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(generated from captions) rescued the innings. before Andrew Symonds and Brad Hogg to a remarkable days play. Up next - the reaction

from the fall at the Perth Cup. Plus - the fall-out contest a classic race. And Australia's cycling elite

First tonight - who allegedly raped a psychiatric patient and killed his 10-year-old daughter,

from hospital. did so just days after being released during the father's court appearance. The tragic details were revealed is accused of brutally raping The former funeral director his 10-year-old daughter and murdering

sometime around New Year's Day. inside the holiday house Her body was found on Bribie Island. the family had just rented been tied up and stabbed, She'd reportedly her head was partly shaved. aged six and nine, The girl's siblings,

and alerted a neighbour. allegedly found her told the court The 39-year-old's lawyer his client was subject to mental health treatment order. an involuntary He was released, as I understand it, from the Royal Brisbane Hospital A court liaison officer to prison mental health He'll be referred and access to treatment. for further screening assess him They'll have a psychiatrist It's also emerged the Brisbane man is divorced

of his four children. but had custody

just weeks ago. He was sacked from his funeral job about how safe you are It makes you wonder

and who's next door. in your neighbourhood The man's other three children, found with him, including the 7-year-old boy have been placed in foster care. set down for the 10th of March. Summer Burke, Ten News. outside a court today, Emotional scenes where a young man faced charges of his girlfriend. over the hit-and-run death

after a New Year's Day argument Amaranta Vega was struck down with the 22-year-old. relationship as "unhealthy". Her mother describing the couple's with his girlfriend, Amaranta Vega, This is Wayne Antoniazzo in happier times.

celebrating the new year The couple had been at her relatives' home in Canberra after a heated argument. when he sped off Afterwards she laid in the street. and kept driving. Police say he returned, struck her

the heart-breaking journey Amaranta's family today made to the ACT Magistrates Court

was taken away. to hear how their 18-year-old girl We believe in the legal system of our country.

The court heard with Wayne on the roadside, that when officers finally caught up he allegedly said:

He was found in a paddock, to drive to Canberra to pick him up. waiting for mates from Sydney to support the 22-year-old. His family also made the journey His lawyer didn't apply for bail. to investigators, Amaranta's mother has spoken was infatuated with the defendant, telling them her daughter although they argued constantly. they're also looking forward. But, through their grief, and that justice will prevail. To make sure that the truth is known Josh Murphy, Ten News. into the police shooting An investigation is underway of a man who's now fighting for life.

to fire a number of shots Police say the officer was forced to subdue the knife-wielding victim. after capsicum spray failed to his chest, Suffering gunshot wounds

for emergency surgery. a man arrives at hospital The 33-year-old was shot outside his home. while confronting police over a domestic dispute Officers had been called with his 19-year-old de facto. the man was having he was already suffering, When they arrived self-inflicted stab wounds. what's believed to have been to drop the knife. They called on the man with the capsicum spray They actually sprayed him in an attempt to subdue him. He continued to approach police. A senior constable fired three shots. to be put in this situation. No police member ever wants It is a difficult situation have to resort to firearms. when police members

Neighbours woke to a chaotic scene. It was just a bang. but I didn't know what it was. It woke me up You could just hear it. till I come around the corner I didn't take any notice ambulances and everything there. and here's all these cars, followed strict guidelines, Police say officers and the Ethical Strandards Division but senior homicide squad detectives are now investigating the shooting. Christopher Still, Ten News. is a second tragedy The killer fire in the WA goldfields for the devastated family Charmaine Dragun. of the late Channel Ten newsreader who perished in the highway fire One of the three victims Charmaine's uncle. was 65-year-old Louis Bedford, Estelle Dragun, says Mr Bedford's sister, the fateful decision despite authorities making to remove a road block the family doesn't lay any blame.

but there are no answers. Yes, there will be an inquiry place, nature will take its course. No matter what plans you put in for five days. The bushfire has been burning become the rescued It was a case of the rescuers along the east coast. as the wild weather continued today Rough seas and a massive shore dump

of more than 30 people, on the New South Wales south coast. during a surf boat marathon end. Send out the warning crew. of those caught in violent seas, Surf lifesavers went to the aid but they also came to grief.

and needed medical attention. Several people suffered head injuries to the finish line. several crews still made it have 30 days to lodge an appeal The three Bali bombers on death row for presidential clemency

will be carried out. or their executions played key roles Imam Samudra, Amrozi and Ali Ghufron in the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people including 88 Australians.

test is under review. Australia's controversial citizenship the exam, Too many migrants have been failing

they're being asked. raising concerns about the questions are Aussie enough to be an Aussie, It's the test to see if migrants looks set to go the way but now the citizenship exam of other controversial Howard Government policies.

