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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Kathryn Robinson. Tonight - Test turmoil. and the umpire who's out - The player who's back in Australia's cricket rescue. and they in the interest of cricket. I would say they are very good Mum's the word.

Very excited! Nicole's pregnancy - when she's due and the price of those first baby photos. Homebuyers cop it again. The rise from the ANZ is excessive. to boost massive profits. The new excuse Plus - surviving hell. to make it through a bushfire. The new car tricks with Neil Cordy - And in Sports Tonight Neil, plenty of cricket drama is firing up as well? but Lleyton Hewitt Yes, Kath. was quietening him down It looked like the family life at the Sydney International. but he was pumped up today One after another, every time! won through to the second round. The former world number one back in action Bowling legend Glenn McGrath to say goodbye. is expected within hours But first - an announcement of Australia will go ahead, confirming India's cricket tour ending a sensational suspension,

for some. but it has come at a big cost A top umpire has been dumped is being appointed and a cricket judge over match fairness and racism. to sort out the mess has been at the Indian team's hotel Ten reporter Josh Murphy in Sydney tonight. Yeah, good evening, Kath. It's been another emotion-charged day Australian and Indian cricket teams. with tensions between the the tour will now go ahead Tonight we are hearing reports that from the Indians after the ICC accepted an appeal 'monkey' slur, and dumped the controversial umpire had been complaining about. that the Indians both of those decisions. Tonight Indian fans are celebrating Bucknor's gone! Turbinator in Perth. Indian fans, as well as the team, in Australia this afternoon. scored their first victory The International Cricket Council Steve Bucknor dumped controversial umpire

in the second Test, after complaints about his decisions over Harbhajan Singh's suspension and accepted an appeal

a "big monkey". for calling Andrew Symonds as "passion about the game" but... The ICC describes the current climate to manage those passions We need to be able and move forward the game continues to prosper. and make sure that Indian officials certainly agree. are taking place, Positive developments and in the interest of cricket. and I would say they are very good remain adamant The Indians, still on strike today, Singh was never racist on the pitch. that Harbhajan had not said that We are very clear

there is not much evidence and in fact we feel that to say that he said that either. even when he's wrong." "The umpire's right Long may it be that way. Indian cricket journalists say still want the tour to be abandoned. many fans back home that the Indian team Well, many believe getting its due out here is obviously not

and they should come back. for Indian Cricket's governing body But a senior source has tonight said after today's developments. the tour will now continue later tonight. That should be officially confirmed will go ahead. I believe that the final two Tests

will be played I think the match in Canberra over the next few days. millions of dollars at stake And Kath, there would be and cancel the tour, if the visitors did decide to go home so almost certain tonight will go ahead. that the Adelaide and Perth Tests Back to you. There's more on the cricket coming up in Sports Tonight,

Australian captain Ricky Ponting. with growing pressure to dump

could be in Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban for a multimillion-dollar baby bonus. were beaming Today the celebrity parents-to-be after confirming Nicole's pregnancy. Very excited. it's a boy or a girl, Nicole? Secret! Oh, too personal. But one secret is out, revealing tonight Nicole's proud mother the baby is due in July, which explains why, two months ago, the 40-year-old was so protective of her stomach

over a paparazzi lawsuit. when she appeared in court was back at Nicole's place Today the same photographer when the police arrived. but moved on quickly for celebrity baby pix - There is a high price magazine insiders say is between $1 and $1 million. is between $1 and $2 million. the going price

of more mortgage pain for borrowers Economists are warning on variable home loan interest rates. with more banks expected to move an angry response from the Treasurer. The ANZ Bank's rate rise sparked and key economic regulators. A meeting between the Treasurer On the agenda, the decision

by some banks to raise interest rates independently of the Reserve Bank. 0.2% increase Wayne Swan is unhappy with the ANZ's

mortgage rate. in its standard variable

that I've received, On the basis of all the evidence from the ANZ is excessive. I do believe that the rise The increase is almost double the NAB's rate rise,

all ANZ customers I would be reminding

out there that there's a competitive market they ought to vote with their feet. and if they're unhappy, words aren't enough. But economists believe won't make a difference. Talking tough

Acting tough will. is challenging the Treasurer The Opposition over the rate rises. to take on the banks the treasurer of Australia, Peter Costello, when he was not to do that. was able to persuade the banks Economists believe other major lenders are likely to follow the NAB and ANZ.

