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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Sandra Sully Fighting for life - Ramos-Horta medivaced to Darwin. shot East Timor president Hose Australia rushes in extra troops. Kevin Rudd to go to Dili.

a co-ordinated attempt For there to be elected leadership to assassinate the democratically is a deeply disturbing development. Bad news for borrowers -

the Reserve Bank warns Divorce record? in court Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills for a history-making settlement. Tina Turner the Grammy granny. Amy Winehouse With awards for Keith Urban, and White House wannabe Barack Obama. from the Western Force And disturbing rugby news with Brad McEwan. headlines Sports Tonight

scrum half Matt Henjak Sandra, Force and Wallabies after breaking a team-mate's jaw will face a disciplinary hearing during an off field altercation. Also tonight, Ricky Ponting claims at the MCG last night's poor performance with growing tension has nothing to do and cricket Australia. between his players from their Dubai disaster. The Magpies arrive home Wayne Bennett signs with New Zealand. Plus outgoing Broncos coach in East Timor First - a state of emergency tonight as the Prime Minister Jose in a Darwin hospital. after being shot three times He's undergoing emergency surgery in a bungled assassination attempt late today.

With tensions at flashpoint in Dili, extra soldiers and police Australia is now rushing in later this week. as Kevin Rudd prepares to fly in for the emergency flight In an induced coma arrived at Royal Darwin Hospital the injured East Timorese President to take him directly into surgery. with a specialist team waiting

in the stomach Jose Ramos Horta was struck twice residence just before dawn when rebels attacked his Dili while he was out for a morning walk. He decided to go back to his house. when he heard the shots out of this kind of violence. that he would try to talk people

on the way back. to a local hospital The President was rushed at an Australian military base. before having surgery is serious. Mr Ramos-Horta's condition He's been stabilised in Timor working up there by the doctors and clinical staff but remains serious. following the attack - His security force returned fire during the 20-minute gun battle. rebel leader Alfredo Reinada killed

on Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao A separate attempt was made after his convoy was ambushed. but he escaped injury and federal police More Australian troops are now being rushed to East Timor - to about 1,000. taking our total number on the ground behind East Timor Australia will stand resolutely in their democracy. at this time of crisis

that support Kevin Rudd will demonstrate

later this week. The Opposition backing the response. I certainly would be very happy with him to either go to East Timor myself visit East Timor. or have Mr Robb on our behalf for his peace efforts. Jose Ramos-Horta won a Nobel Prize Former Victorian Premier Steve Bracks East Timorese government and says now advises the fledgling today's events won't hinder progress. there now I think there's such resoluteness the Prime Minister and the President that this will resolve the country, to go even harder. and capacity build for the country. To nation build Brad Hodson, Ten News. is in Darwin tonight And Late News reporter Max Futcher on the President's condition? and Max, what's the latest word

Doctor at Ramos a porter arrived in

Darwin three hours ago. He was talking to doctors before the

flight but he was put into an

induced coma so he was stable for

the flat. He has undergone surgery

on stomach quince and there has

been conjecture on that the number

of wins, but this is serious. 15 in

the units of blood have been put in to

the President. Doctors say he was

critical but he's still very

serious they are hoping he will make a full recovery. stabbed to death in Bali - An Australian has been the woman knifed 16 times. was found by painters The naked body of Heidi Murphy in her rented home. probably knew her attacker Police say, the 34 year old forced entry and nothing was stolen. as there were no signs of she tried to fight off the killer. Wounds to her hands and ears suggest for many years Heidi Murphy had lived in Bali and owned a local textile business. joins us from London. Ten News Reporter Danielle Isdale finally in court? Danni - the duelling divorcers

Yes, it is not just the notoriety

and fame of the two concerned that

has made it this so popular. This

divorce settlement could be the biggest in British biggest in British history with

Heather Mills are asking for ?15

million. She will be representing

herself in court today after

falling out with her lawyers. Paul will be represented by a woman

whose last to be a case it was

Prince Andrew with Sarah Ferguson.

The speculation today has said Ms Mills

Mills is desperate to stitch up a

deal before court. She is worried

her murky past it will be dragged

out in court. She for one is

probably that this will be a closed

hearing and she would-the details

will not be made popular. Yes this appears to be becoming an expensive

soap opera. Yes for Heather Mills,

she seems to be the tragic star. A

tabloid target again that this

weekend. This time the reports say

she had a six-month affair while

she was married to Sir Paul.

Previous allegations we have heard

that sang at the Sir Paul was

abusive during their marriage. We

have heard these allegations played

out for months now. Now it is time

for the judge to decide what is

having to but we may not know the

details because it is a closed

hearing. They may be made public if

one of the parties' appeals. Aboriginal protesters are demanding in the Northern Territory Kevin Rudd end the intervention to the stolen generations. ahead of Wednesday's apology of Federal Parliament tomorrow. A rally marking the opening the Prime Minister. tent embassy in Canberra. Competing emotions at the Aboriginal from all over Australia As people converge to previous generations, to celebrate the sorry are being repeated. many believe past mistakes apologising on the one hand and oversighting a raft of racist legislation, and the legacy of John Howard on the other. When Parliament opens tomorrow with an Indigenous welcome to country inside, outside, protesters will demand the reinstatement of the Northern Territory Land Rights Act. But on Wednesday the tone will be different, Shane Phillips sure his uncle and grandmother, stolen from their parents, will at last have their hurt recognised. Acknowledgement is a positive sign. There's no doubt about it. A lot of those old people, them healing is the key to it. Reconciliation Australia has been urging an apology for 10 years and now wants all Australians to join in. There's been an incredible groundswell of support and we're absolutely thrilled. Federal Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson isn't absolutely thrilled. He and his senior colleagues still demanding today the exact words of the apology. Dr Nelson's impatient with the Prime Minister's on-going negotiations with Aborigines. The most important person he should be negotiating with is me. The quibbling of little interest to Pilawuk White, stolen from her mother, and just thrilled to be invited to Canberra to witness the apology.

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. More grim news tonight for struggling borrowers. The Reserve Bank expects another rate rise within months to pull the reins on inflation. Economists are going further tipping two more interest rate rises this year - the first next month. The RBA says from the information it's analysed, few households are having trouble coping with recent mortgage increase. Teachers have reacted angrily to research that shows students in the 1960s were better educated than those today. They say poor pay makes it harder to keep the best teachers in the classroom. In the 1960s school students could count on a daily bottle of free milk and an education focused on the three R's. Much has changed since then, but according to researchers at the Australian National University, not all for the better. What we do know is that on the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy, which we know to be pretty important in the labour market, kids today are not doing as well as their predecessors. The ANU study found literacy and numeracy skills of 14-year-old students in 2003 were about three months behind those in the 1960s. That's despite an estimated 250% increase in funding per student. The literacy and numeracy of new teachers, on average, has fallen on kids' literacy and numeracy. and that may have a direct effect Teachers furious at any suggestion they're to blame. We are governed by one thing and one thing only and that is to improve the standards of all of our students. Several dispute the findings,

saying teaching has changed too much to compare students 40 years on. I just think the amount of things, other things, is actually probably more relevant that they're learning now to what they're going to need in the long run. It's not just sitting down with a piece of paper and a pen and reading from a book, it also includes a lot of hands on things, computers and what not.

And they say even more money is needed to produce better results.

Teachers' salaries have stagnated over the years. As a consequence the best and brightest are no longer choosing teaching as a profession. for teachers We need a competitive salary to ensure a qualified teacher in front of every classroom. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Baby twin girls are fighting for their lives after allegedly being bashed by their father.

Family of the 4 month olds went to court today

where the 23-year-old suspect has been remanded in custody on charges of inflicting grievous bodily harm. Police claim the babies were assaulted in Sydney then driven four hours away to Orange. A man cleared of murdering a bikie has been shot up to 15 times. Jesse Penhall is in a critical condition with wounds to his stomach, neck, hands, elbow and shoulder. He managed to drive to a hotel and staggered inside for help. Police are hunting at least four gunmen. Two years ago, Penhall was acquitted of fatally shooting a Gypsy Joker bikie. After the break - a Grammy for Keith Urban and one for Amy Winehouse. Her prophetic song earning the troubled singer five Grammys. To my mum and my dad, this is for London. But why couldn't they be there to get their awards?

This program is captioned live. A monsoon low has delivered up to 130mm of rain in North Queensland overnight causing some local flooding - thunderstorms and high winds also bringing down five power poles. We believe the monsoon low is going to continue to track south-east and move off the coast somewhere around the Wide Bay area during Tuesday night. Brisbane can expect heavy rain tomorrow. The region is now just one good soaking from having strict water restrictions lifted. A winning day for American Not only has he taken a clean sweep in the latest round of polls, he's also won a Grammy Award.

Barack Obama is riding a winning wave, with a clean sweep in weekend polls against Hillary Clinton. And just for good measure, he beat Bill Clinton to the Grammy Award for best spoken word album, for 'The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream' - a dream that may just see the first African American in the White House. You and I together, we will transform this country and we'll transform the world. The wins are not knockout blows for Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, there's been a shake-up in her camp. Her campaign manager has stepped down, from her days in the White House.

This is really what it comes down to - who do you believe would be the best president for you, your family, your future? between the Democrats The historic race is still too close to call. will be held on Tuesday Three more Democratic primaries to do well. and Barack Obama is again expected It's really hard to see a place is competitive where the Clinton campaign until you get into March. has his party's nomination Republican contender John McCain all but stitched up, turned politician Mike Huckabee but Baptist minister is hanging in there, Senator McCain's momentum stealing some of over the weekend. with wins in Louisiana and Kansas that we need - There are only 10 basic laws the 10 commandments cover it all. if you think about it, to be too worried. Senator McCain doesn't appear from the campaign trail. He's taken a 2-day break

Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In the United States, and CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. Finance news

Tom, the Reserve Bank's outlook on interest rates

spooked the market today?

The market was certainly drawing

flak on a couple of France today.

Finance ministers have once again

the voice their concerns about the

US economy, in particular at their

housing market. At the opening bell

the market was already fallen by

later in the morning when the

Reserve Bank issued this statement

Eve really talk its breath away.

They are saying he will take several

several years to contain inflation.

It was the banks about we're really

in the cross hairs as far as

sellers were concerned. We saw a

rally on Friday night in the price

of oil. They did not of oil. They did not help energy

stocks but we also saw a rebound in

the price of base metals. This

reporting season will be a

difficult one, results-if difficult one, results-if results

don't match up with reports then he

will be trouble. CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. Thanks, Tom. 120 points at the closing bell. The All Ordinaries was down The big banks led the sell off, from rising interest rates - being most sensitive to the impact both down about 4%. the NAB and the Commonwealth

gave us some ground as well. The global miners to get across the line. Woolworths also failed is buying above 90 American cents. The Australian dollar US$921 an ounce. Gold is worth almost have taken a battering Cate Blanchett's hopes of an Oscar at the BAFTA Awards - after she was overlooked stealing the spotlight from Hollywood the British film industry in London. luring the stars to the red carpet of the glitzy Golden Globes, So often the paler, colder cousin dulling Hollywood, this year, with the writers strike

it's the BAFTAs' time to shine. flocked International and local stars alike to the British awards ceremony. was absent, But Australian nominee Cate Blanchett skipping the long haul to London at Heath Ledger's funeral. after a difficult weekend in Perth on winning two BAFTAs, The pregnant star missed out

including one for Best Actress. (Sings 'No Regrets') Marion Cotillard beat Blanchett, 'La Vie En Rose' star and favourite Julie Christie to win. Keira Knightley It's totally surreal. the Best Actor gong Daniel Day-Lewis took in 'There Will Be Blood'. for his performance for 'There Will Be Blood'. ..Daniel Day-Lewis, APPLAUSE a patriotic choice The British Academy made in the Best Film category. The World War II epic, 'Atonement' for an American Academy Award. is now in prime position and the Oscars on the rocks, With no Golden Globe glamour there was a real chance that tonight could be

awards ceremony of 2008. the industry's biggest may be close to a deal But news Hollywood's striking writers means the Oscars should now go ahead. to do it all again So the stars may be back in L.A. in a fortnight. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. In London, Keith Urban Australian country music star has won his 2nd Grammy Award. The 50th anniversary of the awards from 68-year-old Tina Turner inspiring a raunchy performance and 27-year-old Beyonce. was stuck in London The big winner, Amy Winehouse made her go to rehab. because they finally The prophetic song earning the troubled singer five Grammys.

