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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - already in position - Hundreds of thousands

lining the harbour. a record fireworks crowd Happy New Year. about the massive midnight show. A few more secrets revealed more Sydney drivers. Police to begin drug testing as big surf pounds our coast. And Sydney's ocean beaches closed

with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. are already lining Sydney Harbour Hundreds of thousands of people city's biggest ever fireworks show. to see what's promised to be the is expected by midnight A record crowd of a million to Gladesville. at vantage points from Vaucluse It's the biggest party of the year. And, for some, the longest. to secure the best spot. This family camped overnight in the central west We're from Orange is a special occasion. so coming down here is 'The Time of our Lives' This year's theme to have just that. and spectators are determined in the world. One of the best fireworks shows 'cause obviously it's very busy. Gotta mark your spot from first light... Thousands started lining the harbour this afternoon. Might have a little snooze ..armed with vital supplies. water. We've got Cheese, bickies, ice, Lots of food. And plenty of sunscreen. hats. We have sunscreen, lots of water, Loving it. so it's really nice. We are from where it's snowing, amongst the bumper crowd - Security was tight glass and alcohol confiscated. are also on standby. A record number of paramedics but do so safely. Tonight, have the time of your life, will also join the party. More than 300,000 tourists the atmosphere We just wanted to experience to see in the new year. and be the first ones (Speaks Japanese) That's Happy New Year in Japanese. for the sunshine. Some weren't prepared You didn't bring an esky? What's that? An esky. will be worth it. Organisers promise the long wait to the midnight fireworks When we get

and you get the whole shebang

gobsmacked. I think you are going to be of course, out here on the harbour. One of the best vantage points is, can be just as competitive. But getting the perfect spot You like to be early and we were a bit late today. have been snapped up - The Harbour's best seats latecomers might be disappointed. public transport A record crowd is sure to test which will run all night. Let's go live to the Harbour is on the north side at Kirribilli. and Seven's Sean Berry

for people Sean, it's been a long day who claimed their position early. Yes, Chris. As we just saw since last night, but surprisingly, some families have been here here at Kirribilli

late this afternoon. it was still fairly empty until about the night ahead. Still, those here are very excited

so we got prime position Well, we were the first here right near the Harbour Bridge. over there. over here. You can see the barges good for sure. And you can see the bridge, Where are the best places to go head down to the Harbour? for those still planning to

For those who got here early it was worth their while are now taken. because the best vantage points It's too late a blanket at the Botanic Gardens to be thinking about spreading and Mrs Macquarie's Chair is now full as well. and the Opera House forecourt is reasonably full The north side of the Harbour to find a last-minute spot and it's probably your best bet by the water's edge. of boats waiting for the fireworks. The Harbour is packed with hundreds isn't your cup of tea And if the crowded Harbour then there are also free fireworks at Parramatta, Campbelltown, Coogee and Manly. Chris.

has been given away Although some of it will have a few surprises. tonight's fireworks show

the creators are under pressure Every year with something special to come up look the best in the world. to make New Year in Sydney

that blow up... 11 barges loaded with things ..put together by smokers... Jimmy just put the signs up. who looks like a pirate. ..and controlled by a bloke I slept like a log last night. Fortunato Foti -

'Forch' they call him. of New Year's Eve fireworks. His family's had 10 years Forch Foti, Robert Foti, Vince Foti, San Foti, Tino Foti. And that's just five -

there'll be 12 Fotis there tonight. Forch will be on the bridge in that crane. Others will be on the barges in the shipping containers. Forch who sits in here. (Laughs) for the operators. You've got to provide some comfort what some of it will look like. We know from the rehearsal

bridge this year and 3D fireworks. But there'll be much more of the Normal fireworks look like... are round in shape ..when you see them a cube. these ones actually look like from the top of eight buildings. There'll be fireworks too Not bad for a pirate in a bandanna. with me. It's sort of become a tradition

I've always worn one Over the last 10 years

as well. so a bit a superstition there The weather looks good. The barges are on the Harbour and the first show is at 9 o'clock.

is warned they will be locked up. Anyone ruining the party tonight a well-behaved crowd Police are expecting but they're not taking any chances with the Riot Squad ready to roll. of the APEC operation The same eyes and ears will lord over Sydney tonight. CCTV display, we've got RTA cameras. Hundreds of cameras, live helicopter feeds in the city and foreshores. and views of almost every street to have a good time We want people, as I say, of other people's safety. but not at the expense the riot squad is ready. Water Police patrol the harbour, return from the flu scare police horses and there'll be sniffer dogs. Among the 1,750 police involved in tonight's operation will be a handful manning a random drug-testing van. Only one van because that's all we've got. It was at Wentworthville today so drivers in any of the 714 other suburbs were safe. A survey of young Sydney partygoers has found nearly half have driven affected by illicit drugs and 7 in 10 admitted riding with a drug-affected driver. Appalled that they so readily drive after they've used them. An epidemic. So three years after introducing roadside drug testing the Government will boost its one solitary van by two. And will be rolled out early in 2008. That's two vans? The additional equipment will be rolled out early in 2008. Two vans compared to hundreds of RBT units? The additional equipment will be rolled out early in 2008. Police have done 5,500 drug tests in one year

in one day last week 30,000 RBTs. , With everything in readiness all we need now is for the weather to play its part. Michael Logan is at the bureau tonight.

Michael, how's it looking for the fireworks?

That's the good news. The weather is

going to cooperate this evening,

there is no doubt about that. there is no doubt about that. The

clear sunny day will make

clear sunny day will make way for a

mild evening. The sea breezes mild evening. The sea breezes that

have freshened will weaken as the sun

sun goes down. By 9 o'clock it will

be mild, around 22 degrees with a

light wind. By midnight, probably

around 21 degrees with minimal wind

at all. A beautiful evening on the

way. Perfect weather in Sydney

way. Perfect weather in Sydney but there has been extreme heat down

south. Is

south. Is that headed our south. Is that headed our way? south. Is that headed our way? No. That is one good That is one good thing, often the

heat can sweep across New South

Wales but we won't Wales but we won't see that in

Wales but we won't see that in this

sequence. The hottest

sequence. The hottest temperatures

will be in western Sydney tomorrow

and the following day of around 30

degrees. As we head towards the

weekend it will become

weekend it will become milder with

one or two showers starting to come

in. We won't see temperatures climb

into the low 40s like Victoria has today.

today. Thanks for your time this

evening. You

evening. You are welcome. has turned deadly Australia's extreme weather

with three people killed in bushfires in Western Australia. 40-plus temperatures have caused fire bans in Melbourne and Adelaide while Sydney's ocean beaches were closed this afternoon by big surf caused by storms further north. Courtesy of Queensland every major metropolitan Sydney beach today was shut down. off the so-called 'Sunshine State' The intense low

reached all the way down New South Wales. Almost every beach from Coolangatta to Coffs Harbour - closed.

The waves peaked at six metres. Still, it was worse north of the border. Oh! Oh no! On the Gold Coast, even surf lifesavers struggled. And on the Sunshine Coast, despite repeated pleas to clear the water... It's big, really big, really takes it out of you.

..surfers kept going in. Just got to get the right ones and try not to fall off - then you won't have this. Freakish weather - some caught on camera. This, a water spout, off Fraser Island. It came straight for them. Oh no! The damage was minor. Pretty amazing actually. Wasn't a great holiday but it was a good experience. But conditions on the other side of the country were deadly. Three men travelling in a convoy of 15 trucks, incinerated

as they tried to push through a bushfire.

The road had been closed but police opened it, believing it was safe.

That heatwave stretched across to Adelaide and Melbourne - 43-degree days. An extreme end to an extreme year.

Ahead in Seven News - new censorship laws affecting every Australian home. Also, an incredible weapons discovery on a New South Wales property. And the Aussie daredevil trying to outdo Evel Knievel.

your driving skills, it embraces them. The direct injection V6 Lexus IS250, with paddle gear shift for seamless gear change and a pre-collision radar that's able to anticipate an accident.

Police have seized nearly 1,000 guns during raids at Bathurst in the State's central west. 980 weapons including unregistered rifles and a submachine gun were found at the home of a gun dealer after a domestic dispute.

In addition to the firearms, during the search some military ordinance was found in the form of a mortar. We sought assistance from the Australian Army who detonated that on site. A 59-year-old man is being questioned by police. Every Australian household could soon have its Internet content automatically censored. The Government is to force Internet service providers

to give all homes and schools content without pornography and violence. Labor makes no apologies to those who argue that any regulation of the Internet is like going down the Chinese road. There will be a 6-month trial. Users can opt out of the automatic filtering by contacting their Internet providers. Benazir Bhutto's teenage son has become the new leader of her Pakistan People's Party. It follows the wishes laid out in her will assuring the family's political dynasty extends to a third generation. He is just 19, a university student with no political experience. But Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has now accepted one of the world's most dangerous jobs. My mother always said democracy is the best revenge.

Revenge now for her death as well as his grandfather - executed after a military takeover. Bilawal was understandably nervous in his first news conference as chairman of Pakistan's People's Party. But his father, tainted by corruption charges, will take control until he completes his studies at Oxford University. When I return, I promise to lead the party as my mother wanted me to. Today new pictures emerged of Benazir Bhutto's death.

She's seen falling into her car before a bomb explodes, putting further doubt on the Government's claim that she died by slamming her head into the sunroof during the blast. Well, this is the spot where Ms Bhutto was assassinated and, as you can see, crowds still continue to gather. And absolutely none of the people you speak to believe the Government's version of events of what happened and that's why the prospect of more violence is very real. Is the government lying? Sure. The people are very angry.

They think the true leader of the poor people of the country has been killed. Steel from the wreckage of the World Trade Centre has been used to build a US warship. 24 tonnes of twisted girders were melted and cast into the bow of the USS 'New York'. Ship builders who worked on the project, say it's a tribute to the victims. When you come here you gotta get emotional, 'cause you realise, blood went on that steel. The 'New York' will be commissioned next year. Mick Doohan Former world motorcycle champ

has opened his new $11 million Las Vegas club The Cat House. There were celebrities from Australia and the US to get the party started. I think it's going to work well here in Vegas. But anyone from Europe, from Australia is going to feel comfortable in this environment. Hollywood star Mischa Barton was supposed to host the opening

but pulled out after her arrest for drink driving. Mick Doohan isn't the only Australian motorbike rider making it big in Las Vegas. Daredevil Robbie Maddison will tomorrow try to land

the longest jump in history - inspired by his hero Evel Knievel.

Even for a man who takes risks for a living, it's a frightening challenging. Aussie daredevil Robbie Maddison hopes this bike will propel him into the record books. The gnarliest suspension that we could get to absorb all that energy that we created at 100mph and six storeys high. On the stroke of midnight as America celebrates the New Year, Robbie will attempt to jump from this ramp across a gridiron field 110m long. That's his landing ramp in the distance. I've been preparing for this jump pretty much my whole life. I started riding dirt bikes at 4 years old and I've ridden them ever since. It's been a lifelong progression in preparing to jump this far and feel comfortable. Robbie will hit the narrow ramp at 150km/h. This is a jump in practice this week 95m long. Robbie was inspired by his idol, the late Evel Knievel who 40 years ago tomorrow broke his pelvis while trying to jump the fountains at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Tomorrow night Robbie plans to jump three times that distance. This is what I do - I ride dirt bikes. And I'm a wild guy. That's why I'm jumping these jumps. Sport with Johanna Griggs and excitement building ahead of the Second Test?

I can see the excitement pouring out of you.

for Wednesday's clash at the SCG. Both teams have arrived in Sydney

Coming up - why the Aussies are wary of an Indian ambush. It's going to be a better contest, I think. And those barmy Brits are at it again in the annual muddy marathon.

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giving you orthopaedically correct back support and a perfect Sealy night's sleep. # What you really, really love # Is a Sealy night's sleep. # Born-again spinner Brad Hogg has challenged India's batsmen to follow through on their threat to come after him when the second Test starts at the SCG on Wednesday. Hogg is gearing up for a match-winning performance on what he hopes will be a spinner's paradise. Brad Hogg can't wait to have another crack at the Indians but cricket's not the priority for his daughter Maddison in Sydney. Fireworks. Dad's just excited to have the whole Hogg clan in tow. Maddie, son Gavin and wife Andrea who's due again in May.

I just think that it's special that the kids actually, uh... ..know what I've gone through - both on and off the field. But results are what counts for the veteran spinner

who says he's up to the challenge if the Indians try to take the big stick to him at the SCG. of spin I'm playing against the best players

and that's the challenge that I want and that's the challenge that I enjoy. Indian fans are sticking by their side but after their batsmen failed in Melbourne,

they want to see Virender Sehwag given a shot. I think Sehwag is quite a good player. He will do much better, I think.

Are you hoping to play here? We are not... Slow coach Rahul Dravid still has support. We always back our batters. He is a very good batsman. And rather than sulk in their hotel,

the Indians will try to lift morale with a trip to watch the fireworks

on Sydney harbour.

We haven't been to the ground as I said, we're looking forward to going on the cruise right now. I think that's what is important. LLeyton Hewitt's Australian Open campaign has begun at the Adelaide International. with a loss in the doubles

went down in a tie-break Hewitt and Nathan Healey

to Eric Butorac and Frank Dancevic. But Serena Williams won her first match in Australia as America beat the Czech Republic in the Hopman Cup

after Thomas Berdych was forced to retire in the mixed doubles. Williams missed the start of the Hopman Cup,

arriving in Australia late because of a stomach virus but she showed no signs of illness in the first set against Lucie Safarova, winning 6-0. It was a different story in the second set

with Safarova dominating a weary-looking Williams.

COMMENTATOR: It's going to hold. But the reigning Oz Open champion dug deep in the decider, clinching the match 7-5. After that first set I thought, "Wow, I'm really doing well here" but maybe I'll just stay focussed next time. Lleyton Hewitt's first game on the new plexi surface

at the Adelaide International has resulted in a loss. Hewitt and Healy lost the first set, but bounced back in the second before losing a third set tie-break. Hewitt's singles campaign starts tomorrow night.

Russian star Maria Sharapova started her preparation for the Australian Open in good style with a 6-0, 7-6 win over compatriot Anna Chakvetadze in an exhibition match in Singapore. Last year's finalist will continue her Open build-up with a tournament in Hong Kong later in the week. The Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race is officially over

with 'Capriccio Of Rhu' the last boat to complete the 63rd Blue Water Classic.

The various divisional winners were presented with their flags this morning including overall race winner 'Rosebud' who may be back next year. Hobart is a must do.

Now it is a must do again. Only three boats retired from this year's event. ONow Chris, you've tried a few mud pack treatments in your time. But would you go this far?

The annual Maldon Mud race in Britain has taken its usual filthy toll on competitors.

More than 180 people, most in fancy dress, had to cross 400 metres of thick black mud. And what was the wash up? A large donation to several local charities.

I'm tipping a massive bath for all

of them. Tipping a

of them. Tipping a mud bath. Maybe

not that one. Checking finance now - and the share market had an early close

with very little movement on a day of lacklustre trade. The ASX200 down 0.1% Over the year, the share market is up 12% its fifth consecutive year of gains. After the break some images that made news this year. Plus the weather forecast for the first week of 2008.

When you see a big news story, grab your camera or video phone and start shooting. Then send your images to:

As we saw earlier, Sydney's ocean beaches have been hit by waves up to 3 metres - forcing authorities to close every beach. You wouldn't have known it in the city where the temperature reached a pleasant 26 degrees right on average. It was a little warmer in the west reaching 31 in Penrith. 28 in Homebush and Parramatta and Cronulla 25 in Katoomba

Around the country tomorrow showers for Brisbane and Darwin and some early rain for Hobart. All the other capitals should have a fine and sunny start to 2008. Melbourne's in for a second day of scorching temperatures On Sydney's waterways tomorrow -

After a mild night in Sydney

New Year's Day will be fine with a little morning cloud.

Top temperatures will be around 26 on the beaches and up to 31 degrees in the west.

27 in the city. Looking further ahead - a mixed bag for the first week of the New Year

it will be fine until a shower or two on Friday then scattered showers over the weekend. And that's Seven News to now. From all of us here, have a happy and safe New Year's Eve. I'm Chris Bath. We'll leave you with some of the images that made news in 2007. Goodnight.

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Geelong are the Premiers for 2007.

Puts the ball down slap.

It's a bender. It's a classic. It is

a Beckham.

There it goes again. Australia

There it goes again. Australia are World Cup champions.

What new migrants really think of us. It's truly eye-opening. And a once frumpy suburban mum turned world beater proves how anyone can change their body shape. Plus, the most watched clips on YouTube. Hello, I'm Samantha Armytage. Welcome to our New Year's Eve program. And as the countdown to 2008 begins we thought it opportune to see how Australia and Australians are portrayed overseas. Bryan Seymour takes up the story. A very dry country. Very big with a big rock in the middle. That's us. And the stories from here that hit the headlines overseas this year

might surprise you. killed in the bushfires Kangaroo culling and koala bears for Japan's TVS television network. Hiroki Iijima reports especially at risk of disease, He says wildlife, because they also live on an island. fascinate Japan were big stories The horse flu and frog infections until an even bigger hopped along. lost a powerful ally The United States when John Howard lost the election. was the kangaroo cull. But in New York, the big story on Defence Force land Plans to shoot more than 3,000 'roos

on Canberra's outskirts. Foreigners love kangaroos how Australians could kill them. and cannot fathom animals are very icon in Australia - Of course,

kangaroos, koalas. Ayers Rock, Outback, bush. And then desert, in Los Angeles On the American west coast, Skippy jumped onto the front page Supreme Court banned soccer shoes when the Californian made from 'roo leather David Beckham used to wear. like those

terminated the ban Eventually, Governor Schwarzenegger kangaroo products to be sold. by passing a bill allowing Another big story in Japan - to the crew of one of the mini subs the tribute in August snuck into Sydney Harbour that infamously, in 1942, and sank the HMAS 'Kuttabal' torpedoed

killing 21 for 64 years. before disappearing without a trace

or dislike. I don't hold any anger, or hatred, by a venomous snake on somebody If there's an attack or croc attack, shark attack bread and butter job that's my sort of