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Steam from the parliamentary

floor over the water debate.

The Lord Mayor of Brisbane is

lying to the people of south

eecht east Queensland. Why are

we heading for our highest road

toll in a decade. I always

come away just thinking that

should never have happened.

And close to the wire, the

sculpture using garden tools to

create images. It is about


Hello and welcome to the

program. I am John Taylor. It

has been a strange topssy tur I

have kind of week on the

campaign trail. Joud accuses

Kevin Rudd of policy theft. The Labor leader says the

government has no positive plan

of its own, and the polls

suggest all the hot air is

having no impact at all on the

voters. But both men have been

let down by senior figure in

their teams. Tony Abbott

through the government off for

48 hours and in the Labor

ranks, Peter Garrett began the

week badly and finished it even

worse. It is OK. You need all

the help you can get. Once

again, the PM's more thanning

walk providing a pointer to the

daily campaign narrative. At

the halfway point, the latest

poll shows three weeks of intense political activity has

failed to move the voters one

way or the other. Labor still

has a 10 point lead. Right

now, John Howard does need all

the help he can get, but this

week, he hasn't been getting

much from his own side. Look,

it is a long time since I have

been on the front page or in a

newspaper. So you are enjoying

it. If publicitisy it a drug,

I have had an overdose this

week. The government's third

week strategy was completely

derailed by Tony Abbott. Early

on it looked good, Labor

appeared confused and rattled

by inconsistencies on Kyoto, a key part on climate change

message. But in policy

announcement terms week three

was dominated by health and for

all the wrong reasons by the Health Minister himself.

Health Minister himself. Forced

to apololgise to high profill

asbestos victim Bernie Banton

he failed to show up on time at

the press club and was later

caught by the cameras swearing

at his opponent. That is not

the sort of language I use, but

I am not going to, you know,

adopt a hole yeah holier than

now attitude. He has a bad

day, he has apololgised. Let's

not waeflt - waste time.

Let's move on. For much of the

week the PM didn't move on. He

spent almost all of it in

Melbourne, campaigning in seats

likela trab and McEwen.

Reports again to surface there

was growing internal Liberal

Party anxiety it the state of

the campaign, some believe the

messages have been confused at

the PM is spending too much

time defends his record. He

has started to change the

metion wradge. - message

mpltsz What people want to

hear from me is what I have to

say about that I future. Kevin

Rudd spent the week campaigns

in marginal seats in NSW and

Queensland. Can I say, there

is a mood for change because

people are fed up with Work

Choices.Deplsh He has been

saying that for months but

there is now only three weeks

to go and the differing

campaign focus on the two sides

tell' story. The other

dominant feature so far has

been the calls of me too on

policy. The government has put

out a list on 36 policy area s

he claims Labor has copied.

The latest was when the Labor

said they will adopt a $4

billion plan for older

Australians and add a few

extras. The Labor Party is they

are really setting a word

record in being copycats but

there are two things they can't

copy - they can't copy our

experience, and they can't copy

our capacity to manage the

Australian economy. And I think

it is fair to say in this

election campaign that the

things that Mr Rudd doesn't

copy from us are the things the

unions won't let him copy from

us. In relation to justice

about everything else, he has

tried to minimise the

difference. It is not because

he believes it, I seem to

remember a week and a half or

so ago Mr Howard saying that my

plan for Australia's future

would wreck the country and a week and a half later Mr Howard

says that my plans are no

different to his plans Mr

Howard needs to make his mind

up. I think his comments this

morning very much reflect a PM

who has lost touch, a PM who

has locked in old politics, a

PM who is locked in the past

without ou positive plan of his

own for the nation's future.

