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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Kathryn Robinson. Tonight - the policeman accused selling drugs and bribery. of raping three women, Cricket rage - as the one-day series is threatened. Australian effigies burned Plus, near disaster - before landing. the Qantas jet's total power failure quite a lot. The lights were flickering of India's cricket tour And the resumption with Rob Canning. headlines Sports Tonight

Yes, Kath, resuming for now. India travelled to Canberra today. coming right up. We will have all the latest, and tomorrow take on the ACT XI. The tourists travel the Gooch's giant leap. Lleyton's shock loss, And the ice man - Casey Stoner on 2008.

is in jail tonight First - a police officer and selling cocaine to a child. facing raping at least three women was arrested late today Leading Senior Constable Huy Quach the Melbourne Magistrates Court and has fronted

on 20 charges,

involving three victims. including four counts of rape

with 11 drug offences, The 33-year-old has also been charged to a minor. including one of trafficking cocaine He's also accused of offering bribes. will apply for bail tomorrow. The suspended officer

over the Indian cricket tour. There's new controversy question Australia's tactics As some of our sporting legends could threaten the one-day series it's feared the Indians doesn't go their way. if a racism appeal

After its two-day strike, finally left its Sydney headquarters, the Indian team mostly in silence. No comment, mate. Their fans in India for them. Hey, hey, Ricky Ponting, hey, hey. For the second day, and Andrew Symonds effigies of the Aussie captain in our own backyard. Today, though, tongues were burning

Rob de Castella, Australian sporting legends Olympic gold medallist Herb Elliot and 'Australia II' skipper John Bertrand

some of the Aussies should be ashamed all claimed of their disrespect on the field. the respect. That's under threat at the moment -

as we say, a moral compass - There's a moral guideline, here - that involved, to be retuned just slightly and I think that's required at the moment. the media's been throwing around. The arrogance thing is something to be arrogant. We don't consider ourselves have fallen on deaf ears. The calls to sack Ricky Ponting

We do not support that criticism is absolute. and the support of him and his team was given the opportunity tonight The Indian captain to ease tension between camps, about Ponting. but deflected this question as captain of Australia's team? REPORTER: Do you think he should stay

That's not my prerogative, mate. on Indian cricket. I like to answer questions will be happy to answer One thing the Indians "big monkey" slur. is the appeal over Harbhajan Singh's To get the player cleared accusation. of the obnoxious and baseless there are fears If Singh isn't cleared to go home early, the Indians may still decide threatening the one-day series.

And in breaking news on the cricket, in the racism appeal - there's been a crucial development in Sports Tonight. all of those details shortly a 747 with more than 300 passengers A near disaster for a Qantas flight, minutes before landing. losing all electrical power Experts say hadn't kicked in if the emergency back-up batteries

the jet could have crashed. after a flight to remember. Home safe and sound

The lights all went out, there was something wrong. which obviously indicated quite a lot, The lights were flickering Chinese whispering, and saying, so people were, sort of, right from London?" "Was the electrical fault on the floor, There was water coming in what was causing that. so I don't know was scheduled to stop over in Bangkok The Qantas Boeing 747

en route to Sydney. the plane's electrical power failed Just minutes before landing the pilot forced so we were left in the dark We had no idea what was going on, what was frustrating about it. and that was we were in transit, waiting, and it wasn't until that it all went down.

The problem was fixed in Bangkok re-boarded the same plane before the 344 passengers and returned to Sydney, anxious family waiting. any information, Nobody could tell us the airport in Bangkok, so I called, actually, they have a phone number and they are lucky any phone number you can reach. because Sydney Airport doesn't have safe than sorry, so... Well, I would rather been

very routine checks. I believe they carried out This latest technical problems for Qantas - could not have come at a worse time in negotiations with unions the airline is currently

involving 1,700 of its engineers. over a pay and conditions dispute a full investigation Qantas has launched into the cause of the power failure. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. with Dad for a 12-year-old. A tragic end to a school holiday trip

