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Welcome. Good morning, good

Welcome. Good morning, good morning.

This is what David and I say every morning, we stand here and say, I

have nothing. I went to see the

'Bee Movie' last night. That's a

fantastic kid's movie. Jerry Seinfeld, the people that made 'Shrek' and

'Shrek' and 'Madagaskar'. Barry B

Benson and in one word, it is B-lightful movie! B-lightful movie! Highly

recommended? Yes. See, you have to

have a lils of things coming up to

keep your children the holidays, a list of things to

keep your children entertained

before they go completely mad. Yeah,

it is the good season for movies

too. Yes, it is. Lots of good new

ones coming up. The NSW and

Victorian governments are lifted a

ban prohibiting farmers growing genetically modified crops. genetically modified crops. Those

against it say that they will be

drought resistant. Those opposed

warn of contamination and health

concerns and the development of

superweeds. The director of

Biological Farmers Australia Scott

their views this Kinear and Rick Rouche will put Kinear and Rick Rouche will

their views this morning. One child under five drowns every week. under five drowns every week. Just

yesterday, a 2-year-old drowned in

a blow up pool in Sydney. The Royal a blow up pool in Sydney. The

live saving Association is urging

all parents to learn basic life

saving skills. Owe plimpian Sam saving skills. Owe plimpian

Riley will join us. The latest

craze for the delicate young girl

in the Roller Derby, a full contact

sport. A particularly painful

injury caused when going down the

track wearing fish nets. Mark

Howard thought he would have a

crack. Rather rough that game,

isn't it? Also, the famous Adam

Richard will be along with the

latest on Harry, Chelsea and

off. Britney. Lots more so let's kick it Britney. Lots more so let's kick

There's a good smell in here today.

What can you smell? Bacon?. No, it

is the roast pork. I still haven't

seen that commercial. I haven't

steen it, I heard it on the radio.

I heard it then. It sets my day off

to a jolly start. As you know, I

arrive every morning jolly.

couldn't get What is it for? I'm not sure but I

couldn't get the song out of my

head. The table growned beneath

head. The table growned beneath the

weight brinking tankardsfowls and

suckling pigs. Anthony Telford

will show it to us this morning

before he send it crackling this

morning. What's on the front page?

Australia has moved to ratify the

Kyoto Protocol has been met by

applause at the Bali Climate Change

conference. Kevin Rudd signed off

on Kyoto within hours of being

sworn in as Prime Minister. The

pact sets a 20% target for

renewable energy by 2020 and comes

into force in 90 days. The United

States is now the only developed

nation to boycott the pact with the

Americans saying they'll seek a new

global deal to fight climate



NSW police are investigating domestic violence allegations

against the State's Environment

Minister. Phil Koperberg has been

stood down while enquiries stood down while enquiries are

carried out into claims he

assaulted his ex-wife and daughter

her daughter. Premier Morris Iemma

took the action after being

contacted by two people who have fresh allegations against the

minister. The issue is distressing,

of course it is. It is distressing

for all parties. Mr Koperberg

denies the allegations which date

back 20 years.

It may be two weeks before beds are

re-opened at one of Australia's biggest hospitals after

discovery of a superbug.

patients in two wards at the Royal patients in two wards at the

Brisbane and Women's Hospitals have

tested positive to the resistant virus tested positive to the antibiotic

resistant virus VR3 with the bug

proving very difficult to

eradicate. And that involves us

having to close down beds so

can quarantine the areas off and

get in and disinfect them and steralise the area. Until steralise the area. Until that

happens, the two wards will remain

closed. A British teacher jailed

in Sudan is on a flight home after

being granted a pardon by the country's President. Gillian

Gibbons was serving a 15-day Gibbons was serving a 15-day

sentence for allowing her class to

name a teddy bear Mohammed. Lord

Ahmed was summoned to meet the

President in Khartoum this morning.

To get here, they had been through

a lengthy series of meetings with

the Sudanese Government pressing the case that Gillian Gibbons

should never have been arrested for

what they argued was a cultural

prison mistake, not a crime worthy of a

prison sentence. After 45 minutes,

they emerged into the scrum of

reporters and cameras outside to

declare that their appeal for a

pardon had been successful. This is

a case which is unfortunate, unintentional, innocent

misunderstanding. Gillian Gibbons,

now a free woman has been

custody in a secret location for

more than a week, convicted

insulting Islam. The papers for her

pardon were signed and a short time

ago, she took off on a flight home.

Earlier, she had given lady Warsi

a statement to read. I have been

granted nothing but kindness and generosity from the Sudanese people.

