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Horrendous new details emerge slow and torturous death. about little Shellay Ward's 16 people, including children, The Australian navy rescues in the Timor Sea. from a sinking boat of the training of the navy It is a testimony to effect that rescue. they were able not to throw him out John Howard appeals to voters as Kevin Rudd's confidence grows. the responsibilities of government. I stand ready for

And a cut-price dogfight - with fares for just five cents. the airline discount war, This program is captioned live. Good evening.

has heard new details A court in Wollongong of 7-year-old Shellay Ward about the final days of her death. and the shocking circumstances are charged with her murder, The young girl's parents allegedly by starvation. to remain in jail They have been ordered

in court. until their next appearance According to the prosecution, died a slow and tortuous death. 7-year-old Shellay Ward Wollongong Court Today, as her parents faced

charged with her murder, them emerged for the first time. details of the allegations against tendered by solicitors from the DPP, An 8-page statement of police facts, of Shellay's life. revealed disturbing details

ignored and avoided intervention It told how her parents allegedly by government agencies. family's Matraville home in April When caseworkers turned up at the or her bedroom. they were denied access to Shellay

..the prosecution paperwork claimed. It continued: how little Shellay, But the most shocking - details of a developmental disorder, died. who suffered in the Wards' Hawks Nest home. Her 9kg body was found

in her soiled and darkened bedroom, She was on a mattress who examined her body The forensic pathologist

wasted and dehydrated. said the little girl was emaciated, chronic malnutrition and neglect. She found Shellay died from At the time of her death the police fact sheet said. remanded the couple in custody Magistrate Paul Johnson to face court again in January. Simon Bouda, National Nine News. The State Government has been accused and seriousness of child abuse of covering up the extent reported by our schools.

banned a survey by principals The Education Department but they decided to speak out anyway. the survey on child abuse and neglect Many principals managed to fill in

before it was banned. was damning. And their assessment of DOCS

that DOCS are not doing its job Over 200 of them clearly indicated and protection of children. in terms of the safety Teachers are telling us are falling through the cracks. that neglected and abused kids the Iemma Labor Government? And the response of

Shut them up. The Education Minister says of breaking laws the survey was in danger and privacy of victims. to protect the identity to provide information This survey asks her colleagues and is quite probably illegal. which at best is questionable

the number of notifications to DOCS But when questioned on

via the education system, stuck for an answer, the Minister found himself despite all the recent scandals.

about numbers. I'm not going to speculate

numbers as soon as I possibly can. I'll happily provide detailed to complete the survey Those principals who managed with some idea, could provide the Minister the Government doesn't want to hear. but they say it's a story to DOCS this year They had made 1,160 reports only about 155 were acted upon. and, of those reports,

Adam Walters, National Nine News.

most of them children, 16 boat people, of a navy patrol boat have been rescued by the crew

in rough waters north of Australia. got into trouble The group, from Indonesia, began taking on water. when their overcrowded vessel

A rescue at sea - a leaky, small wooden boat of an oil-exploration ship. clinging by ropes to the bow to save the people on board - Our navy on hand

toddlers and a 6-month-old baby. 6 adults and 10 children, including The engine wasn't working on the boat. There were no life preservers

had been drifting in the Timor Sea, The 10-metre vessel when it was spotted early yesterday 650km west of Darwin,

by the exploration ship 'Jabiru Venture'. several hours But the boat people had to wait warships before being rescued. for the arrival of two Australian a number of them, And during the operation

ended up in the water. and two of the navy crew conditions There were quite difficult of the training of the navy and it is a testimony that rescue. they were able to effect

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle says the rescue and put lives at risk. our immigration laws delayed by the civilian ship in the area These people could not be assisted with the boat. that first made contact

are Indonesian All of the 16 boat people they are asylum seekers. but it's unclear whether by the navy to Christmas Island, They are now being transferred by immigration officials. where they will be processed Damien Ryan, National Nine News.

more openness in government, Labor leader Kevin Rudd has promised and an all-out drive regular country Cabinet meetings,

education system in the world. to give Australia the best his final televised address, As Mr Rudd delivered to think carefully PM Howard appealed to voters before making a change. It's getting so that a PM can't take a quiet morning walk

neighbourhood any more. around the Kirribilli House somewhere else to walk next week. You may need to find He can't even have a peaceful cup of coffee. Why don't you come and visit the workers, mate? The ones you're screwing over. But some people still love him. I'm a Labor voter, but you've got my vote, Darlin'. The country has been running wonderfully. Three days out, Kevin Rudd is looking increasingly confident that the election will give him the keys to The Lodge. I stand ready for the responsibilities of government. In his final, nationally-televised pitch to voters, the Labor leader promised that Australia will move out of the slow lane and shift up a gear if he becomes PM. And above all else, we should have a world-class education system, so that Australia becomes a world leader and not just an also-ran. Mr Rudd said if the election goes his way he plans to hold monthly Cabinet meetings in regional centres.

It will horrify many public servants and quite a number of would-be ministers, but I think it is a good way to keep in touch. But John Howard is stepping up his warnings to voters that a Labor victory would put economic prosperity at risk. If you change the Government, you do change the country. That echoed Paul Keating's unsuccessful last-ditch appeal as he faced defeat in the 1996 election. When the Government changes, the country changes.

But Mr Howard is not giving up. It's a tough fight, but it's a winnable fight. And the Treasurer was left cooling his heels this morning when Deputy Labor leader Julia Gillard did a Tony Abbott, turning up 15 minutes late for a half-hour radio debate, blaming the weather and Melbourne traffic. Never mind Tony Abbott turning up late, you agreed to be here to debate Peter Costello for half an hour at half past eight this morning, you have just arrived. And I left in plenty of time, John, but I...

You are avoiding debate. I'm here, John, and obviously that... And now I had to spend 15 minutes with Peter. Do you want me to answer the question or do you want to talk over the top of me? They saved time in the truncated debate by talking simultaneously. (Both speak at once) Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. And PM Howard makes his final speech to the Press Club tomorrow. It'll be live on Channel Nine from 12:30pm.

Doctors have told asbestos campaigner Bernie Banton he has just days to live, and he's fighting to the very end. The 61-year-old, who is seeking compensation from James Hardie, gave evidence today at a bedside hearing in hospital. With Bernie too sick to make it to court, the judge and teams of lawyers came to him at Concord Hospital.

He's not eating, he can't stand up on his own. He is in a hospital bed and he's got weeks to live. The hearing was brief - not much more than half an hour. The 61-year-old quizzed about his years working for James Hardie and his illness. Mindful of just how sick Bernie is, cameras and journalists were banned from the bedside hearing. With only the judge, his family and lawyers in the room, he was asked as few questions as possible.

Mr Banton's family say his health has deteriorated dramatically since his last public appearance three weeks ago, when he tried to deliver a petition to Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott. I think he's a gutless creep. Which led to Mr Abbott accusing the asbestos victim

of being less than genuine. Since then he's basically been confined to bed. He needs two people to lift him. This fight for compensation will be Bernie's last.

He received an $800,000 payout in 2000 for asbestos-related lung disease, but he now has the terminal cancer mesothelioma, and he is seeking damages. I think it's his will that's keeping him going at the moment, And he wants to see this case finished. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. A man who scammed millions of dollars from the Hillsong Church has been jailed for 18 months.

Robert Orehek raised more than $4 million from the church, claiming it would be used on property projects in Sydney's north. Instead, he spent the money enjoying a lavish lifestyle, buying expensive cars and a $3 million luxury beachside apartment in Balmoral. 27 people, including a quadriplegic, lost money from his schemes.

The cost of flying in Australia is about to hit a record low, with Jetstar offering flights for as little as five cents. It's the latest cutthroat discount war, as the airline tries to catch a new competitor off guard. This evening, Jetstar's web site will be on the radar of thousands upon thousands of air travellers. On sale - the cheapest air tickets ever offered in Australia.

Total cost including taxes? Five cents each for destinations as far away as Rockhampton and Hobart. And no, says Jetstar, this isn't a stunt.

5,000 people won't be thinking it's a stunt,

because they will be travelling for five cents next year.

These are real seats. It might not be a stunt

but it is a sign of the fares war that's looming. Singapore-based Tiger Airways starts flying this Friday,

with flights starting as low as $9.95 for Melbourne to the Gold Coast.

I think we are seeing the first stages of a real bloodbath. Jetstar says it welcomes the competition, but it's clearly not happy the Asian outsider wants a piece of the market. It's a pity that Singapore, where Tiger comes from, is not as open as the Australian market.

This skirmish between Jetstar and Tiger Airways won't be the last. Expect more give-away deals over summer and next year, as the airlines bring more aircraft into service. For travellers, it is indeed, happy days. Mark Burrows, National Nine News In the news ahead - solving the ethical dilemma over stem cells. A precious part of Sydney's history uncovered.

And the man who kept his big Lotto win secret from his wife. DING! BUZZ! DING! BUZZ!



Did you really vote 23 times for John Howard's extreme workplace laws?

Yep, you voted for them. Cutting penalty rates, threatening maternity leave and wage increases?

Yep, you voted for them. And now you expect us For more information, go to:


Sydney's petrol prices soared above $1.40 a litre, with more pain to follow. The increase is in response to another rise in the world oil price. It went through US$99 a barrel overnight and is set to reach US$100 very soon.

A woman has been awarded a substantial compensation payout A team of Japanese and American scientists may have solved the ethical dilemma about using human embyros for medical research.

They've managed to reprogram skin tissue

to create something very close to human embryonic stem cells. For years the issue has been up for red-hot debate. whether it's ethical to use human embryos for scientific research.

Now, a possible solution. It's a major breakthrough and will lead to large advances in the future. Researchers took human skin tissue and injected it with a virus.

That virus caused the cells inside to reprogram themselves into those which mirror embryonic stem cells. These scientists have allowed the skin cells to take on the chameleon-like properties of embryonic stem cells. They can now make any tissue in the body.

The development could eventually be used to fight diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. But scientists say it could take years to find a safe way to inject the new stem cells back into the body - a problem Australian researchers are now attempting to solve. It is a problem we are addressing. We will be able to take the next step in being able to produce therapeutically useful cells.

The Catholic Church says the discovery should stop all use of human embryos. Now it has been shown there is yet another way of getting equally good cells without having to create or destroy embryos. So we think this is great news. Even so, the research is in its early stages leaving plenty of room for more debate. Jessica Rich, National Nine News.

This is Donna Campbell - and she would like to find her husband. When he won $700,000 on Lotto in June, he tried to keep it a secret.

He kept disconnecting the phones, computer and TV, which made Donna very suspicious. She did a search on Google

and found out that Arnim Ramdass had shared a fortune with his workmates. That's when Arnim took off. Donna has launched a lawsuit, but says she still has feelings for her husband. He's my husband. There's still some love left.

I care about him. A precious and long-forgotten piece of our city's history has been uncovered in Darlinghurst.

Heritage workers have peeled away layers of plaster in the Burton Street Tabernacle, to reveal a magnificent, ornate timber ceiling

handcrafted in the 1880s. They got to the old tabernacle just in time. 130 years of use and abuse

had brought the enormous old building to the edge of disaster.

Now the City Council is spending more than $6 million

to bring it back. It would have been a great loss to Sydney. Until just after World War II it was home to a thriving Baptist congregation, and famous as where Arthur Stace -

the man who wrote 'Eternity' on the footpath - chalked his first messages. It is such a significant building now in Sydney that it deserves the preservation it's getting. As times changed, many of the ornate stained glass windows vanished. The interior of the huge central dome was covered in plaster. And as that was slowly removed, a stunningly beautiful hand-crafted wooden ceiling began to reappear.

I have not known any other building that has a ceiling like this. So it's very rare. So rare, the only similar ceilings are in medieval Scandinavian halls. Since the 1960s, Sydney has lost far too much of its important architectural heritage. Restoring this tabernacle is going a long way to fixing some of the damage done. Its future? Probably a theatre.

Its size and acoustics are just right. Peter Harvey, National Nine News.

Stephanie with sport is next, and John Steffensen is one very angry athlete? The runner claims he's being denied a chance for a medal in Beijing. Also, Stuart MacGill struggling for fitness and to stay in the Test team. And the boxing face-off that needed a protective barrier.

You've seen the headlines.

Because with L'Oreal's Excellence Creme, First, the Excellence serum

MAN: Introducing Velvet Browns for rich, luminous colour.

Local Labor, Federal Labor, Same mob, same failure on water. Stuart MacGill has been told to find form and get fit, otherwise his Test career is as good as over.

The veteran spinner has five weeks to do both before the first Test against India, starting on Boxing Day. Back home from Hobart, MacGill refused to put any spin on his poor form, keeping mum about his Test-playing future. You can call me in a couple of days, just not today.

What about plans with Pura Cup? Got no plans to talk to the media for the next couple of days. Team-mates just as coy.

Oh, mate, I'm not gonna talk about Stuey. a fantastic bowler, He's a class act,

bowler for many years to come, and I'm sure he's gonna be a great I'm sure. with his captain Time for one last private chat before leaving with family.

more public and frank. MacGill's coach He needs to improve his fitness at this level. to be able to be competitive In two Tests against Sri Lanka, at a woeful average of 65. MacGill took only 5 wickets

knee and arm injuries The spinner is battling and admits he's carrying weight. find form, get fit, or give up. The message - he's got some work to do physically. I think he realises by a return to State cricket, If MacGill's hoping to find form he'll have to be quick. Cup games between now and Boxing Day. The NSW Blues play just two Pura Melbourne now only five weeks away. That first Test against India in

from Blues brother Doug Bollinger - MacGill can take heart had Tasmania in trouble, his devastating spell replying to NSW's first innings 512. Andrew McKinnon, National Nine News.

John Steffensen says Commonwealth Games gold medallist has crushed his chances Athletics Australia of winning a medal in Beijing. for automatic qualification Steffensen has been overlooked

to prove his worth. and has been forced This is what made John Steffensen and best-known athletes. one of this country's best-loved he's not one of our top-five athletes Now Athletics Australia say and Steffensen is an angry man today, and shouldn't be forced to qualify. saying he has proved himself Can you still win a medal? with the preparation. I don't think it is possible now

it's evident that it doesn't work. I've been down that road before and Jana Pittman, Craig Mottram, Steffensen doesn't begrudge and Stephen Hooker their places - Nathan Deakes, Luke Adams why he isn't there. he just can't comprehend If you look at the stats, should be there. your boy John Steffensen left to prove on the tennis court. In tennis, Pete Sampras has nothing

he returned to take on Roger Federer But five years after retirement three exhibition matches. in the first of Sampras still had enough class Retired for five years, 36-year-old the current number one, to take some games off going down 6-4, 6-3. to come out of retirement, There's no reason for me Roger play great tennis, I just sit at home and watch and that's enough for me. to keep two fired up boxers apart? And what does it take

Two metres of perspex will do it. The barrier came in handy Fernando Vargas and Ricardo Mayorga, at a press conference for in July. the pair having started a brawl a strip-down The showdown turned into "a fat pig". after Mayorga called his opponent Danny Weidler, National Nine News. The Olyroos are a goal down in Pyongyang. in their crucial match against Korea

for the Aussies It was an uncertain start for a spot at the Bejing Olympics. who need at least a draw

the CommSec finance report, After the break, the weather details. and Majella will have from the author of Harry Potter. Then, a new literary treasure

Over the last 35 years, environmental extremists,

To finance,

Plenty Mark, the radar is probably the best way of showing

how the wet weather is panning out this afternoon. The storms basically are right along the ranges. 15,000 homes in the Blue Mountains lost power this afternoon, and there have been some storms over the catchments which will keep moving towards the coast. Warm today in the west ahead of the system that's firing up the storms. 30 degrees at Liverpool and Parramatta. 24 for the city. So there is a bit of light rain about at the moment. for the Western Suburbs come across tonight. Expect more as those storms

from about 9 or 10pm tonight. Sydney - more likely to get the rain into tomorrow. And that will continue

because of the rain and cloud, It will be cooler the northerly winds, and also because ahead of the trough, southerly winds tomorrow morning. are going to swing to make sure The trough and a low are going to for a couple of days. the showers stick around by this time tomorrow. could easily get 20mm but some eastern parts of the State Tomorrow - heaviest on the ranges,

Melbourne has had their wet weather,

there on Thursday. just the chance of a late shower a few thunderstorms. Brisbane can expect for Sydney tomorrow. Again, the chance of storms southerly by late morning. Northerly winds to start, Largest waves tomorrow - at beaches south of Sydney. And temperature wise? Back into the 20s in the west, 22 for the city. Then the showers will stick around on Friday. And a few scattered falls on Saturday. That's because we will still see a couple of storms developing, and there will be onshore winds. will be for the north-east, By Sunday, most of the falls

of the odd shower. but there's still a chance That's the latest, Mark. a very wealthy fan of J.K. Rowling. Finally, a priceless treasure for this book of five short stories. She has handwritten and illustrated 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard', Called It will go to auction next month. She has made only six other copies. her family and friends. They are held by

for this Wednesday. That's National Nine News I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext captions