To my mum and dad. and for London, this is for London. For my Blake, my Blake incarcerated,

for Best Male Country Music Vocal Keith Urban has won the award for his song 'Stupid Boy' with pregnant wife Nicole Kidman. but stayed in Sydney Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan. incident at the Western Force. Brad, another serious off-field

has broken a team-mates jaw Yes, Sandra. Scrum half Matt Henjak during a fight at a Perth hotel. stunned the Jets. Also tonight, how the Mariners And Manchester remembers,

the Red Devils would rather forget. before a performance a slow arrival into Australia. And the world's fastest man endures

This program is captioned live. is in damage control once again The Western Force between two senior players, following a pub fight with a broken jaw. that's left one of them

of their South African tour. It's ruled Haig Sare out The club must now decide whether to punish the man who hit him, Matt Henjack.

Western Force in Perth this evening. tomorrow The squad flies to South Africa to start their Super 14 campaign Henjack won't be joining them. but there's every chance Haig Sare at a Perth pub. Sare has a broken jaw. between you and Hare? Matt, can you tell us what happened tight-lipped Henjack left training tonight into the incident as an internal investigation and Henjack's future began. What happens now Matt, leadership group? do you have a meeting with the in a chequered past. It's the latest indiscretion in disgrace In 2005, he was sent home from the Wallabies tour of South Africa

at A Cape Town night club. following an incident I deeply regret what I have done chin and I will cop the punishment on the of the team again. and work hard to regain the trust He had eyes on returning to the Wallaby squad but this won't help his cause. Meantime, the clean-out has continued at the Wallabies John Muggleton and Scott Johnson dumped from the coaching staff. There's no acrimony in this. It's just the start of a new era and you get a new head coach, you're bound to have changes. Michael Foley has kept his job. He's been joined by former Wallaby flanker Jim Williams as a forwards coach. Head coach Robbie Deans will look after the backline. Obviously, with Robbie's skill set being in attack and defence, you needed the set piece and it came across as a fairly complementary team. The ARU adamant, the assistant coach roles had to be filled by Australians.

Paul Cochrane for Sports Tonight. Sport plus money can often lead to tension but Australia skipper Ricky Ponting has denied that has anything to do with last night's loss to India. The players want permission to play in the mega-bucks Indian Premier League Twenty20 competition

if their doubtful tour of Pakistan is called off. Australia's players back on the road for the one-day series - their desire to play Twenty20 in India still stuck in traffic. Their captain says the stand-off had nothing to do with last night's 5-wicket loss. There's no dressing-room talk about it, so it's not a distraction for us.

Andrew Symonds publicly expressing the players' frustrations. They're waiting for permission to sign up with the Indian Premier League competition. Cricket Australia says it's still working through concerns

about conflicting sponsorship arrangements.

We've been kept in the loop from the players association, the ACA, about the way things are working or not working. A yes from Cricket Australia would prove a financial bonanza. On top of sign-on fees of up to $500,000 each, top players stand to make millions more from the 6-week tournament, to be broadcast exclusively on Network Ten. They've already raised almost US$2 billion and they haven't bowled a ball yet

and very, very wealthy individuals who own these franchises who are prepared to pay further money to secure the best cricketers in the world. Just how much will be decided at an extraordinary player auction televised on February 28.

