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(generated from captions) does he usually come in? RIDGE: What time About now. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight... (Kids chant) Kevin '07! Kevin '07! Kevin Rudd savouring victory his immediate priorities. as he outlines A young woman's compensation slashed a seatbelt. because she wasn't wearing And just for kicks - on Sydney Harbour. David Beckham put through his paces

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Ian Thorpe slams those drug slurs. Also tonight, at schoolies week. And what really goes on after dark more turmoil for the Coalition - But, heading the News at 5:00 - quitting as leader of the Nationals Mark Vaile for the Liberal leadership. while the battle intensifies facing his first political hurdle - Prime Minister elect Kevin Rudd is over WorkChoices. a showdown with the Senate Prime Minister at a Catholic college. A rock star's welcome for the new (All scream) The visit meant to show he's serious his education revolution. about quickly implementing to deliver his promise Mr Rudd ordering his department high school student with a laptop. of providing every senior agenda item number one. So that will be And near the top to the stolen generations. a belated parliamentary sorry In relation to an apology early in the parliamentary term. it will be early, may block Labor's plan And threats that Liberal senators will be met head on. to begin winding back WorkChoices will be to vote for that legislation The choice for senators or vote against it. had a fairly clear message on that I thought the Australian people

only a couple of days ago. the old government is moving out. In Canberra, clearly unhappy with the world. One senior ministerial staffer The Coalition's disarray deepened Mark Vaile announcing with outgoing Deputy Prime Minister as leader of the Nationals. he's quitting his job Mr Vaile accepting responsibility going backwards on Saturday. for his party politics takes on family life, Clearly emotional at the toll it's time to give somebody else a go. Mr Vaile says that it is time for an opportunity, We believe and I believe in the leadership of our party. a bit of a change in the ring And there are two more hats for leadership of the Liberal Party. and... Tony Abbott promising continuity

people skills. But I think I have reasonably good popular with many of his colleagues, Brendan Nelson, has also nominated. ramped up his campaign for the job Malcolm Turnbull on morning television. setting off alarm bells. He's certainly We've had problems at the State level

when we had State oppositions... ALARM BELLS I think we have a fire alarm going. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The count is continuing Maxine McKew, says but Labor's newest hero,

John Howard's seat of Bennelong. she has won she targeted ethnic voters to do it. And she denies in the seat of Bennelong, Flowers for the frontrunner the final votes, and while they may be still counting? let the cat out of the bag. an ecstatic Maxine McKew actually. I feel the weight of responsibility, This is now a Labor seat in the history of Bennelong. for the very first time She's not quite there but she is so far ahead in the count

75% of the postal votes to get close. that John Howard would have to win So it's hardly surprising has already rung Ms McKew. that the Opposition Leader Kevin and I had a discussion make to the next parliament. about the contribution that I can that's as a parliamentary secretary, Insiders say which is a fancy way of saying by helping one. she'll learn to be a minister her campaign was ethnically based. Ms McKew strongly rejected the view I didn't run a campaign or Korean Australians for Chinese Australians or for Italians or Armenians. I went after Liberal votes. This afternoon double-checked Labor and Liberal officials in Bennelong on Saturday. every one of the votes cast be looked at later in the week. But those crucial postal votes will When do you think Will it be by Friday? but I would think so, yeah. Look, I'm not sure, Not much left at John Howard's campaign rooms in Eastwood.

He wasn't available today, his office saying

when more votes are counted. he'll speak again later in the week Kevin Wilde, Ten News.

Police are searching for a gunman

over loud music, who shot dead his neighbour of his South Coast home the victim dying in the front yard in the arms of his young family. in bushland on the Central Coast. The gunman is now on the run, hiding A floral tribute marking the spot Stephen Holmes was shot dead where 41-year-old coalminer on Saturday night. Mr Holmes lived across the street and his four daughters. with wife Angela a dispute with a 61-year-old man. He was killed after getting into Stephen fatally wounded in the chest. and emerged from their homes to find We're all around him and the next minute we said, the bastard has still got a gun," "Jesus, we better move, because some bastard he'll keep going." and we thought, "Once he's killed The gunman drove off, 200km north on the Central Coast. his vehicle discarded yesterday, for the man today Police were searching in bushland adjoining the freeway. Neighbours paid tribute to a hard-working family man. very nice family man, Very nice fellow,

you wouldn't say a bad word about him. shortly after the shooting Witnesses say the victim's 16-year-old daughter Sam over her father's death was so distraught and wept uncontrollably. she collapsed next to the body for the alleged killer. Police have issued an arrest warrant who may have information

or Crime Stoppers. to contact Wollongong police erratic and that. When he got drunk he could be Very abusive. Abusive and that, but any other time when he was sober, he was very nice. Detectives have been told there was a history of disputes between the neighbours with the alleged killer often playing loud music. John Hill, Ten News. A Sydney man will be tried for murdering his parents' 14 years ago. Jeffrey Gilham was charged after Steven and Helen Gilham were found stabbed to death in their Woronora family home in August 1993. A fire had been started in their house and their bodies partially burned. Five judges in the Court of Criminal Appeal

today ruled he should go on trial in February. A teenager has been stripped of millions of dollars compensation

after a dramatic ruling on car crash passengers.

A court deciding the victim was partly to blame for her catastrophic injuries. Sheree Robens' case has just rewritten the rule book At just 16, Ms Robens went on a joy-ride with a 22-year-old male friend. It turned into a dangerous rampage and ended with the car flipping - all over in six minutes. But it ruined Ms Robens' life, leaving her in a wheelchair with catastrophic injuries including brain damage. The driver served time in jail but now a court has slashed Sheree's compensation from $10 million to $7 million

after finding she failed to take personal responsibility. The judge finding: As the law now is if you get into a car with a man who's driving dangerously you need to get out at the first opportunity and if you don't your damages may be reduced because of your failure to do so. But he claims that's unreasonable. We estimate that every time the car came to a stop at traffic lights this girl, who was only 16, had less than 30 seconds to get out of the car. The court also agreed Ms Robens was partly to blame because she didn't buckle up. The court was told the driver drank up to eight stubbies before taking the wheel and because Sheree Robens had been drinking with him, the judge found she willingly exposed herself to a risk of injury simply by getting in the car in the first place. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

David Beckham today left his mark on Sydney Harbour, the superstar soccer player taking on some local footballers in a celebrity kick-off from a barge overlooking the Opera House. This is how you bend it like Beckham. Even from an aquashell bobbing in the middle of Sydney Harbour football's glamour boy rarely misses his mark. It may be his first trip down-under but David Beckham was in his element, a friendly competition between the football codes a chance to mix business with pleasure. I'll give them tips about kicking their balls and they can give me tips about kicking mine. His sporting prowess showing, despite the shape of the ball. But then, Beckham had had a warm-up, testing out the stadium facilities at training with the L.A. Galaxy this morning. He's been a fantastic ambassador for the Galaxy and for the game. There's no room for error when you're paid $265 million to play, but here's someone hoping to slow him down - an 18-year-old Aussie who earns just $600 a week and will mark Beckham in tomorrow's match for Sydney FC. Well, I've never played in front of 80,000 people before - or David Beckham - so I will be a bit nervous. And if you haven't got a ticket to tomorrow night's game, this is the next best thing - an invite to the cocktail party. But you'll have to be quick to meet Beckham - he's only contracted to stay for an hour, and that's from the time he leaves his hotel. After all, being Beckham is big business, but this is one superstar who never seems to outgrow his famous boots.

Amber Muir, Ten News. And you can watch Bill Woods's entire exclusive interview on Ten tomorrow night at 7:30 before the main game. Brad McEwan is in the sports chair and joins us now. Australia's sporting great Ian Thorpe is worried about his image. Yes, it's Ian Thorpe, who was cleared over an abnormal drug test. Thorpe officially opened a city swim centre named in his honour but he's concerned his name will be forever tarnished internationally by the drug issue. And an early morning wake-up call for new Rooster Willie Mason for his new club as he puts in his first appearance after a controversial lead-up. And a lucky escape for a rally crew after a spectacular crash. A RailCorp worker accused of defrauding millions - details next. Also tonight, a bomb blast tears through a hotel in the Hunter Valley. And we'll check out what really goes on after dark at schoolies week. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $10 million. CRASH! So you could win a truckload of cash!

Don't miss Oz Lotto's $10 million jackpot.

This program is captioned live. A bomb has exploded in the Hunter Valley sending more than a dozen people running for their lives. The explosive device went off just after midnight in the pokie room of the Wentworth Hotel at Cessnock. The blast blew out the hotel's windows but none of the 14 patrons was hurt in the apparent attack.

Yeah, we're just dumbfounded. So hopefully the police will be able to do the investigation

and get enough evidence and be able to find out who did do it and they can go have a nice little holiday. A sniffer dog and the bomb squad are investigating. A RailCorp manager has been caught out lying with damning evidence forcing an embarrassing apology. He's now owned up to the multi-milliondollar scam, revealing how he spent a fortune in taxpayers' dollars on himself.

A confident rail administrator, Michael Blackstock came to the inquiry hoping to defend allegations

he was the mastermind of an elaborate fraud. But it was when they played this secret video at the inquiry today,

recorded by investigators in June, that he caved in. It shows him walking with his alleged accomplice, who puts almost $10,000 cash in Michael Blackstock's car. That was just one of dozens of cash payments totalling more than $1.3 million. Lucrative welding contracts for rail maintenance were awarded to Mr Blackstock's own company, which operated from this Greenacre home. The trouble was he still worked for RailCorp and oversaw the tender process that awarded the work. The commission also heard recorded phone calls between Blackstock and his business partner setting up the covert cash payments, this one for $9,200.

How much money is there? ----, what am I going to do with that? What's ------- wrong with you? It's play money. What's wrong with you? After spending the morning denying he had received any money from the welding company, Mr Blackstock had a dramatic change of heart this afternoon. He asked if he could change his answers and apologised Michael Blackstock admitted he gambled more than $270,000 on poker machines

at Penrith Panthers club alone. He also bought a $32,000 boat and paid down mortgages on his home and investment properties. The RailCorp employee of 20 years tomorrow. is expected to continue his evidence

Evan Batten, Ten News. given evidence behind closed doors Two whistleblower nurses have into Royal North Shore Hospital. to the parliamentary inquiry the nurses' evidence in secret The inquiry committee agreed to hear late this afternoon, the nurses feared for their jobs after being told if they were identified.

to allow for their late submissions. The inquiry was extended by one day within the hospital system There are nurses

they'll suffer reprisals. who know that if they speak up to report back before Christmas. The inquiry is expected are up to on the Gold Coast. at what our Sydney schoolies the picture of innocence And it's not quite their parents would like to see. Welcome to schoolies, Sydney style. the party starts - When the sun goes down, hard, fast and loud.

comes - to Surfers. This is where everyone from Sydney thousands of rowdy revellers. Along the main street, Hectic! Seriously, hi, Mum. Hi, Mum. Lists, drinks, no sleep. and dozens of on the spot fines. Last night, 25 arrests, 35 charges urinating in public. Had to go to court - Some of my mates have four grand in fines over three days. you've just got to live with it. Drug problem everywhere you go and a street dance, a rain dance, As the night wears on - and a lift home. some midnight munchies partied out and the clean-up begins - And as day dawns, the party-hard are for another night of celebrations. as students stock up organised events on the Gold Coast. Tonight marks the last night of NSW schoolies From tomorrow, the 8,000 or so will be left to make their own fun. that won't be a problem. But something tells me Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

Good news particularly in western

New South Wales where a slow-moving

over the last 36 hours. thunderstorms have dropped rainfall

thunderstorms have dropped rainfall over the last 36 hours. The good

news to in the south-west slopes.

And the and and that is as good as

it gets as far as monthly totals

ago in two-and-a-half-year.

Sydney's unity will stick around

tomorrow with 24 degrees and

hindered. Showers right through the

working week. Let's look at the

Weather photo graph. He's a lovely Weather photo graph. He's a lovely

1 from her backyard. Not a bad

backyard. You are in the running to

on the way. win the camera. A a great old week

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There are problems in Northern

League. There was a broken-down car

on should strip. The broken-down

car has been moved but as we look

on the peak-hour traffic it is very

North heavy fall drivers heading out to

North Parramatta all Balkan hills. North Parramatta all Balkan hills.

These traffic delays extend back to

Rosehill Racecourse. And we will

later. check the end to end the end

has returned home, Another exiled Pakistani leader General Musharraf's dictatorship. vowing to end former prime minister Nawaz Sharif Thousands of supporters swamped when he arrived in Lahore, military ruler kicked him out. eight years after Pakistan's Pakistan's other former exile, Sharif may join forces with Benazir Bhutto.

was flashing the victory sign The former PM after handing in her nomination has promised to hold in January. for the general election Musharraf Partying teenagers are being blamed of Californian bushfires. for the latest wave have eased The furnace-like conditions

have been destroyed. but more than 50 mansions of scorched earth - Thousands of hectares the legacy of another Malibu inferno. in the so-called Santa Ana winds A lull to get the upper hand overnight, allowed firefighters there's nothing to salvage. but for the Kappas family, it's kinda like a funeral. (Sighs) For me, You know, it's like losing a friend. over a hellish weekend 14,000 people were evacuated mansions reduced to ash. which saw 50 multimillion-dollar This man stayed from his rooftop. and fought back flames all the way on top, I got up on the roof,

with the hoses. from all the houses that burnt, The propane tanks all around here, were exploding. from 'Apocalypse Now'. It was just like that napalm scene the post-apocalyptic landscape, The governor once again toured remain on high alert. saying emergency crews They've proven again to be the greatest, most experienced and the most courageous firefighters

to be teenagers, Culprits are believed in the world.

partying in a cave erupted in flames. just before the canyons

One of the few consolations -

in the past two months, has been destroyed by fire so much of the celebrity enclave to be safe here for a while. MAN: You know, I think we're going Max Futcher, Ten News. at least three people in Indonesia. Two powerful earthquakes have killed 45 people were injured on Sumbawa Island. when buildings collapsed on the Richter scale, The quakes, measuring 6.7 and 6.3 to be felt in Bali, 400km away. The tremors were strong enough A fly on the wall documentary comeback from breast cancer about Kylie Minogue's has been broadcast in the UK. about her ex, Olivier Martinez, The pop diva opens up after a show in Manchester. and her collapse

but I'm going to do one more song. Um, I hate to let you all down I felt really weak, dizzy. I couldn't sing, I could hardly talk and I was hyperventilating and panicking and in tears and then we stopped and there was this gap At the end of the medley I go through the back doors and at the top of the stairs I just sat there and I burst into tears with my head in my hands. Let alone the tour, everything just collapsed, everything, the world kind of stopped spinning. The last time I was really ill on stage was before I was diagnosed, so I had a lot of, kind of - I felt really...pummelled. I was quite tormented, in fact. Oli was amazing, I have to say, really supportive through Showgirl I and was with me when I was diagnosed.

And I have learnt that when the going gets tough or there's a crisis you learn a lot about people, how amazing he was. and I can't tell people enough Kevin Rudd shapes his new Cabinet - the jockeying for positions next. Plus, day one as Australian Idol - we go behind the scenes with Natalie Gauci. And reaching for the stars - an Aussie businessman prepares for the adventure of a lifetime. JAUNTY MUSIC, BELLS JINGLE This festive season at FOXTEL, we're saying a lot of f-words. It's a f-f-free-for-all, And find out about FOXTEL's festive freebie fever. because FOXTEL's freebies aren't forever. This program is captioned live. Tonight's top stories - David Beckham out and about in Sydney. He's been getting his kicks on the Harbour ahead of tomorrow night's showdown between LA Galaxy and Sydney FC. The midfielder says he's thoroughly enjoying his visit and hopes to return soon with his family. Compensation slashed for a car crash victim because she wasn't wearing a seatbelt. Sheree Robens was the passenger in a car which flipped on a high-speed joy ride in Sydney. Her compensation has been reduced from $10 to $7 million because of the seatbelt issue and because she failed to get out of the car at the earliest opportunity. And a rock star reception for Kevin Rudd as he visits a school in Brisbane. He was mobbed by students, but the make-up of his ministry is never far from his mind, now jockeying for position. potential frontbenchers For the latest from Canberra we're joined by Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno. Paul, two days on from his emphatic win, Kevin Rudd has started to govern?

