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(generated from captions) the royal family. and nearly brought down Impossible' - to get Tom Cruise. Now Andrew Morton's 'Mission Welcome to A Current Affair. Hello. I'm Leila McKinnon. unauthorised biography on Tom Cruise So hot is Andrew Morton's making headlines around the world. It is the bombshell book

of legal action scared off by threats from the Church of Scientology. I spoke to the controversial author In an Australian exclusive the real Tom Cruise. about his take on may be on the edge the characters Tom Cruise plays but they're always in control. just like Tom Cruise himself. According to Andrew Morton, extremely dedicated, Extremely controlling, and extremely talented. and also extremely hard-working extremely out of control. And, just this once, it seemed, before? Have you ever felt this way is normally pretty tightly wrapped. "Hang on, this is a guy who behind the mask?" "What is really going on his biography of Princess Diana, Morton, who made his name with about Thomas Mapother IV, interviewed school friends to his single mum and sisters - a student wrestler dedicated scored a part in the school play, a boy who, after a sporting injury, was spotted and became a star. off the shelf SONG: # Just take those old records that the character dances It just says in the script the whole thing up and did it, and he just picked almost from his own experience, used to say to me, because all his school friends do that kind of performance actually, they had seen him when he was in their backyards. America's favourite 'Top Gun' favourite celebrity husband, was soon to become Australia's in 'Dead Calm'. after spotting Nicole Kidman he dreamt up, 'Days of Thunder'. to audition for a movie that there isn't a character at all, There isn't a part for her, to each other but there's mutual attraction they are having an affair. and very quickly biggest rap in the world, I think. Your wife has just given you the I know. I'm his personal PR lady. They were bonkers about each other. they were looking to start a family. They spent all their time together, to start a family In fact, they did try an ectopic pregnancy, and she sadly had a miscarriage, of having another ectopic pregnancy, and because of the dangers which can be life-threatening, they decided to adopt. that perhaps that he's gay And that started all the rumours off this marriage. and it was just a facade, that you dismissed? that were rumoured about him What were some of the things

