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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. is gunned down in Rawalpindi. Former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto Her killing draws a chorus of international condemnation

across the country. as well as sparking protests

And 'Wild Oats XI' takes out Sydney to Hobart title. its third successive

First today - Good morning, I'm Jacinta Hocking. into political turmoil Pakistan has been plunged of former PM Benazir Bhutto. following the assassination by a gunman She was shot in the neck and chest killing 20 others. who then blew himself up, as a cowardly attack on democracy. World leaders have condemned it (All chant)

The body of Benazir Bhutto was

carried by supporters. carried by supporters. They reach

out to touch it. Just that morning

she had been carrying their hopes

for an election victory on the for an election victory on

campaign trail. Promising voters

crisis. that she bring Pakistani out of

crisis. Out after years in exile

political comeback. she was determined to make a

she continued to greet party workers As she left the rally sending up through the sunroof and driving away she couldn't resist to again wave to supporters. It was a fatal decision. fired at her, then blew himself up. A man waiting in the sidelines (All wail) into panic and confusion, The explosion threw party workers

and horror of the carnage. at first overcome up with the shock took over. Eventually both grief and anger SIREN BLARES

fought for her life. In emergency surgery Benazir Bhutto for her people. It was devastating news The party revolved around her. also for her political opponents. Sobering news been campaigning in the same city. The other main opposition leader had He came quickly to pay his respects.

elections. He says his party will boycottt Something inconceivable. in the history of this country. It is the saddest thing

Musharraf addressed the nation, Shortly afterwards President and appealing for calm. condemning the attack

The situation is volatile. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to the people of Pakistan has offered his condolences in Melbourne a short time ago. during a press conference it's a cowardly act, This assassination is an evil act, universal condemnation it is an act which has brought about and deservedly so. from around the world,

We are looking now at a period ahead the political stability of Pakistan where the questions concerning of people's minds. will be in the forefront We are looking at a period ahead in Pakistan where democratic processes will be under further challenge. We're looking ahead to a period will be watching very closely where the international community within Pakistan itself. what now transpires

Mr Rudd says will be Benazir Bhutto's legacy. he hopes a democratic Pakistan just the second yacht in history 'Wild Oats XI' has become line honours victories to clinch three successive in the Sydney to Hobart. is at Constitution Dock, Ten reporter Cameron Baud only just crossed the finish line. where the victorious crew has a big final night on the water Cameron, it must have been

for the winning crew?

It is a fantastic result. Wild Oats

is now unbeaten. They cross the

line at 1030 this morning, less than

race record. than four hours outside their own

race record. They had a fantastic

night overnight and got a lot of

speed up. They it slowed down

considerably once they got on the

river but still had enough momentum

to get over the line first. They

Hobart had been greeted by a big crowd in

Hobart and also by some very happy family

family and friends.I family and friends.I imagine the champagne is already popping but

what sort of celebration is in

store?They have definitely got that

champagne out. They are really

enjoying the moment. The owner and

the skipper and the crew i taking

centre-stage in Hobart. As an centre-stage in Hobart. As an added

bonus the skipper will be presented

with a Rolex, his third in three

years. He has just been dumped here

in the water at constitution Dock

by crew members. The crew will be

heading to their favourite watering

hole in Hobart and then more beasts hole in Hobart and then more beasts

grubbing up for a private family

and friends for dinner tonight.How

is the rest of the fleet Ferring?. is the rest of the fleet Ferring?.This is her first Sydney- Hobart campaign but heartbreak

again. Skandia again. Skandia has for the second

year running suffered a major

equipment failure. They are limping

in at the moment in for a place and

expected to make dock some time expected to make dock some

tonight. American honours - - yacht

Rosebud. Mexican

Rosebud. Mexican yacht is now 59th. Rosebud. Mexican yacht is now 59th.

At the moment in Hobart it is all

chlorine to wild oats 11. reporting live from Hobart. Cameron Baud in sport. And we'll have more from Hobart

may have suffered a heart attack A circus handler on the New South Wales North Coast. before being crushed by an elephant was in the exercise enclosure The 57-year-old man for the Stardust Circus by one of the elephants. when he was trodden on

witnessed the incident Another handler As a reward to feed and graze, they were being led to another area that the tragic incident occurred. and it was during that process are stars of the circus Both elephants - Arna and Gigi - and weigh more than four tonnes each. devastated by this incident, The circus community are absolutely they're sticking together but true to their credit put on a show and they're still going to one of their co-workers. in memory of Investigations are continuing. David Hicks Confessed terrorism supporter writing an apology. has spent four days

will be read by his lawyer The statement from Adelaide's Yatala Labour Prison when Hicks is released early tomorrow morning. He's also expected to thank in Guantanamo Bay. return from detention at a secret Adelaide location Hicks will live by a control order, but will have to abide last week. imposed by the Federal Court We'll speak with David's father, Terry Hicks, later in the bulletin.

Sacked Solomon Islands attorney-general Julian Moti has been remanded in custody on child sex charges

after a brief court appearance in Brisbane this morning. in the city watch-house 42-year-old Moti had spent the night after being arrested at Brisbane Airport following his deportation from Honiara yesterday. An Australian citizen, he's accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in Vanuatu 10 years ago.

Under Australia's sex tourism laws he could face 17 years in jail. Moti denies the charges, which were dismissed by a Vanuatu court, saying Australian authorities want to stop him becoming attorney-general. Wild weather battering Queensland beaches is tipped to intensify over the weekend. The low-pressure system which is pounding the coastline in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race nine years ago. Campers who stay on Fraser Island could find themselves stranded. The weather bureau says the only good news is that now it appears that the powerful low will not develop into a cyclone. Police in WA have charged a 21-year-old man over the bashing death of Geraldton man William Rowe. The 49-year-old father of five died after being hit with a cricket bat at a beach carpark.

The 21-year-old handed himself in to police last night and has been charged with grievous bodily harm.

Police say the charge could be upgraded to murder following a post-mortem. When we return we'll cross live to London for more on the assasination of Benazir Bhutto. Plus - the Christmas miracle for one lucky family.

This program is captioned live. Pakistan may be sliding toward civil war

with grief-fuelled rioting breaking out across the country following the death of Benazir Bhutto. Her assasination has drawn international condemnation from world leaders. Ten's Europe correspondent, Danielle Isdale, joins us now from London. Good morning. What's the reaction been from overseas? Benazir Bhutto internationally was of

of course one of the most, if not

the most, recognisable political

figures in Pakistan's and more

importantly she was seen as a key

Western ally in the war against

terror. Leaders have united in condemning the assassination. The United States strongly condemns this cowardly act by murderous extremists who are trying to undermine Pakistan's democracy.

Those who committed this crime must be brought to justice.

Benazir Bhutto was a woman

of immense personal courage and bravery. Knowing as she did the threats to her life, the previous attempts at assassination, she risked everything in her attempt to win democracy in Pakistan and she has been assassinated by cowards afraid of democracy.

Fighting for democracy was a cause

that Benazir Bhutto devoted her

life to. It defined every step of

her political career. And now to

that belief that democracy alone

can save Pakistan has led to her death.

In Pakistan's troubled history, Benazir Bhutto was one of the country's best known figures. She had gone back to the country in October. For some she offered the hope of a return to democracy. She had been warned of the risk

and within hours there was an attack on her motorcade. BOMB BLAST She survived, but more then 140 people were killed. Before returning to Pakistan she had spoken out strongly against Islamic extremism. In the fight against terrorism she was regarded as an ally of the West.

Twice Benazir Bhutto was elected Pakistan's prime minister. She had been the first democratically elected woman prime minister of a Muslim country, but her influence went deeper than that. She was a member of a famous political dynasty. She was educated at Harvard and Oxford where she was president of the union. Her father had been a populist prime minister in the '70s.

and was executed two years later. He was deposed in a military coup Benazir Bhutto was initially reluctant to go into politics, but she was determined to oppose the military leader who had overthrown her father. I suppose the one fact was the imprisonment of my father which galvanised me and thousands of other Pakistanis

into the political life. In time she fought and won an election.

She betrayed herself as a moderniser, She served a second term as prime minister, but was sacked for alleged corruption. Her husband was also accused of stealing millions of dollars

from the state. They both denied all charges.

She went into exile, only returning to Pakistan this October. When her convoy was attacked there were questions about why the intelligence services haven't protected her better. They are able to conduct their attacks because of some level of collusion. I'm not saying that the Government has to plot, but I am saying that elements within the administration and security apparatus are people who want me out of the way.

