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(generated from captions) A long way from 100 at that stage.

34 balls to get off the mark. A

brilliant innings. 100 in 203 balls.

A lot of work to be done. Sideways

movements, swing, rain

interruptions all had to be coped

with. He did it brilliantly. In the with. He did it brilliantly. In the

end, 66 overs of the day gone, and

he's out for 100. The Australians

haven't been stymied in their run

rate. 3.27 runs per over. Hussey

has done it tough. Just like Jaques

at the start of his innings.

Brutal attack - a policeman in hospital on a street at Randwick. after being bashed and stabbed and stabbed him at least twice. Hit him in the head with a brick Fatal failure - little Shellay Ward three years ago. how DOCS had a chance to save Reunited - the teenage hero and the man he saved from a speeding train. be in a hundred pieces right now. If it hadn't been for Julian, I'd And the YouTube killer - a deadly school shooting his deranged plans on the Internet. after the gunman posted

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Good evening. pays off with a ton Also tonight - Phil Jaques's recall on the first day of the first Test. is under way tonight A major police hunt an off-duty policeman for a man who stabbed and bashed

at Randwick this morning. outside his home about to break into a house It is thought the offender was or a car. in a stable condition in hospital. Tonight, the officer is an off-duty officer was down. The call went out -

And police swarmed. advised on that, thanks. POLICE RADIO: Copy 15, keep us The focus of the manhunt - wearing a black hooded jacket. a male aged in his 20s was stopped and checked Anyone who fitted the description other police searched for clues. while at the scene of the crime Just after 9:30 this morning was at his Randwick home the 48-year-old constable

when he heard his dog barking. When he went outside to investigate was brutally attacked. the father of two Hit him in the head with a brick in the stomach. and stabbed him at least twice

as neighbours called for help. The man then ran off holding his head and his stomach, The guy hopped into the ambulance and blood all down his arm. in this street remains unclear, Why the attacker was lurking

obvious theory - but police say there is one either a car or a house that he was intending to break into by the off-duty officer. before being interrupted This afternoon injured officer a visit in hospital. the Police Commissioner paid his to go up and shook his hand I'm really pleased to be able

and wished him all the best. He is doing fine. was injured in a struggle Late this afternoon a second officer

while making an arrest at Peakhurst. the offender The policeman used mace to subdue in a car chase. who had earlier been involved Damian Ryan, National Nine News. has emerged tonight Alarming new evidence to rescue little Shellay Ward, that DOCS had ample opportunity to have starved to death the girl who is believed in her family's Hawks Nest home. at Matraville in Sydney's south-east, Three years ago the family lived

of their efforts to raise the alarm. and neighbours there have told

at smells from the Ward house A next-door neighbour became worried and told DOCS. I don't know what actions they took. taken in time Evidently the action didn't get to save Shellay's life. Debby Jacobsen A neighbour also told foster worker that the girl was a prisoner. was never out of the room. She was concerned the child that very time she looked in calling day and night she could hear the child and wasn't allowed out of the room.

the room had a locked door. And she could see Debby Jacobsen says Community Services five times she and the neighbour contacted in those three years. until the family suddenly moved out The situation didn't change and cleaners arrived. all the clothes and filth. They actually had to shovel out It was disgusting and distressing

at her family's new home, On Saturday, Shellay was found dead at Hawks Nest, on the Central Coast. She weighed just 9kg.

to stonewall. Today, the DOCS Minister continued

As I said before, to comment on any issue it'd be inappropriate for me out in the community. And why?

the legal people. That was what came from says The union representing DOCS workers facing an overwhelming workload the Minister is running a department with far too few field workers. For every hour in the field hours in the office. the DOCS worker has to do 9 or 10 detected if she'd attended school. Shellay's plight may have been Department will prosecute parents From now on, the Education

to school. who refuse to send their children Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Now to the election campaign, on PM Howard and Labor has launched a new attack in interest rates. over yesterday's rise

They've picked him up on a statement

for the rate hike in which he said he was sorry but didn't use the word 'apology'. as an issue for John Howard, Sorry has surfaced again yesterday's rate rise jolt this time as he deals with

to the election campaign, since the last election. one of six interest rate hikes they'd occurred. Well, I said that I was sorry

the word 'apology'. I don't think I actually used the word, This morning's press trumpeted or apologising but was Mr Howard simply regretting, when he said... I'm sorry about that.

who's long refused to apologise Now the PM - to Aboriginal Australians, for past injustices after past rate rises - though has said sorry insists this was no apology. between the two things. I think there is a difference an apology He owes Australian working families for having not told them the truth. he's now campaigning on ground At least for Mr Howard, the economy. the Coalition considers its own - new jobless numbers - Today he and the Treasurer seized on

but still historically low. up slightly in October to 4.3%, Giving people a job and a job of their choice that a government ever does. is the most important thing The Treasurer insists Labor's plan to unravel WorkChoices threatens the economy. That's the wrong policy, Mr Rudd. It's the wrong policy, and it's a big risk for Australia. Mr Costello would take WorkChoices even further.

Climate change resurfaced in the campaign as the Environment Minister and his Shadow debated at the Press Club... We all need a new global deal, but it has to include the big emitters.

..Labor arguing the Government has only one climate change answer...

25 nuclear reactors, coming to a suburb or a city near you. ..and seizing on Victorian Liberal Jason Wood's campaign pamphlet

in which he trumpets his opposition to nuclear power. Tim Lester, National Nine News. The National Australia Bank has been the first to pass on the interest rate rise to its customers and it's warned it could raise them even further regardless of the Reserve Bank. The NAB says the effects of the global credit squeeze are biting into its margins and if that continues it will be left with no choice but to hit home borrowers again. Lung cancer will soon be the biggest killer of women in NSW, expected to overtake breast cancer within three years. The Cancer Council has accused both the State and Federal governments of not doing enough to help patients, with 85% dying within five years. Roslyn Hogan has never smoked,

yet three years ago she was diagnosed with lung cancer.

It discriminates against no-one. Anyone can get lung cancer, not just smokers. While Roslyn couldn't prevent her cancer, most victims can. Out of every 10 new cases diagnosed, 8 are considered to be caused by smoking.

Within three years, lung cancer will overtake breast cancer as the biggest killer of women in NSW. In 2004, 837 women died from lung cancer.

That's expected to jump 12%, to 939, by 2010. Alarmed, the Iemma Government today launched a $1.4 million campaign to get the message across. Sometimes you can hear lung cancer in smokers before you see it. There's a whistling noise. We make no apologies for it being graphic and horrific. The Iemma Government is considering following Tasmania and South Australia by banning motorists from smoking when children are in their car. The Cancer Council, though, says more needs to be done on a national level, accusing both sides of politics of neglecting the cancer. They've got to re-activate the national tobacco campaign. It's the most stigmatised, ignored, underfunded cancer of all. Allison Langdon, National Nine News.

A special advisory board has approved a government subsidy Sydney's wet week has translated into some very welcome gains to our catchment. The latest figures show the overall water supply capacity at 57.5%, that's up 0.4%. While that might not sound much, it actually translates to an extra 11.5 million litres. The rain has also fallen on western regions of the State, with light falls recorded in centres such as Dubbo and Wagga.

From the Central Coast tonight an incredible story of bravery involving a 14-year-old boy. He saved the life of a man who fell onto railway tracks, dragging him out of danger just moments before a train sped through a station. Searching for a way to thank the young hero, Mark O'Dwyer found this.

If ever he needs me through the rest of his life, I'm there for him, if ever I can do anything for him. Julian Shaw says he's an unlikely hero. I really didn't expect to be saving someone. Last month he was at Lisarow train station, near Gosford, when Mark had a seizure and collapsed. He fell between those two. I just remember falling back and hitting and then not breathing. I remember not being able to breathe. Mark broke his back in the fall and briefly lost consciousness.

To make matters worse, a passenger train was about to drive through the station. Without hesitation, Julian jumped onto the tracks. I saw the train coming - the express train - so I quickly grabbed him, put him on my shoulder and just dived under the platform. The train surged by, at 90km/h. Pretty scary because the ground's shaking and the train's going through. You're in unfamiliar territory. Mark also fractured ribs and a shoulder and injured a knee,

but considers himself very fortunate. If it hadn't been for Julian, I'd be in a hundred pieces right now. Being a hero does have its rewards. People buy me free ice blocks at the canteen. Dale Paget, National Nine News. Later in sport, Willie Mason speaks out, but in the news ahead, the shocking school shooting forewarned on YouTube. A perfect touchdown for the space shuttle 'Discovery' and an aviation pioneer to finally get a fitting send off. There's still some lovely people out there.