That he was gay. had a story about, Every third person in Hollywood in hotels with male models," "I know about secret wrestling bouts ludicrous rumours. and there were just so many is fair and accurate, You say your book in England or Australia. but it's not for sale substantiate things you've written? Is that because you can't countries, the laws are so strict In Britain and other associated with Scientology, and the potential for litigation notorious for litigation, and Tom Cruise, who is equally that it is not really worth it. means that publishers find for being a committed Scientologist, Tom Cruise is well known by writer L. Ron Hubbard. a religion developed in the 1950s you'd better know it. so you'd better know it - go and learn it. And if you don't, you know, at the moment There is a video going around talking about the fact that showing him if there's a car accident, he is the only one who can help. as a Scientologist, that he is always in the right, So there is a sense that he feels of truth, of wisdom, he has the monopoly he has the tools, as it were, in the world, to solve all the problems journalists other professionals, and everybody else, doctors, well, you can just forget them these doubters, what he understands. because they don't understand of the zealot about him these days. So there is a kind of the certainty One of Morton's claims in Scientology is that Kidman's waning interest helped end their struggling marriage. through the marriage say People who knew them of the relationship - she was rather the Siamese cat and very calculating - very kind of closed and feline always chasing after her. and he was the bounding Labrador, and send her chocolates and flowers, He used to write her love notes all those obvious romantic things. But towards the end, became irritating for her all these love notes and flowers him and she was always pulling away from and he was always pursuing her. So is that what went wrong? why it went wrong. Well, it's one of the reasons She fell out of love with him, at the time were concerned. as far as the people who knew them But also, with his faith, Scientology. she fell out of love or interest and feared her career was over. Nicole was pregnant She told her private detective to return to Australia that she was going and be a nun for a time. and give up acting And when she had the miscarriage, the insinuations over the father, because of all of the placenta be saved, she ordered that some that Tom Cruise was the father. just to prove paternity - the fact when asked about his ex-wife. This is the reaction from Tom Cruise OK? I'm just telling you right now, Just put your manners back in. that was a performance he was doing. and I could tell that to generate anger at something, It's a Scientology technique and you brow-beat your interlocutor so that you deflect a question asking more intimate questions. so that they are hesitant about personal life was again fair game. When he met Katie, Tom's Katie came into his life for 'Mission Impossible.' at a time when he was casting and others. Kate Bosworth, Jessica Alba was always telling her sisters In her school days, Katie Holmes she would marry Tom Cruise. that one day he takes her for a motorbike ride, She meets him, "He has her at 'hello'". and as they say, ticket in to 'Planet Tom'. From then on, she takes a one-way the couch-jumping, The meeting, the engagement, the baby and the marriage came in quick succession. There's genuine affection there. He is a very controlling individual. She's quite malleable - she's 16 years his junior. She is someone who very quickly adopted to his lifestyle, adopted to his faith and adopted to his family. But the book claims Katie's schoolgirl dreams may not be everything she'd expected. One of the things that those who saw her and knew her in the first few months were shocked about was how changed she was. Before she met Tom she was a kind of an exuberant, sparkly-eyed girl. And they described her as being "dead-eyed Katie", so they saw the transformation. It's not me who is saying this, but people are saying that she looks like a 'Stepford Wife' - she is robotic - and these are people who have interviewed her. Andrew Morton stands by the book despite receiving threats of legal action. Tom Cruise's lawyers have denied there is any truth to the book's claims, saying that it's sensationalist, bigoted, and full of lies. It's not the hysterical headlines, it is reading about a man's life and he is someone we have all grown up with and someone we think we have got to know and I hope this book will show the real Tom Cruise. And today the Church of Scientology contacted us to say Andrew Morton refused its many requests to be interviewed for his book. Well, this issue is bound to provoke strong opinions and we'd love to know what you think. So drop us an email or give us a call. Does an apple a day keeps the doctor away if it has been a year since it was picked? It seems much of our fruit is far from fresh, but how old is it? We put it to the test. That's disgusting. No wonder they're soft. They're just very mushy. They feel like they've been on the shelf for about three years. Apples are supposed to be crisp, juicy, flavoursome. When you get one that's dry and floury you give it to the birds. You get a bad bunch, you get a bad bunch. We've all been bitten by a bad apple. Sure it looked great in there, on the supermarket shelf, but on the way home it got a bit warmer, So what can happen between the checkout and the chomp? The truth about fresh is that, sometimes, it isn't, as you'll see. You've got to wonder how fresh fruit really is, especially if it can sit in cold storage for up to 10 months. You heard right - 10 months sitting in a warehouse! That's apparently how long some of this fruit is stored. Nutritionist Matt O'Neill is gobsmacked anything that old can be called fresh. I think consumers expect fresh to mean it's picked from the tree, picked from the vine and then it's pretty much made its way straight to the supermarket. So no wonder people are outraged when they hear 10 months in cold storage. It's just not on. We commissioned tests on apples bought from a variety of locations, both supermarkets and small fruiterers. A chemical called ethylene is produced as fruit gets older, By measuring the ethylene content we can fairly accurately tell the real age of this fruit. But all these apples were described as fresh by their sellers. The results in a moment. I don't think food should be stored at all, personally. I mean, as a nutritionist, I think, you know, literally grab it off that tree and eat it. According to nutrition expert Zoe Bingley-Pullen, the age of that fruit and veg is important because the longer it waits around the less value it is to your diet, even if it still looks fresh in the shops. MEN: Oh, bewdiful! I think to a degree probably once people actually realise that they are losing an element of nutrition by something being stored, yeah, you'd naturally feel like you're not getting the full product that you're actually buying. So to the tests: but the ACCC is investigating whether the law should be changed. I guess 'fresh' should be reserved for that pristine, fresh situation where it's coming from tree or vine straight to the supermarket and straight to you. There should be a sign or something to say how old it is, they should have expiry dates or something. One solution is to only buy fruit in season - oranges and bananas most of the year. Is that a mushy one or a nice one, Jacob? That's a good apple. And nutritionists say to make sure there is plenty of fruit in your diet, even if it has been in storage.

for any expectant mother, but imagine being turned away by your closest hospital because the bureaucrats think you're too fat. It is a decision that has left one Aussie mum-to-be with nowhere to turn. I didn't know what to do, I just felt just terrible, really, really terrible and embarrassed that they could turn me away just due to being overweight. This is Lisa Grave, a mother of one, and soon-to-be mother of two - if only she can find a hospital to take her. but to be told that I was too big to be accepted to hospital was just... the Casey Hospital in Melbourne - to meet a midwife. The hospital is Lisa's local, a state-of-the-art, $20 million facility promising the most modern of care. What were her exact words? That you are too overweight to come here, you'll have to find somewhere else to go. And how did you react? I was just devastated. Crying? Did she comfort you? No, she said don't get upset over it. on the phone to Troy. I said that's ridiculous, they can't say that. Lisa's husband, Troy. Is Lisa fat? I don't think she is, I don't think she is. I think she's pretty average compared to the rest of the population. Are you fat? I know that I'm overweight and that I can lose a couple of kilos but I don't feel that I'm so severely overweight that I should be rejected from a hospital. Lisa is 167cm and weighs 100kg. Sure, she's no rake, but no roller either. You be the judge. She looks very normal to me, she looks fabulous, in fact, maybe a tiny bit overweight but she looks, no! Well she does look a tiny bit overweight, I guess, but I don't think she looks as big as some women I've seen. Now I see here these are both size 16s... Yep. Can you fit into these at the moment? It's a bit of a squeeze. A bit of a squeeze? Yep. What are you at the moment, then? An 18. A lot of women would be 16 or 18 though, wouldn't they? Common sizes? Definitely. it's about looking after women safely. Professor Euan Wallace from Casey Hospital says Lisa's weight makes her a high-risk mother in a low-risk facility. I think in general women who are overweight... we know that the pregnancy outcomes are better if they can lose weight before pregnancy and if that's not possible then they are looked after in hospitals that are used to looking after women who are overweight. So these are the wedding pics here? Yeah. Yeah, well this is usually my normal weight, I've put on a little bit extra. As most women do? Yep. Crazy? and, again, hospitals are burying their heads in the sand if they think that this problem is going to go away. Dr Samantha Thomas is a medical ethicist at Monash University and, guess what? I'm about to give birth - and I'll probably be around 100kg when I give birth as well. Nup. Because I'll risk hurting my baby and myself in the process. I don't want any other people having to leave the hospital being made to feel the way that I did when I left there. Damian Murphy reporting. And Lisa may now have to give birth at another hospital. Unfortunately, it is an hour away from where she lives. A major flood emergency in central Queensland as we go to air tonight. Worst hit is the town of Emerald, where the Nogoa River continues to rise. Karl Stefanovic joins me from Emerald. but these waters have cut the town in half? That's right. I know you spend some time he as a cadet reporter. When I flew in today I couldn't believe the transition in the countryside. We're talking about a lot of water here. This is an area 1.3 times the size of Sydney Harbour. The spillway he's three metres deep. The problem is that water is running smack bang into the Nogoa River. That river is backing up and that's what we have a situation tonight whether water is fast approaching houses. What about evacuations there? Are pretty hard to get an exact figure on the number of evacuations. We know there were 40 forced evacuations last night and another 80 this morning. We just cut off the phone to the mayor and he said around 750 have now voluntarily evacuated. They are staying in town with family and friends. The rest will be staying in town or it's going to be another anxious night. We could see another lot people evacuated. But they confident in Charleville the levee will hold? Was there all through this morning and pre-match of the levels of the Warrago river have not risen. They expect it will peak at around 6.5 metres at 9am tomorrow. A long long way to for locals. Hopefully we will see some good news for event and hopefully the levee will hold. tips from Australia's number one frequent flyer. That story coming up. They have been rocking for a quarter of a century now and with a new number one album Bon Jovi is still going strong. For their first Australian tour in six years the band is mixing up the latest and greatest hits. Lead singer Jon Bon Jovi is speaking exclusively with Nine entertainment editor Richard Wilkins. played 2,500 shows in 50 countries to 32 million fans. The boys from New Jersey are still going strong. Jon, it is lovely to see you. Thanks, Richard. You look well, what's your secret? Good lighting, my brother, good lighting. (Sings): # It's all the same, only the names will change... # So when you were loading those speakers and amps into the back of a panel van 25 years ago or whatever it was, and you look at that young guy starting out there. If you could give him some advice now, what would it be? Something I did learn eventually was to take the time to enjoy it. While Jon has been a rock star pin up for successive generations, he's managed to avoid that occupational hazard, scandal. The animal of celebrity is just, it's not worth it. # If you're looking for trouble # Look right in my face... # I feel heartbroken for the Britney Spears of the world, who have been given the greatest luxuries God ever gave I'm some god-damned ho, you stupid (bleep). Move! I don't need to be in the paparazzi stuff,

