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(Pants) Andy... What are you doing here? Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - lives on the line. from a burning home. Brave firefighters drag four people which was caged. I saw a girl come to the top window, started shaking it... She came up to the window, Losing the shirts off their backs - a corporate giant. shop owners take on finally over - And the Willie Mason saga the Bulldog becomes a Rooster.

Good evening. Also tonight - on a busy Sydney restaurant strip. a shoot-out And getting a new perspective -

like you've never seen it before. earth courage and tragedy in Redfern. But headlining the news at 5:00 - Firefighters risked their lives trapped in a blazing building. to rescue a family a rapper and his girlfriend The inferno has left in critical condition, for bravery awards. the firemen now recommended The victims were asleep of the former London Hotel on the third floor around 07:45 this morning. when the fire broke out in a kitchen Trapped as the blaze took hold, was seen screaming desperately a young woman from behind a barred window. which was caged. I saw a girl come to the top window started shaking it, She came up to the window,

"Help me." like yelling and screaming,

of smoke coming out behind her, It was really black, like a lot I could like just see her. pretty young. She looked Asian appearance, Firefighters were on the scene of the first call. within three minutes They broke down doors, by intense heat but were initially driven back inside the building. that had been bottled up performed the rescue. Two heroic firefighters and filled with smoke. The building was pitch-black to reach the victims. They crawled along the floor The most critically hurt - Nathan Bridger, 25-year-old rap artist under the name of MC Basik. who performs with serious burns. He's now fighting for his life It was heavily smoke-logged. It was hot, difficult to see. crawling round, Down on hands and knees, we got in there as quick as we could and got them out. and found the bodies And the last girl we got out, behind the cupboard. she was behind the bed, back over the bed, Then we had to carry her and smoke wouldn't get to her. get a doona over her so the heat She was right near the fire. 20-year-old girlfriend, Jasmine. That woman identified as Mr Bridger's in a critical condition. Both of them remain meanwhile have spent the day Fire investigators seeking a cause for the blaze fire safety equipment. and examining the building's John Hill, Ten News.

in Sydney's little Italy at a restaurant this afternoon. sent customers running for cover our reporter Catherine Kennedy. At the scene,

This is an incident that has

wrecked a wealthy residents and

workers are when they are construed

as they we can Ten News that a land

two: 15 effort at bearcat between

playgroups that many even said the

restaurant has a clear and go at

her, claimed there were at a street her, claimed there were at

and City West Link. The fad us but

they are under the street where they are under the street where

shots were fired. The referring

chairs and tables and then had said

and her! Residents across the

street that they so the entire fired and that and police have an

idea what they look like. Eight or

nine miles of Middle Eastern, you

are poor and and and and their

parents. As they came down Blues

drew up the blokes at them, or it

came out with handguns and there could shooting at the cold. They

love them up the street and fed

another couple of shots. Offers

workers over if the restaurant said

they feared for their lives. We

looked for a dour and ran out of

the back. We put the match - we

were pretty scared because we put a

name that have come into the

building because that help close

the show its standard for a step at

the date police are asking for

witnesses as they haven't had witnesses as they haven't had

cleared up with any of the men

engaged in the incident. in a David and Goliath battle, A protest with a difference taking off their clothes small shopowners Lend Lease. to take on business heavyweight Baring all and demanding justice. off our backs! They've taken the shirts Protesters claim of the Erina Shopping Centre the massive expansion more than 80 businesses bankrupt, has driven multi-national company Lend Lease. to blame - mental breakdowns, Suicides, depressions, the personal toll is the greatest. marriage breakdowns - of commercial rape It's the worst piece

with an additional 100 stores. The centre was redeveloped in 2003 are demanding compensation Failed business owners $500 million annual profit. from Lend Lease's Shareholders are unsympathetic. quite a few years now and never had a problem.

has to be weighed up The interests of any one group the company has for its business. amongst the overall concerns Lend Lease argues due to bad management. dozens of businesses failed are turning over each year, Only about 6% of the tenancies

which is very normal for a big shopping centre like that,

is performing very well. so the overall shopping centre what about my neighbours? If I'm a failed businesswoman, have all failed. 8 out of 10 businesses in there they won't go quietly Today's protesters say

and if Lend Lease fail to act with their noisy campaign they'll continue in compensation. for more than $20 million

it will not be allowed to continue It cannot be allowed to continue, and it will not be allowed to continue. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. for Randwick Racecourse to be used during World Youth Day. for next year's Papal visit and joins us now. Amber Muir is at State Parliament What agreement has been reached with the racing industry?

When year after Wembley Crows Crows

was meant the main venue for a

World Youth Day air power is a

family agreed to a 31 million

they're the compensation package.

It was best doubt to duelling 2

It was best doubt to duelling 2

eggs between the site owner, eggs between the site owner, the

State government, and the to the

leaseholder, the AJC. Through

windows were there to be AJC, $10

million will go to what

infrastructure at rose hair and a work that hundreds of officers were

after be moved, and the lenders

will go to restoring and lake and a will go to restoring and lake and a

their money will go to the workers

affected to the interruption. All

parties were pleased. The bears and

Industry says of queers are what Industry says of queers are what

make their money but who is a little of a hat as they are. The

Anglican their schools was the only

viable option for that fan up mass

because of this as a bit - about

half a million people - and was half a million people - and was

ever transport logistics of moving

those people to and for relocation.

This is just we're investing asked

for the cost to the racing industry and for the cost to the racing industry and in particular the traders. They

will put you there for me and look

for 10 weeks - There's an enormous

cost to that. The Federal

Government has had it will put in

some highly - has it was handed? I

would hazard it will chip in $20

million to at that location and

every bit helps. But there's no

mystery is defending the hate heat

from the mess of the spleen and a

level for a step up their

organisers of their youth they are

all as they appear that they can

get on with preparations which is

only a two month away. Evacuations as the riot squad busted up a dramatic Greenpeace protest at a Central Coast powerstation. It follows Australia being ranked as one of the world's worst polluters. Emily Rice. More from Ten's environment reporter, A clear message on climate change - Greenpeace demonstrators storm the Munmorah power plant on the New South Wales Central Coast. to great heights to make their mark, The carbon crusaders going scaling the roof and sneaking inside. Some even chaining themselves onto a coal-feed conveyor belt. That's what real climate change action looks like. We don't want more spin. We don't want more hot air. We need real action on climate change. We're running out of time. Workers evacuated as the police rescue and riot squad move in. 15 demonstrators arrested without injury during the 5-hour protest. Greenpeace making no apologies for their effort to draw attention to Australia's lack of progress on greenhouse pollution. If we put a solar hot water system on every home in NSW we could close this power station down tomorrow. While the Munmorah power plant is the nation's oldest, it's not the worst. An international survey of 50,000 power stations worldwide ranks the Eraring and Bayswater plants in New South Wales biggest power polluters. the country's

It also brands Australian power stations as the least efficient in the world, on a per capita basis. Leading climate scientists meeting in Sydney aren't surprised but disappointed. I think Australians will feel embarrassed by it. But let's get on with it. not at where we are now, Let's look at but where we need to be. feeling the heat on climate change. Both parties also bombarded by protesting polar bears The Prime Minister on his morning walk in Cairns. While the Opposition Leader poor international standing. lamented Australia's Emily Rice, Ten News. Damning revelations tonight have been rorting millions of dollars that federal ministers in regional Australia. to shore-up their standing has concluded The Government's own Auditor-General funds have gone to Coalition seats they didn't meet the criteria. even though was in Far North Queensland John Howard where he unveiled to provide for more aged care beds.

As well, he confirmed if re-elected with 50 beds or more he would require all hospitals to be run by community boards. of Leichhardt The Cairns-based seat

one of the many eligible for grants is also under the $360 million Regional Partnerships Program.

has found Howard ministers The Auditor-General were more likely to ignore advice that projects did not meet funding criteria if they applied to Liberal or National seats.

Eligible Labor seats missed out. the Regional Partnerships scheme I think

to lot of people in Australia. has brought a lot of benefits Labor says it's a rort. We have always been critical degree of accountability. on the Government's Nationals Leader Mark Vaile says was changed last year. administration of the scheme

The Auditor's report for the Government couldn't have come at a worse time its economic credentials as it battles to reassert to establish himself after Kevin Rudd's bold bid as being more responsible with his spending.

Mr Rudd didn't have it all his own way,

confronting him today. one disgruntled Liberal you're going to do that. You're going to do this, Mr Rudd says he is serious with the latest about providing Australia's schools and broadband access. in computer technology

schools were already well equipped He hit back at Government claims and parts is not the answer. and he says providing used computers

Mr Howard's policy for the future of computers is called the 'hand-me-down policy'. That's not a vision for the future,

that's running a second-hand junk shop. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. with Tim Webster, Let's take a look at sport, now, on a new club. and Willie Mason finally settles but it was a saga right to the end. Yes, he's a Rooster, back and forth across town? the circus continued

We have cut that the master they

come I can tell you. It is all

because he feared this news was so

big he quelled to press conferences.

He has just wrapped up his official

one with the Roosters a few minutes

to get. He tried, new colours and

met his new coach, or Brad Fittler,

and team mates and the cello and

plaster. Because we had all nobody

told us two hours earlier that he

was going to the Roosters when was going to the Roosters when he

called a press conference in

Croydon. That was to plug a

personal car sponsor. people aren't following me in cars I'm glad that and taking photos of me. was because The reason why I took so long to put their deal down. Cronulla took so long

He admitted there who will have to

take a pay cut in the first year

there will still get me up and $80

million in the next two years. We

are at me later into the air. for the other cricket showdown. Also - face-to-face and Muttiah Muralitharan square off A truce as Shane Warne reignited the chucking controversy after 'Warnie' should be tested in match conditions. by saying Murali Murali then called Shane 'miserable'. And lots more in sport. from Internet predators - New measures to protect children that's next. the Health Minister wins friends Also tonight - hospital pledge. with a multimillion-dollar coal face collapse And the spectacualr

Melbourne's power production. that's cut Did you really vote 23 times for John Howard's extreme workplace laws? Yep, you voted for them.

Cutting penalty rates, threatening maternity leave and wage increases?

Yep, you voted for them. to vote for you? And now you expect us For more information, go to:

This program is captioned live. for the hospital system, Finally, a cash injection announcing more money and beds the Health Minister in emergency departments. to help cure the crisis hasn't had much support lately. Health Minister Reba Meagher helped by a $30 million plan Today that changed, to cater for emergency patients. to add 150 extra acute care beds This is a significant investment off our busiest hospitals. to take the pressure a string of embarrassing incidents It follows at Royal North Shore Hospital from doctors across the system. and an outcry It's the first instalment our doctors and nurses cooperatively and we look forward to working with we can alleviate the pressure to ensure that

in our emergency departments. will be eligible for the beds All major hospitals will make a difference. which, doctors say,

fantastic change in direction This is an absolutely which has been the result of to the doctors and nurses - the Government listening

in the emergency departments. the people who are actually working brought online almost immediately While some of the beds can be

there's a stumbling block and that's the necessary staff. Australia is caught up in the global shortage

and some specialist physicians. of both nurses specialist positions will be created An extra 22 emergency to fill 44 current vacancies. although hospitals are struggling emergency department performance Improving additional staff is also about providing after the care that they receive. to treat the people who go home

the State actually needs 1,600 beds, The Medical Association says but welcomes the boost. The Opposition, of course, says it's inadequate. getting rid of a quick headline Well, it might be worth

the problems in our hospitals. but it's not going to fix

into Royal North Shore A public inquiry resumes hearings tomorrow. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Social networking website MySpace tough new measures has helped introduce to help police keep tabs on convicted paedophiles lurking on the Internet.

Sex offenders will now be required to give their email address and Internet chat room names. The maximum penalty for an offence of not providing that information,

if you're on the register, will be two years. Paedophiles are already required to supply their home and work addresses. A drunk P-plater who tried to escape police has landed himself in more trouble after crashing through the front fence of a home in Sydney's west. The stolen gold sedan hit two cars parked outside the house. The driver and his passenger have both been charged. And another P-plate driver has left a trail of destruction, this time in Sydney's east. The white van taking out a number of parked cars in Kensington early this morning. Despite the mess, the driver only suffered minor injuries. A crying, frightened Nicole Kidman feared for her life while being chased by the paparazzi in Sydney.

The claim made in court as Kidman's publicist recalled the dramatic encounter. Nicole Kidman's publicist for 20 years, Wendy Day, told the Supreme Court she remembers a distraught phone call from the Hollywood star in 2005. The actress was crying, claiming she'd almost been run off the road by photographer Jamie Fawcett. She claims Kidman said: Mrs Day also recalled driving out of Sydney airport with Ms Kidman in 2002, telling the court Fawcett jumped onto the road and started taking photos. She slammed on the brakes. On another occasion Mrs Day claimed Fawcett and others used three vehicles to box in a car driving her and Kidman to a movie screening. She claimed the drivers were all using walkie-talkies. Mrs Day was giving evidence

at a Supreme Court defamation hearing

over an article in the 'Sun Herald', claiming Mr Fawcett was Sydney's most disliked freelance photographer and had scared Ms Kidman. The publicity surrounding this case will reach fever pitch on Monday when Nicole Kidman is expected to take the stand as a final and star witness. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. A spectacular collapse at a coal mine has left Victoria relying on other States for power. Water leaking from the Latrobe River caused a wall of the mine to give way, flooding the power station's energy source. The station now down to a quarter of its capacity. We haven't analysed the cause, the nature of it. Everybody's been really focused on the river diversion works. The station normally supplies power to New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Next - a major breakthrough in therapeutic cloning. Why a monkey embryo is so significant.

And former cricketer Imran Khan arrested after he comes out of hiding. We're coming back! VOICEOVER: What? Go back to teacher's strikes, airline strikes, petrol strikes, Don't go back to Labor and the unions. Tell them to (BLEEP) off.

Nurse? We're coming back! VOICEOVER: What? bus strikes, train strikes, wharf strikes? Don't go back to Labor and the unions. Tell them to (BLEEP) off. They will stuff our economy.

This program is captioned live. Vic Lorusso is up in the Lorusso is up in the traffic

helicopter and a nice shot there of

a Harbour Bridge but up close there

is nothing pretty about it? Add bad

accident heading towards a North

Sydney. Several cars in bold. This

is where the accident has occurred.

You'll get a good idea of the

severity as we fly over the Harbour

Bridge to show the full extent of

the delays. Look at that - all the

way back towards the city.

Extensive delays with Extensive delays with queues

heading out of the city to the

north. We will show you how bad the

delays are later. O.J. Simpson is a step closer to jail - he's been ordered to stand trial for armed robbery and kidnapping.

The disgraced footballer is accused of storming into a Las Vegas hotel and stealing sports memorabilia which he claims was his. Simpson's co-defendants have already turned on him, contradicting his claims that no guns were involved. The judge today ruled there's enough evidence to go to trial. If convicted, Simpson could face life behind bars. Former cricket star Imran Khan has been dramatically arrested in Pakistan. The MP is being held under anti-terror laws as the country plunges deeper into political crisis. He defied General Musharraf for 11 days. Today Imran Khan emerged from hiding, his aim - to spark a student movement against Pakistan's military ruler. But within minutes, things started to grow wrong. The group loyal to the Jamiat Islami party hurried him into a science block, but was he being protected or held against his will? The stand-off lasted an hour then Imran Khan emerged, gesturing victory, but it wasn't to be. He was shoved into a waiting van. His cricket hero status did him little good here. He was driven to the police, who are lodging cases against him under anti-terror laws. His ex-wife, Jemima Khan, now fears for him. This situation is so unpredictable.

I don't know what Musharraf is going to do next. These charges were a big surprise. I knew that it was quite likely that Imran would be arrested, but I didn't expect them to go this far. General Musharraf's opponents share one thing - they are calling for him to go and democratic elections to be held. What the opposition is talking - they want agitation. They want to disturb law and order and they want to undermine governance. The arrest of Imran Khan is a blow to the opposition.

He was one of the few opposition leaders still out there criticising General Musharraf,

so the Government may well be satisfied that he is now behind bars. One more opponent of General Musharraf silenced tonight. There's been a major scientific breakthrough which could revolutionise medical treatment. For the first time scientists have cloned monkey embryos and the results have been startling. These are beating heart cells created in a lab from a cloned monkey embryo. Now, if scientists can do this with one primate - a monkey - they should, in theory, be able to do the same with another - humans. The macaque monkeys involved are not clones like Dolly the sheep, but scientists have cloned their DNA. It's called therapeutic cloning. This is the first time it's been done with a primate. removing a skin cell from the monkey. The scientists began by The DNA was inserted into a monkey egg which had its DNA removed. A burst of electricity kick-started cell division. This is now a cloned embryo. After a few days the embryo was packed with stem cells which can turn into any tissue in the body.

These were removed and turned into beating heart cells

and nerve cells normally found in the brain. Crucially, this new tissue was a match for the original monkey. Scientists say the next step is to try to do this for humans with conditions like diabetes or brain disorders. If you can obtain the embryonic stem cell line

from individual patients then you can study the disease that that patient has in a lab environment. Secondly, because these cells come from the patient then they will be matched so they would not get rejected if they were grafted back. The journal 'Nature' says it took 300 monkey eggs to produce two stem cell lines, so the technique needs improvement, and no-one yet knows how many years it may be before this yields medical treatments for human patients.

An incredible escape for a driver after a nightmare encounter with a semitrailer. The car seems to vanish as it goes under the truck and is swept along, trapped by the rear wheels. The dazed motorist was dragged for 50m before the semi could stop.

Police say there was no alcohol or speed involved. The driver, who's been treated in hospital, simply wasn't paying attention. Still to come - a fresh blow to Malcolm Turnbull's hopes of re-election. Also - classic hot rods go up against green machines at the LA car show. And paying tribute to a larger-than-life Aussie - fans remember the Crocodile Hunter. Hi, honey. How was your day? Oh, it was great! I dropped the kids off... Talking to the people in your life and in your town shouldn't come at a price. That's why TransACT phone customers can call each other for free. One in four homes and businesses in Canberra and Queanbeyan have already signed up. Hi. How was school? So let's get the whole town talking... Pocket money? ..with free local calls. Call today and switch to TransACT. Go back to teacher's strikes, airline strikes, petrol strikes, Don't go back to Labor and the unions. Tell them to (BLEEP) off. They will stuff our economy. If you asked someone to paint you a picture of a very special place to live, you would describe open parklands,

with space to entertain the kids amongst beautiful, natural surroundings. There would be a real sense of community, with a lively place nearby for great shopping and stylish cafes for you to visit with neighbours you'd call friends. This picture would be Bridgewater at Franklin - a place of your own. What's the deal, Mr Howard? You want us to vote for you, so you can retire at some stage,

but you won't say when. Then you'll hand over to Mr Costello who I wouldn't vote for as prime minister. Sorry, you've lost me. LIGHT MUSIC and selected Commonwealth Bank branches. The 2008 Australian Women's Health Diary And all proceeds go to supporting This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - angry shopowners have protested against corporate giant Lend Lease. They claim the business heavyweight has taken the clothes off their backs by forcing them out of business with its expansion of the Erina Shopping Centre. They're demanding compensation. Taxpayers have been left to foot the bill for World Youth Day after the Federal and State Governments reached a $40 million compensation deal with the racing industry. It includes the cost of relocating horses from Randwick Racecourse. And two firefighters have been recommended for bravery awards trapped in a burning home. after saving four people of the smoke-filled building They crawled along the floor to reach the victims.

with serious burns. One is now fighting for his life in his bid for re-election. A blow for Malcom Turnbull Independent Danielle Ecuyer has told supporters

to Labor's George Newhouse to give their preferences and Minister. ahead of the sitting Liberal MP the Labor candidate. Ms Ecuyer once dated to protest the major parties' support She's standing for a pulp mill in Tasmania. Polls suggest the seat of Wentworth will be decided on preferences

of the election. and be one of the tightest results at Australia Zoo Record crowds have turned out for the first ever Steve Irwin Day, with a life-sized statue. the late wildlife warrior honoured He was their hero in life... Crikey! and his crocs. ..and lived for his family ALL: One, two, three - hooray! On Steve Irwin day wildlife warriors over 6,000 khaki-clad of Australia Zoo filed through the gate of an extraordinary Australian. to celebrate the life That's what it's all about - wearing the khakis your family, wildlife, Arriving to a khaki choir and standing ovation, three generations of the Irwin family unveiled a bronze tribute to the Croc Hunter. I honestly love you. # (Sings) # I love you I think she's got it. I don't think she needs any tips, Thank you. She's wonderful. but his conservation work continues, Steve may be gone, Terri revealing anniversary of her husband's death. how she spent the one-year filming in the desert I was somewhere in the US and it was beautiful. I got to see a rattle snake. on my onw. I got to tail my first rattler to walk through the door, You know, I'm still waiting for him

it just happened. so it really feels like

those closest to the Croc Hunter say But for all the awards and accolades, would have liked best - this is what Steve at his beloved Crocoseum, a full house have always done best. his family doing what the Irwins to carry on his work forever. I do miss him but I know I'm going The fans certainly hope so. Brett Mason, Ten News. headed south today, The Australian share market by weaker banking stocks. dragged down And the price of petrol around Sydney tonight - The best we could find - $1.25 at Minto. The hottest creations on wheels at the L.A. Auto Show. have gone on display increasingly thinking green Car manufacturers buyers. to woo environmentally-conscious to the sleek and sexy From fast and furious to - well - just plain big. in the world In one of the largest car markets with their wares, manufacturers hit the show road hoping to catch the eye of buyers. When you think about Hollywood through media around the world and the values that get communicated

