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(generated from captions) Tonight- for Australian actor Heath Ledger. A Hollywood memorial service its ugly head Cronulla-style violence rears on the Australia Day weekend. A Sydney father's tears for a son won't surrender. who's hit-run killer And why Adam Gilchrist says for good. it's time to take the gloves off

with Jessica Rowe. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. has been held in Hollywood A private memorial service for Heath Ledger, last week. found dead in his New York apartment to say goodbye to the actor His family and friends have gathered for burial. before his body is brought home On a dark and rainy night and closest friends gathered Heath Ledger's relatives at a Los Angeles funeral home. the arrival of the family Heavy security surrounded Michelle Williams. and former fiancee before leaving. They spent just 30 minutes with him Hollywood star Naomi Watts, Former girlfriend, with Heath's uncle, was visibly upset as she left as she was driven away. shielding her pain from the media It's also believed love interests, and Mary-Kate Olsen, Australian model Gemma Ward paid their respects. will head home to Australia It's not known when the family but it's still believed in a private service in Perth. Heath Ledger will be buried In New York, over 'G'Day USA' celebrations. Heath's death has cast a shadow At a gala dinner, read a message the Australian Consul-General on behalf of Heath's father, Kim.

an Australian. "Heath is and always will be "He adored his home. Christmas in Perth was just bliss." "His last two weeks with us over His peers are still in shock. it's a great loss to us. I mean it's a loss, On the way over lounge when we were leaving Sydney his whole family were in the Qantas

'cause they were in tears and it was just horrible it was very sad. and then whole place started crying, in Florida, At a Rugby League exhibition match on the crowd the game might have been lost brought mutual understanding. but Heath Ledger's death Ladies and gentlemen to respect his passing. please take a moment's silence the long, painful trip home. Soon the family will make

will go with them. The thoughts of a country In breaking news - has died. former Indonesian President Suharto for several weeks The 86-year-old had been sick multiple organ failure. after suffering afternoon in a Jakarta hospital. Suharto has passed away this for 32 years The former general ruled Indonesia until quitting in 1998. hundreds of millions of dollars He was charged with embezzling of State funds the case because of his poor health. but the government never pursued Violence fuelled by alcohol weekend celebrations has ruined Australia Day and on the Gold Coast. at beaches in Perth two years ago, Just like the Cronulla riots flag have clashed with police. teenagers draped in the national It happened on the Gold Coast forgiven for thinking of Cronulla. But those in Sydney would be Once again, a symbol of violence. the Australian flag became clashed with police. Teenagers, some as young as 13, from the surf unconscious. It started when a girl was pulled to push the crowds back. Police tried to get out of the way. The cops were pushing everyone and everyone else got aggressive. They got aggressive Four youths under 16 were charged. on their national day gets blind What other country and tries to fight their authority? Australia, baby! we're proud - that's it! Whatever goes on,

and more alcohol-fuelled violence. In Perth, a hot day in a brawl at a beachside park. Police were pelted with bottles Aussie" Shouting "Aussie, Aussie, it was anything but Australian. here in Sydney. It was a different story

in the city and suburbs Despite large crowds for Australia Day celebrations, police only made 42 arrests most people behaved themselves. and say, generally, for a 16-year-old girl But the night ended in tragedy a fourth-floor balcony at Cronulla. who fell from

in hospital. She's in a critical condition Police say it was a misadventure. The parents of a Sydney teenager on the Pacific Highway hit and killed to surrender. have pleaded for the truck driver should have turned 18, On the weekend their son a heart-felt appeal. the Burwood couple has issued 18th birthday yesterday They celebrated John Rozycki's without him, his son become a man. a father robbed of seeing of his friends came for the party, Unfortunately, yesterday a lot were not... but them, like our family, ..sorry. Near Bulahelah, 4:00am, December 6, engineer as he changed a tyre, a big truck hit the aspiring along the Pacific Highway. hurling him 20m they had parking lights on, They had their hazard lights on, so really they did everything you know, a reasonable person to do. you would expect

