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(generated from captions) And I know you probably don't want to hear this... ..but I think Stephanie is headed for a big fall. Quite a ways down, isn't it? I'd call that justice.

I think your day of reckoning is here, Stephanie. Stephen, go ahead and push me if you're man enough. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia This program is captioned live. Tonight - child porn and drugs - a former government minister owns up. The Prime Minister's babysitter backdown. We're just getting no feedback. They don't care about us. Ten News with Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Good evening. Also tonight - the Coalition caves in, agreeing to abolish WorkChoices.

And Olivia Newton-John to walk the Great Wall with a swag of celebrity friends. But heading Ten News - disgraced former State Labor minister Milton Orkopoulos is facing jail -

after pleading guilty in court to having child pornography and supplying drugs to a teenager.

The one-time Iemma frontbencher is fighting more than 30 other charges, including child rape. A dramatic start to the trial of former Labor minister Milton Orkopoulos. Facing a total of 36 child sex and drug charges, the 50-year-old confessed to two offences. where a man has sex with a 16-year-old boy, then the teenager has sex with a 12-year-old boy.

Police found it under the mattress in November 2006 of the then Aboriginal Affairs minister's flat in Redfern. While a backbencher in 2005, he admitted to the supply of two cannabis joints to a teenage boy at Parliament House. Orkopoulos has denied 34 other child sex and drug charges. He's accused of indecently assaulting or having sex with three boys aged between 15 and 17. The allegations stretch back to 1995. But the defence replied by saying the:

The 4-week trial will be a major embarrassment for the Labor Party. One current Federal MP and two former State MPs will be called by the prosecution against Milton Orkopoulos. to give evidence Prosecutor Helen Wilson has also told the jury of seven women and five men that closed-circuit television footage and taped conversations between the accused and the alleged victims will be revealed in coming days. In Newcastle, Kevin Wilde, Ten News. It's been a day of tears at the inquest into the Central Coast road collapse which claimed a family of five. Relatives have heard from the heroes who risked their lives trying to save the victims.

Still fuming at how a road with a known defect could be left untouched for more than 20 years, relatives arrive at the inquest to hear how the accident unfolded. With torrential rain pouring down,

A wall of water then picked up the car, tossing the family of five 100m downstream. Three men who can't be identified, grabbed towing cables and made their way to the vehicle. One of the men waded into the devastating torrent, but could only get within 10m of the car, because: The father of two was pinned inside by the force of the water. The raging tide ripped away the car's bonnet, sending the vehicle downstream with the father of two still trapped inside. His partner, two children and nephew had already been washed away. After giving evidence, the rescuer, in tears, turned to Adam Holt's distraught relatives,

praising the man's courage. They broke down and cried as he recounted Adam Holt's final moments, describing him as a brave man who didn't care for his own welfare - it was all about his wife and kids. The extended family thanked the shaken witness and his two mates for risking their lives trying to free their loved ones. The inquest continues.

Tim Potter, Ten News. Qantas is under fire after hundreds of passengers on their way to Sydney were left stranded at Perth airport for almost 24 hours. They say no food or accommodation was offered, staff even refusing to open the empty Qantas lounge. Irate passengers confront Qantas staff early this morning at Perth domestic airport. This is Qantas customer service, isn't it? Why don't you call Reservations for us? QF566 was supposed to leave at 4:15 yesterday afternoon, bound for Sydney. the passengers had gone nowhere. We went onto the tarmac, sat on the tarmac for two hours with a problem, supposedly with a valve. only to be told there was still a problem. I'm starting my new job in Sydney tomorrow. I don't know what to do now. Dozens of passengers, including babies, were forced to sleep on the floor with no offer of accommodation. One lady collapsed and was treated by paramedics and taken to hospital. Laying on a concrete floor because they won't open the lounge up there and give us better accommodation to bathe and sleep somewhere. I said, "Right, where can I stay?" and they were to say that there was no accommodation in Perth due to an arts festival that's happening. Even more frustrating -

