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(generated from captions) Oh. I wasn't looking for it. Oh. Oh, my God, Ridge. the phone ring and I... I promise you. I just heard It's so beautiful. I love it. Oh, I love you. Your phone... (DOOR OPENS) What's going on? Oh, my God. You're engaged? Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. a heavy metal band - Tonight, tragedy strikes as The Red Shore's mini van rolls. two people killed Enough is enough - moves into top gear. the battle against Japanese whaling This is no minor disagreement. And unions declare war the State's electricity assets. on plans to sell Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Ten News with those HSC results finally out. Good evening. Also tonight - most daring jailbreaks. One of the world's off our streets - And getting a menace

on a violent teenage gang. police pounce But heading Ten News - on the Pacific Highway, a heavy metal band's horror crash and slamming into a tree, their tour bus rolling and injuring five others. killing two people the Melbourne band was due to play in Sydney tonight,

their fans devastated.

was killed instantly A 27-year-old man around 7:00 this morning, as the tour bus veered off the road closing the Pacific Highway. no other vehicles were involved. Police say a number of times The vehicle has rolled before colliding with a tree. Emergency services were activated. to free themselves from the wreck Six passengers who managed were treated at the scene, to release a 22-year-old male, but it took an hour who later died in hospital. from Melbourne, The heavy metal band The Red Shore, at Sydney University tonight. was due to play group called All Shall Perish. The band was touring with another their Christmas Carnage Tour, They called it 'Salvaging What's Left'. their debut EP titled from Brisbane, The group had been driving where they had performed last night. the band's website Fans today inundated Jamie, Jason, Roman, Jake and Damo. with messages of support for as emergency services prepare It comes for a busy period on the roads. be patient on the road. We would like to see everyone take the time to have a rest. If you're tired, to the road safety message, And police too are adding their voice exercise more caution on the roads. urging motorists to slow down and from midnight tomorrow night Double demerits will be in force until the new year. Probably the last seven days we've had a terrible time on the road -

it's an absolute tragedy. to reinforce to people - And I would use the time A, don't drink and drive, don't drive while you're fatigued.

Evan Batten, Ten News. collision course with Japan Australia is on a diplomatic

over the slaughter of whales in the Southern Ocean.

within days A Customs ship will leave Perth to spy on the Japanese whaling fleet. to the 'Oceanic Viking', Final preparations are being made to track down Japanese whalers. the Customs vessel ordered Although armed, will be locked and stored below deck. its machine guns and small arms not expected to leave the ship. The boarding party and survey at a safe distance. This is a stand off interdiction or intervention. It is not enforcement, will also shadow the Japanese, A long-range aircraft and gathering evidence of the kill capturing footage in future international court action. to be used Scientific whaling is a sham. and it's unnecessary. It's cruel, it's barbaric welcomed by activists. The tough stance of the threatened humpback whale that Japan is going to kill either or the endangered fin whale. launched its offensive, As the Rudd Government 'Esperanza' left Auckland the Greenpeace protest ship to block the whaling. on a voyage of its own What we're planning to do on the back of our inflatables is use the pumps that we have in front of the boats to create water finding the whales. so that they have difficulty it's bound to get ugly. And going on past practice, to exercise restraint I urge everyone is low because the capacity for rescue and the danger of fatality is high. In addition to the gunboat diplomacy, a formal diplomatic protest Australia will lead with other anti-whaling countries. the case to the Japanese Government It will also appoint an envoy to take the International Whaling Commission. and increase its voice in at the hands of a harpoon 15 minutes of agonising death these beautiful and regal creatures. is no way to treat Leonie Mellor, Ten News. things will get nasty Unions are promising to privatise the power industry. as they fight State Government plans will be sold to the Chinese Claims power stations as racist politics. are being dismissed 14,500 electricity workers Unions representing the State's of a major grassroots campaign voted in favour to stop the sell-off. quite nasty at some point, yes - I think it's going to get without a doubt. the longer it goes on, The Premier already a target online. We're not about rolling a premier, to listen to the people of NSW we are simply asking him on electricity privatisation. and pull the plug Strikes aren't part of the plan, will feature prominently. but public rallies last weekend showed: Unions claim a survey of 1,000 voters News of Chinese power bosses yesterday touring a Central Coast power plant added weight to union concerns. They weren't here on holidays, at Vales Point power station they were here kicking the tyres to see what they were going to get for their money. who attacked the union leaders. Not true, says the Treasurer, about foreign ownership Running One Nation-like campaigns

is extraordinary. at the State Labor conference But if unions are successful in May in blocking the plan, it will be a major embarrassment for the Government. Michael Costa and Morris Iemma, though, seem determined to get the $15 billion in potential revenue. So if you want to keep prices down, if you want to keep taxes down, you've got to follow the Government's strategy. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. The parliamentary inquiry into Royal North Shore Hospital's series of tragic mishaps will be released tomorrow,

prompted by the inadequate care given to Jana Horska when she miscarried in a toilet at the hospital. More beds, more nurses, more doctors, more resources - anything less would be a kick in the teeth to those people who presented to the inquiry, whether victims, patients or health professionals. The inquiry also heard of cockroaches in operating theatres and beds breaking in half during surgery.

A pre-Christmas tragedy for a grain-farming family in southern Queensland, a young brother and sister drowning in a dam which only recently filled with rain. On the bank of a dam which until recently had been dry for so long, this morning lay two little bodies. Well, the family are obviously very upset at what's happened. 7-year-old Hamish and 8-year-old Isabelle Bailey had gone missing from the Brookstead grain farm yesterday afternoon. The brother and sister were last seen playing near the water on quad bikes. Overnight, family and friends searched, but police divers were brought in at first light.

unfortunately, the bodies of two small children were located at a dam on the property. It's not clear how the children ended up in the water or if they were able to swim. After such a long drought, the creeks and dams on the property were full of water for the first time in years. Certainly the dams are higher than what they have been for some time, so there is more water in the dams. Whether or not that's been an issue is difficult to say. As soon as news of the tragedy started to spread through the tight-knit community, locals began arriving at the property to offer the Bailey family support. This is a close-knit community and a lot of the people from surrounding areas have been involved in the search overnight and again this morning. So it's very distressing for everybody. Police are treating the children's deaths as a tragic pre-Christmas accident. Chloe Symons, Ten News. A violent gang of teenage thugs has been smashed in Sydney's south-west. Detectives raided seven homes, arresting suspects aged 14 to 17 and charging them including aggravated robbery. Police allege they're members of a gang

that's been terrorising the streets of Bankstown and Yagoona, threatening and seriously injuring their victims. 13 long years of school and it's all come down to a single score card. The HSC results are out bringing joy or despair to out-going school students.

for Alessandra Horlor, It's been a nerve-racking wait but her face says it all - relief the hard work has paid off, producing near-perfect HSC marks across the board. Joy, too, for a very proud mum. I didn't sleep at all, I don't think. I got through in the end so I'm just really happy it's over and yeah, ready to move on to the next phase. A career counsellor told Alessandra to stare at her desired score but she smashed that mark and is likely to make the top 1% of the State. Maybe crack some champagne, perhaps. Just enjoy it, enjoy the hard work. 66,000 students received their marks today, and it seems the class of '07 is the State's smartest group in years. Results are up in many subjects, particularly English,

and almost 10% of students have made the highest score band. The standards of the NSW HSC are world-class and so students today can be proud of their achievements. Our State schools proving yet again they can match, even beat, the best the private schools have to offer. Their results have been wonderful so we're very proud of them and it's a great feeling. The university entrance scores come out tomorrow and while there will be those that are ecstatic there will also be those that are disappointed, but business and education leaders say not to worry because there are, of course, plenty of ways to get through to your chosen career path and other job opportunities you may never have thought existed.

James Boyce, Ten News. Ahead in sport with Tim Webster, Michael Clarke gets another fill-in role. Yes, now he's an opener in the one-dayer decider against the Kiwis. More shortly. And don't say his career's over yet - Mark Philippoussis tells us why he'll play on despite his latest knee injury setback. And ever wondered how two of rugby league's brightest stars would look playing AFL? Well, Jarryd Hayne and Krisnan Inu tried to make their mark at Essendon. Also, we'll go all the way to the top of the mast to meet the Sydney to Hobart's only female rigger. Customs strikes a major blow against illegal tobacco imports - the latest major bust is coming up. Plus - tears after all these years - And it's giving police the edge - technology that Sydney criminals hate. Take a ride through Spin City, the ultimate place to keep your car in top performance. Start with a spin through the car wash. MAN: Awesome paint-job! Test the bounce in your sound system and you're ready to roll.

Take the elevator up to test your road-handling. Then you control the gearshift... MAN: Race ready. Goin' up! ..on the Spin City motorised lift

where you rise up and then speed down the the Spin City spiral ramp.

Spin City Playset with motorised Cars and batteries not included. This program is captioned live. An emotional homecoming for the family of fallen Vietnam digger Lance Corporal John Gillespie, his remains returning to Melbourne more than three decades after he was killed in combat. For Lance Corporal John Gillespie it's the final chapter. For his widow and their daughter, an end to their suffering. We've got him home, We've brought him home, babe. Fiona was just two years old when she lost her father to the Vietnam War in 1971. He's always been able to touch me when I was a baby but I can actually touch him now because he's home. His remains arriving home for a belated tribute. From one soldier to another I say to Lance Corporal John Gillespie, "Welcome home, mate." Returning to Melbourne after 36 years, rarely have the words of the ode been more apt. We will remember them. Lest we forget. Sharing in the reunion, John Gillespie's siblings. LAST POST SOUNDS Lance Corporal John Francis Gillespie was one of Australia's best and bravest. The army medic was killed at 24 while on a rescue mission, his helicopter coming under intense enemy fire. It was the second burst that actually got us, that was the end. "Hang on, we're going down." I can remember the pilot saying, is the third Australian soldier Lance Corporal Gillespie and listed as missing in action. to be returned after being killed has been involved in each recovery Jim Bourke three other men, yet to be found. and is working to bring home makes it all worthwhile. The relief that the families get

Erin Cassar, Ten News. of two senior police officers The careers hang in the balance tonight found they engaged in misconduct. after the Police Integrity Commission The PIC wants prosecuted Superintendent Adam Purcell of information over the unauthorised release And it's recommended be sacked Detective Inspector Paul Jacob a fellow officer for failing to properly investigate in a murder case. named as a person of interest We need to make sure those officers are afforded that procedurally and right to reply, every opportunity and that's what we're doing. Mr Purcell remains on paid leave. Mr Jacob is still on operational duties. The State's police ballistic experts have solved a record number of cases this year. of bullets and cartridges Their massive database the battle against gun crime. is helping them win

largest ballistic database, It's Australia's compiled on computer. with almost 30,000 samples And as the database grows, NSW police are increasingly able and cartridge cases, to link guns, bullets over 40 ballistics matches Just this year there are to charges being laid. that's been able to lead are logged, All cartridges left at crime scenes police seize. along with every illegal firearm this year A handgun found in Western Sydney to several unsolved crimes. was linked to six other individual crimes, Identified it drive-by shootings including three separate of private residential homes, an armed robbery with wounding, another attempted murder.

used by criminals that are catalogued - and those used by security guards all police weapons and placed on the computer are now routinely test-fired

in a crime. in case they're ever stolen and used Until recently, this was the only ballistics computer in Australia, but now the Federal Police have also adopted the technology. It is crucial in solving firearm-related crime

and success at courts. Police say illegal weapons off Sydney's streets, the success of their efforts to take the technological advantage together with of the ballistics database, has helped make our city safer. John Hill, Ten News. A murder investigation is under way in North Rocks. following a house fire

and 32-year-old William Macria The bodies of 3-year-old Tasha Meppem on Saturday. were found inside the home they were killed Investigators believe took hold. before the deliberately lit fire around the time of the blaze. Several explosions were reported A man has been horribly burned in the Blue Mountains. in a ride-on mower explosion was refuelling the machine The 20-year-old at Kurrajong Heights. when it caught fire in a council park

to 30% of his body, He has suffered burns covering his chest, head and back. to Royal North Shore Hospital He's been airlifted in a serious condition. in the number of cigarettes all destined for the domestic market. being smuggled into Australia,

Customs have seized 95 million cigarettes and close to 240 tonnes of tobacco since January, a 14-fold increase on last year. is through Sydney's Port Botany The main point of entry in cargo containers, but Australia isn't alone - there's a worldwide trend organised cigarette smuggling of large-scale, millions of dollars in taxes. as crime gangs try to evade

Pay cheque of the weather now. We

have been promised big dams of rain

but we're just getting threatening

weather. Is there any rain on its

way? It is. We keep getting another

day's grace but I'm here to Teddy

we have another day's grace. We are

at Stuart house on the northern

beaches and some of the kids have

come for a little bit of a break.

Up here on the northern beaches

they had a little bit of rain

overnight - about 7mm, nothing to

write home about, but we are the

wettest year since 1998 officially.

More figures later. It was grey all

day today - crowd from start to

finish. It will be similar tomorrow

and some of those promised hours

may appear later in the week. It is

now 23 degrees and I'll be back

with more later. Next - on the rocks. A watery grave for a cargo ship. most daring jailbreaks - And one of the world's thank you notes in their cells. the criminals who even left In a lot of ways, this album is a soundtrack to my life. (Sings) # I'm a soul man # Yeah... # # Hold on... # to make this record. I just had to go to Memphis # Take me to the river... # the greatest songs of all time. These are some of # Respect yourself... # # I'm gonna wait... # Yeah, this music, it's me. with the MG's Don't miss Guy VOICEOVER: live in concert.

This program is captioned live.

Time to check on the traffic and

other things now. It is almost two

weeks % of the big hailstorm ever

Sydney's West and we have amazing

pictures which demonstrate have

terrible that was. As a result of

the hailstorm of which had in the

Bankstown and Glenwood area they

were severely affected - take a

look at the blue and yellow look at the blue and

tarpaulins. The rain and storm

damage as a result and all we can

see every second home is laced with

blue and yellow. Quite blue and yellow. Quite an

incredible shot over the Blacktown,

Prospect and Sunny Holt Road region.

Up on a sunny to hold road there is

a bad accident that has blocked off

the traffic. Quite significant

delays and quite an incredible

sight, appear. for a toddler with a rare condition. A special gift tonight allowing the boy to finally close his eyes. A rescue mission to save the sight of this 2-year-old. just 100 people in the world Julian Inarkombu is one of

a rare congenital abnormality, born with

preventing him from closing his eyes. are joined to his eyeballs, His upper lids to the elements. leaving them vulnerable by Australian Doctors International His plight was discovered

his West Papuan refugee community who were visiting earlier this year. Sydney Children's and Eye hospitals, With the generosity of

were flown to Sydney. Julian and his dad Saving Julian's sight, though, involved a delicate 2-part operation. then recreated the lining of the eye. Surgeons first rebuilt the eyelids, And to do that we use amniotic membrane. Amniotic membrane is actually from babies that are born, it's actually collected in Victoria and stored in Victoria, and is available to eye surgeons to reconstruct the eye surface. The combination of both operations is a world first. Julian is now recovering in hospital, returning home in a month. The gift of sight is not measurable in dollars and cents. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. A dramatic rescue operation off the coast of Russia - a Russian freighter smashed in two when it lost engine power during a wild storm and crashed into rocks near the Arctic port of Murmansk. Local authorities asked Norway for help and a rescue crew was sent in on a Sea King helicopter. All 12 sailors were winched to safety and flown to Norway. There are no reported injuries. A man accused of rape and corruption is the frontrunner to take over as South Africa's next president. The ruling ANC has voted to remove the current leader, President Thabo Mbeki, and replace him with his former deputy, Jacob Zuma. However, the 65-year-old might not be able to take over

when Mbeki steps down in two years. Zuma was acquitted of rape last year but is still possibly facing bribery charges over a multimillion-dollar arms deal. A brazen jailbreak straight from the Hollywood hit 'The Shawshank Redemption'. Two inmates hacked a hole in their cell wall and hid the escape route behind bikini-girl posters. The inmates' handiwork can clearly be seen

from the outside of the New Jersey jail. Their passage to freedom dug out with the help of a thick piece of wire.

They chiselled away the mortar.

Inside the high-security cells, more evidence of the crafty escape. Authorities believe at the mortar around a concrete brick one of the men chipped away until it could be pushed through, crawling through the gap to his fellow escapee's cell. They used the valve and smashed the cement block.

The brazen pair then crawled through a 45cm hole they'd dug to the prison roof and scaled a 7m-high fence, possibly fleeing on a passing train. While the digging work was in progress they covered up the escape route with posters of bikini-clad women, a ploy which bears a striking similarity to the 1994 film 'The Shawshank Redemption'. and everyone is in on it, Big damn conspiracy including her. Night guards failed to notice the men were gone, That was until a farewell thank-you note was discovered, wishing the guards a happy holiday and finished off with a smiley face. There's been no trace of Jose Espinosa, who recently pleaded guilty to manslaughter, or his accomplice, Otis Blunt, in jail on robbery charges.

Both are considered armed and dangerous. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. An American teacher caught having sex with a 14-year-old student could be heading back to jail. 27-year-old Debra Lafave is accused of breaching her probation by striking up a friendship with a 17-year-old girl at a restaurant where she worked. The English teacher was placed under house arrest 2.5 years ago after admitting to having sex with a male student. I offer my deepest apology. I have been undergoing extensive therapy and believe it has helped me. Lafave is now facing 15 years behind bars. Troubled British soul singer has been arrested in London over a plot to fix her husband's assault trial. The 24-year-old singer of the hit song 'Rehab' is publicly battling addiction to drugs, alcohol and bulimia. Her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is in a London jail the course of justice. He was arrested over a pub brawl and reportedly offered the victim almost $500,000 to drop the case and flee to Spain. Winehouse has been questioned and released on bail.

Britney Spears is to become an aunty - her teenage sister expecting her first child. 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears has told 'OK' magazine she's 12 weeks pregnant to boyfriend Casey Aldridge, who she met at church. Jamie Lynn, the star of the Nickelodeon series 'Zoey 101', says even she's shocked by the news. So is her mother, who's already endured Britney's two pregnancies, marriage breakdown and recent rehab stints. Jamie Lynn plans to raise her child in her home state of Louisiana with her boyfriend. The ABC's bewildering breast cancer cluster claims another victim - that story next. Also, going off the deep end - the skiers who really live life on the edge.

And we'll meet some very cute creatures - there's been a baby boom at the zoo. Did you have fun? Spoiled? No. Somebody called YOU that. VOICEOVER: It will spoil up to seven lucky people. It can carry your whole life. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom! # Yay! Sharpen up your chances of winning with a Christmas bonus. Buy a $5 Scratchie and get: Or buy a $10 Scratchie and get: (Giggles) You could win a small fortune. Eeee! Buy a Whopper at Hungry Jack's and you'll join a club of burger-lovers who all appreciate the flame-grilled flavour and fresh ingredients that make all our burgers taste so much better. It takes two hands to understand why the burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - a small community in shock after two children are found dead in a dam on a southern Queensland property. Police divers found the bodies of an 8-year-old girl and her 7-year-old brother after the pair vanished while quad-biking near Toowoomba. Their bike was recovered nearby.

The unions vow to fight plans to sell the State's electricity assets. They're promising a major grassroots campaign against the sell-off. The strategy will include public rallies, but strike action is not on the cards yet. And tragedy strikes a heavy metal band

that was scheduled to play in Sydney tonight. of The Red Shore A van carrying members rolled and hit a tree near Coffs Harbour this morning, killing two people. Fans have been posting tributes on the band's website. Another ABC staffer has been diagnosed with cancer after working at the broadcaster's notorious Brisbane studios. Former 'Landline' presenter Judy Kennedy

has undergone surgery in Melbourne for a malignant lump under her arm. She's worked for the national broadcaster for 12 years,

at its Toowong complex in Brisbane, including two years where 15 other workers have been diagnosed with cancer. ABC management is offering medical support but concedes this latest case may not be the last. The fallout from the Centro crisis is sparking questions over who's next. The major banks admit they're exposed, but the property company itself is fighting back. A clear sign investors are either very forgiving or just eager to speculate - after dropping most of its value in the last two days, But questions over the impact of its troubles won't go away, particularly whether others will follow. about what this signals. I'd be more concerned To us, Centro is something of an augury of what's going on in financial markets at the moment. So I'd be thinking about the next risk that may pop up rather than one we've just seen. Another fear - who's exposed and by how much. Major Australian banks lent money to Centro. St George's loan is secured against the assets, but some of the others aren't. Investment advisor Greg Hoffman feels vindicated after warning his clients about Centro in June,

telling them to sell. Centro was following an aggressive strategy, was very highly leveraged

and so it was in a high-risk category, and now something's gone wrong. It's been admitted to financial hospital, if you like, and we'll await the surgery. He says the major banks will be able to wear some losses, adding that Centro's Australian assets are strong - all major shopping centres almost fully occupied with quality tenants. When it come to superannuation funds, the industry is keen to calm any fears about exposure to Centro, saying that, in the scheme of things, the impact is likely to be minimal. So when you look at Centro, it is listed property. It is one provider of many in listed property, and listed property accounts for less than 5% of all of the money in super. The company itself says it won't need to sell its assets in a fire sale, expecting to remain viable. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. A major backdown from the Coalition - it's decided to dump WorkChoices, The Australian share market has closed slightly down

thanks to bargain hunters. $1.35 is the average price of unleaded petrol in Sydney today. in some areas, We've seen it as high as $1.50 and the cheapest we've spotted is $1.22 in Forestville. Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo is enjoying a baby boom. The animal park is bustling with youngsters as the new year approaches. Mum's pretty happy, and her baby boy is, well, still a little unsteady on his feet. That's about the only hurdle for Western Plains Zoo's newest giraffe, who already is well over 1.5m tall. He has no name yet and is a little shy. He's the eighth giraffe to be born under the zoo's breeding program

in four years. As he gets older he'll be like the rest of his family

and come and investigate, and come down for giraffe talks and what have you. There are babies everywhere, in fact. This is Kwasi the zebra, who has taken the herd here up to four. And then there's Touran, a Persian onager,

who likes a little time with Mum as well. It looks to be healthy - it's always thirsty. Whenever Mum stops, it's looking for a drink, so it's doing well. The zoo's new deliveries haven't been without some risk - both the onagers and zebras are equine species, which have just been returned to their enclosures after being given the all clear for equine flu. Now it's time to captivate the crowds, even though some may have their own opinion about that. Josh Murphy, Ten News.

How cuties that? A spooky never

knew one grams, Angela Bishop has

prevented out into their humidity

but we're stuck with the sticky

mess poorer while? Another couple

of days before that stickiness

turned into rain at - Friday and Saturday

Saturday it looks like. I am here

with the gang at Stuart House. They

provide a bit above break when kids

need run and the skies have need run and the skies have come from Broken Hill. How long from Broken Hill. How long since

you have seen rain in Broken Hill?

A long time. What have you done it

for the last couple of weeks here?

Gone on excursions, went to the

beach, had parties. We have another

trick coming up later - meantime we

will check the

We will be back with more from the

gang here at Stuart house at nearly 6

6 o'clock. Great things they do for kids there. and Mark Philippoussis faces up to the prospect his career could be over. Yes, ahead he talks about the knee injury threatening his career. And the Eels' Jarryd Hayne and Krisnan Inu make an impact in a joint training session with Essendon. And we go up, up, up and up to catch up with the only female rigger in the Sydney to Hobart race. If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt these Christmas-New Year holidays, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one of your passengers isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Remember - double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences. This program is captioned live. Mark Philippoussis has broken his silence after sufferring a knee injury which is likely to end his career. The 'Scud' says if it is the end, that's life. He hasn't officially retired yet, but he's not contemplating an immediate comeback either. It's an all too familiar shuffle for Mark Philipppoussis, but this latest knee injury may have him limping out of the game for good. I'm not thinking about a comeback at the moment. Like I said, I'm just thinking about spending time with my family, spending time at home and pleasant things, you know? and what direction I want to take my life in and whether I'll be going again.

Of be honest, it is more for mental

battle, getting back from injury

after injury. After months of pain, a tear in the lateral miniscus of his right knee, along with two tears of the lining, forcing the scud to face the dreaded R-word. That's life. Of course I'm going to be sad but sooner or later you know it's going to end. amazing memories. Two of the biggest memories without a doubt is two Davies Cup wins. Surgery an intercontinetal effort, from the Hopman cup injury. headed by the man who stitched him up

The doctor who did the surgery in

Miami - I want to have that surgery

and I just don't want to be getting

up sore and going to the GM, day

after day. I am not going to be

looking forward to doing that for a

while, to be honest. He has always been high-powered but his been high-powered but his departure

is imminent. It is always going is imminent. It is always going to

be tough for him - he's not getting

any younger and has had several operations already. And the wild card playoffs curse has struck again with Jelena Dokic succumbing to a thigh injury. Her Open now in doubt, her comeback also now on ice. Michael Clarke will fill the sizeable shoes of Adam Gilchrist at the top of the order

in the series decider against New Zealand tomorrow as the Aussies try to reclaim the Chappell Hadlee Trophy. The rained-out second Chappell-Hadlee game

has given Hobart a finals-like intensity. The Kiwis hold a rare trophy the Aussies don't have and it's a slightly new look Australian line-up to try and wrest it back. Yeah, Michael Clarke is going to open tomorrow. He's done it for us in the past and done a pretty good job up the top of the order, so he's going to stay there. Mike Hussey at four I'll be at three, and down the order from there. Their current depth in fast bowling stocks has meant Mitchell Johnson has been overtaken in one-day cricket by Shaun Tait. Ponting explained there is a pecking order. When Simo was out of the World Cup team injured and Hodge went in and did well, Simon had to come back into the side and deserved his chance after the World Cup he's had to pay for Australia and other games to come back into the teams. But will that selection necessarily follow for the Boxing Day Test? Nothing out of a one-day series going into Test cricket, no. I guess Taity is more established in one-day cricket than he was in Test cricket into the one-day team. so that's why he's back Mitchell - role's probably reversed as far as Test cricket goes. will finally get going The summer of cricket against the confident Indians when the Test starts who have targeted Brad Hogg. Yeah, you can say what you like.

you have to get out there and do it. It doesn't matter what you say, in one-day cricket. of foot in mouth disease this tour New Zealand has had a touch renowned fighting spirit but is hoping its will get it across the line. and not a very successful one.

to actually win something, But we get a chance at the end of it we worked hard to win last year. to hold on to a trophy that Rob Waters, Ten News. There's no end in sight remarkable coaching career. to Tim Sheens's for another two years He's just signed on

with the Wests Tigers. to celebrate his new deal Sheens had lunch Melbourne premiership-winning coach with one-time understudy and now Craig Bellamy. The veteran of coaching says if there's one thing he'd change in the NRL it's the contract-negotiating process. The '09 lists are coming into my office now and have been for over a month. We're starting to get to a ludicrous stage that's got to be addressed. and it has to be something game breaker Benji Marshall Sheens says he wants to re-sign before the start of next season. around - It's one of the oldest arguments and vice versa? can rugby league players handle AFL Jarryd hayne and Krisnan Inu Parramatta's exciting double act had a crack at it today with the Essendon Bombers. during a cross-promotion to turn white with fear - No need for David Gallop haven't quit rugby league just yet. Jarryd Hayne and Krisnan Inu

to the AFL. This was just a day-long defection to the test Parra's whiz kids put their talents

among players they'd never met. even looking lost at times, After a bit of a slow start, well in basic drills. Hayne and Inu acquitted themselves But AFL is about getting in the air, to see. and that's what everyone wanted so how does Hayne go? Not bad, but hardly Cazaly, a going over The pair giving the pad-carrier before deciding it might be time to show off a few of their skills. Long-distance conversion attempts with a Sherrin drew quite a crowd, even tempting Essendon's Dustin Fletcher to step up and have a crack. The day was a worthwhile exercise, according to Hayne. I think what we've seen today, of the training session, the enthusiasm if we bring it back to Parra I think it would be great in training. and really emphasise the enthusiasm So could leaguies make it in AFL? if they were to swap. They're pretty good players bigger units around in our team, We could have a couple of throw a bit of weight around. Adam Hawse, Ten News. remains the favourite Super maxi 'Wild Oats XI' to make it three wins in a row Sydney to Hobart yacht race. in next week's of the ambition scale But at the other end 'Mind's Eye', is West Australian entry the smallest boat in the fleet. Things were nice and calm today made final preparations as bowman Ben Roodhouse for the ocean classic. But 9.99m is not a lot of yacht, of Bass Strait. especially when you're in the middle

sort of look down on us I think the bigger guys

and think we are a little bit crazy at times. You know, everybody's a bit edgy about extreme conditions. Also set to test the crew's nerves are the cramped quarters

they'll have to share for a trip which will take at least four days. There are some advantages, though, in being small. There's only six of us on board, to the finishing line so when we do get goes a bit further. that carton of beer the cheese and wine boat 'Mind's Eye' is known as because of their sponsorship, but minimising weight means on board. there will be none of the product to save on the weight, Freeze-dried most of the way the start and finish, without doubt. but there will be product at is sure to be tested Another whose stomach the only female rigger in the fleet, is Robin Wright from 'Hugo Boss II', in a similar position, who could well find herself in the middle of a storm. 20m above the deck I love it. it's a bit of whiplash, It's a bit of an adrenaline rush, but it's fun and it's nice to feel done that's quite important. sort of like you're getting a job

Neil Cordy, Ten News. And a long night night ahead for newly crowned women's world surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore. She's just touched down in Sydney en route from Hawaii to the Gold Coast.

And when she finally gets back to Queensland she'll be feted at a big welcome home party. A lot of responsibility comes with being a world champion

and hopefully I can live up to it. of history with it - Gilmore's crown has an added touch to win the women's title Stephanie's the only surfer in their rookie season. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, on the road in the NBL - the West Sydney Razorbacks they take on the Slingers in Singapore.

And the Waratahs' Al Kanaar environmental campaign. talks about his one-man

Let's take another look at the

traffic. Surely we are starting to

see things slow down around Sydney

as Christmas approaches? Generally

yes. Epping Road, which is good

news, but not right has always been

a bit slow and I'd say it is just

the traffic lights at Lane Cove

Road. At least Epping Road is

moving from Delhi Road but as we go

back you can see it is moving. Good

news for the saviour. Wishful thinking, I think. with all the latest weather details. Stay with us - Angela Bishop's next

thinking, I think. This program is

captioned live. Angela Bishop is

being Tim Bailey tonight! I think a

big, fat, or roast turkey dinner

might be just the thing for

Christmas Day. Spot on it - whack

the bird in the oven. It looks like

it will be showery and crawl but

I'll get on to that later run.

Right now we're at Stuart house and

in the Christmas spirit. We have a

present - can you tell us? On

behalf of Australia's No. 1 basketball team, at the Sydney

Kings, it gives us great pleasure

to present 200 tickets for upcoming

games. How good is that! Question

mate Mark is it good having mate Mark is it good having the

kids at the game? Weekend

definitely hear them! It is

definitely hear them! It is great

to have them yelling and it is a

good chance to have them

experiencing something new. In case

you couldn't spot the one in the

Grand Tour with the basketball!

Cloud is building over South

Australia. A broad trough

generating showers and potentially

severe storms. Cloud over the

south-east is causing patchy rain south-east is causing patchy rain

and storms in Tasmania. Cloud over

the NT and western Queensland in

storms. Tomorrow or another trough is causing scattered

another trough is causing scattered

storms. Tomorrow or abroad trough

over the South would generate

widespread rain and storms over

most states. Heavy falls are likely

over northern Victoria and southern

New South Wales. Easterly winds

will bring showers to the

Queensland coast. Onshore winds Queensland coast. Onshore winds

will maintain drizzle on meet the

relay south coast. Rain and storms

developing ever in land NSW,

spreading to the coast later. Rain

and storms full of much of the rest

of the country. and storms full of much of the rest of the country. The great thing

about these kids being able to go

and see some games is there are

really important games. On the 20

night we play New Zealand.

Obviously we are looking forward to

having the kids there but we would

also like for the rest of the

Sydney community to come out and

check out the game. We are top of

the lad and 80 come at you will see

high a pretty impressive game of very

high quality. We

high quality. We put those New a pretty impressive game of very

Zealanders! I am married to a TV so

I can say that.

A big thank-you to the gang from

the Sydney Kings and for handing

over those tickets. Took the game

here and Stuart House, merry

Christmas to all of you. Why then

use a merry Christmas everyone at

home. There are Christmas! Mum and dad! If you're hoping for an action-packed Christmas, a new documentary on extreme skiing could be the perfect adrenaline rush.

The film is called 'Steep' and focuses on the thrill-seekers who risk their lives for their sport. The skiers say the biggest danger is the unknown.

You can get that percentage of risk and driving down the freeway. just getting in your car The movie opens in the US in time for Christmas, an Australian release anticipated soon after. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Enjoy your evening and we'll see you tomorrow night. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.