Best guess is one in, all in, that the bigger the increases but there is a chance off their own bat, the greater the chance won't raise rates in February. that the Reserve Bank The ANZ says it doesn't want to get into a slanging match with the Treasurer, saying it had to act to help it deal with the rising cost of global credit caused by the US sub-prime lending crisis. So there is some justification for the banks to protect their margins

and actually trying to defray some of the increased cost of global borrowing. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. To finance news and CommSec's Juliette Saly.

Juliette, further interest rate hikes may impact the housing sector just as it looks like taking off again?

The prospect of further interest rate

rate rises is spooking a lot of

sectors. Today we saw building

approvals rise by almost 9% to

their highest level in almost their highest level in almost three

years, signalling they could be

light at the end of the tunnel.

This is before we see the impact

that the November rate hike has had

on potential homebuyers and have

caused any further rate hikes. In

terms of further rises, the Reserve

Bank will be closely watching

inflation figures due out at the

end of the month and also retail

spending figures due out tomorrow,

which will pinpoint whether we have

been spending up beak in post-

Christmas cells, which could push

inflation. We think that there is a

rise pencilled in for next month

but if we see all the banks start to

to raise rights on there and then

maybe the Reserve Bank will maybe the Reserve Bank will sit

back, thinking that the hard work

has already been done for them. Thanks, Juliette. The cost of storms and floods in New South Wales and Queensland is set to top $100 million,

and as fears grow over sanitation problems, there's the threat of a devastating new storm. It was Cairns' turn last night, 160mm of rain falling on the city, flooding roads, paths and businesses. This will be our second time. The last time was a week before the cyclone, and now this time. Yeah, getting a bit tired of it but there's not much you can do. Some roads still covered with water late today. And the situation remains grim in Beaudesert - the region still flooded, bridges snapped in two. 40 people have been stranded for the past three days, Emergency Services dropping off food, water and essential medicines. People up here really need some help. My uncle lives about 12km up the valley here and we haven't heard from him. The raging water was so strong 500m down the road. it swept this small car In New South Wales, the SES is continuing to rescue thousands of people still isolated on the State's North Coast. The floodwaters are receding, but the backwater is still pouring in. It won't stop coming. It's inundating some of the houses out there and we seem to be having problems with some of the infrastructure. The 1,500 residents of Coraki now have concern about sanitation

as the sewage and drainage systems collapse,

and there are fears another major low-pressure system is forming off the coast, potentially bringing with it more from the heavens. River's still got quite a bit of water in it - it could be really, really devastating. Mignon Stewart, Ten News. Ground-breaking bushfire research has led to a rethink on car survival advice. A range of vehicles have been put to the test and the results are disturbing. under extreme fire conditions, A scientific simulation shows the frightening reality of being trapped in a car during a bushfire. It is high-risk, dangerous and, unfortunately, as we have seen in history, often a fatal one. The footage was taken as part of a joint study into car burn-overs. Seven different vehicles were exposed to fire while cameras and heat and toxin sensors recorded the impact.

Temperatures inside the vehicles peaked at 500 degrees, but flames aren't the main killer. As the car is being exposed the materials in and around the car are burning and melting, and the toxic gases that come from those materials

usually overcome the person before the heat becomes too much in the vehicle. has upgraded its advice the Rural Fire Service about just what to do if stuck in a car during a firestorm. Where possible, position your car into the fire front as the windscreen provides more protection than side windows. Turn off the airconditioning and engine to avoid sucking hot air and embers into the car. Recent-model cars fared the worst in the testing. That's because many are heavily lined with PVC materials which give off more toxins when burned than older vehicles. Emily Rice, Ten News. Heavy traffic pollution in Australian cities is stunting the growth of our unborn babies. Scientists say the fumes can harm a child's health and intelligence. 5-week-old Lillie Grace is just the right size for doting mum Linda and godmother Jessica, but she wasn't subjected to excessive exhaust pollution in the womb - there's evidence that stunts growth. Those women who had higher levels of air pollution had generally had smaller foetuses - smaller leg length, smaller abdomen circumference and smaller head size. Scientists studied 15,000 ultrasounds where the women lived. and traffic pollution In areas of heavy sulfur dioxide, particles and ozone, foetuses were 1mm-2mm smaller, and that could have lifelong effects. There's lots of other studies showing that bigger babies are much healthier

in terms of things like cardiovascular disease and even having higher IQ levels. There was mixed reaction to the research. There are so many things we have to be concerned about and this is just another thing that's a concern for us.