the lack of communication from Qantas staff. We felt like refugees. There were no announcements. Anything we wanted to find out

we had to line up for at least an hour. Qantas has released a statement saying there was no alternative but to cancel the flight and the company regrets any inconvenience caused. It goes on to claim passengers were provided with refreshments and everything was done to keep them informed of the situation. I'll be writing to Geoff to let him know my thoughts on Qantas. Jamie Freestone, Ten News. A 16-year-old unlicensed drunk driver has been charged with mowing down a mother and her two boys on a pedestrian crossing. The woman and her children after being hit outside a fast food restaurant on Saturday, south-west of Sydney. The suspect and his father went to the police today. The teenager will appear in court next month

on charges including dangerous driving and driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle. The Prime Minister has bowed to public anger for his 14-year-old son. over a taxpayer-funded childminder Kevin Rudd has now agreed to pick up the tab for the extra staff at his official residence. Kevin Rudd's decision to move his family from Brisbane into the Lodge has meant staff changes. one child carer, One senior chef, one chef, one senior house attendant and two house attendants. The Rudd family will have eight staff at the two residences, slightly more than Mr and Mrs Howard. The increase blamed on the need to supervise 14-year-old Marcus Rudd while his parents are away. What remarkable restraint. We talk about restraint and we had the fluff again last week on wage restraint, and does it apply to the PM? Is it appropriate for the taxpayers of Australia to be footing this bill,

is the financial position of the PM and his wife? But Labor members defended their leader. It's a tradition to support the PM's family, and he has a young family and we should support them. Coalition MPs took their grumbles into the party room. But while Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson promised to pursue the issue, he also urged restraint over what might be seen to be attack on Mr Rudd's son. With childcare a hot topic during the election campaign, opinion on the streets divided. I just think he's entitled to it. Everyone else has to pay for their own child care, so he should too. They have to do what any other adult has to do, look after their kids, access family members or friends. Mr Rudd's office says the PM will reimburse taxpayers

for the cost of any carer duties performed by staff. Brad Hodson, Ten News. Predictions tonight interest rates will go up again next month -

but they could start falling by next year. The claim follows news that the Reserve Bank wanted to make the last rate hike much higher. It's news that will panic borrowers across the nation.

The latest interest rate increase could have been much worse - a painful 0.5% - and all because the boom times don't seem to be easing quickly enough. The Australian economy has stayed robust to date. The main domestic challenges are those of strong demand, and inflationary pressures. tight capacity Those inflationary pressures were the main topic of conversation when Reserve Bank board members met two weeks ago, revealed in the minutes of that meeting, released today. The talk was tough - the argument, that lifting rates 0.25% wouldn't be enough to curb inflation. banks lifting rates on their own. Trouble is, consumer spending is still surging

and employment growth is strong. That paves the way for further increases in interest rates. We expect them to raise rates again, one more time in March and potentially - 40% chance - they might even have to increase rates one more time after that. But that may be where it ends, economists saying reduced Federal Government spending and the global downturn will start to curb inflation, and maybe more quickly than the Reserve Bank's anticipating. And that then points to rates falling again. We're looking at about a 1% drop in interest rates starting in 2009, maybe extending into 2010.

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Ahead in sport with Tim Webster - the Bulldogs coach continues to live with speculation over his job. Yes, as the push for Wayne Bennett to take over mounts we'll hear how Steve Folkes intends to battle on. Also, the team mascot's suit is filled by a Roosters rookie player. We'll unmask him and you'll see why it's his rivals who'll need the padding when he takes to the field. And look who Sydney FC caught up with in Hawaii. But David Beckham hasn't forgotten about that match in Sydney

that was supposed to be a friendly. We'll have Becks's thoughts shortly. Also, Sri Lanka and India battle to play Australia in the one-day cricket finals. And behind the scenes

as Olympic cyclist Anna Meares attempts a comeback from a broken neck. More details of the town planning corruption scandal.