New Immigration Minister Chris Evans will review the 20 questionS on Australian history and culture after it emerged 20% of applicants were failing. The review's been welcomed by migrant support groups. I feel that the test was a little bit more political. I think there was a little bit... I'm not suggesting it was racist, but I felt there was a little bit of that political side to it. We didn't like that. More than 10,000 have taken the test. Nearly 2,500 failed to achieve the 60% pass mark.

I don't really care about how many people failed it. I don't think there should be an emphasis on tests at all. But the Opposition denies the test is too hard.

it's not that complicated a test and they can have another go but we should maintain high standards and I'd be horrified if Labor, now that they've come to government were to lower the standards for Australian citizenship. The Government hasn't suggested scrapping the test yet, but will look at a change in the questions. The Ethnic Communities Council prefers English lessons to a values test. Talking about some test about first prime ministers and this, that and the other - I really don't care. I'd probably fail the test myself but I believe I'm a very good Australian citizen. Max Futcher, Ten News. Shock new statistics about the growing trend of caesarean births. A new study has found

women who opt for a c-section are twice as likely to die or become ill, as those who give birth naturally. At 7.5 months pregnant Sujatha Gunji is seriously considering delivering her second child by caesarean. In my opinion,

if there was any risk to me or my baby I wouldn't hesitate to opt for a C-section if it provided the better and more healthy outcome for both of us. While she wants a natural birth, complications mean a C-section may be the safest option. Around 30% of Australian babies are now born by caesarean, a rate that has medical experts worried. There is no doubt that a number of women need caesarian and should and must have a caesarian but the rates in this country are probably twice as high

as they need to be. A recent study by Oxford University revealed C-sections dramatically increase the risk of a woman needing a hysterectomy after giving birth. The morbidity and the trauma that's associated for women,

when you compare to a normal birth, is really significant. Exhaustion, tiredness, infection, haemorrhage - just those general kind of complaints that really affect women's initial first few weeks with their new baby. While doctors recognise the risk they recognise it's ultimately a woman's choice. Whether you have a caesarian or a natural birth, by far and away the most likely outcome is a healthy mother and baby, but we do know that if you have a caesarian you are taking a higher risk of problems both immediately for that pregnancy and in subsequent pregnancies as well. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Ahead in Ten's Late News,

The bosses paying you to lose weight. And in CommSec's finance report,

a positive New Year start for the markets.

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This program is captioned live. Dozens of families have been burned alive in a church massacre in Kenya. They were taking refuge from escalating ethnic violence when the building was torched. tell of an appalling massacre. The skies above Eldoret The burning remains of the town's church and the buildings around it have sent shockwaves throughout this country. Inside, dozens of people, many women and children, but they were hunted down by youths, who overpowered them and set it on fire. Pictures of the charred remains amid the ruins are too distressing to broadcast. Masked aid workers helped those who had survived, but witnesses say more than 50 people perished in these flames. The violence here, as elsewhere, appears to be tribal. The victims in Eldoret were mostly Kikuyu, the same ethnic group as the President, Mwai Kibaki. Attacks continued across the country, slums set alight by marauding mobs. Elsewhere, in Mathare, on the outskirts of the capital, Nairobi, armed police clashed with rioters,

shattering fragile hopes that for a time at least there might be calm. Meanwhile, the conduct of the election that returned President Kibaki to power by official monitors. has been criticised We are faced with a combination of verified irregularities, a lack of transparency. As the injured are treated in hospitals, there are fears there is worse to come. The authorities are trying to ban a protest rally on Thursday. The opposition say a million people will turn out. Gruesome details have emerged about the murder of a 61-year-old man whose mutilated body was discovered yesterday, in his own home. Police say John McCann's body may have been lying in his north-west Sydney house for up to three days before it was discovered by his daughter. Several weapons, including tomahawks and knives,

were discovered at the scene. Until those items are forensically examined, I can't determine whether they've been used during the death. Police are asking

anyone who has been in contact with the victim in the past 72 hours to come forward. Police have released CCTV of a brutal bashing at a train station. I did nothing to upset this man. There was no reason for him to have done what he did.

Police are searching for a young man and woman A trip to buy a newspaper has taken a bizarre twist. A 74-year-old man walking away uninjured after his car careered backwards across a main road and into a restaurant. Suddenly, just reversed the car from here, just like minute -

one second, sorry -

then just parking the car in restaurant. Luckily, the restaurant was closed at the time but just two days ago the Indian cricket team had been dining where the car came to rest. in the very room The Federal Government says it's inherited a navy nightmare after problems with an expensive upgrade of our frontline fighting ships. The broadside follows claims

sailors are quitting the navy because the vessels they serve on can't be sent into battle. $1.5 billion has been spent upgrading our guided-missile frigates but the job still isn't done. the warships can't be sent to battle zones. Commanders are not happy about the level of capability, of doing the job that they're designed to do. According to a whistleblower in News Limited papers, the situation is so bad sailors are quitting the navy because the ships can't go where they're most needed. Of particular concern is that the anti-missile and anti-torpedo systems can't be integrated and the electronic support measures, which detect incoming threats,

don't work. We have no idea, now, when they might be deployed. We have been left with a very, very significant challenge

by the Howard government. The Opposition accuses Mr Fitzgibbon of playing politics. highly complex and technical systems on existing platforms, that you can get delays and complications. The Australian Defence Association says the 1970s ships should never have been bought in the first place. Now, these ships were ordered by the Whitlam government and actually delivered in the early Fraser government,

and it just goes to show how, if you penny pinch back then, three decades later it's still costing you a fortune. The frigate problems are the latest in a litany of defence debacles, dating back to the Collins Class submarines. There were also the dud Seasprite helicopters and minehunter prototypes, which were scrapped, all costing billions of dollars. The Government is hopeful that the latest problems will be resolved soon. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Aviation authorities have dismissed fears runway upgrades at Sydney airport aren't enough to prevent a catastrophe. The safety area at the end of the east/west runway but pilots warn it's not long enough. What airline pilots want is a safety area which exceeds international minimum standards and, in fact, is amongst the world's best.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority says the runways meet international standards. Taxpayer-funded massages for public servants are about to become a thing of the past. Government departments spent almost $200,000 on rub downs in 2004 and 2005. Australia Post was at the top of the list with a $55,000 bill. The Bureau of Statistics spent $10,000, while John Howard's department racked up $6,000. We think that, on balance, it's better to not spend taxpayers' money on these sorts of activities. The Government says it'll look at other ways to reward public servants who do a good job. American companies aren't giving their employees massages but cash their New Year resolutions.

their employees massages but cash

to stick to their New Year resolutions. Businesses saddled with rising health insurance costs are paying their workers to get healthy. Stefanie Chiras's company pays her to develop computer memory subsystems and pays her extra to eat right. Having work sponsor it makes you kind of feel like, "OK, someone's buying into it," and then, you know, certainly the cash, at the end of the day, is an incentive. Stefanie works for IBM. in her pay cheque She gets an additional $150 and losing weight. for tracking her eating habits online When I reach for log it in to the tool." I think, "Oh, but I have to that next unhealthy thing When I reach for

incentive program four years ago, IBM launched its voluntary wellness log it in to the tool." I think, "Oh, but I have to

up to $300 a year handing each employee healthy eating, exercise for completing and preventative care programs. corporate America are skyrocketing. Healthcare bills for

about $2 billion globally, Each year IBM spends are driving up the cost. and obese workers cash incentives to employees Researchers say offering to try and motivate them is actually a low-cost way and get on the treadmill. to cut out the fat have lost weight, stopped smoking So many IBM employees or otherwise improved their health $130 million, that the company has paid out about three times as much. but it's saving to give workers money And this year IBM also plans healthier eating habits. if their children develop with getting her back into shape Stefanie credits the company policy Alexis Christoforous, Ten News. ahs erupted tonight, Chile's Llaima volcano

exploding into the air. spewing hot ash and lava There's been no reports of injuries, have been evacuated from the area. but around 150 tourists

is one of Chile's most active. by Juliet Saly from CommSec. To finance news now and I'm joined about the US economy, Juliet, with all the concern what's the outlook for us in '08? are becoming less and less linked Well, the Australian and US economies

but the US share market of the world economy. still accounts for 20% could see some more volatility So, any downturn there in the short term. on our share market In terms of interest rates, rise pencilled in for 2008, we think there is at least one more most likely next month. In terms of the good news though, it seems we are all balancing our books

and rising interest rates in the face of higher petrol prices

and the hot stocks for 2008 - still has room to grow we think the resource sector as does the retail sector. Let's check the numbers now. OK, thanks Juliette. at the closing bell. The All Ordinaries was up 13 points

A surprise performance tonight from one of the world's finest tenors.

Catherine Kennedy Jose Carreras serenading Ten reporter at the Sydney Opera House,

of two sell-out shows on Friday. where he'll perform the first the greatest singers of all time, I have with me one of Mr Jose Carreras.

Mr Carreras, welcome back to Sydney. Thanks very much. this Friday and Sunday night. What can the audience expect? the kind of repertoire Well, I think they can expect I believe they like to hear from us. some of the songs And you have also dedicated to the late Luciano Pavarotti - how important was that for you? to pay tribute to Luciano This is a pleasure

one of the greatest singers because he was not only in the history of opera, but he was a very close friend very, very sad. and it was very sad to lose him - and Placido Domingo You alongside Luciano Pavarotti opera music through the Three Tenors. helped popularise arias and in hindsight? What was that experience like It was a wonderful experience. Well, it was wonderful. after all is I think the most positive thing kind of music, this kind of art, we had the possibility to bring this and we're very proud. to a much larger type of audience

You're a romantic at heart. greater than to be serenaded by you. I don't think there could be anything Could I be so bold as to ask you to..?

Well, my wife is around but we can. (Laughs) (Laughs) What can I sing for you? (Sings) # When somebody loves you # # It's no good unless he loves you #

# All the way. # Thank you very much. Thank you.

All the best. is next, Sports Tonight with Rob Canning decisions and Rob some questionable umpiring on the opening day of the first Test.

Very controversial Kath. all questioned Stumpings, catches, lbws as a record stand rescues Australia. Symonds celebrates his second Test century. Lleyton looks forward to the Open Tevez's bizarre goal celebration and oh baby, what a strike Carlos

See ya. MAN: Need a cab, sir? No, I'm right, thanks. Cheers. doin' nothin'... # SONG: # I wasn't Catch you, Johnny. (Laughs) # Yes, what is it # I'm supposed to have done? # Hey... # Every police car is a mobile RBT getting breath-tested, so if you're worried about

you should be. SIREN WAILS # Better get a lawyer, son a real good one... # # You'd better get This program is captioned live. Welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. decisions have marred Several contentious umpiring

between Australia and India the opening day of the second Test at the SCG. his good fortune - Andrew Symonds relished

partnership with Brad Hogg, to share in a record breaking and rescue Australia's innings. were hardly warm The spectators' seats when they lost a local favourite. That's caught behind. COMMENTATOR: That's out. before a run had been scored. Jaques self-destructed was far more conventional. Hayden's dismissal

Battling a skin allergy, a sharp chance. an unshaven Tendulkar held India were having a day in the sun, didn't slow the Australians. but the loss of two early wickets That's beautifully timed. even on a slowish outfield. No stopping that, though, at almost 5 an over. The partnership, 92,

they had Ponting. The tourists thought The appeal's up. Snicko thought so too. of keeping. That was a terrible piece full circle. Eventually, Ponting's luck turned It's gotta be plum, absolutely plum. The replay told the story. But Ponting did get an inside edge. It triggered a collapse. then Clarke for 1. Hussey went in the next over,

Oh, he's let that one go,

and Michael Clarke's back to the pavilion now. They'd lost 4/15 when Gilchrist was pouched by Tendulkar. He's got him. Yes, he has! It should have been worse - Symonds given a let-off.

This sort of reaction suggests, "What are you thinking, umpire?" But cricket's pig hunter and the man named Hogg dragged Australia out of the mire. And now smashing it through extra cover. This is the Brad Hogg day. He's hit that one straight into the gap. A ground record 7th-wicket stand for Symonds. You beauty! There's a smile, there's 100. A second Test ton for the Queenslander. Hogg fell on the verge of his first. Good catch, sharp catch. Wickets lost, but, thanks to Symonds, day one honours with Australia. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Umpiring errors ruled day one, so too did Symonds's blade. He shared a scintillating 173-run stand with Brad Hogg, but it was his good fortune, rather than good hitting, which dominated the press conference. I was very lucky - I was out when I was 30, given not out. That's cricket, though. You know, I could sit here and tell you about some bad decisions as well. But I won't. It's exciting to be in front of Andrew for a while and get to 50 before him but he just showed who was boss and got 100 before I got to 70 and, yeah, put me back in my place.

They played very well. They scored some good boundaries.

After that, Brad Hogg and Symonds - they hit hard. Perth racing stewards will hold an inquiry Lleyton Hewitt is confident his best form is close after a comprehensive opening round With coach Tony Roche in the stands, Hewitt displayed the killer instinct

his new mentor believes has been missing in recent times. On court for just over an hour in his opening-round win, home-crowd favourite Lleyton Hewitt was working a little harder on the practice court today. The top seed was full of confidence after thrashing Israel's Dudi Sela last night. Hewitt's trademark aggression back, as he comfortably dictated play. Very happy with the way I've been hitting it and timing the ball

and doing all the right things in practice but to do it on the match court is totally different, especially when you haven't played a tournament for nearly three months so, yeah, that was the biggest positive, I think, to come out of it. to a 6-2 6-2 victory and promising more of the same in the future. COMMENTATOR: Game, set, match. I feel like I'll get better and better with every match,

especially once I can get on that roll, I can play lots of matches and get into that routine again. That's when I play my best tennis. Hewitt will now face Argentinian for a place in the quarterfinals.