leave me alone. Bon Jovi co-founder Ritchie Sambora has had his share of sensational headlines - his marriage breakdown, and his battles with alcohol. NEWSREADER: Sambora recently split with actress Denise Richards and in April his divorce with actress Heather Locklear was finalised. I've missed you, baby! He's on fire now. Daddy's home now! If you'd had to pick an era to be a rock star, you'd have to go with the '80s, wouldn't you? I would think so! The Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, you know, AC/DC - we were too young to be those guys - that was the '70s. But were were on the last page before everything changed. DJ: Here's the new one from Bon Jovi - it's 'Lost Highway'. The new album, 'Lost Highway,' was recorded in Nashville and has become the band's fastest-selling album ever. And that's not all. # In my rearview mirror... # And in Japan, you're breaking records - you're breaking the Beatles' record! Yeah. It's just beyond words and I found it hard to believe. I thought it was lost in translation. It's the biggest international band ever in Japan. # I finally found my way # Say goodbye to yesterday... # A Bon Jovi gig is a massive event - a sound, lighting and production juggernaut. So what's it like to be the man in the middle? Tell me about that feeling when you're on the side of the stage and you walk out there and 10-, 20-, 30-, 40-, 50,000 people scream. You won't believe it but if everything's going great, I'm actually thinking about where am I going out to dinner or what's on TV tonight. If something screws up, then I come back into my body and I'm there. And Bon Jovi play Sydney's Acer Arena tonight and tomorrow before heading to Perth on Friday. Still to come - Australia's number one frequent flyer - his tips for booking when and where you want. Water is a precious resource, so we need to be aware of how much we use every day. Did you know that an 8-minute shower can use a massive 160 litres, but a 4-minute shower with a water-saving shower head uses as little as 30 litres? And your dishwasher can guzzle up to 50 litres, so you should only use it when it's full. To work out how much water you use, what you should be aiming for and how to use less, visit and: But redeeming those hard-earned points is sometimes easier said than done. on how to book when and where you want.

If you do spend a lot and you do pay them back on time, then you're pretty much laughing all the way to the plane. you could be flying the high life. let's hope you've got some kind of jetsetting lifestyle. But if you're like me and you just take a domestic trip once or twice a year, then you've got to go a faster option and that's by using your card for everyday items. He is Qantas's number one frequent flyer. I probably average around 500 hours in the air a year, so if you multiply that by 30 years,

it is probably as much as most captains fly. at one time? But even this multimillion-point man understands the frequent flyer frustrations, so who better to ask for tips? This should guarantee you a chance at one of those prized seats. Allocate your points to international flights - it is not worth spending points on competitive domestic flights. Be smart and always credit your points at the hotels and shops linked to your card. But Mel says the number one tip is be loyal.

Most people take the most convenient flight. I'll actually spend sometimes a couple of hours at an airport waiting for a Qantas flight because I'm loyal to them. business people who fly a lot internationally, they rack up these things at a rate of knots. we need to be realistic about how we use our points. I'm sure a lot of people would prefer the discount because they're realising it's like a bucket full of holes, it just doesn't hold any water, it runs out and it's not much use to you. You certainly need a little magic to insure you're going to get your flight. But if we don't have magic we need an insider tip. Going on the phone can actually get you access to frequent flyer seats

that you can't find online. If you're looking for the best credit card to fund your flights for free, 'Money' magazine say the bronze medal went to Westpac Altitude Platinum. Coming in second was NAB's Gold Amex. And the winner was the NAB Amex. If you don't have a lot of points And for more information on that story go to our ninemsn website.

Still to come, chilling video of a honeymooning couple's fatal dive.

while diving in north Queensland. But was it really an accident? Now, never before seen video of that fateful holiday. We've got to know what happened. She had told me over and over her husband was a surf club rescue diver and he'd take care of her. MAN: Smile for the camera... case we get eaten by a shark. She knew we would not give up until we have every answer. Thanks for your company. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia NARRATOR: Tonight, on Deadly Surf, huge waves threaten iron-man competitors. 12 lifeguards search for a missing person. MAN: What's that? We're missing a bodyboarder. We've got the board but no person. So we've gotta search. No idea of what they look like or whatever. Rescue, rescue, rescue, Westpac Helicopter. MAN OVER RADIO: Gonna jump? Roger. We're out of the IRB. And Piha's prize IRB is raked over the rocks, leaving the guards themselves needing rescue. Oh, no! MAN OVER RADIO: Piha, this is Surf Comm... Can we have assistance out here, please? They will be responding, Westpac Rescue. Hands up. Nice and close! So it's drifting that way, eh?

MAN: OK, this one first! Get as many as we can in one go. MAN: Move, move, move! MAN: Come on! MAN: She's gone! Someone's gonna die here. The west coast of New Zealand is wild today. And as the tide comes in to Piha Beach, the surf builds, almost by the minute. These conditions will challenge the competitors in the annual Piha Ironman Race this afternoon. There are eight extra lifeguards on duty, with two jet skis and three IRBs.

And the crew's first rescue is one of their own, when the IRB motor dies on a big wave. Lifeguard Rob tries to sea-anchor the IRB, hanging off the front to keep it pointing towards the waves. But that's virtually impossible in surf this rough and the only way to get the boat back to the shore