Find out what's in the emails next. Also tonight - ocean plunge - how a pilot survived this ultralight crash. And - red alert - the tourist town bracing for a savage cyclone. We build a range of cars that are small on the outside... But are very big on safety... Performance and comfort. So when you choose the Ford Fiesta, That's packed with safety features... And options. Plus your choice of engines... 2007 Ford Fiesta LX 5 Door.

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YELLING ..determined to rise... thrive. Determined to be different. You know, Michael Bay here, he kicked a lot of his own money to put that thing together. It's like, pff! I used seven helicopters. Who's got goose bumps? (Ad team laughs) You like? PHONE RINGS IN THE DISTANCE Well, the tagline, that's...that's interesting. OK, from the top, then. No. Just the last two seconds. Does anyone else wanna see the whole thing again?

This program is captioned live. A major U-turn today from the Federal Coalition - it will now allow the Rudd Government to abolish not only WorkChoices, but also individual contracts, known as AWAs. Deputy Leader Julie Bishop announced the backflip after being rolled in Shadow Cabinet. Despite a last-ditch attempt to hang on to AWAs, Julie Bishop has caved in to and agreed to bury the last vestige of the Howard Government's rejected policy. We will not oppose the abolition of AWAs. Two weeks ago she thought she had the support of the party to retain AWAs. individual contracts, subject to their no disadvantage test. What could be fairer than that? Her colleagues had no stomach to fight another election over WorkChoices, especially with Kevin Rudd threatening just that. They rolled her. was allowed a face-saving amendment The Deputy Leader to Labor's abolition bill, though even there it will be token resistance. If the amendment is opposed by the Labor Party, then the bill will pass through the house. We've had flip, flop and flap

when it comes to the whole question of WorkChoices

and the future of AWAs. I gather we're up to the flap stage. The decision may cause a flap among mining interests in Julie Bishop's home State. The fact is the Coalition is in a very weak position. According to Newspoll Brendan Nelson record lows. Brendan Nelson needs to be given the time to repair what is a shattered party following a catastrophic defeat on 24 November. Will Dr Nelson still be Liberal leader in a year's time? Who knows what we'll all be doing in a year's time. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Sex and cash for big high-rises - they're the allegations at a corruption commission hearing. A female town planner is accused of sleeping with several developers, then signing off on their multimillion-dollar building projects. If you wanted to build something big in Wollongong, then it's claimed Beth Morgan was the woman to seal the deal. The former town planner's admitted to sleeping with three developers while overseeing their building approvals -

taking sex and cash, then rubber-stamping contentious developments like this - the $31 million Victoria Square complex, which did not meet council guidelines. Details of her sordid affair with one developer, Frank Vellar,

today spilled out at the Independent Commission Against Corruption. In an email she wrote: That affair's now landed her at the centre of an ICAC inquiry into 14 people at Wollongong Council. In a bizarre twist, while the corruption watchdog was investigating, two convicted fraudsters were allegedly trying to pull off

the ultimate sting. Claiming they were ICAC investigators, they managed to scam at least $500,000 from Frank Vellar, Beth Morgan and three other Wollongong City councillors. All of their victims have denied any wrongdoing, saying they paid up to avoid the publicity of an investigation. And today Beth Morgan broke down in tears, claiming the ICAC impostors threatened

to put her six feet under if she ever talked. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. An amazing escape for a pilot whose ultralight plane crashed at Avalon Beach. He's been cleared of serious injury, despite his motorised hang-glider plunging metres from the air into waters off Stokes Point. The ambulance rescue helicopter and water police rushed to the scene around 9:30 this morning. But with the pilot safely out of his craft, their focus turned to pulling the glider ashore. Everything that's old is new again

