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(generated from captions) for tomorrow night? We're gonna saddle up again

Do it again. Sure. to grab your $5 notes. And don't forget a share of $100,000. Oh, could win you tomorrow night. Make sure you're watching Thanks to our friends at NAB. night and we'll tempt you again. We'll see you same time tomorrow 'Bye. 'Bye. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by A man faces court threat against a Sydney school. accused of a menacing Internet sparks a new battle over The Government's rebate promise

education. public versus private for justice over a hit and run. A Sydney family's desperate plea Oh, my God! Justice for Jenny! They should not accept bail. And Nicole Kidman's frank admission alcohol addiction. about husband Keith's

of our very, very private moments. What he's done is talk about some This program is captioned live.

Good evening.

late this afternoon A man faced court making a threat of violence charged with over the Internet. against a western-Sydney high school the court told He was arrested at Mascot Airport, of Cambridge Park High's threat the former student

massacre in Finland last week. made references to the school when he arrived at Waverley Court This was Jason Cousins

this afternoon. Cambridge Park High School Police allege he threatened last week. in a message posted on the Internet when he arrived at Mascot Detectives arrested the 30-year-old on a flight from Melbourne. in a threat placed on YouTube, It's alleged, school massacre in Finland, warning: he made a reference to last week's to the detectives I want to pay credit local area command from the St Mary's in this case. who have done an outstanding job crime agencies, including the FBI, With the help of international

to track down the threat it is alleged police were able at his home in North Parramatta. to Cousins's computer when he flew back from Melbourne They made their move after visiting relatives. The Education Department says police throughout the investigation, it's been in constant contact with and at no time, it says, in any danger. were students at Cambridge Park High

are a serious offence Police say any threat, even pranks,

or over the Internet. whether made directly we will and can take action. If you make those threats, you can't hide in cyberspace - We'll find you - and put you before the court. and we will find you and arrest you Cousins was released on bail. Late today, later this month. He will appear in court again

Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. the election battleground today, Education became with John Howard claiming breakthrough for all families. his new tax rebate is a major Kevin Rudd is promising in his policy launch tomorrow, more new measures the PM's massive spend-a-thon. but says he won't try to match

a rock star's welcome Kevin Rudd received Nambour High, when he returned to his old school, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast today. school and led the debating team. The Labor leader was dux of the another Nambour High old boy, His Shadow Treasurer, Wayne Swan, and was rugby league captain. won the economics prize and I was very, very not. Wayne was very, very cool thought he was cool But the current crop of students viewed if he wins the election. as he told them how he wants to be

education prime minister. It's to be this country's his education credentials too John Howard was trumpeting Catholic School in Brisbane. at Our Lady of the Way At his campaign launch yesterday, promised education tax rebate the Prime Minister trumped Labor's for laptops and Internet connections three times as much with a scheme costing and covering all education expenses private school fees including uniforms, in government schools. and voluntary charges And today he was out selling it. This is a real breakthrough. a real breakthrough. Yesterday I announced This is a real breakthrough. a lot, Prime Minister. I'm hearing the word 'breakthrough'

This is a breakthrough. policy launch in Brisbane tomorrow Mr Rudd hinted strongly that Labor's so-called education revolution. will feature more measures in his We're confident in them alternative for the nation's future. and they represent a real state school organisations Mr Rudd refused to join in criticising the Howard plan who send children to private schools. for subsidising parents whatever. I have no ideological problem But he was embarrassed

for Eden-Monaro in NSW, when Mike Kelly, the ALP candidate

school funding arrangements said a Labor government would change and adopt a needs-based approach.

to its hit list This means that Labor is committed and independent schools. to take money away from Catholic by Labor's campaign headquarters. Mr Kelly was quickly jumped on saying he'd been wrong, He issued a statement change to the school funding formula and Mr Rudd's commitment not to was rock solid.

40-minute policy speech yesterday New promises in Mr Howard's totalled $9.5 billion - a minute. more than $237 million worth Mr Rudd is adamant today spend-a-thon in his launch tomorrow. he won't be matching that record shareholders meeting in Adelaide, And at a News Limited 'me too' aspects of the two parties. Rupert Murdoch summed up the

outsider coming here for two days I'm finding it difficult as an to distinguish between them.

Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. have re-ignited debate The Government's education promises versus public education. about funding for private

it will mean more choice, Supporters of the plan say for government schools. but opponents claim it's bad news

now 2 million Australian families Whacked by interest rates, Coalition with a classroom rebate. are being lured to vote for the

$800 for secondary students. $400 for every kid at primary school, Not enough, not enough. than that to get Howard in. You'll need a lot more rebate give more, but, yeah, It would be nice if you could where is it all coming from? The handout would be non-means tested, covering all schools, all faiths. The Teachers Federation is appalled at tax dollars going to subsidise private schools.

The Federal Government is sitting on a report that shows the underfunding of public schools across the nation is in the order of $2.9 billion a year. This policy will benefit the parents in the government sector just as much as parents in the non-government sector.

To counter the view the rebate would only benefit the rich the Association of Independent Schools says lower to middle income families would also appreciate the tax break, especially those sending their children to the 15% of private schools in the State where fees range between $1,500 to $2,000 a year. The Teachers Federation is pinning its hopes on Kevin Rudd's education vision, one that will funnel all the rebates

for the benefit of public school students. Mark Burrows, National Nine News There were problems for the State Government today over its threat to tear up the Tcard contract. Premier Morris Iemma ran into trouble while answering questions about possible implications for taxpayers.

The Opposition is calling it "cut-and-paste parliament". Questioned over the Government's $65 million Tcard debacle, the Premier found himself plagiarising his own Transport Minister. Word after word, Morris Iemma's speech to Parliament was instantly familiar. The action was taken as the result of continuing and significant delays. The action was taken as a result of continuing and significant delays. That was the Minister last Friday and on it went.

But enough is enough... We want an integrated system for Sydney, but we want one that works.

We want an integrated system for Sydney, but we want one that works. The Opposition says the repetition was shameless,

saying the Government has been caught red-handed spinning its line and sticking to it. The incompetence and dishonesty which as been demonstrated by the Government, and most notably by the Minister for Transport, is just breathtaking. The Premier was attacked for failing to explain why Sydney is still waiting for integrated transport ticketing after 11 years of promises. Mr Iemma displayed contempt for commuters and the public by refusing, in his own words, to defend this Labor fiasco. Adam Walters, National Nine News. There was plenty of emotion outside a Sydney court today. Friends and family of Jenny Franco, who suffered terrible injuries when she was hit by a taxi in February,

vented their frustrations after the case was adjourned until early next year. Oh, my God! Help Jenny! Justice for Jenny!

All I want is justice and it's just not being served. Every day is a struggle for me. 55-year-old Stuart Russell, who's been charged with dangerous driving, did not front court today. The matter was adjourned so he can be psychiatrically assessed. A 3-year-old girl has suffered severe facial injuries and bruising to her body when she was allegedly bashed at her home at Glenfield in Sydney's south-west overnight. Police were alerted by DOCS which had received an anonymous tip-off on its help line.

The young girl was treated at Westmead Children's Hospital. A 23-year-old man has been charged

with inflicting grievous bodily harm. There are plans to install new security measures at The Gap, Sydney's most notorious suicide spot. Security cameras, emergency telephones and extra fencing have been proposed for the site, which claims around 30 lives each year. Police today were called to the Gap. Thankfully, it was nothing tragic - just two tourists who were too close to the edge. For decades, the scenic cliff tops at Watsons Bay have been notorious for suicides and now the local council wants to do more to deter people contemplating taking their lives. It's part of ensuring that we have the services here to assist people if they are in that need. The plan is part of the biggest landscape upgrade of the site

in 25 years.

It will see the installation of live security cameras, to be monitored by police, a new 1.3-metre high fence, increased lighting, and a free telephone hook-up to specialist counsellors. The inclusion of the telephone increases the chances that a person will reach out for help. Woollahra Council came up with its strategy after an exhaustive consultation process. It spoke to local police who had attended these tragedies, psychologists, and even some of the families of victims who lost their lives here.

It is difficult in one sense but, yes, it has been properly tackled. We have looked at it in a very methodical way.

The plan is now up for public discussion. If approved, the cameras and telephones will be in operation early next year. Damien Ryan, National Nine News. Day one of the horse flu inquiry has heard damning evidence about lax procedures at Sydney Airport and the quarantine centre at Eastern Creek. A senior quarantine officer says he warned three years ago that there were inadequate guidelines for the importation of live animals. The racing industry, vets and breeders all wanting answers. James Gilkerson, an infectious diseases expert from Melbourne University, supplied some of them. His theory - equine influenza was transferred from Sydney Airport or quarantine at Eastern Creek, either by someone or by equipment in contact with an infected horse. During evidence, Gilkerson shook his head in disbelief at the inadequate standards at Eastern Creek, saying: While equine influenza is highly contagious, infecting thousands of horses across NSW and Queensland,

the inquiry heard today it's also a fragile virus

and could have been killed through a simple step of using soap and water. Frustrating evidence for the racing industry devastated by horse flu. We've pretty well known it didn't fly in on the wind from Japan or Ireland. We've known there was some breakdown. Quarantine at Sydney Airport was also lacking. Grilled about work practices, the head of Australian Quarantine

admitted a senior officer raised concerns three years ago vets and farriers were required to wear protective clothing and shower,

but not truck drivers - nothing was done. The systems of soap disinfection procedures are really, really important and they are simple. Karen Tso, National Nine News. In the news ahead - Nicole Kidman speaks frankly about her husband's addiction. A court penalty for a Sydney man who pirated 'The Simpsons Movie'. And the huge fire which blighted the London skyline.

The unions are coming. There's anger in the movie industry after a 21-year-old Sydney man was fined $1,000 today for pirating the entire Simpsons movie. Many in the industry say the punishment is far too light for a type of crime that is costing a fortune in lost revenue. Movie piracy is so rife... ..the Simpsons even joke about it. But what Jose Duarte did with 'The Simpsons Movie' is not funny to the film industry. It's no joke. On the day the movie opened in Australia, Duarte went to a cinema in western Sydney and taped it all on his mobile phone. Dad, we can't see the movie! But Duarte made sure the world could by uploading it onto the Internet. The illegal copy was discovered by law enforcement agencies and removed within two hours.

But by then the damage was done. It had already been uploaded, downloaded and watched on computers around the world.

Within three days, Duarte's pirated copy had been viewed more than 100,000 times.

It had also been turned into illegal DVDs and even re-edited and translated into French. Surprised by how often it was downloaded, how quickly it spread? What can I say, mate? The film industry says the fine is hardly enough for a crime that's costing Australian business $90 million a year. It means that small businesses, from videos, to cinemas, to small film-makers, are really suffering in a way that is not yet recognised by the court. I rest my case. Dale Paget, National Nine News. And London had a new landmark for a few hours as a massive tower of smoke rose from a burning warehouse. The building was under demolition on the site where London will stage the 2012 Olympic Games. Nicole Kidman has spoken about her husband's decision to go public about his struggle with alcohol abuse. Keith Urban has been candid about his battle and its effect on their marriage, the couple believing that honesty may help others in a similar situation. She really wanted only to speak about her new movies but there's still a fascination with Keith Urban's battle with addiction and why now he's speaking so openly about it. There's a lot of people who are struggling right now with addiction and with a lot of problems, and so part of what he's done is talk about some of our very, very private moments in an effort to reach out to people

and to show that you can do the work and you can actually walk through it together. Nicole Kidman is starring in the big-budget drama/fantasy 'The Golden Compass', and the darker 'Margot at the Wedding'. Have you ever seen your mother climb a tree?

No. We don't have much opportunity in Manhattan. Nicole plays an attention-seeking sister and mother, but in real life she says she's uncomfortable with what comes along with being a star. Yeah, I mean, I get very... I think obviously when your life has been scrutinised and written about and people are aware of the most private parts of your life, um, it's awkward. In Los Angeles, Robert Penfold, National Nine News. Ken with sport is next - and the Australian cricket team to show no mercy? Against Sri Lanka in the second Test. Also, an ex-Wallaby prepares to tackle a sailing classic. And could this little fellow be the future of men's tennis?

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The Australian cricket team is primed to put Sri Lanka to the sword in the second Test, beginning in Hobart on Friday. Ricky Ponting wants to stop Murali going past Shane Warne's wicket-taking record on Australian soil, while rookie pace bowler Mitchell Johnson is even more forthright. We're going to try and beat them convincingly again, hopefully. That's the plan. We've just got to drive it right into them now.

Predictions tonight that the record for the Sydney to Hobart could be slashed by up to 10 hours, with four state-of-the-art super maxis set to vie for line honours in the blue water classic. One former Wallaby will get his sea legs this year and he's just hoping for a gentle journey south.

He has packed down against the world's most fearsome forwards but Bill Young knows nothing can prepare him for 628 gut-churning miles at sea. I'm going to be very crook and probably very sleep deprived by the time I get to Hobart. In his ocean-sailing debut on board a yacht sponsored by the George Gregan Foundation, Young is praying for smooth sailing all the way south. If I can get that and have my board shorts on and my T-shirt off, I'll absolutely love it. A quick chat with 38-race veteran Syd Fisher would quickly shatter that illusion. It all depends -

you can get a hiding in any part of the race, but Bass Strait, more than likely, is the one. 'Wild Oats' skipper Mark Richards says his boat has been turbo-charged this year in its bid for a third-straight line-honours title. But the race is on to get the maxi to the starting line, waiting for a new mast after it was shattered in a recent race.

You'll never know until you've got the mast in your hands, so that's what we're waiting for and we'll all be anxious until that happens. just getting here It's been an adventure first-ever Mexican crew. for the Sydney to Hobart's sailing from Acapulco, They have spent six months awesome reputation. lured by the race's it is a hard race. It's a tough race, I have never heard of good weather.

National Nine News. Chris Hodgkinson, all his own way these days. Roger Federer is not getting it for the first time in 10 meetings Fernando Gonzalez defeated him he still remains in the tournament. in the Shanghai Masters but

After losing the first set, number 11 in the face. Gonzalez was staring defeat the Chilean's game sizzled. But in a massive turnaround,

Roddick to stay alive in the series. Federer must now beat Davydenko and 5-year-old Jan Silva, Years from now, this little fellow,

in men's tennis. could be the major force Jan looks the goods he began playing two years ago. and has done so since a Finnish mother and tennis coach, He's the pampered golden child of pro basketball player. while the father is an ex-American

exactly what he wants to do. Both insist Jan is doing the best tennis player he can be, I want him of course to be as well and have a good life. but I want him to be a good person before Jan comes a big man. But for now, to have a childhood

the Commsec Finance report After the break, details. and Majella will have the weather in Sydney Harbour. Then rare seahorses set free What's the deal, Mr Howard? so you can retire at some stage, You want us to vote for you, but you won't say when. to Mr Costello Then you'll hand over as prime minister. who I wouldn't vote for Sorry, you've lost me. to paint you a picture If you asked someone of a very special place to live, you would describe open parklands, with space to entertain the kids natural surroundings. amongst beautiful, of community, There would be a real sense for great shopping with a lively place nearby with neighbours you'd call friends. and stylish cafes for you to visit This picture

at Franklin - would be Bridgewater

a place of your own. WorkChoices further. The Liberals will take to fend for themselves, More young Australians will be left forced into one-on-one negotiation.

And the fair go will be gone. AGM were told the media giant In finance, investors at Newscorp's in Internet revenue this year. still expects $1 billion $1 billion in just six months. And the Macquarie group has made

from tomorrow, more heat as well. We've got the sunshine and below average. Today 22 for the city - around midnight last night, A southerly change pushed through so they were cool, making the winds come off the sea it got to 28. Without the breeze at Penrith since last night. Not much has changed conditions stay dry and warm. This high is still making sure build up tomorrow afternoon. There'll probably be some cloud

of a shower. And there's the slightest chance for the central and southern ranges. But really it's more likely

is pretty dry this week. The whole country Most of the falls are in the north.

a tropical low north of there. Especially around Cairns, But hot for Adelaide and Victoria.

Sydney tomorrow will be mostly sunny. a bit fresh by the afternoon. Some north to north-easterly winds, for one in the afternoon after work Surfers, swap the morning paddle the swell is likely to be better. much later in the day - that's when Hot in the west on Wednesday. Richmond. The city, 25 degrees. 31 forecast for Penrith, 30 at

of fine days and 27. Then get used to the idea in the forecast. There's a whole run of them shower late on Saturday/early There's a very slight chance of a

if it comes at all. Sunday. But, not much in it - in Sydney Harbour today. 30 babies were cast adrift at Sydney Aquarium, Young seahorses, bred in captivity at Manly Cove were released into the wild in a bid to boost their numbers. The fascinating creatures in recent years, have been disappearing rapidly partly because of poaching. Each individual baby has been tagged. Each of these 30 babies The tags expand as they grow

for these tagged animals and we will be able to watch in amongst the wild populations. If the project is successful, will be released next year. another 100 baby seahorses for this Tuesday. That's National Nine News 'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. by Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions