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(generated from captions) No, I didn't mean that. Yeah, absolut... Oh, good one. We'll get out of here. grab all your $5 notes. Don't forget - continues again tomorrow night. The NAB $5 Note competition could be yours. A share in 100 grand

so don't miss tomorrow's show. It'll be very exciting, We'll tempt you again. Bye-bye. See you same time tomorrow night. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by a burning apartment building Firemen crawl into to rescue a Sydney family. the heart rate is going... It was difficult to see, against global warming to extremes Greenpeace takes the fight

by shutting down a power station. this action is a success. We believe A perfect touchdown to safety as a pilot guides his light plane

despite landing gear failure. ends all the talk And Willie Mason finally and signs with the Roosters. This program is captioned live.

Good evening. risked their lives this morning Sydney firefighters a burning building at Redfern. to save a family trapped inside Battling intense heat, to bring four people to safety. they crawled through choking smoke Blackened faces and a relieved smile,

after a life-saving rescue. a job well done

but it is still a pleasing feeling We can all say it's part of our job of an incident like that. when you pull someone out the fire broke out Just after 8:00 this morning of a 3-storey building. in the top level trapped inside. There was a family of four on the scene within three minutes - The first fire crew was went straight in. and the firefighters

as you can imagine, It was quite frantic, with numerous people reported was to try and make sure the first thing for us those people got out safely. with extreme heat and thick smoke. They were confronted and the heart rate is going It was difficult to see, working hard. because you're in there With visibility down to zero, to crawl on their hands and knees the firefighters were forced feeling their way inside, by the people's cries for help. all the time guided stairwell, another in a bathroom, Two victims were located in the behind a bed. the fourth, a young woman, We had to carry her over the bed, and smoke wouldn't get to her get a doona over her so the heat

right near the fire. because she was Of the four, is gravely ill and fighting for life. 28-year-old musician Nathan Bridger in an upstairs kitchen. The blaze is thought to have started to be honoured for their bravery. The firefighters are now expected all worked in together. All the other crews to the door We were getting people

carrying them down. and everyone else was Sort of organised chaos, in the end. but it sort of all comes together Damian Ryan, National Nine News. to busy Norton Street in Leichhardt Dozens of police were scrambled

this afternoon after a number of shots were fired. Grappa Restaurant at about 2:00pm The dispute began inside the was confronted by another. when one group of men some chairs were thrown Witnesses say quickly moved outside. before the dispute As they come down, followed them out, these three other blokes and started shooting at the cars come out with handguns and fired another couple of shots. and followed up the street a bit,

a section of Norton Street Police closed off for shell casings. as forensic experts searched hospitals and medical centres They have also been checking for anyone who may have been wounded. have been arrested 15 Greenpeace protesters power station on the Central Coast after breaking into a coal-fired to a conveyor belt. and chaining themselves

of a more extreme campaign They say it's the start against global warming, but the State Government claims that endangered lives. it was just a publicity stunt security breach - It was a serious and embarrassing coal-fired power station, the Munmorah defaced with global warming graffiti. chained themselves to equipment. Inside, protesters to be seen and videotaped the raid. The group from Greenpeace wanted

safety helmets and carried gas masks They wore orange overalls, the coal supply to the station. as they attempted to stop It's a huge security risk. That failed. The goal was to shut the plant down.? disrupted for five hours But operations were while the protesters were removed. We believe this action is a success. the action also risked lives. Police say It is simply wrong. That is simply inappropriate. from the Australian of Year. But there was qualified support It's not something I'd do what those people must be feeling. but I can understand

Which leads some to predict will turn even more extreme. global warming protests are right or wrong, Whether you think the motivations a lot more of them. I think we'll see And a day after Sydney was told it's been in a decade, its air is the cleanest a worldwide survey claims the dirtiest on the planet. our power stations are among dealing with this issue. We've been very lazy a power station shown by the survey Ironically, today's protest targeted Dale Paget, National Nine News. to jump from the cockpit Father-and-son pilots were forced of their light plane airport near Wollongong this morning. after it skidded on its nose at an to authorities They made an emergency call on their Piper Seneca. when part of the landing gear failed My son Adrian did an excellent job, and then the nose just dropped. held it off to the last second Both men escaped without injury. has slammed the Government Labor leader Kevin Rudd for misuse of government funds report by the Auditor-General. following the release of a scathing The findings embarrassed the PM on economic management as he tried to regain ground nine days out from the election. Far North Queensland, John Howard was in of Leichhardt, campaigning in the key regional seat not realising, as he took his morning walk along the Cairns waterfront, that a regional issue was about to bite him. Mr Howard must explain to the Australian people how this abuse of such a massive amount of taxpayer dollars occurred. An Auditor-General's report - three volumes, 1,200 pages - slammed the Government over its administration of the regional partners program, which distributes hundreds of millions of dollars in grants. According to the report, ministers regularly overruled departmental objections to funding proposals, especially for projects in Liberal and National Party seats. I think the regional partnerships scheme has brought lots of benefits to lots of communities in lots of areas of Australia. The Auditor-General found the way the program was run fell short of an acceptable standard of public administration. Kevin Rudd, on the hustings in another Queensland regional centre, Mackay, demanded answers. This is a stunning report into a Government which has become arrogant and out of touch in its use of taxpayers' dollars. The report even found instances where ministers approved funding for projects before any application was received. Well, I haven't seen the Auditor-General's report. The embarrassing suggestions of pork-barrelling and financial mismanagement overshadow the Government's counter-attack on Mr Rudd's policy speech yesterday, particularly his claim that, by not matching all Mr Howard's big promises, he proved himself an economic conservative.

He never supported balancing the Budgets.

He never supported paying off debt. But another aspect of the Rudd policy speech also provoked a row. His pledge to provide a computer for every senior high school student in Australia's government and public schools. Education Minister Julie Bishop belittled the promise. I visit schools across Australia. I'm yet to see a school that is not well-served with computers. Well, here is my challenge for Mr Howard today - do you agree with your Education Minister's statements that Australia's schools, right now, have enough computers? I haven't seen her say that. I think you're verballing her. According to a 2003 OECD report, Australia had virtually universal access for students on computers at schools. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. There has been generally positive reaction to Labor's promise of a computer for every student in Years 9 to 12. Kevin Rudd spelt out the deal in yesterday's policy launch, but one high school in Parramatta is already way ahead of him. Kevin Rudd wants to turn every high school digital. Arthur Phillip High, Parramatta, should be the model. It is the State's second-biggest school - 1,500 pupils. No chalk and talk here - it has had Wi-Fi for years.

When we go primary school we just faced the blackboard, listen to the teacher, so of course it was kind of boring. From Year 7 upwards they learn googling Shakespeare,

writing blogs on one of the school's computers. Making podcasts and vodcasts, doing Powerpoint presentations making our own movies... yeah, it's all fun. When other schools are handing out books, Arthur Phillip High is loaning laptops, hundreds at a time. Thank you. Students enter all their work on the web every lesson.

When they go home they can log on and complete homework. They can't come to school and power down. You've got to keep them powered up because they are certainly powered up in their home lives.

Some parents rent computers for $2 a day - $60 a month. So a computer for every student from Year 9-12 seems like an impossible task, but here at Arthur Phillip High School the view is Australia doesn't have a choice. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. The State Government is finally responding

to the crisis in public hospitals, allocating $30 million for 150 extra acute-care beds. And we'll be supporting our nurses working in emergency, providing them with greater recognition, more support and greater training. The Australian Medical Association has welcomed the move but says much more is required. Royal North Shore Hospital alone needs 70 extra beds, close to half of the new allocation. $40 million worth of taxpayers' money will be paid out so that Randwick Racecourse can be used for the Catholic Church's World Youth Day. The money has been promised by State and Federal governments for building new stables at Warwick Farm and Rosehill to accommodate the Randwick horses next July. Peace at last - two Government cheques producing the miracle needed to stage the Catholic pilgrimage at Randwick. I would expect however, the NSW Government to match the latest $20 million that we've put up.

The international event will bring Christians together for almost a week in July -

culminating in a vigil attended by the Pope. Randwick Racecourse was the only viable option for that final mass because of the size of it - around 500,000 people. Trainers say it is still horrendous timing, disrupting Randwick racing for 10 weeks just as it tries to recover from horse flu. The best result for us was always going to be that World Youth Day wasn't held at Randwick.

And they still expect to be out of pocket over the cost of moving 700 horses to Rosehill and Warwick Farm. I wouldn't regard it as compensation. This is just reimbursing us for the costs. The sweetener, though, money to upgrade all three Sydney racetracks. The racing industry has also negotiated for $10 million to be set aside in case the track at Randwick suffers damage from the celebrations, saying it can't afford for next year's Spring Carnival to be cancelled. NSW remains optimistic of a $150 million economic boost but is having trouble tallying up the expense. We do not yet know the final all-up cost of World Youth Day. Karen Tso, National Nine News. In the news ahead - celebrating the history of Australian radio. Scientists figure out how to clone monkey embryos for stem cells. And from out of this world - pictures of the earth, setting on the moon.

It's a frustrating trip home for many Sydney drivers this evening, with a number of accidents causing chaos. Traffic is banked up on Pennant Hills Road after a truck overturned near the intersection with the M2.

The truck has lost its load of metal,

the accident closing one southbound lane. And on the Harbour Bridge a multi-vehicle crash has seen northbound traffic banked up as far back as the Anzac Bridge. A team of American scientists is claiming an important medical breakthrough after successfully cloning monkey embryos.

The controversial technique could eventually be used to create human tissue for transplants and provide treatments for conditions including heart disease and spinal cord injuries. Using skin cells from this 9-year-old monkey

a team in the US achieved what no scientists have done before - cloning embryonic stem cells from a primate. They went on to show the stem cells could be converted into these beating heart cells, proof that tissue for human organs can be created. The science and technology develops so fast. So hopefully it is not going to be 20 years, hopefully within 5-10 years we will have the first therapeutic application of these cells. The team made the embryo by inserting the monkeys genetic material into an unfertilised egg. Then they collected its stem cells. Scientists from Melbourne's Monash University verified the discovery. The research opens up new possibilities in understanding and treating diseases such as diabetes. It also brings the prospect of human cloning much closer in many countries, including Australia. We're not going to see a new treatment tomorrow but without this breakthrough in this monkey research we will not be seeing the developments into human treatments. Critics claim the price is still too high. If this technology was to be applied to humans we would be introducing a technique that involves the creation and the subsequent destruction of embryonic human beings. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. Here is a unique view of earth from a Japanese space probe which is orbiting the moon.

This angle makes it appear as if earth is setting on the lunar horizon.

The video is the first new look at our planet since the American Apollo project. The Japanese mission is trying to establish the origins of the moon and making a detailed survey of conditions for possible human colonies. Well before television, most Australians found out what was happening in the world by listening to the radio. This week, Australian radio turned 83 -

a long and varied life which has now been chronicled in a special documentary series. The truth is, video didn't kill the radio stars. But it certainly changed them, and the way they talked to us. Good morning, children. How are all my little friends today? dominated the '60s and '70s, Bob Rogers and Gary O'Callaghan they still puzzle over. success a secret Well, there's a good question. when we were on there. I couldn't work it out I made in my career, I suppose, Well personally, the one mistake was I didn't endorse talkback. With hundreds of others, History Channel's ambitious story they feature on the of Australian radio. It's called 'Thanks for Listening'. Radio plays, quiz shows, Bob Dyer and 'Pick A Box' Hello Shirley. This is Shirley Clarke his death caused national mourning. Jack Davey - so popular to bring you a special message. We interrupt this program wants to be a newsreader. Gough Whitlam

I want to read it. I've always wanted to read the news,

by legendary race caller Ken Howard. Johnny Tapp inspired

so exciting. Ken made it sound so thrilling, totally absorbing. For millions, radio was just that - this box, RADIO: I don't know what's inside

but I'm going to find out. and now for the future. So much for the past -

altogether. And that's another wavelength that I haven't got? What's Dolly Rogers got But you've had it longer. Nothing. Peter Harvey, National Nine News.

Ken with sport next - for the next three years. Willie Mason is now a Rooster deny a rift. Also, cricket's spin doctors at the Shanghai Masters tennis. And the 'Mohawk Kid' filling in time (Hums) Ahh. MAN: With the new $3 Safari Bingo Instant Scratchie, up to $75,000 instantly. Hmm. Ahh! (Laughs gleefully) (Shrieks) Oh, yes! Bravo! (Chuckles) me happy! # (Sings) # Scratch

has finally been resolved. The issue of Willie Mason's future to play with the Roosters. The star forward has signed up of this development earlier today Danny Weidler broke the news and he joins us now, the heart of Roosters territory. along with Big Willie, from

I e relieved? Yes I'm. You'll no I e relieved? Yes I'm. You'll no

longer be stalking me every morning.

It's a weight off my shoulders because I'm signed with the

Roosters now for three years and

I'm happy. Of the that the fire

been playing in the blue-and-white

so another car won't hurt. You

promised a full story when you

finally got out of Balmore. Did you

leave because of the upper node. A

lot of the players know why I left

and I'm not trying to elaborate

than of on that too much. Was there

one factor that got you to the

Roosters more than anything? Yes, I

think Nick colitis played a bigger

role in it. Just meeting with him a

couple of times is a loyal man and

a great businessman and hope for up

and paid a royalty back to him.

Thanks for joining us and it was

great for doing that today. Muralitharan have kissed and made up. Spin kings Shane Warne and Muttiah on Warne's wicket-taking record - Tensions have risen as Murali closes a miserable man. Murali even labelling Warne But the pair called a truce to Test cricket's latest trophy. to put their names

literally - at Bellerive Both spinners were on hand -

Trophy for this and future series to unveil the Warne-Muralitharan between Sri Lanka and Australia. arrived together laughing and joking, Test cricket's top wicket-takers denied reports of a rift. and like two spin doctors I just opened my mouth then as well. I thought he said something and because of that. So I said sorry to him this morning I spoke to Murali about it actually, I'm not that miserable. and I said, I'm pretty happy about it, actually. We had a bit of a laugh

with Murali and his action Look, I've got absolutely no issue

or anything like that. to pass Warne's record of 708, Murali needs 7 more wickets Sri Lankan offie will go on and on. the leg-spinner long convinced the over the last five years As I've said 1,000 wickets. I'm sure Murali will take Regardless of records, the best ever sat beside him. Murali believes the greatest bowler ever produced I think you have seen in this whole entire world. by a phone call for guess who. The mood of mutual praise broken most interesting thing is... Only thing is with him, A native Tasmanian, Warne's record won't be broken Australia's captain is determined on his home ground. down here he'll trouble us all. There's no doubt at some stage Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. Another lopsided contest for Australia at netball's world cup. The Cook Islands were way below the Aussies in class and fitness and were beaten by 78 points. Australia will now meet England in tomorrow's semifinal. At the Shanghai Masters, Roger Federer and Andy Roddick couldn't compete with this little fellow when he saw himself on the big screen during a break. Sporting a brand-new mohawk, the youngster put on a show that had the big crowd in stitches. Camera-shy he wasn't. There were Jackie Chan moves and poses of an action man. And who enjoyed it the most? Why, the little fellow of course. After the break - the CommSec finance report. Majella with the weather details. Then, the flawless diamond that has sold for a fortune. To finance, and a massive new iron ore discovery that could be worth more than $50 billion was announced today. Fortescue Metals revealed

the discovery of more than 1 billion tonnes of iron ore in Western Australia's Pilbara region. Its share price soared almost 20%, taking the wealth of its major shareholder Andrew Forrest to more than $6.5 billion. Well, we said it would take a while for all that rain to get to our dams, and it's there in this week's readings - we're now at almost 58.5% capacity.

But the amount of water that has gone in

is about the same amount as Sydney uses in a fortnight.

Don't expect any top-ups in the next few days with conditions like these. Warm, dry and 24 for the city. 29 the best of the west at Richmond. No surprises really because the chart hasn't changed much.

We're still under a ridge of high pressure which is bringing the sunshine. We could see some cloud and maybe the odd storm come through for the west tomorrow. And further ahead - there's the slight chance of thunderstorms on Sunday but nothing to get too excited about. Further north - Tropical Cyclone Guba is moving very slowly - it's almost stopped. And it's still a fair way off the coast and from major centres. We'll still see rain for Cairns tomorrow. Fog for Melbourne, then warm. Another hot one for Canberra,

Today they had their warmest day since March. Sydney - there will be some fog inland to start the day, then sunny. You can expect some cloud for the western suburbs in the afternoon. And, although the sunshine will be tempting for surfers,

there won't be much swell about tomorrow - or for the weekend. 25 for the city on Friday. But Penrith and Richmond will go past 30 degrees. Similar temperatures right throughout Saturday and Sunday. It'll be fine, it'll be sunny, then we'll get a cooler change late next week. But for the moment, it's all about being out and about, I think, Mark. If diamonds are forever this one must be for all of eternity, and then some. It is an 84-carat white diamond and it has just been sold at auction for $18 million. The flawless gem is now the proud possession of a Californian fashion mogul. That's National Nine News for this Thursday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.