with movies a trendsetting thing, so this is, sort of, but sometimes for the world as well. not just for the United States trend And it's an environmentally conscious rolling off the production line, spurred on by rising fuel prices. Honda unveiled its answer - a new hydrogen fuel cell car, to hit retail outlets in the US next year, and one day drivers may simply be able to refuel from a hydrogen station in their backyard. That will literally refuel the FCX Clarity overnight as well as provide heat and electricity for the home at reduced CO2 levels. gas-guzzling Yank tank Even the traditional has taken on a green hue.

We want to have a large car not consume a lot of gasoline. but we want to have it are taking advantage Other manufacturers and new recycling technology of human rubbish to help the planet, to create the plastic car, using 900 plastic drink bottles the Lamborghini Renventon. there's always At US$1.4 million and most expensive Lamborghini it's the most powerful ever built. although there's no hybrid version - 20 have been sold worldwide, yet. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In Los Angeles, of the earth from space. We're used to seeing pictures Now, for the first time, the cratered surface of the moon. high-definition images taken from by a Japanese lunar probe on the moon's horizon. and show the earth rising and setting Although partly covered by clouds Australia and India scientists could make out on the blue planet.

Let's take a look at the weather

now with Tim Bailey. He he's

helping out and doing some dancing

with some kids? It is not all about

me it is all about this bloke,

Karnak. Show them at home! There

they are at home! Dance! Look at

that! A round of applause, please,

for,. We are at Ronald McDonald for,. We are at Ronald McDonald

House because on Saturday we are

going to raise how much money? At

$2 million! And that will go to

you! I'm sorry? It is going to you

too, is it? That $2 million is

going to? Us! Every Big Mac you buy

will go to Ronald McDonald House. A

round of applause for Adam down

here looking like a pirate. He met

the Governor-General today and this

bloke hears Name is a Scot. It is bloke hears Name is a Scot. It is

his birthday today! Jared - you are

on at the advert, aren't you? You on at the advert, aren't you? You

are also the official whether a

folder holder. Can I have it,

please? He makes it look very easy!

The weather at your place - does

The weather at your place - does it

matter? It is a warm one, isn't it?

27-31 degrees tomorrow. Come on

already. then, you have stolen the show

Friday - sunny at your place, high

cloud for the greater play West.

Let's dance! You beauty! Tim is a

that! bit short of breath, dancing like

the Roosters are crowing tonight? Sport now and Tim, signed, sealed and delivered, Yes, they've got Willie Mason look more shortly. but the NRL will be taking a close Also a spinners' truce and Muttiah Muralihtaran as Shane Warne after chucking barbs. come face-to-face

at the tennis And the little fan who stole the show with his jack-in-box performance. (Man giggles) UPBEAT SONG PLAYS With Dynamic Stability Control VOICEOVER: and seven airbags as standard, has more than just good looks. the new Ford Mondeo, from $29,990, to start putting up your lights. November's a great time of year to get everything ready It gives you plenty of time 10-metre rope lights, $27.50. 200 coloured bud lights, $36.60. Party light set, $28.64. 150 clear bud lights, $7.95. a cheaper price on a stocked item, If you happen to find we'll beat it by 10%. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. #

are just the beginning. Lowest prices This program is captioned live. Well, as you may have seen earlier,

from Belmore to Bondi. Willie Mason has officially gone is league reporter Adam Hawse Joining us with more and Willie has defended the signing saga?

It has been two weeks of confusion

and even today there were two press conferences to announce the very

same thing. Mason says he makes no

apologies. We seem to have a couple of

of dramas there. It is a Bulldogs

reunion out there, isn't it? He

thought there was one of the

attractions. He knew he would be comfortable

comfortable playing alongside

fellow Bulldogs and of course he

lives out here too. To have him

bring his experience and class and

enthusiasm - he is a great trainer

and goes hard on and off the and goes hard on and off the field

so is the general reader of Bath

forward pack. It would be a benefit

to a tame. Willie is taking a pay

cut to go to Bondi. Will they be

making the rest up from boxing? The

Roosters will let him fight in

January and that could net him

about $150,000 but the NRL salary

cap cops are already looking into

that deal. It may breach the rules.

If it was somehow linked to If it was somehow linked to his

payment to play football then it

would come under some scrutiny. At

this stage that is not necessarily

the case. This isn't surprising I

guess but the whole drama has

ignited passion among so fancy did

not what Willie at their club. Brad

Fittler said he has had

Fittler said he has had letters

from Roosters than saying they

won't become members if he joins

the club. Basic given the chance.

He is a bloke who speaks his mind

and I don't mind any characters and

personalities in our side as long

as when they speak their mind they

are not putting the team on

are not putting the team on the

line or talking on behalf of the

team. If they know I am out there

every week whipping in as hard as I

can Leica do with the Bulldogs they

will have to become fans. I know

you're happy but the best use is

that we can all get, bolides.

Willie Mason has decided his future! The world's two greatest spin bowlers, Shane Warne and Muttiah Muralitharan, have kissed and made up, describing their public spat as a lover's tiff or a miscommunication. But it's an issue that has completely overshadowed tomorrow's second Test in Hobart. The patch-up job began out the back of Bellerive. A heart-to-heart to heal the rift. Then a united front to face the media before heading off to unveil their own shiny new Test trophy. And then two of the all-time greats again spun themselves out of another sticky situation. I spoke to Murali about it this morning. I said, "I'm pretty happy actually, I'm not miserable." We had a bit of a laugh about it actually. We just talked to each other we patched up. It happens because of miscommunication more than anything else. Despite a bun fight played out in the press the last three days, where first Warne suggested Murali's suspect action might be best watched during a match. To which the Sri Lankan hit back, labelling the retired great a "miserable man". Today, it was a mutual appreciation society. I think what he does with the ball is amazing, so it's not as if I've just said now, I've said it for a long time - he'll take 1,000 as long as his body holds up. Which I'm sure it will. He's a fit young man, he looks after himself. He set up people to get wickets and still I'm learning to set up people to get legs.

My brain still doesn't work as good as his. The blue aside, Murali needs just seven wickets to overtake Warne's world record. And the Aussies are wary of a pitch I think that was not where we got lucky, but with them bowling first in Brisbane he didn't get the best conditions to bowl a spin in there's no doubt at some stage down here, he'll trouble us all. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Sydney FC's depth will be put to the test in New Zealand Australia has cruised into the semifinals of the Netball World Championships after a 68-goal drubbing of the Cook Islands. The Aussies dominated throughout, extended their lead at every break to book a showdown with England in the last four. England are looking sharp and I think they are going to be a massive obstacle to get over so we'll need to be right on top of our game tomorrow. England reached the semis after a bruising win over Malawi. back from his last-start loss at the Shanghai Masters with a straight-sets victory over Nikolay Davydenko. The world number one was far too good for the the Russian. The crowd, at times, forced to come up with their own entertainment. He's been around all week, making a real name for himself. The win sets up a potential showdown with Andy Roddick. The American making light work of Fernando Gonzalez,

the man who beat Federer earlier in the week. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight the All Blacks don't sack Graham Henry, but they have invited others to apply for the biggest job in world rugby.

That is kind of what Ron it does

during the breaks - that little kid.

A few karate moves! Let's take

another look at traffic with Vic Lorusso and Alastair Harbour

Bridge? Massive delays here

unfortunately as we hover over the

bridge. We will the zoo into where

the accident occurred - you can see

the rescue is still in prospect

progress. All routes out of the progress. All routes out of the CBD

have been completely blocked! Take

a look at this - all the weight and

the Western Distributor and Balmain

and even traffic heading from the

north side - take a look at that.

That is traffic trying to get into

the city and that his bank all the

weight to Lane Cove. Significant

problems and unfortunately we are

not being told when things will

reopen due to the severity of the crash. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's back with the latest on the weather, next. SONG: # Nobody knows it # But you've got a secret smile... # CAMERA CLICKS As effortless as a smile itself. Price busted! Franklins has price busted 2-litre Pepsi or Schweppes and 185g Smith's crisps. Look for this and other price busters only at Franklins. # Ford every stream (Sings) # Follow every rainbow (All sing) # Till you find your dream TYRES SCREECH # Every day of your life # For as long as you live # Climb every mountain # Ford every stream... # (Growls) # Till you find your dream! # with a strong growth plan for the future of Eden-Monaro. They have a plan to upgrade local roads, and to provide over $8 million to improve the Kings Highway to secure the water supply for towns local health services. Gary Nairn and John Howard are a strong team with a strong growth plan. in Eden-Monaro. See you after work, hon. In a hurry, mate? How are ya? ENGINE STARTS car insurance premium. So, if you're over 50 and not working full-time, SONG: # Wise move Apia. # It's not going to be over 50 but if you are and not working full-time we're your insurance specialist. Call 13 50 50. This program is captioned live. Before we go to Tim Bailey, we have some developments on our earlier story of the shoot-out in Leichhardt. One of the getaway cars - a black Mercedes - has been found abandoned in Annandale. This afternoon an argument broke out between three groups of men outside a restaurant, causing diners to flee. No-one was injured. Police are still searching for the other two getaway cars.

Time for the weather details and it

is all about the kids on the

weather tonight as we get ready for

McDonald's Happy Day this weekend.

I was thinking of going down this

weekend and scaring a couple of

burgers out of their wrappers. Say

hello to Uncle Ron. That is exactly

right! He scares them all off. Here

is, at - say hello. Uncle Ron is

going go down to McDonald's

obviously because Saturday he's

McHappy Day. Every dollar from the

Big Mac goes to you lot. Every

dollar from a Big Mac. Yes, $1 - you

you tell them. $1! Even the word

Big Mac, ladies and gentlemen, has the

the Ron Wilson drooling on the desk

as we speak. It is not all fun and

games here - Dicketts By be a very

sick and we have to help them up.

By way of buying a burger - is

there an easier way? We are going

to raise $2 million and it is not

only about the kids but their

parents as well and looking after

them. Every one that gets affected by

by these dreadful diseases like leukaemia and Cancer. We don't want

to talk about them. You run these

places. 23 families every night

staying with us. And a few flies!

What does it mean to families to be What does it mean to families to be

able to stay together in times of

crisis? It is so important that

they are all together, they get

such hope from the brothers such hope from the brothers and

sisters, today James and Amelie

have a really sick little sister

and they're here to support her.

Mum and dad are here to support her -

- they are all here for the

children and that is what really

makes Ronald McDonald House. And

we're going to get $2 million - you

get is in your eyes. You see the

real stories here, the real

heartache and you know how much it

means tickets like you guys, mums

and dads and all the kids. So

Saturday he's - might happy day and

we're going to raise $2 million and

it as easy as buying a Big Mac. $1

from every Big Mac ago is to these

kids. Jarrett, the fold a holder.

That is the weather map. That is

the with the detail right there.

This kit is famous - he will need

an agent surely - he is on the

McHappy Day advert. You're on the

ad former cabbie day? A big round

of applause blaze. Can I have

before the police. Thank you before the police. Thank you very

much indeed. Let's get into your backyard. If you're

If you're lucky enough to be having

daylight savings already dipped it

is 20 degrees in the water. Bright

cloud over the North East is from

the first cyclone of the season -

who names these things? Next it who names these things? Next it will be cyclone snotty nose. Cloud

over the eastern interior in

draughts is generating patchy rain draughts is generating patchy rain

and thunder. Onshore winds will

bring further showers on the

Queensland coast, mainly to the Queensland coast, mainly to the

north, and for NSW there will be isolated

isolated showers and storms in West

Indies at Wells. The business of

the brolly, predicted precipitation, the brolly, predicted precipitation,

drips and drops across rooftops and

crops - showers and storms the

northern and central in than NSW and western Queensland. Have you

ever tried to do their weather with

this little fella? You talk more

than the weather man on Channel Ten

the, you know that? Channel Ten! Meg happy day on the, you know that? Channel Ten! Meg happy day on Saturday, $2 million for these guys. Meg happy day on Saturday, $2 million for these guys. Tomorrow in

Brisbane - cloudy and 26. Possible

storms for Dubbo and orange.

Mostly sunny on Saturday, a

possible thunder Storm on Sunday.

What you think the weather is going

to do tomorrow? Not as easy as it

looks! Give them all a cheer from

Ronald McDonald House. I love my job! See you tomorrow Ronald McDonald House. I love my job! See you tomorrow night. He is

still going! We love having all

those kids on the news. That's the news at five. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. The Late news with Sports Tonight is our next bulletin, along at 10.25. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.