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Welcome to Ten's morning news. Good morning. I'm Natarsha Belling. for the worst Residents are being told to prepare Western Australia's Pilbara coast. as Cyclone Nicholas continues down to a category two, While the cyclone has been downgraded red alert later today. the town of Exmouth could still go on Ten's Kelly Williams is in Exmouth, are growing in intensity. where the wind and rain

Yes, as you can see just by my hair, the wind, the rain and the noise, here in Exmouth, it's all incredibly strong and it's intensifying by the second. The weather bureau says we've currently got wind gusts of 150km/h,

about 150mm of rain to fall, and the rain, we can expect have actually been hoping for. something the locals here and the seas are extremely rough. Low-lying areas are likely to flood we are still on a yellow alert, Despite earlier reports, sometime this morning. but that is expected to change in a south-south-westerly direction Now, Cyclone Nicholas is travelling and constantly changing speed off the Pilbara coast. as it makes its way down the risk of danger escalates. The closer it gets to Exmouth, to cross the coast, While it is not expected aren't taking any chances. locals and authorities It has proved unpredictable already and hit the coast. and could actually change direction

plenty of these, While many locals have lived through it's simply just a waiting game. for all of us here in Exmouth, It's back to you in the studio. A tropical low pressure system parts of North Queensland that was expected to hit appears to be weakening at sea. The break in the weather to gradually get back on their feet. for north Queensland residents It was a waiting game overnight between Proserpine and Airlie Beach. cross the coast early this morning, A strong tropical low was expected to on the already waterlogged region. dumping more rain weakening low still remains offshore. But it wasn't to be - the now the massive clean-up continues In Mackay,

the worst affected. as financial aid starts to reach Here's your number. Thanks very much. The money's a start is just so much uncertainty ahead. but for these devastated people there to come here to register. yet. My insurance won't let me know. I don't know if I'm insured or not the thousands of damaged homes, Assessors are now working through and processing claims. surveying destruction

But until they arrive, their soggy carpets and damaged goods residents must leave where the floodwaters left them. for the assessors to come We're just waiting and get rid of it. so we can load it all up now the most popular spot in town. The local rubbish tip But there is also hope now in Mackay as a little normality returns

and local shops. with the reopening of some schools

because we couldn't get downstairs. We just sort of stopped in the house We've got sandbags all around.

shopping up big. So this is our first day out, Jesse Grayson, Ten News. A miraculous escape for a pilot

at Sydney's Northern Beaches. after his plane crashed Pittwater at around 9:30, The ultralight dived into rushing to the scene. ambulance crews and rescue workers minor injuries The pilot only sustained

the submerged aircraft. and managed to get out of by a nearby police boat He was picked up on board. and there were no passengers Liberals already raising doubts A disastrous opinion poll has senior can survive as leader. The opposition leader, falling into single digits,

soars to record levels. while the Prime Minister's rating

rarely last long, Political honeymoons but Kevin Rudd's has made history.

for his Sorry Day address Strong public approval soar to new heights, has seen the Prime Minister's rating

as preferred Prime Minister Mr Rudd's standing hitting a 20-year high of 70 points. but for all the wrong reasons - Brendan Nelson's making history too to a single digit. his approval slipping Well, with Dr Nelson on 9 and the Greens on 10,

we're feeling pretty good today. But many in the Opposition are not, to cast doubt with some even appearing will long remain leader. on whether Dr Nelson Will Dr Nelson still be leader in a year's time? Who knows what we'll all be doing I think the months ahead member of the Coalition. will prove him to be a very valuable calling for calm. Supporters of the Liberal leader needs to be given the time Brendan Nelson to repair what is a shattered party on November 24. following a catastrophic defeat was laid bare last night, That catastrophic defeat let fly at their former leader as former Howard ministers for staying too long, and for WorkChoices. refusing to ratify Kyoto many ministers in Cabinet I don't think

off under WorkChoices. were aware that you could be worse

or sinking the boot, Clearing the decks to take part. at least one senior Liberal refused

I don't think it was helpful. I'll just say Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. Tensions are boiling and Albanian communities between Australia's Serbian US consulate in Melbourne overnight. Up to 250 protesters stormed the Five centuries of hatred surfaced

from Federation Square as Serbian protesters marched to the US Consulate. The crowd was outraged had the backing Kosovo's declaration of independence of America and key European powers. Lies, all lies! You're living a lie. five centuries, 500 years of occupiers, and now, still now, Serbia for sale! Flares were ignited, at the back of a police car, while a bottle was hurled smashing the window. to any police or any civilians. There were no injuries a few flares and bottles thrown, There were no injury or damage to any property. but other than that there was another crowd gathered - Several suburbs away, their homeland's freedom Kosovo Albanians celebrating after 100 years of Serbian rule. and it will be from now on, Especially today and tonight, forever for us, all around the world. for Albanians and all Albanians for an independence party More than 2,000 uniting many thought would never be held. Ellesa Throwden, Ten News. What drives the money makers - the physical condition forcing financial traders to risk millions every day. That story when the morning news returns. And stunning allegations emerge from the Princess Diana inquest as Mohamed Al Fayed takes the stand. Whopper Stunner Deals are back at Hungry Jack's. You can get a Whopper Jr, regular fries, regular Coke and a Storm dessert You'll want to get your hands on stunning value like this. The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. This program is captioned live. To breaking news - disgraced NSW minister Milton Orkopoulos child porn and supplying cannabis. has pleaded guilty to possessing But he is still contesting 34 other drug and child sex offences. The former Indigenous affairs minister faces a lengthy spell behind bars if convicted. His trial is expected to last for five weeks. He ranted and raged, even burst into tears - Mohamed Al Fayed has stunned the inquest into Princess Diana's death with some of the most sensational claims ever made in a British court. And the Harrods owner branded just about everyone who doesn't agree with him as part of the conspiracy. For 10 years he's waited for his day in court. Finally, an outraged Mohamed Al Fayed could erupt from the protection of the witness box. This is the moment for me to say exactly what I feel, what happened to my son and the Princess Diana, and with God's help I hope the truth will come out. According to the Harrods owner, the truth is simple, if incredible. Prince Philip, he says, the real head of what he called the royal 'Dracula' family, directed the murder of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed because they were getting married and she was pregnant.

But they were killed off, Mr Al Fayed claims, because an Arab Muslim could never be stepfather to the future king of England. Prince Philip was branded a Nazi and a racist who should go back to Germany. Mr Al Fayed said Prince Charles was happy - the decks had been cleared and he could marry his "crocodile wife", Camilla. His tirade targeted a long list of alleged conspirators: Even Diana's sister - just about everyone who hasn't agreed with his sensational claims. When asked about those who've testified Diana wasn't pregnant, he replied: Diana's former butler has been accused of doing just that, showing him allegedly admitting to lying when he gave evidence last month. Well, I didn't tell the whole truth. I told the truth as far as I could, but I didn't tell the whole truth. Holding up the 'Sun' newspaper in the witness box, Mohamed Al Fayed called for Paul Burrell to be dragged back before the inquest. The Coroner has asked for the tape, the story will be investigated. assuring the jury two thumbs up. Leaving court, the billionaire gave But just how the jurors rate his history-making performance remains to be seen. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. to be polling strongly Opposition parties appear

in the Pakistan elections. Early results are trickling in,

but the final outcome won't be known until later today. Pakistan is celebrating tonight the elections that marked the end of military rule. We found long queues at polling stations and an impatience for change. I am not taking my breakfast and I am coming here to poll my vote.

On men like this rest the hopes of the nation and the West - the belief that nuclear-armed Pakistan will find stability and civilian government. Today millions voted, but millions more stayed away,

the fear of terror attacks more powerful

than the pull of democracy. A heavy security presence kept the bombers at bay and cracked down on any sign of protest. I don't feel safety during this campaign, really I don't. Nayar Bokhari is a candidate for Benazir Bhutto's opposition party. He has an armed guard, but a gun offers no protection from the electoral fraud he claims is rife.

We have a problem right now. This is a female polling station. And inside we have found two men from President Musharraf's party. Mr Bokhari says they're intimidating his supporters. There's no doubting these people's enthusiasm for the vote.

It's colourful, from what we've seen, it's chaotic, but the big question, of course, is this - is it democratic? President Musharraf is the key ally in the West's war on terror, but he is deeply unpopular at home, and that is reflected in the results declared so far. John Ray, Ten News. A judge is now deciding on what's expected to be the most expensive divorce settlement in British history. how much of Paul McCartney's fortune We'll soon know Heather Mills will be awarded. It looked as though the weight had been lifted - Heather Mills trading her usual stacks of court files for a simple handbag. There was no sign of her ex. Was Paul McCartney skipping court because a divorce deal had been struck? Turns out he was away rehearsing for this week's Brit Awards after he and his ex-wife couldn't work it out and left it to the judge. The judge here at London's High Court reserved his ruling. He'll spend the next several weeks trying to work out a settlement, deciding just how much of Sir Paul's estimated $1.6 billion fortune should go to Heather Mills. News reports over the weekend said Mills is throwing a big bash to celebrate a record $130 million pay-out. Other sources claim she'd get a more modest $20 million, after the couple's relatively short 4-year marriage.

In London, Charlie D'Agata, Ten News. Ahead, the AFL says they're not bluffing over major expansion plans for the Gold Coast and Western Sydney. And the side that beat Australia's cricketers to be crowned World Sports Team of the Year. I had three babies in three years and put on a little bit too much weight.

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Call 1300-4-JENNY today. This program is captioned live. In finance news, the Australian share market has opened strongly today. Most of us never seem to have enough money, regardless of how much we earn. But what is it that drives people to make, and sometimes, to break out - it's going, baby. This is going to be a damn good short later. How significant is that rush to make money? There's no greater force in the world, OK? That rush is what drives everybody,

but with day trading it's like that rush on steroids. Tim Sykes knows that rush well.

He may be only 26 but he's been hooked for years. I started with $12,000 in bar mitzvah gift money, my parents gave me that - they thought that I would lose everything. They thought it would be a good lesson. Instead I turned it into a few million. The market is open, everything is going haywire. This is all the buyers and sellers. Everyone is just panicking, it's going to be a crazy day. on the reality show 'Wall Street Warriors', made his millions as a day trader. He started playing the market during bathroom breaks in high school. What is it, do you think, inside of you, that gives you this rush? It's definitely some kind of gambling addiction. I don't think it's any different from an alcoholic or a drug addict,

except my drug is money. Turns out, money can be like a drug. To explain, researchers at Duke University put me through a MRI, while asking me to play a computer game which simulated gambling. in this case, just imaginary money. The red indicates excitement whenever I won - in this case, just imaginary money. is particularly significant, This area of the brain as this neuroscientist explains. that's going to be active The same brain system you've just won some money when you find out to that active is actually exactly identical an addictive substance. for when you had of neuro-economists, He is one of a growing number scientists aiming to discover when it comes to money. just what goes on inside your head that can be astonishingly awful, Perhaps, some day explaining choices the French bank Societe Generale, like the recent case at

$7 billion in assets down the drain. where a trader's actions sent this trader to lose so much. Nobody knows yet what drove particular brain systems We know that there are those more emotional that seem to push us towards and impulsive decisions. of these impulses Determining the source columnist Jason Zweig. intrigues 'Money' magazine processes are primarily emotional Understanding which of these the more rational areas of the brain and which of them are generated by is important for people need to control your behaviour more because it lets you know where you

and where you may not have control. that gamblers will roll the dice Like in casinos, where operators know of winning money because the anticipation can be as seductive as the payoff. where the allure of big bucks There's the lottery, too, astronomically poor odds. compels players to ignore

