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This program is captioned live. Tonight - left to die -

locked in the family car. the toddler accidentally Saying goodbye - the State's health system failed. a family buries their little boy Also, cut off for Christmas - battling rising floodwaters. the outback town spending splurge - And the last-minute time fast running out to grab a gift.

Good evening.

of a 2-year-old girl First, the tragic death trapped in a stifling hot car. for more than an hour The toddler accidentally left there soared into the mid-30s. as the temperature outside charging her parents. Police have ruled out

to celebrate Christmas, While most people are coming together

today gathered to grieve. these family members and friends particularly at this time of year around children and families. when we are really focused

the family car for more than an hour The 2-year-old girl was inside into the mid-30s. as the outside temperature climbed the toddler's parents realised By the time

she was still in the vehicle she'd stopped breathing. it was too late - questioning the girl's parents Police last night spent hours as they tried to piece together that led to the child's death. the chain of events Health experts say it would not have taken long to become life threatening. for the heat build-up in the vehicle very fast in cars. Temperatures can rise A lot of people don't realise temperatures can rise 30-40 degrees above what's outside,

in a matter of half an hour or so. meaning up to 60 to 70 degrees

and end up with hyperthermia - Dehydration - bodily functions start to shut down. which basically means all of their Neighbours today said for a number of years the family had lived in the street and ran a business together. is still under way, While the police inquiry any charges will be laid. investigators say it's not likely It's a reminder to everybody at any time. not to leave children alone in cars A report is being prepared for the WA coroner. A heartbreaking farewell who died from meningitis for the young boy by two Sydney hospitals. after being turned away The family of 8-year-old Elu Pele Christmas without him. is now contemplating Christmas Eve should be a time of joy but for this family of having to bury their child. the unimaginable heartache The pain etched on a mother's face -

to offer support. her Samoan community gathering around sang hymns, As Elu Pele's school friends pondered a life barely lived. the 200-strong congregation

and he was the fastest runner. He was the tallest boy in the class Everyone was so proud of him

in the athletics carnival. when he came first for their friend. His classmates sending messages for being kind to our class. Thank you We will always remember you. We love you so much. he'll never receive. On Elu's casket, a Christmas present choking back tears as they sang. His older brothers (Speaks Samoan) his 8-year-old boy had been - He explained just how sick the end, he couldn't walk or talk. headaches, vomiting and how, towards his boy was turned away by doctors And he questioned why at not one, but two hospitals, the meningitis which would have detected six days ago. that eventually killed him to the State Coroner, Those questions will now go of little Elu's death who'll investigate the circumstances just what went wrong. and try to determine now seeking Elu's treatment records. The family's lawyer is from the information at hand, The tragedy, it would appear, could have been avoided. All little comfort, though, they can barely comprehend. to a family left to cope with a loss Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

in the State's north-west, Floodwaters are still on the rise for Christmas. with one town now cut off has been declared around Coonamble, A natural disaster area residents watching on nervously to peak until later tonight. with the water levels not expected But it's not all bad news - celebrating the return of the rain. our drought-stricken farmers

like Coonamble are under water. Towns along the Castlereagh River

in the previous six months combined. That was more rainfall they'd seen And it's only going to get worse. peak tonight just below 5.2 metres The SES is positing for the flood around about 9:00. for more than a week. Meaning residents could be cut off in case the levee breaks. SES crews are sandbagging in earnest this is a welcome sight. But for farmer James Hegarty, that's never been close. In the 31 years we've been here,

battled the drought for six years - The local farming community has their prayers finally answered. has been battered by strong winds Recently, most of the country and torrential rain - South Australia and Victoria. not just New South Wales, but also Day for most of the country is fine. The outlook, though, for Christmas at this stage, Fairly typical Christmas and active tropical from pretty humid to hot in the west under easterly winds. and fairly mild in the east for the flood-affected. But there is help at hand for natural disaster relief We're commencing the action $132,000 at very low interest rates. that provides loans of up to Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. with Angela Bishop, A check of the weather now to Darling Harbour. who's found her way for Christmas Day? Ang, what's in store

