've got to attack it. It is a huge problem on Drugs A study by the National Council 12- to 17-year-olds shows almost 170,000

are binge drinking every week. we're not talking one or two drinks. That equates to 1 in 10 kids and at harmful levels - These children are drinking

at a time and girls more than five. boys more than seven drinks almost 250,000 high school children Equally as alarming, in the past year. have smoked cannabis children who drink or take drugs The report says families who have need more government support. knows how vital that is. Tony Trimingham a heroin overdose 11 years ago. His son Damien died from for recognition for families I have been really fighting for all that time. understood the importance of this. I think nobody has really Simon Bouda, National Nine News. One of Sydney's best-loved visitors for the last time. is about to say goodbye from our live pictures, As you can see right now the 'QE2' is firing up her engines as she prepares to head off in Dubai. for retirement as a floating hotel 30 years ago She first graced our shores and she's been back many times since.

The 'QE2's departure in about half an hour's time will cap off what's been a stunning couple of days on Sydney Harbour. The harbour was at its glistening best, the foreshore packed to witness the royal waltz.

They're beautiful. Look at them - two beautiful ladies. Beautiful, and definitely big. With the sun setting, the two majesties of the ocean - the 'QE2' and her younger sister the 'Queen Victoria' - passing ships in the night. The old and the new - so was the crowd. And there was applause as the two queens acknowledged each other for the final time. I have been down here since 8:00 this this morning. Got my rug out, sat here, waiting for that historical moment. Amazing. And as the 'Queen Victoria' bid Sydney farewell, everyone else was charting their course home. Well worth it, obviously? Yes, definitely. Now we just have to fight the crowds to get out. But it was smooth sailing on this so-called Super Sunday in the city. Ships, soccer and one-day cricket crowds colliding with barely a whimper. They took the advice, they left their cars at home, they used public transport and they had a great day. No real chaos, so the Government is finally learning. It will face an even bigger test in July when the Pope and more than 500,000 of his followers hit town for World Youth Day.

Damian Ryan, National Nine News. The Academy Awards have been announced in Hollywood. If you don't want know the winners until tonight's Oscar broadcast here on Nine, please be warned that our coverage right now has the main results. As always, the big night began with that other competition - all about the glamour on the way into the presentation. The red carpet lived up to its name like never before - Heidi Klum, Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren, Katherine Heigl among the many ladies in red. They lit up a grey day with the famous procession under a canopy because of rain. The baby bump was this year's most prominent accessory. Cate Blanchett, who's due in two months, making a quick trip to Hollywood. The children are back in Sydney, so I've got to get back as soon as I can. Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban were fashionably late. We got a little waylaid. Nicole's baby bump was hidden by a slimming black, full-length gown. Black was also the colour of choice for Hillary Swank, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Garner. There was less bling this year, but Garner sparkled with a necklace loaded with 61 carats of diamonds. For designers, it's the biggest runway in the world. The famous are inundated with fashion and accessories. The goal of designers is to dress people for these events, so I think they're very generous to everyone. Oscars fashion is such big business, it's even spawned an industry of red-carpet rip-offs. Budget designers will be watching closely to reproduce the best dresses seen here today, selling them for a fraction of the cost, even getting them into the stores within 48 hours. In the US, Christine Spiteri, National Nine News. For Oscar's 80th birthday bash, they turned on a traditional all-singing and dancing show. And visions from the past reminded the stars of today there was history in the house. Best Actor went to the star of 'There Will Be Blood' who has already won just about every other award going this year. Daniel Day-Lewis. My deepest thanks to members of the academy for whacking me with the handsomest bludgeon in town. Best Supporting Actor no surprise either -

Javier Bardem, who brought his mum from Spain and then sent her this special message. (Speaks Spanish) It's a very big night for Cate Blanchett because she has two chances of winning the Oscar. She's nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. If she were to win both, she would make Oscar history - the first time it has ever been done. But it wasn't to be. Best Supporting Actress went to Tilda Swinton for her role in 'Michael Clayton'. This to her co-star George Clooney - You rock, man. Best Actress was a surprise choice. Marion Cotillard for 'La Vie en Rose'. Members of the Academy, thank you so, so much. Australia was still represented - Eva Orner from Melbourne produced the Oscar-winning documentary 'Taxi to the Dark Side'. We're so pleased and so surprised and so impressed.

On a sad note, Heath Ledger was remembered along with others from the movie world who have died in the past year. Best Director went to two directors, brothers, the makers of 'No Country for Old Men'.

