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continue this Cinderella run. continue this Cinderella run. Be

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enters the record books An exhausted Lleyton Hewitt Tonight -

with a pre-dawn 5-set thriller. Mentally, this will go down as one of my best wins.

an amazing flood rescue. Exclusive pictures -

of Queensland is underwater. Two-thirds tours the worst areas. The Prime Minister in Hollywood. And Kylie singing for Australia with Chris Reason. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening.

Lleyton Hewitt says he's ever played - it was one of the toughest games

at the Australian Open a 5-set thriller until 4:30 this morning. that didn't finish stayed at the stadium all night Thousands of bleary eyed fans into the history books. to cheer Hewitt They started at 11:50pm. for them to start now. COMMENTATOR: This is a big deal the game was going ahead No-one could believe but the players had no choice. Come on! Lleyton fires. to be playing so late. Neither expected They were supposed to start at 9:00 they'd have to wait. but were told Come on! Late night became early morning. it should've been bedtime At 3:30, Hewitt will serve for it. forced another set but Marcos Baghdatis and an even longer night. The latest singles match in Australian Open history. they somehow battled on. 4:20am, exhausted, it finally ended - 90 minutes before the sun came up, just after 4:30. and Hewitt got it! He got it, he took his shot CROWD CHEERS You know, (sighs) it's funny because we both said at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning - we could be here and here we are. (Laughs) The crowd didn't seem to mind.

for champagne breakfast. We're going out by, like, midnight. (Laughs) I thought we'd be home Neither did Marcos Baghdatis. That's life, life is hard. and try to follow on. We have to accept it

continues tonight An amazing weekend of tennis Casey Dellacqua. with all eyes on our other star, is over from WA. Nearly the whole Dellacqua family They're nervous Casey's Nan couldn't be prouder. but win or lose, watched her every Australian Open Yeah, since she was this high. and watched her Very proud of her. How are the nerves going? Oh, I feel sick, I do. I try and enjoy it - "Just sit back and enjoy it!" I think of Queensland A staggering two thirds a flood zone has been officially declared emergencies across the State. with the disaster sparking and his mother Near Mackay, a 10-year-old boy to cling to trees for hours, were forced trapped in a raging creek. of the daring rescue to save them. Seven News has exclusive pictures rescuers tried to find the pair In the dark, and pounding rain. over the roar of the creek MAN: Is there anybody there? scanned both sides of the riverbank Friends and family trying to guide a spotlight to them. seen my brother holding onto a tree Came down, a bit further down. and mum was holding onto a tree and then went down

was in the most danger 10-year-old Leighton

struggling to keep a grip for two hours. after holding onto a slimy tree with a rope and lifejacket. A fireman swam to him to protect Leighton Using his body as a shield against the constant flow

by a piece of debris the fireman was hit pushing them both under. Lost him. of the scared boy But the officer refused to let go to be hauled back to the bank. hooking him onto his own safety line my little brother. I didn't want to lose we have our fights Like, you know, we're brothers, nor my mum. but I didn't want to lose him, Leighton's mum more easily. Officers were able to reach in an ambulance. She was reunited with her son Both escaped with minor cuts. here tonight. A very lucky couple of people to get back to safety themselves As exhausted rescuers struggled Leighton and his mum explained they became trapped

to rescue the family dog. after wading into the flooded creek While they held on for their lives

and watched the rescue. the dog swam back to the riverbank The message to everybody are extremely dangerous is that floodwaters

under any circumstances. and they aren't to enter them for bravery awards. The rescue team is being considered of land in Queensland Over 1 million square kilometres has been flood declared. today toured Charleville The Prime Minister where just weeks ago their worst ever drought. farmers were battling Prime Minister. Welcome to Charleville,

How are you? The State and national leaders here to check south-west Queensland town. on the flood-stricken on the flood danger Together, they were briefed

and watched the Warrego River rise. for a long, long, long time. I haven't seen it up like this

from the air. They saw the floodwaters themselves is moving towards Charleville. Upstream, more water

