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Phil Koperberg to stand aside The Premier orders senior minister of domestic violence. while police investigate allegations

his team are officially sworn in. Kevin Rudd takes the reins as he and I, Kevin Michael Rudd, do swear the Commonwealth of Australia. that I will well and truly serve the Kyoto protocol on climate change. ...and immediately signs Sydney lashed by hail and heavy rain sweep through the suburbs. as fast-moving storms

in his wake - And Murali leaves Shane Warne taking a record 709 test wickets. This program is captioned live. It's a scandal that won't go away violence dating back 20 years and now allegations of domestic Phil Koperberg to stand aside. have forced Environment Minister

the Premier of double standards, The Opposition has accused message about violence against women. saying he's failed to send a clear

to take Phil Koperberg's word Yesterday, the Premier was happy that he never hit his former wife. Now the police have been called in

and Water Minister and the future of the Environment is suddenly in doubt. this preliminary inquiry He will stand aside pending and any subsequent investigations. despite the leaking of an affidavit, Mr Iemma had stood by his minister 20 years ago, produced by Katherine Specking only abused her, which alleged her then husband not his step-daughter Paula. but also struck

I did not bash my stepdaughter. I did not bash my wife, he received phone calls But Mr Iemma says this morning to discuss the matter further. from two people wanting on his mobile phone. One had called him directly had sought to make contact On coming to work two people and discuss it with me. in the middle Now it's not my role to be family matters. of these highly emotional

to contact the two callers, The Premier has instructed police but he won't say who they are allegations against Mr Koperberg. or whether there are any fresh The Premier has admitted affidavit a year ago. he was shown Mrs Specking's a year after these allegations It seems hard to believe that were first brought to his attention

for the first time. that they're about to be tested

Brad Schmitt, National Nine News.

as Australia's 26th prime minister Kevin Rudd has been sworn in of his new government and the first act of the Kyoto Protocol. was to approve ratification fulfilling a key election promise Mr Rudd signed the document, held its first meeting. even before his ministry after his election victory Eight days Rein and their three children, and proudly watched by wife Therese the mantle of national leadership. the Labor leader formally donned that I will well and truly serve I, Kevin Michael Rudd, do swear her land and her people the Commonwealth of Australia, so help me God. in the office of prime minister, I congratulate you most sincerely. Prime Minister, predicted the new prime minister Governor-General Michael Jeffery distinction and compassion. would lead the nation with Julia Gillard was also sworn in first female deputy PM. as Australia's

Then, as his first act, to the Governor-General Mr Rudd signed and handed an executive council minute Protocol on climate change. to approve ratification of the Kyoto Soon afterwards, it was the turn and 12 parliamentary secretaries of the 28 other ministers

to take their oaths of office

on the steps of Government House. and pose for a class photo of the new Government The first executive council meeting

rubber-stamped the Kyoto approval. of ratification to be sent to the UN. Mr Rudd signed an instrument a full member of the protocol Australia will now become before the end of March next year. first act as an incoming government I said prior to the election our with the ratification of Kyoto. would be to proceed Next week, Mr Rudd, Climate Change Minister Penny Wong accompanied by Treasurer Wayne Swan, Peter Garrett, and Environment Minister conference in Bali, will attend the UN climate change which opened today. And the ratification decision much greater clout. will give the Australian delegation

conference that Australia will move I'm pleased to inform the ratify the Kyoto Protocol to immediately Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. Store owners at Lakemba of staff in the lead-up to Christmas, say they'll have to lay off dozens was destroyed by fire, after a shopping centre as the blaze engulfed the complex - Nearby homes were evacuated the building would collapse. firefighters fearing the Lakemba shopping centre 60 firefighters surrounded just after 3:00 this morning, on the ground floor. when the blaze broke out

SIREN WAILS Students nearby raised the alarm.

were working in the bread shop, Two Chinese men "Fire and smoke", he came out and said and I rang them. he gave me the phone cloud of smoke rose above Lakemba. For more than five hours, a huge were gutted. The 11 shops inside the centre then I'll be ruined. I don't know, if it is gone IGA supermarket owner, John Vu in cash. lost tens of thousands of dollars

for an upcoming Muslim festival. His store was fully stocked All my money go to fire. the complex. Fire teams cut their way into by the intense heat, But were forced back

the building's framework. which buckled

fears it would collapse. Neighbours were evacuated, amid and check the building is safe. Engineers will move in shop owners cling to the hope While some of the more optimistic

to salvage, there's something left here for their workers too. there's heartbreak

will be laid off, At least 20 supermarket employees in the lead-up to Christmas. thanks to this fire, Bit emotional for you? 18 years I work here. could take days. Finding the cause of the fire Shaun Fewings, National Nine News.

in an inflatable paddling pool A 2-year-old girl has drowned

of her Curl Curl home. in the front yard to hospital by helicopter, The little girl was rushed

but could not be revived. Commenting on the tragedy, has repeated its warnings the Royal Lifesaving Society about children and pools. It says as little as 3cm of water can be fatal. You could tell it was summer this afternoon, when Sydney got one of its good, old-fashioned storms.

There was an eerie gloom as towering black clouds moved in over the city

packing a punch with driving rain and pounding hail. Coming after a hot day,

the storm saw of 16mm of rain fall at Homebush in just 10 minutes. It caused some minor damage -

the roof of this hardware store in St Mary's collapsed, and in the Blue Mountains a number of trees were brought down by strong winds. Another storm front is just starting to hit the northern suburbs

and the bureau says more are likely tomorrow. There was a near-tragedy at Narellan this afternoon, when a garbage truck crossed four lanes, went down an embankment and speared into a home. A woman and a toddler inside had left the room only seconds before, while the truck narrowly missed their next-door neighbour. The truck came flying down and as soon as it hit the shed,

it basically catapulted straight at the house. The driver was taken to hospital with cuts and bruises. The State Government has given details of its plan to fix one of our worst traffic bottlenecks - the approach from the west along busy Victoria Road. It involves a new bridge between Drummoyne and Rozelle,

with construction scheduled to finish in late 2009. It's the RTA's grand plan - to build a new crossing alongside the old Iron Cove Bridge and upgrade Victoria Road. This is bigger and better than the old plan and will cost 150 million. The plan is for a bridge on either the eastern or western side of the 50-year-old structure. It would mean three car lanes for the peak times. A dedicated bus lane would mean commuters save ten minutes

into the city. But there is no shortage of community groups opposing the plan. One group thinks a tunnel from Gladesville to Balmain should be considered. It would act as an arterial road and give locals back their road. The RTA's preferred option is to build on the western side of the existing bridge. but 2,000 residents on the eastern side are still concerned

a bridge on their side would only be metres from their windows. If a new bridge was built the effect would be dramatic. Noise and pollution. And a decision on Sydney's troubled Tcard is still days away. Contractors for the integrated ticketing system for buses and trains

will meet Transport Minister John Watkins at the end of the week.

Mark Burrows, National Nine News. Now to a transport headache which has frustrated Sydney commuters for years -

finding a cab after lunch. The Sydney City Council says the fix is simple and today called on the State Government and NSW Taxi Council

to stagger the shift change of taxis so the city doesn't run short. It's lunchtime at one of Sydney's busiest taxi ranks.

but as 3:00 approaches a feast of cabs turns into a famine. There's no cabs. Not even one vacant one has come along. The cabbies will tell you it's that time of day. Changeover. Changeover.

Changeover is when most cab drivers finish work for the day and hand their keys to the night shift. It interrupts service for about an hour but it's been frustrating commuters for years.

It's the only city in the world with a 3:00 changeover - it's ridiculous. It's ridiculous - here's another one. Some drivers are willing to pick up passengers if they're going their way, back to base. They're picking and choosing their fares. The Government concedes changeover is a problem. It's virtually impossible to design a changeover time that isn't going to have disruption on the travelling public. It is a fact of life, but it's not something that we just give up on. But the city says the fix is simple. The Taxi Council and the State need to agree to staggering that changeover time. Drivers agree. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to solve the problem, you know. Changeover time should be redistributed. Some taxis do change at noon, but most still knock off at 3:00, leaving Sydney waiting. How long was that, mate? 30-35 minutes.

What do you expect? Changeover time. Dale Paget, National Nine News.

If you'd like to share your experiences of Sydney taxis, log onto: We'll have more reports through the rest of this week looking at rogue drivers and whether penalties are tough enough to stop them. A cheeky gang of thieves is living high on the hog, after breaking into a warehouse at Pendle Hill and stealing $100,000 worth of ham and bacon. The robbery came at the worst possible time for the company as it prepares for its busiest time of the year. It was a robbery planned with an eye on the calendar. Three weeks before Christmas and thieves dining out on ham, lots of it. 16 tonnes, or about 16 pallet-loads, of double smoked legs

and boxes of bacon. The raid filled the robbers with festive food and cheer as well. They left this goodwill message on a wall, "Thank you. Merry Xmas". Funny, I thought it was funny. And for Anthony Zammit, also costly. His busiest time of the year interrupted by thieves who cut their way into the company's storage centre on Saturday night.

They then blacked out security cameras and went to work This was no smash and grab raid - it is thought that thieves

spent close to four hours inside the warehouse, helping themselves to more than 600 boxes of ham and bacon, carting them out one by one. The haul was then passed through a side fence and loaded onto a truck. The company has offered a $5,000 reward, while police have warned people about buying a hot leg of ham.

If there are any cheap hams, call the coppers or Zammit's Ham and Bacon. Damien Ryan, National Nine News. In the news ahead - a revolutionary test for heart disease. New warnings about the effects of alcohol on unborn babies.

And nine Victoria Crosses stolen from a New Zealand museum. This is a crime against the nation.

Doctors will soon have another weapon in the fight against heart disease, Australia's biggest killer. American researchers have developed a new test which measures the levels of Omega-3 fatty acids are too low. That can correlate with your risk of heart disease and it will tell us, "You need more." Simple test kits for clinics are being developed in the US and it's hoped that simple test kits will be available here within a few years. Health groups have begun a concerted campaign for warning labels aimed at pregnant women to be put on all alcoholic drinks.

They say that alcohol during pregnancy

can cause irreversible brain damage to an unborn child, leaving it with serious learning and behavioural problems. 17 years ago, Tracy Duley drank alcohol while pregnant with daughter Claire. It was accepted for a pregnant woman to be in a pub or a bar

or a social gathering and have a drink. Claire is now suffering because of it. I just can't control my impulses, I don't listen properly, I have lack of logic. Claire has been diagnosed with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, an illness caused by exposure to alcohol during pregnancy. Its prevalence is alarming. We are looking at around 1 in 100 newborn babies who are born

each year in Australia with irreversible brain damage

that's been caused by alcohol consumption through pregnancy.

Research conducted last year shows 1 in 3 expectant mothers drink alcohol, a statistic prompting health groups to push for warning labels on all alcoholic drinks. And this is exactly the sort of thing campaigners want to to see -

warnings on alcohol aimed at pregnant women. This is a mocked-up label, but is similar to that used in Europe and the US. I think the issue has some merit in terms of discussion, but I think that there's a long way to go

in terms of working out what actually works. What works for pregnant women, say doctors, is not drinking at all. Jessica Rich, National Nine News.

The Russian President's party has scored a clear victory

in parliamentary elections, boosting Mr Putin's plans to extend his hold on power. The United Russia Party has won more than 60% of the vote in a poll which doubled as a test of Putin's popularity. He's due to stand down as President next March, but he could step into the prime minister's role and continue to run the country. Some of New Zealand's most-treasured military medals, including nine Victoria Crosses, have been stolen from the country's Army Museum. This is a tragedy for New Zealand. These are national treasures. This is a crime against the nation. A gang of thieves took almost 100 medals after smashing the display cabinets. They're valued at more than $7 million,

but the medals will be impossible to sell on the open market. The State's ambulance service unveiled a new look today. From next week they'll wear a more practical uniform - cargo trousers and shirts that have easier to reach pockets, as well as new baseball caps. It's comfortable, it's practical and I think everyone will benefit by wearing this uniform out on the road. All ambulance officers will now be known as paramedics to bring New South Wales into line with other states. The changes coincided with industrial action that saw a 24-hour ban

on filling in patient details on billing forms to protest at what the union claims is a crisis in senior management. Ken with sport is next and Murali goes past Shane Warne's world record? He did it against England, who made him work long and hard for wicket 709. And Mundine with one eye on a world title fight.