and his truck driver father died The boy collided head on when their truck and another semi and Queensland border. on the New South Wales the Newell Highway near Boggabilla. The accident happened on Their rig burst into flames. was also killed. The driver of the other truck

with vehicles travelling at speed. to piece together Investigators are still trying what caused the tragic accident. The truck driver the Kerang train disaster in Victoria who allegedly caused over 20 additional driving charges. has been served with of culpable driving. He's now facing 11 separate counts Christiaan Scholl Wangaratta truck driver

of culpable driving was facing just one count killing 11 people last June, after he collided with a train, Major Collision Investigation unit but now police from the have served the 49-year-old completing the brief of evidence against the experienced truck driver. Mr Scholl was slapped with an extra 10 counts of culpable driving as well as 10 counts of negligently causing serious injury

and one count of driving in a dangerous manner. At the time police were only able to lay one charge of culpable driving because the 10 other people killed in the accident had not been formally identified.

A fortnight after the crash the truck driver broke his silence to sympathise with the victims' families. I just want to say that all my thoughts are with the grieving families

by this tragedy. and all those who have been affected During my time in hospital I have been reflecting on the enormity of the impact of this tragedy on so many lives. Today he could not be reached for comment about the fresh charges. Mr Scholl is expected to appear for a mention at the Bendigo Magistrates Court in April.

Cameron Smith, Ten News. investigating satellite technology Road safety authorities are

to control speeding cars and cut the road toll, and now speeding drivers are being offered a new form of insurance if they lose their license. if they lose their licence. from starting their cars. Drink-drivers can already be stopped to reduce power or switch off engines for serial speeders. There's been trials in three other States and we'll wait and see what that produces nationally. If it can reduce the road toll and it works, we're going to have a look at it. Some motoring groups want more use of the alcohol locks first.

Here's a way to get those repeat serious drink-drive offenders off the roads. Why aren't we implementing this of looking to speed-limit serial speeders? Queensland's Transport Minister says that's a court matter.

It's up to the magistrates, if they've got those laws in front of them, to apply those laws. If you are not a serial speeder or drink-driver it is now possible to insure yourself against loss of licence. The premiums depend on the points you've already lost but for about $15 a month you can get about $3,000 for alternative travel if you lose your licence. Major motoring offences aren't covered but the underwriters say with more radar and fixed cameras drivers are losing points for minor offences. People who are just the normal, average motorist are now finding that they're now getting infringements that they weren't getting a few years ago - exceeding the speed limit by just one or two kilometres per hour. Details are available on the Web under

Mark Suleau, Ten News. Rescue workers have found the body of a woman drowned in the floods in northern NSW. It's believed the victim's car was washed away by surging waters on Saturday at Main Arm, but conditions prevented a search until now. And the body of a 14-year-old boy has been recovered. The teenager drowned while crossing a swollen river at Dubbo in Central West NSW.

A boy has been mauled by a dog when visiting his friend's home. The 12-year-old was bitten on both arms by an American pit bull terrier. He's being treated in hospital in Darwin. More backlash over a controversial pro-whaling video on YouTube with a man threatened after he was quoted out of context. finally leaves port It comes as the Government's spy ship

to monitor the Japanese whale hunt.

Nik Papalia considers himself a proud Australian but for the past week his life has been a nightmare.

It's been quite shocking because I've been harassed from lunatics which are a bit ignorant on the issue, and nothing makes sense and I've had phone calls and it's quite a worry. The trouble started when a quote from the dingo activist Japanese YouTube video, was used in a graphic

which slams Australia's anti-whaling stance as racist and hypocritical. The quote was taken from a 'Tokyo Times' article Mr Papalia wrote two years ago about saving dingoes.

He's now received dozens of threatening emails and calls,

wrongly accusing him of being pro-whaling and a traitor to Australia. I knew nothing about the film. I didn't give consent in the making of the film. I wasn't asked about using my name in the film. In fact I had nothing to do They've taken something out of complete context. While he's received up to 30 abusive phone calls a night, the most disturbing for Mr Papalia was from a man warning he'd bait his beloved pet dingo. It's worrying for me because she's my dingo and I love her dearly. We go around to schools and educate the public and students. Mr Papalia has contacted police, who are investigating the calls. Meantime, the Government's spy ship, the 'Oceanic Viking', has finally left port in WA on its mission to monitor the whale hunt. It's hoped it'll gather enough evidence to use in legal action against the Japanese.

Samantha Jolly, Ten News. President George W. Bush has arrived in Israel in the last hour, promising "justice and love" as he makes a last-ditch bid for peace in the Middle East. On the first leg of a week-long tour of the region,

the President says he sees a new chance for cooperation between Israel and the Palestinians.

We will discuss our deep desire

for security, for freedom and for peace throughout the Middle East. It's the President's first official visit to Israel.

Hillary Clinton has shown she's the comeback kid of the US presidential race, in New Hampshire. winning the crucial first primary The former first lady beat the favourite, Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton may have been down heading into the first presidential primary, but she certainly wasn't out. Now together let's give America the kind of comeback that New Hampshire has just given me.


There was a strong voter turnout in New Hampshire, and it's believed Mrs Clinton, with the help of her husband, was able to win back a large number of women voters to beat Barack Obama. Over the last week I listened to you, and in the process, I found my own voice.

Senator Obama came to New Hampshire on a wave of hope following his victory in the Iowa caucuses five days ago, but his second place to Mrs Clinton is not a knock-out blow for his presidential hopes. You made it clear that at this moment, in this election, there is something happening in America. The result for the Republicans was very different to Iowa,

Senator John McCain, a supporter of the Iraq war, the clear winner. Late last year it looked as if the 71-year-old's campaign was over, hampered by financial woes. But tonight we sure showed them what a comeback looks like. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who again outspent his rivals on campaign advertising, finished second. Preacher-turned-politician Mike Huckabee finished third.

The lack of a strong evangelical voter base in the north-eastern state

was the main reason he couldn't repeat his Iowa win. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. More joy for expectant mum Nicole Kidman - A day after announcing she and husband Keith Urban are expecting their first child,

the Oscar-winner has been keeping a low profile. A personal trainer and a yoga specialist have visited the 40-year-old, who's reportedly told friends she wants to have the baby in Sydney. She's pulled out of her latest filming commitments to focus on her health. After the break - a dubious distinction for one of the Spice Girls. And in CommSec's finance report -

what's ahead after another tough time on the Australian stock market.

This program is captioned live. We'll know within a fortnight if Telstra can shut down its CDMA service at the end of the month. The Federal Communications Minister has a report on his desk tonight

detailing if the telco's Next Generation network is good enough to take over. He needs to be satisfied that the new network is equal to or better than the CDMA network. Federal Labor has promised to reverse what it calls the Howard era's "climate of fear".

The acting PM says contracts with the community sector will be rewritten by the Rudd Government to remove gag clauses. Julia Gillard says welfare groups, such as the Salvation Army, will be free to publicly criticise Government policy without fear of retribution. that voluntary agencies will praise the Government, and that's good. From time to time we expect that they'll criticise the Government, and that's good too. Julia Gillard says the move will improve the Government's social policies. Bail has been refused for an Australian accused of stabbing a man to death in Bulgaria, judges fearing the former Sydney private schoolboy would try to flee the country if released before his trial.

Jock Palfreeman was led into court under tight security, hoping to end his stay in Bulgaria's notorious prison system. The Sydney man's lawyers argued was not a flight risk, that their client as he has no money or passport, but bail was refused by the three judges.

Palfreeman will now return to prison until police finish investigating the case. He's been accused of stabbing 20-year-old Andrei Monov in the heart last month and assaulting another man. Palfreeman claims he was acting in self-defence, but that can't be proven until crucial video evidence is analysed.

His lawyer says there is a disc containing security camera vision which will be checked against his client's version of events. During the bail hearing Palfreeman was critical of the investigation by prosecutors, and there are concerns he's been unable to contact his lawyers from prison. REPORTER: He says he can't get legal representation, he can't get to his lawyers, he can't get to you guys. What are you doing about that? He has been able to get to us. and his legal representation will be addressed shortly. If found guilty Palfreeman could face life in jail. Ben Lewis, Ten News. To finance news and CommSec's Juliette Saly. Juliette, a third major lender has today raised rates of its own accord?

For a Yes. The Commonwealth Bank

has raised its variable home-loan

rate it says as a result of global

finance pressures, it is lifting

its rate by a 0.1 % to 6.75 %.

its rate by a 0.1 % to 6.75 %. The bank

bank did stress that many of its

customers would be affected as the

- but higher interest rates have been deterred Australians from spending

spending a bigger the shops? We spending a bigger the shops? We

spent bigger Christmas, a jump of

spent bigger Christmas, a jump of

almost 1% which comes at a time of

high interest rates are. Thanks, Juliette. The All Ordinaries was down 46 points at the closing bell.

It was a mixed day for the global miners. Zinifex was up and Australia's largest gold-mining company hit a record high but there was a sell-off

for the big banks. Leading specialists have defended the use of surgery to treat sleep apnoea patients. They've rejected claims from some of their own colleagues who want to cut back on the number of corrective procedures. Sleep apnoea sufferers can only dream of a good night's shut-eye.

I snored, I woke up during the night, I was tired, having difficulty doing my job. I was exhausted all the time - I had four children, I worked quite long hours. In the afternoon. I'd have to have lots of coffee to keep awake and I was even having trouble finding words. I felt very, very tired. Used to wake up in the mornings - you would never want to actually get out of bed. Sleep apnoea occurs when the walls of the throat close during sleep, blocking the upper airway and disrupting breathing. In severe cases sufferers can wake up more than 100 times an hour and not even know they're doing it. In the morning they may wake up with a sore throat and dry mouth, and will typically feel lethargic and unrefreshed. While special breathing masks or mouthguards are the most common treatment, surgery is an option, but an article by Adelaide doctors published in the 'British Medical Journal' questions the effectiveness of surgery, advising it should be confined to clinical trials. That has angered some of Australia's leading sleep doctors. I've cured hundreds of patients of this condition. There are several thousand operations done

each year in Australia. Surgery is effective.

Surgery is life-saving in the correct situation. Just ask those who've had it. I feel normal. I feel like I did when I was in my 20s. I've had no problems with snoring or sleep apnoea, waking up in the night, and my wife's very happy about it. Jemma Chapman, Ten News. She's a self-styled fashion icon, most admired men,

but Victoria 'Posh Spice' Beckham's sense of style She's topped Mr Blackwell's 48th annual list

of worst dressed celebrities. The self-appointed guru of good taste deemed her a "skinny-mini monstrosity". Coming in at number two was troubled singer Amy Winehouse, who Blackwell labelled "a '50s car-hop horror". Not far behind was actress Mary-Kate Olsen, described as a "tattered toothpick trapped in a hurricane." Sports Tonight with Rob Canning is next and Rob,

Lleyton Hewitt blasts the officials at the Sydney International. Yes, Kath. He's comparing his frustrations at the umpires with those of the Indian cricketers. We'll bring you a fired-up Lleyton Hewitt, next. Lleyton is livid, the latest from India's tour of trouble and Bogut's bucking the trend in the NBA.

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This program is captioned live.

Welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. has tonight been appointed A New Zealand high court judge against Harbajan Singh's 3-match ban to hear the appeal against Harbhajan Singh's 3-match ban for racial abuse. The Indian captain says the entire crisis could easily have been averted. Two days behind schedule but better late than never, the Indian team finally in Canberra, preparing for tomorrow's 3-day game against the ACT.

I think it's important to move on. Cricket is larger than individuals, and I respect that. The furore over Harbhajan Singh's racism suspension just won't go away, Kumble revealing he tried to sort out the matter with Ricky Ponting during the second Test, the 'monkey' allegation had already been reported.

Having played cricket for this long, such an allegation would definitely spiral into what it has now, and I anticipated that. Kumble maintains the remark was never made to Andrew Symonds, and clarifying his post-match statement that only one side had played in the spirit of the game. It was only meant for the Sydney game. I mean, I have never said that. I have respected Australian cricket. all these years. I've played against Australia I have great respect and regard

for all the players who played for Australia. Australian players say that respect is mutual. From our point of view the relationship between the two teams was fantastic. There's obviously been an incident or two but I'm trying to rack my brain about anything that's been said, and there's been a couple of light-hearted moments out of the field as well. The fall-out from the Sydney Test goes on

with Brad Hogg to face a disciplinary hearing on Monday. He's alleged to have called an Indian player a 'bastard'.

We'll obviously be helping Brad in his absolute defence. As for the fall guy of the Indian stand-off, sympathy for sacked umpire Steve Bucknor. What is there? Eight international umpires on the panel. You know, if you have a couple of teams that aren't happy with umpires, all of a sudden you've got one to choose from, I think it's ridiculous. I feel sorry for Steve. I think Steve's still a very good umpire, as is Mark Benson.

Look, Steve would probably be the first one to admit that he made a few errors in that game. The steam needed to be taken out of the whole affair and by standing Steve Bucknor aside for this next Test match I think that's achieved that. Matthew Hayden is in doubt for next week's Perth Test, WA's Chris Rogers awaits with interest. If it was to be a Test debut at the WACA next week,

well, then, you know, I'd be the happiest man ever. Love him or hate him there's one thing you know about him and that's that Lleyton Hewitt is passionate, sometimes passionately seething, and that was the case today. Hewitt slammed the officials following a straight-sets loss against lowly ranked Chris Guccione at the Medibank International in Sydney.

After losing in straight sets to fellow Aussie Chris Guccione, Lleyton Hewitt says luck wasn't on his side, and the former world number one added neither were the officials. I feel like the cricketers, I think. What's going on with all the refs these days?

They're useless. Mate, there's no way the ball could bounce that way if you've got under it. Yeah, I thought I got it. Hit the frame and it just went over. Hewitt's temper was tested more than once in the first-ever tournament match between the pair, his skill also lacking the 2-metre tall world number 125. as he struggled to find a way around his skill also lacking

the 2-metre tall world number 125. That was when he could get a racquet on the left-hander's booming serve - 23 aces for Guccione,

Yet Hewitt insists he played the better game. The first set I had three break points, the second set I had one. It could have easily have been a four and four out there. Opportunities missed? Guccione says he held strong, particularly when Hewitt's famous temper began to flare. It kind of goes either way - when he gets fired up he tends to play better, so... I didn't know what to think. The Victorian owned the net during the tie breaks for one of the biggest victories of his career. Winning the fifth rubber for the Davis Cup was probably the top one at the moment, still, but, you know, I mean, Lleyton... The major tournament hasn't started yet so there's no point getting worried. Anthony Goodridge for Sports Tonight. Guccione will now play fourth seed Thomas Berdych, while Hewitt will have to complete his Australian Open preparations on the practice court. The tournament's top seed, Frenchman Richard Gasquet, was also eliminated.

At the Kooyong Classic, defending champion Andy Roddick has demolished Croatian Ivan Ljubicic,

the American winning in straight sets in just 57 minutes.

COMMENTATOR: It's all over. Gee, it was one-sided, wasn't it? He won 10 of the last 11 games. 2006 Australian Open finalist Marcos Baghdatis had a far tougher victory against Russian Nikolay Davydenko. Meanwhile, the tournament has lost another big name

with Argentine David Nalbandian forced out

after suffering back spasms. Wins for Roddick and Baghdatis while Marat Safin thrashed Andy Murray. Young Aussie Brydan Klein, who replaced Nalbandian, fought hard Fernando Gonzalez. but lost to world number seven Queenslander Bernard Tomic has moved closer to an Australian Open debut by winning his first qualifying match.

The 15-year-old needs to win two more matches to become the youngest player It's been my dream to play in a Slam and now it's started - qualies, you know. I've managed to pass one round and now it's another round. It's a new door so I'm looking forward to it. Despite being forced to retire with a foot injury at Hobart,

Jelena Dokic's Australian Open dream remains alive

after she was handed a wild card into qualifying. Collingwood has ended its $500,000 a year sponsorship with the TAC after a rookie listed player was caught drink-driving. Sharrod Wellingham was caught driving under the influence on the weekend. After similar offences in the past the club has quit its deal.

This will impact heavily on our football club to the point where will have to recut budgets and people's jobs are now on the line, because of the actions of Sharrod. There is nothing I can do to take back what I have done. I've made a silly error of judgment, and there's not really anything else I can do. I just want to be able to move on and make this a turning point. Wellingham was fined $5,000 by the club.

Ross Lyon believes St Kilda will benefit greatly from the recruitment of Sydney fitness guru Dave Misson. The Saints resumed training today with the second-year coach confident his side will be the league's big improvers this season. After a very tough first season, Ross Lyon has big plans for the Saints in '08 - a return to the finals is the key goal.

We've got a real stability, and the players have formed a real relationship with myself and the coaching panel, which takes time - some things do take time. So we are settled, and it does feel energetic and vibrant, and we're really optimistic. Time will tell if this year's Saints squad is better than the last, but it's certainly different. Geelong premiership player Steven King heads up a new-look ruck division, while Adam Schneider has arrived from the Swans with a big reputation. A couple of injury-plagued stars are also back in action - Brendon Goddard's knee has mended and Matt Maguire has shaken off numerous stress fractures. Players like him and Nathan Brown have been through enormous amounts, but in the end they get there, because they're just so dedicated. Meanwhile, Fraser Gehrig has shown the coaches he's come out of retirement for all the right reasons. He loves the physical aspect, the hard work with league football, and he loves game day, obviously. I think when you know you're getting towards the end, you really value your time with your mates and the hard work in the process you go through.

So, he's up and about. In Adelaide, the Crows are busily preparing for the opening NAB Cup game in Dubai. I don't know much about polo grounds, so... I figure if they're good enough for horses, they're good enough for us. Some players hit the track for four hours straight this morning.

Nathan Bassett admits if not managed carefully, the heavy workload could lead to burnout. The defenders have probably done 1.5 hours defending out there,

and it takes its toll mentally when you do it day in, day out, so we know we do it well today, do it well this week, the week after, but the week after that we get a break from it. Adam McNicol for Sports Tonight. The Sydney Kings remain firmly on top following their seventh consecutive win - a 106-99 victory over the financially stricken Wollongong Hawks. Led by Jason Smith and Mark Worthington, the Kings opened up a 15-point lead by half-time. The Hawks fought back, though, closing to within three points midway through the last term. COMMENTATOR: Campbell, working the baseline, hard to the rack - That was as close as they got, Isaiah Victor guiding the Kings home with 12 fourth-quarter points. The Kings rolled to their 19th win for the year a valuable road win after holding off the Wildcats in Perth. Andrew Bogut's last-placed Milwaukee Bucks have won their third road match in succession. The Bucks beat the Philadelphia 76ers by four points.

COMMENTATOR: Mo Williams, way outside - three points! He rips it! Bogut contributed another double double, finishing with 13 points and 12 rebounds.

Reigning Carling Cup champion Chelsea has defeated Everton 2-1 of their 2-match tie. in the first leg The Blues scored first through diminutive winger Shaun Wright-Phillips

The Toffees equalised eight minutes later COMMENTATOR: Yobo! Yakubu, I should say! Oh, Yakubu, what a finish! Then heartbreak for Everton, with Joleon Lescott scoring an own goal with only moments remaining in the match to give Chelsea the advantage at Goodison Park.

Victorian orthopaedic surgeon Bridie O'Donnell has upstaged a host of big-name Olympians to win the National Women's Time Trial Championship. An embarrassing start to the 28km course for Olympian and two times champion Oenone Wood. Race favourite Sara Carrigan, who won the road race Olympic gold in Athens,

finished second behind O'Donnell, who just 14 months ago was racing triathlons.

Alexis Rhodes was third Olympic gold medallist Kathy Watt placed fourth. MotoGP World champion Casey Stoner has a reputation for being ice-cool on the track.

Today he did nothing to dispel that tag. The 22-year-old used an ice pick on the Italian slopes to unveil his new look Ducati. After a year of dominance the Australian is confident It's my first time that I'm going to be racing with the same bike and the same team two years in a row, and I think we should look at it in a very positive way, the fact that we know what I'm riding now, and we can only go forward from here. Stoner will have a new team-mate in 2008 with former Honda rider Marco Melandri switching camps to ride with Ducati. Australia's greatest jockey George Moore was remembered by the racing industry today, friends, foes and fans paying tribute to the man who won an astonishing 119 Group One races, a record that has stood for more than 40 years. It's been a long time since George Moore rode a winner at Randwick,

but many decades after he rewrote the record books

his amazing efforts in the saddle are a long way from being forgotten. He was the best jockey we've produced and we've produced some sensational jockeys. Gai Waterhouse's father, Tommy Smith, combined with Moore to make one of the most successful and volatile partnerships in racing history. If I had George Moore today I wouldn't have him at the track, I'd just keep him away from the track, because when he got to the track he would drive you mad. Often, great people - or geniuses - can have an element of temperament about themselves and that could easily be said of my father and George. he won 119 Group One races and claimed every major Australian race except the Melbourne Cup.

His most famous mount - the legendary Tulloch. MOORE: Tulloch was a freak horse, one of those things that come along in your lifetime, really. After dominating Australia, he travelled to England and continued his run of success. When I went to England in 1967 on Hopeful Venture. my first winner was for the Queen

didn't stop there, Moore's golden touch training premierships in Hong Kong. winning a further 11 to Australia's Sporting Hall of Fame He was the first jockey admitted for Sydney's winning jockey and the George Moore Medal is named in his honour, life hard for those who followed him, his Bradman-like efforts making Malcolm Johnson. like champion hoop I never rode against him, of George Moore, but I got a little sick or hearing about George Moore,

what you achieved on the racecourse, because it wouldn't matter you were never "better than George". Neil Cordy for Sports Tonight.

didn't leave me one Crispy Strip. I can't believe they (Both laugh) KFC's Backyard Bucket - of our famous chicken and sides a huge variety to keep the whole team happy.

This program is captioned live. Play of the Day time, held by the Fremantle Dockers today. and welcome to a training session

was coming to an end - Ah, you thought the silly season but it's still going strong. Things got even weirder too.

OK, let us explain. They were shooting video footage to analyse the players' kicking techniques of footy clobber. without the interference they wear their full playing kit. Apparently when they go swimming Play of the Day. For its freaky value -

pictures and Our Perth reporter got us those

pictures and you can bet that she

enjoys her job very much. Now to a look at the weather. Northerly winds will cause a very hot, sunny day across South Australia, Victoria and western New South Wales. Fresh south-easterly winds will maintain showers on the Queensland coast.

A tropical low will generate heavy rain over the north. Cool southerly winds will bring drizzle to the WA south coast. So to tomorrow's forecast - rain in Cairns and Brisbane. Mostly sunny in Sydney, Canberra and Hobart. Perth and Alice Springs. Sunny in Melbourne, Adelaide,

Late thunder in Darwin. A young boy in Mexico who didn't want to go to school

took matters into his own hands by gluing himself to his bed. After a 3-week Christmas break, the 10-year-old decided he wanted to have a longer holiday, and so used industrial-strength superglue to stick his hands to his bed frame. His horrified mother found him the next morning,

and spent two hours trying to pry him free, but unfortunately for the boy, and freed him just in time for class. paramedics arrived quickly And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6am. I'm Kathryn Robinson. From the Late News team, goodnight.

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