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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Good evening, I'm Sandra Sully. the Australian-raised woman Tonight -

the East Timor coup attempt. charged over Pulping WorkChoices - turning propaganda into toilet paper an early election. as the PM threatens continue to play with fire on this And the Liberal Party are going to Let them suffer the consequences. The Howard Years - about his leadership deal. the truth finally comes out

he decided he was going to stay Princess Diana's 'rock' Then Butler gate -

confesses to lying at her inquest. the whole truth TAPE FOOTAGE: Well, I didn't tell expansion plans And the AFL's proposed with Brad McEwan. headlines Sports Tonight by surprise Sandra, the news caught everyone but the AFL says its not bluffing. and on the Gold Coast. there will be new teams in Sydney

has led to crisis talks in the NRL. The AFL'S push into Western Sydney we are deadly serious The fact of the matter is, about expanding our competion.

in consultation with our clubs. And of course, we need to do that have led to crisis talks in the NRL. The AFL's expansion talks of the future in Rugby League No doubt, some of the great players

to the AFL. will be lost to at this time likely to continue his farwell tour Also tonight, Adam Gilchrist despite injury. and I thought I was 22.56 I looked at the wrong one initially

and I nearly jumped outta the pool. then I saw the 21 And the Sullivan sprint to the top of the world. that took a young West Australian First - an Australian suspected the assassination attempt of being part of and bungled coup in East Timor. is facing court tonight in Dili Angelita Pires

on conspiracy charges. Alfredo Reinado She was lawyer to slain rebel leader hours before the attack and was with him in Dili Staff at the Australian Embassy are offering her consular assistance is helping her family in Australia. and the Department of Foreign Affairs a double-dissolution election The Prime Minister has not ruled out over the scrapping of WorkChoices, to break any impasse

to 'force' the issue Kevin Rudd hinting that he's prepared 'play with fire'. if the Opposition continues to became political poison When the WorkChoices brand for the Howard Government, of millions of booklets it ordered the destruction promoting the laws. How many have we got here? did you count them? (laughs). 436,000 of them -

The last of what's been dubbed 'propaganda' only now being pulped -

to make toilet paper. I think it's very important material of this nature is treated with the respect it deserves.

claiming Former workplace minister Joe Hockey had any clue few in the Howard inner circle of the Coalition's IR Laws. about the impact when I took over the job, But quite frankly, I don't think many ministers

under WorkChoices. certain conditions taken away without compensation. Government's soul searching The revelation part of the former

over its election defeat. those issues with colleagues of the impact of WorkChoices, and they became more informed

Labor says, it's pulp fiction. who don't know, according to him The only Australians Australian working families. that Work Choices hurts the IR Laws The Government now trying to pulp so unpopular. which made the Coalition a double dissolution election The Pm refusing to rule out in the Senate if the Opposition uses its numbers of WorkChoices to block the scrapping

and Australian Workplace Agreements. are playing with fire here. Well, I think the Liberal Party is the Liberal Party's determination What should be pulped

to defend WorkChoices. to play parliamentary games

over its own parliamentary games Labor taken to task during Question Time. use of the props is excessive. The Deputy Prime Minister's (Laughs). Murray McCloskey, Ten News.

issue dividing the Liberal camp And WorkChoices was not the only behind closed doors. the leadership issue It's been revealed,

party's most-senior members pitted John Howard against his

for almost a decade. the curtain has finally come down. After 11 years of public loyalty revealing John Howard's former right-hand man the depth of his bitterness. to be Prime Minister. He was never given the opportunity

stand down. I don't think he was ever going to reconsider his position. I think from time to time he would it when he was 64. You recall he said he would consider I think he decided he would consider and I think every time he considered it, he decided he was going to stay.

first promise was made back in 1994. Peter Costello claims Mr Howard's

serve 1.5 terms. He indicated to me he only wanted to to me one day I made a note because Costello said that arrangement, I think we better make a note of and I said good idea. Mr Costello's frustration, Other key Liberal heavyweights shared as the years went by. to the ageing politician. But they struggled to break the news of politics, If you study the history timing right. that most leaders don't get the

the constant bad opinion polls Even Mr Howard couldn't ignore

of losing his own seat. and the very real possibility again and almost all agreed, So the party faithful gathered

he could win the 2007 election, if Mr Howard didn't think

he should step aside. leaving voters to settle the issue. But still, he held on Amber Muir, Ten News.

not a title to everyone's liking Mr 9% - the Federal Opposition leader but that's what in the latest Newspoll is having to contend with

the 'Australian' newspaper being published in tomorrow morning. a woeful single figure as better PM Brendan Nelson slipped to while Kevin Rudd's popularity increased. as well in the 2-party preferred vote Labor remains ahead has narrowed the gap slightly. but the Coalition

an overnight battering Communities are bracing for as a severe cyclone threatens of Western Australia. the north-west coast Schools and businesses have closed and a caravan park has been evacuated in the tourist centre of Exmouth. Cyclone Nicholas is packing winds of more than 180 km/h. The eye of the storm is expected to bypass Exmouth but locals are preparing for a rough night. The town was devastated by Category 5 Cyclone 'Vance' in 1999.

A menacing low-pressure system that thrashed Mackay has moved towards a tourist haven. Late News reporter Brett Mason joins us now with the latest. Welcome to the Whitsundays. Tonight large sections of the region remain waterlogged and with that fierce low-pressure system due to arrive at around 4am

authorities say we can expect conditions to get even worse. Large sections of the Bruce Highway, between Bowen and Proserpine, remain under water. In fact in just a few hours Prosperine could be cut off altogether. Down the road at Airlie Beach, up to 20 boats are missing, presumed sunk. This massive pile of washed-up debris continues to get bigger. slipped down the hill A large section of land not too far from the main street

and these cane fields bubble with water as hundreds of litres spill across roads and paddocks with heavy falls recorded as far north as Townsville. While tourists can only sit here and wait Chloe Symons reports

the clean-up operation in Mackay is only just beginning. The water has subsided and the rain eased but there's still plenty of heartbreak.

There's eight adults and five children living at my brother's place. I can't keep having my kids on the floor. I don't know, I'm homeless. I don't know what to to do. Shane Kennedy and her mother moved to Mackay for a fresh start. That dream now destroyed. We've just lost everything - our cars, everything.

I don't mean to cry but it's Shane's birthday.

Today, they joined hundreds registering for financial assistance at temporary Centrelink offices. the loss has been crushing. It's not real good but there's nothing much you can do about it when that much rain comes down. their waterlogged possessions here People will be able to bring for free until the end of the week. Already they've had over 1,000 cars through.

A new contingent of SES officers have arrived. They'll relieve exhausted workers who've not had a break since the flood hit. However, normality is starting to return with some students heading back to school. They've been a great help too, the kids, it's been good. Today was the first time most shops reopened. much-needed supplies. A chance to restock

We've got sandbags all around and we're shopping up big. so this is our first day out But the residents say, there are just a couple of things they really need. Some sunny weather. A hug. Yeah. Princess Diana's former butler has sensationally confessed

to lying at her inquest and could now face up to 10 years in jail. Paul Burrell has been recorded by a London tabloid admitting he held back facts while giving evidence at Britain's High Court. the whole truth. When you swear an oath, you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I told the truth as far as I could.

for perjury. Burrell could now face arrest And in London tonight the Diana Inquest is hearing evidence from Mohammed Al-Fayed, the father of the Princess's boyfriend. In a tragic twist, Paul Burrell says he believes the man who pushed so hard for the inquest, is dying. When the world lost a princess, he lost a son

and Mohamed Al-Fayed has spent the last decade trying to prove it was murder. High Court trying to persuade a jury, Today he takes the stand at London's Diana and his son Dodi died, not in a car accident, but in an assassination plot ordered by the royal family and executed by Britain's spy agency MI6. Because he's the father of all the conspiracy theories,

he will be taken through them one by one.

Al-Fayed is convinced the new couple were killed because the royals would never allow Dodi, a Muslim, But his allegations go much further than that. Since October, the jury here has heard claims that the lovers were about to announce their engagement. Even that Princess Diana was pregnant with Dodi's baby. Many believe Al-Fayed is pointing fingers to deflect blame for allowing the driver Henri Paul,

an employee of his Paris Ritz hotel, to drive drunk behind the wheel the night of the deadly crash. from this key truth, and this key truth is that Mohammed Fayed approved the plan that lead to the death of his son and the Princess of Wales. Two independent investigations, one French one British, have concluded their deaths were the result of a tragic accident.

But Mohamed Al-Fayed has driven this conspiracy case for a decade. This is his final chance to convince the jury and the world, he is right. In London, Charlie D'agata, Ten News. After the break, It is going to be tough. It's hard for us at the moment, everyone's got a favourite, and the favourite keeps changing in the 'Cleo' office.

the search for Australia's most eligible bachelor but who will it be? all of me,

why not take all of me. (sings) Something like that. Why's that? I just float around, I'm like a free spirit.

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This program is captioned live. with details tonight that Australia has already signed a new deal with Qatar

and is negotiating new agreements with Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Sudan. A magistrate is considering relaxing the conditions of David Hicks' control order. Lawyers for the terrorism supporter want him released that include reporting to police three times a week. Federal police are prepared to replace one of the check-ins with an 'alternative' measure.

David Hicks wasn't in court, despite many requests from the Magistrate Thousands of Kosovar expats in Australia are celebrating the birth of their new nation. came to an end 100 years of Serbian rule and some violence. sparking scenes of jubilation

was flourishing. the new-found spirit of freedom The best day. This is the best day for us. all around the world. The best day for all Albanians Nobody can forget this. In Melbourne, more than 2,000 united many thought would never be held. for an independence party in their former homeland, The Aussie flag was flying the streets of Pristina as thousands flooded to celebrate their liberation.

to be on this day here. We are very happy from Australia We have travelled all the way to be on this big day in Kosovo. the US and Australia, Backed by Great Britain, yesterday. 100 years of Serbian rule ended Thank you, America! Thank you, Europe! Thank you, Great Britain! the Kosovar capital, While fireworks lit up territories secession boiled over Serbian anger at its former into violence.

to the streets of France and Russia, Serb Nationalists also took the only other nation to oppose Kosovo's independence. Serbia has warned its bitter opposition will continue in the UN it may even punish Kosovo and it warns with economic and diplomatic sanctions.

is going to be Serbia, I am afraid that the victim Serbian people around us. is going to suffer. The stability in Europe

can crash their freedom party. neither threats nor intimidation with CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. Finance news

shockwaves through the market. Tom - a bombshell from ANZ today sent

It was a grim day for the banking

sector today. The market's loss was sector today. The market's loss was

attributed to that weakness. He

became a after a trading update

from the ANZ bank where it said its

profitability would be limited by

its exposure to global credit

markets. Therefore they're putting

money aside for bad debts.

money aside for bad debts. The rest

of the financial stocks followed

suit. Good news today, particularly

for Diana or producers. In January,

and China posted record I am and China posted record I am he

imports. Japanese importers to they

said they would pay 65 % more for wine.

All Ords was down for investors. Overall the day - at the closing bell. The All Ordinaries of 45 points As Tom explained - ANZ fell more than 5% after saying how many million it's putting aside

Attention ladies, and single men are vying for Bachelor of the Year title. the coveted Australian could prove difficult. Picking the best, suddenly became even more attractive, Scenic Bondi Beach bronzed buff bodies. a least to those who appreciate

Bachelor of the Year contestants. 'Cleo' magazine unveiling this year's their best to woo the female vote. And they didn't hold back, doing I'd sing something like, why not take all of me. (sings) all of me, Something like that. are under scrutiny. The country's 50 hottest single men It is going to be tough. everyone's got a favourite, It's hard for us at the moment, in the 'Cleo' office. and the favourite keeps changing

competition's stiff Ladies, as with each year,

men with brains, brawn and beauty. with judges boasting they've found and actors to scientists. Nominees range from musicians is intelligent, helps, but with a good heart. obviously with good looks, that with this confession. may not win many votes though boyfriend. I don't think I'd be a good

Why's that? I just float around, I'm like a free spirit.

And how are they still bachelors? Ironman Ky Hurst blames his hectic training schedule. For me it's pretty full on, pretty quiet. the social scene at the moment's

Voting ends March 16. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan.

for a couple of AFL players. Brad, it was a devastating weekend Both suffered knee injuries season-ending surgery. and both require Details next. rolled the Roar. Also tonight, how the Newcastle Jets

East meets West in the NBA. at the Daytona 500. And a blockbuster finish

This program is captioned live.

and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. Good evening its plans to have new clubs The AFL has declared and in Western Sydney based on the Gold Coast are not a bluff. the code can't afford to wait Chief Executive Andrew Demetriou says rather than later. and must expand sooner set the time frame AFL chairman Mike Fitzpatrick

for footy's push into Western Sydney and the Gold Coast by 2012 -

on the agenda expanding to 18 teams of the year. at the Commission's first meeting This is not a bluff, it's not a scare tactic. The fact of the matter is we are deadly serious about expanding our competition. And of course, we need to do that in consultation with our clubs. were caught by surprise The Sydney Swans and other clubs by the announcement the timing is a little rubbery. but while the intent is clear,

is when we, You shouldn't think that 2012 Western Sydney. actually put a team into a licence or a licence-holder It may be, that we decide on lead-in time to have a team. and that we give them a proper When the fact of the matter is, into any market we are not going to drop a team lea-in time. without a two-to-three year

Also at the meeting, investigation Justice William Gillard's was tabled. into the West Coast Eagles, 95-odd pages It's a very lengthy report - and we'll get a written response and as I've seen in a email, back from Mark Barnaba this morning,

within a week. that we should get that on any sanctions on the Eagles The Commission will decide at its next meeting in March. out for the season with Fremantle's Paul Hasleby with a knee injury. during the third quarter The All-Australian was grounded of the Dockers win over the Eagles. over the top of me Someone sort of went and it felt a little bit dead at the time to get back up. But we'll see how we go. for Sydney defender Nick Malceski. The news just as bad on a torn ACL He'll undergo knee surgery and won't play again this year. and yeah, it's emotional Disappointing for him

the whole preseason training 'cause you spend and you sort of do it he'll be out for a little while. so it looks like yeah, And a broken thumb will sideline Carlton forward Brad Fisher for up to two months. He's had a pin inserted to help the healing. Sydney youngster Kieren Jack is free to play in round one after accepting a reprimand for making forceful contact with Hawk Luke Hodge. Kangaroos forward Leigh Harding can also accept a reprimand with Jason Akermanis, after engaging in rough conduct

while Tiger Matthew Richardson was cleared for this clash with Robert Harvey. Sydney's NRL teams have been rocked by the news the AFL'S planning a second team in the City. The Penrith Panthers are preparing for a crisis, claiming their rich juniors nursery is already being pillaged by the cashed-up football code.

Rugby league still owns the west, but for how long? Penrith fear future stars may be hand-passing a Sherrin because of aggressive AFL recruiting. They're going around all the rugby league games and they're just selecting the better players, the players they feel would be ideally suited to play Australian Rules, so they're picking the eyes out of our players. That could see the next Greg Alexander playing for the second Sydney AFL team, set down for a 2012 debut. No doubt some of those great players of the future in rugby league

Penrith to use the next chief executive's meeting to call for more hands-on help. I've got one development officer At the moment servicing 183 primary schools. And with junior AFL participation on the rise, it's time to shift facilities westwards. and I think the academy should be closer to the growth areas

of rugby league. And if this is the area where the AFL are going to attack - which they certainly are - we should be fighting the battle with them. Western neighbours Parramatta are making sure they get their name out there. In a big loud voice, can you spell 'Hindmarsh'? The kids of Lansvale Public lapping up the extra attention. It may seem friendly today,

but western Sydney schools like this one are set to become the battleground over the next few years as the rival codes fight for the hearts of the next generation. And so far league still seems to have the edge. Do you like AFL? Ah, no. Sorry. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Imagine being the fastest swimmer on the planet. Eamon Sullivan has discovered it's an incredible feeling after his blistering performance last night in Sydney. Life in the fast lane - the newly crowned slickest sprinter in swimming

already knows he's a marked man, a total opposite of how he likes to race. I like being a bit of an underdog and having something up my sleeve, I guess and surprising people, so if I can take off more time and surprise people again then I'll be laughing. Sullivan shocked onlookers with his world record-breaking at the NSW State Titles - stopping the clock in 21.56 seconds, than the great Alex Popov's 8-year old mark. I'm not really one to show too much emotion when I swim well. It's more a quiet confidence but last night I nearly lost it. highly criticised in recent years. National coach Alan Thompson has been preaching patience

since the 2005 World Championships - that virtue now paying dividends. It hasn't been out there until Melbourne this year with the young men winning some medals that we've been able to see this happening The veteran coach has seen many swimmers go into an Olympics as favourite only to be upstaged. Once you are the world record holder or even the number one in the world leading in to the Olympics there is a lot of expectation. He is a young man who can cope with that sort of pressure and we are just hopeful that he can cope with that the whole way through. I want to make sure it doesn't happen. I don't want to get carried away with this. I want to keep improving, use it as a stepping stone. Anthony Goodridge, Sports Tonight. It's a local derby and it's a grand final. That's why Newcastle coach Gary van Egmond distraction-free for his team. wants this week to be The Jets are flying high, after their stunning win over Queensland set up an A-League decider against the Central Coast. Just one more win away from a maiden premiership title, the Jets well aware of what they'll face at the SFS on Sunday.

And they're unfazed. They've had the wood on us during the finals better team. but during the season we've been the Newcastle's first Grand Final berth coming the hard way - the Roar's controversial injury-time equaliser forcing the match into extra time. Joel Griffiths putting the homeside back in front. Then a stunning strike from Tarek Elrich had the Jets out of reach.

COMMENTATOR: Tarek Elrich! What a strike! The Jets are on their way to the grand final! For them to pick themselves up and dust themselves off and grab the game by the scruff of the neck in extra time is a test of their fortitude. No doubt it will be put to the test again on Sunday - the Mariners more than happy it's their local rivals they'll do battle with in the Grand Final. Probably sentimentally, I'm pleased that it's Newcastle. Queensland were unlucky and battled well last night but I think for the atmosphere of the game, having a full house, half and half Newcastle-Central Coast people will be good. The Roar's season over, returning home empty handed. You look at it, fourth place gets to go to Hawaii first and second go to a Grand Final It was a successful year for the club, we got in the semifinals for the first year and our boys stood up well. A little easier for Sydney FC to forget about not making the Grand Final. The side, lapping up the luxuries that come with the finals series consolation prize. They'll face Houston Dynamo on Thursday Pan Pacific Championships. I'd prefer to be back in Australia playing in the Grand Final