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(generated from captions) in the cricket crisis. First tonight, a dramatic few hours its complaint India tonight withdrawing against Australian spinner Brad Hogg. has been following the developments Late News reporter Caty Price and joins us now from Perth. Caty, what a shock turnaround.

It was certainly a surprise. We

were expecting to be here late

tonight. After 45 minutes between

mediation, the teams have reached

an agreement to put the Sydney Test

behind them in the spirit of the

game. Brad Hogg it could have faced up to four

up to four matches off the field.

He is free to play in Wednesday's

Test at the work up. It is a kind

gesture, it is much appreciated by

myself and the Australian cricket

team. We will move forward and

heavily in the future

heavily in the future games there

will be a close contest and good

viewing for the spectators. He's

the drama over quiz match can we

concentrate on the drama. There

would be nice. This case has no

bearing on Harbhajan Singh's appeal.

There is still no word on

There is still no word on when that

appeal will go ahead. It is

expected to be after the third Test.

Hopefully both chains it will now

get on with the business of playing

cricket. Ripping the news, India

have dropped their charge against

bread Hogg leaving him free to play

in the third Test. biggest company collapse The man at the centre of Australia's is back in the lap of luxury tonight behind bars. after less than three years he's sorry for what's he's done, HIH founder Ray Williams claims as the most hated man in Australia. Ray Williams once described himself looking fit and relaxed, As he walked from jail,

was happy to see him. at least his son corporate criminal time to think Time behind bars has given this about his victims. All I would like them to understand I would ever have wanted is that the last thing in the world for people to be hurt was for HIH to fail, financial loss. and for people to suffer

that that occurred. And I really am very sorry for the warm embrace of family And with that, he left

of Seaforth. in the wealthy harbourside suburb It makes me sick. from neighbours who lost money.

It makes everyone sick. I wish he wasn't here. losing a staggering $5.3 billion HIH collapsed in 2001, and leaving thousands of victims. declared himself bankrupt, While Williams millions in assets. his wife is believed to have retained I don't understand.

I don't understand the lifestyle he had prior to jail how he could just continue on with after everything that has happened. on the insurer to complete her home Diane Hansen was relying when her builder failed. without a roof over their heads. She and two children were left because he's out There's a huge amount of sadness consequences of the HIH collapse. and we're still locked into the of a 4.5-year sentence. Williams served 2 years and 9 months

today Ray Williams's release from prison Ray Williams's release doesn't end this corporate saga. to face trial in the next year Three more people are still stemming from the collapse of HIH. on charges on the day he was sentenced. Diane Hansen confronted Williams but she still wants answers. He apologised, No, I don't. I don't think there's justice. meeting the people he's affected I think he needs to start that question. and then maybe you can ask

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. a shocking hangover A teenager is suffering

turned into a riot in Melbourne. after his house party for $20,000. Police considering sending him a bill Still unrepentant, seems oblivious 16-year-old Corey Delaney his wild party has caused. to the outrage like, this much media over it. Yeah, I didn't think there would be, at police cars Despite bottles being hurled trashed by the 500-strong crowd, and neighbours' yards in the notoriety, the teenager seemed to be revelling to reflect on his new profile even taking time as the clean-up continued. about what's happened at all? REPORTER: Are you sorry COREY DELANEY: Nuh. it's your responsibility at all? You don't think weren't even at the party, Nuh, 'cause some of the people so it wasn't my fault what happened. left unimpressed... The Police Commissioner

treated police officers.

could pay a hefty price. ..warning that the teenager that's been involved, We will consider the expense later this week and I'll get a report as to what that was and what we might do about it. he needs to learn a lesson, But I think we'll do that. and I think that one way or another, that's unfair. But Corey and his mates say they'll charge it to him, I don't reckon he didn't chuck it. 'cause he didn't do it, He didn't do no damage to anyone. the troublemakers weren't with them, They claim police asked. and say they did everything so we wouldn't get in trouble for it The cops told us to stay inside and we listened to them. Police are continuing their search for the culprits from Saturday night's bottle-throwing

to speak to Corey's parents but they're also waiting from their holidays. who are yet to return it's destroyed our faith in him. It's destroyed... We don't know what to do as parents.

now possibly dealing Stephan and Joanne Delaney than a naughty teenage son, with a lot more the lesson hasn't been learnt. but it seems would you be doing that again, If you had your time again, putting it on MySpace? if my parents weren't home. Yes, I'd be doing it this week Andrew Leahy, Ten News. The Federal Treasurer has backed down to change the law over the banks refusal to switch mortgage lenders. to make it easier for customers

Wayne Swan urged home buyers, unhappy with interest rate hikes, to vote with their feet, to lower their exit fees. but says he won't be forcing banks I'm ruling out legislation. when it comes to fees and charges We don't regulate the banks in this economy. economy. It's not a centrally planned to talk with the big banks soon. The Treasurer says he plans Hospital waiting lists could be slashed around the country thanks to a new health deal. The agreement announced as the PM revealed his wife's own personal medical drama. An agreement to cut elective surgery waiting lists nationwide is just what the doctor ordered All of the States and Territories working with the Commonwealth, we can deliver a better outcome to the community and it will have health benefits for everyone. We put an end to the blame game.

Instead of headbutting each other, we put our heads together. We put our heads together in the national interest. The Federal Health Minister giving financial first aid - $150 million - with NSW getting almost one-third of it, or $43 million. We've seen the Commonwealth take responsibility and make additional investment done that before. in an area where they haven't Victoria getting $34 million.

At last we've got a Commonwealth Government

that's prepared to work with us, a Commonwealth Government that's prepared to give us the funding and resources that we need.

The Commonwealth cash buying the States and Territories additional procedures this year: This will enable us to build on the work that we've already done as a State to reduce waiting times for elective surgery. Tasmania out of this deal has done very, very well. We have got more than twice our population share and that shows a commitment to a State like Tasmania. The outcome of the Brisbane meeting has been a triumph for Kevin Rudd, who is now back at work, but facing a family medical drama of his own.

which doctors will remove this week. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. An alarming trend towards caesarean births and tying up thousands of hospital beds. The latest figures show 30% of mums have a c-section, with one in six bypassing labour completely. Convenience, obesity, and ageing mums blamed for the rising numbers. If you just do the sheer numbers on that, it's meaning there are another two or three Caesarean sections each week requiring to be done and that's one morning's operating lists and we don't have those resources.

Doctors want governments to start promoting the benefits

of a natural child birth. to separate conjoined twin sisters in Melbourne. The surgery to disconnect them is very complex and dangerous and the chance of them dying just as a result of any of the procedures we're doing is about 1 in 4. The children, joined at the head, had been abandoned by their parents in Bangladesh. Worrying news in the battle of bulge - more women simply giving up the fight against flab. And as our waistlines expand, dieticians fear many believe it's becoming normal to be overweight. I couldn't walk for long periods of time, I couldn't ride a bike. And I just realised how much I was limiting my life. And now that I'm at a healthy weight I just love to get out and do things. After the break -

The Sydney Harbour, the Gold Coast, Cairns, for example, will all be inundated. gives us the cold hard facts on what's happening at the South Pole. It's more scientific evidence that we are looking towards a tipping point and we need to take it seriously,

because if it does happen, the consequences are quite dramatic. And in CommSec's finance report, more pain and some gains on the stock market.

This program is captioned live. No relief in sight to extensive flooding that's swept through vast areas of northern Queensland.

A monsoon low off the coast of rain from Townsville to Mackay. dumping hundreds of millimeters are under water. Dozens of homes and businesses is closed at several locations. The main Bruce Highway We attended to four vehicles at separate locations

which were washed off roads as flood waters continue rising. More evacuations are expected tonight

there's no relief The weather bureau says until at least the end of the week. about Antarctica tonight - Disturbing news is in far worse shape the polar ice cap than previously thought. Emily Rice has been investigating Ten's environment reporter and joins us now.

