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(generated from captions) Are you sure? I've never been more sure... ..of anything... ..or anyone. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. the child pornography blitz - Tonight - 1 million images seized. dozens more arrested, inquiry slammed The Royal North Shore Hospital for not going far enough. it's in a critical condition. I believe And the 95-year-old digger home invaders. who stood up to armed

and Deborah Knight.

Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening.

Also tonight, all bets are off - votes to go pokie-free. the Rabbitohs board

And down they go - at the Velodrome. a pedal-powered pile-up

But heading Ten News, on child pornography. dozens netted in a nationwide blitz are among those charged - A teacher and a former police officer more than 1 million images the raids uncovering involved in sexual acts. of infants through to young teenagers fear was being groomed for abuse. Police also rescuing a child they in South Australia, Federal agents raid a home arresting a 45-year-old man. He's among 24 Australians horrific images accused of downloading of children being sexually abused in the United States. from websites based mainly who have to examine their computers For the police a grim task lies ahead. 1 million images at the moment - We're sifting through over 1 million images - and we're trying to determine Australian children in those images. whether there are removing a child from one home. Authorities in NSW was set to be assaulted on camera They claim the youngster sexual predators. by one of the alleged

that that individual It's our understanding this child for abuse. was actively preparing The arrests span the entire country - Australia and one in South Australia. Three each in Queensland and Western Among them -

an RSPCA worker a teacher, a forensic psychologist,

and a former NSW police officer, in 2004 who was charged with similar offences on a good behaviour bond. but released some of the images feature teenagers Police say and infants. but many involve young children

in sexual poses. Not images of children raped and abused and tortured. These are images of children getting It's really, really disgusting to be very, very careful and it's a warning to all parents on the internet. about what their kids are doing Police say more arrests are likely. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. A violent rapist is on the run, being let out of Long Bay Jail. 24 hours after Raymond Barry Cornwall, sex attacks on women in the '90s, who served 14 years for four armed strict release conditions - has breached the 52-year-old 30 minutes after arriving. and fleeing his halfway house If you see this man that do not

approach him but call police. of light build with brown hair He's 175 centimetres tall, tattooed on his arm. and has the words "Ray Liz"

of the parliamentary report Condemnation into Royal North Shore Hospital miscarriage in a public toilet by the couple whose tragic at his wife's treatment, Still angry and devastated report into Royal North Shore. Mark Dryer attacked the parliamentary The investigation only took place in a public toilet at the hospital after Jana Horska's miscarriage embarrassed the Government. there's no doubt about it It is insulting, I've wasted my - and, yeah I do feel like mine and Jana's time. Jana is still getting over that day. of the parliamentary committee Even the chairman it's not up to scratch. into the hospital says it is in a critical condition I believe and that a lot needs to be done on a good working foundation. in the past. It has been our number one hospital at this hospital are, in fact, good Well, I think the vital signs and are getting stronger every day. Among the 45 recommendations: extra doctors and beds are needed. but no suggestion of exactly how many they're bureaucratic, The recommendations are wishy-washy, and looking at and thinking about. they are all about review of acutally doing things It really comes fall short

that are going to provide solutions. The Government argues at Royal North, things are already better in the troubled emergency department, particularly but there's still the need many doctors meter out nurses. to stop the bullying decline started years ago. The report found the hospital's the performance of past ministers, Ms Meagher refused to defend

including the Premier. circumstances arose on my watch, I think the point is, that as the I dealt with them. and equipment for Royal North Shore, The Minister has promised more money until the new year. but won't say how much more Kevin Wilde, Ten News. for a 95-year-old war veteran - A frightening ordeal

holding a knife to his neck. a pair of home invaders bravely stood up to his attackers, Robert Taylor

"Kill me now or get lost". challenging them to front verandah of his Liverpool home Robert Taylor was relaxing on the holding a knife to his throat. when the two thieves attacked, What did they say to you? Gonna kill you! Gonna kill you!

but the 95-year-old refused to budge. The men tried to drag him inside,

Did you fear for your life? going to kill me, kill me now." I said to the bloke, "If you're

One stood over him his house, cutting the phone line. while the other rummaged through taking off empty-handed. They gave up, on a defenceless 95-year-old man. It's a callous, cowardly attack

members of the community would be. We're disgusted, as, I think, most I'm alive - that's the main thing. and Bougainville in World War II. Mr Taylor served in New Guinea You fought for these guys and this is how they repay you. That's how they repay you. That's right. who's paid his dues to society It's a man this sort of thing to happen. and no-one expects what the two men look like. Mr Taylor has told police aged in their early 20s He said they're both and were wearing distinctive blue T-shirts with the word 'Everlast' written on them. Mr Taylor offering this advice to his cowardly attackers. Wake up to yourself and go and get a job. There's plenty around. Evan Batten, Ten News. All bets are off at the South Sydney Leagues Club with Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court winning their battle to make it pokies free. just in case the bold plan fails. They've lain dormant inside Souths Leagues Club for 12 months,

but these poker machines have made their final play. The club is going pokie-free when it reopens mid-next year, after the board tentatively backed Peter Holmes a Court and Russell Crowe's plan to revolutionise the venue. The board felt that without pokies was the way to go. When they had pokies it went out of business so let's just focus on how we can create a great venue that brings in the broadest number of people to the venue. The new club's restaurants and bars will be created and run by Con Dedes. is a Holmes a Court favourite. With no pokies, Souths will rely on growing memberships and corporate functions to make its cash.

The future of rugby league being strong in NSW is around membership, not poker machines. Souths club members have to vote on the no-pokies plan in February,

but it already has the support of one club legend. are challenging the norm. of people have different views, but I think, for us, this is the right way to go. The board won't be selling their poker machine licences. We just felt that we didn't want to sell all the family silver and keep it there for a rainy day. it will pave the way for other struggling clubs across the State to look for private investment as a way to survive. Souths will meet the Premier next month

to ensure their deal is legally viable. James Boyce, Ten News. It's being labelled a Labor love-in,

Federal, State and Territory Labor leaders meeting for the first time in Melbourne. They're promising to end the blame game and work together on key national issues. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd flanked by his Labor counterparts talking up a new direction for the country. the end of the blame game. Today marks the beginning of a new period of cooperation between Canberra and the States and Territories. But there was never any doubt the premiers always determined to fly their Labor colours high. We're not going to waste this opportunity. It probably comes once in a generation. It hasn't come in 100 years. Now this is the beginning of a new era and if we work to it we can get a much better, much more productive relationship. Long derided as nothing more than a talkfest and photo opportunity, Mr Rudd was keen to fast-track his election promises. The group setting up seven working groups on issues from health to housing, climate change and indigenous affairs. They'll be headed by a Federal Minister,

co-chaired by the State with the greatest stake in that area. We had an excellent discussion about climate change. The former government would never discuss climate change at COAG or indeed in other gatherings. We adopted an approach of working with each other to tackle the nation's problems, not tackling each other. The Commonwealth has brought forward an extra $50 million to help cut elective surgery waiting lists in public hospitals. Just how it will be done to be decided in the new year. $50 million There's also an extra extra for drug and alcohol problems in indigenous communities. Today's meeting is just the start. Kevin Rudd indicating he'll hold four more meetings next year as part of his determination to turn COAG from a dead horse into a work horse. It's the first time we've collectively put our shoulders to the wheel to try and make theses things happen. The stakes are high. And the nation is watching. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. With just five sleeps till Christmas, Sydney shops are tonight buzzing on their busiest night of the year.

Ten's Catherine Kennedy is braving the crowds in Pitt Street Mall. Catherine, I can hear the cash registers ringing from here.

And Christmas shopping of the river

has been definitely it hit me. This

year are shoppers will spend

billions of dollars on a Christmas

present. Tonight is the biggest

night on the shopping calendar with

16 hours of trading available. Most

major shopping centres are open

until midnight. For those leaving

it until the last it until the last minute, how long

it will shops stay open? Most shops

are open to midnight tonight. And

then it it's 7pm at tomorrow night.

And 6pm on the weekend. For research

research purposes of borrowed his

credit card from the Channel. Any requests? Highway patrols boosted as police launch their Christmas road safety blitz - that's next. Also tonight, more raids in Redfern as police crack down on the heroin trade. And racial tensions boil over at a public meeting condemning a new Islamic school. Take a ride through Spin City, the ultimate place to keep your car in top performance. Start with a spin through the car wash. MAN: Awesome paint-job!

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This program is captioned live. Undercover police have arrested two people as part of a campaign to break Redfern's drug culture. A 43-year-old woman has been charged, with officers seizing a bag of white powder believed to be heroin - police then raiding two other units, arresting a 30-year-old man and allegedly finding more heroin. The crackdown follows rising concerns about local trafficking and overdoses. Enough chemicals to make $35 million worth of the drug ice have been seized from a Greenacre home. More than 100kg of ephedrine were packed inside 200 bags of coffee imported from Cambodia. A 23-year-old man has been charged. Police had to move in to control angry locals,

with hundreds protesting against a Muslim school planned for Camden. Christian organisers claiming they fear the students will be taught about terrorism. Local residents, angry about the proposed Muslim school,

but even angrier the hall for their protest meeting was too small. (Many chant) Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! Police called in to keep order. But the overriding issue was the school which will cater for 1,200 Islamic students. Why set up a school in Camden, where there is no existing large Muslim community? It doesn't make sense to me. If we went to their country, would they give us a special school? Would I be able to walk around like this? Am I allowed to wear a bikini? No. I said it's not about racism. It's about doing the right thing for the community. by Christian groups - The meeting was organised Fred Nile telling residents he feared children would be taught about terrorism. If you do have these fundamentalist doctrines being taught you can inflame the passions of the young students in that direction. Residents are concerned about traffic and the impact on their way of life. The developers are a group called the Koranic Society, based in Lakemba. Worshippers at their mosque said the president, Fouad el-Chami, was away in Mecca, leading a group of pilgrims. His nephew says the school won't impact on the local community. It's just going to be a school, educate children, which is great. Don't you think it would be great to get multiculturalism up there, get other things happening? But locals aren't convinced. It's only here now but it could be in your community next. The Koranic Society expects it will eventually have to take the case to the Land and Environment Court. John Hill, Ten News. Alarming new details of David Hicks's commitment to Islam Federal authorities claim Hicks met Osama bin Laden 20 times, and say this justifies placing a control order on the convicted terrorism supporter. Federal Police fear David Hicks poses a very real threat when released in just nine days. During an application for a control order, Hicks's fervent commitment to Islam. they revealed In a series of letters to his parents he writes... He also describes meeting Osama bin Laden 20 times, calling him his "lovely brother". His barrister maintains the letters are six years old and no longer relevant. She told the court that, even after all he'd been through, Hicks still saw himself as an Australian - one of us - and had no intention of ever hurting an Australian. Hicks spent months in al-Qaeda training camps, learning everything from urban warfare to advanced marksmanship. When released, authorities want him to report to a police station three times a week. If the control order's approved, and have his phone calls and emails monitored. David has been under the most stringent of control orders for the last six years by this process, is disappointing.

Hicks isn't fighting the restrictions

but may have to appear in court if he wants them modified. The judge will decide tomorrow what to impose. Esther Lindstrom, Ten News. Three people are dead and the main road between Sydney and Melbourne blocked after a horrific smash. a car travelling south Just before midday crossed the median strip and hit an oncoming gas tanker.

The two car occupants and the truck driver died at the scene, the crash sparking fears of an explosion. I implore people to take care on the roads. I implore them to drive safely. If they're tired, stop. If you want to speed, don't. The truck driver's body remains trapped in his rig - a nearby service station and two fast-food outlets evacuated. Police are warning

their Operation Safe Arrival starts at midnight, targeting speeding, drink-driving and seatbelt offences. Drivers breaking the rules face double-demerit point losses.

The vast majority of drivers do the right thing. It's the idiots who cause problems and they're the ones police are targeting. But we will have all our resources out there this holiday period to make sure the roads are safer for everyone travelling. Last Christmas, 18 people were killed on New South Wales roads.

And those are light showers that we

have had to date and overnight make

the roads particularly slippery

because they mix with the Orwell

and you have to be very careful. On

sorry that I can't deliver

something that looks like summer.

It has been great all-day. It will be

be great for days to come. And

there is nothing I can do about it,

not even for Christmas Day. The

temperature has been about 28

degrees at night and 24 during the

day. It is one below average day. It is one below average for this time of year. Next, 'Time' magazine's controversial Person of the Year - why Vladimir Putin And feeling blue - the unusual skin condition that's forced a man to flee his home town.

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Let us do check the traffic now.

There are lots of problems around

town? Getting closer to Christmas

we are all trying to get to the

shops but unfortunately those at

the south-west are wanting to get

to Liverpool There is a four-car

accident and these are at life

pictures. If you're going to head

it later on this evening via the M5

I would suggest not to. This is how

far the delays go back to the toll

booth. It is drizzling towards the

north-west and it is a slim but

slippery on the M2. Australia's anti-whaling campaign looks like it might have forced a partial backdown by Japan. The Japanese Government refusing to deny speculation they'll scale back their hunt for humpback whales. If that's what's happening, then it's a sign, I think,

that the sort of pressure we're seeing here in Australia, the fantastic campaign that have been under way, are perhaps being heard. An international delegation will formally lodge a protest with the Japanese Government. But even if the humpbacks are spared, the Japanese plan to kill 900 minke and fin whales. Authorities are warning about the dangers of a new craze sweeping Australia. Children as young as 14 are putting themselves at serious risk by leaping into the latest extreme sport.

Thrill-seeking stunts dramatised by Hollywood are being played out by Australian teenagers, risking serious injury. I can say there is probably no time I haven't thought about the injuries. Even for the most simple things, what if I get my knee caught? Using some of Melbourne's best known landmarks,

youngsters are jumping from heights of up to 4m.

Authorities concerned that participants are often trespassing to carry out their dares. The extreme sport originated in France, where the most daring jump across high-rise buildings.

and post their feats on the Internet. But it always doesn't go to plan. the impact on muscles and joints Health experts warn can cause life-long injuries. I think it's extremely dangerous. is it looks absolutely dramatic. The thing that's scary Everybody watches television,

to emulate these guys, everybody tries doing something so you get untrained individuals they are really not capable of. amateurs perfect their parkour, A national association is helping in our prisons. with classes even taken

its peak in Melbourne, The popularity is yet to reach taking classes every month. with up to 100 students Advocates saying people know what they are doing. the risk of injury is reduced when Don't just learn from videos. and think you're doing parkour. Don't just jump from rooftops It takes a long time to get up to that kind of level. to be able

Cameron Smith, Ten News.

have survived three nights A father and his three children in a freezing forest in the mountains of Northern California. They got lost in a place called Paradise when they went out after church to cut down a Christmas tree. I'm glad I'm home. Thank God. REPORTER: What was it like to be out there? It was awful. How did you survive? SECOND REPORTER: Jesus Christ. were answered by a search helicopter The family's prayers to make a help sign in the snow. after they used sticks and 14 injured 4 people have been killed at a chemical plant in Florida. in an explosion as the blast rattled homes. Locals heard a large boom billowed out of the factory, A thick plume of black smoke and air safety tests. sparking evacuations The plant manufactures a petrol just metres from the White House A fire of US Vice-President Dick Cheney. has damaged the office the historic Eisenhower Building, Smoke could be seen billowing from of over 1,000 workers. forcing the evacuation in an electrical room. It's believed the blaze started of damage There was a significant amount on the second floor. to a ceremonial office With the danger over, emerged from the White House President Bush and Mr Cheney to thank firefighters. Person of the Year. Vladimir Putin is 'Time' magazine's

and J.K. Rowling The Russian President beat Al Gore to join an exclusive club. bare-chested fishing holidays Vladimir Putin's have raised international eyebrows, and a bizarre child-kissing incident

grip on power in Russia but it's the 55-year-old's to 'Time' magazine's editors, that appealed naming him Person of the Year. very pleased, The Kremlin is reportedly to celebrate. but it's not necessarily a title recognises Putin's role The US magazine's decision on the world stage, in restoring his country's influence a dark side to the Putin presidency. but it also notes there's he's a good person, You know, we're not saying we're not saying he's a bad person. He is the person in 2007. who has most affected the news Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler Russia's strongman joins which started in 1927. on the influential list and environmental crusader Al Gore He beat former US vice-president J.K. Rowling and bestselling children's author for this year's title. As a relative unknown, Putin came to power in 1999, hand-picked by then president Boris Yeltsin. Since then, the former KGB official has presided over significant change in Russia. The economy is booming, thanks largely to $90-a-barrel oil, but he has managed the windfall, he has spread the wealth. The President's critics warn steps forward achieved in the '90s he's undermining the democratic and free speech. with crackdowns on the media into parliament into a farce. Putin has basically turned elections as president next year. Putin must step down he'll retain tight control It's widely tipped as its prime minister. on Russia's direction

Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

is moving to California, An American man with the blues hoping to find acceptance. Paul Karason's face turned blue into his skin when he rubbed a silver potion to cure a bad case of dermatitis.

that no-one really noticed. It was just so gradual It wasn't until a friend I hadn't seen in several months came by

to my parents' place to see me and he asked me, "What did you do?" taking the alternative medicine Incredibly, the 57-year-old is still that made his skin blue. extract silver from metal into water He uses an electrical current to and then drinks it. His girlfriend says she's used to it now, despite her boyfriend's tarnished image. Scientists using crab shells to advance brain surgery - that's next. how to choose the best one.

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This program is captioned live.

Top stories this newshour - digger stands up to his attackers a 95-year-old during a cowardly home invasion. Robert Taylor refusing to budge with a knife, when the two men approached him

kill me, kill me now". telling them, "If you're going to Royal North Shore Hospital slammed The report into for not going far enough. Mark Dryer, who's wife's miscarriage sparked the inquiry, Mark Dryer, whose wife's miscarriage and a waste of time. describing it as insulting And more than 1 million images seized as Federal Police crack a national child pornography ring.

31 people have been charged, including a former police officer and a teacher. Police also rescuing a child they fear was being groomed for abuse.

A warning tonight about the dangers of poorly chosen and badly fitted child car restraints. But help is on the way for confused parents. a child going through this, It's frightening to even consider on the market, properly fitted. but these are the highest-rated seats We are talking about ever going to have in your car, the most precious cargo you are exactly what we're buying so it's important that we know and we get the best. when we buy a seat to help parents avoid the pitfalls A new buyers' guide is now available best protects a child in a crash. and choose a restraint that in each age and weight range. It rates the best seats tend to update their models We find that manufacturers every 6 to 12 months, that are on the market at the moment so we've chosen the latest models the latest information. so parents have Just as critical - proper fitting, to get it dangerously wrong. because it's easy for your child, From just getting the wrong seat can have problems with the seatbelt, not hooking it up properly, you not putting it through the right way incorrectly for the child itself. and then just having it set up All child restraints sold must meet Australian standards. Check for the sticker with the ticks. The buyers' guide is available on the RTA website, from the NRMA, childcare centres and hospitals. at fitting centres, 10 or 15 minutes of your time getting the right advice is worth your child's life. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. was weaker today The Australian share market for the Christmas break. with investors preparing

around Sydney tonight, $1.42 is the average price of petrol but we found it for as low as $1.33 in Fairfield and West Ryde. A seafood meal has led to an incredible medical invention worth billions. Australian scientists discovering a way of sealing surgical wounds without stitches. This piece of green film is about to revolutionise surgery worldwide. It may look like a piece of cellophane - it's actually a polymer made from crab shells, and is set to replace stitches. It not only adheres the wound's edges together as sutures would do, but it actually seals it, which sutures don't do. That means a greatly reduced risk of infection and scarring - an issue of particular concern in brain surgery.

Normal stitches being used, in 11% of cases there was leakage of cerebral spinal fluid, more surgery to close the wound up. This researcher is showing how easily the SurgiLux product can join dissected tissue. It sticks to the site and is sealed closed with a laser. Neurosurgeon John Stoodley pleased with early results in rat trials.

My experience was it was a very easy thing to do. The material was able to wrap around the nerve and sticks to the nerve tissue very well with the laser application. Unlike other methods, SurgiLux is watertight. The idea for the watertight adhesive came over a bowl of seafood pasta - a researcher suddenly realising the kitisan from crab would make the perfect solution, and a valuable one too. the wound closure market worth US$5 billion each year. Amber Muir, Ten News. The animals at Taronga Zoo must have thought all their Christmases had come at once this morning.

They were surprised with some early presents. These gifts might not be to everyone's taste but they were obviously high on some wish lists. The festive treats laid on

so the animals can get into the spirit of the season along with the rest of us.

It will be hot and sticky tomorrow,

that worst feeling of all when the

sun is not even out and it is sun is not even out and it is a

muddy. It will be 27 degrees. It

only reached 24 degrees today and

Addis 23 now. Delay at low cloud is

keeping the temperatures from moving very much.

As well as those sticky

temperatures tomorrow there may be a thunderstorm. and a Sydney to Hobart sailor is an inspiration to women with breast cancer.

Yes, she's a breast cancer survivor, her story shortly. And why Anthony Mundine came face-to-face with a chook. Plus Ponting's birthday bash! A match-winning 100 in even time. COMMENTATOR: All the way for six! Also, a spectacular cycling pile-up.

This program is captioned live. An ideal 33rd birthday present for Ricky Ponting. Australia reclaiming the Chappell-Hadlee trophy after Ponting proved the difference with an unbeaten century. Sunshine in Tassie for a trans-Tasman decider. Matthew Hayden sent in. His early intentions clear. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that's a great shot! opening experiment fell flat. This will be out. Yes, caught and bowled. One down, Ricky Ponting feared the same thing. It was the only mistake he made all day, as Hayden sent rockets to the Bellerive fence. Oh, what a shot. But a top edge and he was on his way for for 29. Is he out? Yes, he is. The skipper then became the aggressor. Ponting in a swashbuckling mood. Mike Hussey came and when for just 9. But that didn't deter the Tasmanian. He'd bring up 50... And that's some sort of a stroke from Ricky Ponting. Andrew Symonds joined the party. Crunched again. 33 yesterday, the home town hero was celebrating in style. That's a beauty. Away she goes! to bring up his 25th one-day century. The local tormenting the Kiwis Symonds got 50 and a rap on the pads. But for Ponting, a run-in with Daniel Vettori and then a fly proved his only downfall. Unbeaten on 134. He may not live here anymore, but they love him.

The visitors had the job ahead. tore through the openers. But a high and wide Brett Lee Wildly outclassed all tour, today proved no different. Kiwi wickets falling at will. Shane Tait a star with the ball. And then in the outfield. Oh, what a catch! But not all catches stuck quite as clearly. Clarke's sticky fingers given the all clear, despite appearances. New Zealand left embarrassed, minus the Chappell-Hadlee crown. Now the Aussies head for greater rewards on offer at the MCG. Tim Hodges, Ten News. The feathers were flying in Sydney today as Anthony Mundine attempted to goad recently crowned world champion Danny Green into a rematch. Promoting his February 27 fight against Nader Hamdan, a plucky Mundine suddenly revealed his arch-rival Green was in Sydney to organise another fight between the pair. As a matter of fact he's out the back there. You should bring him in - Danny! Danny, come here, man.

Of course there was no Green, just a rather bemused chicken who then went to beak-to-head with Mundine. Green of course says he's higher up the pecking order in world boxing with his official belt opposed to the Man's interim title.

Fair to say the chicken came away unruffled from his encounter.

A story of courage from the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race. Breast cancer survivor Michele Colenso set to compete again this year. Colenso is in a lot better shape now than when she made her first attempt at the ocean classic last year. 12 months ago she competed in the race just weeks after chemo therapy. Fellow breast cancer sufferers provided the motivation to do it again. They're fighting for their lives. They're fighting to make Christmas. All I've got to do is sail down on a boat to Hobart on Boxing Day. Michele is in the middle of a circumnavigation of the globe and hopes to eventually complete her world trip. Women's world surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore has arrived home following her stunning victory at the ASP final in Hawaii last week. The 19-year-old received a hero's welcome

as she flew in to Coolongatta airport clutching her world title trophy, the champ thrilled with the warm reception. Right now I'm reliving it, I'm reliving the moment of winning the title.

The stars of Australian cycling are still expressing amazement over a massive spill in Melbourne last night. Incredibly, none of the cyclists were seriously hurt. This is the moment it all went crazy for the under-18 riders in the Futures Stars 2,000m dash.

13 of the 17-man field hit the boards Within sight of the line, in a scene that even amazed the old heads. It was a pretty spectacular crash. It was a good one. It was good to see them all get up and get back on their bikes. It's part of the sport unfortunately. I saw it on television. I didn't go down there. It was quite horrific by the look of it. It was lucky no-one got hurt. Despite the track resembling a war zone, all riders amazingly walked away from the havoc. Bendigo youngster Jamie Crass miraculously escaping serious injury while defying gravity.

He cart wheeled out of control along the perimeter fence for nearly 10m. When you see what's happened you think, "Ooh, I didn't realise it was that big." it happens that quick. You don't know what's happening and you just remember lying on the ground. When you watch it up there it really is a good, spectacular crash. The teenagers were cheered I must have smashed into the fence. That's how I bashed up my face a little bit. And then some other guy crashed into my bike so it was a pretty full-on stack. Chelsea has set up a League Cup semifinal showdown with Everton. One of Australia's sporting greats, Michael Cleary, has revealed the one regret of his amazing career - not getting to stand on the dais when he won bronze in the 100 yards at the Empire Games in 1962. Having a photograph taken with his Empire Games bronze medal is something Michael Cleary has waited a long time to do. The medal has never been out of the packet for 46 years. Where have you kept it? I kept it in the sock drawer at home. The remarkable story of missed opportunity began in Perth in 1962 when Cleary was initially judged to have finished fourth in the 100 yards, the bronze medal being originally awarded to fellow Australian But the race photo clearly showed it was Cleary's bronze. Three days later he was presented the medal in very unusual circumstances. I was sitting in the dining room with Linda McGill, Dawn Fraser and Tony Madigan and Arthur Tunstall walked in and handed me a medal and put it on my roast lamb. The medal, but no dais or photograph. Opportunities, though, were still to come in the relay and the 220 yards, but the announcement of his medal win came over the P.A. just as he took the blocks for the 220 final. 'Course I'd gone to pieces then. How can I run a 220 after hearing that and in the real? I finished up coming up fifth in the 220 and I thought I'd have a chance to get a medal in the relay

and Dennis Chippey and Bobby Lay was the first change and they dropped the baton. Consolation was to come for Cleary in an amazing football career which saw him play six Tests for the Wallabies and eight Tests for the Kangaroos as well as winning three Grand Finals for the Rabbitohs. Neil Cordy, Ten News. That's all for now. named Sharks captain for next season and we'll see how India have fared on the first day of their opening tour match in Victoria. traffic this evening. There has

been very slow on all motorways

there's a broken-down car and it

looks like it's causing some be

delays. Everyone is trying to dart

away from the break down. As we go

closer to the city you can see the

significance of the delays as a significance of the delays as a

result of this one breakdown on the

M four and the traffic is queued

all way back to Parramatta. Angela Bishop's weather is next. Stay with us -

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The cloud moving over the southern

part of the country is generating

first thunderstorms and they first thunderstorms and they are

potentially severe inner Tasmania

Victoria and New South Wales. Victoria and New South Wales. The

obese are scattered up showers and

storms. Windows and a showers will

increase. A trough will generate

heavy rains and storms across

inland parts of the south-east.

Cool onshore winds in the Western

Australia will bring some showers.

There will be heavy falls for the

west of New South Wales. They will

be showers and storms in western Queensland and the Northern

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