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(generated from captions) your part, and it's all settled. Now all you have to do is sign There will be no question. He IS your child. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. East Timor's President shot Tonight - on the nation's leaders. in coordinated attacks

clings to life in a Sydney hospital. The victim of a random bashing and let us know what happened. Just do the right thing $35,000 an hour in fines. And motorists slugged a staggering and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - of severely bashing the father accused his 5-month-old twin girls. Tina Turner rocks the Grammys. And - 68 and still going strong - But heading Ten News, more troops and police to East Timor Australia is to rush on its President and Prime Minister after assassination attempts and the death of the rebel leader. Amid fears of major violence, President Jose Ramos-Horta seriously wounded Medivaced to Australia. is tonight being Troops on the streets of Dili of the president. surrounding the home just before dawn local time, Rebels hit the residence for a morning walk. while Jose Ramos-Horta was out He decided to go back to his house. when he heard the shots out of this kind of violence. that he would try to talk people on the way back. And it seems that he was hit in the stomach The president was struck twice and was rushed to a local hospital at an Australian military base. before having surgery for Dili. A medivac flight has now left Darwin back to Australia It will fly Ramos-Horta for immediate surgery, already on stand-by. a specialist team

is serious. Mr Ramos-Horta's condition He's been stabilised in Timor working up there by the doctors and clinical staff but remains serious.

returned fire with the rebels. The president's security force During the 20-minute gun battle, was killed. their leader, Alfredo Reinado, Reinado was a key player youngest democracy in 2006 that plagued the world's

after escaping from prison. and has been on the run since then, and Federal Police to East Timor, Australia will now send more troops to visit this week. and the Prime Minister plans a coordinated attempt For there to be

a democratically elected leadership to assassinate of Australia's of a close neighbour and friend development. is a deep and disturbing a planned coup attempt, In what appears to have been of Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, rebels also ambushed the convoy although he escaped injury. a Nobel Prize for his peace efforts, Jose Ramos-Horta, who received in the next couple of hours. should arrive in Darwin

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Police are hunting two men in the middle of the city. over a savage, random attack in hospital. The victim is fighting for life part of his skull to keep him alive. Surgeons were forced to remove to life. Brian Gilsenan is barely clinging and left for dead The 54-year-old was bashed last Friday morning. in a random attack he was a good father. He was a harmless person,

he deserved this at all. I don't think was heading home alone The transport industry consultant in Darling Harbour from a work function when he was punched in the face. hitting his head on the footpath. He fell backwards, called the ambulance. A person walking past have operated twice over the weekend Surgeons at St Vincent's Hospital and ease pressure on his brain. to stop bleeding part of his skull. They have had to remove in a critical condition. He's heavily sedated It's a cowardly and vicious attack from work on a man who was making his way home very early on Friday morning. just seconds after the attack. Detectives have released this footage why he was assaulted, They're trying to work out

and say robbery was not the motive. is only metres from George Street. This spot where the attack happened Detectives are confident

dozens of people there would have been who would have witnessed it, even in the early hours of Friday morning.

who saw what happened They're urging anyone to come forward and tell police. from America and Scotland Family this morning arrived in intensive care. to be at his bedside

for his attackers. They have this message and let us know what happened. Just do the right thing Evan Batten, Ten News. in hospital Twin baby girls are fighting for life allegedly by their father. after being bashed, has faced court in Orange, The 23-year-old Sydney man in the State's central west.

has the latest. Ten reporter John Hill appeared in court in Orange The 23-year-old father charged with assaulting his children on them. and inflicting grievous bodily harm Detectives told the magistrate were beaten so badly the two 5-month-old twin girls their skulls were fractured. were fighting for their lives The babies to Westmead Children's Hospital. when they were admitted late last night They were flown to Sydney from Orange rushed them to Orange Base Hospital. after their frantic mother on an access visit with their father The babies had been since last Thursday. It's alleged they were unconscious, when he handed the children over with bruises all over their faces. of their family can be identified. By law, neither babies or any

who saw the children last night Family members

were shocked by their condition. driven to Orange from Sydney The children had apparently been after being injured during the day. at the father's Ermington home. the injuries were consistent Detectives told the court His lawyer told the court by some kind of accident, the injuries could have been caused although no details were given. saying she was very concerned The magistrate refused bail, the babies would survive. about whether She said penalties for injuring children were severe. A Sydney woman has been stabbed to death in Bali - the victim knifed up to 16 times. The naked body of Heidi Murphy was found by painters in her rented home. Police say the 34-year-old probably knew her attacker as there were no signs of forced entry and nothing was stolen. Wounds to her hands and ears suggest to fight off the killer. the victim tried Ms Murphy had lived in Bali for many years and owned a local textile business. Police have interviewed six people, including the woman's American husband. New South Wales drivers are racking up more than $35,000 in parking and traffic fines - every hour! As millions are raked in, the State and local governments are blaming each other for the huge increase. The fines are being handed out at a record rate, the collection plate tripling in six years, to $312 million in fines annually, and it's clear who the Roads Minister blames for that. Council rangers need to give motorists a fair go. The figures show parking fines have almost tripled. Councils took over policing of parking in 2002. They handed out 1.2 million fines last year. But mayors like North Sydney's Genia McCaffery are pointing the finger at the State. There's not adequate public transport and we physically don't have enough car spaces on the street

to cater for the number of cars coming here. Speeding fines have also jumped, now well above 500,000 fines a year, mostly from fixed cameras.

The NRMA thinks this whole thing needs a revamp, so motorists are caught doing the wrong thing, not just a revenue-raising measure. I'd prefer to have no revenue from any of our speed cameras or anyone speeding on our roads. We want to make our roads safer. If you were interested in changing driver behaviour you wouldn't have police highway patrol numbers at their lowest levels since 1984. And the revenue coffers will continue The RTA will complete its rollout of 50 new school zone speed cameras by December. The Government is promising the money from those cameras James Boyce, Ten News. There's crucial new evidence on a horror road collapse which killed a family of five during a freak storm near Gosford last year. the pipes beneath the road had badly rusted. The failure of these drainage pipes is one of the keys to why a family of five lost their lives last June

at Somersby, near Gosford.

Designed to funnel the flow of a creek under the Pacific Highway, the pipes broke apart, leading to the collapse of the road. Rosalyn Bragg, her partner, Andrew Holt, and their daughter, 3-year-old Maddison, 2-year-old Jasmine and their nephew Travis Bragg were killed. There was an archway that was no longer able to support itself. It collapsed, and in the middle, above the middle pipe, it came down with such force it squashed the pipe completely flat. The State Government-built road is now maintained by Gosford Council, who were aware as far back as 2004 that there was a problem with the pipes. The current mayor has promised full cooperation. Whatever comes out of the coronial inquiry we'll work with. If we need to do things I'm quite sure that will happen. Local activist Edward James says the collapse was preventable. A distortion of the pipes that effectively created a new bottom of the pipe which was flat, and there was evidence of erosion and corrosion starting again.

When the inquest gets under way next Monday Deputy State Coroner Paul MacMahon will have a lot to consider - the poor state of the pipes behind me, the freakish weather conditions at the time that saw more than 200mm of rain fall in just over 24 hours, and debate about how unstable and if sandstone was good enough to keep the road above it secure. The inquest has been set down for at least a week. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. the Reserve Bank has warned In a blow for struggling borrowers, to expect another interest rate rise within months. It has raised its inflation forecast from 3.25% to 3.5%. two more rate rises this year, Economists say that could mean with the first likely next month. only a few households are having trouble coping with recent mortgage increases. Aboriginal protesters are demanding Canberra end its intervention in the Northern Territory ahead of its apology to the stolen generations. A rally marking the opening of Federal Parliament tomorrow will try to embarrass the Prime Minister. Competing emotions at the Aboriginal tent embassy in Canberra. As people converge from all over Australia to celebrate the sorry to previous generations, many believe past mistakes are being repeated. It's very hypocritical to be apologising on the one hard and oversighting a raft of racist legislation,

the legacy of John Howard on the other. As Parliament opens tomorrow with an indigenous welcome to come inside, outside, protesters will demand the reinstatement