If for all the floods and all are

high winds were happening around

the State Sydney has had a dry 24

the State Sydney has had a dry 24

Allah's, a rarity this December. Allah's, a rarity this December. It

was a cool 16 last night and was a cool 16 last night and we

reached a high of 24 today and

right now it's 22 degrees. You're

wondering what it's going to be like

like tomorrow and where the can look

look forward to a good night's

sleep. It would get down to about

17 tonight and then we're looking

at a day of around 22 degrees

tomorrow - fairly mild but the sun

should make an appearance. If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping, then you'd better be quick - the doors are on the verge of closing. Ten reporter Gabrielle Boyle

is among the last-minute shoppers in the city. and counting? Gabby, around 55 minutes should make an appearance. These

shoppers here he have left it down

to the wire. There's less than an

hour shopping but you wouldn't

believe it - there are people everywhere.

everywhere. It's busy and chaotic

and very noisy and their career in

dance so they are still clearly

spending money. It has been busy Yes, last-minute Christmas shopping. Just getting the last gifts for the family and everyone else we have forgotten about till today. I think decisions are best made at the last minute.

Shops opened at 8:00am this morning. By 10:00am - standing room only. Australians are expected to spend about $6 billion this Christmas on Christmas-related items - that's about 6% up on last year. Job security and economic stability were driving our spending spree, Australians letting loose with close to $1 billion today alone. People are pulling out the plastic, there is no question about that! There were long lines to meet Santa put in last-minute requests. as good boys and girls What would you boys like for Christmas? A Nintendo game! A Nintendo Wii.

A Nintendo DS. A DS.

A Nintendo Wii. I would like a Nintendo game. Let's hope Santa stocked up!

Other popular presents for the littlies - Thomas the Tank Engine, Barbie, Bratz and Lego.

For the ladies, perfume - Chanel No. 5 the biggest seller. And for men, iPods and GPSs. But if your Christmas wish isn't waiting under the tree tomorrow, don't fret - there's always the post-Christmas sales.

And as we speak workers in many of

these stores are busily pulling

down Christmas trees and putting up

a post-Christmas sale signs are.

The sales are perhaps one of the

busiest times of the Year and the

Australians are expected to spend

$6.2 billion. Many stores offer a

discount of up to 70 %. If you're

keen to bag a bargain to be

department stores will open their stores from 7:00am on Boxing Day

but smaller stores are expected to widen Thursday.

The biggest shopping spree was at the Sydney Fish Markets, a record crowd taking home a staggering 700,000 kilos of seafood for Christmas lunch. For many, this was THE Christmas shopping mission... Five. That's 2.5 kilos. ..and Santa well and truly delivered on the prawns.

Probably anywhere between 18,000 and 25,000 - kilos, that is.

during a record trading session. Top quality prawns. Come in and try 'em.

They've worked non-stop here for the past 36 hours - they were even busy selling at 3:00am this morning. We see families, kids with pyjamas and teddy bears. We see people coming home from the city, tuxedos, evening dresses and everybody in between.

The long hours making this guy almost as popular as the seafood. We must have sold at least 2,000 or 3,000 coffees more than we usually sell. By 6:00am, the traffic was banking up - Santa sending in some extra helpers to clear the way for some 90,000 punters. I actually went over to a joint at Marrickville and it was going to be an hour just to get in the front door. And forget the Boxing Day sales, this was bargain city.

a big Christmas bonus, The recent rains have proved because they've flushed out extra prawns - they're now well below the expected $42 a kilo. Today, they were almost half that, averaging $24 a kilo. A treat lost on some... To her, it's all just passing her by. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. A look ahead to sport with Rob Canning now and a warning for cricket fans ahead of the Boxing Day Test? Police say their presence will extend well beyond the MCG, leaving cricket yobbos with nowhere to hide. The warning comes as the final touches are applied to the 'G ahead of the big day. As misty rain hampered preparations on the famed playing surface, police outside the ground made it clear they're prepared for anything.

The presence won't be just inside the ground - when people are on the trains we'll have more transit police on the trains, trams and buses as people are heading to the ground. Behaviour in pubs in surrounding suburbs will also be scrutinised

and inside the ground it's zero tolerance for offenders. To have them ejected in the first place and down the track, depending on the severity of the offence, to have them banned from the ground in the future. The one-time clown prince of the Aussie side

is echoing calls for responsible crowd behaviour. That's the message we're trying to get across - yes, come along, have a great day, but don't spoil it for other people. On the field, as players went through their final paces, the wicket and it's influence on team selection dominated conversations. In an ideal world we'd like a week or 10 days of really mild and stable weather in the lead-up to the Test match. This has been difficult because we've had a wicket under cover for at least three days. And in the bowels of the ground, teams of workers prepared for one of their biggest challenges of the year. There's a lot more preparation on for the Boxing Day Test - because you've got the unknown - how long does the Test actually go for? While a crowd of up to 80,000 is expected here at the MCG on Boxing Day, a staggering 200 million Indian viewers will tune in to television broadcasts across the country. This is sort of the golden generation of Indian cricket. It's been built up as the series between two of the world's strongest Test teams. So I sense it will be very big. Luke Waters, Ten News.

Also ahead, we'll have the latest from the Aussie team as a couple of quicks battle for a Boxing Day start. And the driver of this horse at the trots in New Zealand

who did everything possible to get her horse over the line. We'll also have the latest from the Sydney to Hobart where the maxis are talking down chances of a race record. A mother urges her son to hand himself in over a South Coast murder. Also tonight, back from visiting our troops, Kevin Rudd turns festive. a very happy new year. I'd like to extend to all of you

And naughty, not nice - the drunken Santas caught running amok.

G'day. I'm Tim Fischer. So don't beat about the bush. If you're feeling down or depressed, have a yarn with your local doc. They can really help get you back on track. You and your rural doctor - a great team for your physical and mental health.

And remember, you can contact beyondblue for more information about depression or call Lifeline for urgent counselling. This program is captioned live.

Kevin Rudd's pleaded with Australians to drive carefully over the holidays, drawing on personal tragedy from his own past to make his point.

It's a key part of Mr Rudd's first Christmas message as Prime Minister. A busy month in the top job and, like so many of us, the Prime Minister's left his shopping to the last minute. All blokes start their Christmas shopping about now.

Returning home today after a surprise weekend visit to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, his first Christmas message Kevin Rudd used to pay tribute to defence personnel serving overseas. So I'd ask all Australians to bear them and their thoughts, in their prayers as well, as they confront the difficult and dangerous challenges of the year ahead. The PM also acknowledged the plight of farmers still struggling with drought and urged the nation to reach out to friends, neighbours and family and to stay safe. As someone who lost his dad nearly 40 years ago in a car accident, could I say to everyone, please please drive carefully, take a break, have a rest,

make sure you're not driving too tired. Sentiments reflected by the Opposition Leader, Brendan Nelson using the internet to spread his Christmas wishes and look ahead to the new year.

It's also a time when we stop to think about what we have done over the last year, but with renewed hope and confidence that we can work harder to look after other Australians. It's been more than a decade since the Lodge has had full-time occupants and tomorrow the Rudds will celebrate Christmas here, after attending a morning church service. On behalf of Therese and myself, Jessica, Albert, Nicholas and Marcus

I'd like to extend to all of you a very happy Christmas, a very peaceful Christmas and a very happy New Year and a very prosperous New Year as well. Brad Hodson, Ten News. An emotional appeal from the mother of a man police have been hunting for the past month. 60-year-old John Maguire is wanted over the killing of a neighbour. 82-year-old Sylvia Maguire loves her son and wants him to come home.

The son, 60-year-old John Maguire, is the prime suspect killed outside his home at Woonona last month. Johnny has three children and eight grandchildren. We are all very upset about what happened and want to know where he is at Christmas time.

The shooting occurred after Maguire allegedly stood in the street, swearing and baiting his victim. Police say both men had a history of disputes over loud music. Maguire then disappeared. It's just awful for our family. I pray every night for some news,

anything that can tell what happened to him or where he is. Police are uncertain whether Maguire is still alive. They've searched bushland near where his car was discovered

on the Central Coast. and they're now calling on anyone who knows where he is to come forward. got in a truck early Sunday morning, He could be north - could be up in Townsville, say - or he could be south, down in Melbourne somewhere. Meanwhile, his mother says she's crying herself to sleep every night. John Hill, Ten News. Horses will be allowed at the Royal Easter Show. Competition had been called off because of fears horse flu could be spread, but the Government and show organisers have reached a compromise. Up to 800 horses will now be allowed to compete in the show's events. We're taking a cautious approach but at the same time ensuring there is competition at the Royal Easter Show. All horses will undergo strict quarantine measures. Two Australian adventurers paddling their kayak to New Zealand will be celebrating Christmas in the middle of the Tasman Sea. It's an anxious time for their families, who were hoping they'd be safely back on dry land by today. James Catrission's family will be spending Christmas Day

huddled around their computer, tracking the progress of his record-breaking voyage to New Zealand. The first thing as usual for us, for the last 40 days of the trip, we'll spend the morning looking up the website for any updates. But definitely waiting around for the phone call tomorrow night and having a good chat.

James and Justin Jones set off last month,

aiming to become the first kayakers to complete the crossing. They were hoping to be celebrating in New Zealand by today, but are battling stronger than expected currents and have been thrown about in their cabin by 10-metre swells. They've also had to start rationing their food. Now we're on half rations, we're starting to feel a bit weaker, a little bit quicker to tire, and we're really glad we spent the whole year fattening up. But they have saved up a few roast chickens for Christmas lunch. I spent the first three hours this morning just dreaming about food I'd have at parties. and different menus and recipes And a perfect Christmas present from Mother Nature - We've got some westerlies coming up over the next week and I think that's and I can't ask for anything more. With the help of westerly winds, they can paddle more than 100 kilometres a day,

putting them in New Zealand a few days into the new year. Their families are already planning a more sensible way to spend the holidays. Perhaps a trip to Hawaii, something normal. Tim Potter, Ten News. Next, free to coach again - the father who made international headlines for this poolside domestic.

And campaign breather - US presidential hopefuls pause to mark the festive season.

Now would check the traffic. But

there are no problems at and it is

rare instance on the roads on a

Monday we can get where you need to

be on time. A lot of holidaymakers

are making a mass exit out of town.

This is the famous be do but and

this is as quiet as it gets. It's a

lot busier even on a Sunday

afternoon so if you're planning on

heading north you should have a good run. A life ban has been lifted on a coach who violently confronted his daughter Championships in Melbourne. during the World Swimming Mikhaylo Zubkov was caught on camera Katerina arguing with his 19-year-old daughter

in the warm-up area. The Court of Arbitration for Sport has ruled the original life ban was too severe, reducing it to just eight months. He can now resume coaching on Thursday.

has welcomed the decision. His daughter The US commander in Iraq warns another nine lives in the US. Icy winter storms have claimed and Michigan Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota have been hit particularly hard. to keep up with heavy falls. Snowplough operators are struggling strong winds have uprooted trees, In Chicago,

to tens of thousands of homes. cutting power I haven't seen anything like this. I'm just shocked. I walk out my door

all in the middle of the street. and there's just branches for motorists on major highways, There was little holiday cheer because of multi-car pile-ups. with several roads shut down

Presidential hopefuls in the US are putting their political slanging matches on hold to spread a little Christmas cheer. the latest TV advertising campaign. Even Santa has a starring role in 'Tis the season to be jolly of US president, and with just 11 days to go until the Iowa caucus - the first step in the presidential nominating process - time off from the campaign trail. the contenders have taken some

But even the festive season is not a politics-free zone - Christmas cheer spiced up with some political prezzies. Where did I put 'universal pre-K'? Ah, there it is. been struggling in the polls The New York senator's has a few votes under the tree too. so no doubt she's hoping Santa brand of holiday cheer Her main rival Barack Obama's is a family affair. So from our family to yours, and I approve this message. I am Barack Obama Merry Christmas. Happy holidays. Among Republicans, enlisted some jolly help. former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani

for our businesses and families, Lower taxes all the presidential candidates and I really hope that can just get along. right up until that last one. Ho! Ho! Ho! I was with you Ho! Ho! Ho! Baptist minister Mike Huckabee Fellow Republican and ordained went it alone, the same wardrobe adviser though he obviously had for his traditional message. celebration of the birth of Christ. What really matters is the really matter again is votes. Come Boxing Day, however, what will Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In the United States, Thailand's ousted Prime Minister from self-imposed exile is preparing to return after an election victory. in the People's Power Party Thaksin Shinawatra's allies general election since the 2006 coup. have claimed victory in the first told reporters in Hong Kong Last week, the former PM

he'd go back to Thailand in February is formed. once a democratic government on corruption charges. If he does, he'll have to face court to extremes to make a point - Israeli scientists are going creating the world's smallest Bible, nanotechnology experts of the Old Testament printing the entire Hebrew text on a chip smaller than a pinhead can be stored in a tiny space. to show how vast amounts of data with a computer-guided beam The nano-Bible was written into a layer of gold of ions that etched holes

on top of a piece of silicon. The text can only be read through an electron microscope.

putting his own financial woes aside Next, we meet the man to help our struggling farmers. for children Also, Christmas cheer turns to fear go on a rampage. as a group of drunken Santas

keeping kids on their toes. And up, up and away - the latest fad

you don't just get a burger. just like you. You join a club of burger-lovers the flame-grilled flavour People who appreciate of fresh ingredients and unique combination

taste so much better. that go to make all our burgers It takes two hands to understand why the burgers are better at Hungry Jack's.

This program is captioned live. Our top stories this news hour - farewell Elu Pele, hundreds of mourners the little boy who died of meningitis by not one, but two Sydney hospitals. after being turned away into the tragedy An inquiry's been launched but the family's lawyer treatment records. wants a copy of the 8-year-old's in the State's north-west. Floodwaters are rising peak tonight just below 5.2 metres, The SES is positing for the flood around about 9:00. to be cut off for Christmas, The town of Connamble is likely already declared. a natural disaster area have just half an hour left And shoppers their Christmas purchases. to finalise

in the 6-week festive rush, A record $36 billion was spent $1 billion of it today.

job security and economic stability. Retailers can thank increasing

have been caught on camera Dozens of drunken Santas

in New Zealand. being naughty, not nice, a cinema in Christchurch, The gang of bad Santas tore through

and setting off the fire alarm. pushing over cardboard posters with her children A mother waiting to see a movie says the men were swearing loudly - her confused children asking if Santa's helpers had gone crazy. Police suspect they were students. No arrests have been made.

to help our cash-strapped farmers. Now to a man who overcame the odds and bankruptcy, Despite battling severe depression

he's set up a charity agriculture industry alive. in a gallant bid to keep Australia's when you're just a toddler. There's time to laugh and smile it's not all rosy on the family farm. But Samantha's mum and dad know for 17 years They haven't made a profit but they are trying to stay positive. that's it yeah. We're just breaking even,

These dry paddocks give you an idea the drought is out here. of just how bad they used to turn into a lake When it rained for almost two decades. but that hasn't happened their farm It's tough but they won't leave 200km south-west of Charleville. we look after it. We are caretakers of that land, if we're not out here So who's going to do it and who's going to feed the nation? Former farmer Brian Egan understands. broke and suicidal. He walked off the land Then, he and his wife set up the charity Aussie Helpers -

in the drought. for farmers struggling thoughts out of my mind I help myself by keeping negative and that's why it's my medicine. and replace them with positive stuff

Brian's therapy is a lifeline. For many,

Last year, in basics like groceries volunteers gave away $500,000 and fuel vouchers. the phone never stops. And in the lead-up to Christmas,

The presents will be wrapped if you like. but you can put from Santa on them last year. 2,000 families received assistance With public support, more people on the land, Aussie Helpers hope to keep doesn't fade away. so Australia's farming industry In Western Queensland, Meg Palmer, Ten News. The Australian share market is up slightly as investors enjoy the benefits of the jump in US stocks on Friday.

Forget rollerskates, blades and skateboards - there's a new craze bound for Christmas stockings this year. Skyrunners have people hopping around like kangaroos, so it's little wonder they're taking the Australian market by storm. Real life go-go gadget shoes - with a pair of Skyrunners strapped on, you can run at speeds of up to 30km/h, jump as far as 3 metres in one step, and just as high. You jump and do tricks and stuff, it's so much fun, run around and it keeps you fit as well. They call it 'bocking', and it's the latest fad in the US.

Greg Painter saw the stunts on YouTube, and knew Australian consumers would love it. It defies gravity, and I don't know of anything bar a rocket pack or a jet pack that will make you do that. The gadgets weigh up to 3.5kg with sizes for all ages. I'd probably give it a go Oh, if I was a bit younger but I think at my age I might have a few problems. I'd do somersaults.

And they're weighty on the hip pocket too, costing up to $300. Skyrunners have been hopping off the shelves. But of course if you're going to propel yourself metres into the air, there are some safety concerns. Safety first, elbow guards, wrist guards and a helmet, all the time. And perhaps don't try this at home. Amelia Charlton, Ten News.

An early Christmas gift for visitors to the San Diego Zoo. Baby panda Zhen Zhen has been allowed out of her private den to spend more time outdoors with her mother. The 4-month old will spend more time on public display over the next few months as she improves her walking and climbing skills. Zhen Zhen, which means 'precious', is the fourth giant panda born at the zoo.

Other any presents under that been

Christmas-tree? I have a bigger one

are high but this will do for now.

What a beautiful day. We weren't

expecting this nice weather after

the predictions of showers borough

has turned out to be perfect and

tomorrow is not looking too bad

either. It will be on the cool side

of which means your seafood or your

roast will be fine. Probably 22

degrees with some sunshine poking

through. Sport is next with Rob Canning - and two fast bowlers are battling it out for one spot in the Aussie cricket side? Kath, Shaun Tait and Mitchell Johnson both bowled at captain Ricky Ponting in the nets today as they stake their claims for a Boxing Day start. Also, why the race record in the Sydney to Hobart isn't under threat, according to the skipper of this new-look maxi. And it's not Santa's sleigh, but it was worth hanging onto - a brave drive at the trots in New Zealand.

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Spin City Playset with motorised Cars and batteries not included.

Whopper Stunner Deals are back at Hungry Jack's. You can get a Whopper Jr, regular fries, all for just $4.95.

This program is captioned live. Welcome to sport. Australia will wait until the morning of the Boxing Day Test before deciding on the make-up of the final XI to take on India. Speedsters Shaun Tait and Mitchell Johnson went head to head at training today, and are locked in a battle for the final spot. The two young quicks staging a showdown in the nets,

taking turns bowling to the skipper. Whichever way, it's going to be hard. Thank God They both bowled pretty quick today. Conditions will determine that, especially because of the weather, they'll probably have to wait until game day. Rain has played havoc with both side's preparations - remains hopeful of selection, spinner Brad Hogg but more showers have further clouded the issue. The longer we're under covers and the longer it stays drizzly, the more likely Australia might play an extra fourth quick. Adam Gilchrist was put through a gruelling session a day after blasting Shane Warne in an ongoing war of words, the Aussies playing down the impact of the simmering feud. to their own opinion Everyone's entitled and it won't have any effect on what we're here for. And while the Assuies have personal issues both on and off the field, the Indians are steering clear of that. in excellent form. But they are wary of a pace attack

It's not the first time the top 7 or probably the 11 players will play someone bowling 90 miles an hour. We've just played Shoaib Akhtar the quickest in the world, who is probably so they are used to playing, and most of them have scored heaps of runs against fast bowling. It's going to be tough - we just have to fight it out and perform.

The little master savoured the biggest stage possibly for the last time while Ganguly claimed they can fight fire with fire, unlike their last visit. Last time we came to Australia in 2003 we probably had a very weak bowling attack, we lost players because of injury. We probably have a better bowling attack this time. And with Tony coming at number 7, a bit deeper in batting ability.

Ian Cohen, Ten News.

The latest weather forecast appears to have dashed any chance of the Sydney to Hobart race record being broken. While the 82-strong fleet will have ideal conditions on Boxing Day, it's not expected to last. New colours and a new name for 'Brindabella', but it may need extra horsepower if it's to have any hope of breaking the record.

Two high pressure systems The second day, when us bigger boats get to Bass Strait, there's a big high coming over which is going to give us light winds, light fluky winds. That will pretty much knock any chance of the record being broken out. Fellow skippers also ruling out a new mark. That's why they're called records - they're elusive things and they're very hard things to beat. With this forecast, you'd have to be doing very well to beat it, that's for sure. It ain't going to happen. the damage could already be done. Thursday could be a very slow day. For the record you can't afford to have too much time going slowly. You could even park up for four or five hours and that really hurts. The conditions are expected British entrant 'Leopard', to particularly hamper 10 tonnes heavier than favourite 'Wild Oats'.

We'll give a good account of ourselves - didn't come down here to lose - but at the same time, I could prefer different weather patterns or forecasts than I'm seeing right now, to be perfectly honest. But while the 100-footers aren't happy,

the medium-sized competitors love what they're hearing. On this forecast, the way it is, with everyone parking up on the second day, and then a strong northerly coming in, it actually looks really good for our sized boat.

'Wild Oats' is still the hot tip Adam Hawse, Ten News. the pre-Christmas games Aussies have dominated in the Premier League, with both Tim Cahill and Mark Viduka starring. Cahill scored in Everton's late loss to Manchester United. Viduka found the net twice as Newcastle drew with Derby. Everton went into its toughest trip unbeaten run. on the back of a 13-game But more magic from Cristiano Ronaldo had them on the back foot. COMMENTATOR: Cristiano Ronaldo. You just don't stop them However, the Toffees were soon level, thanks to their Aussie star. They got bodies forward - and it's Tim Cahill and it's 1-1. Cahill's goal sparked some trademark celebrations, later came unstuck. but his team's brave effort

United have a penalty. Oh, Giggs goes over. the Red Devils Ronaldo's spot kick moving League leaders Arsenal. to just one point behind as Newcastle hosted Derby. There were more Aussie goals from Mark Viduka. And into the corner of the net

He was so sharp there. upset when they took a 2-1 lead. The Rams looked on track for a huge and he's put Derby 2-1 up! Here's Kenny Miller, What about this! Viduka proved the saviour. and facing another embarrassing loss, Might be something here, Viduka! It's 2-2.

A mistake and Newcastle are level, four minutes from time. Newcastle is now ninth on the table,

while Chelsea is back up to third, after a scrappy win over Blackburn. Chance for Chelsea and a goal for Chelsea. Resounding finish from Joe Cole. Adam McNicol, Ten News. John Aloisi has been cleared of any serious injury after hyper-extending his knee during the Central Coast's 5-4 loss to Sydney FC. Aloisi one of five Mariners players injured during the 9-goal classic,

but hoping to return in time for the New Year's Eve clash for John Hutchinson and Greg Owens. Not such good news They can each expect two weeks on the sideline with knee complaints of their own, is over. while Dean Heffernan's season yesterday. He had surgery on his broken leg in New Zealand, Now, finally, to the trots literally gave it her all. where one driver from her horse, Frugal Knight, Arna Donnelly was dislodged she hung on. but rather than risk not finishing, Donnelly escaped serious injury, scratches, some bumps, some bruises - but no doubt will have a few all to show for her fine efforts. Before I go, some tennis news just in - world number 47 Sam Stosur has withdrawn from next month's Australian Open, citing a lack of preparation.

These are all still quiet on the

roads? Yes we have not seen at

disquiet from a long time. the disquiet from a long time. Wherever

the Harbour Bridge in all its glory.

Here is the traffic coming from

North Sydney and normally it is

completely blocked and now a clean

bill of health. You'll get there

before time.

Take a ride through Spin City, the ultimate place to keep your car in top performance. Start with a spin through the car wash. MAN: Awesome paint-job!

Test the bounce in your sound system and you're ready to roll. to test your road-handling. Take the elevator up Then you control the gearshift... MAN: Race ready. Goin' up! ..on the Spin City motorised lift down the the Spin City spiral ramp. where you rise up and then speed Spin City Playset with motorised Cars and batteries not included.

A final check of the weather now.

You're becoming the Pied Piper. I

told your I'd find some presents

under the tree. These are all

children waiting desperately for

in the Sunday go down so a certain man

in a red suit can start going about

we? his business. How Excite and are

we? Is everyone put in their list

of what they want? One of

thoroughly well-organised bunch of thoroughly well-organised bunch of

children. I'll tell you the weather

details so people know what to prepare for.

That there were showers in southern

Victoria and Tasmania. Cloud in an

upper trough is not bringing rain.

Tomorrow or high will clear the

south-east of the country. They

will be scattered showers on the

East Coast's mainly in Queensland.

The be storms across Central

Queensland and the top end. There

will be rain on the New South Wales

north coast. The showers and storms

across Queensland which will be

heavy in central areas. Some showers in Victoria showers in Victoria and Tasmania

Clearing. Who will be good children

here tonight and go to bed nice and

early? What time the game to get up

in the morning? 5 o'clock let's

find out what the weather's going

to be like when you wake up.

I'm here with a very excited bunch

of kids and I reckon tomorrow is

going to the be the best Christmas ever.

is getting ready for his big night. Santa Claus He's been greeting young visitors in the Lapland region of Finland, at his traditional home to send a message to Australia. but had time Christmas and a very happy new year. I wish you all a very merry visit Santa's village every year More than 500,000 tourists

are sent to the local post office. and 750,000 Christmas letters That's the news to now. Have a safe and happy Christmas. at the same time tomorrow. Hope you can join me

I'm Kathryn Robinson. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.