I have great respect for the slimmic

religion and would not knowingly

offend anyone and I'm sorry if I caused distress.

Let's move now to the highlight of today's news today's news - the Spice Girls have

staged their first reunion concert

to a sell out crowd in to a sell out crowd in Vancouver.

It's been nine years and seven

stage together. children since they were last on

Fast forward a decade and it is

spice fever deja vu with one

surprising reaction. We're excited because they're better

looking now and we actually know

who they are. 15,000 Canadians

outside. Inside, an anxious outside. Inside, an anxious posh,

Scary, Sporty and Ginger inside.

We're scared but excited.

We were standing there singing a

ballad and all the kids were running

riot. It was so funny. Some fans travelled from as far as Italy for

the world tour's Canadian leg. It

is expected to be just as big

Girl Power hits Sydney in January.

And hopefully they'll leave the

chickenpox behind. Apparently

there's been a mini there's been a mini outbreak

amongst their children. Yes, that's

the highlight of the news and we'll

have more on the stories coming up

in the morning news at 11:00 plus

full wrap in Ten's News at 5:00.

The lifting of the ban on

genetically modified food crops in

Victoria and NSW has generated

debate amongst consumer and

environmental groups. Some argue

that weave answer been missing out

on millions of dollars of export,

opponents are condemning GM foods.

Scott Kinear believes that there's

enough evidence suggesting that GM should foods are detrimental to health and

should be kept out of the should be kept out of the country.

But Melbourne University's Dean of

Land and Food Resources

and the two men join us on the 9am couch.

As we said, the Victorian Government recently lifted

moratorium placed on the growing

of GM crops. Why was there a ban in

the first place and why have they

decided to lift it? The crops decided to lift it? The crops were approved Federally, including approved Federally, including for the safety for human health and the

environment, but the States have the power to restrict the

introduction of the crops if they

thought there could be p thought there could be problems

with market access. intervening four years, intervening four years, they

concluded that there wasn't any

real evidence that it was impacting

markets. I'm sure that you disagree

with that? It is really in

to consumer back lash at the there was a lot of there was a lot of concern

expressed at the time whether we

should grow the crops, the

long-term benefits of the health

and also the environment. Certainly,

there was preliminary evidence that

suggested that GM crops

harm at the time and that's why

consumers were concerned and we believe now that the debate has

shifted from that to GM do cause shifted from that to GM do cause

harm there, is evidence of adverse

impacts and it is alarming that

impacts and it is alarming that the

bans have been lifted in NSW and

Victoria at this time. Victoria at this time. On Victoria at this time. On what

basis have they lifted the bans?

Both say State Both say State reviews and

concluded that the powers they had

to restrict this was about market

access. There was no evidence that

GM crops are restricted around the

world, they're being traded in world, they're being traded in 50%

to 80 pearls of the soy beans are

fed to cattle are GM. There's never

been a market premium, no

limitation of market access for GM limitation of market access for GM

crops that Australia could produce

like canola. Have they looked

adequately into the health

concerns? I clearly believe they've

looked at it intensely. Every major scientific health organisation

including the WHO and the European

regulatory authorities have

concluded that the crops currently

released commercially are safe. I

disagree, and this book here, 'Genetic Roulette' 'Genetic Roulette' documents the

work of 30 scientists who have

looked at the adverse evidence from

GM crops. A lot of the work is

preliminary, but I've shown this

book to a doctor friend of mine

recently and introduced him recently and introduced him to

Jeffrey Smith in Melbourne and

there's three comments that the

doctor friends of mine had. One,

there's been no long-term testing

on an animals, two, no human

testing and three,

testing and three, the adverse harm.

Governments around the Governments around the world should

be jumping on this and be jumping on this and doing

research and that's one of the issues that the data the biotechnology companies when

they want to get a product

registered and licenced has registered and licenced has not

been peer reviewed and published.

It's been read by the regulatory bodies but in large part, never published. Obviously we don't know.

This is data that needs to be

questioned, no long-term studies. questioned, no long-term studies.

That's what we're calling for,

long-term studies, human feeding studies and until that time

we think that the debate has moved

away from labelling and away from labelling and consumer

choice to one about actually

taking GM foods out of the food

supply. I would sharply disagree supply. I would sharply disagree

with those things. For people who

want to see referee papers

published, including four to

published, including four to ten

generational long studies, they can go to

go to You every major

has done this and the fact that you

can find 30 scientists who say

they're concerned about this really

is to Thabo Mbeki in South Africa,

saying that HIV doesn't cause AIDS.

The fact that you can cause a small fraction of the hundreds fraction of the hundreds of

thousands of scientists willing to

back Jeffrey Smith who is trained

in business, not science. Here in

lies the problem for people like me

who don't know enough about the

argument on either side to know who

to believe. I mean, you're both

intelligent men, you're both

credentialed, I'm confused. I

would like to trust people like Dr

Judy Carman and Rick is a scientist, is an

is an entemologist, I have an agriculture science training,

not an expert and Rick is not not an expert and Rick is not an

expert and I go to public health

experts. Rosemary Stanton has

written a foreword for this and she

believes that there hasn't believes that there hasn't been

adequate testing. Until they follow

up on the studies up on the studies here. But the

studies have been followed up and

I've met Jeffrey Smith. We

corresponded about the studies corresponded about the studies in

the past. One example he cites in

there is the case of a pig farmer there is the case of a pig farmer

in Iowa who says that the pigs were

sterile from eating the corn. The

IOT looked at this and there was a

report. I sent the report to Jeffrey and he ignored it. There

are 65 cases in there. Anybody who

wants, we can give you a chapter and verse that and verse that they have not been

backed up, they're Internet rumours,

papers that have not Been published.

We have to have published research

for this, when the bulk, almost all

of Jeffrey Smith is not published

and yet he's asking that we have

the same standard. People do not

accept Jeffrey Smith at all. And

the reason why, I mean we had Gus in Victoria who is an in Victoria who is an imminent immunologist. Unfortunately,

Russell didn't evaluate health

impablgts, only looked at trade

impacts. Let's move on a bit. What

are the advantages there? Many

farmers are keen to grow GM crops.

What are the advantages for

farmers? The biggest advantage farmers? The biggest advantage is that they've dramatically

the amount of persistent

use around the world and the use around the world and the amount

of CO2 emissions because of

increased adoption of the agriculture. Probably 9 billion

kilograms around the world. In Australia, the primary advantage

of the canola that was approved for

Victoria and NSW is that they provide excellent weed control

without relying on

without relying on atrozine. Can

you explain how this works. Weed

control. The plant becomes control. The plant becomes insect

resistant? Can I explain that one.

The plant is modified to The plant is modified to have a

gene that means that the plant

toll rant to the herbicide. The

plant grows and you can spray the

plant, the herbicide kills the

weeds but not the crop. The other

form is the pesticide crops,

they're the ones, the BT

Cotton in Australia is a BT crop

where the plant expresses or

produces a protein which is produces a protein which is toxic

and is a pesticide and it kills the

insects when they eat it. I was

going to say, we don't eat cotton

but we do eat cotton seed oil.

Therefore, what is to stop us from Therefore, what is to stop us from injesting injesting this kind of

Because cotton seed oil is

completely processed so there's no

DNA or protein and same for canola.

You can't tell cotton seed oil

whether it came from GM or non-GM.

The simplest evidence is if The simplest evidence is if you

have flower and oil and you cook it,

it brouns. You have to get rid of

the protein for it to cook properly. the protein for it to cook properly. They're absolutely

indistinguishible. And even if you

did, BT is something that people in

Scot's organisation would spray Scot's organisation would spray on

a crop and be allowed to harvest on

the day. It is a widespread

that the things people are putting

into crops are proteins we haven't

been exposed to. These are found

on the surfaces of plants natural

lifplt the viruses used to make them

them work are things that we eat

all the time and the gene that

confers resistance is something

that produces a protein called

ESPCS. It slots into a pathway in

the plant that makes amean the plant that makes amean owe

acids. -- amino acids. These things

are similar to what we have, wesh'

just modifying them. Let's balance it a little

it a little bit. The BT crops,

there are concerns about feminine products for example,

clothes that we wear. What

potential impacts are there for

allergies for toxic shock and products going across. In

particular, also the oils. This is

an important issue, we're talking

about canola being grown next year.

That's a very big oil in the food

supply. We heard Rick say there's supply. We heard Rick say there's

no DNA and protein. Yet, 14% of

people who are allergic to peanuts

are allergic to peanut oil. The

canola approved for human

consumption in Australia has never

been tested on animals. Most of the

products that are tested with t products that are tested with the

BT toxin for example is tested in

an extract from an or began ism,

not from

not from the organism of the plant

extract. These get fed to extract. These get fed to animals.

The plant extract hasn't been. The

reason why they were' done on

animals and not humans is because

you can be much more precise with

animals and dissect them afterwards

and do things, things that you

could not contemplate with humans. Sorry, the one human Sorry, the one human feeding study

that's been peer reviewed fed

people GMsoy, and seven people had

colostomy bags and didn't have them

removed for the study. The study

showed that three of the seven

people, the herbicide gene had

transferred to their gut bacteria.

What happens if the BT gene goes in. A lot of people

A lot of people with colostomy

bags... It could happen. No it

couldn't. I don't want to get bogged

down on this, but it is it true

that British allergies soared? No,

we all know that people don't put


GM soy in peoples' food . GM soy in peoples' food . They

don't accept it. Let's move on.

They won't accept it, the EU won't

accept GM modified foods. How

that benefit the farmers? They do

accept it and feed massive

quantities of soy beans to the

cattle. There's no labelling

required. If the cattle labelling

comes in which is what is comes in which is what is called

for in the UK, people will reject

the products. Can we talk within

this conversation about the organic

industry in Australia. There are

lots of concerns about pollen drift

from canola which as I understand

is quite promiscous. Is that is quite promiscous. Is that a

genuine concern for the organics industry in Australia?

Also given that Also given that the Victorian

Government hasn't placed a buffer

zone around it. You would expect a

10km buffer zone to protect organic

and biodynamic crops and

haven't done that. It is not only

organic farmers but the farmers who

want to specialise in non-GM and

our spesifiess say no condam nation

is allowed and the ACCC under

misleading and misconduct misleading and misconduct laws, say

if you're going to call a product

non-GM, you must have no GM. Can

you name a single canola farm in

the State of Victoria, just one?

Just one. No you can't. They don't

exist in Victoria and the reason

why it is not a threat to organic

growers is that the pollen flow, I

participated in the largest study.

If it wasn't funded by the

Government, they would say why is

the Government subsidising it. We

found that the level of pollen flow

is low, but let's consider the

impacts. Firstly, no organic canola

growers in Victoria. Very few

anywhere in Australia. It won't

affect organic growers by pollen flow. There could be flow. There could be concerns about

add mixture in crops, and that was

raised when BT cotton was first

introduced but it never happened

for the last 10 years. Can I ask,

farmers who are ready to imbrace

this, have they been given the

right information. The US

Department of Agriculture Department of Agriculture admits

that "GM crops do not increase

profit and can hurting incomes,

they do not increase yield". No,

that's not true. And the US lead researcher. This is the researcher. This is the US

Department of Agriculture. I don't know where the newspaper know where the newspaper article

came from, but I could give you a

paper where

paper where Jose Fernanzez was

charge of this. If farmers charge of this. If farmers weren't

finding benefits, why are there finding benefits, why are there 8

million farmers in 22 countries

growing it. In the crops it is

substantial, more than 80 pearls of

the world's soy beans. It is a

thing for them because they do find

advantages to it. They save time

and money and so forth and save fuel and

fuel and greatly reduce impacts on

the environment. Right of reply?

We've looked at the evidence and if

you look at Canadian farmers, it is

telling that in 1994 when the telling that in 1994 when the crops were introduced, they had a

premium over Australian prices.

That's moved to Australian farmers

having the premium. If you look at

2004 and 2005, the real income of

Canadian farmers dropped to Canadian farmers dropped to the worst-ever level

worst-ever level in negative

territory. The only reason why

north American farmers are farming

is because of billions is because of billions of dollars

in subsidies. The taxpayer pays

money to farmers and money to farmers and awful the

money is appropriateed straight

away by the corporations. So at the

same time as the farmers were

losing money and being subsidised,

the corporations made record pro-s. Europe has Europe has higher subsidies,

although it is now growing some although it is now growing some GM

crops. For different reasons. We

haven't even started talking haven't even started talking about

labelling. We would love to have you

back, because there's so much to

talk about. Thank you so much for

your time. We only touched on it.

We'll continue the discussions next

year. Back soon with owe plimpian Sam

This program is captioned live..

The highest cause of death among

children under 5 is drowning, children under 5 is drowning, and

heaven knows there are plenty heaven knows there are plenty of death traps. Swimming death traps. Swimming pools, dams,

bath tubs and nappy buckets and

fish ponds. On average, one

preschooler dies every week, so

this message is one we all need to

listen to. Hey mum, hey dad. I

think you better watch this. Pool

safety. Is essential. safety. Is essential. All year

around. To prevent me from drowning.

Always watch me. Around the pool. Keep the fence

Keep the fence secure. And the gate

locked. And learn resuscitation.

These are simple actions that

really do make a difference, so

keep watch and prevent your child

from drowning. One of Australia's

greatest ever swimmers, Olympian Sam

Riley is lending her support to a

new campaign aimed as getting rid of

the incidents of children drowning. She hopes that her She hopes that her partnership with

the Royal Life Saving Association

will help it. What are the

statistics. Why are so many

children drowning do you think?

Well, the numbers are actually on

the decline. If we look at the

5-year average, 35 children drowned

in the last year and that's the

same as the 5-year average. same as the 5-year average. So, our goal I guess is

goal I guess is to have a zero

drowning for a year. But, children

are naturally attracted to are naturally attracted to water, so supervision is the key, and

that's the message we're really

trying to push along that you have

to watch the children at all times.

And children are creative and can

be a bit cheeky and naughty and they're naturally attracted to

water. And I think there's a lot of

traps around the house that parents

aren't really or don't consider aren't really or don't consider to be traps.

be traps. You mentioned earlier

things like fish ponds and nappy

buckets and baths. So I think buckets and baths. So I think we

really need to get the message out that supervision and keeping watch

is the key. And I think the other

thing is that people tend to think

of people drowning in a of people drowning in a lot of

water, where you know the drowning

yesterday was just so tragic. Kids can drown in just a few inches of

water. It is tradge yuckic. It takes - like takes - like you say, just a couple

of centimetres of water, and it

takes no time and things like bath

tubs, six children drowned in bath

tubs last year. If we can just be tubs last year. If we can just be a

little bit more organised, taking

things like cordless phones and

making sure that you making sure that you have

everything that you need for the

bath time and pyjamas. If the door

bell goes, maybe you just have to

ignore it. It's not worth the risk

of leaving your children unattended for

unattended for a couple of minutes.

It is not just little kids too. A

couple of friends have had near

drowning experiences in the last

year, you know one was in a year, you know one was in a pool,

one was in a bath tub playing with

a sibling. That's right. It is

really scary the number of

statistics for children that do

drown, but then the near misses are drown, but then the near misses are

just as scary, and then you also have the have the things like some

damage that comes along with the

near misses. So it is a really

scary statistic, and like I said

before, you just can't stress the

importance of keeping watch and

message is that the Royal Life message is that the Royal Life

Saving Society, get out there are

things like learning resuscitation,

teaching your children to swim.

Making sure that the pool has Making sure that the pool has got

a self-closing, self-latching gate.

Children will pull things like a

chair to be able to climb into a

pool area. There's so many dangers

that you need to be aware of when

you have children. You run your

swimming schools. You obviously want

the more children who are safe and

happy around swimming pools and

water and able to handle

the better. So, what age should we

start teaching them to swim?

that's one of the Royal that's one of the Royal Life

Saving Society's messages, to teach

children to swim, to teach them

water familiarisation. We start

the children from around 5 or 6

months, but I must stress this is

more of a fun activity for the mums and bubs

you don't just get a burger. You join a club of burger-lovers just like you. People who appreciate the flame-grilled flavour and unique combination of fresh ingredients

that go to make all our burgers taste so much better. It takes two hands to understand why the burgers are better at Hungry Jack's.

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This program is captioned live.. This program is captioned live..

Misty Meaner says, if I want your

opinion, I'll beat it out of you.

Slam-arma is recovering from Slam-arma is recovering from two

arm fractures. The ladies are part

of a new craze sweeping roller rinks around the country, Roller

Derby. They may be wearing fish

nets and hot pants, but as Mark

Howard found out, dance moves are

the last thing on their mind.

Trends come and go, some good, some

... well. Get your skates back on,

it's time to welcome back Roller

Derby. Names are an Derby. Names are an important part

of the sport, you need to meet

Kinky Rinky. Hot

Kinky Rinky. Hot Rod Stacy. How did

it all come about? It originally

it all come about? It originally

How does it work? Effectively, you

have two teams, opposing teams.

Each team has five skaters. Out of

the five skaters, one skater is

the jammer in the glory position. The position that gets to The position that gets to score the

points. For each skater, the jammer

passes. Of the opposing team, you

score one point. What can you do to

stop the jammer? There's certain

blocks. The legal blocking area is

from the shoulder to the elbow, not

including the elbow or the hip

area and you need to make contact

with the areas on the other skater.

We train hard to prevent We train hard to prevent injuries.

We do fitness training, strength

training and skating training. But

we do get a couple of injuries. we do get a couple of injuries. I

think the worst thing is blisters

on the feet. We get a couple of bruises and things like dislocations and rink rash of

course which is the stockings and

the sweaty skin. Rink rash? I know,

sounds lovely! It is basically

caused from sweaty skin on caused from sweaty skin on

polished concrete. Is it a sport,

is it a performance, is it a show?

Definitely a sport. The falls, the


In Roller Derby, attitude is everything. You don't get everything. You don't get extra

points, but it does help to psych

your opponents out. Sabrina Katrina. your opponents out. Sabrina Katrina.

Denim Destructer, move it. If you

can't play nice, don't play. Why

did you get into the sport? Why not,

it's awesome. We justice got

together, a bunch of girls and a

bit of gung ho and a bit of bit of gung ho and a bit of biff

and fun and hot pants, it's great.

What is it about it that you enjoy

so much? You get out there, go

completely fast, a bit fast. Who

knows? You might fall over and

crack a rib. And where's the fun in

that? A bit of excitement really.

Worst injury? Cracked rib and then

three or four weeks later, they

weren't quite heeled, fell over and

cracked them again. What would you

say to someone who thought they

could have a go. If you can't skate,

we'll teach you. Come and do it, it is

is amazing. Roller Derby, looks

likes fun, sounds like fun, but

possibly not so much fun and a

world of pain. But have a crack world of pain. But have a crack if you're game.

er, James is back to look at how to

remove scuff marks from all of the

floors. It is the superlight weight,

super manoeuvrable go anywhere.

The power of steam gives you

cleaner floors quicker and cleaner floors quicker and easier

than you thought possible. Plus,

the H20 steam mop can remove stains.

You can use it for stains and spills and use it spills and use it for awful the

rugs and mats and high traffic

areas, all with one team mop.

Sounds like a lot. The H20

mop heats up in 20 seconds and

lasts for 20 minutes using

ordinary tap water which converts

to steam. Watch this, I brought an

old shoe to show you. There's

nothing worse than getting the scuff

marks on the lino floor. We have

soap scum here from the bathroom tiles. We have

tiles. We have crayon that the

have left on the floor. And your

dirty foot prints from before. dirty foot prints from before. And

my dirty foot prints from before.

The unique swivel head The unique swivel head and

concentrated steam and fibre head,

all combine to remove spills and

mess quickly and easily with no

harsh chemicals. It is safe for all

surfaces. The H20 steam mop is surfaces. The H20 steam mop is easy

to use and will even disintebgt and

remove bacteria using the power

steam. Right before my eyes, it's

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Direct. Stkpwhreer after the break,

the latest from the Ten News centre. And still to come, Mari centre. And still to come, Marina Prior.

This program is captioned live.

News time now. For the latest,

we're joined by the fascinating

Natarsha Belling from the Ten News

Good morning David and Kim. Making

news this morning, more trouble for the embattled Liberal

they try to regroup after last they try to regroup after last month's devastating Federal election loss. A Newspoll election loss. A Newspoll published in 'The Australian'

that the Liberal Party may have

chosen the wrong leader with

Brendan Nelson half as popular

Malcolm Turnbull among the voters. In the first Newspoll since the

election, 74 pearls of voters found Malcolm Turnbull the most

favourable. An incredible story

from the UK this morning. A man who from the UK this morning. A man who disappeared and was presumed

drowned more than five years ago

has now apparently been found alive

and well. The man who claims and well. The man who claims he

anticipates John Darwin walked into

a British police station and is a British police station and is now

being questioned. His battered canoe

was found washed up on a beach was found washed up on a beach in

March 2002. Despite an extensive search by police and coastguard

officers, the 51-year-old married

father of two was never found. Police say his relatives have Police say his relatives have been

informed, but it is not yet known

where he spent the last 5.5 years

afplt David, I know you're afplt David, I know you're super

keen to know all of the latest

about this story. Girl power is

back after a decade with the back after a decade with the Spice

Girls kicking off their world

reunion tour. They look good. I

know. They opened the show before a

sold-out audience of 20,000 people sold-out audience of 20,000 people

in Vancouver with their hits.

Celebrities in the aud against

included Becks, husband of included Becks, husband of Posh

with the start of a three month

tour. David, I presume that tour. David, I presume that you

have the tickets. I have, I bid for

them. Do any of them actually them. Do any of them actually sing a note?

Well, I've got gossip about that.

Apparently, because I was listening

this morning to it. Apparently they all

all sing a song from their own

individual albums, except for Posh.

All Posh did in her moment was walk

up the catwalk and they took photos.

Because the solo albums were so

successful. What about the latest Newspoll saying that Malcolm

Turnbull has twice the popularity.

Very interesting, what are your

thoughts? I'm interested to read in

the paper that today

the paper that today apparently Malcolm Turnbull gave Brendan

Nelson a pep talk, I think it is being referred to, after his acceptance speech. Yes. acceptance speech. Yes. Yes.

But I know, Kim is most disappointed because she wanted

Christopher Pine to be the leader.

Really!, no, no. Why would you say

that David, I have no that David, I have no idea what

you're getting at. I don't think you're getting at. I don't think we've seen the last of Malcolm

Turnbull as the leadership man, do

you? What have you heard about

this? I've heard there's lots of

discussion about his role in the

Republican debate, but it seems to

have gone against him. Well, on a

couple of years, or a decade or so,

he could be the first President of

Australia! There you go, that's

whole extra thought there. Thank

you for that. Bye. All right, are you All right, are you dreading the mat

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And help save the environment. Indeed. Thanks, Dennis, from the Modern Group.

After the break, we'll get festive with Marina Prior.

Last time we spoke with Andy Maher,

she was preparing to play Mary

O'Hara in 'Harp on a Willow'. Go on

a few months and she's about a few months and she's about to

spread the Christmas cheer

spread the Christmas cheer in Brisbane for Carols in Brisbane for Carols in the City.

You've met the Spice Girls. I have.

Tell us why. Well, I was

for a charity organisation,

Malcolm Sergeant which is a cancer

organisation for children. And

they were out here promoting their

movie, 'Spice World'. Did you have

to go and see it. I should say that

I have, but I haven't. So they were

handing me a giant sietzed cheque

from their first day's takings.

That's nice. And I've never seen so

many security men and people with

headphones walking backwards. And

they burst in on me in the toilet,

not the Spice Girls, but the

security men. It was like the

President was around. Please tell

me you weren't on the loo? I was,

but I had the door shut. They didn't come didn't come into the cubicle and they wanted to know what I was

doing in there. Look, have the

Spice Girls ever released a

Christmas album? Probably. You

might get stuck singing it? I might.

Please, no. But Babey Spice was

very nice, very friendly. Were they

nice to you? I done think that they

even noticed I was there on their even noticed I was there on their

earth. Brisbane, speaking of being

there. This is the second time,

we're talking about Carols in the

City. Clearly you enjoy it?

Beautiful, fantastic night. Isn't

it a great location at the River

Stage. It is gorgeous and beautiful

weather and we have Guy weather and we have Guy Sebastian,

James Morrison and all of the

ticket sales go to ticket sales go to Samaritan's

Purse which is an aid and relief organisation. And you've

involved with them for 20 years or

something, isn't it? No, two.

Clearly they put an extra zero on

mine. I can't believe you're old

enough to have three children. I'm

not. They're somebody else's.

They've taken over my en They've taken over my en suite.

Tell us about Samir are itan's

Purse. It is not a charity I'm

aware of. It is by the founder of

World Vision and it started like a

medical aid organisation in

developing countries and it's gone

on to do a lot of medical and water

filtration programs. Water is still

the greatest killer of children in the world. And

the world. And because there was

the genocide in the '70s and 8os rr,

there's a huge scar in Cambodia

which is the area that I've been

over to. I've been over as the

ambassador. So they're just doing

wonderful programs over there. And

you were quite touched by one

little boy in particular. Oh, yes.

You can see here some kids


receiving Samaritan's Purse shoe

boxes. They do something here where

kids here pack shoe boxes of

presents to give to kids in other

countries. And I was over there

doing a distribution. And there was

a school that had been built by

Samaritan's Purse in a very land

mine riddled area. And I had a

little boy at the school opening

that was just sort of following me

around all day and he was very clingy. There clingy. There he is, beautiful

little thing. He looks about three,

but he's actually six. They were

just very small kids over there.

And thends, he wouldn't let me go.

And his grandmother and mother came

up to me and asked me to buy him.

And I just thought, that actually

says so much about the desperation

of any country and any family that

would actually consider that. And he

he haunts me, because I often

wonder where he is and what

happened to him. And you wonder

whether there's Christmas whether there's Christmas cheer

there? Christmas is one of the

things for me about Carols. It is a

lovely feeling the Carols. And

there's nothing like being there's nothing like being there

and soaking it up and watching

kids with the little candles. I

think it is one time of year that everybody focuses on good will

towards our fell open man, towards our fell open man, which

sounds very old worlde, but it is

the essence of why people love

Christmas, because it is focusing

outwards and there is something

healthy of people uniting together

and celebrating there. Ul know

what, there are great songs. Great

songs. Some of them are written by

the greatest composers ever like

Hayden and Beethoven. Some of Hayden and Beethoven. Some of the greatest

greatest Christmas Carols are great

pieces of music. Is there a blew

over who gets to sing 'Silent

Night'. Absolutely, I always try

for that, and ' Oh Come All Ye

Faithful'. I like 'Jingle Bells'.

Has it changed the way you celebrated Christmas as a Do you adapt the Do you adapt the same sort of

approach as you did when you were

kids? Yeah, basically. I have happy

memorys of Christmas with just - memorys of Christmas with just - I

was very blessed to have a loving

family and it was all about food

and presents and fun. And that's

exactly what it is in our exactly what it is in our house. I

have three kids and they wake me up early. How old are early. How old are your kids

Olivia is 11 now? Very good. Olivia

is 11 and Campbell is 6 and Jacob

is 3. I have to be careful asking

this. Do they have different

approaches to Father Christmas? Yes. Dangerous

territory here. Yes, yes, we all territory here. Yes, yes, we all

believe and we all receive. We'll

move on. Someone might be watching.

The river stage is obviously the

venue and it is going to be 7:30,

Saturday the 8th of December and

that will be replayed on the 23rd.

It is really a wonderful gig and a

wonderful night and as I said, it

is just so nice because is just so nice because it is just so nice because it is

focusing on Samaritan's Purse which

is all about giving and blessing

others which is the essence of why

we feel good at Christmas. Before

we go, I was read not guilty your

CV that you performed both with

Richard Harris and Jose Carreras.

Do they have similar approaches to

their work? No, one of them is not

with us any more. Richard is

probably not doing a lot at the probably not doing a lot at the

moment. But totally different. Both

of them giants in the area. Jose

was incredibly generous and

unassuming kind of man. unassuming kind of man. Quite

extraordinary. And Richard was a

grands actor of the Rat Pack. You

know, but both amazing experiences

for me. Thank you so much, and good to see you and good look

Carols. Thank you and Merry Christmas. We'll be back with

plenty more after this. I'm here with Nikki who has a very special offer from Telstra. Welcome, Nikki. Hi, Maree-Anne. We've just been chatting about the kind of things we like watching on TV. And it turns out you and I have the same taste in movies. I love a good comedy. Me too. But I bet your husband doesn't always agree. Well, I've got to say he prefers to watch sport more often. Well, that's what's so great about Foxtel from Telstra.

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And David takes his clothes off after the break! Good morning. More trouble for the federal Opposition - a new poll suggesting they may have picked the wrong Liberal leader - figures indicating Malcolm Turnbull is nearly twice as popular than Dr Nelson. Residents along the east coast are still mopping up after wild storms hit late yesterday -

Melbourne alone received a month's worth of rain in just minutes. And they're back - the Spice Girls on stage for the first time in nine years. Details 11am.

As much as I love what I do...

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This program is captioned

This program is captioned live.

Sorry to frighten you, he is

staying clothed! It's just fun.

This is from Karen "I'm a science

teacher married to a farmer and I

keenly listened to your debate on

GM crops. Z Canola is a low part of

farming because it is expensive to

grow and is low yielding. All farmers would like to spray chemicals as they're

chemicals as they're expensive and

there are always issues of

resistance. GM is just another way

of doing it. I would eat GM of doing it. I would eat GM food,

yes. Would we grow it? We'll

to see the cost benefits. There is

so much scaremongering. It makes it

difficult for the general public to

make informed choices". I agree

with that, it is very difficult to

know what to know what to believe. I'm always sceptical when they mess

sceptical when they mess around

with nature. Yes, we too. Just

think of the cane toad. Back .

Hi, Paula. Hi, Maree-Anne.

I have the most wonderful gift for the man who has everything. This is the original newspaper from the day my dad was born. I gave it to him last year and it was the perfect Father's Day present. It absolutely loved it. The original newspaper? Do you mean you can actually buy original newspapers from special dates in the past? Paper World has an amazing archive of newspapers from most dates in the past 100 years. They are the complete originals that were published that day. Does it matter where the person was born, does it have to be Melbourne or it doesn't matter?

so you can find out what was happening in your dad's hometown on the day he was born. What a marvellous idea! This paper was published in Melbourne on March 2 1940 - my dad's birthday.

How exciting.

It's in amazing condition considering it's over 60 years old. Let's have a look what's inside.

It was wartime, so the front page is covered in news from Europe. The Nazis were attacking fishing boats off the Yorkshire coast. The British were demanding the Germans leave Poland.

And a US envoy had just arrived in Berlin for talks with Hitler. It must have been a very difficult time for our grandparents' generation. If I remember my history corre