of the Northern Territory Land Rights Act. But on Wednesday the tone will be different, Shane Phillips sure his uncle and grandmother, stolen from their parents, will at last have their hurt recognised. Acknowledgement is a positive sign. There's no doubt about it. A lot of those old people them healing is the key to it. Reconciliation Australia has been urging an apology for 10 years and now wants all Australians to join in. There's been an incredible groundswell of support for the apology and we're absolutely thrilled. Federal Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson isn't absolutely thrilled. He and his senior colleagues today still demanding the exact words of the apology. Dr Nelson's impatient with the Prime Minister's on-going negotiations with Aborigines. The most important person he should be negotiating with is me. The quibbling of little interest to Pilawuk White, stolen from her mother, and just thrilled to be invited to Canberra to witness the apology. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Tim Webster is back with sport, and some exciting news about cricket on Ten.

Yes, you'll see the rich Indian Premier League series here on Ten. A competiton embroiled in controversy - our top players are currently at odds with Cricket Australia over final releases to play in the new Indian Twenty20 championship. And it was once regarded as a rugby league stronghold. after getting to a second A-League grand final in three years, and they reached it in style. Highlights shortly. Also coming up later, Wayne Bennett in a double act for the Kiwis. Still to come - Sydney's convention crisis - Also tonight - sensational new evidence as an inquest begins into Jake Kovco's death. And - washed away - the wild weather eating away waterfront properties. They've had waves come through and hit the back of the house and go down the side of the house onto the street. Looks pretty clean, but look down here. The plaque on your teeth is a thick layer of germs which Listerine is clinically proven to kill. It's dynamite...

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with Listerine. This program is captioned live. Sensational new evidence on day one of the inquest into the death of Private Jake Kovco in Iraq. Fresh claims have emerged the officer admitted he wanted to kill himself.

Ten reporter Daniel Sutton has been following the case.

If the thing Quest was told about

an affair private Jake Kovco had.

The inquest was told he was

molested by her neighbour as a

child, that he was depressed about

it, and he Head contemplated

shooting himself in the head with a

shotgun. This raises the shotgun. This raises the question

of suicide. Beat court was given a

demonstration of how the weapon

used by a private cockcrow worked. There are calls tonight of Sydney's convention facilities, for a major expansion as the Olympic City slips down the tourism pecking order. A government report also warns one of the city's best-known venues might have to be demolished and rebuilt. It's potentially the biggest-ever shake-up of the city's convention facilities, as Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Singapore and Hong Kong

leave Sydney tourism in their wake. demolishing the Entertainment Centre One proposal - and creating a new multi-purpose venue in its place. To get back in the business of big events. The report warns Sydney has lost 494 events over the past four years. It recommends major expansions

at Darling Harbour, Homebush Bay and Sydney Showgrounds.

Of we have got this facility at

Homebush. If we add 40,000 square metres

metres to it we could accommodate some big exhibitions. The bottom line is Sydney is no longer the flavour of the month for either tourists or conventions. In fact, we've become the first city to successfully stage an Olympic Games and then see a fall in tourist numbers. The Premier denies Sydney has rested on its Olympic laurels, saying it's more a case of our rivals being scared into action. It was that fear that drove other cities to make changes and to make investments. This shouldn't be a pipedream. This is what Sydney needs. The private sector has welcomed the report but wants to see Government action. The rubber needs to hit the road pretty quickly. We can't have five more years of staring at our navel

wondering where we go next. The key question now is what are the time lines, The report, first handed is currently under review. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Wild seas have created havoc for dozens of homeowners on the North Coast. As they watch their backyards fall into the ocean, their local council insists a protective sea wall is too expensive. to throw a lifeline. pleading with their local council they've had waves come through and hit the back of the house, go down the side of the house and onto the street. Over the past four days, king swells at North Entrance have washed away most of the beach

and started eating away at local backyards. Residents are now desperate for Wyong Council to build a sea wall to stop their homes slipping into the ocean. It's undermined the foundations of their fence lines and they have all fallen Council says a lot of the outdoor constructions were not approved and wants residents to remove what's left, adding its workers were stuck with the dangerous clean-up job. They risked their lives here going out into the ocean, because a lot of these fence posts contained concrete around the base of them. sticking up like protective barriers for a war zone. Wild seas have also taken a big chunk out of Manly. But its 100-year-old sea wall and its most valuable asset. Absolutely vital, being a tourist destination - we needed a sea wall to ensure people had a beach to enjoy when they get here. Just how much protection it provides was painfully evident in 1950 when part of Manly's sea wall collapsed, and its iconic Norfolk pine trees began falling into the water. If the sea wall wasn't here now we wouldn't be standing here now. Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

Time to check the weather now. A

little ray of sunshine in the shape

of a blue sky. 24 degrees - but is it

it to below average in Sydney.

Penrith had 25 - 5 below average

for this time of year. It was the

driest 24 hours in more than a

month. As for tomorrow - about 26

degrees, a westerly wind early,

maybe a shower later in the day.

When stay - a southerly change. I

will tell you more when I see you again. Next, the man who took on Jaws and won - dead aged 75. And a world-famous landmark goes up in flames. What ya doing? Making breakfast. A healthy breakfast. No artificial colours, no preservatives. And definitely no added sugar. Looks good. Just the natural goodness of whole grains. You wouldn't even know about whole grains, though, would you, Dad? Me? Nah. Vita Brits has 99% wholegrain wheat with no added sugar. I guess I'm just not young enough to know it all. Vita Brits - simple natural goodness.

This program is captioned live. Led

us check on the traffic. We us check on the traffic. We have

had a problem on the M7 at this

afternoon. Has that affected the

area? We are over the Richmond Road

right now heading towards Blacktown.

You can see both lanes You can see both lanes heading

towards the north-west has been

affected as motorists tried to a

void at the M7. Good news - no

reports of any major accident that

all breakdowns around Sydney. We

will bring the more later. Teachers have reacted angrily to research showing students in the 1960s were better educated than those today. They say poor pay makes it harder to keep the best teachers in the classroom. count on a daily bottle of free milk focused on the three R's. Much has changed since then, but according to researchers at the Australian National University, not all for the better. What we do know is that on the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy, in the labour market, which we know to be pretty important kids today are not doing as well as their predecessors. literacy and numeracy skills of 14-year-old students in 2003 were about three months behind those in the 1960s. That's despite an estimated 250% increase in funding per student. new teachers, on average, has fallen and that may have a direct effect on kids' literacy and numeracy.

Teachers furious at any suggestion they're to blame. We are governed by one thing and one thing only standards of all of our students. Several dispute the findings, saying teaching has changed too much to compare students 40 years on. I just think the amount of things, other things, that they're learning now is actually probably more relevant to what they're going to need in the long run. It's not just sitting down with a piece of paper and a pen it also includes a lot of hands on things, computers and what not. And they say even more money is needed to produce better results. Teachers' salaries have stagnated over the years. As a consequence choosing teaching as a profession. the best and brightest are no longer We need a competitive salary for teachers to ensure a qualified teacher in front of every classroom. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. A winning day for American presidential hopeful Barack Obama. Not only has he taken a clean sweep in the latest round of polls, he's also won a Grammy Award. Barack Obama is riding a winning wave, with a clean sweep in weekend polls against Hillary Clinton. And just for good measure, he beat Bill Clinton to the Grammy Award for best spoken word album, for 'The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream' - the first African American in the White House. You and I together, we will transform this country and we'll transform the world. The wins are not knockout blows for Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, there's been a shake-up in her camp. Her campaign manager has stepped down, first lady's chief of staff and in her place the former from her days in the White House. This is really what it comes down to - who do you believe would be the best president for you, your family, your future? The historic race between the Democrats is still too close to call. Three more Democratic primaries will be held on Tuesday and Barack Obama is again expected to do well. It's really hard to see a place where the Clinton campaign is competitive Republican contender John McCain has his party's nomination all but stitched up, but Baptist minister turned politician Mike Huckabee is hanging in there, stealing some of Senator McCain's momentum with wins in Louisiana and Kansas over the weekend. There are only 10 basic laws that we need - if you think about it, the 10 commandments cover it all. Senator McCain doesn't appear to be too worried. He's taken a 2-day break from the campaign trail. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. One of South Korea's most famous landmarks has gone up in flames. Police suspect an arsonist is responsible the 600-year-old South Gate for destroying in the heart of the capital, Seoul. The historic gate leads to a traditional market. The area is popular with locals and tourists, but there are no reports of injuries. 'Jaws' star Roy Scheider has died aged 75. Steven Spielberg's 1975 blockbuster about a killer great white shark made Scheider a household name. The American actor appeared in more than 70 films, and was Oscar-nominated for his performances in 'The French Connection' and 'All That Jazz'. He died in an Arkansas hospital after a 2-year battle with cancer. the new breakthrough test Still to come,

for a killer lung disease. Also, the BAFTAs steal Hollywood's glitz, with the stars flocking to London. And terrific Tina, still turning it on at 68 at the Grammys. Same age. Same super contribution. The difference? Her fund does not pay commissions to financial advisors. Her fees are lower. Her fees - higher. Industry Super Funds are run only to profit members. That's a lifetime of difference with an Industry Super Fund.

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - State and local governments blame each other

as NSW drivers rack up more than $35,000 in parking and traffic fines every hour. Police are hunting two men over a savage, random attack in the middle of the city. The victim's fighting for life in hospital. Surgeons were forced to remove part of his skull to keep him alive.

And Australia to rush more troops and police to East Timor after assassination attempts on its President and Prime Minister and the death of the rebel leader. Australian researchers are claiming a world-first breakthrough in the treatment of the smoker's disease emphysema. They believe a simple blood test may prevent

the worst of the chronic attacks. With every breath a struggle a coughing fit could take the life of Alan Kemp, a long term emphysema sufferer. The 76-year-old is one of 1,000 Australians hospitalised each day with the chronic disease, a growing killer world-wide. But a blood test being trialled by Melbourne researchers is giving patients prior warning of attacks, allowing them to take preventative action. The number and severity of exacerbations is a real predictor of who's going to die or have a rapid deterioration in the future and the art of keeping the patients alive with better health for longer is to get on to exacerbations early. They've identified a blood protein which increases up to 10,000-fold in samples from patients who have suffered attacks. Within two years it's hoped a world first test kit to detect the protein, similar to those used by diabetics, will be developed to allow sufferers to test themselves at home. The aim is to try and prevent further lung damage in the long term and, in the short term, to reduce hospitalisation. A possible treatment to minimise symptoms is still a long-term goal, up to 17 years down the track. The harsh reality there is still no cure. and I know, sooner or later, it will take me. Cameron Baud, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report, and the share market has closed slighter weaker today, as the Reserve Bank raised its inflation forecasts and warned of more interest rate rises. Cate Blanchett's hopes of an Oscar have taken a battering after she was overlooked at the BAFTA awards.

The British film industry stealing the spotlight from Hollywood, in London. luring the stars to the red carpet So often the paler, colder cousin of the glitzy Golden Globes, this year, with the writers strike dulling Hollywood, it's the BAFTAs' time to shine. International and local stars alike flocked to the British awards ceremony. CHEERING But Australian nominee Cate Blanchett was absent, skipping the long haul to London after a difficult weekend in Perth at Heath Ledger's funeral. The pregnant star missed out on winning two BAFTAs, including one for Best Actress. (Sings 'No Regrets') 'La Vie En Rose' star Marion Cotillard beat Blanchett, Keira Knightley and favourite Julie Christie to win. It's totally surreal. Daniel Day-Lewis took the Best Actor gong for his performance in 'There Will Be Blood'. ..Daniel Day-Lewis, for 'There Will Be Blood'. a patriotic choice The British Academy made in the Best Film category. The World War II epic, 'Atonement' is now in prime position for an American Academy Award. With no Golden Globe glamour and the Oscars on the rocks, there was a real chance that tonight could be the industry's biggest awards ceremony of 2008. But news Hollywood's striking writers may be close to a deal means the Oscars should now go ahead. So the stars may be back to do it all again in L.A. in a fortnight. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Australian country music star Keith Urban has won his second Grammy Award. The 50th anniversary of the awards inspired a raunchy performance from 68-year-old Tina Turner and 27-year-old Beyonce. The big winner, Amy Winehouse, dwas stuck in London because they finally made her go to rehab. The prophetic song earned the troubled singer five Grammys. To my mum and dad,

for my Blake, my Blake incarcerated, and for London. Keith Urban has won the award for best male country music vocal for his song 'Stupid Boy', but stayed in Sydney with pregnant wife Nicole Kidman.

It is a pity it was a Monday,

stunning day Tim. It is currently

around 23 degrees. What is going to

happen at your place tomorrow? It

will be about 27 degrees. At the

westerly winds giving way to a

north-westerly breeze. And on

Wednesday - 3 base the village

change. For the weekend - I know

you are already thinking about it -

Saturday at an Sunday about 25 degrees.

The sea beneath him of the Sport now with Tim Webster, and Wayne Bennett's now a Kiwi of sorts. Yes, he'll now help guide their Test fortunes - more shortly. Plus - the Indian Premier League wrangle involving our star cricketers. While on-field, India gets a lucky break. COMMENTATOR: Oh dear. Also - the Coast with the most - the Mariners' miracle at Gosford continues. On their way to the grand final. At Fernwood, you can still save $165 when you join.

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visit and: This program is captioned live. Australian captain Ricky Ponting has denied

tensions between his players and Cricket Australia had any bearing on last night's poor performance against India. The players want permission to play in the mega-bucks Indian Premier League Twenty20 competition if their doubtful tour of Pakistan is called off. Australia's players back on the road for the one-day series - Their captain says the stand-off had nothing to do with last night's 5-wicket loss. There's no dressing-room discussion about it, so it's not a distraction for us. Andrew Symonds publicly expressing the players' frustrations. They're waiting for permission to sign up with the Indian Premier League competition. Cricket Australia says it's still working through concerns

about conflicting sponsorship arrangements. We've been kept in the loop from the players association, the ACA, or not working. A yes from Cricket Australia would prove a financial bonanza. On top of sign-on fees of up to $500,000 each, top players stand to make millions more from the 6-week tournament, to be broadcast exclusively on Network Ten. They've already raised and they haven't bowled a ball yet who are prepared to pay further money to secure the best cricketers in the world. Just how much will be decided at an extraordinary player auction televised on February 28. The likes of Sachin Tendulkar won't need the kind of luck at the bidding as he got last night. No he hasn't. Oh dear. Gone! Yes he is! A decision that cost Australia 20 runs

before Brett Lee showed why he too stands to make millions for more than just his bowling. Oh, what a catch! What a catch! India patiently reaching its winning target with more than four overs to spare. Leanne West, Ten News. Just over two years since coaching Australia, Wayne Bennett is now the coaching advisor for New Zealand. Former Kiwi captain and Melbourne Storm assistant Stephen Kearney was today named Test coach. Bennett will have an overseeing role. He said that the coaching will be left up to me, and obviously with his guidance and expert experience and expertise. Kearney's appointment was endorsed by Kiwi players. I guess that's the best thing - he's a Kiwi himself. And working under Craig Bellamy, who was the premier coach in '07, I'm sure that Stephen Kearney would have been picking at his brain. Asotasi says the Kiwis now have no excuses after last year's disastrous results. The Swans will field a very understrength side for Sunday's preseason cup match against Hawthorn in Tasmania. The AFL's decision to limit the number of interchanges during the NAB Cup means Sydney has decided against risking players such as Barry Hall, Adam Goodes and Brett Kirk, along with a host of other senior players. The concern from our point of view in regards to time played and restricted interchange is towards the end of the game they're at risk of getting injured. The Swans are set to announce their new co-captain to replace Barry Hall on Wednesday. Central Coast Mariners coach Lawrie McKinna has hailed yesterday's stunning 3-0 win over Newcastle as the greatest in the team's short history. The Mariners will now play in their second grand final in three years. The relaxed mood at today's recovery session was in stark contrast to last night's sell-out crowd at Bluetongue Stadium -

Sasho Petrovski's extra-time goal sealing a grand final berth. Central Coast may be on the way to the grand final. The Central Coast abuzz with Mariners magic - a record-breaking crowd helping the team overcome a 2-goal deficit It was great to hear them all cheering. It was electrifying and really loud.