CHOPPER WHIRS in Augathella. 17 homes have been evacuated Water has pushed through the levee to protect the town. that was supposed The hole is getting bigger by the minute.

at the level it is If it keeps washing through will probably go down. where you're standing Homes are already inundated. Many more are at risk. I'm frightened, I tell you. We think it's just going to go a gush of water through town. and there's gonna be in Charleville worried. This breach also has residents Some fear the floodwaters could break through their levee too. It makes you wonder about the earth bank here - whether it's going to hold if it gets up a bit of height on it. Workers raised the temporary levee even more today.

Businesses are being sandbagged and stock moved to higher ground. At the moment I think it's just a precautionary thing - we're emptying in the butcher's shop. Council has decided not to evacuate the town. The Mayor is confident the floodwater won't go over the levee but understands the community concern. No two floods are the same so we're working on what we know. There's no guarantee that's going to be exactly what will happens and that's the price you pay for living in this country. A search is under way for the driver of a car which was found crashed in a gully in the Royal National Park in Sydney's south. The vehicle was found upside down in a ditch off Lady Wakehurst Drive at Otford but the driver is missing. Emergency crews have been following a trail leading away from the car. it is feared the motorist could be badly injured. A light plane has been forced to make an emergency landing in Sydney's south-west. Two people were on board the aircraft when it began experiencing problems with its landing gear. The plane landed safely at Bankstown Airport just before 9:30 this morning. The pilot and passenger were not hurt. The owner of an exclusive Sydney jewellery store robbed by armed men, says the thieves will struggle to sell the stolen diamonds. Up to $5 million worth

of rare pink diamonds were taken from Mondial Neuman during a daring ram-raid in the city yesterday.

These goods that were stolen were stolen without their certificates so, consequently, it's really 'buyer beware'.

Experts say

the diamonds will probably be smuggled overseas. Police are reviewing security pictures. Kevin Rudd says the man he pushed out of the Labor leadership will not become Australia's next Governor-General. in government ranks There's apparently growing support

for Kim Beazley to be appointed the Queen's representative but Mr Rudd has ruled it out. The next Governor-General of Australia a former or serving politician - will not be conservative or Labor. It is widely anticipated Mr Beazley will be appointed the next ambassador to Washington. Australian patriots are up in arms tonight after the discovery that much of our Australia Day merchandise is being made in China. Campaigner Dick Smith says the move is completely out of step with the meaning of our national day. # Waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda # Launching plans for Australia Day - celebrating everything about Australia's past and its future. It's mainly determined by 20 million of us and how well we do everything that we do.

But often, Australia Day is made somewhere else like official beach-balls, manufactured in China. The kids aren't reading where it's made, so... REPORTER: Not yet. Not yet (Laughs) At least the flags were ours, and the tomato sauce. But an Australia Day hat was imported - probably no surprise. On every label, it is 'Made in China'. It might be Australia Day, but organisers say

we're increasingly global.

If we don't buy the things that other countries make they won't buy the things that we make. Australia is part of the world.

Although, some say our national day should be the one time we celebrate our own. We should be saying, for Australia Day everything that is going to be used for commemoration of Australia Day