The Oscar goes to... Ethan Cohen and Joel Cohen. And then they did it again for Best Movie. We're very thankful to all of you out there for letting us continue to play in our corner of the sandbox. So thank you very much. In Hollywood, Robert Penfold National Nine News. And Channel Nine's Oscar broadcast, including those red carpet arrivals, starts at 8.30 tonight. In the news ahead - warnings on dangerous delays in treating stroke victims. Rockhampton the latest Queensland city hit by flash floods. And a brutally cruel attack on an animal farm at a Sydney school. REPORTER: It is bumper-to-bumper on the Ring Road. See you after work, hon. The arterial inbound is also chaotic. Larry. In a hurry, mate? Wise move. So if you're over 50 and not working full-time, call 13 50 50 for a quote on your comprehensive car insurance.

As if Queensland hasn't had enough rain of late, residents in the city of Rockhampton have been hit by another flash flood. 200mm of rain fell in just two hours and many home owners could do little but open the doors. All under the house is like a raging river. The shed's got water in it. Just a hell of a mess. Dozens of cars were submerged, while almost every shop in the main street has water damage. Now to a shocking case of animal cruelty. Someone broke into a school farmyard at Bidwill on the weekend

and set vicious dogs onto the helpless animals, the attack leaving students and teachers devastated. Three sheep, a ram and two pregnant ewes, were the first to be killed

in a frenzied attack sometime early yesterday morning. It's believed two dogs got into the agricultural grounds of Bidwell College after intruders cut a hole in a wire fence. The RSPCA says the sheep would have been easy prey. The sheep are the ones that suffered the most. They probably would have been chased around and also the fear of having an animal grab their throat and biting into their leg, I couldn't imagine. While a 6-week-old calf and a number of rabbits were spared, the dogs also killed seven free-range chickens. The farm animals had been raised by students and teachers as part of an agricultural science course. I think it's really bad. The kids that know about it at this stage, we will be offering them counselling. Today there were unconfirmed reports that one of the two dogs believed to be responsible for the slaughter

was a German shepherd. The dogs and their owners are now being sought by police and the RSPCA. Under animal cruelty laws the owners could face up to six months jail

and there's a concern that a human victim could be next. If they do have that drive and energy to attack something and they've enjoyed it, then definitely. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. To medical news now - and the majority of people who suffer a stroke

are risking delays to life-saving treatment because paramedics are being overlooked in favour of family members and GPs. Australian researchers say the outcomes of a recent study highlight the need for awareness.

52-year-old manager Morgan Noon says he's lucky to be back at work without any lasting side effects from his stroke six months ago. I wasn't aware of what really happened at the time but I had a strong headache at the back of my head and the next thing I knew I was on the floor. Fortunately, Morgan was taken to hospital immediately. It could've been much worse.

The neurosurgeon explained that if you don't get to a hospital within three hours, your brain cells start dying. Researcher Ian Mosley interviewed nearly 200 stroke patients at three major hospitals. In 50% of cases, family members were called for help. About a quarter sought advice from a GP. If they elect to see the patient first, the delay time to ambulance call blows out to nearly seven hours.

That's too late for many patients, who would otherwise receive drugs to dissolve blood clots in the brain. Preliminary studies in Australia show that extending the window for treatment to six hours can reduce the amount of brain damage in patients. But the key message is to act quickly when symptoms develop. The common signs are:

If you suspect you're having a stroke or you observe a stroke in others, the only response is to call an ambulance. Gabriella Rogers, National Nine News. Ken with sport next and gone - the Bulldogs chief executive has had enough? Yes, Malcolm Noad resigned today. Who's next? Also the suspect Indian wicketkeeping gloves and the Newcastle Jets celebrate their A-League grand final victory

against the Mariners. GENTLE MUSIC

The poisonous atmosphere at the Bulldogs has finally claimed the scalp of chief executive Malcom Noad. He resigned today after four turbulent years at the club. In the wake of a recent bitter campaign against him, Noad was on borrowed time with the new Bulldogs board.