The likes of Sachin Tendulkar won't need the kind of luck at the bidding as he got last night. Gone! Yes he is! No he hasn't. Oh dear. A decision that cost Australia 20 runs before Brett Lee showed why he too stands to make millions for more than just his bowling. Oh, what a catch! What a catch! India patiently reaching its winning target with more than four overs to spare. Leanne West, Sports Tonight. Australia's women cricketers have tied the 5-match one-day series against England, 2-2 after defeating the tourists by 41 runs in the final match at the SCG. In the Pura Cup, drawn their match at Adelaide Oval. uuuSouth Australia and Tasmania have Both sides needed outright points to maintain faint hopes of a final berth. And Former Queenslander Ben Edmundson has tormented the Bulls as he returned to the Gabba with Western Australia. He's taken 6/74 on day one. Wayne Bennett has officially switched his allegiance to the Land of the Long White Cloud - confirmed today as a coaching advisor for New Zealand. Former Kiwi captain Stephen Kearney has been named Test coach. Bennett will have an overseeing role. He said that the coaching will be left to me and obviously with his guidance and expert experience and expertise. Kearney's appointment endorsed by Kiwi players. I guess that's the best thing. and working under Craig Bellamy He's a Kiwi himself who's the premier coach for 2007 have been picking at his brain. the Kiwis now have no excuses Asotasi says after last year's disastrous results. of the Central Coast The Mariners are the toast after a stunning victory major semifinal against Newcastle. in the second leg of their The 3-2 aggregate win putting the Coast into their second Grand Final in three seasons. The headline makers themselves. A morning dip, the day after what their coach described as their best performance in their short history. the Mariners stunning Newcastle 3-0 to overturn a 2-0 first-leg deficit. COMMENTATOR: Sash Petrovski! Central Coast may be on the way to the grand final. It was just so much a relief getting a result like that. We believed we could do it two weeks ago and just doing it was fantastic. nailing the winner five minutes into extra time - following a 74th-minute equaliser. COMMENTATOR: It's gone in, he's levelled the major semifinal. to hear them all chanting. It was great You know, go Mariners. It was just electrifying and really loud. The Jets left to regroup. at the Grand Final this Sunday They'll have one last shot in the preliminary final. when they take on Queensland yet to be determined. Exactly who goes in favourites, and we're coming off a loss Queensland is coming off a win where we've got all our boys back but we're in a situation now

from the Australian camp. we'll have a great crowd behind us. We're playing at home, Frank will interpret another. I'll interpret one way and I'm sure for too much. I don't think momentum counts It's going to be a difficult ask game as underdogs. and I think we'll be going into the The stats siding with the Roar - against the Jets they're yet to lose a match at EnergyAustralia Stadium. the return of hardman Danny Tiatto They'll also be boosted by from suspension. to be on his best behaviour. The midfielder promising

anymore I'm not going to tackle anyone I'm just going to skip around

like a fairy basically. and dance around Victoria Murphy for Sports Tonight. this morning Manchester was united in grief of the Munich air disaster as it marked the 50th anniversary Premier League clubs battled it out. before the city's two The Red Devils sombre mood extending into the post-match dressing room to their cross-city rivals after losing at home for the first time since 1974. strips, without any advertising, Both clubs wore 1958-style playing

for this emotion-charged game. those killed in Munich 50 years ago. The managers paying their respects to observed a minute's silence. Before fans from both clubs

underdogs on the score sheet first. When the game started, it was the

at Old Trafford. COMMENTATOR: Manchester City lead for 34 years. A ground where they've not won City found the net again. And just before half-time, And touched on and in! in the Manchester derby. Benjani on his debut scores consolation goal for Michael Carrick. Paul Scholes set up an injury time But there was no fairytale comeback. over United and do the league double

since 1970. for the first time in even longer, when Chelsea hosted Liverpool. There was no such drama

one of the few early chances. Peter Crouch narrowly missed fell to Michael Ballack. While the best chance of the game to see Ballack's shot go wide. And Reyna was so relieved It finished 0-0. has continued his outstanding season And Socceroos striker Scott Macdonald

over Aberdeen scoring twice in Celtic's 5-1 win in the Scottish Premier League. Adam McNichol, Sports Tonight. Already out of the pre-season cup frequent flyer points to show for it, but with plenty of Collingwood is back on home soil. the Pies next match But the travel isn't over, against the Eagles or Dockers. to be in regional West Australia from a round-the-world pre-season, Travel-weary and battle-scarred Collingwood arrived back in the country this morning at the hands of the Crows. after its weekend hammering In three weeks - the Pies clocked up nearly 30,000kms between Melbourne, South Africa and Dubai. Well everyone says we never travel at Collingwood I think we've put that to bed finally I think the last couple of pre-seasons we've travelled far and wide but if you don't get a chance to win you don't go to Albany so we didn't, so Albany, here we come.

The post Judd and Cousins on-field era begins for the Eagles this weekend.

A WA derby to begin and while one eye is on the real stuff, West Coast maintain they're out there to win. We've always talked about being prepared for Round 1 but we'll go into this game trying to win against Fremantle on the weekend. Across town and Dockers recruit Mark Johnson has singled out enigmatic forward Jeff Farmer the purple haze up the ladder. as a key figure in propelling

If he kicks 76 goals like he did in 2000 then Fremantle are guaranteed a good year. The Power all but ruling out any chance of NAB Cup success instead opting for a youth policy ahead of the season proper. It's going to take these guys some time to settle into the pace of the game which will come through these NAB Cup trial games and hopefully we can find a diamond in there that can play maybe a handful of eight or ten games. Meanwhile, the Swans are taking their usual easy-going approach to the pre-season cup. The new interchange restrictions forcing the club to field an undermanned side in its match against Hawthorn this weekend. We get advice from our medical conditioning staff all the time, minutes, some can play 60, and some can play 100.

So obviously it varies across the board and we're not prepared to take risks with the players that have got some time limits on them. Rodger Oldrige, Sports Tonight. The world's fastest man has arrived in Australia for next week's world athletic meeting in Melbourne. Asafa Powell touched down

after a series of flight delays from Jamaica. The 100m record holder and says he's ready to kick start his Beijing campaign as soon as the jet lag wears off. Well, we wanted to get here earlier, a lot earlier. in Sydney on Saturday night Powell will race in the 100m before returning for the Melbourne meet the following Thursday. An ice hockey player in the US is in hospital after a nasty incident in the NHL. When Olli Jokinen of the Florida Panthers was upended, his skate sliced the throat of his team-mate Richard Zednik. Zednik immediately raced to the Florida bench, leaving a long trail of blood. Amazingly, the trainers were able to stop the bleeding and Zednik is now recovering after successful surgery. and you know, I've never seen anything like that it's tough to focus on hockey after that.

The game continued after a 15-minute delay. From the ice to the snow and Aussie aerial skiers Jacqui Cooper and Lydia Lassila have jumped to their second quinella of the season, taking gold and silver medals at the World Cup aerial skiing event in Vancouver. Cooper still leads the overall competition with just three events remaining. And from a Winter Olympic sport to a brand new Summer Olympic sport - BMX. Aussie Luke Madill just missed the final of the BMX Supercross World Cup in Madrid. Fellow Aussies Jared Graves finished ninth. Queensland's Kamakazi qualified 32nd. The final was won by Latvia's Arturs Matisons. And there was a world record in the high jump - BMX high jump. This chap somehow cleared 1.25 metres! SONG: # Where have you been, my blue-eyed son?

# Where have you been? My darling, you're the one # I've stumbled on the side

# Of 12 misty mountains # I've walked and I crawled # On six crooked highways # I've stepped in the middle of seven dark forests # I've been in front of... # The Mitsubishi Triton - better at getting the hard jobs done.

two Crispy Chicken Strips, Chips

This program is captioned live.

In basketball, when the commentators say "nothing but net" it's usually a good shot. This one, got nothing but net, Unfortunately for Jason Maxiell, it never went through the hoop. You get the feeling his Pistons team-mates won't let him forget it. Rodney Stuckey showing exactly how to do it - Slamming it home with style - the pistons dunking Charlotte by 26 points, earning our play of the day. And just before I go, time to announce the winner of the ANZ Ladies Masters competition.

What a fantastic prize. I used to

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Valentine's day reminds us that

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it. Finding the new literary it. Finding the new literary superstars these as easy as taking

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