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(generated from captions) The beautiful weather extended the metropolitan area. right across

30 in Campbelltown 31 in Penrith, and 25 in the mountains. Those sea breezes at 25 degrees in Cronulla. kept the temperature Around the country tomorrow - more showers forecast for Brisbane for Darwin. and the usual summer showers

Fine in the other capitals. Perth will be doing it tough of 40 degrees. with heatwave conditions a shower or two in Sydney Tomorrow we could see for the first time in over a week. long, dry spells. But we'll still have 25 in Parramatta. Up to 28 degrees in Richmond, The city will also reach 25. on Friday, A shower or two is also possible

a few showers on Saturday but they'll become more isolated as we head into next week. And that's Seven News to now. Thanks for your company. I'm Chris Bath. Goodnight. This is the story don't want you to see the big manufacturers the driver when things go wrong. because it's far easier to blame and welcome to Today Tonight. Hello. I'm Samantha Armytage for their summer break tonight, As thousands head off when it comes to safety? how does your car rate The tests you weren't meant to see. shout down the citizenship test. Also tonight, new Australians now they want it dumbed down. Too many are failing, Have you lost that loving feeling? have no time for passion anymore. Why married couples Plus, Hollywood's finest revealed. ever seen on the big screen? What are the best dresses You will never pick the winner. with some chilling vision But we begin tonight no older than 12 of a group of children wreaking havoc of a major Australian town as they took over the main street on New Year's Eve. where were their parents? You may ask Simple - hundreds of kilometres away. they were out partying and the locals are furious The town is Albury were allowed to attack and assault at how this group of young girls at will down Albury's main street. anyone who dared venture They wouldn't be of high school age, yet at 2am on New Year's Eve own lessons to the innocent public. they were dishing out their gender and age wasn't a concern. Male, female, old or young - The pack were on the prowl. was always in the background And big brother ready to lend a hand. a media blitz to catch these thugs Police have now launched

will be seeking legal advice and once caught, of those involved. on charging the parents Let's hope they have success. won't like this story. The major car makers In fact, one of them, Ford, being shown on television tried to stop one of the tests in the United States. which you'll see in a moment, The vision, speaks for itself. crushed roofs are blamed Suffice to say, in Australia. for as many as 1 in 5 car fatalities

covering the roofs of cars Tragically, there is no regulation in this country. in a crash? So how would your car hold up Here's Frank Pangallo.

In Australia, one in five fatalities

are responsible for rollovers. Clutch head and spinal injuries However, many more suffer serious on occupants, from roofs crushing down the biggest single safety issue making roof strength now facing car makers. in passive safety. It's the last frontier dramatic than this - And it couldn't be more

explorer SUV in the US a rollover test on a year 2000 that the Ford Motor Company failed to stop from being shown.

Here the roof crushes in one side. seriously injured the occupants. It would have either killed or problem for a couple of decades I mean, they've known about this and effectively have done little. Raphael Grizbietta, Associate Professor

from Melbourne's Monash University, a car safety expert is involved in a global push to strengthen car roofs to get manufacturers on this new device and have their cars tested developed in the United States called the Jordan Rollover System. the Australian regulations Let's just look at governing roofs of cars, Are there any?

No, there aren't. There isn't? it's not required Not in Australia, no, in Australia. to test the roofs of cars that protects Australians There is nothing against a badly designed vehicle roof.

standard governing car roofs is - Here's how ludicrous the existing

to drive a vehicle on our roads it would be perfectly legal

with a roof made of pasta. saying? What are the car manufacturers direct link between neck injuries Well, they claim that there is no which is absolute rubbish. and roof crush We've proven that here at Monash between neck loading and roof crush. that there is a direct link this rollover test done in the US Just take a look at on a Jeep Cherokee. and would have been fatal. The roof damage is extensive and the Ford we saw earlier Compare that to this test on a Volvo XC90 extremely well. where the roof support holds up The car living up to its image on our roads. as one of the safest models

Ford now own Volvo one of the safest vehicles and Volvo have in terms of rollover, the XC90

with the JRS system and that's been tested

and it's come out as the best result and GM vehicles whereas some of the Ford vehicles have been some of the worst. all passenger cars sold In Australia, in the world do meet the toughest standard that applies in this regard and the only international standard is in the US at the moment. Chamber of Automotive Industries Andrew McKellar of the Federal

are always improving safety. says car makers is electronic stability control One of latest innovations to prevent rollovers. approach to this sort of crash risk It is an important part of the so I'm confident that it provides a major part of any solution. Are there other things that we should be looking at? Look, I think that debate needs to be had

and, as I say, the industry doesn't shy away from that. In the USA car makers are now being sued by victims of roof crush. Raphael Grizbietta says it could soon happen here and they can do a lot more with safety, and middle pillars or vehicles starting by strengthening the front and middle pillars of vehicles for as little as $20 or $50. I mean, one of the other absurd things that we've learnt

over the past couple of decades is they use the windscreen as a bracing for the roof. And so, I mean, your life rides on the strength of the windscreen, a fracturing of the windscreen and the glue that holds it together. In the meantime, he's urging the Federal Transport Department to bring the Jordan Rollover System to Australia and make it part of the new car assessment program which already tests for front and side impact collisions. And I can tell you, it would only take roughly about $3 million. Now, you think of $3 million in comparison to half of the spinal injuries - of half of the spinal injuries the cost of one in every five fatalities, it's a trivial sum. Frank Pangallo reporting. It's worth noting that the authorities are always quick to blame drivers for the road toll. But the silence is deafening

when it comes to the responsibility of manufacturers. Now, I have a question for you. It's one of the questions being asked of wannabe Australians when they sit the much lauded citizenship test. It reads -

If you answered B, you were right. But this is one of the questions that the 10,000 people who've sat the citizenship test

since it was introduced three months ago struggled to answer. In fact, the test is being branded too hard for new Australians with 1 in 5 failing. So does it need further dumbing down? Well, the Rudd government thinks it does and has ordered a complete review of all the questions.

Do you? Here's Bryan Seymour. People shouldn't become citizens unless they obviously know something about Australia. TV AD: If you want to become an Australian citizen, you'll have to take the citizenship test. Thousands have done just that - and failed. That's idea of the citizenship. It's your commitment to Australia. Terrence Donelly's wife, Vilma, came from the Philippines. She failed the citizenship test last month and will try again in February. She can take the free test as many times as she likes but cannot become an Australian citizen until she passes. I don't know who's putting the test together whether those people have got those sort of thoughts in mind to make it relevant to what you need to do to live in Australia today. Over 2,000 aspiring citizens have failed the test since it was introduced on October 1. That's one fifth of the total number who've taken it prompting the new Rudd government to consider wholesale changes. We want people whose skills and abilities are something we need. We want people who will obviously contribute and not be a drain on the country.

Above all, we want people who believe in Australian values. a constitutional campaigner, Professor David Flint,

is adamant, aspiring citizens need to prove their commitment. One-fifth or 2,300 people have failed the test despite there only being a 60% pass mark. Is it grounds enough to look at wholesale changes? Not at all. And I hope it's not applied to the HSC or university examinations. That's not the way to look at these things. Obviously, you're not ruled out forever.

You can keep on trying. So it's not unreasonable to say we want you to demonstrate in this very rough way that you know something about Australia that you're willing to put into some sort of a commitment to being an Australian. (All sing) # Waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda. # Featuring questions like who wrote 'Waltzing Matilda'. The test is less an exam, more a recap because all the answers to the 20 multiple-choice questions are in this free booklet - in 29 different languages. Generations of migrants have settled very well into Australia without the need to have undergone a citizenship test. Spokesperson for the Ethnic Communities Council

in New South Wales, Justin Li has always questioned why the need for a test at all. He believes that a test may not be the best way to inform new Australians about our history and culture. A certain knowledge about Australia's history and geography, our values - that's certainly helpful. And we should by all means encourage our people to learn these things.

Nearly 1 million permanent residents are eligible to become Australian citizens. Each year, just over 100,000 do from 175 different countries. Supporters of the test say it's appropriate to assess how fair dinkum they are. I think we probably should have a test. There's a lot of people that are here that can't really speak English and they open up shops and it's very difficult to communicate with them. Well, you have to be here four years before you're eligible to sit the test. Yes. Is that enough time? Oh yeah, I think so. Four years would be enough.

My husband is about write it. He said it's really easy. He's about to do the test, is he? Yeah. (Laughs) And he's going to nail it? Pardon? He's going to nail it, is he? He's going to pass? Yeah, definitely. He said that. He said that it's pretty easy. The new Federal Immigration Minister Chris Evans has committed to a review of the test and he's flagging big changes, but he won't say what they are. In the meantime, he wants migrant residents to continue

taking the citizenship test. How easy, or difficult, is this test? I should think that getting a credit card is probably more difficult, or opening a bank account. And the 10,000 who have so far sat the citizenship test have come from 153 different countries with the most from the United Kingdom, Iraq and China. Now we're two days into 2008 and two days in to honouring those New Years resolutions. Psychologists say that one of the main ingredients to changing your life for the better is the way you think. It has long been said that the power of positive thinking can help you stick to your resolutions and even overcome serious illness, such as cancer. Kylie Minogue, Delta Goodrem and Raelene Boyle have all talked of the importance of mind power in their major health battles. tells a different story. But new research

Laura Sparkes reports.

If I didn't have a positive attitude

I would have died 20 years ago. I think if you go into the cancer battle with a positive attitude you're certainly going to come out of it a lot better than if you go in with a negative attitude. It's a multimillion-dollar business based on a simple message - the power of positive thinking. self-help courses, wellbeing centres, even cults like 'The Secret' - they all push the same line. But just how helpful is a positive mind when it comes to beating cancer? Delta Goodrem made mention of it in her fight against leukaemia while Kylie Minogue said it was positive thinking that made a big difference

in her struggle with breast cancer. You've got to fight it.

You can't sit back and let everyone else do the work for you. But the latest US study suggests positive thinking has nothing to do with overcoming cancer. More than 1,000 patients were asked to answer a quality-of-life questionnaire

explaining their emotional wellbeing. Over the years, more than half the patients died and the study found their emotional state didn't affect the progression of the cancer or death. I think it's ridiculous that it's even been brought up because one of the things we talk about with the doctors and people that are treating us is being positive. Former Olympian Raelene Boyle is surprised at the latest research

but she did admit she fell into the clutches of depression during her battle against breast cancer in 1996 and ovarian cancer four years later. There were days, once again, where it was extremely difficult to be positive

because when you're told you've got cancer is a shockingly scary time

and you go into this "My God, what's going to happen?"

Today, Raelene believes

the power of hope is an important element in a patient's fight against cancer and is concerned about the message this latest study is sending. I think if you're too negative it can drag you down too far where you don't believe you'll get over it. The US study is backed up by research done here at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne. They looked into the role of optimism in people with inoperable lung cancer. They found there was little correlation in the group between the power of positive thinking and beating the cancer. In fact, some experts believe society's expectations that patients must think positive when they have cancer is just another burden sufferers face. It can limit communication between people with cancer and their family members if they're having a bad day. Dr Penny Schofield is a behavioural scientist and research fellow at the centre. She says family members shouldn't exert too much pressure on positivity. They might feel annoyed, they might feel angry, they should be allowed to have those days and not feel the pressure to be positive because it may influence the outcome of their cancer. The studies that have been done, well, in that regard the bulk of them actually show it does make a significant difference. Ian Gawler had already beat cancer once

when 26 years ago he was diagnosed with secondary cancer. Told he had two weeks to live, Ian refused to listen. Today, he's a champion of the power of the mind running the Yarra Valley Living Centre. the first wellness centre for cancer patients in Australia. It's just an observational study. It's just looking at people coming through a particular clinic looking at their state of mind and what happened to them. It didn't have any intervention. It's study that has poor evidence from a scientific point of view. Can you, by thinking positively, beat cancer?

but there's a big difference I believe you can,

between positive thinking and wishful thinking. If people think it's just a matter of saying "I can beat this thing", I'd say "Good luck, you might be lucky." What positive thinking means is you actually get out there

and you do something. It leads to positive action. Food for thought. Laura Sparkes reporting. If you think of the film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' it's almost impossible in that little black dress. not to picture Audrey Hepburn

According to a new list out today there are 10 dresses we'll always remember long after we've forgotten the plot of the film they were in. Sophie Hull reports on the most memorable dresses in the history of Hollywood. Celebrities, and particularly actresses are the real fashion figures today so everybody is always going to be watching what they're wearing. The perfect marriage of fashion and film. One costume, dress, or outfit,

that becomes the enduring singular image of an entire movie. The fight to get clothes in films is just as tough as it is to get it on actors and that on the red carpet.

These actors are such fashion figures they know that films are seen by everybody all around the world you know, create a fashion trend. and they know that it can just,

Jennifer Molocco is fashion editor at the 'Daily Telegraph'. She agrees with most of the choices on the list of the top 10 film costumes of all time. At number 10, Vivien Leigh in 'Gone with the Wind'. Number 9, Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth. At number 8, Liza Minelli in 'Cabaret'.

That one, I don't think you are going to be wearing out yourself but it was a lot of fun. Yeah, fishnets, bowler hat - it was memorable.

Nicole Kidman inspired a new generation of corset fans in 'Moulin Rouge' at number 7. As did Diane Keaton with her 'Annie Hall' look

at number 6. This was one that's interesting because it's not a big gown.

It was actually an outfit that women really took to and they really started to wear. Kate Winslet, midway down the list was credited with ushering out grunge and bringing back curvy glamour in 'Titanic'. At the time, fashion was sort of, yeah, it was heroin chic.

It was very, everybody was looking, you know, very thin and a bit gaunt and really not that happy. coming out in the film And then we had her

filling out that dress and it was a gorgeous gown. And who didn't get chills transformation in 'Grease' at Olivia Newton John's jaw-dropping

coming in at number 4.

Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are essential inclusions in the top three. But no-one expected to see this one at the top of the list. I think it's a great dress and it's a real show-stopper. The question is now whether it's going to also face the test of time and be memorable 10 years down the track as well.

The film 'Atonement' may only have just been released here but Keira's key costume has made a huge impact on the film world. Surprising, given her recent wardrobe choices have been notable for the wrong reasons. She has often been forced to deny having an eating disorder - but not this time. One of the things that I think why it's so memorable is that it so suits her figure - not everybody can wear it. That backless dress though just works so well with her figure. I don't think everybody's seen 'Atonement' yet but what is the image that we're seeing of it all the time it's Keira in that fantastic green dress. I can't say I remember that dress, but who can argue with Hollywood? When we return, a story for all of today's married couples

who find passion and romance is not what it used to be. DOORBELL RINGS # Work your body Work your body

# Work your body # Work your body. # Give them the gift they really want DOOR SLAMS

It's an important part of all couple's relationships but for many, it's still a taboo subject. I'm talking about S-E-X - sex. As Sophie Hull reports, while we may be undergoing something of a baby boom in this country, at the moment, our sex lives have never been under as much stress.

of your relationship. It is about the health

Sex is a big part of relationships and that is something that tends to fade quite a lot once kids come along. But it is not permanent and there are quite a lot of things you can do to get the sex back on track. It is impossible to miss the fact that Australia is in the grip of a baby boom - our biggest in 36 years.

Everywhere you look there is a tiny person transforming someone's life.

But in far too many cases

it can mean the beginning of the end for a romantic relationship. In fact, one in five babies will witness their parents' separation

before they even start school. Oh, we got so tired, exhaustion gets in the way and I think for a mother, it is not just exhaustion but all your focus is on the tiny baby

and you're putting all your love and care and attention into this little baby and you are getting a lot back from that so you don't actually miss it so, sometimes, I think, for a woman, months and months can go by before she's really thought about it and it can leave, you know, her male partner on the sideline thinking "Hey, what about me?" Brother and sister co-authors of the book 'No Sex Please, We're Parents'

Melanie Roberts-Fraser and Oliver Roberts, say parents' roles have changed dramatically

in the past 50 years and that is leaving both mums and dads confused.

Couples today are very equal in their relationship prior to having children - they tend to both be working and they are both involved in the home, et cetera, and along comes a baby and suddenly, this once equal couple are living Mr and Mrs 1950s life and they feel like they're in a sitcom without the comedy, though. For modern women accustomed to their independence accustomed to their independence, the adjustment can be huge. And if their partners aren't able to make allowances, it often means the demise of a once healthy relationship. When the research we did and we interviewed a lot of divorced and separated parents showed that a lot of them actually really regretted the fact their marriage had broken up and were able to look back and say that was just a phase in our lives - "You know,

"perhaps he should have stuck at it a bit harder." And it may be the last thing any new mum wants to think about

but sex is a crucial element of keeping things on track. Just wait around for it to happen - it won't happen. You have to sort of schedule that into your life. It is possible to have a sex life - yeah, definitely. It is not going to be as full-on or spontaneous as it might have been before but that is one of the things that you can accept - spontaneity tends to go out the window. Oh, look at Evie jump!

At the moment, I've got an 8-week old and I'm up three times a night. so they're all up at 6am. I've got three other young children

I have pre-school to get ready for, school, everyone is crying - I mean, it's chaos. The reality is you don't have a lot of time for you let alone someone else. Magazine publisher Nicole Sheffield knows only too well the downside of being a busy mum with a new baby but says it certainly doesn't have to mean the death-knell of your love life. Well, obviously, I've had four kids in four years so that doesn't apply to me at all but, look, I don't think so at all. I think our relationship has grown with each child.

We have a family now, you know. All of a sudden you go from a partnership to a family - that's really exciting. For these mums, accepting small gestures from their husbands is keeping things on track. It is the little things that you really appreciate the most.

The taking her for a walk and letting me sleep in for an hour, um, playing with her while I get to read the paper, have a cup of coffee. The first couple of months you just barely are in the same room at the same time

and if you actually get to have dinner together it is amazing. I actually had to watch myself in doing too much and not letting him, you know, do various things but he used to do bathtime which she always used to really look forward to and they had a really special time. But, as any parent knows, the baby stage is all too brief and, above all, there to be enjoyed. One of the best things that anyone has said to me since becoming a parent was that it fills this hole that you didn't realise you had.

For all the bad times, there is a million more good times and that is what you've got to focus on and yes, you're tired, and yes, you have a lot more responsibilities

but look - enjoy the challenge.

I am sure that started a few interesting conversations around Australia. Sophie Hull on THAT subject. After the break - 'tis the season to get sunburnt so what are the best sunscreens to protect you and not damage your skin?

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It takes just 12 minutes to burn your skin under the January sun - that's a lot quicker than the time it takes trying to unravel all the promises of all those sunscreen brands on sale in supermarkets and pharmacies.

Well, tomorrow night Helen Wellings and skin cancer experts finally cut through the confusion and reveal what is the best protection for you and your family.

Almost 400,000 people a year in Australia are

Australia are diagnosed with

Australia are diagnosed with some form

form of skin cancer and 1500 a form of skin cancer and 1500 a year

are dying from skin cancer. So you

need to prevent T A timely report. Helen will have that for us tomorrow night. Hope to see you then. I'm Samantha Armytage. Have a great evening. Goodnight. by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext captions