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(generated from captions) what we'll always share? ..knowing now You know how I feel. I feel the same way about you. Just be here for me. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - a Sydney mother walks free, with methadone. cleared of killing her daughter

for my daughter. Now I think I can finally grieve amid claims it doesn't go far enough. The State's hospital inquiry begins to Australia's first cowboy - And saying goodbye Smoky Dawson dead at 94. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also, tonight - on politicians' pay packets. Kevin Rudd puts a freeze And eating for two - a jumbo-sized pregnancy. Taronga Zoo welcomes But heading Ten News - a former addict has walked free girl with an overdose of methadone. after accidentally killing her little

the 6-year-old was a tragic mistake, A court finding the death of on the mother. which has had a devastating impact They were the two words hoping to hear - not guilty. I'm still shaking. it's been a long, hard 2.5 years It's been a long, hard trial. over my daughter. and now I think I can finally grieve when she died. Little Rose was just six her smile would light up a room. At her funeral, friends said that killed her, It was a lethal dose of methadone at the family's Cattai home. administered by her mother it was deliberate, Prosecutors alleged for more than two years. claiming Rose had been drugged Ms Austin of manslaughter, But today the jury acquitted gave her daughter methadone, accepting she accidentally mistaking it for cough syrup. It was an outright accident and I was treated like a criminal. in jail I was put in strict protection and I had to battle all that. and I was called a kid-killer the methadone program for 12 years, The 47-year-old had been on but is now clean. I can say I paid the price for life for ever touching drugs

Before the trial tattooed just behind her shoulder. Ms Austin had her daughter's face she says As she waited to find out her fate, she felt Rose had her back. John King, The case has cost her and partner, almost $500,000 in legal fees. and we are now in debt. We have had to sell our house to get on with her life Ms Austin now wants of her other children. and hopes to regain custody Daniel Sutton, Ten News.

system has finally opened, The special inquiry into the health the blame game. promising solutions, and to not play has condemned the inquiry, But the family of a hospital victim saying nothing will come of it. Peter Garling - It's a big job confronting lawyer in just a few months review the health system and come up with some solutions. the opportunity and the occasion This inquiry provides

in the NSW public hospital system. for very real reform

prompted the Government to act. Two prominent cases at Royal North Shore Hospital who died of Jana Horska plus the poor treatment

in the hospital's toilets. after she miscarried Her husband says a royal commission was needed. with more investigative powers absolutely none. I have absolutely no faith, nothing will come of it. I'll go on record now to say the inquiry will be independent. The commission says to be an occasion I will not permit my inquiry motivated only by self-interest. for grandstanding and speech-making the report ready by the end of July, With the tight deadline to have Peter Garling has wasted no time in the city. even before the offical opening to here at St Vincents he made a visit at one of our major public hospitals. to see what happens

the inquiry won't be a waste of time. Doctors' groups are hopeful is tendered to the commission We wait to see what evidence and then I guess the $64 question

with the recommendations. will be what the Government does Mark Dryer holds responsible And it's the Government for failings in our hospitals. It's just festering day in, day out. How many lives is it going to take drops with this government? before something's done, the penny Kevin Wilde, Ten News. have claimed two more lives - Queensland's floods and a 36-year-old mother. a teenager in Mackay

rescued, succumbing to a heart attack Tragically, she died after she was to save her 6-month-old baby. after giving everything It was the ultimate sacrifice, will do anything for her children. heartbreaking proof that a mother We carried her back to the road and given her CPR

ambulance arrived, she was deceased. and unfortunately, by the time the her de facto and their two sons 36-year-old Kelly Bock, aquaplaned on a flooded roadway were trapped when their car grabbed the 2-year-old toddler While her partner and made it to safety, clutching her six-month-old baby. the mother clung to a tree from the floodwaters, Rescuers managed to save them and died of a suspected heart attack. but she collapsed with exhaustion and the two children The male person last night, were admitted to hospital however, they've now been released. a man also needed rescuing Just south of the city, from rising waters. after saving his 10-year-old niece also claimed the life The Central Queensland floods of 17-year-old Reece Hines. loved life. Reece was just a bundle of fun,

about him. Had the real Aussie larrikin just about any sport. He was the sort of kid who played

The Mackay school house captain on Tuesday afternoon was swept into the water into the local weir. when he slipped and fell to move through the State, As the big wet continues can now claim flood relief. 13 more areas caused around $15 million damage. The monsoon rains have so far Chloe Symons, Ten News. no option left but to go on strike Firefighters warn they have with the State Government. in their bitter pay dispute an all-out Statewide stoppage They're threatening its pay offer by 1% to 3.5%. unless the Government lifts going to withdraw their labour, If and when they decide they're in the safest way possible. then they'll make sure they do it But, unfortunately, when firefighters walk out the door, people's lives are in danger. They've given the Treasurer a deadline of 5pm tomorrow to meet their demands. The union claims some members rely on food parcels to get by. Kevin Rudd has frozen the pay packets of federal politicians, forcing his MPs to lead by example The move coming on the back of the best jobless figures in 33 years, which add more pressure for another interest rate rise. Not even the impending loss of 1,000 jobs at Mitsubishi or 300 at National Car Parts can overshadow the booming labour market. Unemployment fell to 4.1% last month, a 33-year low. Almost 27,000 new jobs created, easily outstripping the job losses. Today's unemployment figures are welcome figures. (Man) Hear, hear! Too right. Further proof the economy is powering along. many economists now say The trouble is it means another rate rise is on the way next month. Kevin Rudd wants all Australians to play their part in the fight against inflation - starting at the top. In a modest exercise in wage restraint, the Government has decided to propose to the Parliament a regulation which will have the effect of not increasing MPs' salaries through until the middle of next year. And the Prime Minister wants chief executives to take pay cuts as well. The Opposition supports the freeze. Just sends a signal to everyday Australians that we want to make a contribution, whatever that contribution is, to make sure that they know that we're doing our bit. While wanting to put the brakes on wages the Government at the same time is hitting the accelerator, it's introduced a bill to deliver $31 billion-worth of tax cuts over the next three years, starting in July. The Treasurer denies they are inflationary. Instead he says they will encourage more people back into the stretched workforce. These tax reforms will put incentive in the system. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Australia's first cowboy, Smoky Dawson, has died in a Sydney hospital aged 94. The country music legend leaves behind his beloved wife, Dot, and a legion of fans. He started out as Australia's first cowboy and became one of our biggest stars. (Sings) # With a smile and a song... # Born in Melbourne in 1913,

Herbert Henry Dawson got the nickname 'Smoky' after his disastrous first puff of a cigarette. He never tried them again. But careerwise, there's little he didn't try. He had a travelling rodeo show where his palamino, Flash, his steed for 32 years, was the star. He thrilled crowds with his knife- He thrilled crowds with his knife- and axe-throwing act, a little talent he picked up during World War II and his enormously successful Kellogs radio show. And it took me right round the whole countryside.

It was a family show.

In the country music world he was a legend, a staple at Tamworth, he was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2005. It just proves to all of us in this industry that you really do keep singing until you die. A true entertainer until the end. This is how he spent his 94th birthday - dancing on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. was husband to his beloved Dot. He spent nine years wooing her before I think he must have been a slow worker to take nine years to sweep me off my feet. Dot is just a marvellous creature. She is something that has been heaven-sent for me. I really needed her and I think if I hadn't had Dot,

I wouldn't have lived so long. (Laughs) Dot turns 102 this year and, though frail,

has outlived the husband she lovingly referred to as her toyboy. Smoky Dawson was 94. Angela Bishop, Ten News. The horse flu crisis is finally over in NSW, all properties now declared free of equine influenza six months 41,000 were infected during the outbreak,

which cost $46 million to eradicate. This disease and its management and how we're able to get to this point

will give us a lot of lessons into the future. Despite today's good news, restrictions on horse movements will remain for another few weeks. It may also take a year of testing before Australia can again declare itself completely free of horse flu. and the police take an interest in that Western Force fight. Yes, Matt Henjak's blue with team-mate Haig Sare is the subject of Perth police inquiries. It comes as Henjak continues his controversial trip to South Africa for the Super 14 kick-off, seen enjoying himself on a Durban beach. on the case shortly. The ARU has its say And giving it all her all. But another setback for Sally Robbins's hopes of making the Beijing Olympics. Where she finished in today's final shortly. Olympics for Aussies turns 80. Also, the man who is the voice of the Sydney's dam are filling fast - we'll check where the levels are at next. Also, Crime Stoppers success story - the massive amount of drugs seized thanks to public tip-offs. And the controversy surrounding Taronga Zoo's jumbo-sized pregnancy. VOICEOVER: Hey, we don't choose the dreams, but with Lotto's massive $19 million Superdraw,

we could make plenty come true. That's right: So get your entry in before Saturday, February 16 and you could: This program is captioned live. Five men have been arrested over a multi-milliondollar warehouse fire and fraud. Detectives have swooped on four of the men at a business in Parramatta. last month. It follows the arrest of another man Investigators allege the suspects set fire to the building last June, the blaze causing $2 million damage. Police also allege the men tried an insurance rip-off worth $1.4 million. Police have launched a marathon 72-hour crime crackdown right across the State. The blitz is targeting street crime, with patrols being doubled in known hot spots. It's a high-visibility crack-down right across the State. Hundreds of extra police have been rostered on for a blitz that will run until Sunday morning. Operation Mega-Vikings has a clear message for crooks. We'll accommodate you, we'll lock you up, so don't do it - but don't disobey the law. They're targeting known crime hot spots hoping to prevent street crime, part of an ongoing campaign of high-visibility operations planned for the year. A day phase targeting fingerprint, outstanding warrants, DNA suspects - those sorts of things. is a victim of the type of violent and random crime the operation is targeting. He was punched to the ground and repeatedly kicked by two men in an unprovoked attack. Strike force detectives are still hoping to speak with anyone who saw what happened on Bathurst Street in the city, a week ago tonight.

We want people to feel safe when they go out and about and of course, if I can prevent one assault from occurring, I've done my job. In some areas, like the CBD, police patrols will be doubled. While the cooler and wetter weather over the last couple of months has actually meant a decrease in the amount of crime across the city, police are concerned about a potential spike in the figures as there usually is in March. With 15,206 police in NSW they're coming to lock you up if you do the wrong thing. Evan Batten, Ten News. And police have applauded the public for helping lock up those involved in some of Australia's biggest drug hauls. On the eve of national Crime Stoppers Day, they've revealed calls to the centre have led to drug seizures totalling almost a billion dollars. Behind these police are ordinary Australians who have helped take $30 million worth of drugs off our streets in the past year alone. We have got to look after our country, got to look after our neighbourhood and these are Australians doing the right thing. What they did was call Crime Stoppers. And on the eve of the first national Crime Stoppers Day, police want more community help. We don't care if that information is trivial in their mind because it's that vital little piece that might finally put the jigsaw together.

We're really appealing to that 80% of the community that would normally never come into contact with a police officer and we're simply saying, "Talk to us." A few days ago a tip-off led police here to a Sydney suburban home packed full of cannabis plants. The anonymous caller helped stop $1 million worth of drugs hitting the streets.

We have seen a member of the community just this week be involved in closing down a very significant and serious drug operation. Since the lines first opened almost 20 years ago more than 1 million people have made the call and made a difference. These public tip-offs led to almost 46,000 arrests. They're calling on everyone to enter the Crime Stoppers number into their phones. By saving the number members of the community can help to save the day. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Taronga Zoo's been bitten by the love bug, with news one of its Asian elephants is pregnant.

But not everyone is happy about the jumbo delivery. They're proud parents to be and both Mum and Dad have worked up a healthy appetite. Rescued from the streets of Thailand two years ago, 8-year-old Thong Dee is now five months pregnant. And I saw the conditions that she came from so to see her go from that to be this young robust, healthy elephant who is now pregnant is very satisfying for me. Her growing baby can be seen by ultrasound, its trunk already visible. As Thong Dee contemplated the burden of a pregnancy lasting almost two years, expecting father, Gung, had found a new Valentine's Day playmate. He is the top bull and he has unrelated females so instead of suppressing him they are very much encouraging him. (Laughs) While this may seem every young male elephant's dream, not everyone is sharing in Gung's joy.

The Greens believe Thong Dee's pregnancy is dangerous and could actually be putting the young mother at risk.

The RSPCA backing concerns an early pregnancy could result in miscarriage. When an animal isn't fully mature, it's a big burden that a young body has to endure. But the zoo says scientists approved all four females for breeding last year. We're optimistically cautious. We'll be doing ultrasounds just to check on the status of the baby, but pretty much we're just going to let it be as natural as possible. James Boyce, Ten News.

Kim Bailey with the weather - I

can't believe how excited I was at

seeing the blue-sky today. The best

news is the only way is up for seeing the blue-sky today. The best news is the only way is up for

Sydney damp levels. 66.4 % is the

capacity, up more than 2%. Warren

Gamba dance had 32 % in the last

few days. With of blue sky on Valentine's Day. A good-looking

Friday coming to your place

tomorrow. A shower early and then

it will clear, 22-25 degrees. This

is how you Day should unfold. Dodgy

bit early and then splashy with blue sky. I love you. An outpouring of emotion as East Timor's rebel leader Alfredo Reinado is buried - that's next. And a secret weapon in the war on drugs - police use brute force to bust a trafficking ring.

This program is captioned This program is captioned live.

Time for a check of the traffic now

and I am assuming the traffic is jammed

jammed with all the males rushing

out to get Valentine's gifts. Your

are probably one of those miles are probably one of those miles

with your beautiful Helen. We with your beautiful Helen. We are

seeing a lot of traffic getting to

Homebush and an accident has been

pushed into a side land. Traffic

delays on Homebush Bay Drive and unfortunately lots of people will

be delayed heading to hurt still. Her

Her itself. These delays are

extensive and lots of people will

be slow down. A coroner has ruled

former Labor senator Bob Collins took his own life with a mix of prescription drugs Mr Collins was found dead in September, three days before he was due to face court on child sex abuse charges. He had also fought a long battle with bowel cancer. Northern Territory Coroner Greg Cavanagh says his death was the result of a deliberate overdose in the face of his legal problems. Just a day after saying sorry, to close the gap between black and white Australia. The first step - more money for extra teachers in Top End Indigenous communities. At the Aboriginal tent embassy the crowds are packing up and heading home. The emotion spent, descending on those a sense of reflection Hopes, it was hopes, yeah. It put a smile on my soul. We have got the apology now. Let's get on with the business of fixing what's wrong with our people. That's what the Government has done, introducing a bill to provide 200 more teachers to Northern Territory schools. If we are to encourage these young indigenous people to come to school, we need to have enough teachers ready to teach them.

Under the $64 million plan, an extra 50 teachers will be recruited this year, another 150 to follow over the next three years. But the Opposition says if the Government was fair dinkum it would insist on 95% attendance rates in Aboriginal schools. We just have to get over this whole question of making excuses for indigenous kids not attending school. What we have set are very firm targets to half the gap in educational obtainment in literacy and numeracy tests and non-indigenous children. Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson has defended his sorry speech which saw thousands around the country turn their backs when he spoke of sexual and alcohol abuse in outback communities. He says his comments were misinterpreted. It was a deep-felt sorry for all of those things that have happened in the past about which today we feel a sense of shame.

Leonie Mellor, Ten News.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is due to fly into East Timor tomorrow to meet political leaders after the failed coup attempt. The 5-hour visit comes as Alfredo Reinado is laid to rest. the slain rebel leader A troubled people lay to rest one of their renegade sons. More than 500 craned into More than 500 crammed into the tiny courtyard in suburban Dili, straining to see - even to touch - the coffin of Alfredo Reinado. (All sing) A short walk away, local men dig a grave at his house. The graffiti explains why there's no shortage of volunteers. It's a great honour for our people to do this for Alfredo. He is being buried at home rather than the cemetery for security reasons. Just a trip from the morgue When the coffin arrived there were chaotic scenes. Viva Reinado! ALL: Viva Reinado! Even as the rebel leader is laid to rest, rumours abound as to the circumstances surrounding the shoot-out in which he was killed. There are suggestions it was a failed attempt to kidnap the president. Two years ago the major led a revolt within the army. charged with murder, escaped prison Since then he has been and been on the run with a band of rebels, 20 of whom remain at large. There is still a real threat of trouble but Reinado's uncle has again called for peace.

The government depicted Reinado as public enemy number one. These scenes show what many Timorese think. In East Timor, Max Futcher, Ten News. The brother of Jose Ramos-Horta has slammed the United Nations police as cowards

for not treating the injured East Timorese president quicker. A furious Arsenio Ramos-Horta visited his brother in Darwin Hospital today. He accused the UN police of not wanting to rescue the president, who had been shot twice. Because you cradled Jose Ramos-Horta in your arms, before the police arrived? how long were you doing that Oh, probably about 20 minutes. Were you fearful for your brother's life? Oh, yeah. Of course. He was bleeding really bad. Former army chief General Peter Cosgrove also visited Mr Ramos-Horta today, describing the attack as a set-back for the fledgling nation. The president is still in a serious but stable condition. British police have busted a $200 million drug ring with a bulldozer. To ensure they took the suspects by surprise, officers ploughed the 'dozer through the garden wall

of a $6.5 million mansion then stormed inside. In all, 30 luxury homes have been raided around London in the coordinated sting. We have completely dismantled this criminal network today and they will no longer be able to operate at the level they have been operating at, if at all. Property worth millions has been seized, along with 100 kilos of cocaine and cannabis. Also - fighting back - the robbery victim who turned the tables on his attacker. And sharing the love - Sydney gets into the spirit of St Valentine's Day. As much as I love what I do... ..I never want to lose sight of what's really important. MOBILE PHONE BEEPS

So when there's a chance for all of us to catch up, I don't need a headache bringing me down. That's why I keep Panadol Rapid handy. It's absorbed twice as fast as regular Panadol tablets. Because I'd rather spend time with friends than with a headache. Panadol - it's my choice.

This program is captioned live. Top stories this newshour - the State's firefighters are threatening to strike as their bitter pay dispute heats up. They're calling for a pay rise of 3.5%, 1% more than what they've been offered.

The union says some members are forced to rely on food parcels. The much-anticipated inquiry into the State's hospitals has begun. prompted by two high-profile cases, The special review, is promising solutions to the trouble-plagued system. But already some are saying it won't go far enough. And a mother has walked free after being acquitted of killing her daughter with methadone. Former heroin addict Julie Ann Austin says she can now finally grieve over Rose, who was just six when she accidentally gave her a lethal dose of methadone instead of cough syrup. A convenience store attendant has turned the tables on a knife-wielding robber. He's attacked the bandit with a baseball bandit, but it wasn't enough to stop him getting away with the night's takings.

With a 30cm knife in hand, the bandit wouldn't have expected his demands for cash to be met with defiance in the form of Lindsay Connerty and his baseball bat. I hit him hard.

The first blow on the back of the head He just got up. It hardly fazed him. In the frenzied attack Lindsay was stabbed in the stomach, had several teeth punched out and required stitches for deep defensive wounds to his hands.

Then I've grabbed hold of him and thrown him onto the floor on his head and I thought that would knock him out but it didn't. He got on top of me with a knife in my face and that's when I realised, no more fighting. The robber forced the knife into the 51-year-old's back and made him empty the till, fleeing before police arrived. he now regrets fighting back Lindsay says and he's urging other shop attendants to just comply with the robber's demands as it's simply not worth the risk. Do not fight them. Unfortunately, I've got a temper and I seen red. Police say the employee could have been killed in the attack. No good being a hero and being buried six foot under. We need them alive. hand the money over, move on. For Lindsay it's the fourth time he's been robbed in eight years. But he says he'll be back. Got to pay the bills somehow. I'm not one for going on the dole. James Wakelin, Ten News. Mel Gibson has been back in court over his drinking driving offence in America. It was a very happy looking Gibson who left the court after the judge ruled he wouldn't have to appear again. but warned the next stage would be the most difficult because he would have to handle it on his own. 18 months probation to serve. The star still has Gibson was arrested in July 2006. He was later forced to apologise for an anti-Semitic tirade against the arresting officers. To the BankWest finance report now and a good Valentine's Day for the Australian share market which is well and truly back in the black. The average price of unleaded petrol around Sydney tonight is $1.40 a litre but we've found as low as $1.31 in Peakhurst, Chester Hill and Fairfield.

Love is all around Sydney as the hopeless romantics among us indulge in Valentine's Day.

And it seems there are a host of new ways to celebrate, as well as for businesses to cash in. It's the only day when trading red is welcome and it began very early.

40,000 roses picked and packed before dawn. Sharing the love is big business and so is the hunt for it, with speed-dating a popular choice. This group braving stormy skies on Bondi Beach to find a Valentine. in 3 minutes before starting work? So you've got to find a girl Yes, that's right, exactly. So... what are you doing? (Laughs) At the sound of the gong partners rotate, taking notes of their favourites. Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you. Organisers from the RSVP Website say singles these days are keen to explore new avenues for finding love. Is it hard to find a date in Sydney? That's probably why I'm here. He's not alone - Australia's taking on the world record for the most speed-daters. Events like this in the 21st century are perfect when it's hard to find a mate - even more so in Sydney where there are more women than men. But even when you find love, it doesn't always run smoothly. Youse will be the perfect couple - not! This couple remarrying after winning a competition for the most disastrous wedding. The bride seven months pregnant, in a marked dress, forced inside from a downpour. Today a take-two. who fell in love at first sight. They celebrated today on top of the Harbour Bridge, not so much for the views, as the feeling of being on top of the world. Amber Muir, Ten News.

A sparkling day, a day of love and

sparkling champagne I hope for sparkling champagne I hope for you

to. A is obvious to the viewers. Happy Valentine's Day, Ron. 22-25

degrees. The showers will clear for

a fabulous blue sky at Day tomorrow. The

The weekend it is looking like

cloud across Saturday and showers

on a Sunday.

Live on your television at 5:55pm,

community is keen on a Channel 10.

Get out to Sydney Olympic Park

every Friday for the next three

weeks.The that explains where you

got the roses from, Ron! Sport now and Tim Webster and rugby league's coaching merry-go-around is really spinning. Yes, and it's going to get a little dizzy judging by the latest developments. Also, on the beach - Matt Henjak gets a longer stay of proceedings over that fight with a team-mate. And trying to avoid a slow boat to China - for Sally Robbins's bid to make the Beijing Games. With time, your skin's collagen levels decrease, hollow features deepen and skin contours become less defined, aging your appearance as much as wrinkles do. A revolution from L'Oreal Paris - Collagen Definer SPF 15, our first redefining moisturiser for the face and neck. The patented formula contains Active Pro-Collagen to help plump up hollow features and remodel the appearance of facial contours. This program is captioned live. Wayne Bennett is likely to feature on North Queensland's coaching short-list, Cowboy's club director Gorden Tallis. despite his falling out with Current coach Graham Murray has already been told his contract won't be renewed next season. A cheerful Graham Murray taking his dumping better than he's taken some victories. His exit giving other coaches something to chew over as they ponder their own futures. will enhance the speculation about Wayne Bennett coming here. We've had no talks with Wayne about coming here, there's been no deal done - I've told Graham that. That could change very soon as the NRL coaching merry-go-round swings into action. Whether Wayne's name is on that short-list is yet to be decided, will at least be discussed. but you'd have to think his name In his seventh year at the club Murray, their most successful coach, told by the board the players needed a change. You don't feel great about it but I understand where they're coming from and I've had six great years here. the seventh one is in place.

The blowtorch now switching to the Dragons' Nathan Brown and the Bulldogs' Steve Folkes. whether they want them back in 2009. Can I tell you this? I'd rather know in February than the back end of July. I think the club's done me a favour. One player not changing colours is Broncos enforcer Tonie Carroll. The Kiwi-cum-Aussie denying he wants to turn Kiwi again. He says he's retired from all rep football. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Perth police have spoken to Western Force player Haig Sare about the broken jaw suffered in a fight with team-mate Matt Henjak. But Sare has not filed a complaint. Henjak meantime continues to prepare for the Force's Super 14 opener in Durban after a disciplinary hearing was adjourned. Coach John Mitchell is hoping his halfback can concentrate on a match which could be his last. He's pretty determined to do well, I guess. And all you can hope for is that he doesn't get too emotional as a result of the opportunity. ARU Boss John O'Neill is closely monitoring WA's handling of the drama after Henjak wasn't stood down. Our position is pretty clear. This sort of behaviour is not something that is good for rugby. We want it dealt with through the process. It's started. The Force's serious misconduct committee will now hear the matter next Tuesday. Former Socceroo and Central Coast Mariners defender Tony Vidmar has announced he'll retire from the game after the A-League Grand Final. The 37-year-old will bring down the curtain on a 19-year professional career, including 76 appearances for Australia, because his body is just not up to it. I've struggled to go through 90 minutes and I think my fitness levels have been quite high. You know, there's times at training when I don't do what the other guys do. Vidmar returned to Australia as the Mariners' marquee signing last year after stints with several European clubs, including Rangers and Middlesbrough. Rower Sally Robbins' road to Olympic qualification met another hurdle today, after another poor result at the Selection Regatta. Lining up in Lane 8 for the single sculls final, Robbins finished a distant sixth Although she can still make the Australian squad for Beijing, the performance has left her with a real fight on her hands. Meanwhile, elation for Kim Crow and Sarah Cook, who took out the women's pair, all but booking themselves a trip to their first Olympics. To go well at the Olympic trials is something that we dream about and it's a really exciting feeling. The men's crews will be picked next week, but a final decision on the women will be made in April. A special day for Olympic broadcasting legend Norman May. The man who has been so much a part of Australia's Olympic experience turned 80 today. Beijing will be Norman's 12th Games,

but this time it will be different. It's somehow appropriate Norman May's 80th birthday should fall in an Olympic year and on Valentine's Day because the combination have created a love affair which has lasted a lifetime.

It's not like a football match against another country or a cricket Test against India. of everything. This is the world championship It was love at first sight for Norman and the Games. Dawn Fraser's swim of the 100m freestyle at Tokyo in 1964 set the passion burning. But it was the Moscow Games in 1980 where he made his most famous call - the men's medley relay, his memory of the race almost photographic. Brooksy took off and he was opposed to a guy called Kapliokov The race call repeated many times since and improving with age. And five, four, three, two, one - gold, gold for Australia. Notice I didn't say, "gold, gold, gold."

The former lifesaver, Beijing will be Norman's 12th Games and very special. He'll be a member of the Australian team working in the media department. I reckon I'll be the only 80-year-old to be an official member of the Olympic team. Neil Cordy, Ten News. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight - Ricky Pointing pushes his solution to the Indian Premier League wrangle and Jana Rawlinson tells us about toe surgery.

Pollinger it is the secret to

making it to 80. Let's look at the

traffic again. Some problems in the

North Ryde? For it is an ugly drive

to South Stratfield. We showed you to South Stratfield. We showed you

the accident at Homebush and it

really is mucking up peak-hour

traffic. This is the worst of the

traffic delays this evening. Three

lanes are barely moving over the Parramatta River and unfortunately

similar conditions all the way back

to Macquarie Park into West keels

which means peak-hour traffic heading

heading south has been delayed as a

result of this accident. It is a

good drive home in the south-west. and Jana Rawlinson tells us about toe surgery. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's back with the latest on the weather next. SEAGULLS SQUAWK Looks pretty clean, doesn't she?

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locked up and dangerous. We are

celebrating Valentine's day out at

Sydney's Olympic Park where

tomorrow a free concert will tomorrow a free concert will be

here. From the soul of Africa, the

band sound like this.

A Happy Valentine's! Abbey

Valentines to everyone. That is

meant to attract women. Very

helpful in the run will some of

household. First off - Blue skies

back across Sydney. With other day

to celebrate love and a day to

celebrate a rise in it down levels

to 64 %, a rise of 2% in a seven

days. Warren Gamba has had 13 mm.

Friday We have 22-25 degrees with a

shower early and then beautiful

blue sky beat and make the most of it

it because you won't have much of

it on a Saturday. Sunday, a shower

or two. It has been a summer in a Sydney Town.

Let's check out the satellite - Let's check out the satellite - a

thick cloud over the King Billy's

is due to a tropical cyclone and

Nicholas causing a thundery rain.

An active monsoon is generating

rain in northern Queensland.

Tropical cyclone Nicholas may bring

heavy rain and gales as it approaches Western Australia.

Onshore winds on the east coast

will produce a few showers. A few showers

showers for the New South Wales,

Victorian and coastlines. Rainstorms Victorian and coastlines.

Rainstorms in at Northern Territory

and North Queensland. This group

will be acted tomorrow around will be acted tomorrow around 8pm

for a free concert and there are

picnic hampers available. The

concert is free and community is

keen on their work 10. Every Friday

through February. A Rolling Stones

tribute and the Sydney Symphony

Orchestra welcome out here. Thank

you for making my Valentine's Day.

Then she very much! Happy Valentine's Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day! Tomorrow:

I hope you get locked up tonight. Happy

Happy Valentine's Day. Sydney

Olympic Park tomorrow for the free

concert. See you on Friday, the day before Saturday. Finally tonight to the tawny owl,

now flying high again after getting itself into a tangle. The bird became caught in an abandoned kite string. It was spotted by an eagle-eyed walker, the owl dangling on a wing and a prayer. The fire brigade came to the rescue.

Some might say. "What an extravagant operation" but believe me when you see these creatures so close to, they are so beautiful.

And had it been left there it would've suffered a very long, painful, lingering death from starvation. The owl, nicknamed 'Tawny Blair' because of the trouble with his left wing, was eventually released back into the wild. That's Ten News for now, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight, along at 10:30. Goodnight. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. PHOEBE, ARE YOU STILL ON HOLD? I WAS SUPPOSED TO CALL MY DAD BACK TWO HOURS AGO. YEAH, HE CLICKED ON. HE SAID CALL HIM WHEN YOU GET A CHANCE. HE'S AT FLIMBY'S. WHAT'S FLIMBY'S? OH, YEAH, THAT'S THE WORD I USE WHEN I CAN'T REMEMBER THE REAL THING. OKAY, HANG UP. THAT'S IT. COME ON. NO, THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT ME TO DO. MY WARRANTY EXPIRES TOMORROW. YES! HEY. LISTEN, I GOT TO DOUBLE-CHECK FOR TICKETS TONIGHT. I HAVE ONE. I HAVE ONE. I NEED TWO. I'M BRINGING PETE - MY BOYFRIEND. I HAVE A BOYFRIEND NOW. TWO IT IS.