The driver did not stop. Why? Why? You hit my boy. My John is not coming home anymore. forward to put an end to this case. I ask for the driver to please come

was there - John's mate, Nathan Scarfo, it was his car, his flat tyre. a white prime-mover, He's told police the truck was

possibly a B-double. Investigators believe did not know he hit John Rozycki. it's unlikely the driver examined trucks, They've reviewed camera footage, spoken with transport companies. It's difficult, though - every day. up to 1,800 trucks use the route please come back to the police. Anyone with any information, Victorian police are searching found dead for the mother of a newborn baby in a public toilet near Geelong. morning at a Colac camping ground. A camper found the baby's body this was only hours old. It's believed the baby Our most important thing is to track down the lady that was involved for a few reasons, obviously so we can establish what occured and we're also concerned about her welfare. An autopsy will be done on the body tonight. A Sydney tuna fisherman has been attacked by a shark while fishing off the Gold Coast. The 20-year-old was rescued after accidentally stepping on the three metre shark which he'd caught 200 kilometres off shore. The mako bit him on the leg. The head of the shark had to be cut from the body of the shark in order to extricate the shark's teeth from the patient's knee. He's having emergency surgery at the Gold Coast Hospital. Music fans can now legally download songs for free after a deal was struck with the recording industry. A new website has been launched offering the service but there is a catch. # Two hearts are beating together. # It's the music website offering all you can listen to free of charge. Access to 25 million songs at no cost but on one condition. You will be exposed to some advertising. That revenue generated is then directed back towards the labels and the artists that are currently losing out. When their music's down-loaded illegally. Instead a new deal between record labels and website QTrax invites music fans to obtain songs in return for accepting advertising. QTrax also records how often tracks are played and by whom

valuable information for labels. It's taken a long time for the music industry worldwide to really accept that down-loading has gone on for a long, long time. Yet more competition for a diminishing industry trying to sell music the old way. This day and age everybody's on the Internet at work and at home. I personally like to come and select an album. Compared to CDs retailers say downloaded music is inferior quality and there'll always be some music lovers who believe vinyl can never be surpassed. Many music shops say they're already targeting niche markets with the view not all customers want to go digital. Because it would mean shops like mine would be wiped off the face of the planet. Adam Gilchrist says the time is right for him to hang up the gloves. The wicket-keeper will retire from international cricket, despite a phone call from the Prime Minister begging him to stay a little longer. Now everyone knows how it feels to be hit for six by Adam Gilchrist. I just knew, there was a point in time when I just knew.

He wanted to save explaining his decision to retire until after this Test. Always a bit nervous before you bat but hopefully we'll have a good day. Hopefully one more classic innings. CHEERING Sadly, his last stand was brief - Gilchrist made 14. COMMENTATOR: He departs the way he entered, unselfishly. A standing ovation led by his wife, Mel. June and Stan Gilchrist made it from northern New South Wales just in time. I think he's happier now than I've seen him for years. Leaving three children, leaving a wife, hopping on an aeroplane, and not being game to look back in case you burst into tears. They bought Adam his first pair of keeping gloves at age 10. ADAM GILCHRIST: Smashed, broken nose, first time I ever kept. Cricket in the backyard with older brothers helps to hone your skills doesn't it? 96 Tests and 414 dismissals later... COMMENTATOR: Adam Gilchrist, world-record holder. Even better with the bat, Gilchrist revolutionised cricket. A match-winner by just his second Test, voted Australia's best-ever one-day player by his peers. An ability to be able to change the game and that has made Adam one of the greatest to ever play the game. Good enough to pull rank on the Prime Minister. As his Prime Minister I said, "Gilly you need to reconsider" and he told me he wasn't. Over to a generation inspired by cricket, the Gilchrist way. The reason I was playing cricket was just because I loved it and was having fun. Still to come - Also, the Prime Minister's lesson from the school of hardknocks.

And more honours for our new Australian of the Year.

That's next. Water is a precious resource, so we need to be aware of how much we use every day. Did you know that an 8-minute shower can use a massive 160 litres, but a 4-minute shower with a water-saving shower head uses as little as 30 litres? can guzzle up to 50 litres, And your dishwasher can g zzle up to 50 litres, so you should only use it when it's full. To work out how much water you use, what you should be aiming for and how to use less, visit and: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has joined the "Choir of Hard Knocks" in singing the national anthem in Canberra. Members of the homeless and disadvantaged group chatted with the PM before encouraging him to sing. # In joyful strains and let us sing Advance Australia Fair. # The Rudd Government

has set up a committee to look at how to reduce the high number of homeless people in Australia. Australian actress Isabel Lucas says she's determined to stop the killing of dolphins and whales, despite being threatened with arrest in Japan. The former 'Home and Away' star is planning another protest there but authorities have issued a warning.

In Taiji, they love the dolphin. There's a cruel twist, though - star attractions at the local aquarium but only after surviving a harrowing selection process. Those that don't make it are killed for their meat in an annual cull that Australian actress Isabel Lucas and other celebrities tried to stop last October. If they attempt to do it again, warns Japan, they'll be arrested. In any case, their activities are totally illegal, against our national laws. So they are breaking the law? Yes, yes. We are considering going back later in the year, possibly in October. I think it's really important that we keep the focus on this issue. Three months on, we returned to the place they call the 'killing lagoon'. Beside the warning sign to keep away, evidence the cull may still being going on. Nets seal the entrance to the narrow cove, an indication a kill is imminent. To environmentalists, this place is a by-word for barbarity. But Japan insists it's not about to change its ways to suit Australia or anyone else. And it sees nothing strange in a culture that promotes dolphins for cuisine as well as tourism. When visitors come to Taiji

they can enjoy both eating dolphin and seeing, looking at dolphin. The French rogue trader blamed for the world's biggest bank fraud has been taken into custody. Jerome Kerviel is being questioned over how he lost Societe Generale more than $8 billion

through unauthorised trading. What happened there is a CEO's nightmare. No systems can prevent fraud. But the key to the systems is to catch the fraud as quickly as possible. Investigators say the 31-year-old is cooperating and ready to explain his role in the scandal. Barack Obama has kept his hopes of becoming US president alive by beating Hillary Clinton in the South Carolina primary vote. It's Obama's second victory over his rival Democrat. the cynics that believe Well, tonight, what began in the snows of Iowa was just an illusion, were told a different story by the good people of South Carolina. CHEERING The next big test is 'Super Tuesday' on February 5, when voters in more than 20 states go to the polls. Australian of the Year, Lee Kernaghan has capped off a big weekend by winning three Golden Guitars at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. He won the awards for the song "Spirit of the Bush", which raised over a million dollars for drought-stricken farmers. Oh this has just been an exceptional day and this'll be an Australia Day I never forget. Kernaghan now has 27 Golden Guitars to his name. Troy Cassar-Daly won best male artist. A spectacular light show wrapped up Australia Day celebrations in Sydney last night. The Darling Harbour show explored our Indigenous heritage, immigrant legacy and modern cosmopolitan culture. Thousands of families were there to see the impressive symphony of fireworks, light and music. Sport now with Ben Damon will be crowned tonight. and a new Australian Open champion

Is it going to be Djokovic or Tsonga? We'll have all the build up to the final shortly. Also tonight, a hero's send-off as Adam Gilchrist walks away from Test cricket. And Rusty's Rabbits go down fighting on their American adventure. And now we've got some punches, some push and shove. Drop everything. save 20% off all ready-to-hang curtains, blinds, 20% off all manchester, bed linen, towels, cushions, rugs and homewares, Monday only. 9am till 7pm.

Adam Gilchrist's final innings in Test cricket hasn't gone to script with the crowd favourite dismissed for just 14 in the fourth Test in Adelaide. Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke both notched centuries on the way to passing India's first innings total. Mitchell Johnson dismissed Irfan Pathan for a duck. The man of the moment seemed relaxed with his decision to walk. His last Test innings almost arrived early on day four. COMMENTATOR: That was well bowled! But the skipper's resolve was steely - this was his breakthrough ton of the summer. The vice-captain's going - the captain's back! Even his nemesis was generous but there was soon proof the ill-feeling isn't dead. Oh, it's missed the bat by miles. Umpire Bowden was right. Still, the Indians taunted Clarke... You can talk! ..and they headed to lunch still dishing out curry. It didn't seem to phase Clarke who posted his sixth Test ton. That's his century! 210 the partnership before Sehwag ended the Ponting-Clarke union. Oh yeah, that's bowled him. Clarke got to 118 before this... Finally, Michael Clarke goes! Cue for a rousing reception - Gilchrist walked out to bat in Test cricket. for possibly the last time The WAGs liked it. And they liked this too. Oh, down the ground like that - nearly took the umpire out! (Laughs) But on 14 the curtain fell. Oh, out! Straight to cover. unselfishly. He departs the way he ended - Symonds scratched his way to 30. The last of the batsmen, Got him! And well earnt! That's very well bowled!

Harbhajan toiled for 47 overs. He partied, though, in junk time. well caught, Ishan Sharma! Oh, well done - for a paltry 73 - The final six wickets fell a lead of 37 - the draw inevitable. There's just over an hour to go

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga until unseeded Frenchman in the Australian Open final. takes on Novak Djokovic is the bookies' favourite The Serbian world number three

the sentimental money is going. but there's no doubting where biggest match of Tsonga's career. This is the stage for the

he received a massive boost And this morning when his mum Evelyn and dad Didier arrived from France to be courtside for tonight's final. And the two of you must be very, very proud? Yes, exactly. Very proud. the 22-year-old Frenchman It's been a rapid rise for a level head. but he's trying to keep I try to keep the same way like the other one. and try to approach this match That might not be easy, he still doesn't know but considering why he's playing so well, maybe it will be. I don't want to play bad. I don't know, because maybe


Djokovic hasn't done. That's something at this year's Open He's yet to lose a set late this afternoon. and had a light practice session in tonight's final, And while there are no Australians it might not be too far away Bernard Tomic after promising 15-year-old won the junior boys title. It's a big achievement for me one step of the way but that's just to get there to the top. and it's a long way is on top of the women's game Maria Sharapova along the Yarra. and she celebrated in style The name of the boat might not have been right but at least she had her trophy. Rugby league is off to an unusual start in 2008 with South Sydney's exhibition match against the Leeds Rhinos in Florida. confused locals, In front of 12,000 from 26-0 down to lose by 2. the Bunnies fought back This might be the first time played before a rugby league game. there's been three national anthems

'STAR-SPANGLED BANNER'PLAYS to what this day was really about - A good while later they got on Russell Crowe. Mr Russell Crowe. ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, expansion of our players This is the long-term and other cultures. and their understanding of the world in a Bunnies' jacket Greg Norman turned up and three blokes from a TV show had made some Souths motorbikes.

Eventually they did play footy in four months, but in their first match Souths were way off the pace. COMMENTATOR: But Leeds will get the try.

Webb sprints away to score it. and led 26-0 at the break. Leeds scored five first-half tries on to Keith Senior. McGuire attacks to the left Without most of their stars, led the comeback Souths' hooker Isaac Luke of feeling in the match. and there was clearly a bit some push and shove. Now we've got some punches but ran out of time The Bunnies got within two sell league to the Americans, and while there was plenty to help by our trophies. they'd be underwhelmed CHEERING everywhere - Rugby league's got a big future better start playing. so whoever was watching,

has scored a try on debut And former league star Timana Tahu over Queensland last night. in the Waratahs' 26-10 trial win into the main break 11-5 ahead, The home side went of the match. Ben Batger with the Tahs' first try

came on after the break New recruit Tahu of the ball, bagged his first try. and with just his second touch Yeah, I enjoyed it. and there's a lot of space out there I enjoy moving around the field so I'm enjoying it at the moment to kick off. and can't wait for the season 'Gotta Love It Seven' has won And finally tonight, Skiff Championship the Australian 18-foot

on Sydney Harbour this afternoon, at the final turn. despite capsizing

finishing in fifth position. and complete the course, to right the boat Steve Jarvin and his crew managed

the Championship That was enough to give them with one race remaining. the World Championships next month. They hope to back up with victory in

That's it for me, I'm off to watch

the tennis t should be a great

it. match. I am so looking forward to

Tsonga. it. As we say, go Jo-Wilfried

and sunny day in Sydney today. It was a lovely warm for public holiday Monday, I'll have the forecast next in Seven News. Drop everything. Monday only at Spotlight, all ready-to-hang curtains, blinds, save 20% off towels, cushions, 20% off all manchester, bed linen, even sale items. Monday only. 9am till 7pm. for the middle of our long weekend. Sydney turned on a beautiful day right around the metropolitan area. It was warm Penrith had a top of 31, Liverpool and Parramatta, 30 for Campbelltown, Richmond, Around the country tomorrow, in most of the capitals it will be fine and sunny expected in Darwin. with a late storm of a humid and sunny day tomorrow We're in for a warm night ahead of afternoon showers. with the chance Looking ahead - it'll be mostly fine until Thursday but I'll be back with updates later. And that's Seven News to now

thanks for your company, goodnight. I'm Jessica Rowe, our animals around New Zealand, NARRATOR: Saving and caring for in the wild and in zoos, is the work of our Wild Vets. (Squawks)

catching cheeky kea at Mt Cook. Tonight - Anyone game enough to grab its head? for Wellington Zoo. Not one but TWO new cheetahs for Mandela the porcupine. And a very prickly situation have to remove more tissue I'm actually going to I was going to have to. than I thought Today, DOC vet Kate McInnes is heading to Aoraki/Mt Cook to do blood tests on New Zealand's alpine parrot, the kea. It will be really interesting to see what we find in these kea because we have had some in the past which have died and we've found lead in them when they've gone for post-mortem and we're just trying to see what effect human habitation has on wildlife in the national park up here.

Whether we find lots of lead or a little bit of lead, it's going to be very interesting. But to test your kea, first you have to catch them. And the best time is dawn or dusk. So, early in the morning, the team's out the front of The Hermitage, armed with a lasso and a lump of butter. They love butter. They're definitely into fat. That's their favourite above everything else.