for Sydney's troubled government bus fleet. 15-year-old ticket machines will go into hundreds of buses which had been trialing the disastrous T-card system. 300 of the ageing devices have been brought from Brisbane, which has now upgraded to a smart card. This is a patch-up job using 15-year-old equipment from Queensland - equipment that already has reliability problems over it. The Government says it's a temporary move while they look for a more advanced ticketing system. Alleged con woman Jody Harris is in custody tonight

facing 101 charges, including theft and identity fraud. Harris is accused of stealing dozens of credit cards to buy jewellery, air tickets and clothes. Police allege the crimes took place in Melbourne and Geelong early last year. She'll reappear in court in May. The WA tourist town of Exmouth is on red alert as Cyclone Nicholas rages ashore. Residents ordered to stay indoors as winds of up to 150km/h rip through the area. As the clock struck 10am, Exmouth was declared in the red. SES OFFICER: Exmouth on red alert.

That meant no-one was allowed to venture outside or they would face being fined. Especially if you are travelling on a designated closed road, it can be a rather expensive exercise - something like $1,000 a tyre. Those who hadn't taken the time to prepare had only a few hours this morning but even then it was too late. The wind is so strong at times I'm struggling to keep my balance. and they're escalating.

For about 10 tourists taking refuge in the evacuation centre, lockdown mode equalled fun. We have some games, play some cards have fun with the others.

Overnight, the wind grew stronger by the hour,

and when the sun came up, the streets were empty - only the odd car could be seen. Because of the time frame that it's going to take to pass the Cape, I will say we'll be in red for most of today. The destructive conditions are likely to ease as Cyclone Nicholas travels slowly down off the Pilbara coast. In Exmouth, Kelly Williams, Ten News.

From Time to check on the weather.

It is a beautiful afternoon. I said this

this yesterday, that the Sun would

be out this afternoon. Showers

across Liverpool, Hornsby but none in across Liverpool, Hornsby but none

in the city. This is what I

prepared earlier - did not want to

do it live. As we come back to

Bondi, it is a glorious 24 degrees.

Tomorrow 27 degrees. That's it for

now - more later in the bulletin. Mohamed Al Fayed has his day in court - next, his stunning allegations against the royals. And out of this world - the deep-sea find that's stunned scientists. A huge diversity of life, very colourful, very rich, And at the other home of AFL - AAMI Stadium. At the home of AFL - Subiaco Oval. And, of course, that other home of AFL - Manuka Oval. CROWD CHEERS AFL's covering a lot of ground in the 2008 NAB Cup. Be there when it hits here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. The 2008 NAB Cup.

This program is captioned live. Let's check on the traffic. Let's check on the traffic.

Brilliant afternoon weather Wise,

as you mentioned. You have to be

happy with that. Everyone will get

home on time. We are over the

Gladesville bridge, and as you can

see Parramatta and Sydney Harbour

are looking spectacular as always.

There are no problems with no

accidents or breakdowns across a

network. But this hope it remains

that way. That's it for now - more later in the bulletin.

Creatures never seen before have been collected by Australian scientists on a voyage of deep sea discovery. from the Antarctic, The team has returned their ship laden with exotic specimens. What looks like a field of glass tulips is, in fact, an animal that lives and breathes on the Southern Ocean seabed - the underworld off the east Antarctic revealed for the first time by Australian scientists.

far exceeding any of our expectations. Scientists spent two months trawling the ocean floor as part of an international census of Antarctic marine life. Countless new species were discovered. Among the 1,500 specimens collected, this giant worm, 10 times the size of any on record. We had some of the world's experts on Antarctic fish and they were completely, completely flabbergasted as to some of the fish that came on board and unable to name them. Rather than an icy wasteland, the Antarctic waters are bursting with life. They even found coral comparative to the Barrier Reef. This was really spectacular to see these things that were orders of magnitude bigger than anything I'd never seen before. The specimens will be distributed to experts around the world for identification and DNA barcoding, that information then used to study the impact of climate change. Not all marine species are faring so well. A new study has shown shark populations are plummeting - in particular, the hammerhead shark. Hunted for shark fin soup, it's heading for extinction, and will be put on the world endangered list later this year. Emily Rice, Ten News. Convicted Bali Nine drug trafficker Scott Rush has confessed he was looking for an adventure when he tried to smuggle heroin out of Indonesia. Speaking to the SBS program 'Cutting Edge', Rush said he was waiting to join the air force when he accepted the offer to traffick heroin. Quite honestly, I didn't really want to come here because I didn't feel comfortable. I didn't know what I was risking, there was a death penalty,

I didn't know anything about Bali, really. Rush, who is waiting on the result of an appeal, is confident he will one day walk free from his Balinese cell. Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf is heading for a stunning defeat

in the country's general election. With almost half the votes counted, unofficial results put the opposition parties well out in front. Supporters of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and assassinated leader Benazir Bhutto have taken to the streets for an early celebration. Musharraf, who seized power eight years ago in a military coup, has pledged to accept the outcome of the ballot. He ranted, he raged, he even burst into tears -

Mohamed Al Fayed stunning the Diana inquest with a series of sensational claims. The Harrods owner accused just about everyone who doesn't agree with him of being part of a conspiracy. For 10 years he's waited for his day in court. Finally, an outraged Mohamed Al Fayed could erupt from the protection of the witness box. This is the moment for me to say exactly what I feel, what happened to my son and the Princess Diana. Prince Philip, he says, the real head of what he called the royal 'Dracula' family, and Dodi Al Fayed directed the murder of Princess Diana because they were getting married and she was pregnant. But they were killed off, Mr Al Fayed claims, because an Arab Muslim could never be stepfather to the future king of England. He said Prince Charles was happy - the decks had been cleared and he could marry his "crocodile wife", Camilla. And the name-calling didn't stop there. Under oath, Dodi's father branded Prince Philip a Nazi and a racist, saying, "It's time to send him back to Germany. "You know what his original name is - it ends in Frankenstein." His tirade targeted a long list of alleged conspirators:

Even Diana's own sister. Mr Fayed called for Paul Burrell to be dragged back before the inquest after the release of a video allegedly showing him admitting to lying when he gave evidence last month. Well, I didn't tell the whole truth. I told the truth as far as I could. but just what the jury thought of it won't be known

until the inquest wraps up in six weeks time. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. It's no deal for the showbiz divorce of the century. Heather Mills left court smiling today, her famous ex, Sir Paul McCartney, nowhere to be seen. He skipped court to rehearse for this week's Brit Awards,

with the couple unable to agree on a settlement. Reports at the weekend suggest Mills is planning a party to celebrate her pay-out, but she'll have to wait for the judge to decide on the figure, and that could take weeks. Next, Stilnox in the spotlight again - will the death of a Sydney woman make the popular sleeping pill harder to get? Also, the radio ratings war - how the old hands fared against the new recruits.

And Olivia Newton-John rounds up her famous friends to walk the Great Wall. It's the Grand Prix like never before. The V8 Supercars in a new race format. A spectacular Kiss concert. The 2008 Formula One ING Australian Grand Prix, It's the best formula yet. ENGINE ROARS Nothing for breakfast but loose change? Head to Hungry Jack's for a delicious new Cheesy Omelette Wrap Meal All for just $3.95.

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If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item, Because we're able to buy in bulk, we're always able to keep the prices low. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour. with Sydney-bound passengers left stranded at Perth Airport for more than 24 hours. They say they've been without food and accommodation the entire time, agreeing to pay for a babysitter for his 14-year-old son. Kevin Rudd had included a child carer in his official staff, sparking public backlash. And former State politician Milton Orkopolous owns up to possessing child porn and supplying drugs

at the start of his trial in Newcastle. He's fighting more than 30 other charges, including child rape. A Sydney man accused of murdering his his ex-wife's lover and cutting off his genitals has just been been found guilty. A jury took just over two hours to reject Gabor Ziha's defence that he murdered Barry Corbett under the effect of a mental illness. Ziha has also been convicted of the malicious wounding of his former wife, who was stabbed during the attack in August 2006. taken by more than 250,000 Australians. There's been a flood of complaints about Stilnox, the drug blamed for causing bizarre and deadly behaviour. Six months ago,

Mairead Costigan climbed onto a ledge of the Harbour Bridge and plunged to her death.

Her devastated family blames her death on sleeping pills the 27-year-old had been taking. While these drugs are on the market, I think there's so much risk for the population at large. It is a public health crisis. Suffering from insomnia for nine months, the gifted student took Stilnox before swapping to Imovane just days before her death. The manufacturer of both drugs say adverse reactions are rare. They tend to occur in situations where

either when the medication's been used inappropriately or it's been taken in association with alcohol. But within a 6-month period, more than 1,000 complaints were made from Stilnox patients reporting bizarre side-effects.

There's a range of different effects people have experienced, from sleepwalking, sleep eating, sleep driving. Even hallucinations and sexual misadventures. The National Drugs and Poisons Committee hearing into Stilnox began today and ordinarily, recommendations aren't made public for another six weeks. But the Therapeutic Goods Administration hopes to release a statement on Friday. Mairead's family wants the drugs banned, but the AMA says more research is needed. It's meant for short-term use. Don't take it with party drugs, don't mix it with alcohol

and if you have a history of psychiatric or psychological illness, be very careful. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report, and the previously struggling finance sector bounced back today, helping the market The average price of petrol around Sydney tonight is $1.32. The best price was $1.28 in Bass Hill, Lansvale, Liverpool and Brookvale. Judgement day for Sydney radio - the first ratings for 2008 are in. There were big winners and even bigger losers and proof stars don't always shine.

Triumphant, even in Tinseltown - FM favourites Kyle and Jackie O proving you don't have to be in Sydney to win Sydney. We forgot they were on, because we were over here doing all the Oscars stuff. And you sort of get wrapped up in everything that's happening here. And today we were told, "It's survey day," and you half dread survey day and you half look forward to it, but it turned out well. Staggering success for 2GB, still Sydney's most popular station, while Alan Jones is philosophical about his ratings win. When you have gone this far north, there's a good chance that you might go south, so you have got to just enjoy it while you can and just keep working. Colleague Ray Hadley puts success down to his lucky charm. My lucky shirt - my Neil Diamond shirt - the girls that I work with got me to wear it about five years ago and we've had a bit of success with it,

so I put it away in mothballs and trot it out every survey. No such luck for 2UE, however, with ratings taking a dive. But 2008 was never going to be easy, with the retirement of radio king John Laws and the introduction of a new daytime line-up. At Nova, Kate Ritchie made little impression, joining duo Merrick and Rosso. Dancing in the doldrums - Sonia Kruger and Todd McKenney, the pair's TV appeal not washing with radio audiences, ratings dropping dramatically. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

Time to check on the weather. It is

a rare thing to say, but a great

afternoon for the beach. 4th we are

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guys on here later on. Fabulously

fine Friday - 30 to 34 degrees, but

Saturday not good at all rain everywhere.

Tomorrow - 27 to 29 degrees. The

Life Savers from Bondi rescue on

the TV tonight at 555.

Sport now with Tim Webster, and breaking news concerning Willie Mason and an incident that's attracted police attention. and another high-profile Rooster Yes, Mason have received infringement notices for urinating in public. More shortly. Plus, why David Beckham won't forget that match against Sydney FC. Plus, two freakish run-outs in the India/Sri Lanka one-dayer. And out of the mascot's uniform and into the Roosters side - we'll unmask the rookie who's set to take on the Wests Tigers. Also, behind-the-scenes pictures as Olympic champion Anna Meares battles to reach Beijing

after a spinal fracture.

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This program is captioned live. In breaking news - police have issued infringement notices against Roosters Willie Mason and Anthony Tupou for urinating in public. The incidents happened in Port Macquarie, where the Roosters played a weekend trial. Off-contract players admit the Bulldogs aren't an option

until the club settles on a coach for next year. The incumbent Steve Folkes today asked the new-look Bulldogs board to be up-front with him The Bulldogs today unveiling a new sponsor -

they might also be showing off a new coach if Steve Folkes doesn't get immediate results. The decision will be made on how successful we are this year. We haven't kicked a ball yet, so I think it's fairly ridiculous to be talking about what's going to happen in '09 when '08's not even under way yet. Folkes wants to coach on, but is not surprised at Wayne Bennett being touted as a successor. There's always going to be that speculation, but I think if you let all that stuff worry you then you're looking at going downhill.

off-contract Tigers skipper Brett Hodgson saying who the coach is most players need to know before putting pen to paper. It's one of the key factors when you go to any club. Coming to the Tigers, for myself looking if I moved on. Hodgson speaking at the launch of this year's Foundation Cup and Roosters, to be played on Saturday night at the SFS. In what's believed to be a first for rugby league, he's given his mascot a game against the Tigers. But the Tigers might think twice about ruffling the feathers of 116 kilo Stanley Waqa.

And, besides, he says it's not a full-time gig anyway. This is my first time. It was a big favour for one of the girls.

I had to do it. I was the only guy in the office, so I had to do it. Couldn't say no. Adam Hawse, Ten News. David Beckham has added some spice to the Pan Pacific Championships in Hawaii describing last November's match against Sydney FC as a not-so-friendly friendly. Becks showed there were no hard feelings about the sometimes ill-tempered match as he posed for photographs with Sydney coach John Kosmina. We've played against Sydney FC which was a friendly and a slight sort of, well, wasn't a friendly at times.

But that's how football is sometimes. Sydney FC faces US Major League champions Houston Dynamo on Thursday morning

while LA Galaxy plays Gamba Osaka, with the two winners facing off in the final on Monday, while the two losing teams meet in a third-place play-off. A decision on whether Australia will tour Pakistan could be known as early as tonight. And Cricket Australia has cleared the way for our Test stars to sign with the Indian Premier League ahead of tomorrow's player auction. Mitchell Johnson and Brad Haddin have opted out, are on board. but most of their team-mates At least 15 past and present players had signed by today's 5pm deadline. Two freakish run-outs have held up Sri Lanka in the one-dayer against India in Adelaide. After two wickets fell early in the innings, Sangakkara and Jayawardene combined for a 153-run partnership. The score - 4/208 off 46 overs.

Sri Lanka got off to a very unlucky start. Sanath Jayasuriya run out for a duck, backing up at the non-striker's end. Some lusty hitting then saw Sri Lanka back on top, with Jayawardene putting Sharma into the crowd. But he then fell to another freakish run-out. COMMENTATOR: Well, he's gone, another one the same way. Hard to believe, isn't it? The luck certainly hasn't gone the way of Sri Lanka so far. Cycling sprint queen Anna Meares plans on returning to competitive racing next month in a bid to keep her Beijing dream alive. The Olympic champion continues to defy the odds in her recovery from a spinal injury sustained in a race fall. At this pace Anna Meares won't win Olympic gold, but it's a good start. It's a challenge to that challenge and I'm hoping to qualify for Beijing and go out there and make the girls take notice that I'm back and I mean business. This was Anna three weeks ago. She told us then

she was at least six weeks away from getting back on the bike and this is why. COMMENTATOR: Oh, Meares goes down! A very heavy fall there. A nasty fall at the World Cup meet in Los Angeles

just after new year. She suffered a dislocated shoulder and a spinal fracture. I didn't sleep too well after watching it the first time. It wasn't until I saw it in slow motion replay that I could see the impact that my body took. We do have crashes every now and again but that was probably the first time

where there's been a bit of a fright. comforting her on the way to hospital. She was getting a little bit stressed.

She wanted to see what she looked like, so I took a picture of her and showed her. Since then, Anna's photographed every step of her recovery, from pedalling on a purpose-built bike cradle to sessions in the pool. The recovery has very much gone to the schedule and the doctors here gave us. that the doctors in the US

It has, however, been costly in an Olympic year. For the best part of a decade,

if you got one Meares sister at the national championships you got the other as well - but not this year.

That robbed Anna of crucial qualifying points for Beijing, but she's still hopeful of being there to defend her Athens gold medal. We're just hoping that fortune falls our way. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight - the results and reaction from Matt Henjak's conduct hearing in Perth. He could be sacked for breaking a Western Force team-mate's jaw.

Let's check on the traffic. Some

trouble on the Anzac Bridge,? Yes

there is a broken-down truck. We

are going to zoom in on it

are going to zoom in on it now. The

delays go back all the way of a backwater away. It remains

expensively delayed here this afternoon. Stay with us - Tim Bailey has the latest weather details next.

BOTH: But we're individuals. You really want to save money, Mum? SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

The south coast of NSW is a beautiful holiday escape. It's a very serene place 'cause there's so few people and so much beauty.

Like the whole universe is just there on a table, just for us.

To sit there in the morning and look out at the expanse of the ocean going out to Montague Island, it's my morning meditation. The NSW South Coast - there's no place like it. To plan your holiday, go to: This program is captioned live. Olivia Newton-John is in training for a gruelling trek along the Great Wall of China. is roping in some famous mates The breast cancer survivor for the fund-raising drive to build a new Australian cancer centre. When Olivia Newton-John made a decision to walk the Great Wall of China for charity,

little did she realise how many of her celebrity friends would jump at the chance to help out. Yeah, it was quite touching this morning, actually, when I looked around the room and I saw all these young, bright faces. Look, I'm really honoured to be part of this for my beautiful dad, who I lost four years ago to lung cancer and emphysema. Not even recent open-heart surgery will keep Jimmy Barnes away from the April trek. Your doctors are all for this? Well, I haven't quite run it past them yet. As usual. But I think they'll be cool. I'm going to talk to them and let them know that I'm doing it And Livvy has pulled in some international mates too, including Sir Cliff Richard, Joan Rivers and even Didi Conn - who played Frenchy in 'Grease'. The idea is those here at home will sponsor their favourite celebrity for every step they walk on the famous landmark. For those who do the full walk, it's a 228km trek over 21 days. But at the end of it, the Great Wall of China is going to be remembered for a lot more than just keeping the rabbits out. I think it's going to be a mind-blowingly exciting to see the place and to know that we'll never do in our lifetime again, probably, and is a lifetime experience. Money raised is going to help build the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre in Melbourne -

a one-stop shop for research, clinical and holistic treatment. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Time to check on the weather.

On your television at the moment is

a professional life say there and a

professional dog paddle her. professional dog paddle her. Can

you tell the difference? Where has

some have gone? I don't know.

Her apologies - we have had some problems there.

Bright cloud over the far west of

WA from the cyclone Nicholas is

increasing showers. A cloud band

over WA from a trough is increasing

rain. Thick cloud over the top end

is causing some heavy rain as well

at the moment. Cyclone Nicolas

should clear the Gascoyne coast in

WA, bringing heavy winds and rain.

Moisture from Nicholas are well

spread a rain band it over Victoria

and Tasmania. Below will push ours

into the East Coast. Tomorrow, rain

will develop in southern New South

Wales. Showers and storms in the northern northern tropics. Will That's Ten News for now. I'mRon Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.