Emily, why are scientists so worried? glaciers are dumping ice into the sea Deb, a new study shows at an unprecendented rate. And that's sparked new fears than first predicted. the sea level will rise more rapidly down the spine - A discovery to send shivers faster than anyone imagined. Antarctica is melting It is a wake-up call, yeah. I don't think it's scaremongering. Losses from the Antarctic icesheet in the past decade. has increased by 75%

faster than ever, Glaciers are running 196 billion tonnes of ice last year alone spewing into the sea, mainly as icebergs. from this paper, are occurring are speeding up, because the glaciers on the surface not because the ice is melting and running off as water, ice into the ocean more rapidly. but because the glaciers are pushing

of its kind, In the most detailed survey

used NASA satellite images international scientists to make their measurements. The results were clear-cut. The red circles on this animation indicate large basins of ice melt

to the west of Antarctica.

of increased glacial flow, The blue denotes areas representing faster speeds. the darker sections It's more scientific evidence a tipping point that we are looking towards and we need to take it seriously,

the consequences are quite dramatic. because if it does happen, are runaway global temperatures Those consequences in centimetres but tens of metres, and sea-level rises measured not on notice. putting coastal communities Cairns, for example, The Sydney Harbour, the Gold Coast, will all be inundated. these changes on global warming, While most scientists blame not everyone's convinced,

and Australian scientists say need to be carried out. more investigations Thanks, Emily. Ten's environment reporter. Emily Rice, Juliette Saly. Finance now with CommSec's Juliette, more data out today rate decision a nail-biter. likely to make February's

Cs, a key measure of inflation has

shown more upward pressure. The

monthly inflation gauge rose by 0.6

%. This was due to rising rent

prices, high food cross and a rise

in petrol prices. The second time

we have had a spike in job

we have had a spike in job ads, it

was 31 % over the year. The Reserve

Bank has the US teetering on the

other brink of recession, but on the

robust. other hand our economy is very

Thanks, Juliette. To the rest of the day's finance, at the closing bell. and the All Ords slightly lower

residents in western Sydney. A double whammy for storm-weary from a storm last year.

of blue tarpaulins, Buried under a sea a makeshift camping ground. Blacktown looks like

tore through the suburb, Yesterday's rain and 102km/h winds still not fixed wreaking havoc on roofs at the start of December. from the storm that hit after the original incident, Last night, five weeks more rain in. we get just a whole lot company to respond to us. Just waiting for the insurance

but patience is running out. The saucepans are out, When it's raining and leaking again, "Yes, it's too long." you feel like saying,

the SES is adding more tarps. With broken tiles everywhere, the lightning and thunder was bad, It was terrible - and went all through the house. then the big rain came along laying on the lounge. Mops and buckets and tarps

Residents say their hands are tied. The insurances have been on holidays.

a new roof Esther Murray has been promised

when to expect the builders. but doesn't know into that bucket, halfway there. then there's another one

The damage is getting worse. I turned the power off through the lights. because the water was coming even more bad news for these people, And there could still be

and even more storms with the forecast for lots more rain later in the week. to return to Sydney on Wednesday, The chance of storms hot and humid once again. when we expect it to be Christmas slowed things up The Insurance Council admits but work should start soon. across Western Sydney without power. Yesterday's deluge left 13,000 homes Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

Extraordinary claims

when she was in Uganda last November. of a plot to blow up the Queen when she was in Uganda last November. posing as TV crews Al-Qaeda terrorists to smuggle explosives reportedly planned inside two outside broadcast vans.

by security services after a tip-off. The plot uncovered and a number of suspects arrested. The vans were seized, has had his shirt ripped off his back by a berserk Bjork.

off the snapper in New Zealand. The Icelandic singer ripping shreds

12 years ago, She last clashed with the paparazzi in Bangkok. lashing out at journalists dangerously close to homes in Hawaii. Volcanic lava is flowing from the Kilauea volcano The red stream on Big Island. pouring down the slopes in the direct path of the lava There are fears for a number of homes

No glitz or glamour in Tinsletown, at this year's Golden Globe awards star-studded ceremony with the usually replaced by a media conference. of the lacklustre event - The highlight

Cate Blanchett. a win for Australian star No lights, no cameras, at the Beverly Hilton. and very little action The traditional red carpet fashion parade of the Golden Globes and star-studded ceremony was replaced with this - a media conference.

Well, good evening. Welcome to the 65th annual Golden Globe Awards.

It took about 30 minutes to reveal the winners. Cate Blanchett winning Best Supporting Actress in the film 'I'm Not There', for her as Bob Dylan the Australian's second Golden Globe. In a written statement, she paid tribute to "the great man himself, Bob Dylan - "wherever you are, whoever you are, I thank you deeply."

The full-scale, glitzy ceremony was cancelled at the last minute because of the ongoing screenwriters' strike. They'd threatened to protest while actors had refused to cross picket lines. And they all stayed away from the media conference. The only protests by others forced out of work by the writers' dispute. In Southern California alone about 250,000 people are being affected by this strike. They're losing their benefits.

Obviously, they're losing their pay. It's estimated the cancellation of the Golden Globes award ceremony has cost the local economy here about $90 million, a figure that will only rise if the Oscars are also cancelled. A lot of the people that are really going to be hurt by this are the smaller designers. They're the ones that didn't manage to get their designs on a presenter or a nominee

or even someone attending the fancy parties afterwards. Many are predicting next month's Academy Awards will be postponed until April. In Beverly Hills, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Sports Tonight now with Mark Aiston and Mark, a surprise result in Brad Hogg's code of conduct hearing? Deb, quite extroardinary. Hogg was cleared by Indian skipper Anil Kumble.

Details next. Also tonight - hamstrung - Matthew Hayden's fitness fight ahead of the third Test. Plus Aussie success at the Australian Open. And surfing's brightest battle it out at Bells Beach.

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This program is captioned live. Welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. Good to have your company. Improved relations between the Australian and Indian cricket teams have ensured spinner Brad Hogg is eligible for selection

in the third Test. India withdrew the charges after captain Anil Kumble met with his counterpart Ricky Ponting in a mediation session set up by the International Cricket Council. It's a kind gesture - a lovely gesture by the Indian team

It is important that we forget

about what happened in Sydney. It

was one of those bad moments, it is

time to move on. It's a kind gesture - a lovely gesture by the Indian team and it is much appreciated by myself and the Australian cricket team. The captains have vowed respect for each other. both sides will play with a renewed

Meanwhile, Australia opener Matthew Hayden

is struggling with a hamstring injury ahead of the third Test in Perth. Hayden barely trained with the team at the WACA this afternoon. Chris Rogers took a little while to find his feet at Aussie training today, the Warriors opener waiting in the wings to make his Test debut, as a question mark remains over Matthew Hayden's fitness.

He'll look like the sort of guy, he's deceptive, he'll look a nicker, a nudger, a guy that just noodles them around. But he has got a lot more venom in that bat than what he looks like. He can score at a good clip. A one-on-one session with the Aussie physio for Hayden as he battles to overcome a hamstring injury, the veteran given until the last minute to prove his fitness. Matt just says, he just mentioned to me in passing on the training track,

it's just a really frustrating injury because there is so much that he can do and that he knows he can do at absolute 100% . But then there are just a couple of little things where he really feels it. The Indians hit the WACA for the first time today, and again the focus was on spinner Harbhajan Singh. It's not the controversy of the second Test that could see him miss Wednesday's encounter, but the bouncy WACA wicket. I guess history says that two spinners is unlikely at the WACA.

Harbhajan is one of the strengths in the Indian team, I think we've identified it's very important that members of the lower order make a contribution

with the bat and he did that very well in the last Test, so it will be a tough decision. A tumultuous time for Gary Kirsten to join India as coach on their Australian tour. The former South African Test star

has already spoken to his captain Anil Kumble about the drama that has unfolded. I think that at the end of the day, the players are the ones that can really sort this issue out. He's already assured me that he is going to have meetings with Ricky Ponting to try to deal with it as two cricket teams. Claire Thomas, Ten News. Victoria has claimed its third straight Twenty20 Big Bash final crown with a thumping win over Western Australia.

Led by Aiden Blizzard, the Bushrangers smashed the highest score of the summer before dismissing the Warriors 32 runs short of their target. Yet another Twenty20 trophy making it a three-peat for the all-conquering Vics. Everyone was really excited to get that under the belt last night. So great feeling amongst the group and hopefully we carry it on It was Aiden Blizzard who set the scene.

The tiny Shepparton talent unleashing some power batting -

including one of the biggest strikes ever seen at the WACA. COMMENTATOR: That's 300m away. I don't think I've ever seen that before. I was camped back in the crease and the ball just got into the zone,

and I gave it a good whack and it ended up out of the grounds. so, I think the Fremantle doctor helped a little. Blizzard smashed 47 off only 20 balls

before the Warriors threatened to swing the momentum - to swing the momentum after a stunning one-handed catch from David Bandy. Oh, that is unbelievable. But once again it was the dangerous David Hussey to the rescue - slogging 38 off 24 and leading his side to the magical double century. The Warriors start was littered with controversy. Opener Luke Ronchi walked after Adam Crosthwaite claimed this catch.

Oh no, that has bounced I'm afraid. The incident infuriated the home side prompting calls for a third umpire. It allows for an opportunity for the whole umpiring structure in the Twenty20 to be reviewed. Western Australia never recovered. Dirk Nannes snared four wickets, Bryce McGain chipped in to claim Luke Pomersbach. Fireworks on and off the pitch marking the Bushrangers' extraordinary Twenty20 dominance.

They've lost just one game in three years and will now contest a lucrative series in India in October.

Kellie Underwood, Sports Tonight. Day one at the Australian Open, marathon matches and mighty performances among the highlights. Sports Tonight's Ian Cohen is at Melbourne Park, and Ian, a successful return for Alicia Molik.

Yes. It has spent. It has been a

record crowd, 55,855 people the

combined total today. And Alicia

Molik has had bad tens of enormous.

She had an ear

She had an ear infection and she

has been in the wars. She loves at

Melbourne Park and it is her home

grand slam. She took down Kaia Kanepi in last year's Aussie Open and this time the Estonian was out for revenge. CROWDS APPLAUDS Alicia Molik broken and unbalanced on the new blue court. But it didn't take long for the power to kick in. COMMENTATOR: One, two, punch. She sets up the big forehand.

back on serve. Consecutive aces sending it into a tie break. That serve has really kept her in this set. The fans with every reason to smile as the home-town girl sewed it up 7-4. First set to Molik. Molik unable to keep the momentum going early in the second. for a 2-1 edge. The Estonian slugger breaking

but just like the first

but just like the first, Molik returned the dose. Then surged ahead winning three love games on the trot. Best game so far in the match. The 26-year-old matching precision with pure finesse pushing out to a 5-4 lead. Beauty. But it was brute force that secured her place in round two. Molik a straight-sets winner, finishing the match in style.

They were in the groove from game one.

one. He showed no signs of nerves.

No dhal and brought his full

arsenal. The spent the war - the

Spaniard took the first break. Modahl is

Modahl is not having it all his way.

Yes, I had a lot of opportunities

in those first three games. My in those first three games. My

shots only Mr by inches. He didn't

worry me too much. I had the

mindset that I had to keep going out there and executing.

Many of work ahead of that Modahl.

Mixed fortunes for the Aussies. But

it wasn't all plain sailing for the top seeds. What looked a run of the mill first-round clash on paper, proved anything but for Jelena Jankovic. The third seed pushed to a 3-set epic by 17-year-old Austrian Tamira Paszek.

Surviving three match points, 12-10 in the third. I didn't play well, I'm not happy with that part, but just mentally, finding a way to win, hanging in there in those tough situations is what I'm I'm really proud of. A scare also for new mum Lindsay Davenport. The in-form American pushed to three by Italian Sara Errani, before winning 7-5 in the last. was when my son woke up at 5:00

crying with a nightmare.

I should have read more in to that than I did. Serena Williams cruised through her first-round clash The reigning champ claiming to be a little rusty despite the apparent ease of the straight sets win. I think everyone could probably tell I was a little scratchy but it's the first round and I'm moving forward. The first Aussie winner of the local slam, 17-year-old Jessica Moore.

The West Australian wild card, ranked a lowly 376 in the world, breezing though in straight sets against American Julie Ditty. I was going out there today very open-minded and all the hard work that I've done so far has paid off. So it's a really good feeling. In the mens', no trouble for Andy Roddick. On the back of a hat-trick of Kooyong Classics,

he defeated Czech Lukas Dlouhy in straight sets to move through to the second round. Roger Oldridge, Sports Tonight. fourth seed Nikolay Davydenko got through in three, but not without a fight, while Jo-Wilfried Tsonga caused the first major upset knocking out ninth-seeded Scotsman Andy Murray. Murray though, was surprisingly upbeat.

Usually matches that I think you

come back from, other best. You

learn a lot from them. Such is life.

learn a lot from them. Such is life.

I don't know what to I don't know what to say. Unbelievable. In the women's, number one seed Justin Henin did it easily, as did glamour girl Maria Sharapova, while Amelie Mauresmo dropped the first set before blitzing to win in three. A mixed day for the Aussies with Brydan Klein and Jarmila Gajdosova bundled out. Jessica Moore and Casey Dellacqua left to fly the flag.

I am super excited. It's an

feeling. The crowd was so good out

there. By multiplying on accord.

there. By multiplying on accord. It

wasn't to be, it wasn't too small, it just for

Davenport has become the which is

sportswoman on the planet. She has and

and $22 million in prize money. She and $22 million in prize money. She

has surpassed Steffi Graff who ended $22.9 million.

ended $22.9 million. Everything is

coming up roses for Lindsey

Davenport at the moment. To marry

BGA any of the Czech and Europe

will be up. Big names are for

tomorrow on their tours. And we

will be here to coverage. Thanks, Ian. Ian Cohen tennis reporter from Melbourne Park. Australian cyclist Stuart O'Grady concedes he has little chance

of winning this year's Tour Down Under. O'Grady is still recovering from the horrific injuries When Stuart O'Grady competes in his home town, he's guaranteed of being the headline act, but he has modest expectations of winning a third Down Under crown. I really would need a miracle to win the event. I've got to be realistic. There's no hiding in this game - you've either got the form or you haven't -

and I'm probably a little bit underdone. Rather than race at the Australian Open Road Championships in Ballarat yesterday, O'Grady thought the best preparation was to keep training in Adelaide. He rates his fitness at 70%

and hopes to peak in time to defend his Paris-Roubaix crown in April. Obviously, I'm trying to do well here, so I'm trying to cram but then I have to take the foot off the gas a little bit,

then get ready for the Classics, and then Tour de France, and obviously the Olympics right behind - 2008 is going to be a very big year. Most of Stuart's CSC team-mates have joined him from icy-cold Denmark, and having raced here last year, they know exactly how tough the conditions can be -

the world's best team taking the event very seriously. Team CSC have won ProTour for the last three years - number one team in the world -

so obviously they want to come out and prove why, during the whole season. The Tour Down Under Classic gets under way in Glenelg on Sunday. Stage one kicks off two days later. Nicki Barnet for Sports Tonight. Former Parramatta Eels centre Timana Tahu has warned has lauded his side's performance Sunderland manager Roy Keane following an impressive 2-0 win over Portsmouth.

Kieran Richardson securing the valuable three points with a double. Sunderland fans were in full voice at the Stadium of Light as their side continued its battle for survival. But it was Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp who demanded most attention. The 60-year-old turning down a $44 million offer to coach Newcastle. Redknapp may have regretted his decision to stay with Pompey, when Sunderland took a surprise lead on 33 minutes.

COMMENTATOR: It's led to a goal from Kieren Richardson. And the mood has changed at the Stadium of Light. Richardson was again the destroyer 10 minutes later, as the home side doubled doubled its advantage. as the home side He's made it 2-nil. He's made it 2-0. He's round Harada san. It's a brilliant goal from Kieren Richardson. The 2-0 win only the fifth for Sunderland this season, and like the Black Caps, its match with Blackburn Bolton entered

in serious need of maximum points. Kevin Nolan more than doing his part. Kevin Nolan for Bolton. And the volley finds the net. The first moment of quality we've seen.

Bolton held its lead from keeper Jussi Jaaskelainen until an error in judgement

allowed Rovers to equalise, comeback with a last-minute winner. before the visitors sealed their He's won the game. He's done really well Jason Roberts.

Luke Schneider, Ten News. The famed Bells Beach burst into life Surf Pro Junior today. for the final of the Kustom Jetty Solid 2m waves for Australia's new breed, providing the perfect setting

Stuart Kennedy who came out on top. and it was New South Welshman The 18-year-old powered past Queenslander Nick Vasicek,

recording the best win of his career. Kennedy joining a prestigious list of past winners including current world champ Mick Fanning, and triple crown winner Bead Durbidge.

This Tuesday's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $15 million. So you could win a truckload of cash! HORN BLARES