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(generated from captions) The NAB goes it alone independently of the Reserve. and raises home loan rates

Like, where does it stop? ahead of a weekend of wild surf Sydney beaches set to be closed up and down the coast. How much taxpayers are paying motorway cash-back scheme. to subsidise Sydney's to post a first-innings lead And India digs in

as Tendulkar masters another century. the Sydney Cricket Ground. His third at He has worked very, very hard. This program is captioned live. Good evening.

the National Australia Bank A hangover from 2007 has seen of raising its interest rates take the unusual step without a cue from the Reserve Bank.

of the US housing crisis The NAB is blaming the ongoing impact its variable mortgage rate by 0.12%. for its move to lift will almost certainly follow. Other banks The National Australia Bank to have some breathing space. wants its customers if you make $4.4 billion a year. That's easy to say But after this rate rise,

for many customers. there'll be little air left Australia Bank then, I guess. Lucky I'm not with National Like, where does it stop? as to how regularly they do this. They certainly need to be monitored is the first in a decade The bank's move from the Reserve Bank. without an official change of money market rates rising It's the result caused by the US housing crisis. because of a global credit shortage an emergency situation This is really for the next one to two years. the NAB has moved rates, I guess the fact will move fairly quickly. there's a fair chance the others higher costs for five months. The bank says it's absorbed

to be a popular decision, Look, this was never going

we'd gotten to a point but, like all businesses, a business decision. where we had to make fell on deaf ears. Pleas from Government all Australian banks Now, I would urge Australian families and businesses. to be mindful of the impact on the average home buyer The increase will leave around $20 a month worse off. in just over 18 months - now this. Five interest rate rises The average home buyer in Australia

after tax, is around $3,200 a year worse off so no wonder this move with the NAB's mortgage customers. will be universally unpopular Even worse, there's more to come. 0.5% on your cost of mortgages. I anticipate an increase of about Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. A court heard today murdering a Schofields man that a Sydney mother charged with over and killing his girlfriend A Sydney man charged with running on New Year's Day to manslaughter. has pleaded not guilty Wayne Antoniazzo, The families of the driver, were at today's hearing. and victim, Amaranta Vega,

they share the Vega family's grief. Afterwards, the Antoniazzos said of our family for 4.5 years Amaranta was also part to deal with what has happened. and we are all struggling the couple argued constantly. However, the court was told

A court heard today murdering a Schofields man that a Sydney mother charged with of domestic violence. had been a victim were arrested The woman and her 14-year-old son of John McCann. over the mutilation murder His body was found on New Year's Day. was led into Maitland Court today, The 50-year-old suspect to protect her identity. a blanket placed over her head

Her lawyer said former boyfriend, last Sunday. she's admitted killing Mr McCann, her

the 61-year-old social worker She claims everyone made him out to be. wasn't the kind and peaceful man a 1994 sexual assault The violence included he said. that was reported to police, Mr McCann was hacked to death knives and other sharp items and police recovered a tomahawk, from the scene. She was arrested yesterday. The woman was refused bail. the Baxter juvenile detention centre The child's been taken to on the Central Coast. his matter was mentioned briefly Late today, Children's Court. here at the Parramatta Both will reappear later this month. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. to find a motive Police have struggled of his 13-year-old daughter for a father's murder in Sydney's north-west. at Pennant Hills then killed himself. The 53-year-old man bodies in their home last night. His wife and son found the pair's

just at the beginning of her life. It's a tragedy - young girl, 13, from Iran, kept to themselves. Neighbours say the family,

from the beaches this weekend, We're being told to stay away right along the coast with severe warnings

to southern Queensland. and all the way A deep low off the Sunshine State and massive seas, is bringing flash flooding and in some cases unusual - leading to spectacular - surf conditions.

on the border with Queensland, At a beach

a freakish froth today. the wild seas whipped up seemed to suffocate swimmers. The foamy phenomenon smothered in suds. They eventually surfaced, Yeah, get it off you, mate! by the same low pressure system The stormy weather is caused the east coast earlier this week. that generated big surf along and is dumping flooding rain The low has reintensified and northern NSW. on the Gold and Sunshine coasts are getting bigger by the hour. In Sydney, big waves put themselves in harm's way At Curl Curl, reckless teenagers and one was washed onto a reef. I got that. and say, "You're an idiot." People are going to look at you Yeah, I am. The surge is carving into the beach at Collaroy. and exposing rocks close to homes Most of this went last night. will average four metres tomorrow. The weather bureau predicts the seas