should be made in Australia by Aussie-owned companies. One thing Australians do not like giving up is a day off. Our national celebration is on a weekend this year but we still get the holiday... ..on Monday - not that there will be any official Australia Day events then - they are all on Saturday. But if you work then, there is always next year. After Australia Day there's two days for people to recover from their celebrations. Kylie Minogue has taken centre stage in Hollywood where she's been the star attraction at a gala ball. Olivia Newton-John also joined the pop star at the G'Day LA event which promotes Australian culture in the US. Australians have become regulars on Hollywood's red carpets but tonight we owned this one. If you look at all the celebrities and stars, the film stars half of them are Australian, the biggest ones - it is really impressive. REPORTER: Will you be home at a certain time? Um, usually at around 8:30, so... Well, you better get going! I know! G'day USA is also attracting Hollywood heavyweights. I have a very important and significant relationship with Australia. So coming here every year is important to me. I have been there several times. It is a big, wonderful sprawling country. But this night belonged to honourees Kylie Minogue and director Phillip Noyce. It is not only business ties that are made at G'Day USA - four years ago Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban met on this red carpet. Should I take a quick look around? Hang on, sorry guys... ..No, nothing to see at this moment. This has become more than an Aussie booze-fest. Tables cost up to $22,000. In the town that gave her a Grammy tonight, Kylie honoured by her own. Tomorrow, there's an All-star cricket match with maybe a few hangovers. Oh, it has not hurt in the past. We should be right, couple of drinks won't hurt. Denmark's Crown Princess Mary has swapped designer dresses for khaki and camouflage. The Tasmanian-born princess is learning how to shoot fight fires, co-ordinate rescues and give first aid

in the Danish Army Reserve. Mary is following a long-standing Royal Family tradition of undertaking basic military training. Husband Crown Prince Frederick has previously trained with the Navy's elite Special Operations Force. Still to come - Hillary Clinton sneaks ahead in the US presidential race. after sight-saving surgery. Also, a little boy farewells Sydney

And rockers Bon Jovi kick off their Australian tour. That's next. Dad, are we there yet? No, matey, not there yet. Dad, are we there yet? Danny, we're not there yet, mate. Sweet. Shh! VOICEOVER: Always be entertained with Mobile FOXTEL from Telstra:

for great picture and sound quality. we need to pull over. Frank, quick, we need to pull oer. What's on? A factory has been badly damaged by fire A 2-year-old boy given the gift of sight by Sydney doctors is on his way home to West Papua. Julian Inarkombu was born with a rare abnormality

that left him blind in both eyes but then the Children's Hospital at Randwick

came to his rescue. 2-year-old Julian will never grow tired of the gift he got for Christmas. Mine, it's mine. Santa delivered the toys but doctors gave him the ability to see. Extremely, extremely rare, very technical procedure with outstanding results, really. Julian was born with eyelids that hadn't formed properly and wouldn't close. There are fewer than 100 cases in the world.

If left untreated he would have gone completely blind. His future in a remote village in West Papua was bleak.

Lucky to survive, in my opinion. But a team from Australian Doctors International found him and brought him to Sydney for world-first surgery. We expected it to improve his vision - possibly double it - which was from a very low baseline to a little better. But, in fact, it's 6-times better than it was on formal testing. His future is better. Julian's father remembers the first time his son saw a plane. See the light? Where, where the light? And he says "Up there!"

Julian has five brothers and sisters at home who he's met but never seen. This operation has opened up a whole new world of opportunity. All Australian, thank you very much. Julian will be back at the end of the year for an operation to fix his right eye.

Bye bye. Spanish police say they have smashed an Islamist terror cell which was planning an attack on Barcelona. 14 people have been arrested - 12 Pakistanis and two Indians. Police seized bomb-making equipment during early morning raids across the city. It is almost four years since 191 people died in the Madrid train bombings

just before Spain's last election. The country is due to go the polls again in March. and more arrests are expected. Spain is now on high alert

Las Vegas casino workers have taken time out from the blackjack tables to have their say in choosing the US presidential candidates. That's all we've talked about for the last three months, actually is politics and the candidates.

In the Nevada caucuses Hillary Clinton hit the jackpot for the Democrats scoring her second win over Barack Obama. Mitt Romney had an easy win in the Republican contest. But his rival John McCain won today's more crucial South Carolina vote. And in Amsterdam the red lights are being switched off. The notorious district, popular with tourists is being given a make-over. Sex workers in shop windows are disappearing making way for fashion designers and their expensive frocks. Politicians are determined to reduce crime in the area. The red light district has been home to Amsterdam's brothels since the 1600s. The boot-scooting has begun in Tamworth for this year's country music festival. Up to 50,000 people are expected to line-dance their way through the week. # I'm just an Aussie balladeer # I've been on the road for many a year # I'll have a joke and I'll have a beer when I'm singing # # but I'm happiest

They'll be pretty happy in Tamworth this week - with all the big name stars coming to town. (Yodels) # He can't fly but I'm telling you # He can run the pants off a kangaroo # Melinda Schnider brought her mum. (Yodels) Do what I say now, stand up sit down. Or rather, Mum brought Melinda - Mary Schnider's been coming to Tamworth for 30 years. She bloody killed 'em yesterday. that was hard. I had to follow her - seems a little broader this year - The definition of country Thirsty Merc and Deborah Conway. the line-up includes Guy Sebastian, # It's only the beginning gone and lost my mind # but I've already If dancing's more your thing and linedancing in the halls. they're boot-scooting in the streets MUSIC PLAYS A true blue way to party. # True blue # their Australian tour Rockers Bon Jovi have kicked off

with a concert in Melbourne. for 24 years They have been together how to put on a show. but the band still knows were the crowd favourites. Their big hits from the '80s and you're to blame # Shock to the heart # You give love... (Audience sings) # ..A bad name # Here we go! a sold-out concert Bon Jovi will play on Monday night. at Sydney's Acer Arena in 13 years. It is their first Australian tour

Time for sport with Ben Damon and what an incredible Australian Open! We'll have another look at Lleyton Hewitt's epic win next. Also tonight - How the Swiss master climbed off the canvas.

from Roger Federer. COMMENTATOR: That's like a ballet

comes to an end. And Australia's winning streak And bowled him, there it is. We've let ourselves down a bit in this game.

about the environment, If you're concerned it's worth recycling paper, you already know recycling cans,

and worth using cloth bags. So isn't it worth signing up green energy program, Greenchoice? to ActewAGL's

renewable energy generation, By supporting more environmentally friendly! you even make this commercial

call ActewAGL. To sign up to Greenchoice, It costs a few cents more, what's the earth worth? but after all, As you may have seen earlier Lleyton Hewitt has shown players on tour he's still one of the toughest over Marcos Baghdatis with a thrilling 5-set victory at the Australian Open. The Aussie needed five match points an epic match before finally closing out that lasted almost five hours. Hewitt could have wrapped it up in the fourth set

but Baghdatis fought back to take it to a fifth - his resistance finally ending just after 4:30 this morning. COMMENTATOR: He got it. as strong as I did Being able to bounce back in the fifth - and put that all behind me as one of my best wins. mentally, this will go down Novak Djokovic Hewitt will play third seed

in the fourth round. to play that match And if Lleyton's too tired

he can blame Janko Tipsarevich. The unseeded Serb almost pulled off greatest upsets one of the tournament's against Roger Federer last night. to win 10-8 in the fifth set. The World No. 1 needed all his skill in the fourth round. Federer will play Tomas Berdych

A standing ovation for Janko Tipsarevic - a round three loser. to five sets But taking Roger Federer

as winning a Grand Slam. is almost as good sometimes. Pity somebody has to lose in tennis We wish we could have draws as well. possibly the greatest ever player World number 49 versus for almost 4.5 hours. toe-to-toe

from the first shot to the last. COMMENTATOR: Unbelievable tennis For much of it the Serbian looked set to cause one of the biggest upsets in Open history. Just clap your hands for how good that is. a 2 sets to 1 lead. Tipsarevic took Well, well, well... unrivalled precision The Swiss maestro's returned in the fourth - 6-1.

from Roger Federer. That's like a ballet to an epic level in the decider They cranked it up for either man. hardly an easy point won CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

At 8-8 Oh, gosh.

made the decisive break the defending champ with one of his 96 winners... He got it, he got it! ..and back on track for a fourth Australian Open title. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE UMPIRE: Game, set, match, Federer.

This is when you get the grey hair a bit earlier in life, I guess. Today's upset would help him relax. David Nalbandian who has beaten Federer eight times thrashed by a resurgent Juan Carlos Ferrero. It's all over Ferrero - what a performance. Maria Sharapova didn't even need to grunt on every shot against Elena Dementieva... Oh!

..a 6-2, 6-0 win with a quarter-final showdown to come against number 1 seed Justine Henin. That match promises to be the highlight of the women's quarterfinals. In the men's third round today 10th seed David Nalbandian. Juan Carlos Ferrero knocked out

in round four. He'll face countryman David Ferrer

Matthew Hayden and Brad Hogg to the Australian side are set to return as the world champions re-group in Adelaide next week. ahead of the fourth Test to level the series India will be aiming for 17 straight Test wins after they ended Australia's bid at the WACA last night. with a 72-run victory for the Adelaide Test Chris Rogers has been dropped a hamstring injury. with Hayden overcoming was living dangerously Michael Clarke as he played on Indian nerves. Oh, and it's gone very fast. COMMENTATOR: past the right hand. Very, very fast indeed But on 81, Clarke went walkabouts. Oh, he's out - he's out stumped. going down the pitch Michael Clarke

through the off-side field. to try and drive him for Ricky Ponting's men The writing was on the wall but Mitchell Johnson decided to make his own headlines... He's gone for that one and that's gone a long way. ..while Stuart Clark

showed the top order how it's done. of number three batsmen. Right out of the textbook Johnson was given a life from Anil Kumble. bowled off a no-ball after this... The captain's mood didn't improve and he takes a mark Sehwag's under it but he's over the line. to a maiden Test 50. ..while Johnson powered his way or Adam Gilchrist? Is this Mitchell Johnson Huge six!

It's over the head of Sharma! to an even 100. Clark reduced the target

It's over the rope! It's a sixer! the end came quickly. But when Pathan broke his resistance And bowled him - there it is. of the 3 Mobile Test series. India win the third Test match this momentum forward It's important that we take

and ensure that we level the series. That will be the best result in the first two Test matches. after what has happened a little bit in this game We've let ourselves down from that now but it's about how we bounce back and we'll work harder than anyone. so we'll go away

We'll train harder than India do this week, I'm sure

to get ourselves right and then hopefully that comes across in the way we play our Test cricket down there.

in a match they must win Sydney FC are taking on Melbourne of claiming the minor premiership. to have any hope at the Sydney Football Stadium They are just into the second half and Alec Brosque has just scored to make it 2-1. Sydney must win by two clear goals to go to the top of the league. A record crowd is expected and with barely three minutes gone the home fans had plenty to cheer about. COMMENTATOR: And the header drops into the path of Corica. In a bit of space. Was he pulled back? Corica! What a start for Sydney. What a great finish by Steve Corica. Sydney should have gone further ahead when Brazilian midfielder Juninho broke down the right but the Victory defence managed to clear the danger. to the second half for Sydney A disastrous start

with defender Mark Milligan scoring an own goal to put Melbourne back on level terms.

Tonight, we will all be looking at

the tennis - Casey Dellacqua his the tennis - Casey Dellacqua his

first up on Centre Court so should

not be a late one night last night. The sun did its best to come out today but a change is on the way. I'll have the back-to-work forecast next in Seven News. When you see a big news story, grab your camera or video phone and start shooting then send your images to: After a week of rain it was nice to see a bit of sunshine. It was a similar story in the western suburbs. The overnight minimum was around 19 to 22 degrees. Much warmer today - Up to 31 in Liverpool, Richmond and Campbelltown.

Penrith peaked at 30 degrees. 29 at Parramatta, 28 at Terrey Hills and 24 in the mountains. Around the country tomorrow - On the waters - Isolated showers and storms are expected to hang about tonight but a southerly change should deliver light drizzle tomorrow. Temperatures should be a lot cooler with most suburbs heading for a top of 21 degrees. And looking ahead - a mostly warm and fine week with tops in the mid-20s.

And that's Seven News to now, but I'll be back with updates later. Ian Ross returns to the chair tomorrow. I'm Chris Reason. Thanks for your company.

Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.