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This program is captioned live. Tonight - stood down - Phil Koperberg investigated Environment Minister

over claims of domestic violence. Rudd signs up to the Kyoto protocol. Sworn in and straight to work - Kevin And jobless for Christmas - a Sydney shopping centre. a devastating blaze tears through and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - in a senseless attack on a cemetery. dozens of graves desecrated

in a magpie attack. And a little boy almost loses his eye But heading the News at 5:00 - Environment Minister Phil Koperberg the State's high-profile violence allegations against him. while police investigate domestic Paul Mullins Our State Political Editor joins us from Parliament House.

had the Premier's full backing. Paul, 24 hours ago Koperberg

What's changed?

Up the difference today give his

third this morning and 2 people

telephoned the Premier saying they

wanted to talk to him about the

allegations against Phil Koperberg. The

The Premier hasn't reveal the

identities of these 2 people but he

said this is now a matter for the

police and not him. The allegations

arose out of an affidavit taking

out 20 years ago by Phil Capper

birds former wife alleging he had

been violent towards her and her

stepdaughter. The Phil Koperberg

has denied the allegations. what the police might do I'm not going to pre-empt nor what the police might say. that I'm the appropriate person But I just don't believe

to be discussing it. The issue is distressing. Of course it is. It's distressing for all parties. Mr Iemma has double standards. is having second thoughts. Mr Iemma today or policy Mr Iemma has The only zero tolerance approach

is about his own self-preservation.

has denied the allegations. What's

Phil Koperberg reaction? He's

returned to his home in the Blue

Mountains and is said to be

supportive of the Premiers actions

but is also said to be very

distressed by the whole situation. in getting down to business. Kevin Rudd is wasting no time as Australia's new Prime Minister - His first job after being sworn in the Kyoto Protocol. formally ratifying It's been 11 years, 9 months coming - able to assure the Governor-General Labor leader Kevin Rudd to form a government. he has the numbers I Kevin Michael Rudd do swear the Commonwealth of Australia, that I will well and truly serve in the office of Prime Minister her land and her people so help me God. broader than ever. The trademark smile on his face. He's got a pretty big smile Deputy Prime Minister Australia's first woman of WorkChoices and education revamp. now begins implementing the scrapping I will well and truly serve the Commonwealth of Australia.

of the new Government But the first act was to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. of Chinese heritage Australia's first minister the protracted negotiations will steer international greenhouse agreement. towards a new I will well and truly serve... I Penelope Ying Yen Wong do swear

down to work. After the pleasantries giving his first pep talk The new Prime Minister as he prepares to fast-track key election promises.

congratulated the new Prime Minister. Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson later this week. He will unveil his shadow ministry And the Nationals, after much head-hunting, elected their leadership team. a long-time Howard minister, 59-year-old Warren Truss,

takes the helm. provided by The generational change Nigel Scullion as Deputy Leader. Northern Territory Senator What we do know is ahead of us. we have a difficult rebuilding task

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. gutted a shopping centre at Lakemba. after a massive fire a damage bill in the millions. The unusual blaze left

just after 3:00am, The blaze broke out escaping to alert fire crews. a baker on the premises the fire had become more intense By dawn, the entire shopping centre, and had engulfed and 12 specialty stores. comprising an IGA supermarket to Sydney's south-west. It was visible as a plume of smoke were forced from their beds About 60 residents

because of the building materials - It was an unusual fire precast concrete walls didn't ignite the steel roofing and was burned or melted by intense heat. but everything inside It has been a difficult fire. heat and fire inside, Metal roof kept crews working through trying conditions,

hot and smoky inside. Dozens of shop owners and staff

of businesses and jobs. are now facing the loss everything that are there, I try to build it up,

it is gone. but suddenly in a few hours, is facing the largest losses. The supermarket's owner All my money has go to the fire. Nothing. What can you do? and that is it for the moment. It has gone was closed all day Lakemba's main street to extinguish pockets of fire as fire crews worked in the building's roof. are examining the building, Fire investigators trying to establish where the blaze broke out

and whether it was deliberately lit. to run into millions of dollars. The damage bill is expected

John Hill, Ten News. A wild band of storms hail and strong wind gusts. bringing heavy rain, just after lunch The dark clouds rolled in over Sydney as the storm front surged through. It brought heavy rain, about flash flooding. and raising concerns Marble-sized hail also fell. of up to 30 minutes to flights. Sydney Airport experienced delays The storm hit the Blue Mountains first, bringing down trees and damaging roofs. Newcastle also suffered a direct hit with wind gusts up to 90km/h, heavy rain and hail. An historic cemetery has been desecrated by vandals in a senseless rampage. Dozens of headstones, some more than 130 years old, have been destroyed in the State's central west. It's a heart-wrenching scene that's angered an entire town - Wallabadah's historic cemetery in ruins after a weekend rampage by vandals. About 60 grave sites have been desecrated,

headstones pulled over and cracked, glass vases smashed, and flowers, laid by relatives in memory of their loved ones, strewn across the ground. It's just senseless, wanton vandalism and you really have to wonder. Lisa Bridge's father, grandparents and great-grandparents are all buried here. It's shocking, it's very upsetting. It's just disgraceful. The oldest grave site dates back to 1869.

It weighs over a tonne, that marble. It has taken two or three, at least, three or four, maybe, to tip that over. You couldn't call them idiots, these blokes. They want throwing in jail and locking up. They've defaced the graves of so many old residents and pioneers that did so much in this area. The local council will pay to restore the headstones - the damage bill put at tens of thousands of dollars. It must be terribly heart-wrenching

for all of those people that have relatives here. Cemeteries are sacred places and this is just sacrilegious. Hopefully, with the assistance of the community, we will identify these people and we will bring them to court where they will be prosecuted. The offence of malicious damage carries up to five years jail. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. A 5-year-old boy has been left almost blind in one eye after being attacked by a magpie. The child, wearing a helmet, put up a fight, but couldn't fend off the aggressive bird. Nelson Taylor is remarkably accepting of the frightening attack that nearly blinded him. It was like an eagle, flying up into the air, about to fly up in the air. So I got off my bike, and then it attacked me. The Taylors were bike riding when a magpie swooped down and pecked the back of Nelson's helmet. I picked up a stick, that didn't work, rang the bell, that didn't work, so it just attacked me. Returning for more, the angry magpie hit Nelson head-on, piercing his left eye. When I asked him to open his eye, it was just a massive pool of blackness and blood where the pupil and cornea would normally stand out from the iris.

Doctors managed to save his eye

but he's now left with 40% blurred vision.

as to who's to blame. And Nelson has his own thoughts

Mum forgot it was nesting season, so it was all Dad's fault. It's that time of year where our usually friendly magpies turn into aggressive, dive-bombing maniacs, but the good news is their nesting season is almost over and their behaviour should return to normal. Until then, there are some simple precautions you can take. Avoid that area. For most of them if you just watch the bird, they mostly won't come because they want to swoop from behind. You can use that thing with a mask on the back of your head. Tim Potter, Ten News. Sydney could be in for a huge and costly facelift. There'll be a special meeting on Thursday to thrash out claims the city has become an ugly hostage to the car. Danish design expert Professor Jan Gehl has advised cities around the world, including Melbourne, on how to make their communities more attractive and liveable. He says Sydney has a lot of work to do. It has ugly parts and when we come over to the Western Distributor, and out-of-this-world scary. it is really grotty His report cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and includes plans to rip up the Cahill Expressway and create pedestrian-friendly plazas at Town Hall, Central and Circular Quay. He doesn't know how much the total cost would be. If you are working to improve the situation it costs just peanuts. To exclude the car, as proposed, and fact what is proposed would probably kill the city.

Most of his big ideas have been rejected by the State Government in recent years, but the Premier will still meet Professor Gehl on Thursday. The Lord Mayor says it's a great time to improve the downtown look of Sydney. She says in the 1970s, plenty of people scoffed at the idea of turning this street into Martin Place. We have to do great things in our cities as well as the everyday things. It's about responsible planning and it is about vision. No car zones around - awesome. Open malls, open cafes at night, more metropolitan - awesome. but it's nice. It's not as nice as Brisbane, Yeah, it looks really good. The Professor knows fellow Dane Joern Utzon fought hard with officials over the Opera House, but he's undeterred. I'm quite sure I will see parts of this vision carried through. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Unveiled today,

a $150 million revamp for one of Sydney's busiest roads, which it's claimed will save commuters The State Government has been showing off new designs to duplicate the Iron Cove Bridge, which it expects to complete in about two years.

It's important to recognise that this is not just building a second new bridge. It's also introducing 'tidal flow' to increase capacity into the city during the peak and out of the city during the afternoon peak. The plans also include a new bus-priority lane along Victoria Road. They'll be available for public consultation for the next two months. Let's take a look at sport now with Tim Webster. And Murali hasn't got Shane Warne's record yet?

Now, after equalling the world record for Test wickets it's been a frustrating day for the Sri Lankan spin king. After grabbing wickets last night, he remains stalled on 708 wickets,

so far unable to add to last night's celebrations. And a young jockey badly injured in a race fall on the State's far north coast remains in intensive care. Also Ron, we'll have the for being wrongly acused of drugs.

New evidence that alcohol causes brain damage in unborn babies - that's next. Also tonight, the Christmas ham heist - thieves make off with 16 tonnes of meat. And chaos when an uninvited guest crashes morning tea.

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This program is captioned live. A 2-year-old girl has drowned in an inflatable paddling pool. The toddler was found floating face down at her Curl Curl home, and was airlifted to Mona Vale Hospital, but couldn't be revived. It's believed the pool was holding just 30cm of water at the time. A miraculous escape for a baby and her grandmother at Camden - a runaway garbage truck narrowly missing them as it crashed into their house. The driver allegedly said he'd fallen asleep. It's the garbage truck that's caused a whole lot of mess all on it's own. The wall that used to be here contained the kitchen. which a grandmother, looking after 17-month-old Antonia, had just walked out of before it hit. The mother was there and the baby. I moved her out of the way, then ran through and moved most of the roofing out of the way of the truck's door. veered across four lanes of traffic. The truck has lost control and It had left the Camden Bypass. He'd just been inside as well, looking for Christmas lights. I turned around, shut the door, moved away from the shed. I was about a metre away from the shed when it hit.

The young driver told ambulance officers he'd fallen asleep. OK, down we go. He only had minor cuts and bruises but was taken to Liverpool Hospital to be checked. The family were too upset to talk about what happened but the grandmother and grandchild are OK. The family will be provided with temporary housing by the company who operates the garbage service. Josh Murphy, Ten News. A big reward is being offered for the return of 16 tonnes of ham and bacon stolen from Pendle Hill. Police say its headed for the black market ahead of Christmas, the thieves leaving a cheeky message. This is how the thieves got into the cold-storage warehouse, the well-organised gang covering cameras with masking tape

so no-one could identify them. All the hams were passed through this hole here. the estimated value up to $100,000. About 600 boxes of ham were stolen, It could have been more, but the owners believe the thieves were disturbed.

Before they left, the gang wrote a message - "Merry Christmas. Thanks." I would agree it's a very cheeky crime. The owners are furious. And say they're willing to do just about anything to see those responsible caught. They're even offering a reward of $5,000 for information that leads to an arrest. Investigators are urging anyone who sees a heavily discounted Zammit ham The Zammit family is just hoping to put the loss behind them, and replenish the stolen stock before Christmas. These things happen, I suppose. Evan Batten, Ten News. A sobering warning tonight for pregnant women -

do not have any alcohol. A new study links alcohol, even in small amounts, to serious brain damage in children. Elizabeth Russell had no idea the odd drink while pregnant would cause her unborn son irreversible brain damage. It was when he was 12 or 13 when the bizarre behaviours really became apparent. He got into drugs and alcohol at an early age.

After 23 years of behavioural problems, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder was finally diagnosed last year. I can't keep a job. It's really hard. I can't keep a job for longer than six months. Their story is not an uncommon one. Everyone, even doctors said, the odd drink would be fine. Debbie Kokay's son has also suffered

But there has been no official diagnosis. You look around and you see children and you see how they behave and you look at your child and you go, "There's something just not right." It's estimated 1 in every 100 babies born in Australia show symptoms of the syndrome. Authorities pleading with women to give up alcohol during pregnancy. There is no proven level of safe drinking through pregnancy at this point in time. The Government urged to act, with claims Australia lags the rest of the world in recognising the syndrome. Why is Australia being short-changed on this? Why aren't we getting this information? Drug and rehabilitation groups are calling for clear warnings on bottles, as well as blaming alcohol advertising. Just don't risk it, You've got no idea what we've been through. Ellesa Throwden, Ten News. A new look for our paramedics - they're ditching the white work-wear for a new blue attire. The uniform coincides with a change of name, all ambulance officers will now be called paramedics. A few were on hand to model the blue collection which is more flexible and durable. Not to be confused with the other boys in blue.

The makeover may take some getting used to.

Tim Bailey used over in Norfolk

Island. You had to give way to a

cow today? You give away to cows

and ducks on this island. But what

a tumultuous afternoon you had in

Sydney. We can see everything

weather Wise from up here. Sydney. We can see everything weather Wise from up here. Ambush

was very much the story. And that

was a tropical downpour. What about this for edge of the Earth

television? We'll give a camera

away Friday. But I think our

cameraman here has just about

stolen the prize. This is today's

photo and thanks for a photo and thanks for a match.

That's a shot from Bondi icebergs

in the view of the surf life-saver.

She used in the running for the

camera. Let's look at Sky watch for

you. It was a day that came in 2 you. It was a day that came in 2 halves

halves - sunny and warm and then

the Storm's role Dean. Tonight

looks like more storms across the

Sydney basin and again tomorrow as

well - a light south-easterly

change will move through -

temperatures 27 to 30 degrees. I'll

see you live from Norfolk Island in

around about 10 minutes. The creator of the cancer vaccine Gardasil plays down fears about its safety - that's next. And deadly snow storms leave a trail of destruction in the United States.

Imagine a sports saloon that not only challenges it embraces them. The direct injection V6 Lexus IS250, and a pre-collision radar that's able to anticipate an accident. The IS250...

And Bailey was telling us to expect

more storms. You've great pitches.

The storm is making its way closer

into Parramatta. It's just over

Balkan heels now. That's the

Parramatta at CBD. The storm is

rolling in and moving in a

widespread sell from Ricky Hill

down toward Granville and

Parramatta. You can see we're

flying away from the Storm's sell.

That's the smart thing to-do.

Traffic along Windsor Road is a

standstill. A real horrible run home. The creator of the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil has dismissed new reports of possible side effects as 'scare-mongering'. It's the second time claims have been made about adverse reactions such as sore arms and fainting. Professor Ian Frazer says

this shows how closely the vaccine is being monitored, but doesn't indicate a problem. What we don't know, of course,

is whether they were actually due to the vaccination or just occurred at the same time as the vaccination or round about that time. The former Australian of the Year says the vaccine's benefits far outweigh any inconveniences. Its credited with preventing 20,000 pre-cancer operations each year in Australia. 10,000 international delegates are descending on Bali to negotiate a plan to save the planet from the ravages of climate change. The United Nations climate conference will involve almost 200 nations,

but all eyes will be on Australia. A tropical paradise where tourists flock to forget the world. But for the next fortnight Bali will be the focus of the planet's most urgent environmental problem. Representatives from 190 nations are converging on the island

to participate in the largest-ever climate conference. Whatever we do today

the impacts of climate change are going to continue for several decades. The aim of the global get-together is to develop a new international agreement

to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The current agreement, the Kyoto Protocol, runs out in 2012. After a decade of refusing, Australia has ratified Kyoto - the Prime Minister signing up today. It means we have a place at the table in Bali.

To be part of the climate change solution,

we need to be part and parcel of the negotiating process and around the table and you can't do that properly until you've ratified Kyoto. While ratification is a symbolic start to Rudd's reign, he admits the cost of energy could rise. But a new economic report predicts emission cuts would generate minimal economic loss - And climate experts believe ratification is an investment in environmental credibility. This will be Australia's moment in We'll be coming in from the cold of Kyoto. All the world will be watching, And hoping for a global action plan before it's too late. Emily Rice, Ten News. New hope

for the British schoolteacher jailed in Sudan for blasphemy. Two British Muslim peers in the country trying to secure her release

the Sudanese President later today. Lord Ahmed and Lady Warsi spent a second hectic day getting in and out of cars, travelling between meetings with senior Sudanese officials. It is Sudan's president Omar al-Bashir who holds the key - he is the man who can authorise her release

and according to sources close to the Sudanese government, a meeting is due to take place tomorrow morning. Lord Ahmed and Lady Warsi are optimistic that if they get the chance to meet the President, he will give them a sympathetic hearing, but these negotiations have demanded I understand the cultural and the religious sensitivities around Islam,

but as a woman, and as a British woman, I have huge concerns for Gillian. Gillian Gibbons remains in secure, undisclosed accommodation in Khartoum. She has been in custody now for a week,

aware that top-level negotiations are under way to get her released. Her MP on Merseyside says many people are worried about her safety. She is a dedicated teacher.

She has a very high reputation in Liverpool. She went to Sudan to help children there and now finds herself in this very difficult situation. I think everybody wishes her well and wants to see her back. Lady Warsi and Lord Ahmed say they don't want to pre-empt any decision that the president might take, but they are hoping that Mrs Gibbons might hear in the coming hours that her prison sentence is being cut short. At least eight people are dead after severe snow storms struck the United States. Snow blanketed parts of the Midwest grounding more than 400 flights on the roads. and causing major problems It's cold and nasty. The storms then moved east, dumping snow on New York City and New England - enough for the first snowman of the season. More wintry weather is forecast for the coming days. Despite claims of widespread fraud, Vladimir Putin's party is heading for a landslide election victory in Russia. the votes counted, With more than half Mr Putin's United Russia party of the vote. has won more than two-thirds in parliament, The popular leader won a seat to become prime minister clearing the way for him ends in March. challenge the results in court. Opposition parties are vowing to Fresh hope for migraine sufferers - added to the PBS. next, the new treatment

the road trip concept to the extreme Also, four friends take

for a worthy cause. And the footprint casts that could help solve an age-old mystery.

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to take you there hassle free. 'ADIEMUS' PLAYS To book your Sydney escape, call CountryLink on: Or visit your nearest CountryLink travel centre. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a Lakemba shopping centre, fire has destroyed and staff out of work leaving dozens of shop owners steel roofing and precast walls, The blaze was contained by the in the lead-up to Christmas.

burned or melted. with everything inside the building

has been stood down Environment Minister Phil Koperberg claims of domestic violence. while police investigate are 20 years old The allegations against him and step-daughter. and relate to his former wife as our new Prime Minister. And Kevin Rudd has been sworn in He immediately got to work - the Kyoto Protocol, his first job was to formally ratify his new government's commitment saying it demonstrates

to tackling climate change. joins us now from Canberra. Political Editor Paul Bongiorno on the Kyoto Protocol Paul, it's certainly quick action by the new Prime Minister. from the Bali summit? What should we expect from Kevin Rudd

Ordered means is that the strain

will now play a positive role. Even

though it was ratified as quickly

as possible it'll take 90 days. The

United Nations has been informed United Nations has been informed

and will allow Australia to sit at and will allow Australia to sit at

the table as a negotiator. That now

leaves the United States as the

only developed nations still

outside the tent. Where does this

leave the opposition? The opposition read the electorate.

Brendan Nelson said after their

defeat that he'd support the ratification of secured a protocol.

He's yet to name his shadow

ministry that everyone will be

looking at a high-profile Shadow

Minister to take on climate and

environment. That can Turnbull has

treasurer. already been named as shadow

into a group of partygoers, The man accused of driving in Victoria's Supreme Court. has pleaded not guilty witnesses will give evidence. Prosecutors say more than 100 in the Supreme Court, Thomas Towle appeared only briefly standing to repeat the words 'not guilty' 14 times.

The 35-year-old appeared relaxed. Dressed in a blue shirt and tie, his forthcoming trial. he smiled as lawyers discussed has denied causing the deaths The father of five by culpable driving of Abby and Shane Hirst, Josie Calvi and Stevie-Lee Weight, Cassandra Manners, Cory Dowling, all aged between 15 and 17. had been standing on Myall Road The group in Cardross, near Mildura, after a party, waiting for taxis, when the teenagers were killed. to causing serious injury to four other teenagers. are failing to stop, The other charges he faces failing to assist after the incident who were in the car, in danger. and placing his two young children, Lawyers are still discussing

in Melbourne or Mildura. whether the trial will be held scheduled for February, The month-long trial,

giving evidence, will feature more than 100 people 30 of whom include teenagers on the side of the road who were standing of the terrible incident. when the time The date has been chosen many of whom will take the stand of high school. during their final year Kate McGrath, Ten News. has closed nearly flat today The Australian share market to drive investor interest. with little local news is up just 3 points. The All Ordinaries Rio Tinto is up $1.71 to BHP Billiton as it considers talking over a merger bid, the mining giant also stronger. around Sydney tonight - And the price of petrol since Friday, unleaded a little cheaper selling for an average of $1.38 a litre. We've spotted it for $1.33 in Liverpool and Chester Hill. A life-changing announcement for the nation's 3 million migraine sufferers. Breakthrough medication the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. will now be cheaply available on Inside the tortured world strobing lights are a way of life. where chronic headaches, nausea and

inside your head. It's like banging drums is pulling your brain is in two. It's where someone But relief is in sight. Topamax, Preventative migraine medication, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, now included on three million Australians afflicted. making it more accessible to the frequent migraines, Some don't have very and they're not very disabled. only a few a year, But quite a significant proportion disabling migraines have frequent, severe, and work. that impact on their daily lives as a treatment for epilepsy. Topamax was first used with migraines - but it does. Doctors don't know how it works You take it regularly of frequency of migraines and it reduce the pattern in a number of people. it offers a long-term solution - Most importantly, relievers which are often over-used. more effective than common pain Doctors say the problem with traditional pain relievers

can build up resistance to them. is that the body the medication So as soon as you stop taking symptoms, such as headaches. you can suffer severe withdrawal drowsiness and dizzy spells, Side effects can include though patients don't seem to mind. It's been a huge improvement for me. It's changed my life.

Topamax is available on the PBS three or more migraines a month. for adults who suffer Belinda Heggen, Ten News. armed with one crazy idea, Two Aussies and two Irish men,

with a difference. have embarked on a road trip After losing a friend to depression, a Hummer from Sydney to Dublin the college students plan to drive and awareness for the cause. to raise money And a lot of young males discussing it really do have difficulties so that's why there's great parallels with what we're doing here - we're going to face challenges, we're going to overcome them, and hopefully by doing that, we'll show it's okay to talk. They'll travel through 44 countries and across 4 continents, but it's not without some creature comforts. Daily podcasts will be shown on their website -

Up let's take another look at the

weather. There are many times I'm

jealous of you and tonight is 1 of

them. High in the sky perched on

Norfolk Island but very much aware Norfolk Island but very much aware

of those Sydney storms. They'll be

lightning strikes and rain so be

careful on the roads and be careful

in the backyards. Unsettled tomorrow

tomorrow in New South Wales,

particularly Sydney - hot and humid, particularly Sydney - hot and humid,

27 to 30 degrees. More thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon.

As I sit on a log on the edge of

the Earth on Norfolk Island let's

check out the map of New South check out the map of New South Wales.

This little island has 350,008

dares. You give way to Cowes, ducks

and there are only 2 street lights. It's Sport now with Tim Webster. Tim, Murali's done it? Yes, he's now Test cricket's greatest ever wicket taker - that milestone shortly. Also, a young jockey in intensive care after a bad race fall on the State's far north coast. And, the Aussie cyclist suing the sport's international governing body after being wrongly accused of using drugs.

(Man sings) # Do do do do do do # Come on # Do do do do do # Whoo # Yeah, yeah, yeah

# Do do do do do # Do do do do do do do

# Do do do # Whoo # Yeah, yeah, yeah... # WOMAN: Available with an advanced turbo diesel engine for outstanding economy, the new Ford Mondeo has more than just good looks. # Ah! # Yeah, yeah, yeah This program is captioned live. Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralitharan has finally broken Shane Warne's record for most Test wickets in Sri Lanka's clash with England. And he did it in style. The 35-year old clean bowled Paul Collingwood for scalp number 709.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, bowled him! There we go. history is being made. Great scenes here - It's been a long, long time coming.

Murali's magic delivery caused the Kandy crowd to erupt - they had fireworks at the ready. His record-breaking effort came in just his 116th Test, 29 less than Warne. And it looks like New South Wales will have to share the top of the Pura Cup table

with Victoria, both sides running out of time to force a result on a rain-affected final day at the MCG. A young jockey is in intensive care after a sickening race fall. 23-year-old Daniel Baker suffered serious head injuries. It's believed his mount, Hotshot Hayil, clipped the heels of the horse in front at Grafton yesterday. during the second race receiving ambulance attention COMMENTATOR: Daniel Baker is at the 250m mark,

but he is quite conscious. last night He was airlifted to the Gold Coast and is still in a critical condition. best professional cyclists One of Australia's international governing body is suing the sport's over ongoing drug allegations. by Australian authorities, Allan Davis has been cleared remain tarnished abroad. but his name and reputation Allan Davis - the national track cycling squad off to Beijing this morning with against drug allegations lingers on. as a legal battle to clear his name in all this in the first place? How did you manage to get tangled up

in the wrong team at the wrong time. Pretty much

Months after riding his way to a bronze medal at last year's Commonwealth Games, Davis's career was turned upside down. pro tour team Liberty Segueros Several members of his

were exposed by Spanish police as drug cheats on the eve of the Tour de France. By association, he too was banned Me being part of the Tour de France got my name thrown into it. Never tested positive, been cleared of any allegations. investigated the matter. The sport's governing body, the UCI, They compiled a file which Cycling Australia forwarded Sports Anti-Doping Authority. onto Australia's They came up with the result after they studied it for quite some time

that they didn't believe based on that evidence. there was a case to answer by the UCI. But he's still yet to be cleared Ideally Allan's name will be cleared to him signing a new contract and impediments within the next month. will be settled out of court If not his lawyers will fight. It's something I'll never forget have labelled these things on me - and I'll never forget the people who

for me and my family. and, you know, its become personal Paul Cochrane for Sports Tonight. English Premier League overnight. Two games in the for Liverpool Harry Kewell made a rare start of Bolton Wanderers in their 4-0 thrashing Fernando Torres but it was young sensation who starred for the home side. COMMENTATOR: It's Torres. He's in and he'll make it count. all round. Absolutely fabulous football

In the other game this morning, against Tottenham, Birmingham have come from behind after squandering a half-time lead. stunning injury-time strike Sebastian Larsson's snatched Birmingham a 3-2 win - in 24 years. their first win at White Hart Lane Meanwhile, AC Milan striker Kaka Footballer of the Year, has been named European at an awards ceremony in Paris, the Brazilian awarded the Golden Ball

finishing well clear Cristiano Ronaldo. of Manchester United forward came in third. Barcelona's Lionel Messi

overcame terrible conditions Sebastian Loeb

world rally championship overnight. to win his fourth consecutive in the quagmire The Frenchman's third place Marcus Gronholm. was enough to edge out his main rival 10 years ago We started with nothing and now it's 4-time world champions, for me it's incredible. Gronholm will now retire from the sport after winning two world titles. Retired champ Michael Klim has exchanged swimming through the water for sailing across the top of it, trying to set a speed record on the world's fastest catamaran. While he was all smiles before the challenge from Manly to the Opera House, Sydney's extreme weather almost put paid to the Extreme 40 cat.

I'm not the most agile bloke but

when we were about to chip it went

pretty quickly but it was amazing. Michael ended up drenched in the celebrity challenge. but he was the first to take part his time off 12 minutes 33 seconds. Others will have the chance to better $5,000 to charity. The winner will donate That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight -

talks about his dream Aussie cycling star Cadel Evans next year, of a Tour de France - Olympic double could be his biggest obstacle. and why Robbie McEwan

We're watching storms tonight -

we're hovering over Bank Stand

airport to be safe, but take a look

good what we're witnessing now from

the north-west. There are major

conditions on Windsor Road end the

em 4 has more lightning beams down

towards Parramatta. Stay with us.

the weather next. Tim Bailey has the latest on See you after work, hon. The Arterial inbound is also chaotic. Harry. In a hurry, mate? Yeah, good. Yeah. ENGINE STARTS on your comprehensive car insurance premium. So, if you're over 50 and not working full-time, call: SONG: # Wise move Apia. # It's not going to be over 50 but if you are and not working full-time we're your insurance specialist. Call 13 50 50.

Done time to get will the weather

details. Sydney got an absolute

pounding today. And still getting

that pounding. Look at the radar.

Look at those storms sells all

across the Sydney area tonight. The

storms will be with us for around

about 2 days. Certainly tonight

there are a dangerous conditions

out there. Just have a look at that

radar - that's what we call an

active cell. Tomorrow is the same

story - hot humid day then a light south-easterly change with the south-easterly change with the

recipe for more thunderstorms. The tops

tops of 27 to 30 degrees. We're

bringing it live all week from

north of Ireland - and little place

around about 1600 kilometres east

and north-east of Sydney. We can

see all Sydney's weather. This

place was discovered by Captain

Cook. Wow, look at that! 33 % of

everyone who lives here now are

direct descendants of thing you'd

news of the Bounty. So it's a

special spot. The Jazz Festival is

on. We'll have some music tomorrow

night and a direct descendant of

Fletcher Christian. And some great

views. Storms right across Sydney

today and more of them tomorrow.

What about Olympic Park this

afternoon - 21 mm - 16 fell in just 20 minutes.

The satellite shows bright patches

of ice cloud across the South East

causing heavy showers and severe

thunderstorms. Cloudy skies in

Western Australia are bringing a

few drizzle patches. Tomorrow - a deep end slow-moving trough will

bring further showers and thunderstorms on the eastern coast.

Like showers for South Australia,

Tasmania and Victoria. Showers and

storms Eastern New South Wales and

inane Queensland. Thunderstorms

across the Northern tropics. Light

shower South Australia, Victoria

and Tasmania. As we do what live

from Norfolk Island - it's only 8

kilometres long and 5 kilometres kilometres long and 5 kilometres

wide. It's its own need to street

lights. You wait to every run on

ducks. the road and give way to cows and

The and it was only 10 matter of

time when Bailey would mutiny against captain Wilson. There's new evidence to suggest in fact, be real. the abominable snowman may, of one of three footprints This is a casting discovered by an American television crew investigating Yeti sightings in the Himalayas - and they believe the prints don't belong to any animal known to man. I don't believe it to be a bear. I don't believe to to be something that's catalogued that lives there. So it's something of a mystery to us as well - for us. obviously, this is a new find

to analyse the castings, It's now up to the scientists mystery once and for all. and perhaps solve the age-old I'm Ron Wilson. That's the News at 5:00. Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight. throughout the evening We'll have updates Sports Tonight along at 10:30. with the Late News with Goodnight. Media Australia. Supertext captions by Red Bee