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Overwhelming crowds gather

of a courageous fighter - to mourn the loss Bernie Banton farewelled in Sydney. A mother under police guard the dumping of a newborn. as officers investigate in the international reading ranks. And our students slipping Ten News with Natarsha Belling.

a thousand people have turned out First this morning, more than asbestos campaigner Bernie Banton. for the state funeral of with mesothelioma in August. after being diagnosed the ceremony at Sydney's Acer Arena. Ten reporter Kevin Wilde is outside

More than at 1700 people have

turned up to say goodbye to Bernie

Banton and to pay tribute to his

life, not just to his efforts at

getting a better deal from a James

Hardy for fellow sufferers of its

best of diseases, but the way in

which he conducted himself over

that campaign. His wife and his

ceremony. brother played a key role in the

ceremony. In attendance, leaders of

the political, business and union

world. Morris Iemma will speak.

There will also be family tributes

from his children. People through

the turn hero around all over the

place. Benny Benton was a real hero

in every sense of the word. He in every sense of the word. He

carried the hopes, aspirations and

ideals of everyday Australians. He

made us believe that the little guy

can win in the end. He made us

believe that if you have got some

way you believe in and you have

right on your side you can stand up

and win. On behalf of all

Australians, we stopped today and pause

pause to reflect on him, his family

and his life, what it means to us. and his life, what it means to us.

We are better people for having We are better people for having had

Bernie Banton. He will be recorded

a very special place in our history. He

He is extraordinary in that he was

a working-class man with not much

education. But he was not daunted

or intimidated by taking on any one. He

He said what he thought and did not

believe there was an obstacle he

could not overcome if he just kept

going, and he had this amazing

determination. He also had a lovely

sight him. He liked cricket, beer

and he was a great number of the

community. We had to say goodbye to

him. He was a top bloke. He had a

very hard battle. He deserved very hard battle. He deserved

better than what he got. This

service today is also one other way

disease to raise today will be his best is

disease Foundation. I am wearing a

blue ribbon like most of the

mourners. The family do not want it

any more flowers, they would like

anyone interested in helping out to

provide money to Concord Hospital

through the Benny Benton centre to

related disease. help find a cure for asbestos-

related disease. People want to

celebrate the kind of man he was.

He had a great sense of humour, he

fought hard for what he believed in

and lost his personal battle. Many

believe he won the war. today A post-mortem will be carried out next to a highway in Newcastle. on a newborn found dumped believed to be the child's mother, A woman, is under police guard in hospital. Department of Community Service The incident has again put the NSW in the spotlight - asking for accommodation in the area DoCS receiving a call from a family was discovered. the night before the body

MAN SHOUTS over the death of the newborn, After being questioned took exception to our camera. this man, known to us as 'Todd', BLEEP Why? CAMERAMAN: Settle down, mate. He tried to punch our cameraman he's not a suspect. but police have told Ten News

the mother of the child Earlier, the woman believed to be

was also interviewed. under a tree. The baby boy was found dead became the focus This empty plot of land shortly after 8:30 in the morning of the major investigation in the grass. when a man noticed a towel no more than two days old. Inside he found the newborn, for evidence. Officers scoured the vacant block to this hotel, Their inquiries eventually led them only metres down the road. It's also been searched. helping with the investigation The woman may have four other children. She's receiving medical attention. has revealed The Department of Community Services from a family in the Belmont area it received a call in finding accommodation. asking for help

to re-establish contact twice DoCS says it tried get back in touch. but the family didn't Josh Murphy, Ten News. A 6-year-old boy has died on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. in a house fire to hospital with burns His distraught parents were taken

their home. after the blaze ripped through sleep in their Sunshine Coast home. Last night a family of three went to

their livelihood. This morning, a fire had destroyed and 26-year-old man escaped the blaze A 46-year-old women to phone 000. they ran 500m to the closest home to my home and phoned for help. I was woken by the owner, who come

But it was too late -

their son had died. by the time crews arrived by the intensity of the flames. Firefighters were pushed back well engulfed in fire. Upon arrival the structure was explosions coming from the fire. Witnesses say they heard massive It was an intense fire. There were two gas cylinders and they have exploded. were unable to access town water Nestled away from town, water crews

from a nearby creek. and needed to pump supplies and adjoining garden nursery The family home were destroyed in the blaze. the death of a fun-loving child. A close-knit community left to mourn

of the blaze are continuing. Investigations into the cause

Anthony Donaghy, Ten News. is still in turmoil Queensland's Liberal Party locked in leadership talks. despite a day has stepped down, Former leader Bruce Flegg along with his deputy, Mark McCardle, on their replacements. to allow a vote

this morning. That leaves the Liberals leaderless where the meeting was taking place, was staying in the same hotel

in the ring. and decided to throw his hat as Monty Python-esque. Their antics have been described to Monty Python, don't you? I think it's slightly insulting

successful. I think we're slightly more today. The wrangling is set to continue Australian students are slipping down the world rankings when it comes to reading skills. According to the latest OECD tests across 30 developed nations,

the reading scores of Australian students

has fallen by around 15 points over the past six years. In 2001, Australia was ranked second behind Finland, but we're now being outperformed by South Korea, Hong Kong, Canada and New Zealand. And we'll find out what's behind the dramatic drop

later in the morning news. The deadly risks facing obese pregnant women -

that story when the morning news returns. And the chimps making humans look like chumps.

This program is captioned live.

Drug trafficker Tony Mokbel will spend Christmas in a Greek jail cell after a court postponed a decision on his extradition to Australia. The 41-year-old was arrested near Athens after skipping bail last year while on trial for drug smuggling. Australian authorities now want him to face a further 20 charges, including two of murder. His extradition hearing has been postponed until March.

Now to our weekly report on the latest from the United States, I'm joined by Ten's US bureau chief Nicole Strahan. Nicole, wild and deadly weather is wreaking havoc across several states. Good morning, Natarsha. Yes, the horror weather sweeping across the north-west of the United States has claimed at least five lives.

Residents in two states have been forced to evacuate their homes

by rafts and the battering by Mother Nature isn't over yet. Rising floodwaters are forcing hundreds to seek higher ground across miles of Washington State and Oregon.

We thought it would go down the

street. I will need some more

sandbags. More than 10 inches of rain and hurricane-force rain and hurricane-force winds

combine to make conditions

treacherous for the last two days.

Trees and power lines are down.

Stretches of the Interstate a 10 ft

under water and a number of

businesses are shut down at the

worst possible time. We are in the

Christmas season and we are out of

business. Coast Guard choppers that rescued more than 130 stranded

people at - - And a flooded nursing people at - - And a flooded nursing

home had to be evacuated. March is

also a problem. A train headed for

Vancouver just could not get

through. Now the storm is bearing

down on the upper Midwest, with

snow at nine inches. Residents in

snow at nine inches. Residents in

Minneapolis and Chicago are among

thousands also bracing for an

unusually early dose weather. unusually early dose of winter

in Washington, Another type of storm is brewing this one over the threat posed by Iran.

A new intelligence report suggests nuclear weapons in 2003. Iran stopped developing is convinced But US President George W. Bush the nation is still dangerous. intelligence report in Iran President Bush says a new hasn't changed his position. Iran is dangerous. Iran was dangerous.

Iran will be dangerous if they have

been knowledge necessary to make a

nuclear weapon. The report

concludes that Iran stopped its

development of a nuclear bomb four

that does not mean the years ago, yet the president says

international community should international

international community should ease

upon Iran. He says it could restart

the program at any time. Democrats

were quick to respond and said the

President's tough talk on Iran

should be toned down based on the

new intelligence. Bush makes said

today that the information

his regarding the Iran had not changed

his opinion. Well, maybe his

opinion has not changed, that the facts have.

facts have. The President called

the news conference to challenge

Congress to send him bills and to

approve his latest war funding bill

with no strings attached. The date with no strings attached. The

for withdrawal are unacceptable,

particularly given the fact that

the strategy is working. The

Democrats say military alone and not enough. Democrats say military advances

alone and not enough. They want to

see more political progress in Iraq.

With just a few weeks to go With just a few weeks to go before the holidays, neither Congress nor

the President appears ready to compromise. to have had the perfect life, A couple in Philadelphia appear and expensive shopping sprees. lavish holidays by someone else's money. The problem, it was all funded Edward Anderton and Jocelyn Kirsch Police have dubbed

a modern day 'Bonnie and Clyde' the identity of their neighbours They're accused of stealing by breaking into their apartments. dollars in cash, phoney credit cards Police have seized thousands of from the couple's apartment. and fake IDs They were living the life, for want of a better term, they were living the life of other people. at the expense of the victimisation about the scam by a neighbour Investigators were tipped off who became suspicious when a package arrived in the mail that she hadn't ordered. And finally, part of the native wildlife of Texas. a kangaroo is certainly not So imagine the surprise the streets of Lewisville, of police patrolling the Aussie marsupial hopping around. when they came across

from the backyard of a vet, The red roo had escaped who'd take it home for the weekend. named Maynard, The 18-month-old kangaroo, back in the care of the vet. was eventually captured and is now

in Texas. he'll be sent to a local zoo from a respiratory illness, When he recovers

from the United States Natarsha, I'll have more news in the 5 o'clock news hour. A British teacher jailed in Sudan

a teddy bear Mohammed for letting her students name

has arrived home. to 15 days jail Gillian Gibbons was sentenced

before she was pardoned. at the centre An ordinary British family of an extraordinary diplomatic drama. That's enough affection for one day. And enough excitement for a lifetime. of an adventure, I went out there to have a bit than I bargained for. and got a bit more of an adventure was in Sudan 54-year-old Gillian Gibbons to teach primary school students,

instead she was thrown in jail for offending Islam, Mohammed. when her class named its teddy bear might have caused offence to people. I was very upset to think that I Very, very upset about it. from British Muslim peers, After fierce lobbying by the nation's president - she was pardoned, and released some Sudanese. a decision which has outraged within the government There were very clear divisions

who wanted a retrial. There were those hard-liners said "Shoot this woman". In fact, the newspaper headlines a free woman, Touching down at Heathrow and regret. Ms Gibbons felt both relief I was very sorry to leave Sudan. I had a fabulous time there. It's a really lovely place, some of the beautiful countryside and I managed to see

while I was there. her welcoming gifts, As Muslim groups brought for her arrival home to Liverpool. police blocked off roads an uncertain future for the teacher. a place which now holds I'm jobless. I'm now looking for a job -

And she's homeless now too. in the UK The house Gillian Gibbons lived in has been rented out to someone else. for at least two years in Sudan. She'd intended to stay

Despite her situation, teaching abroad even in Sudan. she's encouraged others to pursue that needs a new Year 2 teacher. In fact, I know of a lovely school who kidnapped five Britons in May Iraqi extremists of one of their hostages. have released a video they'll kill one of the men They now say

if their demands are not met. On an Arab TV station, the first glimpse seized over six months ago. of one of five British hostages Today is November 18. My name is Jason. from a man who feels abandoned. Then, after some text, a plea for 173 days I have been here now held and I feel we have been forgotten. Beside him are two men in military uniform cradling M16s - standard American rifles.

of a previously unknown group. Above him hangs the name Most of the video shows Arabic text. It says: was working for the Queen. It says that one of the men But then there's a threat within 10 days. if Britain doesn't leave Iraq

on 18 November. The hostage says the video was made It's unclear whether the captors' 10-day deadline began then or starts from now.

The five men were taken on May 29 from here, a compound at the Iraqi Finance Ministry. dressed in police uniforms. They were seized by about 40 gunmen but without success. There were raids to find them, urged the captors In September, the hostage families to end their torment.

with videos of hostages in Iraq. We have been here before of Ken Bigley, There were the harrowing images before the cameras And Margaret Hassam was paraded before she was shot. was rescued. Norman Kember, a peace activist, But there are important differences this time. Intelligence agencies believe the five Britons are being held

by a splinter group of the Mahdi Army. They are Shias, whereas the others have been held by Sunnis linked to al-Qaeda. Even when you're taking down bad guys... And more information about the kidnappers came from General Petraeus, the commander of US forces in Iraq. He has said that he thinks they have significant links to Iran.

During recent months the Foreign Office has chosen the path of quiet diplomacy - there has been no media campaign. But the threat from the captors is now to play this out publicly, with more video releases in the weeks running up to Christmas.

Most of us know the health problems associated with obesity,

and it's now been revealed the condition is to blame for the growing number of women who die during childbirth. But it seems many women are still unaware of the danger. Six months into pregnancy Maria Thornton weighs 19.5 stone. But it seems many women are still unaware of the danger. Six months into pregnancy Maria Thornton weighs 19.5 stone. She lost weight after a gastric band operation

a few years ago, and this gym in Jarrow is keeping her fit.

In her last pregnancy Maria had diabetes, caused by her weight, to health problems. so she knows obesity can lead But today's report warns

it's contributing to mothers dying in pregnancy or childbirth. I know there are risks, but you don't think of them in terms of fatality. You just kind of think, well, it makes the pregnancy a little bit harder or you've got more obstacles to overcome. But to hear that it can cost you your life at the end of the day is really quite frightening. This is our replacement which we purchased because of the increasing number of obese women in our unit. Helene Brandon is Maria's doctor. A third of the pregnant mums hse sees are obese. They face higher risks of serious complications. dangerously high blood pressure,

acquired heart disease such as angina, which could cause a heart attack in pregnancy, and the obese population are much more prone to this, Having a baby in the UK is very safe. Deaths in childbirth or shortly afterwards are very rare. But doctors are worried that half the women who are dying are overweight or obese. I can put that I think the simplest way

is that obese pregnant women are probably at four or five times greater risk of suffering maternal death than a woman of normal weight, and their babies, the same for dying. Thanks to her hard work, Maria's put on just three pounds in this pregnancy, bringing down significantly the risks to herself and her baby. A chimp has left college students feeling like chumps

after a scientific experiment. The primate proved much faster at recalling the sequence of numbers and boxes than his human counterparts, who seemed to struggle. It appears chimps have a photographic memory, something humans lost with the development of complex language. Interest rates on hold at 6.75% -

details in our finance report next. And later, why Francis Ford Coppola is turning his back on Hollywood for a project closer to home.

Overwhelming crowds gather

to farewell asbestos campaigner Bernie Banton. The Prime Minister among the mourners at Sydney's ACER Arena for the state send-off. Bernie died last week after a Bernie died last week after a long battle with mesothelioma. A post-mortem will be carried out today on a newborn,

found dumped next to a highway in Newcastle, north of Sydney. A woman, believed to be the child's mother, is under police guard in hospital. down the world rankings Australian students are slipping when it comes to reading skills. According to the latest test scores, our kids fall behind students in South Korea, Hong Kong, Canada and New Zealand. For more we're joined now by Professor Geoff Masters

from the Australian Council of Education Research, one of the institutes that carried out this research. Good morning, Geoff. What's caused this drop?

Six years ago Australia was ranked

second. What is behind change.?

Overall we have performed very well. The

The number of the countries

participating in the study has

increased significantly since the

year 2000, so the first observation

is we're performing well above the

average. We are among the few of

the highest performing countries in

the world. Having said that, there

are challenges. We see in the 2006

data that reading levels have

declined slightly in Australia

wally had increased in some other countries, and

countries, and be decline appears

to be at the top end of

to be at the top end of the distribution. If we appear to have

fewer students who are performing

at very high levels of reading

achievement. The study itself does

not investigate why, so it is a

matter of speculation. My

speculation is as good as anyone

else's, but one of the is possibility is that

possibility is that teenagers are

spending less time reading books of

the kind that teenagers may have

been more inclined to read in the

past. Is that a good thing for

education? It is important that

young people finish school with

adequate levels of Reading, high

levels of reading competence. What

we now in Australia is we have, as

most other countries do, a most other countries do, a significant proportion of students

who were reading at minimal levels,

levels that probably put them at

risk in terms of future workforce participation and future

participation in society in general.

There has been a lot of politics

this morning blaming certain

parties for this. Do you think

reading should be more encouraged

in school curricula? One of the

observations we have

observations we have made may have

its genesis outside the education

system. It may be more of a

cultural thing with people reading

West in general. Schools can do

something. The quality of teaching

is very important in schools and

the need to look at what we the need to look at what we can do

to ensure that children across the

country, regardless of their

background and where they live, have

have access to high-quality teaching and resources.

teaching and resources. We have to confront the challenge. relief for home owners - In finance news, the Reserve Bank has decided to keep interest rates on hold for now, but it remains concerned about inflation. The Australian share market opened lower this morning on the back of a weak US lead.

Now for a look at the national weather:

The residents of a remote island in the south Atlantic live a relaxed and secluded lifestyle, but now their peace and quiet is proving their worst enemy. An acute virus has struck the island of Tristan da Cunha

and the residents are struggling to breathe. NEWSREEL: This is the tiny island where disaster struck. This is Tristan da Cunha. It was back in 1961 that Tristan da Cunha last made the news. causing its entire population to be temporarily evacuated. Today Tristan's 290 or so Briton's face another potential crisis -

Today Tristan's 290 or so Britons an outbreak of viral-inducted asthma has caused a run on medical supplies forcing the island's only doctor to make an urgent appeal for help. One resident, speaking on BBC Radio, described the virus's symptoms. It's a very bad virus going around, that is making people chesty, and it is hard for them to breathe, especially the older people and the younger children.

And a few of the older people are in hospital. But supplying medicines to what is described as the world's most remote archipelago won't be easy. The island lies nearly 3,000km off the coast of South Africa, and was recently given a UK postcode to help with deliveries. the RAF are now exploring other options.

The one we've got in mind at the moment is to send a Hercules from the Falklands accompanied

by a DC10 tanker and with a bit of luck they will be able to deliver some supplies. Local people say 3 out of the 4 of the island's hospital beds are full. The Foreign Office is monitoring the situation and drawing up contingency plans. Next , behind the scenes with Francis Ford Coppola

Next, behind the scenes as he tackles a very personal project. Our feature story is next.

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This program is captioned live. Francis Ford Coppola is one of Hollywood's iconic directors, but, at age 68, the 5-time Oscar winner finally has the financial freedom

to turn his back on the the big studios and return to personal film-making. It was a simple lesson in life that you have to learn and you can do everything I do. It's just say yes much more than you say no. Like to go for a walk? Yes! You've learned. As philosophies of life go, it's one that's served Francis Ford Coppola well. The land as far as he can see is his. He's got two wineries, three luxury resorts, restaurants

and a line of food products. At 68 years old, he's rich enough so he didn't have to direct another movie ever, but it's because he is rich enough that he decided he could. He put up the money to make 'Youth Without Youth' himself. "Not more than $17 million," is all he'll say.

It made me feel very empowered that I didn't need to go to the new studio heads,

whoever they may be, to ask their permission. OK, let's go! Here we go. Action! They probably would have said no to the film, starring the British actor Tim Roth. Based on a novella by a Romanian theologian, it's about an elderly university professor who is struck by lightning.

Instead of dying, he miraculously becomes young again. You have become the most valuable human specimen existing today on the face of the earth. Francis Coppola sees parallels with his own life. It was a story of a man not different in age than I was who got a new opportunity to live life

and to fall in love one last time. We should go to somewhere beautiful - a Mediterranean island. That would make me very, very happy. After not doing movies in a number of years, why this movie - why now? I became, at a very young age - in my 20s - studio-type director, really a kind of important Hollywood

and, ironically, I never got to do that first career that I had wanted to do as a teenager, which was the personal film-maker.

So he's doing it now. 'Youth Without Youth' premiered at the Rome Film Festival this fall. It's the first movie Coppola's directed in nearly 10 years. Francis Ford Coppola is from a family of noted musicians.

He had polio as a kid, moved around a lot, went to different schools, even a military academy for a time. He says he was lonely, so he made little movies featuring relatives, like his uncle Clarence.

He knew by the time he was a teenager

that he wanted to be a film-maker for real. He was in his mid-20s, just out of film school, when he wrote the screenplay for 'Patton'. It won him his first of five Oscars in 1970. Coppola, along with George Lucas and other friends,

moved to San Francisco and started a production company,

which quickly found itself broke.

Then even my young associate George Lucas said, "Francis, we have to make some money." 'The Godfather' was an offer he couldn't refuse.

Although I was not so sure to do it or want to do it, and ultimately it changed my life. Michael Francis, do you renounce... But Coppola battled nonstop with the film's producers to make the movie his way.

I do renounce it. One of the biggest box-office hits of all time,

its success made 'The Conversation' possible. He'd kill us if he got the chance. 'The Conversation' received Oscar nominations in 1975. for Best Picture and Best Screenplay Coppola, competing against himself, won for 'Godfather II' - Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Director. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. And then came 'Apocalypse Now'. Throughout Francis Coppola's career, money has either been the villain or, as it's turned out, the hero on or off camera. in every drama he's produced Eleanor Coppola's documentary 'Hearts of Darkness'

chronicles a disaster in the making. VOICEOVER: 'Apocalypse Now' has been budgeted at $13 million. In order to maintain creative control, Francis had to raise the money himself. It was $35 million I was on the hook for. But when you have that stake in something and you come so close to absolute ruin... Well, it's very traumatic to the family, and, of course, I have to say I was just terrified. and, of course, I have to say that during 'Apocalypse Now' I was just terrified. I was scared, you know, is the only word I can use. But it got worse. When his romantic musical, 'One from the Heart', bombed, Coppola actually began bankruptcy proceedings. For the next dozen years he worked for the money, directing other people's movies, as well as his own.

Anybody else would have played it safe - not Francis Coppola.

In better times he had bought the old Inglenook Winery in the Napa Valley as a summer home. He borrowed $40,000 from his mother and went into the wine business. I could see that this was a billion-dollar empire, and $1 billion is 10 hundred millions.

This, the wineries... I could see that that was the insurance policy to end all insurance policy as far as an aspiring young art-film director.

And what you've built now is literally a $1 billion family business? Oh, in excess. Wow. Did you ever conceive of that when you went to film school? No, no. I didn't conceive of it

when I was paying off the debts on 'One from the Heart'. Coppola named food products after his mother

and wine after his daughter, Sofia, an Oscar winner in her own right. Her relatively low-budget, self-financed movies were what inspired him to return to personal film-making,

to turn his back on big studio productions. Believe it or not, I have been offered those kinds of projects still, every once in a while, with fabulous, important actors of the day

and big ambitious subject matter. But you've turned them down? Because I think now, at this age,

I just want to do things I'm just personally obsessed to do. It's like being in love - I want to be in love with who I want to be in love with. But in movie-making as in love, there's risk. No-one knows that better than Francis Ford Coppola. But, after all these years, he's still saying yes. Ahead in sport, a Test cricket career hangs in the balance. on his last chance. A controversial rugby league player And players left ducking for cover in Sri Lanka by a swarm of bees abuzz.

This program is captioned live. Stuart MacGill's career hangs in the balance.

He's been diagnosed with a serious wrist problem. The 36-year-old will have surgery tomorrow and will be out of action for at least six weeks. The 2-match series against Sri Lanka was a disaster for Stuart MacGill - his bowling suffered as he struggled to grip the ball.

Now the problem's been diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome, and he'll need surgery to fix it. will miss the Melbourne and Sydney Tests against India,

his career is now in danger of being cut short.

The axe has already come down on the one-day tri-series. While it's been a feature of almost 30 Aussie summers, Cricket Australia denies the format has become stale. Over the next couple of years

we're going to explore this head-to-head concept which is, I guess in summary, looking at the two visiting teams each playing five one-day matches and then each playing some Twenty20 matches. This year's tri-series tournament between Australia, India and Sri Lanka will be the last for the moment. Adam McNicol, Ten News. Bizarre scenes in Sri Lanka's cricket Test against England -

play temporarily suspended due to a swarm of bees. COMMENTATOR: There's a swarm of flies or bees just going straight across the ground. Everybody has laid on the floor. There they go. All eleven England players on the field, both Sri lankan batsman both Sri lankan batsmen and the umpires hitting the deck. of Sri Lanka, So far on England's tour play has been stopped by snakes, locusts, dogs and now bees.

England will be chasing 350 for victory when the final day begins this afternoon. Reni Maitua is on his last chance at the Bulldogs after missing training Monday following a weekend on the drink. The squad yesterday took to the park without the forward - he's been dropped to premier league, made to enter a behavioural agreement and to seek alcohol counselling.

with the club Most of any issues that Reni has had that have been publicised, there's an element of alcohol related to it. Coach Steve Folkes will decide when Maitua rejoins the side. West Coast's new hard-line stance on player behaviour has cost Andrew Embley a place in the team's leadership group. of the club's new leadership team. Embley's team-mates voted him out

The key thing is, obviously, showing strong leadership in achieving what we want to achieve on and off the field with our success - and those players have to be more committed to that than anyone else in the club and lead the way. Dean Cox and Tyson Stenglein were named as Darren Glass's vice-captains. To the European Champions League and AC Milan has won their play-off against Celtic for top spot in group D.

Filippo Inzaghi becoming UEFA's highest-ever goal scorer after a pinpoint cross from Brazilian Kafu. COMMENTATOR: And that is a goal for Milan. He's got the record.

Filippo Inzaghi. Goal number 63 in European competition. Despite the loss, Celtic still managed to qualify for the knockout stages of the tournament. Hawaii's Sunset Beach has played host to the O'Neill World Cup of Surfing.

The wild and treacherous 7.5m faces forced competitors to surf the smaller waves found in the channel, an area usually dead flat. as it can get for conditions. It's definitely as hard

You've got to sneak in and find a wave or get cleaned up. want to feel confident You definitely about your strength and health by one of those big sets. when you get cleaned up Triple Crown leader Bede Durbidge World number one Mick Fanning,

to progress to the final day. and Taj Burrow were among the Aussies when the Morning News returns. The national weather details

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really develop. Although I can't change the whole world, And it's something we had to do. Mm, and Christmas was the time. Sponsor online at: Or call:

This program is captioned live. Overwhelming crowds gather Bernie Banton. to farewell asbestos campaigner

at Sydney's Acer Arena The Prime Minister among the mourners for the state send-off. a long battle with mesothelioma. Bernie died last week after

today A post-mortem will be carried out next to a highway in Newcastle, on a newborn found dumped north of Sydney. believed to be the child's mother, A woman, is under police guard in hospital. the world rankings Australian students are slipping down when it comes to reading skills. our kids fall behind According to the latest test scores, Canada and New Zealand. students in South Korea, Hong Kong,

at the national weather: Now for a look

Josh Brolin has spent years of step-mother Barbara Streisand living in the shadow and wife Diane Lane. But at age 39, come into his own, the actor has finally acclaimed roles starring in a number of critically

in' American Gangster'. including that of a corrupt cop

Pay your bills, Frank? about. I don't know what you're talking

Do you pay your bills, I asked you? If you are not getting your share of Police. maybe you need to talk to the Chief even know me. What's my share because you don't in tomorrow's entertainment segment We'll have more on this story of the morning news. south China tiger has made his debut An exceptionally rare at a South African zoo,

outside its native country. the first of his kind born

"Tiger-Wood Junior" The 11-day-old cub named he's lapping up all the attention. is the new star of the cat world and you can see he is quite firm. Yes, he is quite a healthy baby, already, He has got nice broad shoulders he looks very healthy. he is pushing himself up,

of the lovable cub, They're making the most in the wild. before he learns to fend for himself

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