There will be suspicions again as to how and why a suicide bomber was able to get so close to her. When she arrived home just two months ago there were tears in her eyes. Her death leaves Pakistan in turmoil. Anger on the streets, election and democracy uncertain. And this in a country vital to the struggle against terrorism.

And is there any news yet on whether the elections will go ahead?

Those elections were slated for

just over a week away now but that

is all up in the air. The President

has caused for calm but writing has

broken out across the

broken out across the country, the

most violent in Karachi. The next

24 hours he will be crucial. Also

what will be important will be the

investigation industry who was responsible for the assassination. Thanks, Dani. Ten's Europe correspondent Danielle Isdale.

The killing has already sparked violence across Pakistan. There are now fears for the future of a nation that has been the West's key ally in the war on terror. this was Benazir Bhutto this morning, Just hours before her death meeting Afghanistan's president Hamid Karzai. He had hoped she would be a stabilising influence in the region. Not any longer.

Thank you so much. See you soon. So the implications are a setback for neighbouring Afghanistan.

NATO and over 7000 British troops are deployed there, pushing back the Taliban and propping up the vulnerable government. But they can be no end to the Afghan insurgency without Pakistan's help. In the largely lawless regions that straddles the poorest common border the Taliban and al-Qaeda move across men, weapons and explosives. Pakistan's military has failed to control this region,

but Ms Bhutto had told America that if she regained power she would allow US troops to pursue militants across the border into Pakistan. This can only have redoubled her enemies' determination to kill her. Al-Qaeda had every reason to want Ms Bhutto dead. Al-Qaeda's leaders have set up new bases in Pakistan's tribal areas. The ringleader of the London bombers almost certainly recorded this video

at a secret training camp on his final visit to Pakistan. Whoever sent him to kill Londoners would have a vested interest in keeping Pakistan unstable and the military away from their camps. Al-Qaeda has set up base in Pakistan. It's been able to plot and plan a number of major mass-casualty attacks around the world, particularly in the UK, in Pakistan.

But they wouldn't necessarily be behind an attack like this. It could be possible that a group affiliated to al-Qaeda

would want to plan an attack against Benazir Bhutto. for nuclear security in the region? Pakistan, like India, is a nuclear arms state. But its warheads are believed to be firmly under military control,

so Ms Bhutto's death should not directly affect that security. Authorities investigating a fatal tiger attack A 2-year-old girl in the US is lucky to be alive after a close encounter with a screwdriver. She'd been playing when the tool plunged 5cm into her head. WOMAN: She's our Christmas miracle. What else can you say about 2.5-year-old Tegan? Quite a change from seven days ago when doctors at a clinic took this X-ray. It barely missed her eye and went directly into her head. It was very heart-wrenching to see that because it was deep and I knew it, but I didn't want to believe it and I was just hoping and hoping and praying and praying. All I kept thinking was I don't care about scars,

I don't care about loss of movement, I don't care about loss of vision, I don't care about her speech, I just want her alive. Tegan got restless at church last Wednesday and went into a playroom. She found the screwdriver. Maybe she tripped with it in her hand. Who knows? Nobody saw the accident, just the handle sticking out of her head. and she was standing up, walking around and not crying.

As a dad I'm sure your first instinct was to pull it out? I did. I thought about it for about one second.

Surgeons took out that screwdriver four hours later with no bleeding. In the days that followed ugly purple bruising on Tegan's left eye was as bad as it got.

Eye. Yeah, your eye. And it's turning back to normal colour. They have very good prognosis that she will probably have no effects from this. These parents can't help but wonder about the Christmas season - the accident inside a church and the life their daughter gets to keep living. Another young Hollywood star has been caught drink-driving. Actress Mischa Barton was pulled over by police

after she was seen straddling two lanes of traffic and failing to indicate. Not only was the 21-year-old over the limit, she was also arrested for possesion of narcotics and driving without a license. The former 'OC' star spent seven hours behind bars until her parents paid $11,000 to bail her out. The finance and weather details - coming up next. Plus - the cool cat that's taking the music world by storm.