Mr Rudd nominates climate

change, WorkChoices, the

housing affordablity crisis,

education and health as key

areas of policy difference but

in those areas of agreements

the policy me testify -

me-teas, it may not be every

front bencher shares the

equipment. Tony Abbott is not

the only poll session to have a

bad week. Peter Garrett has

had a lose tongue. I had a

copy of the herald sun

newspaper with me which today

has a front page me-too story

and I said to Peter Garrett, it

looks like it is turning into

the me too election campaign

and he you judge turned and

looked at me and said, "Don't

worry about that, once we get

in we will change all that ".

What he meant is if Labor gets

elected they are going to

change what they promised on

tax, on pensioners on Kyoto.

This me-tooism is just awe

pretence. Peter Garrett has

let the cat out of the bag and

once they guilty get in they

will change it all. For his

part Peter Garrett says his

conversation was a brief and

jocular one. One backed up by

Richard Wilkins. He had an off the cuff humerus response which

I think was just a throw away

lying and which - line and

which was intended as a joke.

If it was a joke it wasn't a

good one. In an election

campaign small slips can be

disastrous. This is the second

big gaffe this week for Mr

Garrett. He may have done his

party some damage but he has

probably hurt himself a lot

more. South-east councils have

dubbed it the great water

swindle but the Premier upped

the ante for the state takeover

the of courage water assets in

parliament this week. The

government says the buyout will

cost about $2 billion but

councils say it is more like

six. The man spare heeding the

campaign is Newman. The

Premier labelled hm a liar in

parliament and relations

between George Street and city

hall have soured. Where on

earth did your Labor government

come up with the $2 billion

price tag for councils asset?

It was all lies, dammed lies

in state parliament this week,

the opposition's question

unleashed this scathing tie aid

from the Premier. The Lord

Mayor of Brisbane is lying to

the people of South East

Queensland. You can call it

what you like, it is as

untruth, a lie, a fib, a $#6

billion workshop - whoper and

the truth is he cannot tell the

truth, he is a man who's word means nothing, he is dishonest

and he has lied about every

page of the wort report. But

when the opposition tried to

return the line of fire it was

pulled up short by the speaker

many Your government has lied,

deceived and clearly breached

the trust of. Decent

Queenslanders. Can I ask the

member for Noosa to rephrase

the question. You have used

the words lie and deceive and I

will not accept that as

parliamentary language. If I

could, the Premier has ewe used

the word lie three times in

Question Time. I take the

point and can I say I allow it

on this occasion but can I

remind the Premier and the

member for Noosa that indeed that is unparliamentary

language. With that warning

the Premier chose her words a

little more carefully the next

day. There should be no

surprise to anyonish that the

Leader of the Opposition does

not show my offence at public

dishonesty. The opposition's

Rob Messenger barely got a

chance to raise his

dishonestity claims at #5u8.

The Premier is misleading the

house. Ly quote from the

document. Please stit down.

Aside from the lies there were

also the statistics, Labor's

latest wreck krut and Peter

Beattie replacement Grace Grace

took her seat in the house for

the first time, notching up

another point for the

girls. Election of Ms Grace as

the member for Brisbane central

brings the total number of

women in my government, to 25.

What this means is 25 of the 59

members of the Labor government

here in Queensland means that 42% of this government are

women. The deputy Premier Paul

Lucas was having difficulty

remembers the one that counts.

What they expect from all

levels of government is

leadership and the Beattie,

Bligh, and now the Beattie and

Bligh governments are giving

them that leadership. He

wasn't the only one struggling,

the member for Indooroopilly,

Ronan Lee couldn't win a trick

with this dorothy dixer What my

client be the possible

motivation for the position of

the head of mayors Campbell

Newman regarding compensation

for the transfer of water

assets to build the water grid.

The opposition thought

something wasn't kosher. I ask

you whether this is for a

statement of opinion.

Ask After a quick pou wow, the

speaker ruled the question

should be rephrased so as not

for ask a opinion. Take two.

I have got many concerns about

public comments that have been

made regarding the financing of

compensation for the transfer of water o wat r

of water assets to build the

water grid. Could the

Treasurer provide the

parliament with his opinions

about this? No deal and just

when the issue seemed to have

slipped off the agenda, the

climate change minister

couldn't resist this final

barb Regretfy fully, this week

Newman has gone a long way to

showing the demands of leading

a city of the 21 century are in

fact beyond him. He had hoped

have the Lord Mayor debate the

issue but he would only settle

for the Premier who was out of

town today. Now the story of

Robert Fardon. The not - nor

orrus rapist. Plans to place

him in Ipswich were scrapped by

angry residents, many who have

children. The government has

cram belled to response and has

announced a policy of notifying

members when people are going

to be moved in their

neighbourhood. Judy Spence.

Welcome to Stateline. Is there

a double standard if you like that now the government has

decided it is going to alert

communities when serious sex

offenders move their

neighbourhood s but you are not

alerting communities that

already have convicted sex

offenders living there We have

25 people out there in the

community being supervised

under the dangerous sex

offender Act. Some of those

people who have been living in

suburb ban Queensland for over

three years, we are carefully

monitoring them. Obviously we

know who they are associating

with, if we had concerns of

over association or their

behaviour, we have disclosed that information about their

where Bronchos to people. So

it we wouldn't be accurate to

say we haven't disclosed that.

We have. Some of these people

are living in small towns in

country Queensland where

everyone knows who they are and

their crimes and people have been prepared to put up with

it. It is not as if they are

hidden necessarily all over

Queensland. So I don't see the

need to go back and start ing

to doorknock people who we are

quite confident at this point that their behaviour is

adequate. Why then is there

the need to notify communities

about the release of more sex

ofepders? Znchts We know we

are going have to have another

70 of theme released into the

community in the next three

years, some of them are going

to cause us more concern than

others and some of them are

going to have a higher profile

than others so we are going to

treat each ved on a case by

case basis and determine where

they are living in Queensland,

what kind of accommodation and

who might be living nearby. I

am not going to give the

impression there is going to be

one model fits all. How will

this system work? Some of

these sex offenders have only

offended against adults, they

are not all child offenders and

unfortunately we had a recent

outing of a sex offender on the

Gold Coast because he lived

near a school and we had to

move him but this man had never

offended against children in

the past, and nor was he

likely, under his psychiatric

report the of. So there is

no-one rule fits everyone, we

are going to get - determine

on the basis of who that

offender is and their past

patterns. There is no blanket

notifies that is going to

happen when sex offenders are

are leased? There are going to

be different levels of

notification, depending on the

type of offending, the amount

of risk we feel that offender

poses s to the neighbourhood in

which we are going to place

them. I think though the

experience sth this week with

Mr Fardon shows up there are

some high profile sex ofepder

whose are probably going to be

never going to live

satisfactory in our

neighbourhoods in Queensland

and that is why we are going to

continue to bring more

accommodation in prison

reserves for these people, You

have raised Robert Fardon. What

does it say about the rehabilitation that is being

offered in Queensland that we

have a man like Robert John

Fardon who basically it seems

is beyond rehabilitation? We

offer world class

rehabilitation programs in our

prison and they have been

assessed at that. But you have

to have offenders acknowledge

their crimes and be willing to

participate in these offending programs if it they are going

to be successleful. Mr Pard -

Fardon began a program and then

hen pulled out. 15% of our

prisoners are sex offenders and

they are offered sex offender

programs. Most of them do

these programs, most of them

are successful, I sat in these

programs myself with these men

and the programs are fantastic.

And if they do it, they

acknowledge their crimes, they

learn about themselves and

their behaviour then chances

are we can be confident they

won't re-offend but there is

going to always be a group of

hardcore people who will not

face up to their crimes, who

will not complete these

rigorous program s that go for eight months and will not pass.

So they are the people who we

supervision under these close

supervision conditions in the

community because we are simply

not confident about them, How

do you think the government has

handled the reloose of Robert

Fardon. He ras we leased in

eye community wherewhere there

were 23 children living nearby.

We didn't want to put his in a

Queensland community. We

wanted him to stay in prison.

The judge said no. You have to

find him a house, in

Queensland. Instead. We did

that, we did our best, and the

department ... This was a good

house with 23 children? The

department spent a lot of time

looking for some satisfactory

accommodation. It would be

hard to find streets in

Queensland, similarly in

suburban areas where there

aren't children around we tried

our best. This was an op appropriate plate?

appropriate plate? It

satisfied the courts

reinquirements. It was a house

that satisfied the court

reinquirements. I mean, no-one

this week has rung my office

and said, "Please put one of

these next to me, there is a

house vakant next to me". It

is hard in this period of time

when there say shortage of

rental properties anyway to find accommodation this is the

first time the government - we

have made it the government's

responsibility to find this

accommodation, in the past we

let people out of prisons and

they had to find their own

accommodation. So it is a

whole new area that the

government has given responsibility for and I would

juk lie to remind people that

four years ago we didn't have

these lawyers and people like

Mr Fardon did their time and

walked away from the prison

gate without any supervision at

all. Judy Spence thank you for

speaking 230 to the prog pram.

Thank you very much. The

State Government's moral

authority on road safety came

under question this week with a

Labor MP outed as a lead foot

close to losing his licence. Queensland's road toll has

already passed 300,

significantly higher this year,

than at the same period last

year. If the road toll keeps

climbing, Queensland may record

its worst fatality on the roads

in more than a decade. So what

is going on. It has to be the

quote of the week. Then

parliamentary secretary for

transport Michael Choi explains

he speeds so often the car

alert speeding into the back

grouped. Can I say to you the government takes speeding very

seriously and that is why I

have absolutely no choice and

rightly to so resign from my

port phono. The public shames

comes at an special sensitive

time as the Premier noted this

week. We may well be facing ou

highest ever road toll. The

concern is this state may

record its highest fatality

rate on its roads in a decade.

The question is why? It is

hard to say, what we can take

from the figure is this - motor

cycle fatality assist - are on

the increase and incidents

involving motor vehicles are on

the increase as well. Gavin

Leader deals with the injured

and dead. Over 24 years he has

borne witness to hundreds and

hundreds of road

accidents Whether I have

developed a thick scik or

whether I see an absolutely

tragedy on the road I just

always come away thinking that

should never have happened, it

should never have occurred.

Why did they do that? , so

again even after all the things

I have seen over the years it

amazes me on the crazy things,

the stupid things, the

irresponsible thimgs people

will do cause these crashes.

Offer the past three decade,

Queensland's road toll has

fallen from its high of 638 in

1973. But since the late 90s,

the toll has been slowly but

steadily rising. More than 300

people have died this year, 30

more than the same time last

year. As strange as it sounds,

the experts are pointing to

economic growth. At the moment

we have got trop population

growth which mean there's is

more cars and more vehicles on

the road. In addition we are

going through a period of

strong economic growth and

historically the road toll

tends to go up when we have

strong economic growth because

there is more people doing

travel in general but there is

more wreck res a - rk reation

nal travel. The Barry Watson is

an expert with the Centre for

Accident Research and Road

Safety -. Particularly those

in hospital has been also going up so that is a matter of

concern as well. He applauds

measuring like roadside drug

tests which the government will

soon introduce. We have to

keep pace with these increased

factors that Queensland is

facing. This increase has been

apparent for some time and we

haven't seen a significant

reaction to address that prog

lem from the government so

far, Tim Nicholls from the Queensland Liberal Party

believes the government has

looked away from road safety.

Unfortunately as a result we

are seeing well on our way to

400 road fatality s. It has

always been a huge priority. Newly appointed transported

minister says the government is

concerned but individuals also

have their responsibilities.

Obviously we have increased

the pebblities, that's part of

it. We have an advertising

campaign. We have changed the

way we educate young riders for

example. That is one side of

the ledger. The other side

that you can never walk away

from is individual

responsibility. Now. The RACQ

does argue at all with the

concept that every road user

has to take an individual

responsibility but that

shouldn't be at the expense of

governments shoulders their

responsibility in terms of for

example making sure that our

roads are up to the task.

Making sure our road network is

as safe and as forgivesing as

possible. Gary Fites from the

RACK also points to economic

good times as partly to blame

for the rising road toll. He

believes more road funding from

the state and Federal

Governments is needed for

things like overtaking lanes,

barriers and wild shoulders.

Why should anyone pay with

their lives for a moment of

inattention or even for simply

being foolir. I think

governments need to recognise

that more fully that thae can

play a role. It is ambulance

officers like paramedic Gavin

Leader who are called on to

help when the roads get bloody.

He knows the cost of the road

toll from more perspectives

than he cares to I have lost a

brother from a road traffic

crash so I understand and know

the effects this does have on

families and things never get

brt, it never goes away and it

changes lives forever. Since

the beginning of time human

beings have made images of

their heroes in material s

designed to last through the

ages. How about chicken wife?

A Gold Coast artist is showing

just how expressive it did can

be in an exhibition now under

way in Melbourne. If you have

lane awake at night wondering

what John Lennon would 'Leica

Falcon' sketched in - on-Lennon

would look like in chicken

wire. Here it is. He will be

quite different to this, this

is very early stages. This a

couple of weeks you will think

he is so real you think you can

hear him sing. Like all the

exhibits in Ivan Lovatt's exhibition.

There are 17 figures in the

exhibition at the jackman

gallery in St Kilda, most of

them artists or musice s. They

were commissioned by the

gallery's owner after he first

saw a sample of Ivan Lovatt's

work and found it irrecessable.

The fact it is so unique. I

collect quite a bit of

sculpture. But I have never

seen any of this stuff before

anywhere in the world. They

are so squirkry and just so beautifully crafted. I just

have to have it. The

exhibition began with a list of

famous figures made by frank

and could be - converted by

Ivan. Australian actress Kate

Blanc hett was the hardet. . I

am happy with that. She is is

a very beautiful woman and very

efemoral. Now Ivan has

reinvented her in chicken wire

and Frank is happy with the

result. Whatever I have asked

him to make for me, he just

comes up with an absolutely

winner every time. Doug lass

Mawson was right on the money.

Pts First of all the sheer size

of it and again, it is just

brilliant. You know, look at

the details, the wrinkle, the balaclava,

where I told Ivan, you be

creative, you do one, you know,

that you want to do for me.

Keeping in mind it is going

outside and he has come up with

a perfect figure. Douglas Mawson isn't the

Mawson isn't the only historic

figure. Here is ned Kelly. I

Van took it one step further.

It got to the stage I thought,

why do that, this looks great

as it ises. The amount of

people that ask me, how does he

do it, and of course you get

all sorts of silly questions

like does he have a computer like does he have a computer to

help him. Computer can't bend

wire and ha is why they are so

unique. Anything you else you

can be taught. You can cut

marble, bend clay. But not

this. He has already shown

what it can do for wildlife.

He is quite a good leaf

collector. But it is character

that really interests him. It has been hard

has been hard but it has been

fun, you know, you get into the

character of a person, you try

and do, you can't help do that.

While you are working on the

work, you are thinking about

that person. Especially in the

later stages where you are

doing the finer aspects. And

trying to capture a certain

amount of that person's

character. Eventually he will

make Yoko Ono so she and John Lennon can

Lennon can be united again in

chicken wire. I think they

will all love it. He has more

ideas than time to complete

them. So he will probably

never write his auto biography.

My life as a sculpture, by I

Lovett. You have got to love

it, if you want to buy it, Ivan

Lovatt's sculptures cost

$10,000 each. If you go to

Melbourne soon, the exhibition

runs to 11 November. That's

the program for this week,

until next time. Goodbye.

Thank you. Closed Captions by