Yes he is laying the framework for the first Cabinet meeting Yes he is laying the framework for the first Cabinet meeting next week

we he says getting a laptop for

every high-school student is top of

the agenda. He wants to start next

week. The other thing he announced

today is that Parliament will be

asked to sign up to saying sorry to

be stolen generation and now with

John Howard out of the way I will expect

expect that will be almost

unanimous. Now the outgoing deputy

prime minister Mark foul is also

quitting. Yes that is a surprise.

The Nationals at definitely lost The Nationals at definitely lost

his needs. But who will take over

from Mark Lyall. It made BK hole

from the River Rinker. The main

contenders for the Liberal

leadership - we have a new 1,

Brendan Nelson along with Tony

Abbott and Mark and Turnbull. NT Chief Minister Clare Martin has quit after six years in the top job. Martin said the time was right for change. She's denied being pushed into resigning but admits the Federal Government's Aboriginal intervention in the Territory influenced her decision. I'd like to thank, over this last nine years, my family. She'll stay on as a local member until the next election. Education Minister Paul Henderson will take over the leadership. A bumper day on the Australian share market, by strong mining stocks. driven higher And to the price of petrol around Sydney tonight - The best we could find - $1.27 at Sefton. 'Australian Idol' winner Natalie Gauci has spent the first day of her new career talking about where she'll go from here. The Melbourne songstress celebrating more than just her big win. life's changed a lot for Natalie Gauci. Natalie joins us live. Good morning, Nat, and congratulations.

Good morning. Thank you. And what a way to spend your 26th birthday. I'm a little tired but very excited and I guess I can't wait to record an album and do a tour. As the Idol roadshow drew to its pinnacle last night, the vote was almost 50-50. I think Matt has doubts. I don't think he actually wants it. He's a great guy, great voice, very talented and I hope he takes it out. He was the red-hot favourite. But for the interim, the Idol final put on its usual colour. # All night long. # And a surprise followed - artist Lionel Ritchie came from New Zealand to finish the melody.

# All night long. # His first performance in the Opera House as well. This is the first time, but what a great first time. The greatest time of all belonged, finally, to... Natalie Gauci! SCREAMING AND CHEERING It was an ecstatic and emotional end to the 9-month competition - a contract with Sony BMG and her single to hit stores on Wednesday. # Here I am... # And for the first time in Idol history both winner and runner-up will tour together next year. I think we're both just ready to hit the road and do what we're both born to do. A Melbourne multi-millionaire is set for an out of this world experience on the International Space Station. Nik Halik is taking one giant leap to becoming Australia's first civilian in space. Like many boys, Nik Halik's childhood dream was to become an astronaut, but unlike most, he's set to make it a reality.

The Melbourne multi-millionaire has been selected to take part in next year's mission to the International Space Station on a Russian rocket. The unknown is a great challenge to humanity and I think in my life I'm intrigued by the unknown I love an adventure. Nik will be a mission specialist with scientific experiments. and assist and months of training The 10-day mission is costing him up to $30 million, as a certified astronaut, but will qualify him our first private citizen in space. also making him but you know, It's a great honour, as a showcase I want to use this pretty much about accomplishing feats in life. for anybody out there who has dreams I mean, anything is possible.

from the stock market and investing. Nik Halik's fortune flows However, amid his business affairs, training he's already spent four years in the Russian space program. But Nik is no stranger to adventure,

at just 17. starting out as a rock star 'thrillionaire' Now at 38, the self-confessed and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro has dived on the 'Titanic' and then the moon. with plans to conquer Mount Everest and take massive action Dream big, have a belief system and fight for your dreams. Mignon Stewart, Ten News.

A few patches of blue? Yes but it

will be the last of it for a few

days - tomorrow showers and overcast and sticky. And

In Sydney tomorrow grid will be 24

to 26 degrees tomorrow and then

showers on Wednesday Thursday and

Friday. The weekend is looking

dodgy too. Tomorrow a bloke by the

name of David Beckham will be

playing again Sydney St. I think

Sydney SEP- need to put Ron will

sing in goal because they will not

be able to get the ball past him. Sport now with Brad McEwan - today. and an early start for Willie Mason

when the Roosters were crowing Yes, he was up

how Mason looked, shortly. to be at his first training session -

who tried to bend it with Beckham Also - the footy stars no matter what shape the ball was. And a lucky escape for a rally crew. This program is captioned live. of Beck-mania, Sydney has caught a serious case most expensive soccer player as the world's tomorrow night's big game. prepares for with his L.A Galaxy team-mates David Beckham trained for their match against Sydney FC in the world game, No-one bends it quite like him but how would David Beckham shape up league's Mark Gasnier against rugby's Matt Giteau, and the AFL's Dale Thomas? about kicking their balls I'm sure they'll give me tips about kicking mine. and I'll give them tips England's former captain happy for Australia's three other football codes. into these guys' positions, To put myself one, that if I'm big enough I'm not sure that I'm brave enough, and two, but I'd have a go. his final training session unscathed. Earlier, Beckham came through of their first-team regulars, The L.A. Galaxy to be without four to lift. but the coach is looking for them Their minds are on holiday. for this trip, I've asked them for a bit of effort they can do that. so hopefully tomorrow still living a dream L.A. Galaxy players to experience. few footballers will ever get with him. and it's amazing to be on the pitch

and his Galaxy team-mates When Beckham tomorrow return to Telstra Stadium will pack the stands - a sell-out crowd of 80,000 for the young man it's a daunting prospect the world's most famous footballer. set down to mark one of the world's greatest, To come up against it'll be good to see where I'm at. his level of ability I mean, obviously I'm nowhere near

at this early stage of my career, but it'll be a good test for me. Andrew Brown, Ten News. with David Beckham And Ten is up close and personal tomorrow night from 7:30. in an exclusive one-on-one interview the L.A. Galaxy against Sydney FC Then see Beckham in action for in Ten's exclusive match telecast. straight after Still on football to Australia's Brett Emerton and a second-half goal against Fulham has helped Blackburn salvage a draw in the English Premier League. early in the second half Fulham got the scoring started

on level pegging. before Emerton put the visitors back it's 1-1! COMMENTATOR: Here's Emerton - only five minutes. And Fulham's lead lasted Fulham hit back immediately, however, the scores finishing level at 2-2. for another Socceroo - Meanwhile, a lucky escape by Lucas Neill against Tottenham the injury-time penalty given away

was saved by goalkeeper Robert Green. with a 1-1 draw. Neill's West Ham United sneaking away an uphill battle Meanwhile, the Socceroos face

to qualify for the 2010 World Cup. At the ceremony in South Africa, Asian champion Iraq Australia was drawn with Qatar, and powerhouse China the "group of death" in what's been called in the Asian Confederation. is officially under way. Willie Mason's career at the Roosters The Test forward rising early with the club this morning. for his first training session a big one, in red and blue feathers. There's a new chook in the pen - pretty quickly I have to get to know everyone

but I was nervous, yeah. so I'm looking forward to it, New colours and a new direction. these Roosters sure do rise early. A new starting time too - It was a bit of a shock. I was up at 5:30 this morning. who was thrown an off-season bone The former Bulldog north Queensland holiday back from his controversial with big Wendell. We had a good time up there. I'm not gonna sugar-coat it. no matter what you're wearing. in the mirror. I haven't really looked at myself and it'll look a bit weird. I'll probably watch the TV tonight feel foreign to Mason And if the Roosters' colours to get used to them - he'll have plenty of time he won't actually play for the club in late February next year. until preseason trials start he'd like a leadership role When that happens, full of international experience. in a forward pack He likes what he sees. that we can win the comp It's a big call to say to give it a shake. but we're definitely going There's that boxing career to organise too. I'll have to start this week

trainers to see where I'm at. and have a few talks with some you're at the Roosters. As of today, Willie, Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Swimming legend Ian Thorpe says

drug allegations made against him he's still haunted by after his retirement last year. Officially opening the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre in Ultimo, the 5-time Olympic champion says he's considering defamation charges, despite the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority ruling he had no case to answer. and it never will be. It's not really over yet My name is forever tarnished, more so overseas than here. That's something that I continue to have to deal with.

The 'Superfish' will join a host of other big sporting names who'll welcome David Beckham tonight. Two rally drivers have had a lucky escape at the Aeromil Pacific Classic in Adelaide. The accident occurring on a normally fast corner in the Chapel Hill stage, but the road had been resurfaced late in the week without the drivers' knowledge, sending Ian Wilson and his co-driver, Jahmeil Taylor, Amazingly, both walked away. The hard work and the effort and the expense and that sort of thing and ruining such beautiful baby. But at the end of the day it's a car and we're OK. South Australia's Kevin Weeks took out the race, ending Rex Broadbent's 5-year domination.

Newly-crowned Master's Champion Aaron Baddeley has now set his sights on next month's Australian Open. With the gold jacket still settling on his shoulders, Baddeley said his performance at Huntingdale has filled him with confidence to win at the Australia Golf Club in mid-December. I hit it really nice all week. I hit a lot of greens and regulation. I feel I've got a good chance there because of how well I'm striking the golf ball. 13-under after regulation play, Baddeley held his nerve in a pressure cooker play-off with Sweden's Daniel Chopra, taking out the Masters on the fourth play-off hole.

That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight -

the Australian horse of the year awards at Royal Randwick. All the winners and festivities.

Let's look at the traffic now. For

3 cars involved in a smash in level

Paul. The vehicles have just been

pushed off the Hume Highway. They

are closing some lanes to get the

track out. Traffic well and truly

back to Warwick Farm. Tim Bailey's weather is next. And the Aussie who's got what it takes to become Santa of the year. Now there's something new to love at McDonald's. Introducing the Crispy Chicken range - your choice of new Crispy Chicken McDippers, the Mini Snack Wrap

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And time for all the weather

details. The team Bailey believes

it if you had a surfboard on a

soccer field it will be a perfect

game. The All Sydney will be

concentrating on tomorrow night's

game. It is wonderful that Sydney

FC are playing galaxy. Had you

heard of David Beckham? How are we

going to stop en, Michael? The

young Nick has got a hell of a job

against him. He is only 7 Shane. It

will be the biggest day of his life.

Steve, it is amazing. You played on

the world stage. You have come back

here. To have 80,000 people going

to a midweek game to see Sydney FC

plate is a big step forward. It is

sensational. Obviously David

be Beckham is a big factor but it will

be a great atmosphere and a

be a great atmosphere and a great

day for the Sydney Boys. For a debt

David Beckham it is about this

Number 10. We will all be fair

watching David Beckham and Sydney

SA and barracking very hard for you.

Do you think you can beat the LA

Galaxy? We do not know too much

about them. But everybody is just

excited to see David Beckham play.

It would be nice to win but it is a

friendly. The year came to Sydney

on the recommendation of Harry

Kewell. Harry said I would enjoy

Sydney. The people here are

fantastic. You are going to meet

Jennifer Hawkins, Elton John and

David Beckham.Not doing too bad.

The where they here is a lot better

than where you come from. Tomorrow

- showers, overcast and a little

bit sticky - 24 to 26 degrees. It

should be dry for the should be dry for the kick-off. Bill Woods will talk to David

Beckham tomorrow night at 7 phoney.

Rainfall tomorrow - showers and

storms for Western the South Wales

and isolated showers on the coast,

showers in Sydney tomorrow and

Thursday Friday and Saturday. Good

falls across western New South

Wales in the past 48 hours we falls

like 53 up mm in towbar. 100 mm for

the month - the best rain for 2 and

a half months.

It is all about the number 10 - ended like Bailey! ended

to be jolly And finally, it's already the season the Santa Games in Sweden. for the Aussie Santa who's just won Dave Downey from Perth from around the world managed to defeat 30 other Santas in a series of bizarre events with the pressures of Christmas Day. to prove they can cope to be a Santa Three years in training and now it's all paid off. REPORTER: How do you practise? porridge eating, of course, Kangaroos, sheep,

all the usual Santa activities. that's all. It's just a bit harder in the heat, the porridge eating - But it's not just about

in the reindeer and kick-sled racing Santa Dave also had to compete

chimney climbing event. and the classic I'm Ron Wilson. Goodnight. That's the news at 5:00. Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight.

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