But there will be even larger waves. to shut down beaches in Sydney The big surf is again expected and right along the NSW coast. big day across most of the State. Saturday is looking like a pretty has been cancelled, A surf carnival at Queenscliff at Narrabeen will continue. but the World Junior surfing titles a couple of the younger kids There could be getting a bit rattled tomorrow. Big Saturday is sure to draw a crowd to the coast - it's hoped most will stay on land. Beautiful, but really dangerous. Dale Paget, National Nine News. Bushfire crews in Perth remain on alert this evening with temperatures in the mid to high 30s and strong winds. Overnight, the flames destroyed four homes - three in the Perth Hills and one in the city's northern suburbs. There were no evacuations, but 40 residents voluntarily chose to leave their homes. The main blaze burnt out about 900 hectares, but fire commanders say it's now under control. It's thought the bushfire was caused by a fault in the electricity supply system. We found out today how much we are all paying Qantas maintenance engineers are set to go ahead with industrial action next week, despite lengthy talks today aimed at settling a pay dispute.

The union has held out the prospect of rolling strikes,

but will limit its campaign to overtime bans, pending another meeting with Qantas management. Our assessment of those is, that from a passenger point of view, the impact will be minimal. The bans are due to begin on Wednesday. We found out today how much we are all paying to subsidise the controversial toll cash-back

for drivers using the M4 and M5 motorways. The scheme, to fix a broken election promise by the Carr government, will have cost taxpayers more than $850 million by 2010. The Government's denied using cash-back to shore up Labor's electoral security in marginal outer-Sydney seats such as Penrith and Camden. It remains in place as a great policy

to support the working families of western Sydney. The cash-back scheme for regular users of the M4 and M5 was designed as compensation for Bob Carr's broken election promise to scrap both tolls. The tolls could not be removed because of contractual arrangements entered into by the Greiner government with the private sector. More than $500 million has since been refunded. Another $350 million is expected to be paid back by the time the subsidy ends in two years. This is a State Government that will spare no amount of money to cover up its embarrassment an election campaign. for lies told during

alone were subsidised. 31 million trips in the last year Business leaders say the money to Sydney's transport problems. could have paid for major solutions a significant investment It could make either into roads or to rail. This money down the drain. The Opposition says can justify what the Coalition calls there is no way the Government the majority of NSW motorists. blatant discrimination against and north-west Drivers in Sydney's north get no toll relief, and south-west do. whereas those in Sydney's west Adam Walters, National Nine News. a clearer picture We're starting to get to become of just who will be in the running in this year's elections. the next president of the US

of the nominating race, In the first contest triumphed over Hillary Clinton, the Democrats' Barack Obama Mike Huckabee while former Baptist preacher of Republican votes. scored the majority

It's just a beginning, of who will be there at the end but a very good indicator of the United States. to become the president

amongst the Democrat candidates. Barack Obama tonight the big winner father of two small girls The 46-year-old lived up to all the expectations, he offers a change for the better. voters accepting his message

and our time for change has come! We are nation, we are one people CHEERING Winning 38% of the vote, Edwards and Hillary Clinton, he had a convincing victory over John for second and third. who fought a close battle But with 49 state elections to go, out. no-one dares count Hillary Clinton New Hampshire. It's now on to the next state, the campaign and so ready to lead! I'm so ready for the rest of members gave the nod The conservative Republican Party Mike Huckabee. to the newcomer to national politics, called on a higher power Before the vote, his supporters for this preacher turned politician. for some last-minute help upward. ..that you would lift Mike Huckabee Bush's handling of the Iraq war, Huckabee, who disagrees with George Mitt Romney. won easily over one-time favourite the odds are in favour At the moment, at least, presidential election in November of the Democrats winning the and that could well mean a black American. the next president will be a woman or National Nine News. In Iowa, Robert Penfold, In the news ahead - teenagers' brains. how nicotine can permanently affect from a 47-storey fall. A man's amazing survival for the rescue of Diff the dog. And a sting in the tale To health news, life expectancy in the world, and Australians now have the longest living to 78 and women to 83. with men, on average, giving up smoking and drinking less. New data shows that more men are to their life expectancy. That has added two years have found another reason And in the US, researchers should not smoke cigarettes. why teenagers the brain to develop abnormally. Apparently, nicotine may cause teenage smokers - It's a warning to more than 140,000 to experience problems they're more likely with hearing and concentration. organ system anywhere in the body There is virtually no organ or by cigarette smoke. which is unaffected their brains are still maturing. Teenagers are more affected because

Yale University use special imaging, Researchers from America's which measures water motion. in the nerve fibres, It showed changes which transmit signals to the ear. many neurons, or nerve cells, Within the brain there are in the form of chemical signals. and they transmit information with the transmission Nicotine interferes of those chemical signals. of some during pregnancy were also affected. Teenagers whose mothers smoked teenagers take up smoking each year, While up to 40,000 Australian the downward trend is encouraging. experts say if you go back 10 years, The good news is from about 30% to 17%. we've nearly halved the proportion The next stage of the research will reverse the effects. is to see whether quitting Gabriella Rogers, National Nine News. injured in a chairlift collapse, Two Australian skiers have been resort of Grindelwald in Switzerland. which happened near the mountain A German was killed in the accident, freak winds lifted the steel line which was apparently caused when on one of the cable towers. off the running wheels inside Turkey, Kurdish rebels have struck again 5 people and injured 68. setting off a bomb which has killed was a bus carrying soldiers. The main target war with Kurdish rebels, Turkey is involved in a prolonged southern border with Iraq. who range across the country's in America A remarkable case of survival recovering from a fall of 47 storeys. where a high-rise window-washer is four weeks ago Alcides Moreno had his accident at his progress. and doctors are marvelling you'd care to use - I don't know what adjective unprecedented, extraordinary -

this would be one. if you are a believer in miracles, died in the same fall, Moreno's brother away from the top of the building. when their cleaning platform broke on Christmas Day, Alcides woke from a coma that it wasn't his time to go. telling his wife And after nine operations and broken bones, for multiple organ damage

he should go home later this month. of any animal lover - It was a rescue to lift the heart

down from a cliff face in Queensland bringing Diff the dog for three nights. where he had been stranded with his owner Today he was back at home who also had to be rescued, for taking his four-legged friend and may have to pay the price into a national park. Compared to the last few days, for the Gibson family, this was a walk in the park

and for Diff as well.

At home, safe and sound, MAN: Come on, Diff.

what he went through. it's hard to believe his paws are sore, His eyes are infected, though not too bad he's a little dehydrated, for three nights and days on a wet, cold, windy cliff face. The vet said he's in great health, very strong, very good and no dramas at all. But what a drama it was. The 65kg mastiff cross led off Mount Maroon in a hair-raising rescue,

forced to spend one more night alone in the wild when the weather closed in

after owner David Gibson and a holiday companion were lifted off. Yeah, he nearly pulled the rescuers over - 'cause they had him on a lead - to get to me. It was Diff's barking that maybe saved their life, attracting rescuers to where they were stuck, and David Gibson was never going to give him up. Unable, though, to repay the volunteers who risked their own safety to get him down. Cannot thank them enough, but I'll try. David, the family and Diff plan to resume their camping trip, WOMAN: He's a good boy. DAVID: He is a good boy. There's a sting in the tail of this happy ending. Gibson could be fined for taking Diff onto world heritage-listed Mount Maroon. Ignorance is no excuse. And if they wish to fine me, then I won't dispute it. Lane Calcutt, National Nine News. Cameron Williams with sport is next - and a big innings from the 'Little Master'? It was great entertainment. Sachin Tendulkar guiding India to a first-innings lead with a bit of help from the tail. Also - a marvellous effort to honour Richie Benaud at the SCG. And the 'Fed Express' flies into Australia.

He has been dubbed the best since Bradman, and a Sachin Tendulkar century has given India the lead in a fiery second Test at the SCG. Replying to Australia's 463, India scored 532, Tendulkar 154 not out in what is likely to be his last Sydney Test. Second time round, the hosts are 0/13, trailing by 56 runs. Many cricket lovers turned up today to see the modern-day batsman who reminded the late Sir Donald Bradman of himself.

Early, India's little master played apprentice to Sourav Ganguly. COMMENTATOR: Will it go all the way? Yes, it will. Sachin soon followed. Now Tendulkar gets in the act. Oh, wow! Andrew Symonds seemed to suffer an ankle injury,

but fought off pain to stay on the field.

On 67, Ganguly had to go, trying to belt Brad Hogg once too often. Yuvraj Singh trapped for 12 by Brett Lee before lunch. After the break, Tendulkar fired. That's hit beautifully through the covers. He looked like running out of partners. Adam Gilchrist, the first Australian to grab 400 Test dismissals. Harbhajan Singh not only hung around... Oh, that's nicely played. ..but, out of reach, just avoiding the grasp of Gilchrist, allowing Test cricket's most prolific century-maker

to give spectators what they came for. They're standing as one at the SCG. 38 Test hundreds. 22 outside India, his third at the SCG. A great moment almost soured by unsavoury words. Symonds and Harbhajan's verbal exchange forced both umpires to step in. A little reprimand for Harbhajan. His stand with Tendulkar worth 129, Harbhajan fell for a well-made 63. As the PM played perfect host for the visitors, Tendulkar earnt a pat from Lee for passing 150. The paceman's first 5-wicket haul on his home ground hard earned. Most applause for the batsman, who now averages 326 at the SCG. 154 not out. Australia's openers survived a testy four overs, but the hosts still trail by 56 runs. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. a fixture on our television screens Richie Benaud has been for 30 years around the world prior to that. and on the cricket grounds a permanent place Now he has taken up at the Sydney Cricket Ground, behind the Ladies' Stand in statue form. is that I like it. First thing I want to say to be immortalised with sculptures Benaud is the first of 10 sportsmen at the famous ground. his impressive build-up Lleyton Hewitt continues to the Australian Open tonight, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga taking on big-hitting Frenchman

of the Adelaide International. in the quarterfinals win over Argentina's Jose Acasuso. It follows Hewitt's straight-sets free of injuries Fitter than ever, an ultra-aggressive approach, and displaying the draw in Adelaide. Hewitt has cruised through UMPIRE: Game, Hewitt. with rejuvenating his mind and body He credits master coach Tony Roche Australian Open title. in the pursuit of an elusive the practice court Every minute we're on and working on something, there's a reason we're out there I think. and that's been the biggest change, the focus on Hewitt will be intense. For the next three weeks best take a back seat. In this country, even the world's

He obviously hopes to win this one. for him every year. It's the big goal around Lleyton every time. There's the big talk has his own goals for the year ahead. Touching down in Melbourne, Federer as he's done for the past two years, If he wins three Grand Slam titles, breaking Pete Sampras's record. he'll take his tally to 15, it's hard to back it up, It's a lot, you know, three a year, but I'll try my best. and I know that, at the Kooyong Classic, Federer will fine tune his game starting on Wednesday. for the Medibank International, Jetting into Sydney James Blake and Justine Henin. The women's world number one back Australian summer after missing last year's

of her marriage. due to the break-up I had a good preparation, of the season but it's the first tournament so you never know what to expect. Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News.

the CommSec Finance report. After the break, Jaynie Seal with the weather. as a new member joins the team. Then high fives all round

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what's the earth worth? but after all, the National Australia Bank To finance - and shares in home loan rates today. jumped sharply after it raised

Weather now, and Jaynie - is certainly proving unpredictable? the low causing this wild weather That's right, Michael. The latest indications show to the north of us. the bulk of the wild weather and rough seas Still expect wet weather as originally expected. but maybe not as intense especially in the west, A few showers last night,

to 28 for Penrith. where today temperatures climbed It's now 24 in the city. Showers could increase overnight. off the Gold Coast Now, that unpredictable low and gradually weaken. is expected to head southwards Heavy rain continuing and northern Mid-North Coast. over the Northern Rivers area should cross the coast near Darwin Category 1 Tropical Cyclone Helen bringing torrential rain and gales. late tonight or early tomorrow,

Still hot for Perth. for Adelaide, A cool change tomorrow night hitting Melbourne Sunday morning. Here in Sydney fresh for most of the day. the south-easterly winds should stay with swells over 3m. A no-go zone for most beaches over the weekend. And fairly rough on the harbour a late southerly change on Sunday, Up to 35 knots on Saturday with so at this stage we expect in the first half of the day, most of the showers to be fining up for the afternoon. and light showers, Sunday - warming up

slowly drying out next week. happy, enthusiastic weather cadets. And it was a hot day for our very

Campbelltown City Vacation Care, A big 'hello' to being weather forecasters. who had a lot of fun Have a great weekend, everyone, start of your holidays, Michael. and perhaps a few showers for the a changing of the guard And finally, entertainment group - Hi-5. in the popular children's

their newest member They have shown off the next stage show, Hi-5 Circus. during the unveiling of the ropes for the past few months, Stevie Nicholson has been learning who left the group taking over from Tim Harding, in a motorbike accident last year. after he was injured # I'm so happy... # Hi-5's national tour starts tomorrow. for this Friday. And that's National Nine News thanks for your company - good night. I'm Michael Usher, by Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions