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(generated from captions) and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Sandra Sully Murdered over water restrictions. and is dead and that's not right. A very nice man who's hurt no-one,

appears in court. A grandfather's suspected killer Obesity a major cause of cancer. to be as lean as possible. It is best The landmark report. Spitting the dummy. than a paedophile or a murderer. I've had worse press suicide. Paul McCartney's ex talks about

from drug rehab? Has Ben Cousins gone AWOL and blatant untruths. Fabricated stories controversial Bulldog Willie Mason And the future of with Brad McEwan. headlines Sports Tonight his last game for the Dogs, Sandra, Mason may well have played with management. after a bitter falling out and it's about to respect. This is about discipline It's about guys toeing the line

and what the club stands for. and having respect for the club will leave with him. up to four senior players Also tonight - come in spinners -

selected in Australia's 13-man squad Stuart McGill and Brad Hogg both for the first Test. to go to the Gold Coast or go under. And the Kangaroos under pressure of a grandfather, First - the senseless death over water restrictions. bashed and kicked after an argument by a man half his age The victim was set upon on a day he was allowed to do so. for watering his lawn

who watched His death has shocked neighbours tried in vain to resuscitate him. as an off-duty police officer had everything to live for - Ken Proctor and had just become a grandfather. he'd retired, renovated his home for simply watering his front lawn. But the 66-year-old was killed you know, it just hasn't sunk in. we're just in total shock,

Mr Proctor turned his hose on a man Police say water restrictions. who argued with him over punched, pushed to the ground It's alleged he was and kicked. a heart attack and stopped breathing. Five minutes later he suffered Senior Constable Daniel Pick An off-duty police officer,

tried in vain to resuscitate him. from a devastated community. Today, flowers were offered and is dead and that's not right. A very nice man who's hurt no-one,

Mr Proctor was well within his rights Especially considering to be hosing his lawn. Sydney Water confirming on Wednesdays or Sundays. water restrictions are not in force has been charged with his murder. Todd Munter of Sylvania the 36-year-old in court. Family members supported He didn't apply for bail. We're decent people, mate, see ya. with Sutherland Council, A former driver

'Bradman' - Ken Proctor was jokingly called he never got out. when he was in his truck style of bloke, Just a good old-school a real family man. just old school that did his work, have asked for a better friend. Neighbours say they couldn't Thursday night was our big night, A group of about eight of us, for the meat raffle we'd go to the local club and a ticket in the meat raffle. and we'd have our couple of beers

getting concerned He was a little bit that he hadn't won a ham yet, Daniel Sutton, Ten News. the Federal Government tonight - Another blow for in the latest opinion poll. Labor has moved further ahead for would-be PM, Peter Costello. And there's a new headache Midway through the campaign

there's been less policy surprises and with so many 'me-toos' you wouldn't expect. and more from places didn't he! He thought I was all boobs,

I forgot to put undies on - I got excited -

I just ran straight here! for Kevin Rudd. A little surprise also in tomorrow's Sydney 'Morning Herald' The latest Nielson poll widening to 10 points, has the two-party preferred gap in the fortnightly survey. Labor up 1 point Hoping to increase his lead, Mr Rudd made his pitch to the grey vote.

need every piece of support We believe that these Australians

Labor unveiling a $50 million scheme they can get.

concessions are valid nationwide to the telephone allowance. as well as offering a 50% boost Plus, it's matched the Coalition's $4 billion utilities rebate of $500 a year

in quarterly instalments. but will pay it to being a 100% MT. It seems pretty close John Howard had a me-too of his own, super-clinics plan expanding on Labor's 50 family emergency medical centres with the promise of staffed by local GPs. The $433 million package on hospital emergency departments. aims to reduce the pressure where the treatment needed There are many situations

accident and emergency departments does not have to take place in the of big public hospitals. Half of the Coalition's clinics 7 days a week, will be open 24 hours a day,

until at least 11:00 at night. the others extra staffing will be needed Mr Howard concedes already in scarce supply. with doctors and nurses for the Government In an awkward moment has backed Labor the Treasurer's brother Tim Costello on foreign aid. ahead of the Coalition Brad Hodson, Ten News. is behind bars tonight A self-proclaimed 'Prince' investors of millions of dollars. accused of defrauding mum-and-dad has ruined their lives. Victims say the alleged con man to her fourth child 'Susan' had just given birth when she realised her family's life savings were gone.

There was $180,000 lost. We lost our house, we lost our cars, we lost our relationship.

who gave them the tick It was the family accountant

to invest with On The Go Transport signed with royal insignia. after approving documents

That advice ended last night with the arrest of charged with 94 fraud offences. who grew up in Broadmeadows, The self-proclaimed prince,

more than 100 mum and dad investors is alleged to have fleeced out of $3.9 million. Police are expecting more victims on similar offences. and say he's wanted in Malaysia

I can't comment, at this stage. is still continuing. The investigation today Mr Yusuf did not appear in court as he was being treated here in hospital for severe hypertension. While he's now been released into police custody, doctors say his condition will require several days bed rest. 'Susan' says if Mr Yusuf is found to be guilty he deserves the full force of the law. He's ruined so many lives along the way and it just shouldn't have happened.

Kate McGrath, Ten News. The world's biggest cancer study has just been released

and its findings are disturbing. Among the revelations - one-third of cancers are related to what we eat. The evidence is overwhelming - the fatter we are, the greater the risk of cancer.

What we eat and drink, our weight and lack of exercise can increase the risk of getting at least six types of the disease. It's just not a question of simply being fat. The evidence that's accumulated

is that it is best to be as lean as possible. A 5-year review of 7,000 studies with input from 500,000 scientists found obesity will soon rival smoking as a cancer risk. So we should try to be thin without being underweight. Lack of exercise is a major factor - aim to do at least 30 minutes a day. Diet, of course, is very important too. It says toss out bacon products and hot dogs, eat less meat, drink less wine and sugary drinks. On the plus side, young mothers can reduce the threat of breast cancer by breastfeeding. But every kilogram you've put on after age 21 increases risk of cancer. Most people say it makes too confusing. Apparently everything causes cancer these days. Next week they'll bring something else out to say you can eat them.

I think everyone needs to cut back, I know I do. OK, so here's the good news, particularly for those who love a good steak - another recent report says red meat is actually a vital part of our diet. of iron, It's our most important source it's our most important source of zinc, it's our most important source of vitamin B12, our second most important source of omega-3s. They say we are not eating enough. Red meat is not part of the problem here, red meat is part of the solution. Frank Coletta, Ten News. A moving farewell today for a 2-year-old boy found dead in a suitcase in a Sydney duck pond. Dean Shillingsworth's body has been laid to rest in the family's home town of Brewarrina

in the north-west of New South Wales. Around 500 people attended the ceremony. Later, hundreds of balloons were released.

A teenage graffiti vandal who train-surfed between stations has been ordered to pay almost $5,000 compensation following a 9-month tagging spree. The boy is seen here defacing a moving train while hanging off the back of it. a string of vandalism offences He's admitted committing and July this year. between October 2006 The charges included railway tunnel and station property. graffiti damage to trains, a

$1,300, on top of the damage bill. The teenager was fined a further a horror insight New technology is giving teenagers of smoking. into the long-term effects providing young smokers Australian researchers of the future with a confronting glimpse

it will convince them to quit. in the hope

At 19 years of age almost a packet of cigarettes a day. Karlee Weir goes through when she was just 14. She began smoking because everyone else was smoking I first started smoking at school so it was the cool thing to do. from the United States Latest software

is being trialled by researchers to kick the habit. to see if it can convince teenagers with several youngsters We've tried this in a demonstration

utter horror. and the impact has always been transforms a person's image The program as a 60-year-old smoker. into what they would look like passing through a time warp, It's like applying the known long-term effects on a person's appearance, smoking can have and so came Karlee's moment of truth. Oh, my gosh! It's hideous! now. I'm just totally turned off smoking I don't want to look like that! 20-year-old Roxanne Taylor admits something she'd ever considered. the change in her appearance wasn't don't really look ahead so much, I think a lot of young people they don't really think of the consequences. I think the approach is really interesting and novel and that will certainly appeal to young people. And making it personal seems to be most effective way of getting the message through. In a way that grabs them much more so

than seeing a celebrity's face change

or horrible pictures on a cigarette packet. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. Lost and found - the family of fallen Eagle Ben Cousins denies he's gone missing in L.A. despite failing to check-in to drug rehab. Fears are growing the disgraced former AFL star may have fallen off the wagon.

The former Eagle arrived in L.A. four days ago but, as yet, hasn't landed at the exclusive Malibu treatment centre, sparking fears Ben Cousins has given into temptation. anyone is a client WOMAN: We cannot admit or deny OK? and we do not speak to the press, Thank you for calling. to angrily deny rumours Bryan Cousins forced his son has joined the L.A. jet set, painting the party town red.

I am disappointed and saddened As a parent, for me to make a statement today that it is needed about Ben's welfare stories and blatant untruths due to the ongoing fabricated in the media today. that have appeared fuelling rumours Hollywood gossip websites is hanging out with the movie stars. the former football star he's simply taking some time out His dad says before checking into to rehab.

in Los Angeles He's currently receiving treatment at an appropriate facility Medical Centre in the next few days and will be attending the Summit for a period of time and he will be there by the Summit medical staff. that will be determined is worried about Cousins welfare, Even the AFL boss

casting doubt on a return to the big league anytime soon.

It would be very, very difficult in the foreseeable future to see him return to football,

given his issues with his health and welfare. is a complex and arduous process I have learnt that rehabilitation and is best dealt with in private. that requires continual review Gerhard Schroeder eating disorders - that's just ahead. A revolution in the treatment of

reduction in re-admission rates. What we've seen is a massive Paul McCartney's ex loses it on TV. Also - public melt-down - and our daughter. I'm trying to protect Paul and I'm being pushed to the edge. I am trying is through the roof - Then with CommSec - consumer spending what it means for interest rates?

And the winner is...Hot Rods! And Lime Mayo! KFC's Big Chicken Dipper - of our famous chicken, a huge variety three big new dipping sauces, plus Hot Rods,

and sides. are endless. The flavour combinations KFC's Big Chicken Dipper. PLAYFUL GUITAR MUSIC (Giggles) including babies. No-one likes having a wet bottom, away from skin That's why Huggies draw moisture with a unique three-layer design and breathable cover. So it's the only nappy clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash. SONG: # Love is the best... # This program is captioned live. A 43-year-old man will face a bedside court hearing tomorrow after being shot by police. An officer opened fire on the suspect

with a knife, after a lengthy siege. of holding seven children hostage. He's also accused unharmed. They were eventually released being treated for a gunshot wound Tonight the man is in hospital to the hip. there had been such chaos, Where last night

Eight people have been arrested about 55kg of cannabis after allegedly transporting

over a 6-week period. from South Australia to Queensland

was secreted in a fuel tank The majority of the cannabis which would not be easily detected. in the back of a vehicle, of almost $500,000. The marijuana has a street value of eating disorders A revolution in the treatment as a schoolgirl goes public The changes come story of survival. with her touching and triumphant her old hospital ward, Walking through remembers the agony of anorexia. 14-year-old Gemma Rogers I had nothing on me, no meat, I was 21 kilos, I was just really, really sick and I had to get a tube up my nose if I didn't start gaining weight. Gemma developed the eating disorder at just six years old. By her early teens, it threatened her life. I looked like I was a skeleton. any colour in me. Pale, and I didn't have so she was profoundly malnourished. She was at risk of dying, could maintain a temperature. We needed to heat her so her body very slowly, she'd stopped growing. Her heart rate was beating very,

mum Katie prepared to say goodbye. So sick was Gemma, she was literally dying, I knew it. She was dying, It is, it is - sorry. (Sobs)

at Westmead Childrens Hospital, But with the support of doctors Gemma's life was saved. Now, new therapy techniques and family support focusing on rapid nutrition are saving other girls like Gemma. reduction in re-admission rates, What we've seen is a massive in the length of illness, a reduction to families and working with them and the changes have been enormous. will experience an eating disorder. One in ten Australian women

across Australia, Of those admitted to hospital 20% will lose their battle to live. will save someone else. Gemma's hope - her story just get help. Get help, talk to your parents, Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

Finance news with CommSec. of a rise in interest rates, Tom Piotrowski, despite fears consumers continue to spend up?

deal retail sales figures are sealed the

deal Faure rate rise next week. There will be running at their

fastest flip in more than three

years in and your life terms. It

certainly gave hard to retail

stocks. We saw good news from the

banking sector. Wisbech reported a

14 % increase in profit. We also

saw an interest-rate cut from the

US Federal Reserve. That Brighton

the local landscape. They explain

why the mining and industrial

stocks run so high today. A closer look at today's figures. The All Ords surging 74 points to a new record close. of $3.5 billion.

And Frontier Mining dropped 9% after sparking outrage over plans to dig up parts of the historic Kokoda Track in PNG. Paul McCartney's ex, Heather Mills, has broken down on TV talking of suicide and comparing herself to Princess Diana.

She's accusing the media of running a hate campaign over her bitter split with the former Beatle. Heather Mills's volatile union with Sir Paul McCartney may be over, but her love-hate relationship with the media is still going strong. I've been close to suicide, so upset about this. I've had worse press than a paedophile or a murderer.

Melting down on British television, Mills blames the paparazzi and the UK tabloids' sensational headlines. They've called me a whore, a gold-digger, a fantasist, a liar, the most unbelievably hurtful things. To back up her dramatic outburst - footage she filmed herself, showing photographers hounding her every move.

What did the paparazzi do to Diana? They chased her and they killed her. Mills's initial agenda was a campaign for new European media laws to raise standards in journalism. But the focus soon turned to her her famous estranged husband. If you were told your wife had death threats and she had your child, would you protect her? Would you? Is Paul McCartney not protecting you and Beatrice?

You decide. She repeatedly stopped short of accusing the former Beatle by name. I could sell the story right now. I'm trying to protect Paul and our daughter. I am trying and I'm being pushed to the edge. She may not need the money. Mills is expected to walk away from her marriage to McCartney with more than $130 million. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

Prince Harry's been questioned by police after two rare birds were found shot dead an offence that can mean up to six months jail. It might look like the Prince is in deep water but he wasn't talking about the incident

during a visit to the Royal Navy's diving squadron. the criminal investigation The young royal was drawn into because he was at Sandringham with a friend when a nature warden found two protected hen harriers had been shot.

Prince Harry has been shooting at Sandringham since he was 12 but has denied any knowledge of the incident. Dramatic flooding has left a man dead and thousands of homes swamped in Mexico. but many victims have complained they've had no assistance.

The storms which triggered the floods have devastated banana plantations and oil production. Also in Mexico, contraband cocaine weighing more than 11,000kg seized by customs officials. It was picked-up in a routine inspection of a cargo container arriving from Colombia. Rare scenes indeed at a zoo in Japan where two amorous, or shall we say 'passionate', pandas are astonishing crowds

with their public displays of affection. The red pandas' uncharacteristic behaviour is baffling zoo keepers who say it's very unusual for male and females to seek each other out when they re not on heat.

Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan. Brad, a real mess at the NRL's Bulldogs? Yes, Sandra, Willie Mason's threatening to walk and take a host of top-line players with him. Details next. Also tonight - three of Flemington's top-gun trainers prepare for a Derby shoot-out.

The grand plan to develop the next generation of soccer stars. And 23 days and counting - Australia prepares for Beckham-mania.

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This program is captioned live. Welcome back to Toyota Sports Tonight. exploded today The internal fighting at the Bulldogs with star forward Willie Mason threatening to not only walk out on the club himself, but take four leading players with him. Sports Tonight's Rob Canning joins us, and Rob, this is getting very ugly. Is it ever Brad - ugly and very, very public. Mason expected to seek a release from the Bulldogs early next week.

And it seems that they will grant it. Mason wants to walk because of ongoing disputes with management. The latest fight,

Willie being banned from taking part in a lucrative boxing bout in January.

He's a professional footballer. You can't be a boxer and a footballer in our opinion. Plus, he also spent a substantial amount of time on the sidelines last year with a dislocated wrist. Leaguie Anthony Mundine has offered to help Mason pursue the fight game. Yeah, if he wants some advice. I'm a guy that's been there, done that, I've been there and played at the top in League and I'm at the top in boxing. So I'd be the right man to talk to. After another disappointing season Bulldogs fans are being ripped apart by these off season developments, but Malcolm Noad says the fans are most definitely on his side. They don't want players to be bigger than the club. The club is the most important thing. The club's been around for 75 years in 75 years time.

The club will move on, with or without Willie Mason. Mason took exception to Noad's comments

and released a statement which detailed his loyalty throughout 11 years at the Bulldogs including taking pay cuts to assist the club's fight against the salary cap. The statement also said:

So, if the club does decide to free Willie where will he go? He commands so much money these days that no NRL club could fit him under the salary cap. His manager has recently been in England talking about other players to Super League clubs but invariably Mason's name always comes up. He could earn double the pay packet that he earns here in Australia, add on top of that, written into the contract, some fights, and you are looking at triple the pay packet. and that's not even talking about personal endorsements. A little like yourself, Brad? Thanks, Rob. The only surprise from Australian cricket selectors is the size of the team they've announced for next week's first Test against Sri Lanka. It's a 13-man squad. Phil Jaques won the vacant opener's spot, while six bowlers will fight it out for four Test caps at the Gabba. Phil Jaques has waited a lifetime for the phone call he got at 1:30 this afternoon. Mike Hussey knows what that's like. Nervous wait. I thought I'd missed the boat for a bit, but no. It was exciting, mate. Jaques has been there before, twice called up to cover injury. This time he'll be given an extended run.

It feels so much more special this time around. is really special, You know, getting your first one but to know that there's a spot there that I can make my own,

it is a special feeling and, you know, I just can't wait for it, it's gonna be great. I think he really deserves his chance. No-one's made more runs than Jaquesy has. Jaques to fill the void left by Justin Langer's retirement. As expected Queensland quick Mitchell Johnson

is in line to replace Glenn McGrath. It'd be a home-ground Test debut. I'll have friends and family there, obviously well, Queensland will be behind me

so it'll be very exciting for me. His outstanding form in the recent one-day series in India will help, but he's no guarantee to play - in the squad. Shaun Tait also included their decision For now selectors have delayed on the most contentious spot in the side, the spinner's role, recalling both veterans Stuart MacGill and Brad Hogg. We're just going to assess the conditions up there and think who - they're both very different spinners obviously,

and we'll see how they're both going in the lead-up to the game.

Stranded on 198 Test wickets for the past 18 months, MacGill is eyeing off a milestone at the Gabba. I sort of think I've only got two wickets to get there and if I get a game I'll think two wickets isn't enough, really.

I think it'll be a case you know, "Yep, that's good, got that, now move on." The squad assembles in Brisbane on Sunday. Mate, I'll see you on Sunday anyway. Paul Cocharne, Ten News. On the domestic front, Australia captain Ricky Ponting has guided Tasmania to a 6-wicket win against South Australia. to claim full points, The Tigers chased down 349 after the Redbacks had earlier declared at 2/229, Mark Cosgrove top-scoring with 76. With a 30-day deadline, the AFL has stepped up pressure on the Kangaroos to relocate to the Gold Coast.

The league is now threatening to review the four games the Roos already have scheduled at Carrara next season. The AFL has grown tired of a softly-softly approach. It wants the Roos on the Gold Coast and is reminding the club just who pays the bills.

I think at the moment, that their net revenue, the AFL is providing $7 in every $10 so we've been long-term supporters and we will continue to be supporters of the Kangaroos but we're concerned about the future. The Kangaroos are resisting at the moment, the former chairman defiant. They've survived for the last - what? - 75 years. There's a lot of people who'll say they'll survive again.

Just how that will be done is their problem. Now the AFL is threatening to take the four games at Carrara away from them, which would cost them $1.6 million annually. They've got an agreement to play games through to 2010 over the next couple of years - a 10-game agreement - we'd possibly look at that. Roos powerbrokers will negotiate with the AFL over the next 30 days. Major shareholder Bob Ansett says the Gold Coast issue is critical but won't talk publicly until the club's future plans are submitted to the AFL in the next few weeks. Gold Coast mayor Ron Clarke says only a full relocation will work. their headway here, they have to be called the Gold Coast Kangaroos. the name North Melbourne They can't keep on the Gold Coast. and be really be home here to a point. Rival clubs are sympathetic - If, over an extended period

actually make a marked improvement the special assistance doesn't

on the ability for a club to grow, probably need to be made. then I think hard decisions it'll create a 17th team if needs be The AFL's insistence has raised some eyebrows. a lot of sense to a lot of people A 17th club doesn't make

sorted out one way or the other and I'm sure things will get in due course. "Due course" has been confined to a month,

to consider an 18,000km shift not much time

the AFL senses an opportunity but with an unstable Roos board,

to let its grip slip. and isn't likely Rob Waters for Sports Tonight. Despite fears the equine influenza would decimate

the Victoria Derby field, And it's Flemington's three biggest trainers who will mount a shoot-out, for the $1.5 million prize. Less than 48 hours until the Melbourne Cup Carnival kicks off and Saturday's Victoria Derby looms as a battle between three - David Hayes's Kibbutz, Danny O'Brien's Villain

and the Hawkes stable's Marching, a last-start winner at Moonee Valley. he's not running the 2,500 metres. Only danger to Marching - it could be happy days. If he runs the 2,500 metres, It seems cherry ripe. Could you be any happier? where you set a horse for a race No, he's - one of those things and everything's gone right along the way now on the race day. so we've just got to get the luck the run-up that he did last week, Quietly confident - if he puts in the finish. you'd think he'd be right namely his erratic mare Miss Finland. Hayes has other issues - It's D-day for her on Saturday - she'll be going to the paddock, if she doesn't run a slasher, and if she runs a bold race,

in the Cup for sure. she'll be one of the horses to beat has already made his way to pasture. Cox Plate winner El Segundo his spring over. Kerrin McEvoy's isn't. in Europe, Now back from Group One glory on home soil. he's hoping for a change of fortune have ended in hospital. His past two spring carnivals the two worst falls that I've had It's two years in a row and probably not great to be on the sidelines so, you know, it's definitely

after a bad tumble. before switching focus to the Cup, He'll partner Husonic in the Derby On A Jeune. where he'll ride his dad's charge that I'm really looking forward to. It's such a big week

It's all the big races are on my best and hopefully have a winner and I'll be going there to do hopefully not fall off again. Roger Oldridge for Sports Tonight.

for the Wallabies coaching job. The countdown is on

Applications close tomorrow, with former Brumbies coach David Nucifora

now the outright favourite. coach Jake White South's Africa's World Cup-winning looks out of the running. He wants the England job with Springboks officials. and he's already had a falling out

way they've treated me, I'm really disappointed about the I'm really disappointed they've done the process. about the way at least one market, Alan Jones has shortened in but is yet to confirm if he'll formally apply. The boss of Aussie football, Frank Lowy, has defended to significantly increase levies for junior players. The Football Federation will use the extra money to launch a long-term National Development strategy.

With the World Cup windfall a distant memory the FFA needs money, and players young and old will have to pay more to play. I'm worried about it. at all, I would rather have no charge you can't afford it. but when you can't afford it a new national development program by the introduction which will be highlighted a national women's league, of a national youth league,

skills testing program an Australia-wide and improved coaching. will be a compulsory move away A further component for children under 12 years of age from large pitches to small-sided games. a better, more positive experience Hopefully it will lead to for the kids coming into the game. in the long-term. are only expected to be reaped won't occur for maybe 10-15 years, The impact at the very junior level

in that time period. so that we can achieve that but we have to start now

Fitting into that time frame is Australia's bid to host the 2018 World Cup finals, Frank Lowy hoping for a Socceroo-Brazil final on Australian soil. It is a big ask of ourselves, but if you don't dream you don't get there.

Neil Cordy for Sports Tonight. Melbourne Victory duo Archie Thompson and Grant Brebner, are in doubt for Sunday's clash with Central Coast Mariners, after they failed to train this morning. Sebastian Ryall through suspension, Already missing Steve Pantelidis and

to field a recognizable line-up. Victory is struggling and we've got a management program. to a tear so we never take a risk. Remember, tightness is a precursor

Same as Grant Brebner. strain on his calf last week. Grant Brebner a slight, very slight That's why he came off. Ljubo Milicevic, Out of favour defender with a knee injury. has also ruled himself out

of David Beckham's visit down under, 23 days to go and the hype has moved up a notch. has recovered from injury The LA Galaxy's superstar before a packed house and is set to play against Sydney FC

at Telstra Stadium. Let the frenzy begin. Even world champions are gearing up of the most famous 23 on the planet, for the arrival his impact on the game in the States COMMENTATOR: Listen to the noise, listen to the din! And Beckham is coming on. And in 23 days the man dubbed 'Golden Balls' arrives in Australia for the first time, the merchandising machine starting to wind up for a shirt no-one would have recognised last year. Certainly is very exciting for sport just generally in Australia obviously to have someone of that calibre come out to our country. Soccer's definitely picked up. doesn't compare Even this glittering array of stars to a hero from another Galaxy. but, you know, I watch telly I'm not the biggest soccer expert, pretty quickly so you sort of realise who he is bigger than him these days. and you know his wife's almost And with Becks over his knee injury, their round ball skills. everyone is sharpening up my husband's British. I have to, of course - news over the past few years. So I've been inundated with soccer to learn about it I'm sort of starting is a lot of fun. but definitely I think Posh Spice and I think any girl does really. I like reading things about her of your musical library? The Spice Girls were part Of course! When you were little - I think that was one of the first CDs I ever bought. I know there's a reunion planned and hopefully that will be great.

Although Jana's music knowledge far outweighs any efforts to learn about the world game. I've tried but it's mission-impossible, quite honestly - AFL and NRL, I think that's as far as it goes - trying to explain the offside rule is enough in itself. But the football freak show has not sidelined the golden mum from her chase for Chinese success. has really levelled me. Having Cornelis the kind of person I've become and it has certainly changed

leading into the Olympics next year. and I think it will be an asset I all I think about is Beijing, every training session I do now, than we have ever trained before we train harder business with the Olympics. knowing that we have unfinished Although future family may have to wait.

I'm clucky already - I've thought about it - till 2012 but I definitely want to run till after the next Olympics. and I think we'll probably wait I want to devote more time and things, to simple things like breast-feeding which we didn't do as much of as I'd liked.

the Olympics next year, We'll see - maybe if I won we'd certainly think about it again. Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. while swimming slow Learning how to win is trying to do this weekend that's what Leisel Jones at the Sydney leg of the World Cup series. Australian audiences are used to watching the multiple world record holder finish way ahead of the pack. pinch from a heavy training workload. But the 22-year-old is feeling the at this time. Yeah, it's about racing

I think if I look at times I'll probably get disappointed.

So it's just about how I feel in the water, and probably working on the main technical things. Leisel's main competition is expected to come from her fellow Aussies and England's Kirsty Balfour. Some of the greats of women's golf have arrived in Australia Legends Tour Open Championship. for the inaugural

This group have won no less than 159 LPGA titles and 14 majors between them. Our own legend Jan Stephenson will do battle with the likes of Amy Alcott and Pat Bradley starting tomorrow. The event will be run in conjunction with the men's senior championship. Half these guys, I played junior golf with we're so spread out - because usually they're on one side of the country and I'm on the other. And this is rare - the cheque for the winner of the women's event will be bigger than the men's. Still on golf, and a respectable opening round from 2-time defending champ Adam Scott at the Singapore Open. Tied for 14th place after shooting a 1 under 70, including back-to-back birdies to start the homeward 9.

COMMENTATOR: Up you go, get in, get in, he's got it, now's he's found his putting touch.

Scott upstaged though, by little known fellow Aussie, Gavin Flint, with a 5 under 66. While world number two, Phil Mickelson is tied for 5th despite a slightly wayward days play. Australia's number one cross country mountain biker Chris Jongewaard

Ford Ranger. It's built so tough... (Roars) can carry a legendary load. (Roars)

Ford Ranger also comes with legendary handling to help you out of tough situations. And, of course, it also boasts legendary towing capacity of up to 3 tonnes.

This program is captioned live. You've heard of an own goal? Well, this is an own basket. COMMENTATOR: Oh my gosh! That's unbelievable! Lakers pair Luke Walton and Kwame Brown into the Houston net. accidentally tipped the loose ball The man with the smile is Tracy McGrady - he was awarded the two points. A late basket from the Lakers tied up the game before the Rockets Shane Bettier sealed the match.

Sinking a 3-pointer with just two seconds remaining - Play of the Day.

Have you ever done at - no, that's why why I'm sitting here. A disappointing

disappointing result for the

Brisbane Bullets tonight. Be done Brisbane Bullets tonight. Be done by the ports. To the national weather forecast now. Cloud over north-west and central Australia in a trough Low pressure troughs will converge and gain moisture to generate widespread rain and storms over the interior and south-east. The rain and storms will be heaviest in central Australia and northern New South Wales. and light showers to Tasmania. A front will bring cooler winds So tomorrow - Cairns can expect mostly cloudy conditions. Mostly sunny and 30 degrees in Brisbane. 26 and a possible thunderstorm in Sydney. Showers forecast for Canberra and Melbourne. A possible shower in Hobart and 17.

21 and showers in Adelaide. A sunny day in Perth 24 and a possible thunderstorm in Darwin and 34 degrees.

Before we go - of the Year have been announced the leading nominees for Australian with golfer Stuart Appleby, country music star Lee Kernaghan and Aboriginal leader Noel Pearson among the frontrunners. And newly crowned world MotoGP champion Casey Stoner heads the list

for Young Australian of the Year. And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6am. I'm Sandra Sully, from the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.