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(generated from captions) in Australian towns? First tonight, what's going on is disappearing, Respect for people and property to Perth as families from the Gold Coast of warring gangs. are caught up in the violence Christine Nixon, And now Victoria's police chief, on street crime. has launched an urgent crackdown A Current Affair's cameras For three months,

have been in the heat of the battle, far away from the city, but this war is taking place is permanently under siege. where a once peaceful seachange town I'd like to break their arms. SIREN

because they're children, their fightback is about to begin. but this town has had enough - to defend their own property. People have the right of my dwelling, And if a kid is kicking the crap out the crap kicked out of him. he's going to get thankfully there was no-one about. Now when this place went up, have been very, very serious. But it was so intense it could who's lighting these fires. Everyone in town knows

about it - legally. Problem is, they can't do a thing Good mate, how are you? and you can't touch them. They're 16 and under Australia's child-crime capital. Welcome to Lemon Tree Passage, are afraid to come out. The older people they lock their house up. As soon as it's dark, and have your house wrecked, You either just wear it

or your vehicle stolen, or you get robbed or you do something about it. very angry people around. And there's some and a victim. Geoff Walker is the local reporter Frustrated angry - to come to grips with it, that the law doesn't seem justice doesn't get done. We've had about 70 cars stolen - that these are generally owned and the tragedy of it is

poor people by pensioners, retirees, and the vulnerable in the community. Last week, her old Nissan vanished. they burn them out. If they don't trash them, just for the hell of it. They probably run into something She can't afford another. a good whack once. You could give them Now we can't touch them, for whatever...assault. The kids will have them up his handicapped grandchild around. Herbie Davies used his to take It's gone. Where did your car end up? Up near the dump. night as mine and burnt it out. They got a friend's ute the same Naomi and Jason Smyth are visiting Up at the quarry, who are doing it, actually doing it. We've witnessed the kids

or good enough, evidence. Turns out that's not enough, on this peninsula I think most of the residents who's doing all the car stealing. know exactly It's just hard to do anything about it. that the police seem to be powerless So where are the police? at least two protecting the place, There are supposed to be but we couldn't find one. aren't doing their rounds The police police here to man the area. because there simply isn't enough The police station we have here once or twice a week. is lucky if it's manned Businessman Michael Coalcliffe his marina himself, became so sick of defending a "lively meeting" he had what he calls with a couple of young crims. His problems stopped immediately. Now the hottest topic round town the 'vigilante squad'. is what's politely called

The solution? Vigilantes. You'd join, wouldn't you? a minute. I'd have joined it today... (laughs). I'd like break their arms, And their legs. in their house, you know. A lot of people have got guns pastime of local kids. But torching cars is just one illegal

This place used to be a boatshed, arson attacks, but after four separate you can see how little is left. on trying to protect it. Now the owners have given up all the time - This is the type of thing you get deliberately lit. create a nuisance - Bushfires that get away, we get this every week. bad for 6,000 people. This town has two fire brigades - not says fireman Keith Jones. And they're both run off their feet time and time again. And it is the same group And because they're under 18, protects them. the Young Offenders Act than the poor victims. They've got more rights a popular choice for vandals. Then there's the school - have been destroyed. Two lots of two classrooms we estimate at about $1 million. All up, also done over twice. And the footy club, we're looking at about $2 million Just this last year of about 6,000 people. for this one isolated town come to grips with things, If the law doesn't there'll be serious injury or death. someone will lose it one day and

you can only push people so far. You know, that special investigation. Howard Gipps with by the convicted drug smuggler a collection of recipes inspired and served up by a student magazine. that have critics stirred up. But it's the ingredients

and brightest return to university It's not long now until our best for another year. to be flat out with studies, Our leaders of the future are going lectures and assignments. to sign up for cooking classes But apparently, some are also going in any regular cookbook. and you won't find these recipes Your kids sample this menu, their waistlines. they'll have more to worry about than

can't see the funny side Radio jock Steve Price student magazine 'Lot's Wife' after Monash University students to try. printed three hooch-laced recipes for of Bali jailbird Schapelle Corby Not to mention a fake photo her stamp of approval. in a chef's hat, giving the recipes

who we've largely forgotten I'm not sure that Schapelle Corby, would find it all that funny. only need 40 minutes in the oven The 'Bob Brownies' and a gram of not-so-secret spice. in the pantry and a dash of dope. Even vodka goes green after a month could get you in a tangle - Stoner's spaghetti

required for this. no less than half a cup of weed the recipes The magazine which printed who turned into a pillar of salt. is named after a Biblical character A pinch of which wouldn't go astray when reading the recipes. But critics say that's not the point. This, they think it's a bit of satire, a bit of fun, bit of a joke. That's just rubbish. They're actually doing this to encourage the readers of the magazine at the university

to go out and use illegal drugs. If it looks like a real recipe, people probably are going to try it. I think it's meant in fun. It's not meant to be educational or instructional. It's just gags, harmless gags. I just get a laugh out of it. If there's a community issue affecting you or your kids and you want it fixed, send us an email. They hook you in with promises of easy money. But when it comes to high interest lenders, it's vital to read the fine print or risk winding up in some serious debt. Stay away from GE or you'll end up living on the streets. Wesley Nibes is learning the hard way. Cos I had no idea what I was in for, that was when I was young and dumb. His stupidity might just save you a fortune.

At the rate I'm going I'm gonna be paying these for the next 50 years. But just like that - it appeared. GE handed over more than $10,000. GE is the first one to dish out the money and last one to help you out, and the first on to put you in debt. Hi, I am the G E money genie. he used to park it here in the driveway. This is what's left of that ute. He was forced to sell it to pay off debts.

he doesn't even have. Have a guess at what the interest rate is ? I looked on the Internet to track up GE, to ring them. On the Internet it said 10.5% interest and that's all I thought I was paying until I went in and got a statement and yeah, 29.95% interest. I almost died and I can't keep up with the payments. A labourer by day, Wesley also works nights to support two children

but it is just not enough. He feels as though GE are pushing him into a corner. I was in debt already, I needed the money to buy a ute to try and get myself out of debt and all it's done is put me further in debt. They have got all these hidden fees and there is no way in the world you'll ever pay them back. They have got it set-up so people like me are continoulsy for the rest of their life paying for a little mistake. GE wasn't available for an interview today but they did say Westley has defaulted on his loan to the tune of $5,000 over the past 4.5 years. He still owes more than $4,000 from the original loan. I don't want to become bankrupt, I'm doing everythng I can so the end of the day I've got a clean slate I want to go on by our house but at this rate it's just not going to happen. This guys 23 - the bank said no, how come GE said yes. I would ask what did they say yes. I mean it's lovely to hearing yes but why. If everyone else is saying no why is this particular lender happy to give them the money.

GE has done nothing legally wrong but closer inspection of Wesley's contract reveals something interesting. - he's paid almost $2,000 in insurance. What kind of insurance would you need on a loan ?

and Wesley is now living proof that the joke is on him. What is the bias to Wesley and others ? If others are saying no to you then why is that lenders saying yes ?

And in a statement late today, GE has pledged to sit down with Wesley over the next few days to resolve the details of his loan. Coming up on A Current Affair - don't supersize me, mum! How to keep the whole family healthy. And composer Burt Bacharach's love song to Australia. They're the beautiful people we love to look at. Now, with the help of cosmetic surgery, some people are trying to look like their favourite celebrities. Some are more popular than others,

allowing surgeons to compile rankings of which stars have the perfect body parts. They are perfection. The quest for the most beautiful body and the flawless face

has just got a whole lot easier. Take it - it's yours! A surgeon needs to know exactly what nose to get. These days we're not just going for an improvement, we're going for a very specific result That's right. You can look exactly like a celebrity. You look good. Plastic perfection is now made to order. You got an amazing story to tell your friends. We love their lives, we think they live the most glamorous lives, so I think we think if we can just get a little part of their life, whether it's their nose, their cheeks, their lips, their bum, then perhaps we could sort of segue slowly into their lives. About one out of four would bring clippings from magazines. Plastic surgeon Dr Bryan Mendelson. I'm a Terminator. The most common classic you would hear would be "Sophia Loren" when it comes to cheeks. She is universally acclaimed for her beautiful cheeks. But when it comes to all the nips and tucks, who really is most wanted? The number of people commenting about her nose and her cheeks

was significant. When it comes to eyelifts, women request Catherine Zeta Jones's look, but again, Mrs Pitt proves to be most popular.

when they're going under the knife is this. The one name that is mentioned the most in plastic surgeons' offices is Pamela Anderson. Is a woman ever happy with her body? Probably not. So we threw them all together, including Sophia's cheeks,

Gisele's abs and the pins of Cameron Diaz. And this is the perfect woman. They're always promoted as glamorous and really happy and they have the perfect life, and I think what we're aspiring to rather than look like them is be them - and I think that's a real shame. GP Dr Sally Coburn. I actually have never had a patient come and see me and say they want to look like Brad Pitt. I've had a lot of girls come in and say they want to meet him, but I've never had a guy say they want to look like him, specifically and really mean it. His nose and abs are the most wanted, not forgetting George Clooney's eyes and lips and David Beckham's legs. It's a weapon more powerful than you could ever imagine.

It's time to realise you can have a healthy body, but you don't need to look like someone else. Be proud to be yourself. Alissa Warren reporting there. And the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery will hold its 19th annual congress in Melbourne on 10 February. He's been making sweet music for 50 years

and his hit songs have been sung by everyone from Stevie Wonder to Neil Diamond. Burt Bacharach has picked up numerous Grammys and even an Oscar along the way. Now the master composer is bringing his show back to Australia, with a special tribute to the country he's fallen in love with. (Sings) # ..all you need is love, sweet love... #

Mr Bacharach, I couldn't refuse. # ..would take me in his arms... # # What's new, pussycat? Whoa, whoa, whoa... # # I believe in love, Alfie

# Without you, love just don't exist. # You understand? You're gonna have to be at every concert when we do this song. sitting next to me on the piano. I think I could do that. # I love you, Miss # You're nothing, Alfie. #

I'm glad you do. Thank you. For you. The music legend is 79 and forever, forever, he'll stay in our hearts. I feel really blessed that I've had as long a run as I've had.

We've been up, we've been down, We've been up, we've been down, It's mostly up, up, up, with a staggering 70 Top 40 hits - most of them written to inspire a little lovin'. # Take me in his arms and... # Are you truly romantic? I like to write things from the heart

that will move the heart. Flying to New York, there was a blonde sitting next to me. She'd had a couple of drinks and she said, "Can I tell you something?" I said yeah. She said, "I can't make love unless I've got your music playing." See, you got it.

That has gotta make you feel good. It all makes me feel good. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Burt Bacharach... That super-sexy spy Austin Powers brought Burt Bacharach to a whole new audience. SONG: # What do you get when you fall in love... # What inspires such a composer? Well, Australia for one. Mr Bacharach was so moved by his visit to our shores last year, he composed a new work called 'For the Children'.

When I knew I was coming, I had to write a piece - almost like a love letter, to the Sydney Symphony. That love letter will be performed at the opening night of his Australian tour, kicking off this Thursday in Sydney. It's all new, kind of virgin territory for me - writing in a different way, writing for a symphony orchestra. This melody maker has even more to look forward to this year.

He'll be awarded a Grammy for lifetime achievement And then there's his 80th - a quiet celebration with wife number four, Jane Hansen, and his three children. Every day is really like a birthday, you know? A chance, a day. # Three wheels on my wagon and I'm still rolling along. #

Elise Mooney with the very smooth Burt Bacharach. And he'll perform this Thursday and Friday in Sydney, Saturday night in the Hunter Valley and next week in Melbourne. Still to come - don't supersize me! Our get fit-and-lose-fat challenge.

It's an alarming fact that one-third of Australian children are now obese and for the first time in hundreds of years, we're facing the very real prospect shorter lives. the next generation may live to change their bad habits So we challenged some brave families

for the sake of their kids. the importance of a good diet We're hearing a lot about

and active life for children. to mum and dad. And it seems, it all comes down to mum and dad. Growing up, you look up straight across from the parents, So if the information comes let's eat well at home, that eating healthy is great, be active every single day, let's eat good, getting across. that's the main message Australian parents Richard and Joey Marc want to help childhood obesity. fight the battle against

'Please Mum Don't Supersize Me', Their book, offers tips on how to change your eating and exercise habits. And they've invited a couple of families to take up the challenge. What fruit do you normally get when you go shopping? Grapes? And apples, apples are great for the girls' lunchboxes.

Good bite size. It's important to also let them choose, 'cause they're going to be eating it. OK, next aisle guys, let's go. I usually grab this for the kids. says source of fibre, whole grains. I usually read know this how much sugar is in it. Says source of fibre, doesn't say so a bit of tricky advertising, Very important, Oh, so that's important?

so always read the label. New cereal, girls. Ok, well, we'll grab this then.

to give his children Rick Webhe is determined a better start in life than he had. I was always overweight when I grew up. and I missed out on a lot of things that young kids do - And a lot of things go to cinemas, go swimming, go watch bands, 'cause I was always embarrassed. I always missed out OK, jump on, all yours. In four weeks on this program,

weight loss has reached 12 kilos. the Webhe family's combined Chest is down 2cm. since we've started, So far in your chest, good work, excellent. you've lost 13cm, so it's quite big, 145, last week you were 147, good! Yeah, I tried a jacket I wore when I was first married

and it fit me the other day, eh! Good work, mummy and daddy! 'Please Mum Don't Supersize Me' is not just about the energy we're putting into our bodies, it's also about the energy we're expending. as a family And it's showing how exercising for our children, is not only good role modelling but that it can be a lot of fun! and their two children, Robert Morton, Kelly Nicoll

have lost 19 kilos. Jayden and Samantha, Are you glad you're out here? Yeah. I love training now. to Jayden's life? And what difference has it made Ah, he actually enjoys the fact more now. that dad gets outside with him And Jayden's diet is also changing. from eating this every week... He and his family have gone this.

in one week. This is what we used to eat we'd eat in a week. Or some of the things In a week? and chips and soft drink So you'd be putting chocolate into your 5-year-old's tummy every day? Yeah, as horrible as that sounds, yeah. Is it just as cheap and as easy to eat healthily? You can do it on the same budget, maybe $10, $20 more. And when Jayden comes home and says, "Mum, I'm hungry, I want to have that chocolate bar?" It's not in the house. This is not here anymore.

He'll have an apple, a banana, some yoghurt. So as you send your children off to school again, in those lunchboxes. think about what you're packing We can't wait for governments, for fast food industries, we can't wait need to be re-educated parents today for the next generation to come. and make that change everywhere by the end of this week will be available in book stores

Kirstine Lumb reporting. desperate to find a new home. Still to come - the family of ten,

could soon be out on the streets. and this hard-working family of 10 a hotel room. I don't want to be renting much more families and young people. The face of homelessness has become

out there hurting. There are a lot of families and no-one's listening. They don't have anywhere to go tomorrow night. Kirstine Lumb with that report Thanks for your company tonight. Enjoy the rest of your evening. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia

NARRATOR: Tonight on Police Ten-7,

car thieves come down to the city for a big night on the town. (People cheer in background) We're on a raid with Detective Constable Mike McKenzie and a team of officers as they execute a drug warrant. This is where we're at, mate. You're not getting your gear back. There's not... MAN: Why? Let me finish and I'll tell you.

And ride with police hot on the trail and con man. of a very elusive burglar What, it's not his real name? of a person I know. Well, it's the name SIREN WAILS Get down. MAN: On the...on the ground now! We need your help... (Man speaks over radio) (Woman speaks over radio) (Man speaks over radio)


(Woman speaks over radio) to put your hands on your head. MAN: I'm gonna get you

(Man speaks over radio) SIRENS WAIL

VOICES ECHO MAN: You're going down. MAN: Seen him in a Datsun. (Dog barks)

(Men talk over radio) (Woman speaks indistinctly on radio)

The swing shift are out on patrol in Hamilton, New Zealand

when a call comes in about a car that's been stolen from a car park. MAN ON RADIO: ..from the clinic car park. I'm just going to check the background there now. MAN ON RADIO: We've got a runner. We've got a runner. Which direction? South car park. MAN: This way. This way. That one over there. There, there, there. That black one. (Woman speaks indistinctly on radio) by the police van, With their escape blocked the thieves make a run for it.

Go! Go, go!

GIRL: Oh, get them! GIRL: Go, quick! Run! Todd Hubbard and Brendan Rooney After a short chase, constables catch up with one of the runners. But the other gets away. BOY: I was getting a ride home. I wasn't doing... and one went that way. I saw two leave. One that way,

(People cheer in background) Nice. a wrecked ignition A search of the car reveals don't belong to the thieves. and some clothes that probably MAN: Woman's underwear. to be examined The stolen car is taken away

to Central. and the suspect's taken back