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(generated from captions) What have we got? Bump it up to a smidgen off $30,000. I think I got the $1. $500 if you're right. It's... Let's have a lookie. Oh! So you were absolutely right! an extremely unlucky case, True to form, 4 would've been by dealing when you did. and you avoided calamity Let's see the money. Nicely played, Philip. Well, here's a young lady contestant sometimes - Miss Monnie. that stirs a few neutrons in our another gorgeous gal - And, of course, your beautiful wife Lisa. Well done, team. What a great effort, huh? education pays, kids. Just goes to show that get educated. Mwah! And when it pays like this, Great to have you with us too. Great to have you with us. See you next time. 'Bye. (Laughs)

This program is captioned live. Tonight - $10 billion pitch to parents John Howard's and home ownership. on childcare, education,

of the opportunity society This is the essence I want Australia to become. cockroaches on operating tables The Health Minister grilled about at Royal North Shore. A Sydney terror suspect set free his illegal arrest. after a judge slams off to a winning start. And a new era in Australian cricket

with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. the Coalition's election campaign John Howard has officially launched to be Prime Minister again, declaring he wants to build a greater Australia. is political editor Mark Riley. Joining us from Brisbane And Mark, what's he promising? campaign launch spending record John Howard has broken his own at the hip pocket nerve of families. with a $10 billion dollar and childcare, He promised to help fund school fees especially for first homebuyers. and to make housing more affordable, join the liberal party faithful... Three generations of Howards CROWD CLAPS deliver his final big spending bid watch their patriarch

for re-election. I want to complete the transition of this nation from a welfare state to an opportunity society. is a massive welfare expansion But his central pitch in education tax rebates. outbidding Labor with $6.3 billion

including school fees. to go towards all costs And a $2.2 billion housing package for first home buyers, including tax-free savings accounts abolishing capital gains tax in their children's first homes on parents' shared equity land release for new houses. and a massive Commonwealth And matching Labor on childcare up front, by paying the childcare tax rebate to build new centres. and subsidies of up to $1 million building blocks of a good society. Families are the more than his Treasurer. He hopes it excites the electorate But as the warm-up act delivered the line of the day, Peter Costello economic credentials. attacking Labor's were never reds under the beds They'd have you believe there just economic conservatives! LAUGHS Battling families his first election victory. delivered John Howard to deliver a record fifth He now hopes they return a veteran parliamentary warrior and allow with his own record intact. to leave the political stage as the Reserve Bank warned today But the record spending spree comes to put pressure on interest rates that inflation will continue

for the next two years. Mr Howard is retiring to take responsibility and he will not be around for anything that's been said today. at the same venue on Wednesday Mr Rudd will get his turn the exit. as he tries to show John Howard

Mr Rudd says he will have $

Mr Rudd says he will have $10 billion to throw at voters. billion to throw at voters. Would

you say today's launch was an

election winner for the from time to

time? That's the $ time? That's

time? That's the $64 billion

question, that is how much John

Howard has spent so far. Labor is

still ahead by 10 points and two

weeks to go we will find out how

much to buy hose

much to buy hose votes. today's policies A leading pollster believes but they might have come too late. will have wide appeal

to vote Labor - they've made up their minds Many voters say

in the Prime Minister's own seat. even former Howard supporters Rudd Street - Minister's Bennelong electorate deep in the heart of the Prime has lived for 25 years. where the Locciasano family even campaigned for him, They've always voted John Howard, but not any more. John Howard - no more? Four elections working for Nope. No way. and interest rates They're so incensed by WorkChoices they've ditched Mr Howard will bring them back. and nothing they heard today I've always supported him. Like I said, Now it's time for a change. to nearby Howard Place But Seven News also returned reaction. and found a totally opposite No question from our point of view. No definitely not. that's for sure - John Howard all the way, particularly now. In fact, across the electorate division...

my decision to vote, I think. It probably wouldn't change if he's doing that. Yeah, well, he's thinking of us So he's got my vote. will undoubtedly help the Coalition. Experts say today's announcements If they were going to target for the Coalition, the difficult demographics the right area. this certainly is in launched just this morning A Seven News website poll

could still change their vote asked how many people of the campaign. in the last two weeks 10% said they could swing. Of 7,000 respondents so far, across the line. That's enough to push either party Royal North Shore Hospital The inquiry into

has started hearing horror stories operating tables during surgery. including cockroaches running across had made the hospital unsafe. Doctors declared staffing shortages, over patient care emerged. As a fresh crisis Lindy Batterham took her 90-year-old mother Joy to have heart medication assessed. to Royal North Shore Hospital But Joy, an amputee, suffered a fractured hip

when a nurse tried to move her unassisted. clearly very dangerous thing to do. And, you know, ended in my Mum's death. She died during surgery to fix the fracture. I wanted to be there to support her... (cries) but I was denied that.

A parliamentary inquiry into the hospital was also told Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Jeffrey Hughes quit in disgust after 16 years' service. He complained of


Operating tables breaking in two That is not acceptable, is it? It's certainly not acceptable. But that is why the new management has responded to concerns of staff at the hospital. These conditions might be expected of third world hospitals,

Doctors told the inquiry 95% of the hospital's beds are occupied at any one time. They say it urgently needs 70 extra beds to provide adequate care. of more than 85% If you have an occupancy rate of more than 85% you haven't really got a safe hospital.

A judge has slammed ASIO agents, of a Sydney medical student involved in the arrest

who's had terrorism charges against him dropped. The judge says Izhar Ul-Haque's arrest was illegal, practically a kidnapping. While his lawyer says, the agents behaved like morons. After three years accused of being a would-be terrorist Izhar Ul-Haque is a free man. Charges against the 24-year-old were dropped after a judge ruled much of the evidence against him was inadmissible. right from the start. This has been a moronic prosecution

The terror laws were introduced supposedly to capture terrorists not brilliant young men like Izhar Ul-Haque. Mr Ul-Haque visited Pakistan in 2003 where he trained with Lashkar-e-Toiba before it was declared a terror group. One evening in November 2003 Mr Ul-Haque was met by ASIO officers at a nearby train station and brought to this park in Blacktown for interrogation. He wasn't arrested, nor was he told he could remain silent. Instead, he was threatened. Meanwhile, officers were raiding his house, seizing possessions and questioning his family. From the beginning this was no more than a political show trial

designed to justify the billions of dollars spent on counter-terrorism.

Justice Michael Adams slammed the behaviour of ASIO and the AFP. Mr Ul-Haque's detention was not only illegal

but verged on kidnapping. The Government defended its operatives. I think the agencies that work in this area work under a great deal of pressure. Mr Ul-Haque is now trying to find work as a doctor. Real estate experts have named Sydney's 10 boom suburbs where they expect prices to go through the roof over the next year. Half are inner suburbs but Campbelltown and Penrith are also seen as a good buy. It offers village life in an urban setting - Erskineville, just 5km from the CBD, and affordable still relatively undiscovered

say estate agents. Absolutely.

We can get you into a two bedroom terrace in the area still for $480,000 to $500,000, so its absolutely affordable. Those just moving in agree. We found it to be because we were living in the eastern suburbs. But eastern suburbs prices could soon flow on here. Built in 1883, this mansion sold for just over $1 million on Saturday. According to a nationwide survey by Property Investor Magazine, Erskineville is one several inner west suburbs where property prices are expected to boom over the next year. The list also identifies areas offering potential and bargains, like struggling Campbelltown where repossessions are averaging 12 a month. On a shimmering day like this it's hard to believe that Sydney may soon no longer be the city most want to live in. According to another survey, Melbourne's on track for that title. And Sydney's lack of affordable housing could be one of the reasons. The quarter acre block, the three bedroom brick veneer is simply more affordable in Melbourne than it is in Sydney. The Victorian capital grew by more than 62,000 people last year - almost twice Sydney's growth. If that trend continues then Melbourne will overtake Sydney two decades from now. Ahead in Seven News - the credit trap that's sending teenagers bankrupt. Also, a rare visit to Sydney Harbour by a couple of inquisitive whales. And the Queen and Prince William lead Remembrance Day in London. has jackpotted to $6 million. a truckload of cash! So you could win HORN BLARES Don't miss Oz Lotto's $6 million jackpot.

Under the Whitlam Labor Government, interest rates hit 10%. Under the Hawke Labor Government, interest rates hit 17%.

Under the Keating Labor Government, interest rates hit 12%. So what do you think will happen to interest rates under a Labor government with union fanatics, environmental extremists, and learners in charge of our economy?

VOICEOVER: When you vote Liberal, you're voting for a $4 billion plan to help senior citizens, an extra 900 Australian-trained doctors and specialists and 800,000 home visits by practice nurses for older Australians. Sydney Harbour has played host to a couple of sightseeing whales.

The female humpback and her calf were spotted around 7:30 this morning near Bradleys Head. They then surprised whale watchers by heading into Rose Bay.

It's rare for humpbacks to go so far into the Harbour, and unusual for them to be here so late in the year. Experts think the mother has been slowed down by her calf on their way to cooler Antarctic waters for summer. Convicted car hoons will have their vehicles crashed, then crushed under a plan to stamp out drag racing. The government is even threatening to post video of the destruction on the Internet but critics say more should be spent on prevention. First came the plan to crush them. Now the Government's talking demolition in crash tests - hoons' prized possessions. They know the rule - if you get it wrong, you're gonna lose your car. Burnouts, street-racing or other hoonish behaviour can already see drivers lose their cars for three months. Get caught a second time,

the car could end up here at the RTA crash test lab. The driver of the car may be in the lab, may get access to a video of what happened. And maybe posted on YouTube as a deterrent for others. Glen Fuller has spent four years studying the hoon culture. I'm not sure it will have much of an impact on the population of drivers they think it will affect but for the broader public, most of them will find it funny. The 'Destruction by Crash Testing' plan won't apply to cars used by drink drivers. This proposal simply won't work unless the State Government returns highway patrol police to our roads. The Government says it wants is sending a message. This year nearly 300 cars have been impounded -

virtually all handed back. As few as eight vehicles were permanently confiscated and sold. Teenagers trapped into harsh mobile phone contracts are being warned against declaring bankruptcy to escape their debts. Experts say it might seem attractive but their credit ratings could be crippled for years to come.

Chloe Cooper has just finished the HSC and wants to buy a car. But there's a problem. She has a mobile phone debt of almost $2,000. What are you gonna do? I have no idea. (giggles) Um, try and pay for it somehow. We don't have the money to pay for it, it's impossible. Chloe is one of many teenagers locked into contracts they know little about. There are some really serious ethical issues in the way in which telcos market their products - particularly to young people. nearly 1,000 people under 24 Last year, in New South Wales. declared themselves bankrupt Often because of phones.

showed that A recent youth-debt study had mobile phone debts. more than a third of young people that debt was about $5,000. For 1 in 4 of them, bankruptcy should be a last resort. Financial counsellors say It's better to negotiate, to the telecommunications ombudsman. or if you feel cheated, complain an independent financial counsellor, Try and see a financial counsellor, who doesn't charge a fee the situation with them and try and work through repayment plan going. to try and get some sort of I mean, what does she do or a car loan? if she wants to go for a home loan

Do you know what I mean? it's gonna make her look bad. This is what scares me is that Chloe has a prepaid now that sold her the contract. and is considering suing the company across Italy Soccer fans have rioted a supporter. after police accidentally shot dead of up to 200 people A rampaging mob and attacked a police station set a bus alight in Rome in the country's north. after officers killed a man He was hit in the neck

to disperse fighting supporters. when police fired warning shots BIG BEN CHIMES at the cenotaph in London. The Queen led commemorations including Prince William, Thousands attended the service, for the first time. who laid a wreath He trained with two soldiers

this year. who died in Iraq and Afghanistan In northern France, 111-year-old Henry Allingham, World War I veterans, one of the last surviving paid his respects. While in Belgium,

paper poppies were released the main Remembrance service. as 10,000 people attended Time for sport with Matthew White. Willie Mason round for tea. And Ricky Stuart invites

He is getting a few invitations. Also tonight - on Mason's future shortly. We'll have the latest

the first Test at the Gabba. Australia easily wraps up how good is that? COMMENTATOR: Oh I say, in the premier league. And a Cahill cracker

from Tim Cahill. Absolutely brilliant Did you really vote 23 times for John Howard's extreme workplace laws? Yep, you voted for them. Cutting penalty rates, threatening maternity leave and wage increases?

Yep, you voted for them. to vote for you? And now you expect us For more information, go to: a stranglehold over our waterfront? Remember when the unions had the wharf, let alone export it. who were supporting them then - Well, the same people and all their union mates - in a Rudd Labor Government, In fact, 70% of the ministers

its 13th-straight Test victory Australia has recorded in disarray. and left Sri Lanka's summer four wickets in the second innings Man of the Match Brett Lee added to grab eight for the match, and 40 runs. the Aussies winning by an innings Still trailing by more than 200, and good luck. the Sri Lankans needed rain The luck came early. hang onto that at this level. COMMENTATOR: You've really gotta a chance. That's not that difficult Prasanna Jayawardene. But there was no saving

yes, he's got him! Close, close, close - 50th Test wicket That was Stuart Clarke's when Brett Lee sent a thunderbolt. and they were seven down Oh, I say, how good is that! as the rain came down. Then hope for Sri Lanka

But it didn't set in. They went on and off a few times before the visitors' hopes evaporated.

He goes - he could be out. He is out! Can you believe it? Fernando his fourth. Silva was Lee's third wicket, well bowled. There it is, the yorker, It was always on. And Stuart Clarke finished them off. clean bowled him. Bowled him, The leg stump is down. An innings win for Australia. Man of the Match. Brett Lee's 8 wickets earnt him the rematch in Hobart from Friday. Both sides now look forward to Sri Lanka want redemption, twist the knife. the new-look Aussies want to at the start of the summer It's one very good performance nothing's really surprised me but, you know, the team for this game. from guys that have come into

I think played the way Jaques and Johnson

that we knew they could play. of the Pura Cup table And the Blues are on top against South Australia, after a seven wicket win

to a century partnership Thanks largely and Simon Katich. between Dominic Thornely their bid for Willie Mason The Sharks have stepped up holding talks today with the Test star at his house. with Cronulla coach Ricky Stuart for Mason The Roosters remain favourites they off-loaded Ashley Harrison but that's not the only reason to salary cap problems. with the club admitting

in Centennial Park. The Roosters were hard at it early

trained there later, And while big Willie if he'll join them. he's still unsure No, mate, I don't know, I swear.

to the Gold Coast for three years. after Ashley Harrison signed on They do have money to spend

We both sort of win. Frees up a bit of money for them to go back home. and I get an opportunity

But it won't all go to Mason visited NRL chief David Gallop because as club boss Brian Canavan coach Brad Fittler revealed

a salary-cap drama. the Roosters had dodged we were above the salary cap Yeah, well, trim it down somewhere so we had to sort of getting complicated. and it was sort of if they're to get Mason. And still more may need to go

Miss out and would they look stupid? how to answer that, Yeah, I mean I don't know and knock his door down. but, yeah, I'd certainly go That's the problem. will I guess it's a big call. If we don't get Willie

I reckon we can still improve so, you know, Willie's just a bonus really. Socceroo Tim Cahill has scored a spectacular equaliser for his English Premier League side Everton in their clash with Chelsea. Didier Drogba looked to have given the Blues their fifth straight league victory,

until Cahill spoiled the party with an acrobatic late strike. COMMENTATOR: Absolutely brilliant from Tim Cahill. It was Cahill's first Premier League goal of the season. You

You get a sore neck. You love your

tennis. I do. I am going to give you

2014 reasons to 2014 reasons to love it more. That

is how seven has signed

is how seven has signed up

Australian Open for. Made my is how seven has signed up the Australian Open for. Made my day, thanks thanks Matt. Checking finance now, and the share market closed 1% lower, weighed down by falls on Wall Street.

Financial companies are feeling the impact of the credit crisis in the United States. The ASX 200 was down 90 points. Sara's found her voice and she's back with Sydney's weather after the break. Along with some novel ideas on recycling. Get ready, guys! This is big! on its entire Accord range. Oh! You're right! That is big! Wow! That's huge! Come on, guys, let's show them how small the price really is! Me too! Further! So run into your local Honda dealer Smile, guys, smile! Did you really vote 23 times for John Howard's extreme workplace laws? Yep, you voted for them. Cutting penalty rates, threatening maternity leave and wage increases?

Yep, you voted for them. And now you expect us to vote for you? For more information, go to:

For our skin to feel more resilient after 60, it needs special care. New Age Re-Perfect Pro-Calcium Night. Even richer in Pro-Calcium. This luxurious cream makes my skin feel protected, more resilient. Recharged day and night. Night and Day from L'Oreal Paris. For a more beautiful tomorrow, we're worth it. Good evening. National Recycling Week starts today and this year we're being encouraged to think outside the square. Most of us are pretty good when it comes to newspapers and milk bottles,

but you can recycle just about everything and you'd be surprised at what you can make yourself. We'll take a look at a few things in a minute. But first isn't it nice to have some warmth back in the air.

Temperatures were close to average today with a range of 15 to 25 degrees in town. Gosford and Katoomba dipped to 9 degrees overnight but the rest of Sydney hovered in the low to mid teens. Warm nor-easterlies pushed tops into the mid to high 20s. 27 in Richmond, Liverpool, Penrith, and Campbelltown. From the satellite southern Queensland is picking up some more welcome rain but it's dry elsewhere under a high pressure ridge. That high will drive a brief southerly change up the NSW coast tomorrow, will flow across the inland, but hot northerly winds

extending across South Australia. So Adelaide will feel the heat, 34 degrees. Perth 33. Melbourne, sunny and 25. Hobart 24. Up to 28 in Canberra with a few showers persisting around Brisbane, 25 degrees. Afternoon storms for Darwin 34. In Sydney, light winds will be from the south-west

later in the day swinging nor-easterly in the morning

up to 15 knots offshore. tomorrow It's going to be nice and sunny for the city and coast. with a pleasant top of 24 degrees Warming up westwards. Parramatta 26. Liverpool 27. and Campbelltown, 28 degrees. Richmond, Penrith, to this time last week. It's a very different outlook Wednesday will be mostly fine showers about the ranges, with the chance of some isolated 27 degrees. Dry and sunny after that in the high 20s. with temperatures staying Pollen levels medium. Back to National Recycling Week and would you believe

from recycled printer cartridges. this bench is actually made from recycled materials and linen. These clothes have all been made And my favourite - Chunky the Dog. Bravo. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company, goodnight. Survivor - Marcia Hines, her tell-all interview, revealing her daily confrontation with a life-threatening disease. Hello, I'm Anna Coren. Tonight, she reveals even more about her four marriages as a pregnant teenager. and starting out How could they get it so wrong? that turned lives upside down A mistaken identity for child support. even involving claims Tears I Cry. at Flemington, and the owner. That's the 100-1 winner really make you happy? Tonight, does sudden wealth luckiest Australians. We revisit some of the Are they still smiling? at the Diana Inquest. The key witness the king of the world's paparazzi. A Geelong-born multi-millionaire now On 'Australian Idol', to speak her mind. she's the judge least likely on everything. But Marcia Hines has plenty to say for the first time Tonight, Marcia speaks about her daily battle with illness at last, and how she's found true love

after three failed marriages.

Sophie Hull reports. A survivor. I mean, why else wouldn't I survive? That's why I'm here.

about you # # There's something very special

Australia's reigning queen of pop has done and seen it all in a stellar career spanning 37 years. And yet she seems to barely have aged since arriving in Australia as an ambitious teenager from Boston. I wasn't a normal 16-year-old, OK. Obviously, I was a pretty - Because, you know, I mean like, you know, and, um, I knew what I wanted to do, way after I'd gotten here coming here and finding out I was pregnant, that if I hadn't had my child and I do know now I wouldn't be as solid as I am now. She blazed her own trail. ever in 'Hair', First, as the youngest cast member to play Mary Magdalene then as the first black woman in 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. queen of pop three times. And she was voted as Countdown's I'm so glad that I didn't go back to America

you see. because my contract was six months,

I mean, so many people think to make it big, they have to go to the States but you did it the other way around. "Why don't you go overseas?" Often, people say to me and I say "Well, I am overseas."

At this stage of her life about most things. Marcia seems philosophical in pop's heyday The madness of her meteoric rise