Especially for your first child, because you're more pedantic with them. If I'm to worry about everything from being pregnant, that would include deodorants to second-hand smoke to working in front of a computer - where does it stop? Nevertheless, scientists and doctors advise mums to stay clear of heavy traffic. Avoid all forms of avoidable pollution - and that includes polluting our bodies with unhealthy food and cigarettes. And there's one other piece of advice that pregnant women might very sensibly accept - don't mow the lawns. Apparently mowers are great polluters. Queensland University of Technology researchers will now study pollution and birth defects. Mark Suleau, Ten News. Opponents of Victoria's controversial dredging project have rallied around Port Phillip Bay ahead of this week's Federal Court battle over the project. Hundreds gathered silently in protest against the channel deepening that'll allow bigger and heavier ships to enter Melbourne. My family has lived and worked on the bay for generations, and I'd hate to see it look like I imagine it's going to look like - pea soup. Dredging is set to start next month, following approval from both State and Federal Governments. Striking Hollywood writers have thrown the awards season into chaos. The first major casualty is the Golden Globes, with the glittering televised ceremony scrapped.

The Hollywood awards season is when the stars come out to shine, and some still did for the Critics Choice Awards. That won't be the case for the Golden Globes, the traditionally lavish ceremony cancelled because of the bitter dispute between writers and the studios. Instead, the winners will be announced at a news conference with no actors present. Hollywood's biggest names support the writers but are urging the parties to reach an agreement. This is a one-industry town and when a strike happens it's not just writers and actors it's restaurants and hotels and agencies, and our hope is that all of the players involved will lock themselves in a room and not come until they finish.

We want this to be done, that's the most important thing. Scriptwriters have been on strike since the beginning of November, demanding more money for their work, in particular, payment for shows posted online. They vowed to picket at the Golden Globe Awards if a full-scale televised event went ahead while actors promised not to cross the picket line. With no end in sight to the writers' dispute this could be the last red carpet Hollywood sees for some time. Speculation is growing that next month's Oscars will also be affected. Australian actor Cate Blanchett is our best hope for an award, nominated for two Golden Globes. In Los Angeles, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. And in some other news from Hollywood tonight, Cate Blanchett's hopes of getting an Oscar She's missed getting a gong at the influential Critics Choice Awards. After the break... If felt like getting hit by a car, not that I've been hit by a car but I can imagine it would be similar - just the sheer force, yeah, and power. this young surfer survived an attack by a great white shark. It came and grabbed me and I remember looking down and there was a shark head right there.

I sort of pushed it away, or whatever, the next thing I know I must have blacked out. But has it deterred him from getting back in the water? How wide open does your mouth have to be to fit in one of those Fillers? Ahh. (Laughs) KFC's delicious new range of Fillers. Try one today. This program is captioned live. The first permanent air link between Australia and the Antarctic got the go ahead tonight. The airline Skytraders will fly scientists and other Antarctic staff from Hobart to Wilkins Aerodrome, near Casey Station. Two Canadians have been charged, accused of trying to smuggle cocaine into Brisbane in a secret compartment in a suitcase. The man and woman were intercepted at the international airport after a Customs X-ray uncovered false sides in the woman's suitcase. They found white powder inside, believed to be cocaine. The pair has faced court where the man denied knowing his co-accused. My client was on a holiday to Australia and he claims that he doesn't know the person

who's been accused of the offences.

The Crown prosecutor argues they booked the same flight at the same time with the same travel agent and contact number. The bloodshed in Kenya continues with fears that up to 1,000 people have now been killed in inter-tribal violence. The ethnic war has led to entire villages being burnt to the ground

and hundreds of thousands fleeing their homes. Only from the air do you get a true sense of what has happened to this country, the scale of last week's attacks and the distance over which they were spread. Mile after mile of scorched earth, where neighbour had turned on neighbour, killing old friends in cold blood. We put down in one town in the Great Rift Valley. The people here are from the President's Kikuyu tribe. A week ago today a mob of 500 came from the next village, looting, burning and hacking their way through this community. Across the town a family of seven burned to death in their hut. These people know their attackers - they've even made a list of their names - and they're terrified they'll return. They come from there. Do you see? We flew right up this valley, from Nairobi to Eldoret, the route the trouble took. In country, off the beaten track, we found communities reduced to moonscapes. A few short days ago

this would have been a happy, thriving town.

Now just look at it. The silence in this place is eerie - a community of probably more than 1,000 people just completely razed to the ground. There's no-one here to tell us how many died or where the survivors have gone, but they have absolutely nothing left to come back to. There are signs, tonight,

this country may have what it takes to rise up from the ashes, but that process will only happen inch by delicate inch. In the Rift Valley, Kenya, Martin Geissler, Ten News. Hillary Clinton is fighting for her political life on the eve of the crucial New Hampshire Primary. Desperate to avoid a second defeat

she's hoping to claw back ground from Iowa winner Barack Obama, but the strain of life on the hustings appears to be taking its toll,

with a rare show of emotion from the New York senator. You know, this is very personal for me. I see what's happening, and we have to reverse it. Barack Obama maintains a strong lead in the polls while John McCain has pulled in front of Mitt Romney in the Republican race. A surfer has told of his frightening encounter with a great white. He swam for his life after the shark took a huge chunk out of his lower back while he was surfing. A permanent reminder of Ben Morcom's brush with death, the surfer remarkably calm as he relives the moment he was attacked by a great white. If felt like getting hit by a car. I can imagine it would be similar - just the sheer force, yeah, and power. The 31-year-old was surfing at Port Stephens, north of Newcastle, last month when the 3-metre shark took a chunk out of his lower back. It came and grabbed me and I remember looking down and there was a shark head right there. I sort of pushed it away, or whatever, the next thing I know I must have blacked out. Ben's story has become national after appearing in 'New Idea' magazine. He remembers scrambling for his board, which also copped a blow, and swimming for his life. Back on the beach, holding his gaping wound, he walked to the car of a fisherman, who drove him to hospital. Pretty lucky. Obviously I think about it, I think about the water and when I see sharks on TV I'm not too sure how I feel about that, but I don't hate sharks at all. Just three days after the attack Ben was best man in the wedding of his cousin,

who was in the water with him when it happened. While Ben's still coming to terms with his frightening ordeal he's determined not to let it put him off getting back in the water. Spent most of my life in and around the water and to have this happen, I'm fortunate that I'm still here. I don't think it's going to deter me from going back in the water, no, definitely not. Jemma Chapman, Ten News. While Australia's relations with India are at an all-time low on the movie set they've never been better. Bollywood's latest blockbuster is being shot in Sydney, and it stars more than a few famous faces.

A cricket pitch turned movie set - the SCG transformed to film the latest Bollywood blockbuster. The star of the show - Australia's very own Brett Lee. I'm playing the part of myself, so hopefully I can do that OK. Not surprisingly and India's obsession with cricket. the plot revolves around the pitch This is not a film about singing and dancing at all. So there's no singing and dancing in this film? No, not in this one. Sorry to disappoint. When you have got to shoot a scene over and over and over again to do different camera views and stuff it's great fun, and it's important, too, that we aren't just seen as cricketers, we are people that enjoy doing other things.

Brett Lee is already a star of the Indian screen. In this latest film, titled 'Victory', he is even expected to sing on the soundtrack.

As for the plot... I think that there's a fair chance that India might win.

Let's just say that. The movie will be released here in Australia in August

and with its English subtitles and so many famous faces it's expected to be a box office hit. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Neil Cordy is next with sport and Neil, the cricket tour goes on? Yes, Kath, much to the relief of the game's administrators, and they found a nice way to get away from the controversy. Harbhajan and his team-mates hit the sand at Bondi Beach. Plus - Lleyton Hewitt's fiery opening-round win at the Sydney International. And Glenn McGrath returns to the cricket field to say farewell.

This program is captioned live. We start with cricket and India has had its first victory of the summer, pressuring the ICC to axe umpire Steve Bucknor

for the third Test against Australia in Perth. Cricket's governing body has intervened in an attempt to patch up the massive rift between the teams. Bucknor out! They may be two down in the Test series but Indian fans finally have something to celebrate. Turbinator in, Buchnor out, Ponting scared. Turbinator in, Bucknor out,

ICC chief executive Malcom Speed quick to ease Indian tensions by dropping Steve Bucknor from the third Test - a move he believes doesn't just favour the tourists. I'd like to think that the game has had a win because we've been able to take a decision that will take some of the tension out of the situation to focus on the cricket and enable both teams rather than on the umpires. Eccentric New Zealander Billy Bowden will replace Bucknor and the Indian team couldn't be happier. Positive developments Positive developments are taking place, and I would say they are very good and in the interest of cricket. Umpires aside, the vindication of Harbhajan Singh is still India's top priority. suspension won't be heard for weeks, It's likely the appeal against his making him eligible for the third Test. Brad Hogg not so fortunate. The code of conduct charge against Australia player Brad Hogg will be heard by match referee Mike Proctor prior to the Perth Test match. It's alleged Hogg called India captain Anil Kumble a 'bastard' in Sydney, barbs and racial taunts which Speed hopes to eradicate by appointing ICC chief referee Ranjan Madugalle as a special mediator.

His only function will be to work with both of the captains to make sure the ill feeling that has evolved between the teams dissipates and the following Tests and that this Test within the spirit of the game. are played well and truly

the Sydney Test wasn't - That suggests unsportsmanlike behaviour captain Ricky Ponting to be sacked. that's led for calls for Australian Well, I don't agree with that. All I can say got the full support is that Ricky Ponting's of everyone in our team around Australia. and probably every cricketer from my personal point of view, I can say I've ever played under. he's the best captain community is waning. But his support within the cricket and consider I think he should take a deep breath more than just winning matches. that Test match captaincy is about It would be my suggestion have a cup of tea, that both captains get together, to play the next match and work out how they're going and lead by example.

Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. Victoria is on track to defend its Twenty20 Big Bash crown after defeating Tasmania at the MCG tonight. Once again, it was David Hussey leading the way for the Bushrangers with another commanding innings. With bragging rights and a finals spot on the line, both sides were trumpeting their chances in this top-of-the-table clash. created an early storm. Victorian opener Aiden Blizzard COMMENTATOR: He's gone over the top. and was caught behind, When Blizzard skied one from a broken foot. Cameron White made his return the skipper's comeback with the bat. Brad Hodge celebrated I think he likes the new bat! All the way for six. White picked up where Hodge left off. When he was stumped for 27 That is six, mate. That's six. on 30, His boundary blitz came to an end David Hussey? Has he got enough on it, It has gone all the way. had the Vics jumping for joy His knock a 54 created a mini collapse but his departure

fall for 11 runs. that saw the last four wickets

And he gets another one. the Tigers got off to a bad start Chasing 178

with Rhett Lockyear gone for just 4 off eight. Michael Dighton did his best to build a foundation. Dane Anderson came and went but Dighton continued to play a solo hand, lifting the run rate... The same result, nearly the same area. ..until he was caught out for 31. That left the top order on the brink of collapse. as the Bushrangers took control. The next three fell for 16 runs was too little too late A late fightback by seven runs. as the home side got home Dave Adamson for Sports Tonight. With that win, of the Big Bash table. the Bushrangers move to the top David Hussey was named man of the match

a catch and a run-out. after 54 runs, one wicket, for Glenn McGrath And a hero's reception

as a crowd of 23,000 turned out for New South Wales for his swansong appearance against Queensland. in their Twenty20 match The former Test pacemen to prove himself with the bat though, didn't have much of a chance seeing him run out for a golden duck, a mix-up between the wickets to go out a winner, but McGrath still managed in the Blues' 6-run victory. taking a wicket and two catches Young Blues spinner Steven Smith was the man of the match with 4/15. The Bulls were all out for 115 chasing the home side's 8/121. And Western Australia defeated South Australia in a thrilling match at Adelaide Oval. After bowling the Redbacks out for a record-low 97, the Warriors withstood a spirited bowling effort to post a 5-wicket win.

the quarterfinals An Australian will contest of the Sydney International cruised past Frenchman Nicolas Mahut. after Lleyton Hewitt in the second round. Hewitt will now meet Chris Guccione third-round exit After a disappointing Adelaide International, at last week's in Sydney. Hewitt was quick to find his form COMMENTATOR: High quality tennis. broke his opponent early The former world number one for a 3-2 lead. A line overrule from consolidating the break. prevented the Australian How are you going to tell, mate? I couldn't even see. to claim the opening set 6-3. Hewitt regained his composure UMPIRE: Game - Hewitt. to break my serve in the first set He played a pretty flashy game

and I bounced back well straight away, breaking him again, so that was a huge positive. Another line discrepancy continued to flame the 4-time tournament winner's frustrations in the second set. What's going on, mate? It was this far out. It's not even close. The 26-year-old calmed down to hold his serve, a Mahut unforced error providing Hewitt's passage to the second round. Game, set, match - Hewitt. I returned pretty well today. I felt like, all in all, The breaks that I got were because on his service games. I kept putting a lot of pressure an all-Australian round two clash... Hewitt now meets Chris Guccione in Goes back to the safety play. thundering down 18 aces ..the Victorian in straight sets. to dispose of Spaniard Alberto Martin Game, set and match, Guccione. The thing is to get the win to serve well is a big bonus. and also for me for centre court tomorrow. The match is scheduled Andrew Brown for Sports Tonight. While Hewitt and Guccione advanced for the Aussies, it wasn't all good news both eliminated. with Joe Sirianni and Alun Jones World number one Roger Federer the Australian Open, believes he can still win from the Kooyong Classic. despite withdrawing on the weekend Federer was hospitalised with a severe stomach virus, robbing him of crucial match practice. Ordered to rest, Roger Federer still opted to brave the media spotlight, the extent of the illness the world number one revealing which has disrupted his Australian Open preparation. Well, I mean, I've felt better, but it's not terribly bad, but I can't take a chance. to practice much here in Melbourne I haven't been able since I arrived. It just didn't feel good. I've got something in my stomach. It hasn't really left me yet. Despite Federer's withdrawal, still boasts a stellar cast the Kooyong Classic top-10 players present, with five of the world's couldn't hide his disappointment. but tournament organiser Colin Stubbs It's a massive blow, to replace someone of the calibre and it's impossible of Roger Federer. Stubbs's sentiment wasn't shared in Federer's absence. by those who will take the court I don't think we're worried for him. I think I'll sleep OK tonight. Marcos Baghdatis Australian Open finalist will replace Federer, will also play while Nikolay Davydenko after Tommy Haas pulled out with a shoulder injury - Davydenko invited despite lingering match-fixing allegations. I thought about it, but I took the view

that in this society we're innocent until proven guilty. I try to forget everything what's happening last year. Investigation didn't finish yet, but it's not my problem. The Kooyong Classic starts tomorrow. Frank Smith for Sports Tonight. Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek says

rather than play warm-up matches his side will continue to train ahead of their opening World Cup qualifier against Qatar. today beat the over-23s The A-League's under-23s 2-1 in a practice match. on World Cup qualifier spots, While his new charges staked claims Pim Verbeek brushed aside news two Brazilian players that Qatar has just naturalised

former South Americans on February. and may field at least four on things I cannot change, I don't spend any energy

so it doesn't worry me at all. with his own backyard, Verbeek much more concerned of three pre-match camps today winding up the first between the home-based Socceroos with a practice game our under-23 Olyroos. and, in the blue strip, these players every incentive The Socceroos' new coach has given

to go hard today. overseas stars available Even with most of Australia's for the qualifier, he hasn't ruled out entirely of A-League players. fielding a team made up It's a big game.

We know we have to win, so I don't think he'll be taking any risks either way. At the end, we don't make the decision, Pim does, but the boys are there if needed. The Olyroos won the match 2-1. Verbeek not worried by the result. The purpose of this game was to see the players, to see 32 players, I've seen a lot, I've learned a lot, so for me it was very fruitful. Leanne West for Sports Tonight. McLaren has again come a close second to its fiercest rival, Ferrari. unveiled its new machine, Mercedes-powered contender. After a season dogged by controversy Lewis Hamilton is confident his new team-mate, Finn Heikki Kovalainen, will be slightly more pleasant than Fernando Alonso. We got along very well last year, so I'm really looking forward to him. He's very enthusiastic and a very polite young man, so I'm sure we'll have a great season together. A day after their launch,

Ferrari wasted no time hitting the test track Kimi Raikkonen behind the wheel. Former superstar Michael Schumacher kept a close eye on proceedings.

Mmm, KFC. Mmm. KFC's Backyard Bucket - a huge variety of our famous chicken and sides to keep the whole team happy. SONG: # Can't beat it Can't beat it... #

This program is captioned live. Play of the Day and are you sick of driving to work during peak hour? How's this for a solution - a bright idea unveiled by General Motors When you're stuck in traffic and you're busy and you'd like to check your email or read a newspaper or eat or talk on a cell phone, maybe you'd like to have somebody take over the controls? So for those of you that struggle with your 3-point turns or reverse parking, start saving now.

Some sad news before we go -

Australia's greatest ever jockey

has passed away at the age of 84 after a long illness. The weather. Fresh onshore winds will bring showers to the coasts of Queensland and northern New South Wales. Dry northerlies will bring a warm day to SA, Victoria and Tasmania. A trough will spread a cooler change across southern WA. A low pressure system will bring further showers and storms to northern Queensland.

Rain in Cairns, 31. Showers in Brisbane, 28. Increasing sunshine in Sydney, 26. Mostly sunny in Canberra, Melbourne and Perth.

Sunny in Hobart, Adelaide and Alice Springs. Late thunder in Darwin, 33.

And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6am. I'm Kathryn Robinson - from the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.