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This program is captioned live. Recapping our top stories now Benazir Bhutto and former Pakistani PM has been gunned down in Rawalpindi. shot the opposition leader A suicide bomber before blowing himself up.

widespread condemnation The assasination has drawn from the international community into chaos. and has thrown the country

as news of Bhutto's death spread. Protests erupted around Pakistan three for three, 'Wild Oats XI' has made it

taking out the Sydney to Hobart title on the high seas, after a night of high drama to beat its own race record. but the super maxi was unable

David Hicks Convicted terror supporter with a very special talent. Now to a kitty who's just released an album, Nora the cat is a piano-playing tabby and even a video clip. the 3-year-old tabby, It all when Nora, began tickling the ivories. One day we were upstairs

plink, plink, plink - and we heard this like, repeated notes. We came down the stairs... CAT PLAYS PIANO There she goes! ..and this is sort of what we heard. of her little Liberace on YouTube Betsy Alexander posted video could see her. so her niece in Wyoming

Nora became the cat's miaow Much to Betsy's surprise, on the World Wide Web.

With more than 6 million hits, got attention from around the world, Nora's YouTube video has in California. including two songwriters "Hi, we've got this record label We called them up and said, to our label." "and we'd like to sign you cat write songs for and about animals. Skip Haynes and Dana Walden something special about Nora. They immediately sensed pound on the piano We have heard other cats one note at a time, but Nora is picking out and little hooks, and so there is recognisable riffs and so it was just, "Let's get all the riffs

"and I'll take a look at them and I'll cut them up with different feeds "and I'll try them "and see what happens." and then they said to us, They wrote this song around her

we want to make a music video." "To promote this CD quite a sensation on YouTube... # (Woman sings) # Nora, that they put together? What did you think of the video # Practice makes perfect... # because the cat is playing - It's kind of fascinating about what she's doing. I mean, you can see she's thinking

on YouTube. Well, I do have 4 million fans

has brought out This new-found success more than Nora's inner Beethoven. There's people calling me a diva! let's just put it that way. She's a true diva, in the major sense of the word. She is a diva we're just her personal assistants. We feel like kitty cottage industry Nora has become her own even greeting cards. with T-shirts, mouse pads, mugs,

by the late-night shows? Have you been called Oh, oh, oh, all! David Letterman...? And has she agreed to go to any? Oh, yeah! "I'm a studio musician." No. She says, ..perhaps with plans to record again soon. Convicted terror supporter David Hicks an Adelaide jail tomorrow morning. is due to be released from

joins us from his home now. David's father, Terry, Good morning. for his release? Terry, how's David preparing

He here is pretty much on a higher

at the moment. Time is running

short and you be out tomorrow.

short and you be out tomorrow. He

has spent some time drafting an

apology for his actions - what will

it contain? I think most of about inconveniences that he has

scored the public or anyone but he

is also covering his then

well for the support that he has

had so it is a had so it is a general thing that

we are going to read out. What are

his plans after tomorrow? Pretty

hard to say it with that one the

best lead - - laid plans fall apart

at the end of the day at the end of the day but he. In finance news, opened sharply lower today. the Australian share market at the national weather Now for a look

and for the rest of the day -

When we return of our special series we'll take a look at the fourth part Madeleine McCann. on the disappearance of toddler their daughter in the public eye As her parents struggled to keep we find out why the media suddenly turned against them.

PEOPLE: 10... At FOXTEL... ..9... new year even happier... ..we're making your ..8... And: ..because this offer... ..5... ..2... ..until New Year's Eve. ..on:

This program is captioned live. of Madeleine McCann In the months after the disappearance in their power her parents did everything in the media, to keep their daughter's name soon turned against them. But the tide of public opinion

that you can do If the most important thing as the parent of a missing child with the public can see it, where the public can see it, is to keep your child's face and name the McCanns have done it. wouldn't make a bit of difference But all the press in the world is already dead if everyone thinks Madeleine and that her parents killed her. It is an astonishing story. of the London tabloid the 'Sun'. Calvin Mckenzie have gone through the roof. Newspaper sales

on the front page it will go off. If you stick Madeleine of O.J. Simpson. It is Britain's equivalent

two good-looking, articulate doctors

with friends who were wining and dining vanished. when a beautiful little girl

Sex, alcohol, a good-looking woman - most news editors across the world on that story. think they have gone to heaven Speculation... know what has happened to Madeleine. It's absolutely diabolical. They rampant.

Britain has become an nation of armchair detectives. We're sitting there, reading it every morning, going, "I tell you what. "I saw him on television yesterday morning, that Gerry McCann. he is capable of doing that." "You know what - I think That is literally how preposterous it is. Mckenzie says women in particular don't like Kate because she doesn't act how they imagine a grieving mother should.

The tabloids have dubbed her 'Poker-face'. She doesn't weep in public. She does put highlights in her hair and she does look vaguely well turned out. The fact that she doesn't show emotion to wonder - did she do it? triggers of the rest of the country

It is a question that infuriates Kate's family. She said to me, "Mum, I wonder if I was heavier, with a bigger bosom "and looked more maternal, if I would get better press." And I just think it's disgusting that my daughter has had to ask those sort of questions. She doesn't deserve it. The McCanns have been accused of everything -

from giving Madeleine an accidental dose of sleeping pills to burying her in a church courtyard. Because the Portuguese police won't officially confirm or deny anything it seems nothing is out of bounds. We are now into And the McCanns are the main course. As the months have dragged on

they have gone from media darlings to tabloid targets. when the media turns against you? What do you do

You don't have an option when you are in that situation.

No matter how painful it is, you want find your child. Ed Smart, the father of Elizabeth Smart, the young girl found alive

nine months after she was abducted by a homeless drifter...

If you have got her, please let her go, please. ..remembers when the police and the press thought he was responsible for Elizabeth's disappearance. Many of their leaks were so outrageous that it was just infuriating. It really was taking away from finding Elizabeth.

Reports surfaced that Elizabeth had a secret diary and wrote about family abuse. Completely made up. Ed was accused of running a sex ring. That my brothers and I had some kind of a homosexual thing going with each other. Where do these made-up stories come from? Ed Smart thinks the police leaked some of them.

Believing he was involved the police tried to turn his wife against him. I could see that something was wrong and I said to her, "What is it?" And she said, "Well the police still think "that you're not telling the truth." I was so upset that not only was my daughter missing but they were trying to tear us apart.

So when a got a call So when Ed got a call from a frustrated Gerry McCann a few months ago he understood exactly what was happening.

Everyone was so busy examining Gerry and his wife of looking for Madeleine. they had lost sight He said as soon as they took whatever they thought they had in the car to start doing DNA analysis

I felt like the investigation came to a complete halt. the father of Jon-Benet. We were willing to accept the fact that they had to look at us don't stop there. but we said for heaven's sakes Over and over again in police interviews Patsy and John Ramsey proclaimed their innocence.

I didn't do it. John Ramsey didn't do it and we don't have a clue of anybody who did do it. My life has been hell from that day on. But Ramsay says the police never seriously considered anyone else in the unsolved murder. Like the McCanns, he was accused of being too cold

to be a grieving parents. I did not kill my daughter. Tell me what a grieving parent is supposed to look like. Any psycologist just could tell you that everybody grieves differently. So is this what a grieving parent looks like? I want to say to my babies (sobs) that your mum loves you so much. Remember Susan Smith?

In 1994 the South Carolina mum was in tears as she claimed her two children had been abducted. Turned out she was lying. Susan Smith will be charged with two counts of murder. Susan Smith murdered her children, drowning them in a lake. So what then about Kate's lack of tears?

Kate and Gerry at the beginning were advised not to become emotional in their television appearances, as that would maybe give pleasure to the person that maybe had Madeleine. It was not deemed a good thing for this to happen. But the strategy seems to have backfired. And then, one month ago, the McCanns switched tactics and gave an interview to Spanish TV. Life is not as happy without her. After six long months Kate cried in public. If people know something, then I guess they can search their heart really. The McCanns announced a new 24-hour hotline, but the big headline the next day? They appeared, to least a majority of the people who watched them on Spanish television not believable. According to an informal poll 70% of the people who watched the McCanns thought they were crying and lying. You think you are riding a big wave of popularity and you have got the press eating out of your hand and they would

turn around and they will bite your head off. She's out there and I want her back. Everything else is rubbish. Still to come in Ten's morning news - we return to Hobart as the celebrations get under way

for the victorious crew of 'Wild Oats XI'. And Santa keeps on delivering in the English Premier League.

This program is captioned live. Sport now with Neil Cordy and there are some very happy sailors in Hobart. The celebrations have only just begun for 'Wild Oats XI' - it has won its third successive Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

We return to Ten reporter Cameron Baud at Constitution Dock, where the party is under way.

In we are fortunate to be actually

it on board the winning yacht here.

This is the skipper. Is the victory just as

just as sweet? Some 80 then ever.

This has not been achieved in many

years - how hard is it? This is one

of the hardest races in the world.

To win it three years in a row is

just amazing. The team is amazing.

It has been a great experience.

It has been a great experience. The

next boat finished only 33 minutes

behind do. Absolutely. The river is

always really tough to sail through. always really tough to sail through.

We have a lot of mates on board

that ship and we all appreciate the

effort that the owners put in. Can

Brach relations, fantastic result. They

They are about to be presented with the trophy. Cameron Baud reporting live from Hobart.

Australia's batsmen will be looking to build a commanding lead on day three of the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne. Yesterday India's batsmen struggled against the Aussie pace attack with Stuart Clarke and Brett Lee taking four wickets apiece as the tourists were skittled for just 196. COMMENTATOR: That one is out, is it? Yeah, that one is out. Up goes the finger, thanks, Billy. Matthew Hayden and Phil Jaques set a cracking pace late last night to get the hosts off to another flier. Chris Guccione has hit back at John Newcombe's comments that he's a serious under-achiever and needs to shape up.

The Australian men's number two has been working on his fitness and is keen to answer his critic over the summer. After copping a serve from Newcombe over his lack of court movement to compete at the highest level, and professionalism Guccione is ready to prove himself to the tennis great. He's entitled to his own opinion. Obviously I know

it's a part of my game that I have to work on, movement-wise. We've made extra effort this year to do that, so hopefully we'll see some results on the court. Newcombe blasted the world number 91

for not realising his potential as a top-30 player, a ranking the 22-year-old has his sights set on in 2008. That's one of the goals I've set for the end of the year and I feel if I play well and go to the right tournaments where the conditions are good, I can achieve that.

Standing at 200cm, Guccione is the second tallest player on the men's tour behind the towering 208cm Croatian Evo Karlovic, the Aussie countering his movement restrictions with the help of a personal trainer. Being 6'7" it's always going to be a little bit of a weakness for the last six months or so. The Victorian kicks of his Australian Open charge at the Adelaide International on New Year's Eve. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Manchester City have continued their unbeaten run at home, playing out a 2-2 draw with the Blackburn Rovers in the English Premier League. Darius Vassell opened the scoring, heading home Martin Petrov's cross, but the lead was short-lived when just one minute later

Roque Santa Cruz scored his sixth goal in four games. COMMENTATOR: Roque Santa Cruz again! Who needs Santa Claus this time of year?

Amazingly, just a minute later Ryan Nelson scored an own goal, but Blackburn escaped with the draw after a Santa Cruz double. The national weather details when the morning news returns.

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Now for a final look at our top stories - former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto has been gunned down in Rawalpindi. A suicide bomber shot the opposition leader in the neck and chest before blowing himself up.

The assassination has drawn widespread condemnation from the international community and has thrown the country into chaos. Protests erupted around Pakistan as news of Bhutto's death spread. 'Wild Oats XI' has made it three for three, taking out the Sydney to Hobart title after a night of high drama on the high seas, but the supermaxi was unable to beat its own race record. This just in - a Jetstar plane has been grounded at the Gold Coast airport after white powder was found on the aircraft. A crew member found about half a cup of the substance before passengers boarded the 6:20am flight to Sydney. Australian Federal Police are combing the plane.

Passengers have been put on other flights. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day -

Looking at the weekend weather and on Saturday -

On Sunday - A sneak peek at the fireworks display planned for Sydney this New Year's Eve,

so a warning - if you don't want the surprise spoiled, look away now! An hourglass could be seen on the city's famous bridge last night as organisers prepare for the big night. The symbol fits well into the 'Time of Our Lives' theme. 100,000 pyrotechnic effects will be used in the midnight display. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's newshour tonight. I'm Jacinta Hocking - have a great weekend, see you next week. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.