Goal-scoring hero Petrovski played for Sydney in their grand final win in season one in the A-League. He now has the chance to become the competition's first dual championship winner.

The Mariners have been the overachievers of the fledgling competition, It was just so much a relief getting a result like that. We believed we could do it two weeks ago and just doing it was fantastic. The Jets were today cooling their heels, but are determined to hit back against the Queensland Roar in Sunday's preliminary final in Newcastle. 20,000 Novacastrians. The FFA are expected to announce the grand final venue shortly, with the Olympic Stadium now favoured over the SFS of the Beckham match. after the success Neil Cordy, Ten News. Just days after taking on Qatar in the Socceroos World Cup qualifier, Scott McDonald has helped Celtic to a 5-1 thrashing of Aberdeen in the Scottish Premier League. The Aussie bagged a double - his first from a penalty, the second came off some great lead-up work

by team-mate Aiden McGead. McDonald's brace takes him and the competition's top scorer. Fans at Manchester's Premier League derby observed a minute's silence to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Munich air crash, where 23 people died, including 8 United players. denting their rival's title hopes. A Darius Vassell goal followed by a glancing header from Benjani gave the visitors a 2-0 half-time lead. COMMENTATOR: And touched on and in! Benjani on his debut! A late goal from Michael Carrick provided some consolation for the Red Devils. played out a scoreless draw. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, more changes to the Wallabies coaching set-up, some Aussie success on the ski fields of Europe, and Queensland coach Frank Farina talks down his side's chances in the A-League preliminary final.

Good to have you back. Let take

another look at the traffic. Some

problems on Canterbury Road

tonight? Over the last few weeks tonight? Over the last few weeks we

have had some terrible traffic

delays. Tonight it has been a dream

run into Bankstown airport. Usually

the M5 struggles for a peak hour

run. I will keep my fingers crossed

it will keep that way for the whole weekend. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's back with the latest on the weather next. GENTLE MUSIC WOMAN 1: It's my first. WOMAN 2: It's my way of letting him know it's OK. WOMAN 3: It's my little one's first fever. MAN: It's my pain too. WOMAN 1: That's why I trust Children's Panadol. MAN: Nothing works faster or is more effective

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This program is captioned live.

Time for the weather details now.

There is a lot of class and culture on the weather tonight on the weather tonight nothing to

do with Tim. The Sydney Symphony

Orchestra has got something special

for you with Valentine's Day on its

way. It is the start of its 2008

season. This is called triumphal

Lovely stuff. That heralds in the

new season. This is just the horn

section. They will be playing right across regional New South Wales,

visiting schools and hospitals.

They have a lot of talent. The

weather tomorrow - 27 degrees,

giving way to a north-westerly

breeze. On Wednesday there will be

a southerly change. There should be

a fine and sunny weekend ahead.

Widespread cloud across the tropics

in an active monsoon trough is

causing showers and the odd storm.

A monsoon trough will cause heavy rain

rain across the tropics, storms in

the Kimberley. Showers and storms

across northern and central New

South Wales. Showers and storms for

Eastern Queensland, the Victoria.

The driest period in New South

Wales for a new best - more than a

month. A fine and sunny weekend -

we are due one aren't we?

Valentine's Day, with this lot, the

Sydney Symphony Orchestra - it

would be beautiful.

Finally, an astounding journey for a blind dog in central Victoria, found 50km from home after being missing for six weeks. disappeared at the start of January. Toughie the 12-year-old Pomeranian She was found at the weekend, far from home. Happy to have her back, love to have her back, she's the best thing in our lives. Aside from needing a good feed, Toughie's in good health and good spirits. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. nd I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia. HERE YOU GO. THANK YOU. (THINKS) SAY, RACHEL, I WAS WONDERING IF YOU'D LIKE TO GO TO A MOVIE SOMETIME... AS MY LOVER. HMM, TOO OUT THERE. MAYBE YOU'D JUST LIKE TO GET SOMETHING TO EAT WITH ME SOMETIME... AS MY LOVER.