Unlike recent Bulldog blood-letting, this was a gentle occasion, devoid of obvious bitterness. I would like to formerly announce my resignation. The club's new board had achieved their first major objective. Noad's 4-year reign was over but according to him, he wasn't without some friends. I've had some conversations with a few of the board members who expressed their position - that they wanted me to stay. But Noad's presence caused friction and for him, it wasn't worth the grief. Besides, unhappy Dogs outside the board room kennel were still barking, blaming the former newspaper executive for the loss of key players, poor performances, player discontent and anything else that was going wrong. In dog politics, there are no prisoners,

Chairman George Peponis stood by his man but he too has made enemies. I'll be endeavouring to unite the club, We have a summit coming up next week. Watching today's events in the background, beseiged coach Steve Folkes. The clock's ticking for him also, but for now, time's up for Noad. I think the club deserves to be able to read only about the football side of things rather than whether a CEO is staying or going. Noad's tenure wasn't without success - there was a premiership in 2004 but for him and Peponis, that must seem like a lifetime ago. Ricky Ponting has described Australia's 18-run win over India last night as too close for comfort, while Indian captain Dhoni could be in trouble after the match referee asked him to change gloves

because of concerns they had illegal webbing.

It's an exact replica of the one I was using in the Test series.

As for the Sharma/Symonds verbal stoush. There was a minor altercation today. We shouldn't be making too much of what happened out there today. Football Federation Australia is still considering what action to take against Central Coast goalkeeper Danny Vukovic. The goalkeeper was sent off after clashing with the referee in last night's A-League grand final loss to Newcastle.

The Jets' 1-0 victory and their party is still going. The Newcastle faithful didn't want to go to bed last night. It was party time in the Steel City, where kisses were free and thousands danced the hours away. We are champions! Yeah, we are champions! Newcastle's my home and to see that tonight... Yeah, it's unbelieveable, mate. So was the atmosphere at the game itself. The Football Stadium overflowed with the most passionate of supporters and this was a final in doubt to the finish. The only goal came from Mark Bridge off a Tony Vidmar mistake and there was high drama near full-time. The Mariners were right in claiming a hand ball by James Holland.

It should have been a penalty and a likely 1-1 scoreline. Instead, the ref missed it and the Mariners blew up. Goalkeeper Danny Vukovic was sent off after slapping the ref's hand, but there didn't seem much in that. The whole crowd saw the hand ball except the most important person in the stadium.

Players will be moving on from both teams next year, but it's hard to imagine why the Jets would let anyone go.

And a disappointing finish for Sydney FC

Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. V8 supercar driver Ashley Cooper has lost his fight for life after a high speed crash in Adelaide on Saturday. The 27-year-old's car slammed into a concrete barrier as it came around the fastest turn on the circuit. The father of two from Ulladulla succumbed to severe head trauma and internal injuries. After the break, the Commsec Finance report and Jaynie with the weather details. Coming up on WIN News... An ACTION driver pinned in his bus after it crashes into a power box, The call to combat the growing trend of under-age drinking, And more injury concerns for the Brumbies. Details next.

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To finance and the company that led the $11 billion takeover bid for Qantas last year has revealed deep financial troubles. Allco Finance, led by major shareholder David Coe, said after discussions with bankers, it will sell assets to shore up its position. Allco shares collapsed more than 60% to $1.11. A year ago they traded at $13.

Potentially severe weather in Sydney this week, Mark. Cloudy skies and a top of 24 in the city today, 2 under the average. And 23 for Gosford, where tonight's weather cadets are from. The high in the south is dominating our weather, with next to no rain. The trough in eastern Queensland, along with onshore winds will bring in more rain and storms. Rockhampton and surrounding areas could pick up roughly 50mm. And that trough will spread right through NSW and into eastern Victoria tomorrow, with severe weather including storms, damaging winds and possible hail. Storms tomorrow afternoon for Canberra. Early showers for Melbourne. And a week of extreme heat for Perth once again. Sydney - the chance we could get showers, storms, even hail and damaging winds. Surfers - best conditions in the morning with light offshore winds. And with the cloud cover, temperatures set to reach only 26-28 across the board. This rain looks like favouring the western suburbs and the ranges, which means a good chance of getting some decent falls over the catchments. Weather cadet time and tonight we welcome Gosford Primary School to the TV. A calm day on the weather front to be recording data, and we hear from the headmaster that the students were adamant about being absolutely accurate, so thanks for your enthusiasm and hope you had fun! So Mark, a wet and stormy week ahead.

That's National Nine News for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia

Tonight ... The family of Trinaty Howarth speaks out after her killer is jailed, A security review at Quamby after four detainees escape,

And a suburb without power after a bus smash in Holt. Good evening, The family of a four-year-old girl, bashed to death, is calling year-old girl, bashed to death, is calling for stronger laws for government agencies to act in a bid to curb cruelty against children. Darren Lee Cassidy escaped a maximum sentence after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of Trinaty Howarth, who was