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Shane Warne's reign as the world's highest Test wicket-taker is over, with Muttiah Muralitharan setting a new record today. On day three of the Test against England, Muralitharan claimed his 709th Test scalp and it's clear there are many more to come. Muralitharan equalled Warne's record yesterday and the anticipation today had family and friends counting down. COMMENTATOR: Murali's family, in again today. It didn't come as quickly as many thought, though. Ryan Sidebottom and Paul Collingwood hung on before Murali broke through just before lunch. Bowled him! There we go! Great scenes here! History is made!

There will be great scenes here at Kandy. This is his fifth wicket, by the way, but the fifth doesn't matter, It's 709. All the schools, friends are here. So it's better than taking it in Australia.

Warne was unavailable to talk about the man who's taken his place at the top. He stayed low after another sex scandal hit the magazines. According to reports, this one lasted two years with a single mum,

and Warne was worried that's all anyone would want to talk about today. his first Test wicket 15 years ago, From the moment Muralitharan took debated issues in the game. his action has been one of the most

by Darrell hair in 1995 He was first called for throwing in 2004 to finally make and it took an ICC rule change his action legal. There are doubters. bowler ever and 1,000 wickets beckon. But Murali is now rated the best Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. extraordinary lengths to prove Anthony Mundine is going to

that he's capable of defending to himself his world title next Monday night. Jose Clavero Mundine knows the fight against

will be the last of his career with his troublesome eye. if he encounters problems is doing to his good eye This is what Anthony Mundine world title defence. to prepare for his second

losing 40% of vision in his left eye. It will be his first fight since of the situation, Mundine can make light but given the world title is on the line,

he's training his damaged eye to be ready in case his good eye is injured during the fight. Training with the one to try and enhance - if I get any swelling or cuts on the good eye, I can fight through it.

Mundine thinks the chances of being hit in the eye, even if it is targeted, is remote. I haven't got a mark on my face. I've been in 32 fights.

"Go in pretty, come out pretty." So, I mean, my motto is, admitting his career is on the line. Mundine made another statement, but I can't say, you know? I really feel it's not over yet, like every fight's my last. So I've got to prepare this fight with vision problems, Not only is Mundine going into he's also going to be fighting blind. Argentinian Jose Clavero, fight He's never seen his opponent, of him fighting and won't watch any tapes

title next Monday night. before their clash for the world any more. I'm beyond that stage. It's not about my opponents good I am - how well I am prepared. It's about Anthony Mundine and how Danny Weidler, National Nine News. the Commsec Finance report, After the break -

Majella with all the weather details, that the yeti exists? then, is this proof

To finance now - PBL was split into two shares today, Crown and Consolidated Media. The All Ords rose 3 points. blowout and interest rates But worries about a trade deficit

saw the dollar slip to US 88.2 cents. is still about. Now Majella, and the wild weather a line of storms Mark, right now there is from Maitland to the North Shore.

just 10 minutes. Homebush has had another 13mm in in that storm this afternoon. That's on top of what they got

now for the southern suburbs. We've got wet weather coming through still could see heavy rain The storms are weakening but we for the city, in the next 15 minutes or so and the northern beaches. the northern suburbs for storms today. Basically we had the perfect set up You could feel the humidity. in the West Temperatures got to 30 degrees before everything fired up. It is going to be humid again. weather unstable This trough that's helping make the And there's a change coming through is still going to be here

bit of a trigger for thunderstorms. and usually a change can act as a could easily get again tomorrow. So basically what we saw today we

of these storms And because of the nature becoming severe there is a good chance of them and of them coming in quickly. full-on weather Melbourne got some pretty with heavy downpours and storms today. Just cloud there tomorrow. But we're expecting more thunderstorms for North Queensland. Showers tomorrow

and the chance of that afternoon storm activity for Sydney.

The winds will turn southerly and cooler late in the day. once that change comes in Largest surf then south of Sydney. Staying warm 27 for the city. Penrith should get to 30 degrees

And it is looking like a stormy week. a similar day on Wednesday. There will be the chance of becoming fine on Friday. Showers on Thursday weather are likely by the weekend. Then more storms and more wet Finally, to the topic of yetis

in the puzzle and there's a large new piece snowman of the Himalayas. about the so-called abominable in Nepal An American documentary team

has found three giant footprints into the clearest impression. and they poured a cast before The print resembles others found

and gives further fuel to the legend of a giant and reclusive apeman. And that's National Nine News for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia