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This program is captioned live. Tonight, a man arrested on a 3-year-old girl. over a sickening assault for taxi hit-and-run victim Tears and anger outside court Jenny Franco. of the road to die. He left me on the side is justice. You know, all I want And pubs ban schoolies spin out of control. as student end-of-year drinks That's a very tough stance - a number of behavioural problems but I think there have been that require tough action. Good evening.

an alleged Internet threat Also tonight - a man in court over

on a Sydney school. the lives and minds of the elderly. And the teenage time-waster improving Heading the news at 5:00 - for his generous education handouts the Prime Minister unapologetic

regardless of income. for all Australian families, Not to be outdone, Kevin Rudd has hinted he too will be providing cash to parents

in Labor's campaign launch tomorrow. that want to be even more famous Two old boys

Nambour High, amid much acclaim. returned to their old school,

of the rugby league team. Wayne was captain I was captain of the debating team. chuffed the Labor leader, The rock star treatment preferred going to this public school who as a kid rather than a private one. un-means-tested rebate So will he be matching John Howard's

for school fees? an education tax refund If you're offering of whether your kids go irrespective to a government or a non-government school,

we think that is a fair incentive. already out there Mr Rudd has his means-tested rebate and is flagging other initiatives in his launch tomorrow.

was at a Catholic primary school, John Howard the photo opportunity. the kids certainly enjoying fair for all parents, rich and poor. Mr Howard pushing his rebate as available to all Australian parents This is a breakthrough that is to government schools, whether they send their children or independent schools. Catholic schools on a Labor candidate's remarks And the Prime Minister seized be at risk under a Rudd government. to claim private school funding would to looking at the needs of schools It's a ridiculous approach and we'll move away from that to a proper needs based approach. and get down eventually has never been put away. It indicates that the hit list

issued a clarifying statement, Late afternoon Mike Kelly would not be changed. saying the funding formula The Prime Minister refutes claims will fuel inflation his tax cuts and rebates and lead to higher interest rates. save the money rather than spend it, He says parents and taxpayers can the choice is up to them. more Scrooge-like at its launch. Labor is promising to be Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Labor is demanding answers of another immigration scandal. after revelations

for seven years, After living in Australia Tony Tran says by federal authorities he was wrongfully detained of being an illegal resident. who falsely accused him his family and his health - Mr Tran claims he lost his house, by another inmate - when he was was bashed during his time behind bars.

of incompetence There's been a turnstile with the Department of Immigration, that's come through first of Philip Ruddock, under the leadership, then Amanda Vanstone and now Kevin Andrews.

during an audit of inmates Mr Tran was only discovered after the mix-ups involving

could still be deported, But he and his young son permanent residency. unless they are given over a sickening assault A man has been arrested allegedly bashed in her own home. on a 3-year-old girl to the home in Sydney's South-West Police were called

late last night Services after the Department of Community received an anonymous tip-off. suffering severe facial injuries Officers found the toddler and bruising to her body.

about the child previously. DOCS admits it had been contacted contact was on an unrelated matter Preliminary advice is that this have been suspected and it could not reasonably of physical violence. that this child was at a risk in hospital The toddler is now recovering from her mother's care. and has been removed over a chilling Internet threat A Sydney man is facing court against a Sydney high school.

is outside Waverly Local Court. Ten reporter Daniel Sutton Dan, what more can you tell us?

830 year-old man has just faced

Waverley Local Court. His name is

Jason Cousins, from the suburb of

north Parramatta. He is charged

with making a terrifying threat

over the internet against his

former high-school. It is claimed

on Thursday, he posted a message on

the YouTube website, at a video

message, under the user name of

kill them all now. The message

allegedly contained the words in

four days, the cameras will be at

the Cambridge Park High School and

those students will get what they

deserve. The court here was told

that this message also included

references to that massacre at Fenland High School references to that horrible

which claimed eight lives last week.

The magistrate has just granted Mr

Cousins bail on the condition he

goes nowhere near this high school

and that he does not use a computer.

He was arrested this morning at

Sydney airport after getting on a

flight from Melbourne. The court

was told he was picked up after

police traced this message to a

Telstra big pond account and then

went to his home in north

Parramatta and found that he was in

Melbourne visiting relatives or

airport this morning. friends and picked him up at the

in a hit-and-run in Sydney's south A woman left for dead earlier this year home for fear of being hit again. has revealed she's afraid of leaving

Jenny Franco's emotional admission

the crime failed to show up at court. came on the day the man accused of for the first time, Jenny Franco came to court prepared to face the man accused and leaving her for dead - of running her down but he didn't show. I'm really disappointed about today. It takes a lot of effort for me to be here.

Stuart Graham's solicitor against his client dropped, has applied to have all charges still have not revealed but prosecutors what they plan to do. All I want is justice. Leaving home on her own is out of the question for Jenny Franco, she revealed to Ten News - she fears being run over again. I just feel the cars about to hit me again - that's my fear -

I'm innocently walking down the road and they hit me. I don't know why, but these are the images that come into my head. The 24-year-old says she can't come to terms with her life now. I think I just pretend I'm getting through.

I'm trying to believe you can pretend to be strong.

Surgery to reconstruct her left eye socket this month has been delayed. They've replaced damaged nerves in her arms with healthy ones from her legs. Doctors say it will be up to five years just to repair her body, not to mention coming to terms with the trauma. And while they wait to see if the DPP will in fact drop the charges, the Francos aren't only focusing on Jenny's recovery - they want to establish the True Light Foundation, a support group for victims of road trauma. This is the rest of my life I'm talking about. Evan Batten, Ten News. Drastic moves to ban schoolies from pubs on Sydney's northern beaches after a spate of ugly violence. Local police and politicians are supporting the illegal action of publicans

It's got one of the best outlooks of any hotel in Sydney and a well-heeled clientele that knows what it likes. The publican at the Manly Wharf Hotel wants to keep it that way, banning large groups of unruly schoolies from the pub. Young kids binge drinking and not respecting other patrons, my business or even themselves. And it's no way forward for us and we'll put a stop to it at the door rather than inside.

Those excluded have complained and so have some of their mothers, but the ban follows an incident two weeks ago when the hotel was invaded by drunk and loud schoolies. We obviously evicted those people but there's a fair bit of effort getting rid of some of these people, glasses in front of security. The hotelier denying he's banned people under 25 from coming into the pub. This crowd that we've identified is of a particular age, but if they were 32 and behaving that way, they'd be getting evicted and not allowed into the hotel. There's 50-year-olds we don't allow into the hotel. It's the latest saga in Manly's battle to control anti-social behaviour from young drinkers. Police backing the hotel for warding off trouble. The age group of people who have had little experience with the consumption of alcohol and often their behaviour deteriorates when they're in groups. And local politicians agree. That's a very tough stance, but I think there have been a number of behavioural problems that require tough action. Police warning

John Hill, Ten News. Nicole Kidman was screaming - fearing for her life while being chased by paparazzi in Sydney. That's the claim from manager John Manning who's told a Sydney court he was forced to swerve to avoid photographer Jaime Fawcett while driving with the star in January 2005. He says Kidman was screaming, saying someone was going to be killed. Mr Manning was giving evidence at a defamation hearing to determine what damages Sydney's Sun Herald should pay the photographer over an article that defamed him. Kidman has been subpoenaed to give evidence later this week.

Police smash a major drugs syndicate, arresting 13 people - that's next. Also tonight, claims drugs treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder can stunt children's growth. And how a teenage time-waster can help fend off the debilitating effects of old age. The unions are coming.

They've threatened standover tactics.

We're coming back! If Labor wins, it'll be a disaster I think we'll be saying goodbye to quite a few jobs.

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JOHN HOWARD: Working families in Australia have never been better off. Really, Mr Howard? How can you say that when we're working longer and harder under WorkChoices, and those interest rate rises have really stretched us to the limit? No offence, Mr Howard, you've just been there too long. For our skin to feel more resilient after 60,

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This program is captioned live. A major drugs bust in Newcastle today, with police saying self-proclaimed "ice lord". The alleged kingpin and 12 of his cronies were charged following raids on a number of properties. Police had been investigating the group for the past 18 months. It's believed they distributed ice, cocaine and ecstasy between Newcastle and the State's mid-north coast. Tougher riot and anti-terror laws for New South Wales. Police given new powers including closing pubs and clubs and seizing cars. State Political Editor Paul Mullins joins us from Macquarie Street.

We are seeing the Government making

those Cronulla riot emergency laws a permanent fixture.

That is right. This is a major That is right. This is a major

shake-up. Not only will be Cronulla

riot laws become permanent, but

they - - there will be so that it

changes. Also some changes to the

anti-terrorism legislation in

another act. Police will be given wider powers to search cars and

boats and seize equipment including

mobile phones. And in some cases,

people aged under 18 will be able

to be held in adult jails. Here is

what the Premier have to what the Premier have to say.

Giving police the ability to stop

vehicles and people who gather in

an area which may be some distance

from a riot and a suspected of

planning to join in the unrest. The

amended legislation will be

introduced in the current session of Parliament. A major cross-border stink has erupted between New South Wales and the ACT, over the contamination of a Canberra landmark.

Lake Burley Griffin has been closed indefinitely,

after the discovery of raw sewage. The leak has been traced to nearby Queanbeyan. 1.5 million litres of waste has been pumped into the waterway, and all swimming, boating and fishing has been banned. The ACT Government is furious that it took five days for anyone in New South Wales to tell them of the danger. A leading medical researcher claims a drug being used to help ADHD sufferers The damning revelations based on the latest study on Ritalin. WOMAN: Do you think I care any more? Yet another study to fan the flames on the Ritalin debate. American researchers initially examined 600 children with ADHD in the 1990s, for a year. Back then, they claimed Ritalin worked better than behavioural treatments. But a follow-up study on the same children

has debunked that Ritalin theory. There's no evidence that it's helped them. Instead, researchers claim amphetamine-based drugs taken for many years do children more harm than good. In the short-run, it will help the child behave better.

In the long-run, it won't, and that information should be made very clear to parents. Researchers say the long-term effects include insomnia, a suppressed appetite and stunted growth. But local doctors say, Ritalin's short-term benefits can't be overlooked. The Australian Medical Association is urging parents not to have a knee-jerk reaction to these latest findings on Ritalin - instead, pointing out its benefits in helping children concentrate in the classroom. The AMA believes including regular exercise and a healthy diet.

The medication adds to the management of ADHD - parents doing, sort of, 'homework' and clear guidelines for behaviour in the home - all those things add to the management.

For advocates of exercise-based treatments it's good news. To have your child drug-free getting the results we're getting - it's just wonderful. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

over a new toy turning torture into a game. But manufacturer Mattel is refusing to remove it from the shelves. which makes inflicting pain fun This is the gadget this Christmas.

Totally awesome! I was quite traumatised by it and I thought it was terrible. Grandmother of five Elanor Williamson was toy shopping

when the Hot Wheels Maniacs caught her eye. She says torture isn't child's play. Awww. You broke my window. Her concerns echoed by family groups calling for it to be banned. These companies and corporations really don't have the best interest of children at heart. They put stuff onto the market if they think they can flog it for a good profit. The Australian Family Association fears

it'll develop a child's taste We know that children that do this to animals grow up to have fairly significant problems

and they can grow up to be a real problem for society. The Mattel toy encourages kids to overfeed, electrocute and torture the driver, all while it begs for more pain to be inflicted. Is the little baby scared to play with me? The company says the game isn't intended to promote violence, and the toys are remaining on the shelves. So what are you going to do for toys this Christmas? I certainly won't be getting Hotwheels. Ellesa Throwden, Ten News. 'Losing your marbles' need no longer be a by-product of old age. New research revealing good mental health is as simple as diet,

activity and a 'bit of biff'. of senior citizens, Boxing - not the standard sport but here at the Greenacres Retirement Village, residents are fighting fit. So when you want to throw a punch, just throw it straight.

Now block, block, that's it. They're using computer games to tackle old age. Virtual sports improving flexibility, co-ordination and communication.

Move both arms. I want you to move both arms. You too, Helena, I want you to move both arms. Each person has developed new skills along the way. New research is revealing the more people challenge their brain, the slower it ages. Electronic brain-teasers - another method for mending the mind. The Brain Foundation says

simple steps can help fight dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. You must start doing things you have not done before. If you always thought, "I'd like to play an instrument", now is the time. At the Sydney City Bridge Club, the motto is 'use it or loose it'. Bridge is a great stimulator - you have to remember things, which is very difficult. I think the more you use your brain, the better it is. Back at boxing,

and even the cheer squad are getting a work-out. The program has been so successful, it will be rolled out to nursing homes across Australia. It will also go online, allowing residents to compete with family and friends interstate and even overseas. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

I was assuming you are going to

take full credit for this magnificent day in Sydney.

Nintendo network 10 champion, Ron

Wilson. What about that the stretch

of blue sky? We had used every bit of

of it from the coast way out to the

mountains. It was a good looking

day. Tomorrow, another one. 25 to

30 degrees. Fine and sunny.

30 degrees. Fine and sunny. Just

perfect across most of coastal

areas and the western suburbs of

Sydney. It stretched from the

mountain to the Queensland border.

An incredible day. It is 22 degrees

now. A classic of photograph today.

Thanks to Harvey Norman. Friday at

5:55pm. 25 to 30 degrees of tomorrow. London burning - next, an inferno tears through the Olympics site, sparking fears of a terror attack. And the clinical trial offering new hope for patients at risk of stroke.

What's the deal, Mr Howard? You want us to vote for you, so you can retire at some stage, but you won't say when. Then you'll hand over to Mr Costello who I wouldn't vote for as prime minister. Sorry, you've lost me. This festive season at FOXTEL, we're saying a lot of f-words. our finest package, free. And find out about FOXTEL's festive freebie fever.

VOICEOVER: A warning to all small business. The unions are coming. They've threatened payback. They've threatened standover tactics. We're coming back! They've threatened revenge. We're coming back!

If Labor wins, it'll be a disaster for Australia's small business. We're coming back!

JOHN HOWARD: Working families in Australia have never been better off.

Really, Mr Howard? How can you say that when we're working longer and harder under WorkChoices, and those interest rate rises have really stretched us to the limit? No offence, Mr Howard, you've just been there too long.

Time to check on the traffic now.

We have got a major traffic

incident unfolding at home incident unfolding at home beige.

Even the rescue helicopter called in.

Unfortunately. Home beige beige

drive and home beige near the M4,

or traffic lanes are blocked. A ban and

and several vehicles have collided.

They have blocked off the traffic

on how much they drive. There is

the rescue in operation right now.

Several fire brigade units,

ambulance vehicles. Hardly any traffic

traffic because of the road traffic because of the road has

been closed. I will show you how

been closed. I will show you how

far I can go from here. Just to

give you an idea how bad the

traffic is, traffic is not moving

from top right. The traffic is all

the way back into West pimple three

to St Ives. Parramatta Road is

awful. We all tried to find a detour later. Two women devastated by terrorism troops from Iraq. are demanding John Howard withdraw London bombing survivor Louise Barry and the widow of an American soldier killed in Iraq campaign. are behind the Hounding Howard Hundreds of thousands of civilians are dying. We're over there waving our flag in a military capacity and this is causing complete and utter devastation of lives there

but it also has repercussions here. They want all political parties to develop exit strategies from the war-torn country. A terrifying spectacle in London, sparking fears of a major terror attack. The bomb-like inferno instead turning out to be an accidental fire. Striking fear into the hearts of nervous Londoners, a giant column of billowing smoke pushed past the city skyscrapers.

As I turned the corner I turned round filling the sky. and there was just, like, smoke It was absolutely huge. It was, like, humungous. It was like a big black mushroom and it was just getting thicker and thicker and it was all up in the sky and it, like, looked real serious. from a terrorist explosion, The jaw-dropping plume wasn't but an accidental fire in a disused warehouse. The building, on London's proposed Olympics site,

burned fiercely all afternoon, with flames soaring up to 15m high. I've never seen anything like it. It was just the most immense billowings of smoke and fire, and then we actually saw the building collapse as well. Nearby office workers were evacuated and traffic diverted. Although no-one was injured, plenty were panicking. One of my neighbours, I bumped into her, and she said to me the school secretary's phoning all the parents, telling them that they've got to pick up the kids today. Olympics organisers aren't overly concerned by the blaze. Everything on this site proposed for the Olympic Village in 2012 was to be demolished in the next few months anyway.

In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. ageing Australians Doctors are recruiting

for a worldwide trial of a breakthrough anti-stroke medication. It's the first new-generation drug of its kind since Warfarin came onto the market in the 1950s. Nothing disables more Australians every day than the terrible effects of stroke. cause of death. It's also the third most common and in 2007 alone about 55,000 Australians -

will suffer a stroke. that's one every 10 minutes - Others will suffer mini-strokes and not even realise. Tiredness, lack of energy, breathlessness and then I realised that I had had some palpitations. For more than 50 years the blood-thinning medication warfarin was the only option for stroke patients, but was far from perfect. It's prone to side effects and has a lot of potential to interaction with other medications, especially antibiotics. And a hassle for both doctors and patients, The tablets got adjusted again and then I went for two weeks and the tablets had to be adjusted again, and then I went every four weeks. But a new blood-thinning drug called Factor 10A

may change everything following promising trials overseas. could take three years The Australian trial

and you needn't have suffered a stroke to be involved. High blood pressure, whether on medication or not,

or have diabetes, controlled or not, or who are aged 75 or more. People interested in taking part can call the 1800 number to register.

Tim Collits, Ten News. that's next in finance. The Aussie dollar takes a nosedive - Also, a bitter battle over preferences takes a new twist in the eastern suburbs. And horsing around - why these little Sydney babies are heading off into the wild. What's the deal, Mr Howard? You want us to vote for you, so you can retire at some stage, but you won't say when. Then you'll hand over to Mr Costello who I wouldn't vote for as prime minister. Sorry, you've lost me. Everybody can develop acid wear, Some of the drinks and foods that they are consuming are having a negative impact on their teeth. Acids can soften the enamel and that actually makes them more vulnerable. Try not to snack throughout the day. is ProNamel. to reharden softened enamel. You use it twice a day as you would a regular toothpaste. Hi, honey. How was your day? Oh, it was great! I dropped the kids off... Talking to the people in your life and in your town shouldn't come at a price. That's why TransACT phone customers can call each other for free. One in four homes and businesses in Canberra and Queanbeyan have already signed up. Hi. How was school? So let's get the whole town talking... Pocket money? ..with free local calls. Call today and switch to TransACT.

JOHN HOWARD: Working families in Australia have never been better off. Really, Mr Howard? How can you say that when we're working longer and harder under WorkChoices, and those interest rate rises have really stretched us to the limit? No offence, Mr Howard, you've just been there too long.

Making headlines this evening - a man is facing court over a chilling Internet threat it's claimed he has made against a Sydney high school. in a hit-run in Sydney's south, A woman left for dead home for fear of being hit again. has revealed she's afraid of leaving came on the day Jenny Franco's emotional admission failed to show up at court. the man accused of the crime apologies for his education handouts And the Prime Minister is making no regardless of their incomes. for all Australian families,

will be giving money to parents. Kevin Rudd has hinted he too The Electoral Commission of preference dealing will investigate startling claims

in exchange for media coverage.

Sydney seat of Wentworth says An independent candidate in the

to direct crucial preferences she was lobbied by a journalist to Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull in exchange for a front page newspaper story. It's the latest chapter in what's resembling an electoral soap opera. Dani Ecuyer is an Independent candidate in Wentworth, offended a journalist at 'The Australian' would urge her in an e-mail to help Malcolm Turnbull - Ecuyer claiming the journalist was: Trying to coerce or persuade any candidate, even less so an Independent candidate in a marginal seat, of where to put their preferences. The seat based around Bondi be decided on preferences. will almost certainly the major parties neck and neck. The latest polling has Adding to the drama, and Dani Ecuyer are former lovers. Labor candidate George Newhouse if any major media outlet I'd be disappointed

a particular candidate. was actively promoting that's the Australian way. I don't think can't see what the fuss is about. Malcolm Turnbull seem to be fairly humorous - The email exchanges but assuming they were serious, her personal opinion she was expressing to which she is entitled. toward Malcolm Turnbull The suggestion of a preference deal will be investigated by the Electoral Commission

and they will make a decision known in coming days. But it won't have an impact on people voting today here in Wentworth. Dani Ecuyer will announce her preferences on Friday. Number one on the ballot paper, she knows, in a tight contest like this one, it could be the difference between winning and losing for the Labor or Liberal parties. Now the fact that they moved the boundaries and now there is an Independent who got the donkey vote, it's looking very very, I suppose, dubious

will get over the line this time. whether Malcolm Kevin Wilde, Ten News. on the Australian sharemarket A strong day yesterday's losses. with the major banks recovering

A mission today to save one of the world's most fascinating creatures.

are plummeting across the globe, Seahorse numbers a second chance in Sydney Harbour. but they're being given

they've been the mystery sea urchin For centuries but while they're clerly captivating, with these curious creatures the world's obsession is threatening their existence. Alternative therapies, medicinal purposes, they're used for certain so they are actually poached from the wild. Now science is giving them a hand, right on our own doorstep. 30 baby white seahorses have been bred in captivity at Sydney Aquarium and for the first time they're being tagged, released and monitored. Scientists reluctantly let go of the 6-month-old babies this morning. But they won't go far - surprisingly territorial they will drift just metres The team will eventually be able to tell if this is the way to help the species. And so far at least - success.

They've all swam off, They're all living on the net now. to get back into the real world. They're quite happy, I think, is that here at Manly Cove What many people don't know for seahorses in Sydney Harbour. is one of the richest places Researchers hope to boost numbers across the globe. it's a starting point Hopefully in the long term, internationally we'll be able to release them the Philippines and Indonesia, to places like have been decimated. where populations for the next two years, These 30 will be closely watched

to help preserve their habitat. while more research is done Josh Murphy, Ten News.

Another look at the weather now.

The weather could be right for a

dip in the ocean, joining those

seahorses this weekend.

What a gorgeous day across the day.

You just have to work out what

colour bikini you are colour bikini you are working.

Tomorrow, fine and sunny. 25 to 30

degrees. 27, fine and sunny. Maybe

a bit of cloud on Saturday at a bit of cloud on Saturday at a

possible late shower on Sunday.

Temperatures going to reflect 27 to

30 degrees for the next four

30 degrees for the next four or

five days. Today's Tomorrow, gorgeous. Sport now for the Sri Lankan cricketers? and Tim, and no relief No, the Aussies won't be letting up - brace for another onslaught. more shortly as the tourists gets a deal at the last minute. Plus league's forgotten forward

against Scotland Also, almost 100 goals for the Aussie netballers. but it came at a cost

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This program is captioned live.

has brushed off concerns The Australian cricket team is not good for the game. its dominance of Test cricket The boys will simply continue their no mercy approach in the second Test against Sri Lanka. Heading for Hobart as hot favourites to win their 14th consecutive Test, the Australians with this reply to concerns that their success is making the game boring.

We're gonna play hard always and we're never gonna let up, so people can say what they want but we're playing it, we're loving it and so we're just gonna keep winning. And no sympathy either for the latest team to feel their heat - Sri Lanka beaten by an innings in the first Test but the tourists insist onto Bellerive Oval. they won't be taking any mental scars in ourselves, If we don't have that belief simple as that. there's no point going to Hobart,

convincingly again, hopefully, We're gonna try and beat them drive it right into 'em now. The tourists likely to be strengthened

Kumar Sangakkara by the return of key batsman from a hamstring injury. the 12th man in Brisbane, Colourful slinger Lasith Malinga, also in contention. We do have belief in this group. getting together It's just a matter of us and performing to our ability.

Senior batsman Marvin Atapattu available to play in Hobart Senior batsman Marvan Atapattu despite describing Sri Lankan selectors as Muppets. He'll be dealt with when the team gets home. Leanne West, Ten News. As we revealed last night, St George-Illawarra are out of the race for Willie Mason - they signed unwanted Knights forward Kirk Reynoldson today. Reynoldson admitted he was set to join the Hunter Valley mining industry before the approach from the Dragons, fearing his NRL days were over. I was a bit worried and I was considering other options and playing local league. as far as work I had a few good years left in me, Being only 28 and feeling like I was rather concerned. in the back of my mind, But I just sort of knew, was going to work out. that everything

compensation from the Knights, Reynoldson is still pursuing was unfairly terminated. alleging his contract another massive win Australia has recorded

at the netball world championships in Auckland. over Scotland The Aussies' 93 to 20 victory to Thursday's quarterfinals. means they progress unbeaten Goal shooter Cath Cox netted 37

chimed in with 34. while Victorian Sharelle McMahon an injury blow - But Australia did suffer Selina Gilsenan badly sprained her ankle. Centre Natalie von Bertouch was also accidentally kneed in the head, but recovered to play out the game. Mark Webber has ruled out

a possible switch to fill Fernando Alonso's vacant seat at McLaren in 2008. Still contracted to Red Bull, the luckless Australian is pinning his hopes on a more reliable machine next year. The cynics might suggest this is a more reliable ride all year.

Struck by a consistently inconsistent Red Bull, his year hasn't been all bad. the Australian remains positive with the way I drove this year, I was actually personally happy with one of my best season probably up personally. which I'm very, very happy with in the championship, Despite finishing a lowly 12th within the sport grow. Webber's stocks his underwhelming Red Bull 11 times he qualified in the top 10,

a second career podium in Germany, but race days, apart from have, more often than not, ended early. that's the toughest thing to take, Yeah, um, the reliability -

the things out of your control.

COMMENTATOR: That's Webber's fourth retirement this season. So you are confident there is light at the end of the tunnel? Of course, yeah, I have to be. At least we've got the guys in place to, I hope, deliver.

The F1 silly season revolves solely around one man. Pit lane remains in limbo until Fernando Alonso announces his new home. Well, I know I'm driving a Red Bull. I don't know what Fernando's up to, but obviously it's not at Maclaren, so Renault looks a pretty safe bet for him. Webber's next race lies in Tasmania. His charity fitness challenge begins on Friday. Tim Hodges, Ten News. race record could be smashed Predictions the Sydney to Hobart maxis battling for line honours. with four of the world's fastest for the race launch. The trophies were on show for more than silverware, But Wild Oats Eleven will be pushing she'll try to become honours for three consecutive years. only the second yacht to win line will be turbo-charged But this year the maxis with much greater sail area. of Nokia in '99, If you got the conditions you could probably take 10 hours off the existing record. 90 yachts have entered. Former Wallabies prop Bill Young will make his race debut aboard the George Gregan Foundation entry. There's also a Mexican boat for the first time. That's all for now. our world number one aerial skier, Jacqui Cooper embarks on another European campaign and reveals a rare honour she recently received in Las Vegas.

Big delays here. The severity of

this accident is severe. We up the

traffic queues. We were just the

him down on the M4. It is all the

way back in towards sort. The

accident is right near the Olympic

centre here at home - they drive.

The helicopter is just about to

take off. The rescue has been

complete now. They could be some

relief with lanes are reopening but

the delays are all the way back, 15

to 20 kilometre queues. It is awful. An epic voyage across the Tasman for two Sydney mates - that's coming up next, as well Tim Bailey's weather.

It is bumper-to-bumper on the Ring Road. In a hurry, mate? How are ya? Yeah, good. Yeah. ENGINE STARTS Apia could save you up to 20% So, if you're over 50 and not working full-time,

Apia. # It's not going to be over 50 but if you are and not working full-time

we're your insurance specialist. Call 13 50 50. This program is captioned live. An epic voyage for two young Sydney adventurers, setting off to become the first to kayak from Australia to New Zealand - the pair hoping to arrive safely in Auckland within 50 days.

Three years and hundreds of hours of paddling, research and hard work comes down to the little things - clearing Customs, voting in the Federal Election and 2000 kilometres of ocean. James and Justin can't wait to get under way. Today, I'm feeling quite calm and ready to go. The high tides surging into Foster Harbour delayed their departure,

dragging out the painful goodbyes with their families. They're taking on one of the toughest and most unforgiving stretches of water in the world. In February, the same journey claimed the life experience kayaker, Andrew Macauley. But James and Justin have taken every possible safety precaution and believe the unique cabin design of their kayak will be their life-pod. It's where they will sleep and take shelter when conditions are rough.

The wall is plastered with photos of their loved ones. Inside the cabin we have collages of photos of friends and family and some photos that are really nice serene shots. A tracking beacon fixed to the kayak will transmit their position back to a website every six minutes,

offering some comfort to their families. It's very exciting, that it has finally come around after all this time, but also quite scary. And a fitting send-off - hundreds of friends, families and locals lining the shore, and an honour guard of fellow kayakers escorting them to sea. For the next week, the boys have perfect conditions, but after that, they could be facing crashing swirls of more than 12m. And now it's just them and the adventure of a lifetime. They are hoping to hit land by Christmas Eve. In Foster, Tim Potter, Ten News.

This is a good story. You know how

much time we put him with the

Starlight Foundation and you know

how special those children are

because you give to them because you give to them regularly. We appreciate that. This We appreciate that. This gentleman,

his name is Danny. He spent a lot

of time with the star like kids

playing his music. He has just

brought out this piece called that

a car. Him after taking in seconds to

to think of the title! The money is

going to interchange which

basically help disadvantaged

children and disadvantaged families.

We like his heart and music and we

like the name of the son. It is called weatherman.

called weatherman.

# My eyes on the weatherman.

# The temperature is rising, clouds # The temperature is rising, clouds

moving in, rain from the east and into a spin. Another sign

Another sign weatherman.

Weatherman, help me understand. #

10 % of this music is going to

disadvantaged kids and families.

You'll catch him at Manly on

Saturday night. A round of applause

plays for this gorgeous weather. APPLAUSE.

My cameraman said, they get up into

the crowd. But we show you what is

going on. Live from darling harbour

where it is glorious. where it is glorious. Likewise tomorrow. 25 to 30 degrees.

Thursday, 27 degrees. Saying on

Friday. Maybe some like cloud on

Saturday and a late chance and they

did everything looking pretty shiny

and a ripe - - bright blue sky in Sydney.

Bright cloud his sake letting over north-eastern Australian a trouble

below, bringing showery onshore

winds to the Queensland coast.

Patchy cloud fawning over inland Patchy cloud fawning over inland

South Australia in a trough, during

thunderstorms. Tomorrow, a broad

trough will trigger widespread thunderstorms

thunderstorms over the northern

tropics and interior. A few afternoon staunch have developed

from South Australia into from South Australia into Victoria

and New South Wales. Predicted a

dissertation - what is falling from

the sky? Afternoon storms possible.

Storms for far western New South

Wales, South Australia and Western Queensland.

Queensland. Showers on the

Queensland coast and in Tasmania.

He can get the music on I jeans.

The song is called the weatherman.

Tomorrow, 25 to 30 degrees. The

flies are. Not a cut in the sky.

Absolutely glorious. Got less daylight saving.

A round of applause for good music and

and good heart. See you tomorrow. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us for updates throughout the evening. The Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10:30.


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