you will make is, The money that you think for most people most of the time, you actually make when the moment finally arrives. it's much slower, The anticipation is greater because

forward to it, for longer. it's more drawn out, you can look

You know what it feels like. Short term rushes, they're fine, a relationship, we go way back. but long term, it's like

its plans Sport now, and the AFL has declared

and in Western Sydney by 2012 to have clubs based on the Gold Coast are not a bluff. the code cannot afford to wait Chief executive Andrew Demetriou says about the moves. and is deadly serious set the time frame AFL chairman Mike Fitzpatrick

and the Gold Coast by 2012 - for footy's push into Western Sydney on the agenda expanding to 18 teams of the year. at the Commission's first meeting the timing is a little rubbery. But while the intent is there, You shouldn't think a team into Western Sydney. that 2012 is when we actually put a licence or a licence-holder

lead-in time to have a team. and that we give them a proper The fact of the matter is into any market we are not going to drop a team Also at the meeting, investigation Justice William Gillard's was tabled. into the West Coast Eagles, 95-odd pages - and we'll get a written response. is free to play in round one Sydney youngster Kieren Jack for making forceful contact after accepting a reprimand with Hawk Luke Hodge. can also accept a reprimand Kangaroos forward Leigh Harding with Jason Akermanis. after engaging in rough conduct

for the 2008 NRL premiership, As the Parramatta Eels prepare and Brett Finch key players Mark Riddell at the club. could be facing their last season a lethal combination Finch, who formed

is realistic about his future. with halfback Tim Smith in 2007, My first option is to stay, is pretty keen to keep me as well, and obviously the club and that will be a bit tight there. but that will come down to money, against Penrith in Albury The Eels play their opening trial

on Friday night. will continue, Adam Gilchrist's farewell tour in Australia's win over India. despite a thumb injury suffered by ill feeling The match once again marred between the feuding teams. centred around Harbhajan Singh - An Indian summer, which has obviously upset with the spinner, the Australians are still of racial vilification allegations even though he was cleared late last month. his way to give him a verbal send-off Captain Ricky Ponting going out of

last night. COMMENTATOR: And whoops! with Harbhajan as he's run past him. Someone's had a little word It might have been Ponting. the captain having words It was Ponting - including the Australian coach, for everyone at the ground, to see. Harbhajan stopped in protest back to the dressing room. before continuing throughout the summer It's been quite obvious that both sides played hard between the teams. and there is a bit of feeling After the game, with the opposition team - as the Aussie skipper shook hands quite convincingly in the end, While Australia won it's been a tough few months the coach did concede like the impending tour of Pakistan with off-field matters the lucrative Indian Premier League and the prospect of playing on everyone's mind. It has been a long summer and bowling with issues outside of batting that have made it more difficult. using that as an excuse, But not for one second are we inside the change rooms or out here. And thankfully this wasn't the moment Corey Wingard, Ten News. World Sportsman of the Year Roger Federer has been named Laureus Sport Awards. at the prestigious the first man to claim the honour The tennis world number one became on four successive occasions. three was enough. for still voting for me. (Laughs) So thanks, guys, took out the women's honour, Fellow world number one Justine Henin World Cup-winning rugby side while South Africa's beat Australia's cricketers to be named Team of the Year. Next in Ten News, a look at the weather around the nation.

It's the way it moves in hatch, sedan or wagon.

This program is captioned live. at the national weather: Now for a look

with all the news. That brings you up to date for updates throughout the day Stay with Ten in Ten's news hour tonight. and the full details Good morning. I'm Natarsha Belling. TTN is next. by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext captions

This program is captioned live. Today - troubles in Timor. The country's President is shot and more Aussie troops are sent to calm the situation. Also, the gift of life. Meet the 12-year-old who is alive today because of an organ donor. Hi. I'm Scott Beveridge.

And later on TTN, the second of our special reports on the threats facing Antarctica. East Timor has been in the headlines in the past week, and undermining the whole and vast ice sheet. East Timor has been in the headlines in the past week, with the attempted assassination of the country's Prime Minister and President. Australia has sent more troops to the troubled nation, which is again facing an uncertain future.

East Timor is a small country just north of Australia which used to be under Indonesian control. The people voted for independence in 1999, finally achieving their dream in 2002. But continuing violence has marred their new democracy. It peaked two years ago. 37 people were killed and 150,000 were driven from their homes. Last week's unrest started with the two separate assassination attempts on Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao and President Jose Ramos-Horta. While the Prime Minister escaped uninjured, the President was shot several times and remains in intensive care. The rebel group responsible for the attacks is made up of a group of Timorese soldiers who deserted the army two years ago. The reason they deserted is that they felt they were being discriminated against because they weren't getting promoted within the army. Their leader was Major Alfredo Reinado. He was killed during the attack on Jose Ramos-Horta and that could see more violence in the short-term. I think frankly it will cause a lot more unrest because the divisions

between the east and west sections of the country are very real, very real indeed. With the number of rebel soldiers already having decreased and their leader now gone experts believe the rebels might not be able to maintain their resistance much longer. The solution would be for them to come in and face justice for what they have done and then be repatriated back into the Timorese army on some sort of definite agreement. That justice is important to help ordinary Timorese rebuild. The Timorese people themselves are a very peaceful, lovely people. I feel that their main cause is for peace in their country but they do want justice for the people who have destroyed their lives and destroyed their livelihood. Raine O'Connor reporting for TTN. Max Futcher travelled to East Timor to see how the ordinary Timorese, particularly the children,

are coping.

And he's just filed this report. Life for children here in East Timor

is very different from your lives back in Australia.

Thousands of children like the ones playing behind me live in IDP camps, or internal displaced person camps. The reason that they live in these camps is because there has been so much violence in East Timor in the past few years they are simply too afraid to return home.

Life in these camps is very difficult. There is no power, certainly no TV and only one or two running taps between hundreds of people. Now the Australian troops have arrived and they have managed to make things safer here. But there's still a long way to go. Last Friday, Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd arrived for a visit with the Prime Minister of East Timor and they talked about the things that could be done to make things safer in East Timor and also to get more jobs they can get back on their feet so hopefully and live a life of stability. Thanks, Max.

Well, last week on TTN was about to say sorry we explained why the Prime Minister to Indigenous Australians. Emily joins us now. And plenty of happy emotions

to the stolen generations? after the apology There sure were, Scott. of these stolen generations, For the pain, suffering and hurt and for their families left behind their descendants we say sorry. Australians gathered, In their thousands

to witness history. some in the pouring rain, In schools across Australia embraced the symbolism of the day. students too Just one day after the apology to improve indigenous education, the Government introduced new laws including providing more teachers. it's certainly a big task ahead. Scott, For sure, over many years. of our largest hospitals. Now, Em, you're outside one I am. Awareness Week, It's National Organ Donor which is about encouraging people of organ donation. to think about the benefits or improve the quality of life Being a donor can save the life of up to 10 people. Meet 12-year-old Matthew Massoud. fighting for his life in hospital Just two years ago Matthew was with liver failure. that my eyes were yellow. My mum noticed Yeah. So you went straight into hospital? started leaking out of his liver The actual day that the poison and going to his head

and they induced his coma they decided to put him into ICU that he had three days to live. and they told us basically within two days, Fortunately Matthew received a liver before he could come home. but it was some months having him come home. It was the best day, you know, 1,800 people are on the list In Australia over for an organ transplant. at any one time One in five of them will die waiting.

comes at a difficult time The decision to donate organs are still coming to terms when families of a loved one. with the impending death Quite often we hear from families very, very positive that it's something so very tragic to come out of something of that person's generosity. and it also leaves a lasting legacy

like the heart, lungs, liver, Donations include organs

like parts the eyes, heart valves, As well as tissues,

skin and bone marrow. the Children's Hospital at Westmead, Dr Michael works at largest liver transplant program. home to Australia's I work on the side of not having organ donations. where I see the consequences The worst-case scenario is waiting for transplants die where children who've been because they don't get one. liver failure in children In most cases you are born with. is the result of a condition

a liver transplant When a child needs we access them to make sure that they're suitable. we assess them on the official waiting list Then we put them suitable organ to become available. and then we wait for a Once a person receives a transplant could reject the donor liver. there's always a chance the body came out of hospital, I remember when I first but now it's only two. I had to take over 15 medicines to become an organ donor. It's a big decision The first thing they should do with some information is empower themselves their going through, so they know what what they need to go through. with their family about it. And secondly to talk important things that they could do, That's one of the most they need to let their parent know. the organ donation register. From age 16 you can join a human life behind it. At the end of the day there is

at the end of the day. It's about saving lives Can you show me your scar? you've got. It's a pretty impressive scar What did you say it looks like? It looks like a Mercedes Benz. a Mercedes Benz scar, The hospital calls it it looks a bit like it. that's when you'll know When it happen in your family

it will really hit home. and, you know, that's when another family's gift saved his life. Matthew knows I'd ask heaps of questions. I'd love to meet them.

I'd be very grateful. I'd say thank you.

Changing pace now, Go to the website:

who's telling the truth. we're asking you to work out join Matt in the rain Raine O'Connor and Dan Sweetman about the word 'perissology.' to tell their stories Perissology is the French term long-term rainfall. for the act of studying Couldn't be further from the truth!

of words Perissology means superfluity when short ones would do. or using long words Matt would know about that! Yes, well,

Actually perissology of the origins of scents. is the scientific study smell that's present in a perfume. A perissologist can tell you every You know I'm right. Find out at the end of the show. Is he right? takeover targets. And after the break -

so attractive to corporate buyers. Why businesses worth billions are

This program is captioned live. biggest companies, Some of the world's each worth billions of dollars, in recent weeks. have been involved in takeover talks by taking over rival companies. They're seeking to extend their power a long and difficult process. But that can be Windows. Office. Who hasn't used a Microsoft product?

have 90% of market share, In some areas, Microsoft products they don't have much competition. meaning

$290 billion. Microsoft is worth about it's trying to take over Yahoo! To get even bigger, an internet search engine Yahoo! provides a web portal, including email and news. and other web products, much less than Microsoft. It's worth about $45 billion, Microsoft offered Yahoo! about $49 billion to take over the company. That was known as a friendly takeover bid. That is until Yahoo! rejected the offer. to takeover the company Now any attempt by Microsoft to take over the company will be regarded as hostile. Which means that they're going to try to get the Yahoo! business even though the board of directors of Yahoo! doesn't want it to happen. Microsoft may offer more money. It may also try to convince Yahoo! shareholders to accept their offer or even to have the Yahoo! board of directors sacked.

Hostile takeover is a lot messier, more costly. It will take a lot longer to complete. Another major takeover is in the pipeline. The world's largest mining company, BHP Billiton, is worth about $210 billion.

It's the result of a merger between Australia's BHP and the United Kingdom company Billiton.

Now it's trying to takeover rival Australian mining giant Rio Tinto, a company worth $150 billion. BHP Billiton's offered $165 billion.

A bid Rio Tinto has also rejected. It would become increasingly hostile if Rio holds out for a higher price, which they will. They believe that the BHP offer is not high enough. Takeovers are a way to expand the business. To branch into new areas, cost effectively. And to eliminate a competitor, thereby increasing their market share. The downside is jobs may be lost. There may be less local presence as the company becomes more global. And prices might go up. Why? Well, say you have have three shopping centres in your town

and one of them buys out the other two. It's now a monopoly. Meaning there's no more competition. It's now a monopoly, meaning there's no more competition. Usually when you get those sorts of takeovers the price of the services or the goods go up. Some corporate giants own, or partly own, dozens of smaller companies. While it can be very expensive it's often worth it. If you're a manufacturer, you have to be competitive on the world stage and that means that you may have to take over somebody else or be taken over yourself.

There's a political crisis in Kenya and it's spiralling out of control. The Government and opposition party can't decide who should be in power. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is in Nairobi

urging the rival politicians to end the turmoil. The people of Kenya have taken the matter into their own hands. On the streets of Kenya mob violence took over. Street gangs roamed the slums, clashing with opposing tribes. The mayhem was sparked by general elections held on December 27 last year. President Mwai Kibaki was returned to power, amid rumours of vote cheating and corruption. Opposition Leader Raila Odinga called for a recount and his supporters went on a rampage. Kenyan police attempted to control the violence, using tear gas and firing on demonstrators. But the situation reached a stalemate with the President and Opposition Leader blaming each other for the violence.

Late last month, a fresh wave of death and mayhem broke out after Opposition MP Mugabe Were was killed. The government denied involvement. So far police have no evidence that the matter was politically motivated.

Mourners built burning barricades outside the dead man's home. The crisis has hit the people hard.

At least 300,000 Kenyans have been driven from their homes, fearing for their lives. And the death toll has topped 1,000. Kofi Annan stepped in Former UN secretary-general together for formal talks. bringing the two rival parties I feel deeply saddened one another violently to see Kenyans confronting

and resolved peacefully. over issues that can be discussed Unless we ourselves here to save our nation, resolve to act quickly left to save. there might be no nation and Opposition Leader Negotiating teams for the President have been trying to hammer out a deal led by both parties. which could see a government to this troubled nation But whether that will bring peace is yet to be seen. Hollywood writers end their strike. The Oscar ceremony to go ahead as That leads our global headlines. The writers vote to go back after agreement on sharing revenue

and other new media. from programs on the internet

for her fashion sense, Kylie Minogue gets top honours at the 'Elle' Style Awards in London. named Woman of the Year Speaking of stars, celebrate their first birthday Mogo Zoo's five white lion cubs sharing cakes made of cream and meat. to the ridiculous. From the cute, the country's best deer caller. It's Germany's annual contest to find the final of our Antarctic reports. Up next, where everyone's a winner. And the sport largest triathlon for young people. Matt reports on Australia's

This program is captioned live. You're watching TTN. from the British Antarctic Survey New figures the continent are shrinking fast. reveal that glaciers across On average, by 50m a year. is disappearing even more rapidly. But one glacier in particular

by 200m in the last year. The Sheldon glacier has shrunk because it won't be there for long. Take a good look at it, It's cracking and it's breaking up, of Antarctic ice shelves and it's only one of dozens than anyone predicted. collapsing faster I would say the vast majority of what we were looking at back there has broken up this year. is like a broken jigsaw. Antarctica's coastline The joins loosened by air than anywhere on Earth. that's warming faster telling us that change is happening. The Antarctic Peninsula is 2.5 degrees C. Temperature rises of up to And in the last 10 to 15 years, that have been monitored nearly 90% of the glaciers have shown significant retreat.

Antarctica's centre are speeding up. The glaciers that drain ice from Sheldon glacier is changing fast. Another 200m of it lost in a year. four times faster than normal. It's now retreating it's critical. If they're all doing that, into uncharted waters, We took a boat the fractured ice. carefully nosing through It's not just the warm air, that's attacking Antarctica. but the warming water pointing at the continent's heart. This ocean is like a dagger It's penetrating the whole and vast ice sheet. and undermining have disintegrated recently. Three major ice shelves collapsing within days. One of them, Antarctica is vast. more moisture, more snow, more ice. In parts, global warming is creating it's the thinning of the ice sheet But to the west

the world that's chilling scientists. and the threat to the rest of are certainly possible. Changes of a few percent on sea levels, coastal storms, And they will have an effect things like that.

in places like Antarctica. Change is normal over an hour. Here we're tracking icebergs here because of melting ice But abnormal changes in sea levels is frightening the UN. Its chief climate scientist said the possible collapse of ice sheets the world needs to face up to and to global flooding. faster than we predicted. Ice is on the move here most extreme continent The most hostile,

in store may have even more harsh lessons for the world above it. Hundreds of kids in Newcastle a special record attempt. have kick-started Matt joins me on set now For more on that and what are they are trying to do? thousands of kids are trying to set Well, Scott, world record a new international triathlon union in a children's triathlon. for the most participants

how the record attempt was going. We went to Newcastle to see at the best of times. Triathlons are hard enough young kids competing in this one. But not even rain could stop these series The goal of the Weet-bix TRY-athlon participate in triathlons is actually to have 40,000 kids and New Zealand, throughout Australia an incredible event. that would be with a swim. Competitors will start the TRY-athlon for the cycle leg Then it's on to the bike they'll bring it home with a run. and finally different distances for each group. There are two age categories with

the finish line To see them come across

with their friends, holding hands. and it was lots of fun And some guy did a somersault and they all get a medal at the end just participating and that's what it's all about, and having a good time. That makes this triathlon unique. Every child is a winner. Having a lot of fun along the way. They compete at their own pace. Australian race walker Jane Saville for the Kids' TRY-athlon. is an ambassador

And she believes a healthier lifestyle for children. it will help kick-start bike ride or go for a run or a swim If we can get out there and go for a and participate in events, or even just a walk or something a longer, healthier then we're certainly going to have and happier life. will have a roll on effect to others. She also hopes the children's event it doesn't just encourage kids, I'm hoping to see I think it's great for the parents participating, how much fun their kids are having being healthy and active can get involved. and the whole family turned up in Newcastle Around 500 kids for round one of the 2008 series, for taking part. each with their own reasons Because it's so much fun. it's pretty good! Just knowing you can do it, you can do together Because it's just something and have fun with. Just to be a part of the record. Jane believes they've got a good chance to set a new world record. definitely, yeah. The kids are just so excited and if that's an indication of kids around Australia and New Zealand we can definitely get that record. Well done to all those children who participated. Now if you want to get involved in the Sanitarium Weet-bix TRY-athlon you can go to their website at and follow the links. And, Scott, you got into triathlons at a young age as well didn't you? Yeah, I did my first event when I was 14. I enjoyed it and I've been doing them ever since.

Definitely. Australia scores a stunning 50-run win against India at the Adelaide Oval. The only downside is a possible broken thumb to Adam Gilchrist, which may end his career two weeks ahead of schedule.

breaks a 7.5-year-old 50m freestyle world record stopping the clock in 21.56 seconds. The Newcastle Jets advance to the A-League Grand Final with a nailbiting 3-2 win over the Queensland Roar. The Jets now face the Central Coast Mariners for the title next Sunday. And finally the 2008 Extreme Outdoor Winter Games finishes in spectacular fashion in France. The worlds' best BASE-jumpers leaping from heights of over 4,500m and flying over the heads of the crowd. Thanks, Matt. Checking the News Limited education lift-outs. The 'Advertiser' looks at the sheep and wool industry, including the history of sheep farming.

Classmate in the 'Daily Tele' has a feature on the first Australians and how they migrated. And the 'Mercury' asks what makes a good teacher, and the qualities that will help us remember them. Finally, a South Korean department store came up with a special treat for Valentine's Day. It's a 1.8m statue of St Valentine made entirely of chocolate.

There were also other chocolate statues,

chocolate clothes and earrings to help celebrate the special day. about the word ng the truth about the word 'perissology'.

Right, time now to find out who was telling the truth about the word 'perissology'. Yes, I was telling the truth. 'Perissology' means superfluity of words. It's of French origin meaning. You talk too much. No, I'm simply trying to give a categorical definition of the etymology of a word so I don't obfuscate the truth. And you use big words when small ones will do! Did you know the Greek word 'perissos' also means odd? So that would make you a perissologist. Nice one, high five! Ah, Raine, your denunciations are like di-hydrogen monoxide off an anatidae's back. Well, on that note that is TTN for another week.