A deranged student who posted his mass murder plan on YouTube has shot dead seven schoolmates and his woman principal

at his high school in southern Finland. Pekka-Eric Auvinen was apparently driven by the belief that he should choose people who were unfit to live. Once he finished, he fatally wounded himself. Terrified students ran from their school as heavily armed police went in. For 40 minutes, a fellow student with a .22-calibre handgun had gone from classroom to classroom, choosing victims to shoot.

As many fled on foot, or by jumping out of windows, Pekka-Eric Auvinen killed five female and two male students, as well as the headmistress,

before he shot himself in the head.

He died several hours later. This teacher left his classroom during the shooting and almost became another victim. The shooter was running towards me with a pistol in his hand. This is the killer Auvinen practising his shooting in a forest. He posted the video on the website YouTube a few days ago, and he was clearly pleased with his handiwork. Just hours before the shooting Auvinen had also placed this video on the Internet. Titled 'Jokela High School Massacre', the name of the school,

it includes a song called 'Stray Bullets'.

The song was also a favourite of Eric Harris, one of the Columbine High School killers in the United States. The result of his hatred has stunned Finland - a country with the third-highest level of gun ownership in the world but, surprisingly, few problems with gun crime, until now. James Talia, National Nine News. After withstanding re-entry temperatures of 1,600 degrees,

the space shuttle 'Discovery' has arrived home, completing a 15-day mission.

'Discovery' completing its 34th mission to space and the 23rd shuttle flight to the International Space Station.

The mission delivered and installed a new laboratory on the space station and executed a crucial repair on one of the wings used to collect solar energy. Indian surgeons have successfully separated a partly formed twin which was fused to the body of 2-year-old Lakshmi Tatma.

The child has withstood the procedure in an excellent manner. The child is safe. Lakshmi endured 27 hours of surgery to remove the trunk of her twin and a second set of arms and legs. Her progress over the next three days will be crucial to her survival. Now to an update on our story on Allan Bovelt, the aviation expert who sadly died alone

and who was thought to be destined for a pauper's burial. Tonight, a funeral company has promised him a dignified farewell and a sister has been tracked down in New Zealand. For the past six months New Zealand grandmother Noelene Stanley has been trying to find her brother, unaware he died in Sydney in June. I felt so frustrated. Now I can get some closure. Allan Bovelt was one of Australia's aviation pioneers, a world authority on DC-3s. Sydney police had been unable to find Mr Bovelt's family so the 78-year-old may have had an undignified end to his life buried in an unmarked grave after a pauper's funeral. He's a man who should be remembered, not a man forgotten. After our story on Monday, police managed to locate Mr Bovelt's sister in Christchurch. I was very sad to find that he had died alone. I felt devastated. The story touched the hearts of of Euro Funerals, which will provide a service for free. Everyone needs a dignified farewell and a celebration of their lives, as opposed to just becoming another number in a pauper's grave. There's still some lovely people out there

and to know that someone cared for him...

While Noelene Stanley can't make the trip to Australia for medical reasons, members of her family will attend the cremation service. Mr Bovelt's ashes will then be scattered from an airborne DC-3. A fitting farewell for a man whose passion was planes. Simon Bouda, National Nine News Ken with sport is next and Sri Lanka pay a heavy price for not batting first. Much to the delight of opener and century maker Phil Jaques

also a relaxed Willie chills out with Loti while taking a massive swipe at the Bulldogs.

Opener Phil Jaques has seized his chance to be Justin Langer's long-term successor, scoring a maiden century on day one of the first test against Sri Lanka. Jaques was out for 100 Matthew Hayden and Ricky Ponting made solid contributions approaching stumps Australia is 3/225. Australia's 398th Test player. Mitchell Johnson gets his baggy green from the bowler he's replaced, Glenn McGrath.

To see him here today and to receive it from him, it's a very proud moment for me. He's got everything to be a successful cricketer for a long, long time to come. A hug for loved ones, a frank admission from dad he's never seen Mitchell play. When I was watching him get his cap there was a bit of a tear.

Early rain delays added to a nervous start for Phil Jaques.

After 34 deliveries he got off the mark. Matthew Hayden was soon on the march. That got his new partner going. COMMENTATOR: That's his best shot so far. Hayden's charge was halted on 43, hauled in on the run by Murali. Ricky Ponting reinforced his ranking as the world's best batsman as Murali desperately eyed a wicket. Jaques proved he belongs in his captain's company with his first Test 50 on home soil. His knock was not chanceless. But while jaques avoided Sri Lanka's grasp,

on 56 Ponting lunged and was well stumped.

Wicket 701 for Murali. Jaques swept his way into the 90s. Nicknamed Pro, he cut loose the moment he knew he'd notched triple figures. It ended on an even 100, the opener angry at being deceived. Justin Langer's successor looks to be here for the long term. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. Arapaho Miss, ridden by Corey Brown, won the $1 million VRC Oaks at Flemington today. Fashion and hats were the entree to the feature event, the creations as eye-catching as the winning run.

Here are the closing stages to the 2,500m race. RACE CALLER: Arapaho Miss clear, 1.5 lengths in front. Arapaho wins by two lengths to Serious Speed. It was a double for trainer Pat Carey. Arapaho Miss paid $6.90 and $2.60,

Serious Speed $2.10 and Marjorie $5.20. Further drama at the Bulldogs tonight with Brett Sherwin leaving the club for England and departing forward Willie Mason has taken a swipe at the at the club saying the once-famous Bulldogs culture has changed. Mason also says there is no more loyalty in the game of rugby league. Willie Mason is not about to switch codes - he was just catching up with Lote Tuqiri at Oaks Day. But Willie did give his strongest hint yet

of the club he wants to be at next season. Sydney Roosters are definitely an option, pretty much got half our side there already so might as well go join me mates. Mason says halfback Brett Sherwin won't be the last to leave the club and has finally explained why he wants out. the culture of the club's changed Over the last three years or so I don't think, and it's not for the good, see the writing on the wall I think that's why a lot players and they probably want out now.

mid-contract is justified. And Mason says his decision to leave in the game. There's definitely no loyalty That's out the window.

of support by team-mates Mason says yesterday's show at the board meeting at the club. should end talk that he's unpopular

If anybody had the balls to say at the club they're not happy with me I'd love for 'em to come forward.

has thrown the NRL a curve ball - And Roosters coach Brad Fittler extra earnings from boxing he believes that Mason's should be used as a precedent of the salary cap. to challenge the boundaries real pressure on the league It took Andrew Johns to put being signed. to do things about marquee players

the next sort of person And Willie Mason might be that pushes the barriers. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. the Commsec finance report. After the break - the weather details. Majella will have you'll ever see. Then the cutest, whitest, lion cubs

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on Wall Street overnight In finance, dramatic losses on our share market, have been repeated which tumbled more than 2.5% today, US-exposed stocks such as Brambles the major banks, miners and the worst hit,

the All Ords free-falling 159 points.

rainfall for the whole month. Mark we've gone past the average Sydney has had almost 86 mm. it's not over yet. And as I've been saying all week

20 degrees almost across the board. No surprises in today's temperatures And 18 right now. almost identical to today The set up is going to be

so the same weather. We've got the trough off the coast Sydney and Coffs Harbour. Some heavy falls out of that between Expect between 20 and 40 mm.

Woollongong to the North Coast. Reasonably heavy showers from A little less further inland. This trough is going to weaken. during the weekend. It'll keep dropping off also start coming across and this system this high will start drying out That means the weather is going to

Saturday.. not immediately - by late on will start to ease Early on Sunday morning the showers

and be mostly further north. of these systems too. Queensland is doing really well out Not such good news for cricket fans. tomorrow Showers are forecast for Brisbane

today. but they should be lighter than itself. And most will be south of the city Which means South of the Gabba.

in Melbourne. And it will be staying dry Winds a bit more easterly. More showers in Sydney .. cloudy.. same tomorrow as we've had he temperature is going to be the

all week. 19 and 20 degrees during the day. 13 to 15 overnight. weekend as those But it will start warming up on the week we're in for dry .. Warmer showers ease.. Then by early next afternoon shower or a bit of days.. Just the odd chance of an in the past week. thunder.. But nothing like we've had before the next lot Mark.. A quick chance to dry out a bit there's renewed hope Finally tonight, is extinct in the wild. for a rare species which has become the first in the world Mogo Zoo on the State's South Coast five male white lion cubs. to successfully breed

they were sure they would survive. Zoo owners kept them a secret until They're now 9 months old. the 'Gangsters', The pride, affectionately nicknamed of the world's white lion population, are very important members which totals just 300.

for this Thursday. That's National Nine News I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. by Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions